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xNovel - Her Sucking Sister


Her Sucking Sister

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Slowly and quietly Cari opened two louvers in the door of her sister’s closet. She gasped. Hiding in her sister’s closet, she could see everything that was going on in her sister’s room. And it was far more than she had hoped for. Joani, her older sister, and her boyfriend Todd were seated on Joani’s bed. Cari could tell that he had his tongue in her mouth. But better than that, Todd had his hand inside of Joani’s blouse. Joani was moaning with pleasure as Todd kissed her.

Cari almost giggled but stopped herself just in time. She didn’t want to be discovered. This scene was better than the books she had found in her father’s desk.

Todd began to unbutton Joani’s blouse. Cari could see that Joani was wearing a push-up bra so that her tits appeared to be fuller than they were. Todd pushed the blouse aside and leaned down to kiss her tits softly. Joani closed her eyes and continued to moan softly.

Todd deftly reached around to the catch of the bra and snapped it loose so that Joani’s young firm tits popped out. He took one tit in his large hand and softly pinched the hardened nipple. He leaned down and put the other tit in his mouth.

Cari could feel her nipples harden under her pajama top. Todd forced Joani back on the bed, his face rubbing on her taut brown nipples.

Joani moaned, “Suck them! Suck, darling!”

Todd cupped one breast in his hand and his tongue licked slowly and softly across the nipple.

“Oh, I love it, Todd,” Joani sighed as she reached down to the front of his jeans. For the first time, Cari could see the bulge in Todd’s pants. Without stopping his tongue-licking of Joani’s tit, he undid the zipper of his jeans and reached inside of his shorts and took out his stiff long cock, Joani put her hand on his cock. She moved her hand up and down.

Cari leaned against the closet doors, but she didn’t take her eyes off the two on the bed. Wow, she thought, is that what a man looks like?

Todd pulled up Joani’s skirt. He pushed it around her waist and kissed her stomach and lapped at her belly button. “Oh, honey, I need you tonight.”

He moved on top of her as she spread her legs wide apart. He pressed his throbbing hard prick against her pantyhose. She arched her back to meet his thrusts.

“See how hard I am for you?” Todd wiled her pantyhose down far enough for Cari to see her sister’s curly red hair. Todd lifted the tight cheeks of her ass and pulled the pantyhose dawn to her knees. Her mound of red hair lifted, and he leaned until his tongue touched the swollen lips of her pussy. He moved his head and tongue like a dog lapping up milk.

Joani’s voice became husky. “Kiss me! Fuck me! Oh, it’s so good! Don’t stop!”

“Shit,” Cari whispered. “Is it really great to have someone lick you on the pussy?” Her cunt was feeling very strange and hot right now.

“Oh, Todd, fuck me now honey, come in me! I can’t stand it! I’ll come!”

Todd stood up and removed his jeans and undershorts. He crawled onto the bed and onto Joani. Cari had a side view from the closet and she held perfectly still.

Todd took his prick and moved, it upward the wet red hair of Joani’s cunt. Cari knew that somewhere inside there he would find the opening and when he went inside that would be fucking. Todd found what he was looking for.

“God, you’re light. Every time with you is like the first time.”

Cari watched as his prick went into Joani’s pussy. In and out, in and out. Joani’s body caught the rhythm and she arched so that she moved with him. Joani whispered, “Help me, Todd. Help me.”

“I love fucking you, Joani. You’ve got the best pussy in town. I want to come all over that cunt of yours!”

“Oh, screw me, Todd. Harder! I want it hard tonight.”

Todd jammed his cock into her as hard as he could. He jammed it in until he could feel the bottom of her slippery wet hole. He was moving faster and faster.

“Oh, I’m coming, Todd, I’m coming!”

Joani’s body seemed to quake. Todd was breathing faster and faster. He let out a sound that was almost a yell and sank down on top of Joani.

Then his jizi shot out.

Todd rolled over beside Joani. Joani reached for the afghan that lay on the chair beside her. She put the cover over them, but Todd protested. “Can’t, honey. I’ve got baseball practice early in the morning.”

Cari waited until Joani put on a robe and was following Todd down the stairs to the front door. She moved away from the hole that she had cut in her closet into her own room. She sat down on the stool in front of her dressing table.

She smiled at herself impishly in her mirror. She could hardly wait to toil her friend Ellen about what she had seen. She brushed her shiny long blonde hair as she thought of Joani’s tight little titties and Todd’s long hard cock.

So that’s why Joani was so anxious for her to go to bed. How many times had it happened before? She knew that she had seen Todd sneaking into Joani’s room the last time that her parents were gone for the weekend. Boy, could she ever blackmail Joani now. But blackmail wasn’t what she really wanted. She wanted to be fucked by Todd. She wanted to know how it felt to be fucked.

She crawled into the bed and pulled down her pajamas. She spread her legs wide apart and licked two fingers. Her left hand held open the lips of her already wet pussy as her fingers began to massage her clitoris. She closed her eyes and pretended that Todd was fucking her. She had hardly formulated the dream when he began to come. That lovely hot flash filled her body until her pussy vibrated with pleasure. If masturbation felt that, good, surely real fucking must be fantastic!

Cari was fifteen years old and overripe for life. She had watched her eighteen-year-old sister come and go with a parade of boys and she wanted all that her sister had. She knew by instinct that boys were what she needed. When she found some very explicit sex books in her father’s desk four months ago, they only described her desires in detail. Now she blew why she wanted boys. Cari decided it was Todd she wanted mast of all.

One weekend when her parents were away and she was supposed to be in bed, she had gone downstairs to get one of her father’s books when she saw Todd come into the house and go up the stain to Joani’s room. She listened at the door and heard whispered voices and moans but couldn’t tell exactly what was going on. There wasn’t a keyhole to look through as there always was in the old movies.

The next day she got an idea. Joani’s closet and hers were connecting. She could cut a hole into the wall that separated the closets, a hole that she could crawl through.

Just before Cari drifted off to sleep, after watching Joani and Todd fucking, she thought to herself that it had been worth all of that work.



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