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xNovel - Mom, Dad, Sis & Brother


Mom, Dad, Sis & Brother

Cover:cover: mom, dad, sis & brother
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Herb felt his rigid, aching prick rubbing maddeningly in his pants. No sense in suffering, he might as well step off the trail right now and get it over with. Then maybe he’d be able to think about something else besides sex for awhile. He found a thick clump of bushes beside the river and stepped into the concealing foliage, quickly unzipping his pants and taking out his rigid rod. As always, he felt bitter about having to satisfy himself in this adolescent way, but what else could he do? He didn’t stand a chance of getting a decent lay from Betty.

Suddenly Herb started and froze, his hot stiff meat still in his hand. He’d been staring absently at a pretty little pool at the bend of the river, when, to his astonishment and delight, a naked girl suddenly waded into view. Herb stood transfixed, staring at her. She was a little above average height, very young and slender and firm, her long brown hair falling straight and shining to her shoulders, her pert little white tits jiggling impishly as she moved. Her dark snatch was a tiny, adorable triangle. Herb wanted her so badly, he almost croaked aloud, and in his sweaty palm his penis swelled up even tighter. Oh, God, to drag her into the bushes and ram his aching cock into her tight little cunt! He felt he would die if he didn’t have her.

Of course, she probably wouldn’t share his feelings. If he approached her with his dick sticking up like that, she’d probably scream and run. Nevertheless, he decided, it was a case of nothing ventured, nothing gained. He had to try. The worst that could happen would be her running away. And on the other hand, if he was really lucky — his head swam at the thought of fucking the beautiful naked girl. Quickly he stripped off his clothes and crept into the water. He swam toward her with swift strong strokes, but he couldn’t be heard over the gurgle of the river. He was only a few feet away from her, when she heard him and turned to look at him.

“Oh, hi, Daddy,” she said casually.

Herb almost groaned aloud in disappointment. His beautiful fantasy sank and drowned. Of all the rotten luck! Just when he needed a woman desperately, just when a gorgeous naked chick wandered onto the scene as if heaven-sent — it turned out to be only his daughter!

“Hi, Cindy,” he said, treading water beside her. “I see you found something to do.”

“Oh, yeah,” she said vaguely, “the water’s really pleasant.” The girl acted as if she were in a dream, as if Herb had interrupted her in the midst of some absorbing thought. He regretted his intrusion, he didn’t like to have his daydreams interrupted, either, and he was about to swim away, when he noticed something very startling.

Cindy was standing knee-deep in the water, her slim legs slightly parted. Herb now noticed a thin but steady trickle of cream running out of her dainty little pussy and down both thighs. Her little chit and labia were so puffed up that her delicate pubic fringe couldn’t hide them. He was shocked to realize that his little girl was obviously in a state of sexual heat.

Of course he knew that physically Cindy was a mature woman, even if she was only fifteen. But he had always thought of her as a child. It was a distinct shock to him to realize that she had been wandering naked in the water, having sexy fantasies. He could have understood and accepted it in any other teenage girl, but his own daughter…! And, even worse, he discovered that her excitement aroused him violently. Perhaps it was just the experience of being naked in the wilderness, of skinny-dipping in perfect freedom. Whatever the cause, he and his daughter were reacting very much the same way. Had she inherited his own constant need for sex? He knew she was a virgin, but lack of experience or opportunity certainly don’t keep a person from feeling the need.

Horrified, and seeking to distract himself, Herb rolled over to float on his back. Too late, he remembered that he had an erection. Even his recent shock hadn’t been sufficient to take away that monstrous hard-on. Now, as he floated on his back, his rigid cock seemed to stick up in the air like a telephone pole. It was enormously thick and bloated, the blue veins standing out vividly, the purplish glans oozing thick cream. There was no way in the world that either he or Cindy could ignore it.

He steeled himself to go on floating lazily on his back, to keep cool. Cindy went on staring at his cock. He noticed that her tiny red clit, already stiff and poking mischievously out of her little snatch, now got even fatter and longer. Cream began running down her thighs again, staining the water: poor little kid, she was really horny! Herb thanked God they were here at Yellowstone and not home in Chicago. If Cindy had been alone with a boy right now, she probably would have given herself to him, unable to help it, just as Betty had given herself to Herb so long ago. It looked as if mother and daughter were very much alike.

Herb felt deep sympathy for his daughter. He understood all too well her desperate, persistent need. In a kind of daze, he paddled closer to her, till his shoulder brushed her legs and her tiny dark fur patch was only inches from his eyes. She hardly noticed, she was so absorbed in looking at his erect penis. He saw her bright red girlish clit poking out from the delicate pubic curls, stiff and weeping juices of arousal. He reached up and gently rubbed the slick little bud.

Cindy gasped loudly. “Oooooo, Daddy!” she cooed. “That feels good! Keep doing it!”

He did. He wanted to make her cum, to relieve her of what he knew to be agonizing sexual tension. Tenderly he rubbed his fingertip over the quivering little bump of flesh, and the cream poured down Cindy’s legs. She poked her pelvis toward him, seeking more friction, and Herb rubbed her more swiftly, catching the slippery little bud between his thumb and forefinger and rolling it between them.

“Does that make you feel better, honey?” he asked hoarsely.

“Ohhh, wow, yes!” gurgled Cindy. Her eyes were very wide now, and she was beginning to pant. Herb congratulated himself on having done the right thing. He was making her feel good, relieving her of her need, and he was teaching her how a boy could satisfy her without going all the way and risking an unwanted baby. The only problem was, frigging Cindy’s sweet little clit was making him screamingly horny. If only she weren’t his daughter! With any other girl, having gotten her this excited, he could have carried her up onto the grassy bank and fucked her without any trouble. And if ever he’d needed to be fucked, it was now!

There was no doubt in his mind that he was turning her on. Her little cunt was pouring out its juices in a steady hot stream, and her cute little tits were swollen tight with desire, the tiny pink nipples stiff and rigid. A delicate rosy flush was spreading over her body, the kind of flush that used to come over Betty when she was getting balled and loving it. Herb swallowed hard as he remembered those times. Christ, it had been great while it lasted! Dizzy with excitement, he trailed his finger along his daughter’s plump swollen labia, tickling and caressing the pretty pink folds of flesh.

“Oooo, Daddy!” she said and sighed. “Gosh, that feels nice!”

Her hot cream paddled in his palm. He inched his finger toward its source, feeling out the incredibly tiny indentation of her vaginal mouth. Very gently he inserted just the tip of his finger, not wanting to damage her hymen. He almost moaned aloud to discover how tight she was, as deliciously tight as Betty had been before having two babies. Cindy’s virginal cunt was only the width of a pencil, but as Herb slipped his finger into her, her vaginal muscles gripped him possessively, hungrily, automatically seeking to take him deeper. He quickly withdrew his finger.

“Daddy,” she said, “is that how it would feel if I did the real thing?”

“Well, yes, honey,” he replied, “except that the penis is a lot bigger than my finger.”

“I can SEE that!” she said wonderingly, her innocent blue eyes fixed on his erect swollen meat.

“Golly, I never realized it was so big!”

Herb found himself blushing. Enough was enough. He fully intended to bring Cindy off with his hand, in order to relieve her, but he didn’t think it was good to display his erect cock to her like this. He had better get the job done fast, then get dressed. He started to rub her clit again, but suddenly, with a little moan of excitement, she drew away from his hand and swung one leg over his body, straddling his pelvis.

CINDY!” he gasped.

The frantic little girl was squatting right down on his cock, doing her clumsy best to get into her furiously creaming cunt. “Oh, please, Daddy,” she said, “I want to see how it feels!”

She managed to get the thick purple head lodged in the tiny wet mouth of her vagina, and then she pushed downward with all her strength, trying to take the enormous tool inside her.

“Cindy, no!” Herb said, seizing her by the waist and lifting her off him roughly.

She burst into tears. “Oh, Daddy, why not? It felt so good, and I’m just dying to find out what it’s like!”

Herb leaped to his feet and strode out of the water, his offending prick swaying heavily before him. Cindy tagged after him, crying.

“Honey,” he said breathlessly, “I’m sorry, hut you’re just too young. And a girl can’t do it with her own father.”

“I don’t see why not!” she said. “I’d rather do it with you than anybody else!”

Where did I go wrong, Herb wondered. All these year of careful sex education for his kids, and he’d somehow neglected to mention incest!

“Well, honey,” he said lamely, “it just isn’t done. It’s against the law.”

“That’s ridiculous!” Cindy stamped her little foot, and her pretty tits jiggled invitingly. Herb’s brain reeled with lust, but he forced himself to shake his head at her, to keep on moving away from her. She began to cry all the harder. “All right!” she shouted angrily. “I won’t insist! But can’t I at least look at it?”

Herb sighed and laid down on the warm grass. Better to placate her than to have her follow him back to camp bawling. What would Betty say if the tearful girl complained, “Daddy played with me but he wouldn’t fuck me!” Not in a million years would he be able to explain that to Betty’s satisfaction.

As he lay on his back, Cindy eagerly knelt beside him and gawked at his long erect penis. Her tears were gone in an instant as she became absorbed in this fascinating new sight. She licked her lips and wriggled her little butt in the grass, obviously still as horny as ever. He’d better take care of that, before she got any more ideas.

“Honey,” he said, “I have an idea.”

He gently arranged the girl to straddle his chest with her buttocks toward his face, so that she could look at his cock while he played with her pussy. As he brought his hot slick tongue into teasing contact with the moist sensitive vulva, she sighed and wiggled her ass.

“Ummmm!” she squealed as his stiff tongue tip tickled her clit. “That feels great, Daddy! Keep doing it, please!”

He licked her all over, infatuated with her pure, girlish parts. He stuck his tongue about an inch inside her tiny clenched asshole and probed her sensuously, while Cindy squealed happily and creamed hotly all over his chin. He worked his tongue a little way into her wonderfully tight cunt and lapped up her cream as fast as it came. He planted his mouth on her little red slit and sucked it loudly, juicily, while the blissful teenage girl shrieked her intense pleasure.

“Oooo, yes, YES!” she wailed.

In her excitement, she grabbed his cock in her hot hand and began to pump it. It felt so good, Herb just couldn’t bring himself to tell her to stop. He was swollen so thick by then that she could barely get her fingers all the way around his shaft. She began to rub his sticky cream all over his sensitive glans, and in response he sucked her clit all the harder and faster. Damn it, he just couldn’t help it! It felt great, it seemed like years since a woman had played with his prick.

Tenderly he nibbled her stiff little bud with the tips of his teeth, and Cindy moaned. He got his lips around the wriggling button again and sucked it hotly, bathing it with his spit. Cindy howled with pleasure and rammed her pussy against his face, rubbing her cream all over him. Her slim body began to tremble, her hips jerked convulsively, and he knew she was beginning to cum.

AHHHH, DADDY!” she wailed. “I love it, it feels so strange, so GOOD! EEEEEE!!!”

Herb sucked her through jolt after blinding jolt of orgasm, rejoicing that he could give her such intense pleasure. Then, suddenly, her shrill cries stopped and he felt his aching meat deliciously enveloped in hot saliva and slick flesh. In her excitement, Cindy had begun to suck his cock! He knew he should stop her, but he couldn’t bear to do it. It felt wonderful, he needed it desperately.

She sucked him like a greedy puppy, and he wondered how she could take all that meat in her little mouth. Certainly she seemed to be enjoying it. Even as she continued to writhe and cum, she gave him a vigorous if inexperienced blow job. Herb steeled himself not to cum, but it was no use. With a loud groan of intense pleasure, he felt the burning wetness at the tip of his prick as he began to shoot his load into her throat. He expected her be horrified or repelled. On the contrary, she gulped down his cum as if she loved the taste.

He gave himself up to it, howling with pleasure as he experienced his first decent orgasm in years. When he had finished and his shriveled cock had slipped from her mouth, Cindy dutifully licked it clean with vigorous motions of her little pink tongue. Then she hopped off him and curled up to him, her head on shoulder, hugging him happily.

“Oh, Daddy,” she said, “wasn’t that fun?”

“It sure was, honey,” Herb replied helplessly.

Oh, Jesus, what had he gotten himself into?



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