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xNovel - Captive Family


Captive Family

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Lisa stroked her son’s huge hard-on a couple of times before she realized what she was doing. Then, the pangs of shame and guilt hit her again and she removed her hand from the boy’s cock like it had just been burned. She tried to push her son away from her, but either he was too strong for her, or her heart really wasn’t in it, either way, Kevin held her in his arms and began to run his hands hotly over her soft, naked flesh with a familiarity that both frightened and excited her at the same time.

“Kevin, don’t do that, honey,” Lisa protested weakly as she felt her son’s insistent fingers straying towards her furry crotch. Kevin had reached his mother’s cuntmound and was just about to dip his fingers into her drooling slit when a voice boomed loudly above them.

“Well, well, well!” said Bobby with a lewd grin. “Aren’t you two a regular pair of lovebirds.”

Lisa scrambled away from her son and tried to cover her nakedness with little success, unable to keep her eyes off the big limp cock dangling between the boy’s muscular thighs.

“On your feet Red!” ordered Bobby. “Get over there on the bed and watch your old man sticking it to your cock-hungry slut of a daughter.”

Lisa moved to obey, but she was too slow, and Bobby grabbed her arm, dragging the woman roughly to her feet. He held her naked body against him and ran a hand down over the crack of Lisa’s pert, rounded ass, seeking out her pussy from behind. His fingers slid easily into the warm sticky wetness of her aroused cuntslit.

“Hmmmmmmm, fucking your kid has sure got you all nice and hot, huh Red?” grinned Bobby. “Yeah, just the way a cunt should always be… hot and wet and ready for a good hard fuck! Would you like that, gorgeous? Would you like me to fuck you? Huh?”

Lisa gulped and nodded her head dumbly. Despite the fear and anger she felt for Bobby, she was also very excited and her wet, itchy cunt responded automatically to the boy’s expert manipulations.

“Yeah, I thought as much,” gloated Bobby. “A hot, sexy piece of ass like you needs to be fucked morning, noon and night, don’t you babe?” Lisa said nothing, and Bobby grabbed her by the back of the neck, his face close to hers.

“Answer me, fuck you!” he growled, “I said… you just can’t get enough hot fucking can you?”

“N… no! No, I can’t,” whimpered Lisa, grinding her naked cuntmound against Bobby’s stroking fingers. She felt ashamed at what she’d just admitted, not because he had been made to say it, but because deep down inside Lisa she knew it was true!

“Well, honey, stick around and I’ll make sure you get all the cock you can handle!” boasted Bobby, drilling two fingers into the woman’s tight cunthole.

Lisa slumped against the boy’s chest and moaned softly into his neck, enjoying the deep penetration. Bobby twisted his fingers round and round in her dripping cuntslit until her hot, sticky juices coated his exploring digits. Then, he removed his hand from her twat and stuck both fingers into his mouth. Bobby watched her reaction as he sucked the aromatic cocktail of jism and cunt-cream into his mouth, licking his glistening fingers clean.

“Mmmm, mmmmm, real tasty, Red!” he said licking his lips lewdly. “Yeah! In fact, you’re so damn tasty, baby, I think I’ll eat out your sweet little honey-pot before I fuck it. Now, get on the bed!” Bobby looked at Kevin.

“You too, hero! Maybe you’ll learn something,” he grinned, “Yeah, why don’t you give your Mom a mouthful of prick. It’ll keep the horny bitch quiet while I suck out her snatch.”

Bobby marched them both towards the bed where Debby was still bouncing excitedly up and down on her father’s stiff cock. Lisa stared with jealous eyes as her husband fucked their fourteen-year-old daughter with altogether too much relish. Even though she had just had her son’s cock plowing up her slick cunt, and enjoyed it immensely, Lisa still felt angry at the way her husband and daughter were obviously revelling in the carnal delights of their wild, incestuous fuck. Kevin was jealous too… jealous that his father was getting to fuck his cute sister and he wasn’t. He looked at Debby’s cock-filled little cuntmound with a hungry gaze, wishing that it was his long, hard cock slamming repeatedly up into his sister’s tight, clinging cunt-sheath instead of his father.

Kevin watched in awe and rising desire as his cute little sister bucked and bounced her tightly-stretched slit up and down on her father’s cock, surprised that the oversized prick thrusting up between her slender thighs wasn’t splitting her tightly packed young cunt in two. But the look on Debby’s face told her brother that she was receiving nothing but intense pleasure from the thick, blue-veined monster that plugged her tiny little cunthole. Kevin eyed off the rest of his sister’s slim, sexy body, taking in her pert, hard-nippled tits and shapely rounded buttocks. Her tits were so firm, they hardly jiggled as she moved. Instead, they thrust proudly outwards from her chest without a trace of sag, the nipples erect and slightly upturned. Kevin could hardly wait his chance to suck the tender, pink buds into his mouth.

Bobby pushed Lisa onto her back on the bed and motioned for Kevin to join her. The excited teenager did as he was instructed, eager for more sex. He sat down beside his mother, resting his naked thigh against her shoulder. Lisa’s big tits wobbled and separated as she moved to a better position with her head between her son’s thighs. Her legs fell apart as she felt his hard young cock brush against her cheek. She reached up and grabbed it, stroking her fingers up and down the smooth, hard shaft of throbbing muscle. Kevin moaned and reached for his mother’s tits, squeezing gently.

“Yeah, that’s it!” panted Bobby, sliding a couple of fingers up Lisa’s open cunt. “Shit, you two catch on quick don’t you…? Now, put your cock in her mouth, kid and give your horny Mom a good long taste!” Kevin hunched his hips forwards and pressed his cock against his mother’s warm, parted lips.

Lisa ran her tongue over her son’s swollen cock-flesh, then dipped the tip into his seeping piss-hole, licking away at the adolescent pre-cum. Then she closed her lips around his cock, sinking down, taking it all the way into her mouth, her lips on the base her tongue pushing it to the roof of her mouth. Kevin moaned softly, one hand on the back of his mother’s head, the other squeezing her tits. Lisa sucked up and down, her lips tight as her tongue licked. She sucked her son’s cock slowly, enjoying the hot throb of it inside her mouth.

“Ohhhhhhh, Jesus that’s nice, Mom!” Kevin groaned as she gave his cock a series of long, hard sucks. “Mmmmmmmmm, I can’t wait to come in your mouth!”

“That’s it, hero, fuck her face! She loves it!” said Bobby, grinning down at them with a lewd, wicked smile. He fucked his fingers into Lisa’s gaping cunt with deep, hard strokes, making the woman moan loudly around her son’s big prick. Her excited pussy was getting hotter and wetter by the second, just the way Bobby like it. He knelt between her thighs and bent his head low.

“Spread your legs, baby,” he ordered, ”... ‘cause now that it’s good and wet, I’m gonna suck your juicy little fur-pie dry!” And without another word, he dipped his head and began licking her belly, her matted cunt-bush, her upper thighs. He left trails of saliva all over her flawless skin.

Lisa loved being eaten almost as much as she loved hard cock, but her husband seldom indulged her. Dick preferring instead to fuck his lovely wife in a variety of positions, coaxing her to orgasm after orgasm with his big cock. So, even though she seldom went unsatisfied, Lisa sometimes longed for her husband to pleasure her orally, to kiss her down there, between her legs, to suck her clit hard, and lick the full length of her gooey slit with his tongue… just like Bobby was doing right now. Lisa loved the feel of the boy’s experienced mouth on the hot, aching flesh of her pussy. His fingers were on the wet hairy lips, prying them apart. Then, his tongue dipped inside, licking and teasing all the oily, pink cuntflesh. The pleasure was so intense, Lisa took her mouth from her son’s cock for a second and looked down at Bobby.

“Oooooooooh, yes! Suck it! Suck it, you gorgeous bastard! Suck my cunt!” Sweet melty feelings were soaring up between her legs. Her belly fluttered wildly. She wanted to tell Bobby how good it felt to have his tongue and lips on her aching cunt, but Kevin was too impatient. He grabbed his mother’s head rather roughly and pushed her mouth back onto his prick.

“Come on, Mom!” he whined. “Shit, keep sucking my fuckin’ cock!” Lisa became even more excited by her young son’s profanity and greedily plunged her lips over his prick. She opened her mouth as wide as she could, nearly choking herself as she forced his mighty hard-on down her gullet and sucked hard. Kevin moaned.

“Ummmmmmmmmmmm, Mom! Ohhhhhhhh, fuck, yeahhhhhhh!”

The intense pleasure of his mother’s cock-sucking was like nothing the boy had ever experienced. Sure, he’d had his cock sucked before. At his school even the girls that were too young to fuck, sucked cock. But even the best of them were rank amateurs compared to the way his horny mom was going down on him. Kevin sighed and settled back on the pillows, smiling as he watched his naked mother lovingly suck his prick. Lisa slurped loudly on her child’s tasty young cock. Gripping the rock-hard stem in her fist, Lisa began pumping her hand swiftly up and down as she sucked, beating her son’s cock-meat into her hot, eager mouth.

Between her gaping thighs, Bobby’s mouth was all over the horny mom’s drooling twat, licking up her spicy pussy-juice with obvious relish. His stiff, wiggling tongue probed every inch of her mound, slicing through her narrow, juicy slit from asshole to clit and back again in a deliciously slow, sensual rhythm that soon had the horny redhead climbing the walls.

“Uhhh! Oooh, fucking Jesus, that feels good!” Lisa whimpered between juicy slurps on her son’s cock.

“Ummmmmmmmmm, tastes good too,” replied Bobby, lifting his mouth from her gooey slit. “Your ripe little cunt is real good eating stuff, baby!” Lisa shivered with excitement and hunched her hips up at the youth’s juice-smeared face.

“Then get your mouth back down there and suck it, you teasing bastard!”

Bobby just grinned and plunged his face into the swampy warmth of Lisa’s upthrust crotch, his lips and tongue immediately attacking her glistening, pink cuntal flesh with renewed vigour. Lisa dropped a hand down to the back of Bobby’s head and pushed his face deeper into her open gash. She left it there, controlling the pressure of his mouth on her cunt, just as her other hand controlled the speed and depth of her son’s eager thrusts into her cock-sucking mouth. Kevin was close to coming. He closed his eyes and thrust deep into his mother’s mouth, literally fucking her pretty face with his rock-hard prick.

“Uhhhh, Mom!” he yelled loudly. “I’m close! Ohhh yeah, suck it! Suck it hard! Ahhhhhhhhhhhgghhhhhhhhh!”

Debby heard her brother’s cry of lust, and for the first time since the others had joined them on the bed, the hot young teenager noticed that they were not alone. She had been totally engrossed in fucking herself senseless on her father’s huge, plunging penis.

From the first deep, wondrous penetration, her father’s huge prick had filled Debby’s tight little pussy to the brim, his long, hard thickness stretching her tiny cunt-slit beyond anything the youngster had ever experienced before, yet she couldn’t seem to get enough of it. In fact, her father’s swiftly stabbing shaft induced such a feeling of extreme sensual rapture, that for a long time Debby was unconscious of anything, except the massive hardness pounding incessantly between her slender thighs. How she stared with wide, excited eyes as beside her, her brother fucked his cock into their mother’s mouth.

Kevin’s cock looked much bigger than she remembered, long and thick and very, very hard… just like her father’s. Debby felt waves of excitement and passion flood her system, for although she had seen her brother’s gorgeous cock when they were younger, this was the first time she had seen it in action, and it thrilled her immensely. Debby was so turned on by the sight of her brother’s lust-bloated prick sliding back and forth in her mother’s sucking mouth that she couldn’t control herself.

“Uhhhhhhhhh, fuck me hard Daddy!” she whimpered. “I’m gonna come again!” Debby was easily aroused, and to her father’s delight, the horny youngster had climaxed twice already, her squirming little pussy bathing his cock each time in a deluge of hot, oily lubrication.

“Oh, yeah!” groaned Dick, feeling his daughter’s third orgasm rip through her slender, quaking body. Each climax seemed bigger and more intense than the last, and Dick marvelled at the way the girl could come so hard one second, yet be instantly aroused the next. He also marvelled at the fact that he hadn’t come himself!

Fucking his daughter’s tight, wet little pussy was a wet dream come true, but for some strange reason Dick wasn’t even close to orgasm. His cock was rock-hard, and sometimes felt like it was about to blow any second, yet every time his cute little daughter climaxed, his stamina seemed to return and Dick simply fucked her some more till she whimpered and came again… it was that easy!

“Fuck me, Debby, honey!” groaned Dick as he watched her tiny cuntlips grip and suck at his thick, bulbous cock. “Ummmmmmmm, yeah baby, bounce that sweet little cunt up and down on Daddy’s big prick!” Debby looked down at the juncture of their bodies where her father’s bloated cock disappeared between the clasping lips of her pussy. Her cunt was tight and clinging.

“Oooooh, I will!” she squealed happily. “Watch it go in, Daddy! Ungghhh, God, your cock is so big, it feels so good! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me hard!” Dick couldn’t believe it, she was only fourteen years old, still a baby, yet she was acting like a Goddamn whore, her lewd dialogue betraying the repressed adolescent desires which had for so long been locked deep inside her horny young mind.

“Ram it to her, Dad!” gasped Kevin, watching them closely. “Fuck her real good!”

As he spoke, Kevin punctuated his words with deep, savage thrusts of his man-sized pecker into his mother’s mouth. Dick looked down at his beautiful, naked wife, her mouth was stuffed full of his son’s cock and she was moaning and squirming, obviously enjoying the dual stimulation she was receiving from Bobby and Kevin.

“Suck, Bobby, suck! Oh, you sweet, gorgeous cunt-licker! I’m coming! GOD! I’MMMM CUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMINGG!”

And suck her he did. Opening his mouth wide, Bobby gave Lisa’s spasming cunt a good, deep frenching. He sucked her clit into his mouth and flicked it repeatedly with his tongue. Lisa almost fainted with pleasure. She began to suck furiously on her son’s throbbing prick which she had unfortunately neglected while the fires of orgasm rushed over her sweaty, naked body. Kevin felt his balls begin to swell as his mother’s vacuuming mouth and tightly sucking lips pulled him over the edge too. It was like fucking a hot, wet, sucking cunt.

The boy suddenly hunched forward, plunging his cock all the way into his mother’s throat as he climaxed. Lisa felt the hot, sticky cum squirt from the end of her son’s cock and moaned loudly as she tried to gulp it all down, but a small trickle escaped her lips and dripped onto her tits.

Before Lisa had a chance to recover, Bobby pulled her to her knees and unceremoniously stuffed his rock-hard cock into the woman’s cunt doggy style.

“Suck him off again!” he grunted, slamming his long prick deep into Lisa’s tight, clasping cunthole. “Blow the fuckin’ little hero again while I get my rocks off in your hot, wet cunt, bitch!”

Lisa eagerly pulled Kevin’s hips back to her mouth and began to suck her son’s semi-hard prick back to life. It didn’t take much lip action before young Kevin was as hard as a rock again. Lisa swallowed his glistening, pink shaft noisily, all the while hunching her hips back against Bobby’s deeply plunging prick.

Beside them, Dick was still fucking Debby powerfully, guiding his horny young daughter from one climax to another. He could feel her little cunt-walls contract tightly around his cock with her every orgasm. Despite the circumstances, the combination of fucking his daughter’s tight, little-girl cunt and the fact that his wife was sucking his son’s cock while some punk kid doggy-fucked her right beside him was a tremendous turn-on. Dick soon felt a mighty climax racing upwards from his balls, engulfing him like a tidal wave.


Debby squealed with pleasure as she felt her father’s cock, swell and squirt deep up inside her, flooding her womb with jet after jet of hot, creamy cum. She squirmed and writhed beneath him, bucking her skinny little hips up to receive his precious load. When her father began rapidly fucking her pussy like a jackhammer, Debby climaxed again, almost fainting from the indescribably intense pleasure washing through her naked young body.

Bobby was cumming too, slamming his cock into Lisa’s cunt so hard, she couldn’t keep her mouth on her son’s prick properly. Kevin grabbed his mother’s head and forced his straining cock deeper down her throat.

“Come on! Suck it hard, Mom!” he groaned. “Shit! I’m almost there!”

Lisa swallowed hard, letting her throat muscles massage her son’s cock. She could hardly concentrate on sucking him with Bobby fucking her so viciously. But it was wonderful! Her cunt had never felt so full or so deliciously ravaged. She moaned loudly into her son’s hairy crotch as she felt another orgasm overtake her quivering body.

Bobby’s jism splattered into Lisa’s cunt just as Kevin’s second load filled her eagerly sucking mouth. She was being injected with hot, creamy sperm from both ends and it felt fantastic. Her cunt contracted around Bobby’s cock as she came, literally pumping the cum from the kid’s balls. Her mouth did the same on her son’s tasty prick, and she sucked and licked it until it began to soften slightly between her lips. Bobby pulled his juice-coated cock from Lisa’s cunt with a slurp and let her body fall forwards onto the bed. Her face was still in her son’s crotch as she licked the last drops of stray sperm from his furry balls. The young fugitive looked down at the family he held captive and grinned.

“Yeahhhh! Not bad! Not bad at all!” he muttered, gazing down at them. His plan had turned out to be much easier than he’d expected. The four family members were so hot for each other, Bobby was surprised they hadn’t started to fuck each other long before this. Maybe they just didn’t have an excuse, he thought to himself with an evil grin.

Bobby turned to the sofa where Mandy and his mother were still hungrily sucking each other’s cunts. He watched as Mandy pulled her lips off Cathy’s saturated snatch and plunged three fingers into the woman’s juice-filled fuckhole. At the sudden, delicious penetration, Cathy moaned into the young girl’s cunt.

“Ohhh, baby! Yeahhhh! More!” she gasped.

Mandy inserted another finger into the groaning woman’s gaping cunt, prompting Cathy to squeal with delight.

“Yesssss! Oh, fuck yesssss!” hissed Cathy, “God! Put your whole hand up there and fuck me with it, baby!”

Mandy did as she was instructed, making a small fist and pushing it into the older woman’s gaping cunthole. Bobby stared as the girl’s fist disappeared into his mother’s cunt up to the wrist. He moved up behind young Mandy, stroking his cock to hardness. Her firm little butt was poking up into the air as she concentrated on fist-fucking Cathy. Bobby’s cock was rock-hard again in no time. He eased himself onto the couch behind Mandy and grabbed her skinny little hips, aiming his huge, bloated cockhead at the thirteen-year-old’s sensuously parted cuntlips.

Without warning, Bobby lunged forward, burying his cock in the little girl’s upraised snatch with one powerful thrust. Mandy squealed and hunched her ass back onto Bobby’s belly, eager for him to fuck her again. As Bobby pistoned his cock in and out of her clinging little cunt, Mandy fucked his mother with her tiny fist, causing all three of them to moan and groan in a loud chorus of wild uninhibited lust.

On the bed the captive family watched. Debby was still lying in her father’s arms, his limp sticky cock lying wetly along her creamy, young thigh. Lisa lay groggily beside her son, her head on his stomach, one hand playing idly with the boy’s limp, well-used cock. All eyes were on the incredible scene of depravity across the room.

Cathy was lifting her hips up off the sofa as Mandy thrust her fist into her cunt. Her eyes were wide open, staring at the young girl’s hand fucking in and out of her wide-stretched pussy-hole. Bobby was fucking the girl with a passion, wrenching her tiny, round ass back against his spearing cock again and again. His own hips were almost stationary, he was literally using her tight little cunt to masturbate his cock.

“Uhhhhh! Fuck, my cunt! Fuck it, baby! Fuck me with your fist!” urged Cathy, grabbing the girl’s arm as it drove in and out of her pussy. She was close to orgasm.

“Yeahhhh! Fuck her, Mandy!” grunted Bobby. “Fist-fuck my mom while I screw your fuckin’ cunt! Uhhhhhh! God, you’re a hot little fuck! Uhhhh… tight… hot… wet… Yeahhhh, fuck it back at me, kid! Fuck yourself on my big fat pole! Grab a twatful of prick, you horny little cunt!”

Cathy screamed and used both hands to thrust Mandy’s clenched fist up her convulsing cunt as she climaxed around the girl’s hand. In the same instant, Mandy felt her own orgasm explode between her legs as Bobby’s pounding cock forced her over the edge.



Bobby, felt the girl’s body stiffen and shudder in climax and stepped up the power of his cunt thrusts, guiding her through a soul-wrenching multiple orgasm. As long as Bobby pumped his prick into her tight, constricting hole, Mandy seemed to just keep on cumming. He kept her there for another minute or so before allowing himself to shoot deep up inside the quivering girl’s belly.

When Bobby finally pulled his prick out of Mandy’s cunt, the girl slumped forward, collapsing in a heap beside Cathy who was staring dreamily at her son’s cum-streaked cock.

“Come over her and let Momma clean you off, honey!” grinned Cathy, holding her hands out to her son.

Bobby stood in front of his seated mother and held onto the back of her head as she popped his glistening prick into her mouth and began to suck the slimy thing like a lollypop. Mandy lifted her head and ran her tongue along Cathy’s thigh, licking up the copious amounts of cunt-juice that her fist-fucking had released. When Bobby’s cock failed to harden in her mouth, Cathy looked up at him and smiled.

“All fucked out, baby?” she asked.

“Shit, Mom! After what we’ve been doing all day, what do you fuckin’ expect!” grinned Bobby, slapping her face with his limp cock. “I think it’s time for something to eat. What do you say?”

Cathy nodded and got up, leaving Mandy to doze on the sofa. She walked towards the four on the bed and pointed at the two women.

“Okay, you two horny bitches! On your feet!”

Lisa and Debby got gingerly to their feet and stood before the naked woman.

“Right! Into the kitchen and fix us some food! And be fuckin’ snappy or your next fuck might not be so enjoyable,” threatened Lisa, grinning evily. Lisa put her arms around her daughter and lead her to the kitchen area where they both began to prepare some sandwiches.

Cathy looked down at Kevin and his father. Their cock’s had begun to swell at the sight of Cathy getting fist-fucked and now both of them had a sizable erection. Cathy grinned, looking from one to the other.

“Mmmmmmm! Looks like you two aren’t fucked out! How’d you like to party a little while we wait for those bitches to fix dinner?”

Kevin looked at his father and smiled. Dick just shrugged, his cock was getting hard and if this pretty woman wanted make it go soft again, that was fine by him.

“Sure. Why not!” said Dick, moving to the side so Cathy could join them on the bed. She got between them on all fours, her face in Dick’s crotch and her cute ass poking provocatively towards Kevin.

“Ohhh, yeahhhh!” breathed Cathy, sniffing Dick’s cunt-soaked prick. “I’ve never had a father and son team do me over. This is gonna be fun!”

Across the room, Bobby was staring at the action on the bed. As his mother crawled into place, he lifted Mandy’s head into his lap began to rub the head of his cock against the girl’s lips parted.

“Open up, honey!” he muttered, forcing his cock into Mandy’s mouth. “Suck on my cock while I watch this!”

Half-asleep, the young girl opened her mouth and began to nurse contentedly on Bobby’s big, limp cock. On the bed, Kevin had positioned himself behind Cathy and was preparing to mount the woman doggy-style. Dick was kneeling with his own cock directly in front of Cathy’s mouth. Cathy took hold of Dick’s huge purple shaft and looked over her shoulder at Kevin.

“Shove it in, junior!” she moaned. “Ram that mother-fuckin’ prick of your’s in there and screw me hard. And I’d better feel it too boy, or I’ll beat your horny little ass red-raw, okay?”

Kevin grinned and lunged forward, burying his massive hard-on into the woman’s slick, gaping cunt with one massive thrust. Then he began to pump hard. Slamming his cock deep into Cathy’s back-thrust cunt with all his might.

“Uhfff! Uhhhff! T… that… hard enough for you?” Kevin grunted, feeling his balls slap up hard against the woman’s belly with each deep, powerful stroke.

“Uhhhh! God, yes! Shut-up and fuck me like that till I tell you to stop!” growled Cathy, gripping Dick so hard he gasped. She lowered her head and began to suck his cock, opening her mouth wide. Dick felt his whole shaft enveloped by the woman’s hot, wet gullet as she deep-throated him easily. Then he began to fuck her mouth with increasing vigour. Soon, father and son were fucking the woman with the same rhythm. Kevin had hold of her hips, slamming his young prick into her sloppy cunt in unison with the vigorous face-fuck his father was giving her.

From the sofa, Bobby watched them with rising lust as the trio on the bed really got into the swing of things. His mother was being tossed back and forth between the two strong male bodies like a rag doll, their long, hard pricks penetrating her two drooling openings almost simultaneously. But her moans of pleasure and the hungry way she was swallowing the cock in her mouth was a sure sign his mother was loving every second of it.



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