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xNovel - Young Cherry Cheerleader


Young Cherry Cheerleader

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It was a full week since Jenny Wilson’s interlude with Mr. Walker. She found it hard to keep it from her best friend, Angie Walker, but she knew she must. She wondered what Angie would do if she found out.

The two young cheerleaders walked to the football field for Tuesday afternoon’s Saint John’s J.V. game against nearby Franklin High. It was getting colder as fall neared, and this was the first opportunity for the J.V. girls to wear their new winter uniforms.

Jenny and Angie both looked like dolls. Jenny, with her long blonde hair, parted in the middle and swept back over her shoulders with those golden bangs, looked sweet and innocent with her cute dimples. She was an absolute darling in her new cheerleading uniform. It fit her thin 5’6” frame like a glove, and she couldn’t wait to show it off.

Angie, a year older, was a bit more developed than Jenny. Almost as tall, her figure was more shapely, and her long brunette hair was thick and wavy. Her face was quite attractive, but not as sweet and innocent-looking as Jenny’s.

The cheerleading sweater was a tight, ribbed turtleneck variety, ending just at her waist, so that when she would lift her arms, her flat tummy would peek out. It was all white except for two thin red stripes running down the sides and down the sleeves. The red letters “SLHS”, about four inches high, ran across her chest.

The skirt was red, with twelve inverted white pleats. It was ever so short, ending just below her crotch, and showing off her long, thin, tanned legs. Her white cheerleading panties were snug on her shapely teen ass.

White knee socks with red-and-white saddle shoes completed the outfit.

It was about 4:15 P.M. when Jenny and Angie arrived at the field. The stands were never very full for a J.V. game, but a number of supporters were already there, about fifteen minutes before kickoff.

The girls began to do their stretching exercises, bending over, touching their toes, sitting on the grass with their legs spread apart to stretch the muscles, as they talked.

“Don’t look now, Jenny,” said Angie, “but there’s about ten men watching us right now.”

“Really?” said Jenny, pretending not to notice.

“Oh, yeah. One guy even has a camera with a big lens,” Angie added.

“Those guys want a show, huh?” asked Jenny.

“Sure. That’s why they come out here. Most of em don’t even have kids in our school. They just want to get turned on by us.”

“You think?” asked Jenny, laughing.

“You bet. Most of those guys don’t care about this games. They just want to imagine screwing us,” stated Angie matter-of-factly.

Jenny laughed.

“You wanna give em a show today?” Jenny asked.

“Sure,” Angie answered, smiling.

The two naughty J.V. cheerleaders continued stretching, exaggerating their movements, making them slowly.

Jenny stood up and bent over, stretching her hamstrings. Facing away from the stands, she proudly displayed her magnificent young ass, clad in the white cheerleading panties, to the fuck-hungry stares of the men.

“Hey, Jenny,” said Angie softly. “That guy with the camera is taking your picture.”

Jenny grinned. It thrilled her to tease the guys like this.

Angie lay on her back, facing the stands. She raised her knees high in the air, then spread her legs slowly and brought them together again, displaying her cute little panty-covered crotch.

“I think that’s enough for now,” laughed Angie.

Jenny looked into the stands and saw Mr. Lewis, her teacher. He was staring directly at her.

The band, seated in the stands, started playing one of their favorite rock songs. Jenny, Angie and the other cheerleaders started their pompon routine to the music.

Jenny and Angie went out of their way to make the routine as sexy as possible, shaking their little asses, the little red skirts flashing white from the pleats as they swished, the white cheer panties flashing from beneath the hem. They gyrated their little bodies, raising their arms and showing off the belly-buttons on their flat tummies.

In the stands, the men were having a field day with these two young women blatantly showing their bodies off for them. Mr. Lewis was so horny, he couldn’t take it any more. He walked down to the fence and motioned Jenny over.

“Yeah, Mr. Lewis?” Jenny asked.

“There’s a janitor’s closet just inside the back entrance, to the left. Please meet me there at halftime,” he begged.

“But Mr. Lewis, I’ll only have ten minutes,” she answered.

“Please, Jenny?”

“Okay, Mr. Lewis, but it will have to be quick.”

“I understand.”

With that, Mr. Lewis returned to his seat, only to leave a few minutes before halftime.

At halftime, Angie asked Jenny to go to the concession stand with her.

“I can’t,” answered Jenny.

“Why not?” Angie asked.

“Mr. Lewis wants me to meet him in the school for a couple of minutes,” Jenny explained.

“Why?” Angie inquired further.

Jenny blushed.

“Are you guys having sex?!” Angie asked, a bit loudly.

“Shhh!” Jenny reprimanded.

“Really? That’s wild!” said Angie, very softly this time.

“We’ve only done it once,” Jenny told her, “but this is between us, okay?”

“Sure, Jenny. I’ve had sex with a couple of teachers before. It’s really not a big deal, actually.”

Jenny smiled at her friend.

“I have to go, Angie,” she said, starting to walk off.

Angie smiled back at her.

“Have fun,” said Angie. “Maybe I can have him next time.”

Angie walked briskly toward the school’s rear entrance, her little red cheerleading skirt swishing from side to side, flashing its twelve white pleats.

When she got to the janitor’s closet, she looked around to see if anyone was looking, then knocked. Mr. Lewis opened the door, and she quickly stepped inside, closing and locking it behind her.

“Thanks for coming, Jenny,” said Mr. Lewis.

“We only have a few minutes,” she reminded him.

“I know. It’s just that you put on such a show that I just had to have you right now!”

He put his arms around her, pressed his lips tightly against hers, and pulled her tightly against him. The twelve white pleats of her tiny red cheerleading skirt fanned out as he reached underneath and squeezed her tight little ass through her cheer panties.

“Put your hands on the sink,” Mr. Lewis instructed.

Jenny obliged, turning around, bending over and grasping the edge of the sink.

“I’m gonna fuck you this way, this time, sweetheart,” he said. He stood behind her, undoing his trousers.

“I thought you were gonna do it in my mouth next time,” Jenny reminded.

“Next time, I promise. But I’ve got to fuck your sweet little pussy right now.”

He winced as he pulled his rock-hard cock free from the imprisoning underwear. As Jenny looked over her shoulder, he flipped her tiny skirt over her waist.

“Spread your legs, my honey,” he ordered.

She did so, and Mr. Lewis grabbed the legband of her cheer panties. They were so tight, but he managed to pull them aside, exposing her little muff.

“Aren’t you going to take them off, sir?” Jenny asked.

“No, Jenny,” he answered. “I’m gonna fuck you in your panties.”

He fisted his pricktip to her pussy from behind. Nestling the head between her twat lips, he wiggled it slightly to moisten it with her cunt juice. She watched as he slowly drove it in.

“Oooffff!” she groaned, as he entered her.

Mr. Lewis grabbed her waist with both hands, moving her back and forth, as his cock sawed her sweet pussy.

Jenny looked naughty. She was leaning over the sink in her cheerleading uniform, her white sweater pulled up high, her red skirt with the white pleats piled up over her waist, her white cheer panties stretched aside for his cock, her white knee socks and red-and-white saddle shoes spread wide apart for balance.

He fucked his little cheerleader hard. Her long blonde hair bounced as her teacher banged her.

“Mr. Lewis, you’re so nasty…” she told him.

“Fucking me in my panties like this…”

The young cheerleader could feel the friction of her cheer panties stretched tight across her clit, and it felt really good. It quickly drove her to orgasm.

“Oh, God! Mr. Lewis! I’m getting one!!”

Jenny bit her lip to keep from screaming. She was overcome with a warm rush that swept through the luscious cheerleader.

Mr. Lewis groaned.

“I’m gonna cum, too!” he exclaimed.

He grimaced as his cock released its tension, filling the young cheerleader with a hot load of cum. It spurted deep into her pussy, sending shivers through her thin, sweet body.

Mr. Lewis slowed to a stop and pulled his dripping prick out of her. Jenny’s cheerleading panties snapped loudly back into place.

Jenny stood up and her skirt fell back into place.

“Oh, I have to get back now!” she gasped, almost forgetting the game.

“Thanks, Jenny,” Mr. Lewis sighed.

“Sure, Mr. Lewis,” she answered. “Just remember, I get to suck you off next time.”

She smiled, opened the door slowly, saw that nobody was around, and quickly ran back to the game.

By the time she got back to her friend, she could feel the sopping crotch of her tight cheer panties, soaking wet with Mr. Lewis’ cum.

“How was it?” asked Angie, teasing her.

“Just fine,” Jenny smiled.

“Did you blow him?”

“No, he fucked me again,” Jenny answered, quietly.

Angie looked her over.

“Well, Jenny, you look just fine. Except for some of his cum on your legs,” Angie chortled.

Jenny could feel her teacher’s cum as it slowly ran down her thighs onto her white knee socks.

All through the second half, Jenny wondered how many people could notice that her panties were wet. But that didn’t stop her from giving the guys more of a show. She kicked her legs high, twirled around and ground her hips to the band’s music.

After the game, Jenny and Angie were among the last to leave. It was 6:00 and starting to get dark. The guy with the camera, who had been taking their pictures, approached them.

“Uh oh, here comes the camera guy,” Jenny warned.

He smiled at the two cheerleader sweethearts.

“Hi, girls!” he said. “My name’s Mike.”

“Hi,” they both answered politely.

“You girls are really great cheerleaders,” he complimented.

“Thanks,” they retorted, not knowing where the conversation was going.

“I’d love to take some more pictures of you at my studio,” he said. “I’ll even pay you for your time.”

The girls perked up.

“Really?” Jenny asked. “What would the pictures be for?”

“Just for myself,” came the honest answer.

“I don’t know…”

“I’ll pay you each fifty bucks, okay?” Mike asked.

Jenny looked at Angie, who nodded in agreement.

“Okay, Mike. When?”

Mike shrugged.

“How about now?” he asked.

The girls were planning on going to a fast food joint for a couple of hours, so they knew they wouldn’t be missed.

“Sure,” Angie answered, smiling.

“We can take my car,” he told them.


Mike pulled the car into a garage at a home just a few miles from the school.

“Here we are,” he announced.

The three stepped out of the car and walked inside.

“I thought you said you have a studio,” Angie commented.

Mike smiled. “Well, you might say it’s a portable studio.”

“Where is it?” asked Jenny.

Mike led the two girls to a door and opened it. They saw a bed and studio lights, with a tripod and camera supplies.

“Oh, I get it,” said Angie. She looked at Mike and smiled.

“Just what we thought. You want some nasty pictures, don’t you?”

Jenny smiled at Mike. The thought of a guy taking nasty pictures of her and jacking off to them was exciting.

“Why don’t you girls sit on the bed?” Mike suggested.

Angie and Jenny sat on the bed, while Mike turned to load his camera and turn the studio lights on.

“Hey, Jenny. I know we can get some big money here, so let me do the talking, okay?” Angie whispered.

Jenny nodded.

Mike stepped toward the bed.

“Okay, sweethearts. What are your names?”

“I’m Angie and she’s Jenny.”

Mike smiled. “Well, now, let’s take some really nice pictures.”

He fired off a couple, the flashes from the lights filling the room like close lightning bolts.

“Okay, girls, just put your knees about six inches apart.”

“You want to see our panties?” Angie asked.

“Yeah,” Mike admitted.

“One hundred bucks, then,” Angie demanded.

“Yeah, sure,” he answered.

The two young cheerleaders spread their legs and smiled for the camera as he fired off more photos. The girls spread their legs wide and pulled their little red cheerleading skirts high on their thighs, clearly showing him their white panty-covered crotches. Jenny was glad that her cheer panties had dried by now.

“That’s great,” he said, firing off more pictures.

The girls were really enjoying themselves.

“Do you wanna see our asses?” asked Jenny.

“Yeah! Yeah!” Mike blurted. “Take your shoes off and climb on the bed.”

Jenny and Angie untied their red-and-white saddle shoes and kicked them off.

The girls turned around on the bed, kneeling on the edge and getting down on their elbows. They hiked their skirts up high on their panties. Their tight asses looked marvelous in those white cheer panties, with their cunny mounds bulging between their tight teen thighs.

Mike was going crazy. The two young girls were driving him mad with lust. His cock ached against his jeans.

“How about taking your panties off?” he offered.

“One hundred fifty apiece,” Jenny demanded, before Angie had a chance to say anything.

“Okay,” he agreed.

Jenny reached high under her skirt and thumbed the waistband of her panties, tugging them down around her thighs. Angie followed her lead. The two girls resumed their position, bent over facing away from Mike with their cheer panties stretched out on their thighs.

Their pussies looked marvelous. Jenny’s almost-bare blonde cunny and Angie’s twat with a handful of brunette hair.

He shot some more photos.

“Okay, girls, now lean back on the bed and face me,” he ordered.

They obeyed.

“Put your knees up and spread your legs and feet apart. Show off those pussies of yours.”

Jenny and Angie were eager to obey. They displayed their magnificent cunts for the photographer, smiling sweetly for the camera.

Jenny pulled the white pleats of her red cheerleading skirt up high and put a hand on her clit. She used her fingers to spread her pink pussy lips apart.

Angie followed Jenny’s lead, surprised by the younger girl’s brashness.

The two young cheerleaders began fingering their clits, masturbating for the camera, smiling the whole time for him.

“My God…” Mike murmured. The sight was too much for him. The two teenage cheerleaders on the bed with their tight white turtleneck sweaters, their little red skirts with the white pleats, their panties off, the white knee socks…

Mike was clicking off photo after photo, fumbling to reload the camera after each roll was taken.

“How about taking the sweaters off??” he asked.

“Two hundred each, then,” insisted Angie.

“Yeah, sure,” the man agreed.

The two girls quickly pulled the tight sweaters off and tossed them aside, as well as their bras. They continued fingering themselves for him.

Mike flashed photo after photo. He couldn’t believe this.

Angie and Jenny played with their clits, looking absolutely darling, wearing only their red cheerleading skirts with the twelve white pleats and the white knee socks.

“I’ve gotta fuck somebody,” he said.

“How about me?” offered Angie.

“No, me!” protested Jenny.

He looked the two girls over. While Angie was attractive, Jenny was definitely younger, he thought. Her tiny tits with pointed nipples, her skinny body, the dimples and long blonde hair, she was the one he really wanted.

“I’ll tell you what. How about I eat your pussy and fuck you first, Angie? Then I’ll fuck your cute little friend.”

He winked at Jenny, who smiled.

Mike ripped off his clothes in seconds and climbed in bed with the two teenaged cheerleaders. Angie slid over onto her back and pulled up her little skirt as the photographer dove mouth-first into her crotch.

Jenny couldn’t believe the size of him. His dick was almost twelve inches long. Jenny’s eyes were wide in amazement.

Jenny watched as the man ate her friend’s pussy, lapping hungrily at her hole.

“Oooohhhh…” Angie moaned as he snacked on her snatch. She squeezed her “B”-sized tits and closed her eyes.

Jenny reached over and grabbed Mike’s massive cock with one hand. She rubbed it softly, caressing it gently with her fingers, stroking it very slowly. Then she rubbed his hairy balls gently, fondling his sack and rolling them around with her fingers.

Mike groaned softly. Jenny watched in fascination as the man slowly slipped a finger up to Angie’s ass. He slowly inserted it.

“Oooffff!” Angie groaned. “Oh, God!”

Angie had never had a guy’s finger up her ass before, and it quickly excited her. She could feel the man slowly work it in and out of her ass, and it made his pussy-licking seem much more intense.

“I’m gonna cum, mister!” she yelled. “You’re doing it to me! Oh my God… Yesssss!”

Angie’s legs quivered as she climaxed.

“Fuck me, Mike! Do it now!” she hollered.

The man pulled his head out of her “Y”. Angie pulled her knees up as he crawled up to her.

Jenny watched intently as Mike plunged his cock into her cheerleader friend. She watched his ass as it pounded relentlessly into Angie, fucking her good and hard. She couldn’t wait for her turn.

“Don’t cum yet, mister,” Jenny reminded. “You said you’d fuck me, too.”

“Don’t worry, sweetheart,” he panted. “I’ll get to you in a minute.”

The man rode Angie hard for another full minute, with Angie groaning under the assault of Mike’s mammoth manhood. Then, he slowed to a stop, leaving a slightly disappointed Angie as he pulled his throbbing monster prick out of her.

The photographer slid over to Jenny, who had laid down next to Angie. Her pussy was nice and wet from her masturbating and it glistened in the lights as she pulled her knees up high and spread them.

Mike flipped her cheerleader skirt up over her waist. This time, Angie watched her friend as Jenny waited for him to skewer her with his big prick.

“Are you gonna be able to take all of that?” Angie asked.

“I don’t know, Angie. I’ll try,” came Jenny’s answer.

The man nestled the prick tip into the opening of her snatch, rubbed it around in the moistness, and slowly slid it into the thin, young cheerleader.

“Oh… oh… oh…” Jenny groaned, biting her lip.

Angie climbed off the bed and grabbed Mike’s camera as he started to fuck little Jenny.

He pushed his prick a little deeper into her with each stroke. Jenny was so incredibly tight that he knew he wouldn’t last long inside of her. He was able to push about seven inches into her before he hit her cervix, so he held up there, not wanting to hurt the darling cheerleader.

Angie began taking pictures of the man fucking Jenny. Jenny had hooked her white knee socks around his back, and he was fucking her with a nice, slow pace.

“You look good, you two,” said Angie.

Jenny looked adorable under the man, dressed only in the little cheerleading skirt and white knee socks, her tiny tits rock-hard as the man sucked on them, and her long blonde hair across the bed.

Angie shot off more pictures of the two lovers until she ran out of film.

The photographer was in fuck-heaven over the young teenager. He rammed his prick into her repeatedly until he was ready to explode.

“Okay, girls, who wants to get my load?” he panted.

“You can come in my mouth if you want,” gasped Jenny.

“Or mine,” added Angie.

“How about both?” he suggested.

The man pulled out of Jenny. Angie quickly crawled back into bed.

“Both of you girls put your faces next to each other,” he ordered, whacking away at his cock with one hand.

The girls did as she were told.

“Now put your mouths next to each other’s,” he added.

Jenny and Angie turned their faces to each other, their lips touching.

“Now I’m gonna cum in both of your sweet little mouths,” he said.

The two cheerleaders opened their mouths wide, practically kissing each other. Their tongues reached outward for him as he lowered his prick-tip to their mouths. The hot breath of the two girls on his throbbing cock was too much for him.

With a groan, he let loose a torrent of cum. It splattered into the mouths of both girls. With their tongues fighting for position to get more, his cock squirted more and more jizz at them.

Jenny and Angie hungrily gulped it down as it came. It ran down their cheeks and into their hair, because they couldn’t swallow it fast enough.

The man’s prick finally stopped pumping cum at them. The two girls, with sticky white cock-cream all over their faces and on their lips, kissed each other softly in a gooey kiss as they giggled, proud of their accomplishment.



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