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xNovel - Captive Family


Captive Family

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RWS-185 CAPTIVE FAMILY by Michael Jaegger


Bobby Mitchell ducked down quickly in the driver’s seat as twin beams of bright light shone suddenly into the rear-view mirror. The sound of the approaching car got louder, and the boy prayed that it would go straight past. The last thing he needed right now was for some damn good-samaritan to stop and ask questions. Worse still, if it was a cop, he was done for! Even the dumbest cop in the world wouldn’t take long to find out that the car he was driving was stolen. Although Bobby was only fifteen, with his past record the judge would throw the book at him. He couldn’t chance that now. As soon as the other car sped past, Bobby started the engine and pulled off the side of the road into some bushes and waited. He lit a cigarette and puffed on it nervously. The acrid smoke filled his lungs, but did little to calm his nerves.

“Christ! Come on, Mom! Where the fuck are you?” he muttered under his breath. The waiting was getting to him and for the hundredth time tonight, he wondered if his mother’s plan was going to work. Cathy Mitchell had no such misgivings. At that very moment, the tall, willowy blonde was crawling under the outer security fence of the State Women’s Correctional Centre. It had taken weeks of planning and plenty of hard work to get this far. Not to mention the five hundred bucks she’d paid one of the guards to look the other way at the right time. Once through the fence Cathy headed off in the direction of the road, where she had instructed her son to wait for her. Having had plenty of time in the prison gym to get into shape, Cathy was undaunted by the prospect of the two mile cross-country jog, especially since at the end was freedom!

Bobby got out of the car and sat on the hood, craning his neck and staring into the darkness. He listened for any sign of movement in the bushes but heard nothing except the incessant chirping of crickets. Then a twig cracked.

“M… Mom?” whispered Bobby into the darkness. No reply. The hair on the back of the boy’s neck began to rise as he held his breath, listening for further sounds. Nothing. He was about to turn when he felt a pair of hands cover his eyes from behind.

“Guess who, baby?” said a voice in his right ear. Bobby whirled around sharply.

“Jesus Christ, Mom! You scared the shit out of me!” gasped Bobby, staring at his mother with wide eyes.

“Sorry, honey!” laughed Cathy, kissing her son on the lips. “I couldn’t resist it!” She threw her arms around him and gave him a big hug.

Bobby hugged her back, immediately conscious of the fullness of his mother’s large tits against his chest. His hands circled her waist. It was narrower than he remembered, and the warm flesh under her thin prison smock felt soft yet firm. Even though she was his mother, the boy’s prick lurched in his pants. He tried to keep her from noticing his hardening cock.

“Hey, you’ve lost weight, Mom!” blurted Bobby. He pushed his mother away from him, afraid that she would feel his cock against her. He had certainly been aware that it was pressing against her leg.

“And you’ve grown since I saw you last, baby. Jesus, you’re almost as tall as I am!” They both ducked as another car drove past, its lights flashing over them.

“We’d better get moving, Mom. It don’t think it’s real safe around here.”

“Yeah, you’re right! Did you bring me a change of clothes, Bobby?”

“Sure! They’re in the bag on the back seat.”

“Okay, honey, you drive. I wanna change out of these damn rags.”

“Where we goin’, Mom?”

“I don’t know, Son,” replied Cathy. “Just drive north. We’re gonna have to play it by ear for a while.”

They got in and Bobby nosed the car out onto the road, speeding off in the direction his mother had indicated. He was pleased to be moving again, the throb of the engine and the rush of air past the windows somehow made him feel much safer. Beside him, Cathy began to take off her dirty, torn prison clothes, unashamed by her son’s presence. As she stripped, Bobby kept taking sideways glances at her, unable to stop staring as his mother hurriedly pulled off her clothes. The baggy prison smock had concealed her stunning figure very well, and the boy’s heart began to beat faster as more and more of her naked flesh was exposed to his excited eyes. Somehow, his mother looked a lot younger than her thirty-six year. Bobby seemed to remember her as being kind of plain and slightly plump. But that was a long time ago, and this woman sitting beside him, stripping her clothes off, was nothing at all like that… she was slim, trim and utterly sexy! Despite the fact that she was his mother, Bobby’s cock began to swell in his pants.

Cathy finished changing and sat half facing her son, conscious of the strong effect she was having on him. She smiled, noticing the huge bulge in the boy’s jeans. It fascinated her that she could turn him on so easily, her own son! The look of lust on his handsome young features was unmistakable. Cathy took a long, deep breath. It had been quite a while since she’d seen that look on a man’s face, and although the boy was only fifteen, one glance told her that Bobby was physically already a man. Handsome and strong like his father, she thought with a wry smile. God, how she missed Doug! It had taken her a long time to get over his death, but now it consoled her to know that she still had Bobby, the spitting image of her dead husband. Doug had been fantastic in bed, a real stud, able to pleasure her all night when she wanted him to… and she did… often. Of all the things Cathy missed in their relationship, she missed sex the most. Her pussy began to moisten as her eyes settled on her son’s bulging crotch. Judging by the size of the lump in the front of his jeans, Bobby was just as virile as his father.

Cathy supressed a feeling of guilt. After what she’d experienced in prison, the fact that Bobby was her own son didn’t bother her a bit. In prison, you soon learned to get your kicks however and whenever the opportunity arose. Cathy Mitchell had been no different. At first, she found the shameless sexual advances of the other female prisoners repulsive. Some of them were quite pretty, and at first, Cathy rejected them. She resorted instead to frequent masturbation, bringing herself off as soon as she was alone. But eventually, even that became less and less stimulating. Cathy had always been rather highly sexed, and it was only a matter of time, before she was willingly initiated into the lurid world of lesbian sex. And for a time Cathy had enjoyed it, giving and receiving illicit pleasure at every opportunity. But in the end, it hadn’t been enough, and even that failed to satisfy her. Cathy was one of those women who needed penetration, preferably deep penetration. A cock ramming in and out of her cunt was what she needed.

Cathy looked at her son sitting so close beside her and shivered with excitement. He was still stealing furtive glances at her bare legs, occasionally rubbing his crotch with his hand. The look in his young eyes excited her immensely. He reminded her of what it felt like to be a real woman once more… to excite a man with her naked body… to feel his hands caress her breasts, squeezing and pinching her erect nipples while his long, hard prick filled her sex completely… his narrow hips thrusting powerfully… pounding her juicy, quivering cunt into a mass of creamy froth as he fucked her from orgasm to delicious orgasm. Cathy opened her legs a fraction as the heat between her damp thighs became intense. Bobby noticed the movement and nearly ran off the road trying to look up his mother’s dress. He had an overwhelming urge to reach out and touch her, but instead rearranged his hardening cock to a more comfortable position.

“I’m gonna try and take a quick nap, honey,” said Cathy, trying to suppress a giggle at her son’s obvious embarrassment. She didn’t feel tired at all. On the contrary, Bobby’s arousal had excited her greatly and Cathy wanted to see how far she could take it. She lay back and pretended to close her eyes. As she settled down, Cathy pulled up her dress and allowed her knees to fall apart, making sure her son had a good view up between her legs. Bobby darted a glance at his mother. Her dress was halfway up her thighs, and Bobby could see the inviting mound of his mother’s cunt pressing firmly against the tightly-stretched fabric of panties. He moaned low in his throat, and reached for his cock. A quick look at his mother’s face told Bobby that her eyes were closed, so he stared brazenly at her exposed crotch. The sight made his cock jerk and twitch unbearably. Once more, he fought off the urge to reach over and touch her. Instead he unzipped his fly and slipped a hand inside to squeeze his hard prick.

Cathy observed her son through slitted eyes, being careful not to let him know she was watching him. She felt an itching wetness in her pussy as Bobby fondled his cock. It had been years since she had last seen her son naked. Bobby would have been only about ten or eleven at the time, and she remembered that his cock had been cute and boyishly small. She wondered what it looked like now, all hard and stiff, swollen with blood and desire… desire for her, his own mother. Cathy watched as the boy’s free hand moved back and forth inside his pants. It was obvious he was masturbating. She had never thought of Bobby jacking off, and it excited her. Her son was a male animal… he had a prick, and it would get hard… and if he pulled on it long enough it would spurt out a hot stream of nice milky jism. Cathy pictured it in her mind and tried to imagine what it would taste like. Her throat was dry.

Cathy felt the urge to put a hand on her cunt and rub her itching clit. Since discovering the joys of female-female sex in prison, she didn’t masturbate much anymore, only when she felt the need strongly, only when she was unusually stimulated, and her son was stimulating her unusually. She wished she could fondle herself while she watched him masturbate. Her need for a deep, satisfying orgasm was strong. Only the faint feelings of guilt she still felt, prevented her from going any further. She almost gasped aloud when Bobby pulled his cock out of his pants. It was hard as a rock and Cathy’s cunt twitched involuntarily at the very sight of it. His gaze flicked back and forth from the road to his mother, still unaware that she was watching him, his eyes darting first to her crotch and then to her tits, and back again. All the while his fist jerked up and down on his stiff prick.

Cathy watched, fascinated by the size and youthful vigour of her son’s cock, trembling as she imagined it pushing between her legs, the swollen, purple head sliding smoothly up into her cunt, his hands around her tits.

“Ohhhh, God, yessss!” Cathy whispered under her breath. The thought of sex with her own son was extremely arousing. She was just about to throw caution to the wind and reach for Bobby’s gorgeous prick when the boy suddenly stuffed it back into his pants. Cathy sat up in alarm when he cursed loudly.

“What’s wrong, honey?” she asked, surprised. Bobby didn’t answer for a few seconds. He was staring into the rearview mirror, a look of concern on his worried features.

“Cops, I think!” he breathed. “Closing on us in a fuckin’ hurry, too!” Cathy looked back and saw a set of red and blue flashing lights approaching, fast. She touched her son’s shoulder to calm him down.

“Don’t panic, baby. It’s probably nothing. Just slow down and stay cool, okay.”

“Okay, Mom.”

Both of them held their breaths as the police car approached rapidly. It soon overtook them and sped past, siren wailing off into the distance. Cathy breathed a sigh of relief and turned to her son.

“Thank Christ!” she gasped.

“You can fuckin’ say that again,” Bobby murmured in reply. Cathy cast a quick glance at his crotch. The formidable bulge was gone, and Cathy felt strangely disappointed. Like a child who is promised a lollipop only to have it snatched out from under her very nose.

“We’ve got to get off the highway, Mom. It’s gonna be crawling with cops all night,” said Bobby looking for somewhere to pull off the road.

Cathy agreed with him, she was dying for a shower.

Bobby pulled into the next motel they came to and parked as far away from the office as he could.

“You go in and register alone, hon,” said Cathy, keeping low in the seat. “The cops will be looking for a woman, not a single guy. I’ll sneak in when you open the door.”

“I’m real good at sneaking girls into my room, Mom!” grinned Bobby.

“I just bet you are!” replied his mother, hoping the jealousy she suddenly felt didn’t show. “Here, take this bag, and make it convincing.” Bobby got out of the car and Cathy watched him go, her eyes on her son’s tight, jean-clad butt as he walked towards the office. Bobby was back in under five minutes, a door key in his hand.

“How’d it go?” asked his mother.

“Fine! No sweat at all! I told the old guy at the desk I’d be staying a week so he gave me a room with airconditioning at no extra cost!”

“Shit, what did you do that for, Bobby?” asked Cathy. “We aren’t staying that long!”

Bobby only smiled…

“Don’t worry, Mom! We only have to pay a deposit, and the balance in the morning. I was thinking we could kind of leave and, you know, forget to pay the rest. It works out five dollars cheaper.” Cathy ruffled his hair and kissed his cheek.

“My son the businessman,” she chuckled. “Like father like son, eh?” Bobby put his arm around his mother and they headed for their room, his hand snugged against the underside of one breast. Cathy leaned against him enjoying the contact. Anyone watching would have taken the pair for lovers rather than mother and son.

Once inside, Bobby looked around.

“Mmmmmmm, hey, this isn’t half bad, Mom!” His mother agreed, and she liked it more and more when she discovered the comfortably large double bed.

“Gosh, Mom, there’s only one bed,” said Bobby with a faint smile on his face. Cathy looked at her young son with a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

“Looks like there’s plenty of room to me,” she grinned. “You don’t mind sleeping with your dear old mother, do you, Son?”

“No, Mom. I don’t mind at all,” replied Bobby, unable to suppress the hint of expectation that crept into his voice. Cathy headed for the bathroom, a broad smile on her lovely features.

“I’m going to freshen up, honey. I’ve been dying for a hot shower all day.”

“Okay, Mom!”

Bobby looked around the room, and spotted the mini-bar. It was well stocked with liquor, and so was the small refrigerator.

“Mmmmm, after tonight, I think I deserve a couple of brews,” he muttered to himself. Taking one out, Bobby twisted off the cap, downing almost half the bottle in one gulp. He sat on the edge of the bed and turned on the TV. The coloured images flickered before his eyes but Bobby’s mind was elsewhere. He was still thinking about his mother and how hot she had looked in the car, with her legs apart and her dress almost up around her waist. His cock began to stiffen again at the very thought. He glanced toward the bathroom door and heard the sounds of running water. Even though it was his own mother in there taking a shower, Bobby couldn’t stop thinking about how fantastic she must look, completely nude, the water from the shower making her tanned flesh glisten as it cascaded down over her gorgeous body, splashing over her tits and running down between her naked thighs.

Bobby moaned low in his throat at the deliciously sexy image. Tossing back his head, he finished off the rest of the bottle in one gulp. He went to the fridge and grabbed another. Despite the beer he’d just finished, his mouth seemed incredibly dry. Bobby sipped the second beer more slowly, all the while darting glances at the closed bathroom door. There was a look of frustration on his young face. Although he was only fifteen, Bobby had always had a way with members of the opposite sex. He had fucked plenty of girls his own age, several older women too. With his youthful good looks and charm, it had been easy, but this was different. ‘Shit! How do you put the make on your own mother?’ he thought. He was still pondering the question when he heard his mother call out from the bathroom.

“Bobby! Can you come in here for a second, sweetheart. I need your help, Son!”

Bobby’s face dissolved into a devilish grin. He couldn’t believe his luck.

“Yesss! There must be a God after all,” he muttered. Polishing off the rest of his beer, Bobby headed eagerly for the bathroom and opened the door. He tried to appear calm, but when he saw his mother, he almost gasped out loud. Cathy was standing in front of the mirror, trying to fasten the catch on her necklace. She was wearing only a short robe, but she hadn’t even bothered to pull it closed. Bobby could see half of each tit and all of her fur-covered mound.

“Help me with this darn thing will you, baby. I can’t get seem to get the catch to stay closed.” Bobby just gazed at her.

“Stupid, damn thing!” muttered his mother. “I don’t know why I bother taking it off sometimes. Do it up for me will you please, sweetheart?”

As if in a dream, Bobby stepped up behind his mother and took the clasp from her fingers. He noticed that his own fingers were shaking, an hoped that she wouldn’t notice. He glanced over her shoulder into the mirror and froze, staring down at his mother’s pussy. It was clearly exposed. The light blonde hairs covering her mound doing little to hide the pink, glistening slit that nestled at the base of her creamy thighs. It looked puffy and wet and, as Bobby guessed correctly… ready for cock!

Cathy had enjoyed her shower immensely. The sharp, hot needles of water had at first relaxed her, but then her thoughts drifted to Bobby, and how she had turned him on in the car tonight.

So much so, that he’d jacked off! The more she though about how big and hard his young cock had been, the more excited Cathy got. The warm spray against her body began to stimulate her, and soon, the horny feelings in her cunt became so unbearable that Cathy was forced to do as she had done for so many years now… she dropped a hand between her long, slender legs and began to masturbate vigourously. She came quickly, but as always the hunger remained. She knew what she needed… the only thing that could ever satisfy her completely… a long, thick, hard cock stuffed right up her cunt! And as she stepped out of the shower, Cathy knew how she could get one too, if she played her cards right. Now it was happening! Bobby was obviously excited. She could feel his prick touching her butt, and it was hard… real hard. Cathy wanted to reach around a take it in her hand, but she suppressed the urge, it wasn’t the right moment yet. Instead she pressed back against him, pretending to become impatient with him.

Cathy felt her son’s stiff cock press delightfully into the crack of her ass. Watching him in the mirror, she pretended to hum a tune and began to rotate her ass against him in tiny circles, as if she were doing a slow dance. All the time rubbing her backside slowly against the boy’s prominent bulge. Bobby couldn’t keep his mind on the job anymore. He was having difficulty concentrating on anything now, except how nice his mother’s firm butt felt against his straining cock.

“What’s wrong, honey…? Having trouble?” breathed his mother.

“Ahhh… No… Ehhh, I mean yes, I am!” stammered Bobby. “It’s hard when you keep moving around like that, Mom!”

“Mmmmmmm, it sure is, baby!” Cathy whispered, pressing back against him. Bobby suddenly realized that his mother was doing it on purpose. He pressed his cock against her even harder and began to stroke her bare shoulders with his fingers. The necklace fell to the floor, completely forgotten.

“Do you like that, Mom?” asked Bobby, looking at her in the mirror.

“Yessss! Ooooh yes, baby! I love it!” gasped his mother, leaning against him. Bobby saw the hot gleam in her eyes and read it for what it was. He’d seen that hungry look before… on the faces of all the girls and women he’d ever fucked, and it excited him beyond belief to see it now on the face of his own sexy mother! Emboldened by her lust, Bobby slid his hands inside his mother’s robe and cupped her tits with both hands. Cathy arched back against him and made a low, animal sound deep in her throat, her eyes going instantly moist with desire. She threw all pretense to the wind now, and began to writhe her ass back against her son’s bulging crotch in the most suggestive manner, at the same time delighting in the touch of his hot hands on her aching tit-flesh.

Cathy stared at her son in the mirror. The look on his handsome, young face made her pussy twitch. She closed her thighs tightly, and a ripple of tingling hunger burned through her cunt. Bobby rubbed his mother’s nipples to erection, pinching and squeezing the hard little buttons until Cathy began to groan loudly with pleasure.

“Lower, honey!” she gasped. “Move your hands lower! Touch momma’s cunt!” Bobby left one hand on his mother’s tits, sliding the other down over the curve of her belly, and into the moist, inviting cleft between her legs. Cathy gasped when she felt the exquisite pressure of her son’s fingers on her cunt. He rubbed her expertly, the outside fingers massaging the lips of pussy while his middle finger dipped inside to explore the soft, slippery depths of her hot cunthole.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Bobby! You gorgeous child! Fuck momma’s cunt with your finger, baby! Oh, God! Fuck yesssssss! Deeper! Stick it in deeper, lover!”

“I will, Mom!” groaned Bobby, thrusting his finger in as far as possible into his mother’s juicy, gaping slit. “I’ll fuck you all right…! Jesus Christ, you’re wet…! Ummmmmm, so fuckin’ hot and wet!”

“Oooooh! It’s you, sweetheart!” gasped Cathy. “Just thinking about your cock has made me all hot and gooey…! God, baby, I need it real bad!” Cathy reached round behind her and groped for the bulge in her son’s crotch. She squeezed his prick through the material of his pants, marvelling at the hugeness of it. It jerked and twitched under her palm as if it had a life of its own. Locating her son’s zipper Cathy jerked it down and slid her hand inside. Bobby gasped as he felt his mother’s cool fingers grasp his prick. It was hard as steel, and Cathy found to her surprise and delight that her fingers didn’t quite meet around its huge circumference.

“God Almighty! Jesus, you’re hung like a fuckin’ horse!” gasped Cathy, jerking on her son’s huge, erect shaft. “Ohhhh, baby, I’m so hot…! I want it in me! I want you to fuck me with it…! Do you want to, Bobby…? Do you want to fuck your mother?”

“Oh God, Mom, yes!” he groaned. With a cry, Cathy let go of her son’s cock and removed his hand from her cunt. She spun around and threw her arms around his neck. Her full, red lips opening over his in a firey, french kiss which Bobby returned with equal passion. His mother’s naked body was pressed full-length against his own, and Bobby was aware of every wonderful inch of it. Her soft tits were crushed between them, the hard, pink nipples drilling into his chest. Her tongue darted hotly in and out of his mouth. And best of all, between his mothers legs, his cock rubbed deliciously between the lips of her hot, inviting cuntslit.

Cathy broke the kiss and grabbed her son by the hand, as she had when he was a little boy, and pulled him into the next room. Without a word, she stripped off her robe, and flopped backwards onto the bed, her legs falling wide apart. She stroked her cunt, enjoying the look of hunger on his face.

“Take your clothes off, darling! I want to see you naked too!” grinned Cathy, staring openly at her son’s bulging crotch. Bobby just stared at her, his eyes on the moist, pouting lips of his mother’s blonde-fringed pussy.

“Oh, Mom! You’re so beautiful!” he murmured, pulling off his clothes. As the boy stepped out of his pants, his cock jerked free, standing out from his crotch, stiff as an iron bar. Cathy gasped at the sight of it.

“Ooooooh, Bobby! What a gorgeous prick…! You really do have a big one, don’t you, baby?”

Without waiting for an answer, Cathy sat up and bent towards him, her tits swinging like two firm melons. She grasped her son’s prick tightly in both hands, trembling with excitement as the thick pole of flesh jerked powerfully between her fingers. She began to stroke it up and down, totally mesmerized by the length and hardness of the boy’s lust-swollen tool. Bobby looked down at his mother and saw the way she was looking at his cock.

“Wanna suck it first, Mom?” he suggested boldly, a lewd grin spreading across his handsome young features. He’d had his cock sucked plenty of times before, but the thought of getting a little head from his own mother made Bobby’s prick literally drip with lust. He was eager to fuck her, but that could wait. The image of his mother’s hot, wet mouth wrapped tightly around his prick was such a turn-on. Bobby simply couldn’t resist. Cathy smiled up at him and licked her lips, happy that he was so sexually experienced.

“Oooooooh, you horny little prick! You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” she said, squeezing the boy’s balls. “You’d like Momma to put her lips around your lovely hard cock and suck you off, wouldn’t you?”

“Ummmmmm!” Bobby moaned, reaching for his mother’s head. “Ohh, fuck yes! Do it, Mom! Eat my cock! Suck the hot come right out of my fuckin’ balls!”

“Ohhhhh, Sweet Jesus!” she gasped, staring at the intense look of desire on her son’s face. With a cry, Cathy opened her lips wide and wrapped them lustfully around the meaty thickness of his young prick, sucking it into her mouth as far as she could. Her left hand fondled the hairy orbs of the boy’s bloated balls, and as she continued to suck him harder and harder, Cathy began to move her other hand quickly along the base, stroking and masturbating her son feverishly. Then with a little whimper she quickly moved her head back and forth sliding her lips further and further over his cock until almost every inch of it was bathed in the constricting wetness of her throat.

As his mother intensified the rhythm of her sucking, Bobby’s eyes widened. This was incredible, better than anything he’d ever felt before.

“Jesus!” he muttered. Cathy looked up and saw the pleasure on her son’s face, her over-heated cunt drooling like mad between her legs. She loved the feel and taste of his cock, so young and fresh and stiff! Cathy drew back until just the large, sensitive head was in her mouth and sucked hard.

“Aaarghhhhhh! Oh, yeah! That’s nice, Mom! Ungghhhhh! Yeah, suck it hard!” Bobby began pumping his ass frantically, his legs jerking with the effort as he tried to ram his cock deeper into his mother’s hot, sucking mouth.

“Ummmmmmmmmmmm!” Cathy moaned, her mouth tightly stretched by his hard, pulsating prong. “Mmmmmmmmmm! Ummmmmm! Ummmmmm! Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” She was using everything she had now… hands… mouth… and lips in an attempt to give her son the best damn mouth job he’d ever had.

“Oh, Mom! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…! Christ, that feels sooooo fuckin’ good…! Suck me, Mom…! Yeahhhhhh, lick my balls too…! Ohhhhhhhh, Godddddddddd!” Cathy sensed that her son was close to orgasm, but she didn’t mind. She knew what young boys were like. If she could take the edge off for him with her mouth, Bobby’s next erection would last a long, long time. Cathy bobbed her head back and forth on his cock, sucking and slurping and squeezing his balls, trying desperately to get her son to blow off in her mouth. His prick slid hotly between her lips, rubbing on her tongue and the roof of her mouth as he fucked her face. It wasn’t long before the tight, wet friction of his mother’s lips became too much for young Bobby.

“OH, SHIT, MOM!” he yelled. “JESUS! SUCK! SUCK! ARGHHH, HERE IT COMES!” Cathy felt her son’s sperm surge up the length of his cock, his whole body quivering with the effort, then it splashed thickly against her tonsils, squirting in giant waves down her throat. She swallowed greedily, sucking harder for more of the precious fluid that was now trickling from Bobby’s throbbing pecker onto her tongue.

“Ummmmmm!” moaned Bobby, tremors of delight making his young body shake. Cathy sucked the last drop of juice from the end of her son’s cock and licked the shaft over quickly, then, looking up, she smiled at him seductively.

“Nice one, baby?”

“Mmmmmm, mmmmmm Mom! You have no idea!”

“Oh, I think I do,” replied Cathy, flopping backwards onto the bed. She gazed up at his cock which, despite unloading a formidable quantity of jism into her eager mouth, seemed to have lost none of it’s former glory.

Bobby was staring at his mother’s cunt.

“You look so hot, Mom!” he said huskily, ”... so hot and wet!” Cathy dipped a finger into her slippery gash and rubbed it back and forth with exaggerated slowness.

“I am, honey,” she whispered, her eyes taking on a wanton gleam. “Momma’s all hot and wet for her big handsome baby!” Bobby’s face parted in a wide, lustful grin.

“Bet I can make you even hotter and wetter, Mom!” he promised. Cathy’s cunt twitched with animal heat. She wanted her son’s cock badly.

“Ooooh! Hurry, baby! I can’t wait any longer,” she groaned, spreading her long tapering legs as wide as she could. With a moan, Bobby joined her on the bed, crawling between his mother’s thighs until his cock hung directly over her sweetly gaping snatch.

He kissed her tits and then her lips, which parted eagerly to admit his probing tongue. They clung to each other, kissing with growing passion. Cathy felt her son’s cocktip press against the groove of her slit, and automatically raised her hips up at him, her ass bunching. She shoved her right hand down onto his ass, pulling him as tightly as she could against her feverish body. Her other hand wrapped around his neck.

“Ohh, Bobby! I love your body, baby,” she husked. “It feels so strong and smooth against me. You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this, darling!” She slid her tongue into her son’s mouth, making Bobby pant hotly. She licked inside his mouth, purring and gasping as she happily rubbed herself against him, her flooded slit soaking the head of his cock with a plentiful supply of oily, cuntal lubricant.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, Jesus! Bobby! My darling, boy!” gasped Cathy. “What has Momma been missing out on all this time?”

“What have we both been missing out on, Mom?” Bobby grabbed his cock and attempted to place the bloated tip between his his mother’s cuntlips, but Cathy shook her head.

“No, honey! Let me!” she moaned. Taking her son’s huge prick in both hands, Cathy lifted her hips, positioning the boy’s large, flared cockhead into the entrance of her cunt. She gazed down between her legs and stared at her son’s cock, her heart skipping a beat the very size of it. It felt like a baseball bat in her fingers… the head swollen… the long, purple-veined shaft thick as her arm, and hard as steel.

“Jesus, Bobby!” gulped Cathy staring in awe. “My poor cunt hasn’t seen a cock that big in years,” gulped Cathy. “I hope I can take all that!”

“So do I, Mom!” said Bobby, gasping as his mother’s hot, slippery outer lips closed around the head of his cock. It was too much for the young boy, and whether or not his mother’s cunt could take his prick, Bobby was past caring. All he wanted to do right now was plunge further into the tight, hot wetness that enveloped the tip of his cock.

“Here I come, Mom! Ready or not!” grunted Bobby, getting ready to slam it to her good. Cathy looked down at the boy’s massive cock in alarm.

“Here I come, Mom! Ready or not!” grunted Bobby, getting ready to slam it to her good. Cathy looked down at the boy’s massive cock in alarm.

“Bobby, no! You’ll hurt me!” she squealed. “Let me get used to it a bit first!” He ignored his mother’s cry, pushing her hands away from his cock. Cathy tried to protest, but her voice wouldn’t work. She felt his body tense, and then, before she could move or say another word, her son fucked his mammoth cock into her cunt.

“Bobby!” she screamed, feeling his prick penetrate the tight wetness of her pussy in a single thrust. Although Cathy felt pain, it wasn’t half as bad as she’d been expecting, and even as she screamed her son’s name, her hips jerked upward, sliding onto the length of his mighty prick before she could stop herself. Cathy’s eyes bulged as she felt him slide deep into her pussy, the walls of her womb flexing as Bobby’s cock stretched them, almost to the limit.

“Oh, God! Fuck! Oh, Bobby, that feels good, honey. Your cock feels so fucking good! Oooooh! Is all of it inside me baby?” asked Cathy, trembling.

“Unnnnngghhh! Y… Yeah! Oooff! I think so, Mom!” grunted her son.

“Good…! Then fuck me, Bobby! Fuck me hard and make me come!” screamed Cathy, grabbing the cheeks of her son’s ass with both hands.

“Ohhhh, Jesus, yes Mom! I’ll fuck you alright!” panted Bobby clutching his mother’s hips. “I’m gonna fuck your hot snatch real good!”

“Do it, baby! Do it now!” hissed Cathy, unable to keep still any longer. Bobby began to fuck his mother vigorously. He stabbed his cock in and out of her cunt with long, powerful strokes that soon had Cathy squirming and squealing beneath him as she writhed in ecstasy. Cathy clawed at the bedspread, her head twisting from side to side as she began to whimper and gurgle. Her hips moved in time with her son’s prick, grinding even as her ass lunged up and down to meet his every stroke.

“Ohhh, yes! Fuck me! Jesus, Bobby fuck me harder! God, I love your cock!” At her words, she felt the boy’s cock plunge in deeper, slamming against the entrance of her quivering womb, the very place his own life had started fifteen years ago. The significance of their incestuous act was not lost on Cathy. She knew what she was doing, and she knew the implications. But instead of feeling shame or guilt, she felt only extreme sexual pleasure, unbelievably heightened by the excitement of knowing that the long, hard cock fucking her so deliciously, belonged to her own sweet son. If only she’d only known how utterly fantastic it was, she’d have started fucking him as soon as he was capable of getting a hard-on.

Cathy threw up her slender arms and wrapped them around Bobby’s neck, trying forcibly to pull his young body into hers. Her back arched in mindless ecstasy, her blonde hair flew, and her slender hips bucked up off the bed, sending her squirming cunt up at just the right angle to receive her son’s pounding thrusts. The base of his cock mashed her clit, causing her to moan and cry out with intense pleasure.

“Fuck me…! Fuck me, you gorgeous prick!” Cathy urged wantonly. Her nostrils flared with agonizing desire, and she began to grind her hips into the mattress in a shameless frenzy of lust, furiously thrusting her cunt up onto the shaft of her son’s cock in the convulsive rhythms of fucking. “Jesus!” Bobby grunted loudly. He still hung onto her undulating hips, trying to keep his mother’s wild gyrations under control.

Bobby couldn’t believe the incredible constriction of her snug little slot around his cock. It was like fucking a little girl.

“Ahhhhh! God, but you’re tight, Mom!” he grunted, grimacing with the delicious effort. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, tight and wet… and so fuckin’ hot!” Bobby began to revolve his hips in a circular motion, grinding her clit against the base of his cock as he thrust in. He knew the girls he usually fucked loved it. His mother went wild.

“UHHHHHHHH! OOOOOOOH! FUCK! WHAT ARE YOU D… DO… ARRRRGGGGHHHH! BOBBY!” Cathy was whimpering loudly. She had never felt so much pleasure. She threw up her long tapering legs and locked her heels tightly in the middle of Bobby’s back. Then she began to thrust up her buttocks much harder, moaning as she felt his cock slam solidly into her tightly-stretched cunthole.

“Oh, Bobby! That feels so good! Harder, darling, harder! Uhhhhh! Uhhhhhh! Slam it to me, baby…! Mmmmmmmmmm, fuck Momma really hard! Oh my God, yes!”



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