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xNovel - Jimmy's New Mom


Jimmy's New Mom

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Jimmy was so nervous he could hardly sit still. His sister had to be crazy. After lunch their Uncle Grant, obviously in high spirits, had offered to take them to the zoo. Jimmy considered this a very juvenile pastime and had refused on behalf of himself and Judy. Then Judy had piped up.

“Oh, I’d love to go to the zoo, Uncle Grant,” she said. “Jimmy can just stay here if he doesn’t want to go.”

What the hell? thought Jimmy. She hates the zoo. He was puzzled until Judy gave him a secret wink. He understood that all too well. She wanted to get Grant alone so she could ask him to do it to her, all those exciting things he’d done to Kay. Judy just had to be out of her mind. There was nothing Jimmy could do to stop her, however. He didn’t dare speak to her in front of Grant and Kay, because then the twins’ spying would be revealed. He didn’t get a chance to be alone with her, either.

“That’s great, Judy,” said Grant immediately. “I’ll get the car out. Kay, are you coming?”

“Oh, I don’t think so, dear,” said Kay. “I’m a little tired, and I don’t think I should leave Jimmy all alone.”

“Okay, then, we’ll see you around dinnertime,” said Grant. He and Judy hurried off, smiling at each other.

It seemed incredible, but Jimmy thought his uncle seemed rather relieved to be alone with Judy. Not only that, but Kay seemed relieved that they had gone. She smiled affectionately at Jimmy.

“Well, how shall we spend the afternoon, Jimmy?” she said. “Would you like to swim again?”

“I guess,” said Jimmy.

Jimmy went off to his room to put on his swimming trunks. Naturally he took the opportunity to peer through the ventilator and watch Kay undress. It wasn’t easy changing his clothes while he knelt and peeped, but it was worth it. Kay put on quite a show for him.

Thinking she was alone, Kay undressed in a luxurious, sensual manner, caressing her body as she removed each article of clothing. She watched herself in the full-length mirror, admiring her firm curves and beautifully-shaped breasts. For a woman of thirty-eight she was in damned good shape, and she knew it. Even if Grant was bored with her, other men were not. Every time they went to a party she got propositioned at least once. She didn’t care about these other men, however. It was Jimmy she was thinking of. She wondered how the boy reacted to her body in a bikini. Was he old enough to have any sexual feelings? If so, would he find her attractive? She knew she should be ashamed of herself for even thinking of sex in connection with her young nephew, but the whole idea excited her powerfully. Blushing, she admitted to herself that she wanted to arouse the boy.

If she aroused him, though, what would she do with him? Come on, Kay, she thought, cut it out. All you need is a horny teenage boy in the house.

She didn’t know it, but she already had one. Jimmy watched her intently through the spy hole, and when she stood naked before the mirror, cupping and molding her huge white tits, he felt the familiar tingling in his balls and the slow stiffening of his young cock. Reluctantly he moved away. It just wouldn’t do to show up at the pool with a hard-on. Even as he pulled on his swimming trunks, however, he couldn’t rid himself of the vision of his naked aunt playing with her big swollen boobs. Man, oh, man, how badly he wanted to touch them.

Jimmy was sitting at the edge of the pool, dangling his feet in the tepid water, when Kay came out of the house. Her huge tits were pressed tightly together in the confines of her bikini top, practically popping out, and Jimmy wished she would just dispense with the silly thing and let them hang loose. What a beautiful sight that would be.

“Last one in is a rotten egg,” said Kay, running toward the pool.

Jimmy meant to beat her, but he was distracted by the sight of her enormous jugs bouncing in that tight little bikini top, and Kay hit the water a split second ahead of him. He had to defend his honor, so he decided to duck her in retaliation. He swam toward her, a mischievous gleam in his eyes.

“Jimmy, NO! I don’t want to get my hair wet,” she said, trying desperately to elude him.

Girls were all alike. Always worrying about their hair or some other silly thing. Kay sounded just like Judy. As he swim after her, she screamed and squealed and giggled. He showed no mercy. He wasn’t going to let any female beat him at anything. He caught up with her and pushed her head under the water.

For a moment Kay was really annoyed. She would have to set her hair again before dinner. Then she remembered what had happened that morning, how Judy had retaliated for her ducking by pulling off Jimmy’s trunks. Kay felt a hot jolt of excitement. She could do it, too, and it would look perfectly innocent. She longed to have another look at Jimmy’s adorable little cock.

Emerging from the water, she flashed him a mischievous grin and plunged toward him. Jimmy caught on almost at once and tried to get away from her, but his brief delay was fatal. Kay dived and took him with her, nearly to the bottom of the pool. As the boy struggled to right himself, she took a firm grip on his trunks and pulled them down over his squirming legs. She understood how Judy had managed the trick. Jimmy had to kick in order to regain the surface, and his kicking assisted her. In fact he inadvertently kicked his trunks right off.

Kay was thankful that she was a good swimmer and could hold her breath for a long time. As the embarrassed boy fought his way to the surface, she remained still, getting a wonderful view of his small white cock as it flopped and wiggled in the current. His rosy testicles flapped and waved as he swam, and Kay had to fight down the urge to go after him and pet him there. Enough is enough, she thought. You got your look, now cool it.

As they shot up to the surface, she found that Jimmy was blushing, and she wondered why. He hadn’t been the least bit embarrassed when his sister pulled off his trunks. The poor kid was blushing so hard, she could scarcely see his freckles.

Jimmy was blushing because Kay had probably seen his cock and judged it to be puny. He couldn’t see how she would judge otherwise, being used to Grant’s enormous tool. He had wanted so badly for her to think of him as a man, and now his chances were ruined, or so he thought. His peter wasn’t half as big as Grant’s.

Kay spoke up quickly to distract him from his discomfiture. “I think I won that round,” she said, grinning. “You’re not going to give up, are you?”

That remark stung the boy into action. No matter how embarrassed he was, he didn’t intend to lose any contest to a girl. He dived at her, and Kay shrieked and tried to get away. Now that Jimmy was determined, however, she couldn’t elude him. In a matter of seconds he had ducked her again, and as they sank to the bottom of the pool, she felt his fingers working feverishly to untie her bikini top.

For a moment Kay panicked. This was going a little too far. She hadn’t intended to let Jimmy take any liberties with her. However, she quickly realized that the boy wasn’t doing it to be naughty. He was merely repeating the revenge he’d taken on his sister that morning. In any event, it was too late to stop him. Kay felt her bikini top float away, leaving her heavy tits free to float and wave in the water.

When the two swimmers popped to the surface this time, it was Kay who was blushing. Her damned tits wouldn’t stay down, even though she tried to keep the water up to her neck. Her heavy melon-like jugs floated obstinately to the surface, swollen and white, with a delicate tracery of tiny blue veins, the large brown nipples winking obscenely through the glitter of the water. To her horror, Jimmy’s wide blue eyes were glued to her floating breasts.

Kay was deeply embarrassed. She hadn’t intended to let things go this far. The way Jimmy was gawking at her tits, she was sure he’d never seen a pair before, and the sight was obviously getting him excited. She was guilty of corrupting an innocent boy, and she felt awful about it.

Without taking his eyes off her heavily floating tits, Jimmy slowly reached out for them. He knew he shouldn’t do it, that his aunt would probably scold him, but he just couldn’t resist. His trembling fingers grazed her nipples, and he was surprised to find them rigid and bumpy till he remembered that his own nipples did that when he was cold. Kay gasped loudly as he touched her and quickly paddled away from him. At the moment of his touch, her cunt had churned excruciatingly. She hadn’t been so quickly aroused in a long, long time.

“Jimmy,” she said nervously, “I think that’s enough swimming for now. I’m going to lie down.”

In her confusion she forgot to retrieve her bra, and it was only as she climbed the ladder and stepped out of the pool that she realized her breasts were still exposed. Blushing hotly, she hurried to her towel and lay down on her stomach, hastily stuffing her bulging tits beneath her so that the nipples didn’t show.

As casually as he could, Jimmy climbed out of the pool, picked up Grant’s beach towel, and arranged it next to Kay.

“I think I’ll try for a tan, too,” he said, hoping he sounded innocent.

Try as she might, Kay couldn’t help gawking at his superb young cock and balls. They were so close, she ached to touch them. Water ran down the limp pale shaft of his penis and dripped off the wrinkled, pointed tip. His pink flaccid balls glistened and swayed. At the root of his dangling little prick she could see just the barest fuzz of reddish pubic hair, not nearly enough to match the gross, menacing thicket of the adult male. He seemed so pure and inviting to her. With great effort she managed to still her trembling and to keep her arms at her sides. She wanted more than anything in the world to reach out and touch that cute little dong of his, but of course it was out of the question. She was a married woman, and this boy was only fourteen, her own nephew. No matter how desperate her need — and it was pretty desperate — she couldn’t let herself sink that low.

Meanwhile Jimmy was plotting how he could innocently touch her body. He saw a bottle of suntan lotion lying next to her and had a flash of genius.

“Your back looks kind of red, Aunt Kay,” he said. “Would you like me to put some lotion on it?”

“Oh, thanks, Jimmy, yes,” said Kay, completely deceived: “That would be nice.”

Grinning to himself, Jimmy poured lotion into the palm of his hand and began smearing it onto her smooth back. Her skin was wonderfully silky and warm. In case she had any suspicions about his motives, he spent a long time rubbing the lotion on her back, an innocent place, before he slowly and gently began to move his hands to her sides, touching the first plump swell of her breasts.

“Ummm,” said Kay, “that feels nice.”

She hardly heard her own words. Jimmy’s gentle touch had lulled her half asleep. She lay with her head turned to one side, so that she had a perfect view of his sleek white little prick as it dangled only inches from her eyes. Unaware of her scrutiny, Jimmy made no effort to cover up, and she was treated to the delightful sight of his limp little penis swaying gently from his loins as he bent over her. If Jimmy was not aware of her gaze, however, she was equally unaware of the direction his massage was taking. She was too absorbed in the sight of his sweet little cock to notice that he was beginning to caress her tits.

Jimmy was tense, waiting for his aunt to scold him. As he bent over her, he managed to get his hands on the swelling sides of her plump tits and was slowly moving closer and closer to her nipples. Greased with lotion, his hands moved easily and gently over the hot swollen flesh. At last he felt the stiff bumpy nipples gliding into his palms. He waited, breathless, but Kay didn’t protest. He didn’t understand why, but he was in no mood to debate about it. He began to rub her big brown nipples, and to his surprise they seemed to stiffen and grow even more under his insistent touch.

“Ohhh, that feels so good,” Kay said in a low murmur.

By now she was fully aware of what the boy was doing, that he had deliberately slipped his hands onto her tits, but she no longer cared. Hot cream trickled steadily from her aroused cunt, wetting the crotch of her bikini, and her whole body seemed limp and warm with helpless lust. She heard the faint voice of her conscience telling her that it was wrong, that she shouldn’t let the boy touch her like that, that things could very easily get out of hand. It was too late. She heard the voice but couldn’t obey it. Jimmy’s gentle molding of her sensitive nipples felt so good, too good…

When she made no protest, Jimmy got bolder. He spread his hands to cup as much creamy flesh as he could, although there was no way he could have held all of those monstrous jugs in his small hands. Each tit was practically as big as his head. Palming as much as he could, however, he began to squeeze and explore her big swollen boobs hungrily, his touch no longer gentle. He heard Kay sigh softly and realized that she was enjoying it.

In fact Kay felt so hot, she could barely keep from wriggling her hips and grinding her inflamed pussy against the towel. A kind of madness came over her, and she no longer restrained her soft hoarse moans of pleasure. Even crazier, she flicked out her tongue and tickled his dangling cock with it. Jimmy gasped, then gave a happy sigh as she continued to lick him. She knew it was wrong, knew it was obscene, but she couldn’t resist. His floppy little prick tasted good, not like her husband’s huge strong-tasting meat. She gurgled happily and moved her head closer till it almost rested in his crotch. Her tongue played hotly, busily on his doughy white prick, making it flop and bounce.

Jimmy was ecstatic. Things were turning out much better than he’d anticipated. He’d expected a quick feel of her tits, then a severe scolding. Not only was she letting him play freely with her mammoth jugs, she was even licking his cock, and, man, it felt great. He was a little puzzled about it all. He didn’t understand why his beautiful aunt wanted to do these things with a young kid, but he wasn’t going to knock it. Hell, no. He was going to go as far as she’d let him.

Bolder by the second, Jimmy seized Kay’s shoulders and urged her over onto her back. That way he had a really great view of her huge quivering breasts. He noticed that she kept her eyes closed and that her face was very flushed. She was panting a little and moving her hips rhythmically. As he placed his hands on her swollen tits and began squeezing and pawing them, she groaned.

Jimmy fastened his greedy mouth around one of Kay’s big stiff brown nipples and began to suck it like a hungry puppy. Kay moaned loudly, expressing her intense pleasure. She began to lick his cock furiously, then moved her slick tongue lower, onto his sensitive young balls. Jimmy almost fainted with pleasure as she began tonguing him there. He hoped she would never stop.

Kay had no intention of stopping now. To her surprise, she loved licking and tasting every inch of the boy’s genitals. She never had liked to do that with Grant. Perhaps it was because Jimmy was so pure and hairless, so good-tasting. It would be fun to suck his cock, too, if she only dared. It wouldn’t stuff her mouth or threaten to choke her the way Grant’s did. How she longed to do it… and why not? She couldn’t see much harm in it, as long as they didn’t actually fuck. Yes, it could be just a little harmless fun, not a real act of sex.

Jimmy was thinking along the same lines. He enjoyed sucking Kay’s big quivering nipples, and he took pride in making the beautiful older woman moan and squeal with pleasure, but he was eager to get on to the main course. He felt himself getting a stiff erection, and he knew from bitter experience that he wouldn’t be able to rest till he’d shot his load. Somehow, some way, he had to get Kay to let him fuck her.

He cursed himself for being so inexperienced. Grant had had no trouble getting Kay to put out for him, but Jimmy hadn’t the slightest idea how to proceed. In his desperation, he fumbled blindly for her bikini panties and tried to pull them down, but they were too tight. Sucking her nipple furiously to distract her, he eased his hand under the cloth and felt the moist springy hair of her mons. Somewhere down there was the place to stick his cock, if he could only find it. He inched his hand farther into the steamy curls and managed to wiggle a finger between the plump lips of her mons. There was that funny little bud of flesh which Grant had licked and sucked, making Kay go wild with pleasure. Perhaps that was the key. Jimmy pressed his fingertips against her moist little clit and began to rub.

“Ohhh, God,” said Kay. Helplessly she began to cream again, her vagina pumping out a steady stream of hot juice. She wanted to let Jimmy rub her clit till she came, but she knew it would be wrong. He was just a kid, he shouldn’t be introduced to things like that.

“No, Jimmy,” she said gently, seizing his hand and pulling it out of her panties.

Jimmy looked ready to cry. “Aw, please, Aunt Kay,” he said, “let me do it.”

“No, Jimmy,” she said reluctantly. “It’s wrong. You’re too young. And after all, you are my nephew.”

Jimmy saw no sense to this argument. What did age and relationship have to do with it? Why couldn’t they just go on having fun? Recalling his own parents’ modesty about sex, he realized that Kay was blindly obeying another of those silly adult rules which seemed specially designed to keep people from enjoying themselves. He decided to ignore her. Trembling with horniness, he started to climb on top of her, tearing roughly at her bikini bottoms.

“Jimmy, I said NO.” Kay was thoroughly alarmed by now. She cursed herself for letting things get out of hand. Jimmy might be a virgin, but he certainly knew what to do about it. She’d gotten herself into a real dilemma.

“Please, Aunt Kay,” he was saying, “I just gotta do it. Look at this.”

Kay looked. Jimmy was holding his cock gingerly between thumb and forefinger, showing her his painfully stiff erection. Instantly she pitied him. She knew how terrible Grant felt when he had a hard-on and couldn’t do anything about it right away. Pity wasn’t the only thing she felt, however. Looking at Jimmy’s stiff little prick, the foreskin forced back to reveal the beautiful cherry-red glans, she felt an irresistible urge to take it in her mouth.

Suddenly Kay opened her mouth, clamped her hot lips around his engorged prick, and sucked it in all the way to his balls.

“Oh, Jesus,” Jimmy said dizzily, “yes, yes, that feels great.”

Her mouth was hot, slick, and wet, a delicious feeling to his painfully stiff meat. She drew in her cheeks sharply and made a tight sheath for him, perfectly suited to his undersized cock. Never in his life had Jimmy felt anything as good as this. He closed his eyes and began to pump his stiff little tool in her mushy hot mouth, obeying his instinctive need for friction. She was going to suck his cock till he came, just as she had done for Grant. Fucking could wait. This felt plenty good enough. Jimmy yelped, moaned, and shook with excitement as his aunt began to suck his little prick swiftly and roughly.

Kay felt nearly as dizzy as her nephew did. She was appalled at her daring, her wickedness, but at the same time she experienced the sharpest sexual arousal she’d felt in years. She didn’t care if he was her nephew, didn’t even care about the possibility that Grant and Judy might walk in on them. All she cared about was sucking that sweet little dick of his, till he shot his boycream into her throat. She could hardly wait to taste it. In her impatience she sucked it furiously, tugging it and squeezing it between tongue and palate. She loved its stiff poking, its fat little presence in her mouth. Her sucking got very loud and juicy.

“Oh God, aw, shit,” Jimmy said, chanting all the obscenities that came to his mind, hardly hearing himself in the intensity of his pleasure. “Fuck, that’s good, aw, Christ, I’m gonna shoot, ahhh, OOOHHH!”

Kay felt the first steamy sting of cum in her mouth, and she increased the pressure of her sucking, literally milking Jimmy’s frantically squirting cock. She loved the light salty taste and gobbled it down eagerly. When the yelping, whimpering boy finally slipped from her arms, his depleted cock trailed a sticky residue across her lips, and she lapped it up, hungry for every last drop of cum.

“Oh, wow,” said Jimmy. “Wow, did I cum.”

Kay felt instant remorse. Now that the excitement was over, she realized what a terrible thing she had done. Seducing a mere child was bad enough, but she had done it with her own nephew — in fact, with her own adopted son. She was horrified and ashamed. She vowed never to let it happen again.

Jimmy obviously felt no remorse, however. As soon as he had caught his breath, he snuggled up to Kay, grinning happily and caressing her big warm tits. “Thanks a lot, Aunt, Kay,” he said. “That was really fun.”

Kay blushed deeply. How could she begin to explain to this innocent boy that they had just committed incest? How could she even face the fact herself? Really, there was no point in upsetting him. Better just to forget it and see that it didn’t happen again. Gently she hugged him and started to move away.

“We’d better get dressed, Jimmy,” she said. “Grant and Judy will be coming home soon.”

“Not till dinnertime,” said Jimmy. “That’s at least an hour. Don’t go, Aunt Kay. Let’s play a little more.”

She felt Jimmy’s hand slipping under her bikini panties again, his finger wriggling between the furry lips of her mons to tickle and rub her sensitive clit. She wanted desperately to cum. Sucking the kid off had been fun, but it hadn’t taken care of her urgent need. Why not? What harm would there be in just letting him rub her there a moment, till she had an orgasm? It wasn’t anything like fucking.

“There,” said Jimmy, rubbing her clit steadily now, “doesn’t that feel good?”

“Ummm,” said Kay, beginning to relax.

Just then they heard a car door slam. Kay leaped up as if she’d been shot. “Oh, my God, they’re back. Quick, Jimmy, into the pool. We have to find our bathing suits.”



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