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xNovel - Little Boys And Laura


Little Boys And Laura

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Laura carefully avoided the young boy’s eyes as she reached behind her, unsnapped the bra of her swimsuit and slipped it off her shoulders. She didn’t have to watch his eyes. She could feel them burning her flesh.

Without hesitating, the forty-two-year-old woman untied the knot that held the bottom part of her string bikini together and pulled the material free of her wet skin to stand stark naked before the child.

“Now dry me, Joey,” she said with a smile. “And rub me. I love to be rubbed dry.”

She turned her back to the boy and waited.

Joey’s heart was pounding in his ears as he stared at the older woman’s pretty naked body. His eyes had feasted on her tits and her pointed nipples. Her breasts were so big and round! And he had seen for the very first time a woman’s pussy when she pulled the bottom part of her suit off. It was so hairy! Her heavily matted black triangle between her legs seemed burned into his brain.

And now he was staring at her ass! Joey thought that Mrs. Norton was the most beautiful woman in the world. Her ass was so round and firm on her slender body!

She really wanted him to touch her, to dry her off with the towel she had handed him! His hands trembled with excitement as he stepped close to her and brought the towel up to her back.

“Um! Joey, that feels good!” Laura said encouragingly as she felt the boy begin rubbing her back and shoulders with the dry towel. She had chosen to let him dry her back first to get him used to touching her. “Oh, yes! I love that! Now dry my legs, Joey.”

The twelve-year-old boy bent down and began rubbing the towel over her firm legs. She had her feet slightly apart and he could see her black pubic hair between her thighs. His body was so excited his hands trembled.

“Now dry my bottom, Joey,” Laura said. “Get the towel inside my crack. OOOooh! Yes, that’s it!”

When the boy followed her instructions and ran the towel up and down her crack, Laura’s body quaked with a building desire.

The only thing that separated Joey’s fingers from the flesh of her ass was the damp towel and a fire swept through the boy’s body. She was so pretty!

Laura felt the tremor in the child’s touch and knew that it was time to turn around. She turned slowly until she was facing the young boy.

“Now dry my front, Joey,” she said with a warm smile.

Joey felt his cheeks flush as he reached up and brought the towel to her shoulders. He rubbed them with trembling hands until they were dry.

“Now my tits, Joey,” Laura said softly. “Do you like my tits, Joey?”

“Gee… yes!” the boy gasped.

“Then rub them. I love to have them rubbed, dear.”

The boy’s hands remained on her shoulders until Laura reached up and gently guided them down to her chest.

The twelve-year-old boy felt an ache in his groin when he felt the firm flesh of her gorgeous tits beneath the towel. He took a deep breath and began rubbing them gently.

“I can hardly feel that, Joey,” Laura laughed. “You won’t hurt them. Rub them! OH! OOOooohhh!! Yes, Joey, like that!”

Joey moved the towel briskly over the firm mounds that stuck out from the woman’s chest. He felt her nipples pop erect and hard beneath the towel and her body seemed to quiver every time he touched them. The tension at his groin was almost unbearable! His prick ached and felt like it was going to rip his wet shorts!

Laura closed her eyes for a moment and let her body ride on the wondrously electric cloud the child had created when he caressed her breasts. She hadn’t been this excited or felt this good in a long, long time! The forty-two-year old woman wanted to grab the twelve-year-old boy, rip his shorts off and rape him, but she took a deep breath and imposed an iron will on her body. She couldn’t take a chance on scaring the child half out of his wits!

“Oh, Joey, that feels so good!” she moaned. “Now why don’t you dry my legs and pussy, darling?”

Joey almost popped off in his shorts when he heard the pretty older woman use that word! She was the sexiest thing in the whole world!

He brought the towel down to her tummy and rubbed her dry. Then he ran it up and down her firm legs.

“Now my pussy, Joey,” Laura gasped. He was driving her crazy by rubbing her everywhere but where she burned! “And make me feel it.”

When the older woman parted her legs, Joey slowly brought the towel up her thigh until he was touching the heavy mat of her pubic hair. He passed the towel gently over the dew covered garden.

“Rub my pussy, Joey!” Laura moaned, barely able to control herself. “OOOooohhh!! Yes, like that! Oh, God yes!”

Joey saw the woman’s body shake when he firmly pressed the towel between her legs and began rubbing briskly. Even the muscles in her thighs and tummy were quivering.

“Does that… does it feel good?” he asked, wondering if he was hurting her.

“Oh, Joey, it feels… wonderful!” she gasped.

It did! Laura’s clitoris was erect and protruding between the lips of her cunt and each time the boy rubbed it with the towel she thought she was going to lose her mind!

“Is it dry now?” he asked.

“Yes, darling,” Laura sighed. She could have let him rub there until she exploded, but she had to play the game. “Now it’s my turn to dry you. Take your shorts off, Joey.”

“Do… do I have to?” the boy asked, his cheeks flushing. She’d see his hard-on!

“Of course you do, Joey,” Laura said. “Here, I’ll help you.”

The forty-two-year-old woman slipped her fingers beneath the wet elastic band of his undershorts and quickly jerked them down around his thighs.

The boy’s rigid penis jutted straight out from his crotch and it was all Laura could do to keep from reaching out to take it in her loving hands. Instead, she reached for a fresh towel.

“Now step out of them and turn around so I can dry your back,” Laura said softly.

The boy did as he was told and Laura began rubbing his shoulders and back briskly with the dry towel.

“Doesn’t that feel good?” she asked as she let her hands caress his tender, young skin with the towel.

“Yes,” he replied honestly.

Laura dried his legs quickly, then rubbed his precious little bottom dry.

“Now turn around,” she said.

The boy hesitantly turned slowly until he was facing her. His prick was still hard and at full attention and nothing he could do would will it down.

Laura began rubbing the child’s shoulders and chest briskly, then dried his tummy and ran the towel up and down his slender young legs. She dropped to her knees on the floor in front of the young boy to dry his ankles and feet.

Then, when she could stand it no longer, Laura reached up with the towel and began caressing the child’s quivering genitals. She held his darling hard prick in the towel and stroked it gently.

“Oh, Joey,” he said softly, “you have such a lovely prick!”

Laura meant it. The boy’s penis was beautiful! She allowed her hungry eyes to feast on it. The shaft was fairly long for such a young boy, at least four inches, Laura thought. It was slender and curved gracefully upward to the swollen head that looked like a rosebud ready to bloom. His prick was as smooth as polished ivory. Laura could see the blue veins, but they remained beneath the surface.

The twelve-year-old boy was afraid he’d pop off in the towel as she held his prick and examined it affectionately. Beneath her cradling hand, Joey could see her big tits swaying on her chest as she knelt before him.

Joey had only discovered the joys of his body in the last month and had been playing with himself at least once a day since that delightful event, but this was the first time anyone else had ever touched his prick. And the way she was doing it, rubbing it in the towel like that!

“Your prick is so pretty I want to kiss it, Joey,” Laura said. “May I?”

“I… well… gee…”

Before the child could stutter his reply, Laura dropped the towel on the bathroom floor, took his hard, trembling cock in her hand and brought the swollen head to her lips. She kissed it lovingly and then slipped her tongue between her lips to start licking his shaft.

The flavor of the young boy’s fresh, virginal sex exploded on her taste buds and made her entire body rage with lust!

“I know it’s naughty, Joey,” Laura moaned, “but I just have to suck your pretty cock!”

Joey didn’t know what to say when he saw the older woman purse her lips and capture the aching head of his prick between them. He saw her draw his dick into her warm mouth and for a moment he was afraid that she was going to bite him! Instead, he felt her lips and tongue working on his root and his young balls began to quake!

Laura could feel the excitement surging through the young boy’s virginal body as she sucked his sweet little prick in her mouth! It was so good! And what difference did it make if he was just a boy? If Jack could play around with young quail, why couldn’t she?

She ran her tongue round and round the child’s delicious shaft inside her mouth and felt her body shake with excitement as a churning began in those darling little balls she held in the palm of her hand.

Joey Lind was beside himself as he stood staring down at the pretty woman taking his aching prick in and out of her mouth. It felt so good! Better than anything he had ever done to himself had felt!

The twelve-year-old boy was worried that his cock would explode in the forty-two-year-old woman’s mouth! He could feel that familiar thrill in his nuts and he knew that he was close. She would get mad it he shot off in her mouth, wouldn’t she? What could he say? How could he tell her?

“Hey! OOOooohhh!! Missus… Laura,” he gasped as she sucked and sucked on his hot rod. “I’m… I’m…”

Laura knew that the child was close. She could feel it in his balls and in the trembling, quaking, surging prick she held in her mouth. She wanted to taste the child’s virginal honey. She wanted him to fill her mouth with his sweet come!

“Aaahhh! OH! OOOooohhh!!” the boy gasped when without warning his prick exploded and began shooting its load in the older woman’s wonderfully exciting mouth.

UUUuuummm!” Laura moaned as she sucked and sucked on the boy’s prick while it kept splashing its warm juices into her throat. The minute he came, Laura experienced a small orgasm of her own — and that was the first time anything like that had ever happened!

She sucked and sucked until the juices stopped oozing from the small slit at the tip of the child’s still rigid penis.

“Gee, Missus… Laura… I’m… I’m sorry about…” Joey began, feeling a desperate need to apologize for shooting off in her mouth.

“Oh, Joey!” Laura said, standing and hugging the boy’s tender body affectionately. “That was wonderful! I loved having you come in my mouth like that, Joey.”

“You did?” the boy said.

“Oh, yes!” Laura replied. “Did you like it?”

“Y… yes!” he sighed.

“Your prick is so delicious!” Laura said as she took the child’s hand and began leading him into the bedroom. “I’d love to suck it every day like that!”

“You… you would?” Joey asked.

“Sure, if you like it,” Laura said.

“Gee, sure I liked it!” Joey responded. She was serious. She liked doing that to him!

Laura sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled the boy down beside her. She noted that his darling little prick was still as hard as a rock! Were pulled the young boys like this? Did they have perpetual hard-ons? Laura wondered.

“Everybody likes to be sucked and eaten, Joey,” Laura said softly, reaching over to once again take the child’s cute prick in her hand. “I love it myself.”

“But… but you don’t have… you don’t have a PRICK,” the boy blurted out.

“No, Joey, but a girl likes to have her boy lick her pussy.”


“Didn’t you know that?” Laura teased.

“Would you like to do it to me, Joey?” Laura asked almost breathlessly. She’d never had her cunt eaten in her entire life, but ever since she’d seen the expression on Candy Delany’s face she knew that she had to try it!

“Well… sure, but… well, I don’t know how,” Joey said.

“I’ll teach you,” Laura replied.

The forty-two-year-old woman stretched out on her back on the bed and spread her legs wide apart. She told Joey to get between her legs and when he was in position she reached down with the tips of her fingers and spread the lips of her already moist cunt.

Joey felt the ache in his groin again as he knelt between the older woman’s legs and stared into her open sex. She had pulled the heavy mat of curly hair apart and he could see the lips of her vagina and even her hole!

“Now just put your mouth on it, Joey, and lick it,” Laura said with her heart pounding in her throat as she watched the darling boy stare into her pussy.

Joey lowered his head and brought his face to her waiting crotch. The odor of her sex, a strong salty smell, waft to his innocent young nostrils and made them flare wide open. He liked the strong smell of her sex!

Her heavy pubic hair tickled the child’s nose as he brought his mouth to her pink meat. He kissed her with his lips and then began running his tongue over her juicy cunt.

OOOooohhh!! OH! Yes, Joey! That’s it!” Laura gasped when she felt his warm young tongue moving up and down her slit.

Her pussy tasted almost as strong as it smelled, the boy found, but it was an exciting flavor that made his balls twitch as he licked her wet crack. Even more thrilling was the way her body quaked and trembled with every stroke of his tongue!

AAAaaahhh! OH! Joey! There! Right there! Lick that part, darling! OOOooohhh!!”

How could she have done without this all of her life? Laura wondered. When the twelve-year-old boy’s eager, probing tongue licked her quivering clitoris, Laura thought she would faint with joy!

She damned Jack for denying her this all of their married life! Particularly when he didn’t seem to mind licking Candy’s seventeen-year-old pussy!

Wave after wave of passion swept through the forty-two-year-old woman’s body as the innocent young child licked her cunt. Her nipples burned like coals on her breasts and she reached up to caress them as the tension continued building in her body.

Joey’s tongue was getting tired, but he kept on licking the little button nestled between the lips of the older woman’s pussy because it was giving her such pleasure. She acted like she was going crazy! Her hips were grinding on the bed now and her thighs were shaking like hard Jello!

“OH! OH, JOEY!” Laura gasped. “GODTHAT’S… SO… GOOD! Now, Joey, NOW! AAAaaiiee!!”

It felt like a bomb had exploded inside Laura’s body! A tidal wave of passion swept through her system and engulfed every facet of her being! Through misty eyes she watched the child’s darling face grazing in her garden. She could see his pink tongue darting in and out of her nest and her chest expanded with a throbbing love.

“Oh, Joey,” she sighed when her orgasmic quakes at last subsided, “that was… wonderful!”

“Did I do it right?” Joey wanted to know.

“Joey, if you had done it any better, I would have died!” Laura sighed. “You were perfect!”

“Come up here and stretch out beside me, Joey dear,” she sighed.

Laura smiled when she saw the lovely boy’s cute prick standing straight out from his crotch. She reached out and took it lovingly into her hand as he laid down beside her.

“We sure have fun together, don’t we?” Laura sighed as she gently stroked the boy’s delightfully ever-ready penis.

“Gee, yeah,” Joey said. “Can I… can I touch your… your tits?” he asked haltingly.

“Why, of course, darling!” the forty-two-year-old woman smiled.

Joey hesitantly reached out and placed his warm hand on Laura’s closest tit.

“Play with my tit, Joey,” she encouraged the child. “I love that.”

Joey found her tits exciting! He ran his fingers over and around the firm mound on her chest and then touched her nipple.

OOOooohhh!!” she moaned. “That feels good!”

Laura gripped the boy’s delightfully hard penis more firmly in her hand and began stroking him faster. She loved the feel of his probing hands on her breasts!

“Do you like my tits, Joey?”

“Wow, yes!” Joey replied, running his fingers back and forth across her now hard nipple.

“I love the way you play with them, Joey.”

“Really? Gee!”

“Why don’t you take my nipple in your mouth and suck it, dear?” she suggested with a tremor running through her body. It was incredible the way this boy could turn her on almost immediately after he’d made her come!

“Okay,” Joey responded eagerly. He pulled himself up and placed his mouth over the pointed nipple of her right tit.

“Yes, Joey, like that! OOOooobhh!! That’s so goooooood!”

The moment the innocent young boy sucked her hard nipple into his hot little mouth, sparks began sweeping through the forty-two-year-old woman’s system and she felt her clitoris come alive and erect.

“Nibble on it with your teeth, dear. Gently! OOOooohhh!!”

Joey’s body began quaking with excitement as the older woman’s hand pumped his already aching cock. Sucking her tits was thrilling! They were so big and she squirmed so when he did it!

“Are you hot, Joey?” Laura asked as she kept pumping the child’s throbbing shaft in her hand. “Your prick feels thee and hard and hot.”

“Yes,” the boy responded.

“Do you know what would be fun, Joey?”


“Would you like to put this nice hard prick inside my cunt?” Laura asked.

“Is that fun?” Joey asked innocently.

“It’s what they call fucking, Joey, and it’s lots of fun,” Laura said. “I want you to fuck me, Joey.”

“Sure!” the boy responded quickly. He’d heard the boys talk about fucking. “I don’t know how to fuck, though.”

“I’ll teach you, Joey. Get on your knees between my legs, dear,” Laura said breathlessly.

She watched the innocent child respond instantly.

“Do you want me to lick your pussy again?” the boy asked as he stared into her dark nest.

“If you want,” Laura moaned, “but only for a minute or two. I want to feel that cock… OH! OOOooohhh!! Joey! I… I can’t take much of that, dear! Put your prick inside me now.”

The boy’s tongue on her slit and against her clitoris made the banked fires in the forty-two-year-old woman’s body rage almost out of control. How she loved to feel his tongue on her clit!

She lifted his darling face from her steaming crotch and had him crawl forward. Then she took his lovely hard prick in her hand and gently guided him down to her pussy.

“Let’s put it in my hole, dear. OH! God, that feels good!”

Joey watched the older woman rub his prick up and down the length of her wet slit and he agreed that if felt super! Then she brought the head of his cock to her hole and wormed it inside her hot cunt. That felt even better. It was like having it in her wonderful mouth!

“Shove it up me, Joey!” she gasped. “Push it IN!”

Joey wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do. He leaned down and felt his prick worm its way deeper into the woman’s hot hole.

“Shove it up me!” she cried.

The twelve-year-old boy pressed down with his hips and felt his prick disappear into her warm body.

OOOooohhh!!” Laura gasped when the child sent his hard prick as far into her vagina as it would go. How she had yearned to have her cunt filled with a hard cock! The walls of her vagina gripped the intruder and held it warmly.

“Do you like this, Joey?” Laura asked.

“Wow, yes!”

“It feels so good!” Laura moaned. “Fuck me, Joey dear. Fuck me! Move your prick in and out of my cunt.”

Joey obeyed and used his hips hesitantly.

“No, not all the way out, darling!” Laura gasped. “Just almost out. Yes, like that! Now shove it back in! OOOooohhh!! That’s fucking, darling!”

Joey caught on quickly and began thrusting his hips up and down to run his hard, throbbing shaft in and out of the woman’s hot hole. It felt so good! Her hole was nice and tight and even more fun than her mouth had been! And the way she squirmed beneath him as he shoved his prick to her thrilled him.

Laura threw her legs around the young boy’s waist and locked her ankles behind his thrusting hips as she rode his darling cock. This was what her body had yearned for, demanded! And how she loved to feel his young balls slapping against her tail as he fucked her!

More confident of himself now, Joey reached out and placed his hands on the pretty woman’s firm tits. He began playing with her hard nipples as he rammed his cock as deep into her fantastically hot body as he could.

“Fuck me, Joey! Fuck me! FUCK ME!”

The young boy could feel his balls contracting and churning. He loved the way she said those words. They were so exciting to his young ears! And he loved the way her cunt seemed to hold on to and milk his lunging prick as he fucked her!

“Hurry, Joey darling! Hurry! I want to feel your come inside me! Please! Please hurry. Fuck me. Fuck me! FUCK ME!”

Laura was riding one of the highest clouds she’d ever been on. The boy’s marvelously hard prick was raging in and out of her vagina and his tender young balls were slapping loudly against her ass. How she loved this!

“I’m… I’m… gonna…” Joey groaned.

FUCK ME! Come inside me, Joey! Fuck me.”

Laura reached around his back and grasped his darling young balls in her hand and began fondling and pumping them.

“Hey! Oh, WOW! I’m commiinng!!”

“Fuck me, Joey! FUCK MEEEEEeee!!”

When the forty-two-year-old woman felt the twelve-year-old boy’s cute prick begin spurting inside her and his hot juices splashed into her womb, her body was gripped in one of the most intense orgasms she’d ever experienced!

Spasm after spasm ripped through her flesh with earthquake force. She reached up and started pulling her hair as her head flailed back and forth on the mattress.

A dam that had been years in the building had suddenly burst inside Laura Norton’s body and she almost fainted with the joy it gave her.

After what seemed like an eternity, Laura managed to pull herself back to reality. Joey was still on top of her and his darling prick was still inside her. Better yet, his cute cock was still as hard as a rock!

“Was that fun, Joey?” she asked breathlessly as her lungs fought for oxygen.

“Gee, was it!” Joey exclaimed. “Did I do it right?”

“Oh, yes! You did it perfectly. Don’t we have fun together, Joey dear?”

“Gee, yes!” Joey said eagerly. “Can we…”

“Can we what, dear?”

“Can we do it again?” Joey asked.

“Right now?” Laura chuckled.

“Sure, if you want to,” Joey replied.

Laura could feel the hardness of the boy’s cute cock inside her cunt and knew that he was serious. She’d never been fucked twice without at least a brief intermission, but she was game!

“Sure, Joey,” she said. “Give me a good fucking with that hard prick of yours!”



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