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xNovel - Brother And Sister


Brother And Sister

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Steve’s prick swelled deliciously in Toni’s good, snug cunt. Her long, slender legs were spread away out, her blouse was open, her bra removed, her firm, jaunty breasts peaked up for his pleasure. It flattered him to be screwing the prettiest girl in town, this was the third time he had gotten his prick in her, and it was getting better all the time.

She worked in the best beauty parlor in town, Laura’s Shoppe, she made pretty good money, she knew how to dress—and how to fuck! She liked to come up and wiggle around, and she was crazy about his big, thick eight-inch cock. Until they had started going steady, she had dated a lot, especially this last winter when he had been away at the university, and he had been pleasantly surprised a month or so earlier to discover that he was the first guy ever to get his prick in her!

A real feather in his cap! A seventeen-year-old sexy virgin. Half the bastards in town had wanted it, and he had gotten it. Yeahhhh. He remembered it all very vividly…

He and Toni, Henry and Nancy had driven up to a lake east of Potter for a swim and a picnic. For most of the afternoon they had enjoyed themselves swimming and roasting wieners, eating fried chicken and drinking a few beers. The girls wore bikinis, of course; he had fondled Toni a lot out in the water, she had let him go further with her body than she ever had before the evening was over. It was their first date since he had returned to town after attending the university, and she was coming on stronger than she had on earlier dates.


When Henry and Nancy drove over to the small resort store for more beer, Steve figured this might be his big opportunity. They were sprawled on a blanket, hidden from the main beach area by a screen of bushes.

Lying at her right, he reached his hand over between her long, sexy legs and tickled a pathway toward her crotch. Her green mini-bikini with a trim of white lace around the edges looked more like panties and bra than a swim suit. She had bought it where Nancy worked, and Nancy had on a terrific bikini, too. His sister, in a mini black ensemble, looked dazzling!

“Feels good, honey,” Toni murmured, spreading her thighs further.

“Right,” he grinned, his cock starting to ridge up in his swim trunks. He had enjoyed himself with several eager coeds during the winter, there was literally available pussy all over the campus, at least for him. He had also fucked the baseball coach’s wife, a plump brunette, and she had been the best of the lot. It was the first time that he had screwed a dame older than himself, and she had taught him a few things about bedroom manners.

But Toni was a little special, always had been since she had started chumming around with Nancy. Both girls had it, a certain limber ass-wiggle, prominent breasts, a healthy small-town outlook, and neither one tried to be “brainy”, like some of those half-sophisticated campus chicks.

In fact, Toni and Nancy looked quite a bit alike, except for different hair coloration and Nancy’s bit of extra plumpness and her larger breasts. Of course, Nancy was rather shy, her features were not quite as well-formed as Toni’s, their personalities were exactly opposite. Nothing shy about Toni!

She had it, she knew she had it. She had been Miss Potter High, cheerleader, active in girl’s sports. She had been a runner-up to Miss Washington, and some big advertising agency had asked her to model swim suits. A model agency in San Francisco had sent her letters, another one had called her. But she liked being in Potter, she wanted to get married and Steve figured already that she was aiming her pussy at him…

If girls in Potter reached eighteen or nineteen without getting married they were considered nearly out of it.

Something else had happened to him while he had been away at school. Steve had finally realized, after discovering that the second baseman on the squad was fucking his own good-looking sister that came to see him from the small town they lived in, that he had a secret, flaming and forbidden lust for his own sister, Nancy!

In his younger years he had thought about it, watching her grow and develop into a lovely, leggy charmer. But the idea had horrified him, he had tried to push it out of his mind. It was all wrong, incest was against the law, it would wreck both of their lives.

The hell of it is, she acts like she’s hot for me, too! he thought. She thinks I’m a combination of Joe Namath and that young blond movie star all the girls are excited about. Shit! Naturally I want her to like me, but I don’t dare touch her!

Since she had started working in a store and selling lingerie she had come out of her shell. She had changed during his term in college, too. She wore sexier clothes, she talked more, she flirted with him when their parents were gone, she wandered around the house with hardly anything on. She was ripe for fucking, and some lucky bastard was going to get a real sexy blonde bundle of joy.

At the same time she had let him know in various little ways that Henry was not scoring, that she really did not care too much for him, but she loved to double date so that she could be around her own brother…

Nothing was really wrong with Henry. He was very eligible, he would someday have more property and money than any young guy in the area, and several chicks around town were on his trail. But he was hot for Nancy, and she liked to get out because she had not dated much in her high school days.

“Hey, what’s the matter, big man?” Toni giggled, drawing him back to the present. “Nancy and Henry won’t be back for a long time. They’ll probably park out in the woods and have a little fun!”

He reached for Toni’s pussy-curve and trembled.

The idea of Henry getting his prick in his sister’s pussy sent waves of horrible envy through his being. Sonofabitch! He had to stop thinking about it. He just hoped that Nancy knew something about contraceptives.

But she told me the other day she was going to wait till she got married, he thought. Which means she’s still a virgin! I hope she won’t let Henry break that dainty cherry! I want it myself!

“I wouldn’t want her to get fixed up,” he said, feeling Toni’s tremble of excitement.

“Oh, your pretty sister is not so dumb, honey,” Toni breathed. “A girl can have a little fun without going the route. You should know that!”

“Right,” he grinned, reassured.

She squirmed her beautiful ass playfully. “In fact, I was hoping we could have a little excitement…”

“Sounds good,” he grinned, squeezing her thigh close to her cuntal mound. On previous dates they had fooled around a little, but neither one had reached a climax. Today was the day! She was ripe and ready.

He leaned half-way above her and brought his head down. She giggled cozily, slid her arms around his neck and opened her full, ripe lips, her tongue flicking between them invitingly.

“Those girls on the campus got anything that small-town girls haven’t, big man?” she giggled softly.

“I haven’t really tried you out yet, Toni,” he chuckled.

She trembled. “You’re a lot smoother, I’ll say that! I hear they’re all on the Pill.”

“You really want to know, sexy?” he said, pressing his fingers into her thinly pantied cunt-curve. He could see her nipples hardening inside the hug of her bikini halter; she rubbed her right thigh on his left leg, her tongue darted out again. Sneaking a few feels out in the water earlier had put a good sharp edge on his need; he had not enjoyed a fuck for over a week since he had bounced a young brunette coed in her apartment just off campus.

“Nooo, I guess not,” she murmured, her fingers tickling the nape of his neck. Her cunt had a fine, soft feel, even under the bikini panties. Her shiny auburn hair framing her face and her flush of excitement swelled the head of his prick. “But a girl does get curious about other girls—you know, how they put out and what they say.”

“Well, shit, don’t you and Nancy discuss a few things?”

“Sure,” she giggled. “But what do two virgins know about the nitty-gritty?”

He shuddered. “You mean that, Toni?”

“Oh, natch!” she breathed. “I decided years ago I wanted you to get me first—okay?”

“Well, why have you been teasing around?” he muttered.

“Till I got on the Pill,” she giggled. “And I am now, so why not?”

“Damn!” he breathed, sliding his finger inside her bikini panties. He almost asked whether Nancy was, but knew he might give himself away. Toni’s cunt was puffy and wet along the crevice. She trembled as he explored the dainty, virginal pussy. He lowered his mouth to hers and her lips spread wide, shivering voluptuously as he drove his tongue in deep. A little whine of pleasure came up in her throat, she hunched on his hand.

I’ll damn soon find out if she’s got her cherry, he thought, inching his finger between her slick, tender labia. The coach’s wife had given him some pointers on how to play with a cunt, how to fondle around a long time before sliding the prick in. A few different positions, too. She loved to top-ride, and he had discovered that he could last and last with the girl doing most of the humping. She had gone off seven times to his twice. Yeahhhhh!

“That’s what a real stud does, honey,” she had said, toward the end of their fuck. “You give the girl a lot of climaxes and you’re in solid.” She had laughed. “These jackrabbit fucks are no good for the dame, believe me!”

Well, he had gotten at her only twice, but she expected more dates when he returned to WSU in the fall. Getting away from her husband was difficult. She had promised to show him how to eat cunt, too. He still had not tried it, but he was sure he would enjoy it with Toni. And Nancy was table stuff if he ever saw it!

He had to stop thinking about her! All those delicious goodies, her sweet, jutting breasts, her beautiful rounded ass and lovely long legs… her full, hot-looking mouth, big baby-blue eyes, long rich blonde hair, creamy, satin-smooth complexion…

He slid his finger further into Toni’s sweet, wet cunt and trembled. The circle of guarding membrane was there! Ready for his cock! Her cunt was not as big as a tub, either. A couple of those campus cuties had twats of amazing size; he had not gone back for seconds. Toni’s cunt would be good and snug, and if it went deep enough she would be beautiful fucking. His mouth lifted from her lips, her face twisted slightly.

“Ooooohhhh!” she breathed, her legs trembling.

He loosened her bikini panty and eased it away from her. She lifted her ass, closed her legs and helped him take the green triangles from her pretty rump. She swung her thighs far apart again, breathing unevenly. The aroma from her pussy surged his need. Her pubic hair was not thick, he could see the juiced-up, puffed labia very clearly.

He stood up and lowered his swim trunks. As his big, thick eight-inch prick came in sight she gasped, her eyes wide with amazement.

“Ohhhh, wow!”

Shuddering, his cock tensing with anticipation, he sank to his knees between her outflung legs. She misunderstood his action, she drew her thighs away forward, arching her cunt upward.

“Not yet, sweetie,” he muttered. “Take off your halter, huh?”

“Ohhh, yes!” she breathed, staring at his slanted, wet-headed cock. In seconds she had the fancy green halter loose and lifted. He had played with her breasts a few times in the past. They had the sweet, firm allure that only a sexy seventeen-year-old possessed, and this was his first good look at them. Beautiful! The coral nipples were standing up, circled by pale pink areolae, the creamy untanned mounds rising like ice cream cones topped with bright red cherries.

He liked a fine, firm pair of tits on a girl, and he could not help thinking about Nancy’s breasts, which were even more alluring and larger than Toni’s. Of course he had never seen them naked… but almost, almost! A few days earlier, when their parents had been out of the house, she had wiggled from her bedroom, through the living room, where he had been sitting, and into the bathroom, wearing only a very sheer pink, short nightie. The sway of her out-jutting breasts in the lace-bordered nothing had singed his groin, his prick had started riding up in his briefs.

I know damn well now she did it on purpose! he thought, gazing down at Toni’s naked, captivating breasts. Sonofabitch! I’m going to have a talk with her, we have to get things straightened out. Maybe if I start fucking Toni I can forget my beautiful sister.

“Ohhh, you sure take your time, honey!” Toni gasped, up-tilting her pretty cunt. “Do it! I’m ready!”

He trembled and reached down to her pussy, spreading the wet, swollen labia where her clitzone lay. This time he gasped himself. The little pink spike was half an inch long! The covered ridge of it was quite prominent, but the exposed part was what flexed his cock! He had never seen one so well-developed! The wet nub on the end was as big as the tip of his little finger. Beautiful!

“Jeeeesus, that’s something!” he muttered.

“I guess I’m built like any other girl!” she gasped.

“Hell, no,” he growled.

She trembled and managed a giggle. “Well, do something, honey!”

The ache in his cock was too much, he had to get some cunt around it or jack off! He moved forward, braced on his arms and knees. Her head raised high, she stared in rapt fascination as his big, tensing cockhead with the foreskin taut around it lowered toward her uptilted cunt.

I wonder whether Nancy has a clit that big, he thought dizzily. I’m sure that she plays with herself for relief, and Toni probably does, too.

In his growing-up years, and even into high school, he had imagined that nice girls stayed “pure”, that they never touched themselves or turned into animals the way boys did, jacking off all the time. But a sex orientation class at the university and one of the textbooks had rid him of a lot of ridiculous assumptions about girls. They could cum a lot more often than a man, too.

A healthy chick needed sex relief the same as a guy did. The new idea was to encourage girls to experiment so they would know what the hell an orgasm was. A girl could cum and cum without busting the hymen; most of the feeling was in the clitoris, which was simply a female counterpart of the male penis—a miniature prick. The coach’s sexy wife had shown him how to fondle her clit, adding to his store of knowledge about sex. On their second big date he had finger-played her into two orgasms before he even got his prick into her cunt. Yeahhhh!

But he did appreciate the fact that Toni had saved her cherry for him! The dames did the picking and deciding, anyway. The instructor in the sex orientation class had told them right out that girls thought about love and sex much more than boys, and that the new liberation attitudes going on, plus the use of contraceptives had turned a whole generation of girls into real tigers.

The coeds in the class had laughed much louder than several red-faced male students. When he had stressed the point that the sex organs had to be exercised, like any other part of the body, the girlish laughter had made his own ears burn. The idea that every chick in the class knew that guys his age jacked off had seemed very humiliating. Girls grew up faster than guys, some of them were ready for fucking at thirteen. And some of them got it.

His knob touched Toni’s wet, soft, dainty cuntlips and she cried out her joy. “Ohhhh, Steve! Ohhhhh, get it in me!”

He shuddered, his knob tensed, more juice oozed out and he began to nudge his meat slowly into the sexy redhead’s cunt. Damn, it was going to be tight! Her legs quivered, she changed the angle of her pelvis, her heels hit the blanket, her beautiful ass started lifting! His knob pressed into her maidenhead! He had broken two cherries before, he knew what to expect. A little pain, maybe, a little blood…

“Ooooohhhhh—OOOOHHHHH!” she breathed, her face twisting. She flinched, her long thighs trembled against his sides. He held still and let her come up! He had learned that on his second hymen-breaking date the first week at the university. The chick had read somewhere that girls who wanted a minimum of discomfort with the first fuck should be on top. Well, he had let her climb on board, she had squirmed around for quite a while before she got the job done, but she finally made it and had a good cum in the process.

Toni was making it, too. She panted and strained, she rested a few seconds and tried again! Suddenly, she seemed to get the right leverage with her heels and gave a quick, lusty up-hunch! The quick, sweet filling of her virginal cunt with his cock, her cry of mingled joy and pain bunched his nuts at the root his prick. Terrific, tight cunt—all the way in.

“Uhhh—ohhh, ohh, ohhhh—OH!” she whined, driving his knob to the very depths of her cunny. “Ohhhhh, honey. Ohhh, that’s good!”

He wanted to hunch in the worst way, every nerve in his body craved the deep, searching bull strokes that would bring forth his load, but he crouched there a while longer, gritting his teeth. She came up eagerly, with good girlish vigor, slapping her wet, puffy cuntlips at his swollen nuts on every lunge. She was a fine, healthy athletic girl and she wanted to fuck, so he let her fuck.

“Ohhh—ohhhhh—OHHH—OHHH!” she whimpered, hunching faster.

He could bear it no longer! He groaned, pinned her ass to the blanket and hunched toward his cum. She grabbed him with her arms, his chest pillowed down into her swollen breasts, her ass worked up and down in spite of his pressing weight, he could feel the tremors and shakes of her impending orgasm.

Damn! he thought wildly. I’m busting my nuts in her cunt and I’m dreaming about my sister! They DO look alike in many ways. Jeeeesus, I’ll bet that Nancy’s cunt is as snug as this one! The vision of his sexy blonde sister ballooned in his mind as the fierce pulsings of his own cum racked his loins. He was fucking a virgin, she was getting her goodies, and it was so damned good that he nearly shouted Nancy’s name…


Now, in the back seat with Toni, enjoying her body again, her good tight cunt, he hoped to hell that Henry was not going to score with Nancy. But he had not made it in her pussy at the picnic at the lake, he was sure she could handle the blanket situation, too.

Nancy did need fucking, like any healthy girl her age. Like Toni. But it was pretty obvious that she dated Henry because there was no one else around town that she liked at all, and because she loved to be around her brother! He knew, if no one else did. He knew her moods and ways, they talked a lot together, she had hinted to him that Henry was not ever going to go the route with her.

“Ohhh, it gets better every time, honey!” Toni breathed, riding up on his cock, urging her titties higher. “When are you going to take me to a motel and really have fun?”

He trembled, his cock tensed. He had been waiting to hear those words, he had been thinking about asking her to wear a ring, she was the best screwing that he had ever run into, except the coach’s wife, and that was out of the question. Toni was just the right age for him, and if he failed to grab her somebody else would. She was one hell of a girl.

But first he had to resolve the situation with Nancy. Dreaming about her while he was fucking and playing with Toni was not the way to go; he wanted to be honest with the beautiful redhead. She had already hinted that she would be glad to go to Baxter, where the university was situated, and work in a beauty shop to help put him through college. If they were married, of course…

He was working this summer at a grain elevator and making fair money. They could get by. If he had good steady fucking, a sexy young wife to come home to, he could study better and forget those easy-fuck campus chicks.

“Next date, huh?” he said to Toni, driving his prick in deep to emphasize his meaning. “This back seat stuff is a little awkward.”

“Ohhhh, but I love it anywhere with you, big man!” she giggled, hunching up, tightening her long thighs around him. “You took my cherry, I expect you to take care of me!”

“Right,” he grinned, wishing there was more light so he could enjoy her better. “In fact, I expect to take care of this nice pussy of yours for a hell of a long time, Toni.”

She trembled, her hands dug at his shoulders. “That’s the way I want it, honey! All the way…”

He had not really intended to go so far, but it was out now, and he would not turn chicken. She was the one he really craved, she was eager to learn, and he wanted no one else getting in her panties.

“I’ll have a surprise for you in a few days, Toni,” he muttered thickly.

“Ohhhh, that has a wonderful sound, honey,” she breathed. She wiggled her ass and up-hunched again. “I’ll give you all the pussy you’ll ever want!”

He shuddered and started to fuck. She moaned with pleasure, tipping her fine, wet, snug cunt even higher. She had enjoyed a terrific orgasm a while earlier, she had yelled and kicked her legs and he was sure that Nancy and Henry had heard Toni’s cry of rapture.

I’ll make her yell again, he thought, coming out slow and driving in fast. I’ll try not to imagine that she’s Nancy. It’s a rotten thing to do. Toni’s going to be my wife, and I can’t keep thinking about my sister every time I cum in her cunt.

“Ohhhhh!” Toni panted, meeting his hunches. “I love the way you wait and wait, honey!”

“I want you to have a lot of fun, beautiful,” he growled. “A lot of climaxes, see?”

“OOOOHHHH, yes!” she panted.

The back seat was uncomfortable, he wished he had taken her out on a blanket, where Henry had taken Nancy, but she had started getting his prick out of his pants before they even reached the parking spot, he had gotten his cock in her, before his sister and Henry had left the front seat.

He liked her boldness, it proved how sexy he was. She could not resist him, and it had been three days since he had fucked her in her parents’ living room. They had hurried it a little; she had been expecting her folks to return home at any time.

Catching a new hold on the top of the rear seat, he braced his knees just right and breathed against her beautiful, thrusting breasts.

“You bring it, sexy,” he muttered. “Come up!”

“Ooooohhhhh, I love that!” she panted. “Next time I want to climb on top!”

“Yeahhhh!” he gasped, feeling her hips begin to thrust. She liked to move, to do her share. She had wonderful ass motion, she squished her cuntlips into his nuts at every luscious hump. He could feel her prominent clitoris rubbing on his cockshaft. Terrific!

He had a lot of interesting things that he wanted to try with her, like eating her dainty, soft cunt and having her suck his prick. He really could not spare the money, but getting her in a motel would be the utter end. She had even hinted that she would be glad to share the expense! She was a very popular beauty operator, he knew she made good dough. One hell of a cooperative chick.

“Ohhh—ohhh—OHHH!” she whined, hunching toward her climax. Wonderful natural rhythm! She would be great on top; he was sure that his sister Nancy would be, too. “OOOOHHHH, STEVE!”

Even her voice is something like Nancy’s! he thought, feeling the achy burn of his own lust begin to unwind in his crotch. Ahhhhh, fuuuuuck! Here comes my load! Jeeeesus, I hope Henry hasn’t gotten his cock in her sweet, virginal pussy!

Toni’s voice rose to a high pitch, she yelled fiercely and her pretty ass whipped up and down. Her passionate, lusty upthrusts sucked his cock to finality. The fire seemed to originate in the back of his neck, tear down his spine to his nuts and throb excruciatingly along his cunt-wet shaft to the head of his cock! His glans belched a searing load of pent-up juice, he seized her asscheeks and bull-hunched her cunt, driving his cock in to the limit. Her fine, sweet ass-shakes, her leg-quivers, her clutching hands, her warmly soft jugs on his chest made it the best fuck that he had known for months and months!

It’s like I was shooting my love juice in Nancy’s cunt! he thought wildly. Sonofabitch! My cockhead is busting!

“UGHHHH!” he groaned, hunching out the last of his cum-thrills. “Jeeeeesus!”

“OHH, oh, oh, oh!” she answered, softening, her long legs shaking, still wrapped around his hips and ass. “Ohhhhh, Steve, darling!”



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