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xNovel - Little Boys And Laura


Little Boys And Laura

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After a few minutes Candy composed herself and walked to the nearest gas station. The mechanic drove her back in the tow truck and checked her battery.

“It’s below normal,” he said, “But it has plenty of juice left to start the car. Must be the starter that’s bad.”

Candy moaned when he told her that he would have to go to the Volkswagen agency to get a starter. He offered to let her ride with him, but Candy didn’t like the way he was eyeing her and said she’d rather remain with her car.

Thus Candy Delany was sitting in her car when Laura drove back with the three young boys.

Candy had little desire to talk to Laura again so she stayed low in the seat. Once Laura had passed and entered the Norton driveway, Candy sat up and idly watched the boys climb out of the car. Candy was terribly depressed and gave Laura and the boys only idle interest until something in the way the black boy moved ran an intuitive bell in her mind. Was something going on here?

“They’re too young,” Candy said softly, shaking her head and smiling at herself for being suspicious.

She watched Laura unlock the door and usher the three young boys inside, then returned to her own problems.

Once they were inside the living room, ten-year-old Peter Carlson hit twelve-year-old Donnie Mason on the arm and accused him of pushing.

“Boys! Boys!” Laura snapped. “Now just calm down. Why don’t you go out in the backyard and play darts?”

Laura was definitely not herself today. She was short of patience and ready to jump at every little sound. And it certainly wasn’t the children’s fault!

“Is everything okay?” Matt asked Laura when the other two ran out to the patio.

“Sure, Matt,” Laura said. “Everything is fine. Go out with the others and I’ll be with you in a minute.”


Laura walked into the kitchen and opened the cabinet and took down the bottle of vodka. She never drank in the morning, but today was an exception! Laura poured a stiff straight shot and downed it. Candy had unsettled her this morning.

Laura could have killed Jack for getting the young girl pregnant! And while none of it was her doing, she was involved whether she liked it or not! What amass!

Once again she tilted the vodka bottle, but this time she half filled a water tumbler with the clear liquor. If she could just relax.

So they were going to a motel this afternoon and fuck! The thought absolutely infuriated Laura! If Jack wanted to dump Candy, why didn’t he dump her? Why keep it alive? Maybe he thought he was letting her down gently, but as far as Laura was concerned he was just prolonging the agony for the young girl.

And how did he think Laura felt when he was off in a motel balling the seventeen-year-old girl? She drained the tumbler and almost gagged as the burning alcohol raced down her throat into her empty stomach.

“Just one more,” she said aloud as she once again half filled the water glass with vodka. Laura knew that they’d have to face it now. No more burying it and hoping it would vanish. Candy had brought it to a head and she would have to have the dreaded confrontation with Jack — probably tonight!

She shook her head sadly and drained the glass of vodka. Then she walked outside and watched the three young boys playing darts. It was a spirited, highly vocal game and she smiled as she watched them play.

It was when she got up to walk back into the house for her pack of cigarettes that the vodka first hit her. Her vision blurred and her knees seemed rubbery. Laura smiled to herself. She shouldn’t have taken so much on an empty stomach, but she’d be careful and the boys wouldn’t know.

“Can we go swimming, Laura?” Matt asked eagerly when Laura returned to the patio. “These guys don’t believe I can swim and I want to show them.”

“Sure!” Laura said brightly. A swim would be just the thing to help compensate for all the vodka she had consumed. “You all change in the bathroom, but don’t go in the water until I come out, okay?”

“Can’t we swim in the nude?” Matt asked.

“Yeah!” Peter Mason added. “We want to skinny dip!”

“Please!” Matt insisted.

“It’s fine with me,” Laura laughed.

“Hey!” Donnie cried.

“Great!” Mutt said.

The three young boys began stripping, leaving their clothes on the patio in heaps as they stepped out of them. Laura saw Matt give Peter a broad wink, but she completely missed the significance of the signal.

The forty-two-year-old woman was too busy watching the nude bodies of the young boys. When Peter slipped out of his undershorts, Laura smiled appreciatively. The twelve-year-old boy had a nice penis. It wasn’t as thick as Matt’s but it was every bit as long in its flaccid state.

At the age of ten, Donnie Mason was the smallest of the group both in stature and genital organs. His penis was less than three inches long, but the child’s crotch fascinated Laura. It was almost completely devoid of pubic hair and his little prick and balls seemed helplessly naked.

Laura chided herself when she realized that she had been staring openly at the boys’ crotches. She would have to be more careful! The trouble was that she didn’t seem to be in complete control of herself. Her head was swimming!

“Hey, aren’t you going to skinny dip with us?” Matt asked, coming up to Laura with his darling black cock swaying between his long legs. “You said we couldn’t go in the water without you.”

“What? Oh! Sure, Matt,” she replied. She needed a dip in that pool in the worst way to clear her head — and the sooner the better. “I’ll get my suit.”

“Aw!” Matt exclaimed. “We’re going in nude!”

“Yeah!” the other two little boys chimed in.

“Do you want me to go in nude with you?” Laura asked.



Laura smiled. The precious little boys were so eager. Even in her numbed condition she realized that Donnie and Peter had probably never seen a naked woman and they wanted her to show them her body. Why not?

“Okay!” she laughed, pulling her dress over her head.



Laura heard one of the boys gasp aloud when she unhooked her bra and bared her large breasts to their curious, hungry eyes. She smiled, stepped out of her shoes and quickly rolled her pantyhose down. There was another sharp intake of breath when her thick bush was bared to their young eyes. Well, let them get a good look! she told herself.

Laura trotted on unsteady legs to the edge of the pool and dove in. The cool water was a shock at first and helped dear her head. She swam a quick lap and then held onto the side of the pool to catch her breath.

“Okay, Matt, show us how you can swim!” she called Laura’s eyes followed the black boy’s lanky body as he walked to the shallow end. His ebony cock seemed to sway like an elephant’s trunk between his muscular thighs as he walked. Why did she have this fixation on cocks?

Matt lowered himself into the water and quickly swam three lateral laps of the pool.

“Gee!” Donnie Mason exclaimed with envy. “I thought he was bullin’ us,” Peter said with admiration, “but he really can swim!”

“Will you teach me, Laura?” Donnie cried excitedly. “Please!”

“Me too!” Peter chimed in.

“Okay, boys,” Laura laughed. They were so natural and uninhibited standing there naked at the edge of the pool. “But Matt is going to help me.”

Laura swam leisurely to the shallow end and stood up. She noticed both Peter and Donnie’s eyes follow her breasts.

“I’ll take Peter and you help Donnie,” Laura said to Matt. “Just teach him the way I taught you. First we have to learn how to float.”

Her choice was fortunate. Matt’s patience began to wear thin quickly, but ten-year-old Donnie learned fast. He was relaxed and floating in the water in a matter of minutes.

Peter was something else! The twelve-year-old boy exhibited a fear of the water and thrashed about instead of relaxing. His antics got Laura to giggling and it was all she could do to support him with her hand against his back.

Even in her intoxicated state Laura’s brain was functioning well enough to wonder if some of Peter’s antics weren’t deliberate. Every time he began to sink he grabbed for her and his little hands seemed to always find her breasts.

It was when she laughingly announced that she gave up that Peter suddenly learned to relax and float in the water. Laura had to resist the urge to playfully goose the little devil!

Laura climbed out of the pool and stretched out on a lounge chair to bask in the warm morning sun while Matt took on the task of teaching the two boys how to kick their feet. Laura smiled as she watched them. Matt was a good teacher, perhaps a little impatient and too serious, but dedicated to what he was doing.

At the end of a half hour Donnie had learned to swim almost halfway across the width of the pool. Peter was not doing nearly as well. It’s funny how some seem to have natural ability, Laura mused to herself as she got up and walked over to the pool to see if she could help Peter.

She worked with the twelve-year-old boy as well as she could for a few minutes, but it was obvious that Peter was both tired and had lost interest.

“Okay, why don’t we just relax for a while?” she suggested.

Peter stood near her in the water staring openly at her breasts. Matt and Donnie frolicked in the water for a couple of minutes and then moved over to stand around Laura.

“The guys think you have a real sexy body,” Matt said boldly. “Don’t you, guys?”

“Yeah!” Donnie cried.

“You sure do!” Peter remarked.

“Well, thank you, boys,” Laura chuckled. “You’re pretty sexy yourselves.”

“Well, thank you, boys,” Laura chuckled. “You’re pretty sexy yourselves.”

“Can we touch you?” Matt asked.

“Well…” Laura hesitated.

“Please!” Matt pleaded. “They’ve never seen a girl naked before.”


“Please, Laura!” Donnie pleaded.

“Okay,” she said softly.

All three of the pre-teenage boys moved toward her at the same time. Donnie boldly reached out an placed his hand on her breast. Then Peter did the same. The touch of the gently probing fingers sent sparks flying through Laura’s body. Within less than a minute, Laura felt six warm little hands probing every inch of her body. Matt was behind her and was caressing her bottom. Peter had brought his hand up between her legs and was probing her nest.

The forty-two-year-old woman closed her eyes for a moment and luxuriated in the incredible sensation of having six eager little hands caressing her body at the same time.

AAAaaahhhh!!” she mewled as waves of desire began coursing through her system.

Laura reached out and grasped two hard little cocks in her hands. Both Peter and Donnie were rigidly erect and she could feel their pricks quiver to her touch.

Laura released the boys cocks quickly and shook her head in an effort to clear her swimming brain. A combination of the vodka in her veins and the six cute little hands fondling her body had her nervous system at fever pitch!

She was about to tell the boys to stop and make them get out of the pool and get dressed when she remembered Candy telling her that she and Jack were going to a motel this afternoon. If Jack could climb in bed with his seventeen-year-old mistress, why couldn’t she have fun with these darling boys? Jack wasn’t the only one who could satisfy his lust!

OOOohhh!” she moaned when Matt suddenly inserted his finger into her vagina.

“I told the guys we might have some real fun today, Laura,” Matt said quietly, his mouth close to her ear as he stood behind her and held his hand between her legs.

Laura hesitated for a minute. Had she been entirely sober she might have held back, but the combination of alcohol in her veins and the boys loving hands made her reckless.

“Why not!” she laughed, reaching out once again and taking the two young boys cocks in her hands. “Oh, Donnie’s prick is nice and hard. And so is Peter’s!”

“Why don’t we get out of the pool?” Matt suggested.

Laura walked over to the ladder holding both hard pricks in her hands. The feeling of having two hard cocks in her hands at the same time excited her and made her pulse quicken. She’d always wondered what it would be like to have sex with more than one man.

“OH!” she gasped when, as she was climbing up the ladder, a finger was shoved deep into her cunt from behind. Instead of jumping, Laura held onto the ladder and sat back on the invading finger and rode it for a moment with an excited laugh.

When she pulled herself out of the pool, Laura walked quickly over to the lounge chair and stretched out on her back. The three young boys followed her eagerly and she found herself surrounded by delightful young men with hungry, lust-filled expressions in their eyes as they stared down at her body. She also had three hard pricks sticking out above her prone body.

“What… what should we do first?” Matt asked eagerly.

“Why don’t you lick my pussy while I play with these lovely, hard cocks?” Laura giggled.

The forty-two-year-old woman spread her thighs apart and watched Matt’s ebony skin glisten in the sunlight as he quickly knelt between her thighs on the lounge chair. Her body trembled in anticipation as she watched his smiling face lower to her waiting cunt. His pink tongue darted out between his black lips.

OOOOoooooohhh!! God, yes, Matt!” she moaned when his tongue immediately began licking her slit and flicking back and forth across her sensitive clitoris. “Move up, boys,” she urged as the other two children edged up on either side of the lounge chair.

Laura felt a violent tremor sweep through her system when she reached up and wrapped her fingers around a stiff prick on either side of her.

“Let me taste this delicious cock, Peter,” she said, turning her head to his side and opening her mouth. “Put it in my mouth.”

Peter Carlson braced his knees against the cushion on the chair and leaned down to bring his aching prick to the older woman’s open and waiting mouth. The twelve-year-old boy was so excited he didn’t know if he could control himself! Laura had such a sexy body. Her tits were so big and firm!

WOW!” Peter gasped when he felt the older woman’s lips close around his throbbing shaft. Her tongue was moving all over and around his stiff penis and fantastic new sensations were surging through the innocent child’s body.

Laura’s body quaked when she drew Peter’s hard prick into her mouth. Young cocks were even more intoxicating to her than vodka! The boy’s virginal penis had a delightful taste and she loved the way she could feel his pulse beating against her tongue as she swirled it around his rigid organ!

She held Donnie’s small prick in her hand and fondled and stroked it while she sucked on Peter’s root. And all the while the black child was eating her cunt as if he was starved to death! His tongue lapped up and down her slit, dipped inside her cunt, flicked across her erect and quivering clitoris and teased her until she was in a frenzy of passion!

“Is that fun, Matt?” Donnie asked as he watched his black friend lapping at the woman’s humping sex.

“You bet!” Matt replied with an almost obscene swipe of his tongue around his lips.

“Can I try it?” Donnie asked.

“Can Donnie lick your pussy, Laura?” Matt asked.

Laura reluctantly released Peter’s throbbing prick from her mouth long enough to reply.


“Show me how to do it!” Donnie cried as he pulled his prick free of the older woman’s warm, loving hand and crawled up on the chair beside the black boy.

Matt reached out with both hands and spread the lips of Laura’s wet pussy.

“This here is her hole,” Matt began explaining.

“That’s where a guy puts his prick when he fucks her.”

“Gee! Can I feel it?”

“Sure,” Matt replied. “Stick your finger in it.”

The ten-year-old boy reached out and shoved his finger into the older woman’s gaping hole.

Laura pulled Peter closer to her and drew his cock deep into her warm throat while she cradled the twelve-year-old boy’s-surging balls in her hand. Listening to the two boys between her leg talk about her cunt and play with it was driving her right out of her mind! She felt Donnie’s probing finger slide into her vagina and she almost had an orgasm at the moment!

“This here is her secret button,” Matt said, placing his black finger on Laura’s clitoris. “This is what you lick and suck when you really want to make her hot. Try it!”

The forty-two-year-old woman’s hairy sex fascinated the young boy as he leaned down to bring his mouth to the pink meat of her pussy. He aimed his tongue at her erect bud and licked it as if it was a postage stamp.

UUUUUUuuuuuummmmmm!!!” Laura mumbled. Donnie’s tongue on her clitoris sent electric charges sweeping through her body as she ran her lips up and down the length of Peter’s deliciously fresh prick.

Then Laura felt the boys moving around. She knew that Donnie was sitting on her tummy because she could feel his hard little packer digging into her flesh. She felt Matt’s hands under her knees lifting them up.

“You lick her up there and I’ll lick her down here,” Matt’s voice said.

Laura felt two mouths and tongues in her slit and her body went wild. They were both licking her at the same time! Matt was running his tongue all over and around her asshole and getting her good and wet while Donnie’s inexperienced young mouth was probing her clitoris and vaginal opening!

“Holy… WOW!” Peter Carlson cried when his balls suddenly exploded to send their hot load splashing into the older woman’s throat. The way she pumped his nuts in her hand while she sucked and sucked on his hard root almost hurt, but Peter loved it!

Laura’s body was writhing all over the lounge chair as she drank the heady nectar from the virginal boy’s prick. She sucked and swallowed and felt her own body quake with a violent series of spasms as the two boys at her crotch licked her to orgasm.

OOOOOoooooohhhhhh! AAAAAAaiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!!!!” she cried when Peter’s flaccid prick slid out of her mouth. Laura was so consumed by her intense climax, she did not hear the sound of the tow truck pulling away from the curb out front.

Seventeen-year-old Candy Delany was upset about paying the mechanic thirty-five dollars for fixing her car and was about to climb in and drive off when she heard the sound of excited voices coming faintly from the Norton backyard. Normally, Candy would have ignored them and driven off, but something made her want to see what was going on back there. She closed her car door quietly and walked around the side of the Norton house.

The back of the Norton home was closed off by a six-foot, ivy-covered gate and Candy couldn’t see anything at all. She was about to turn back to her car when she could have sworn she heard Laura’s excited voice cry out, “Yes, fuck me!”

Candy’s curiosity got the best of her and she began searching for a way to see over the fence. There was a tree growing in the corner of the yard and Candy headed for it. She’d have to climb the tree. Candy hesitated for a moment. She’d look silly climbing the tree if anybody saw her, but she didn’t give a damn! She had to see what was going on back there!

Slipping out of her heels, she reached up for a sturdy branch and began pulling herself up. It was difficult, but her youth served her and she managed to pull herself up to where she could look over the fence.

The sight that greeted her eyes almost made her cry out! Less than twenty feet away four naked bodies were humping and grinding on a lounge chair. The black boy was on his back on the chair and Laura was straddling his body. The child’s ebony cock was buried deep in her hairy cunt!

Laura had her head turned to the side and was hungrily sucking the youngest boy’s prick.

While Candy watched, the other boy came up behind Laura’s back with his cock in his hand. Candy watched the boy clumsily kneel behind Laura and press his hard cock into her asshole.

My God, Candy said to herself, she’s taking one in her cunt and another up her ass at the same time! And all the while she’s giving the youngest boy a blow-job!

The erotic sight caused a familiar itch between the seventeen-year-old girl’s thighs, but Candy managed to push this aside with the knowledge that now she had Laura Norton right where she wanted her! A little reluctantly she began lowering herself out of the tree to rush downtown to Jack Norton.

Laura was so excited she felt like an animal in heat! The feeling of having two hard pricks fucking her at the same time was the most thrilling experience she had ever had!

Matt’s hard, black prick was driving in and out of her vagina like a piston and she could feel Peter’s rigid rod digging into her bowels at the same time. Their two darling pricks rubbed against each other through the thin membrane separating her two canals with each delightful thrust!

Donnie, meanwhile, was standing beside her and jabbing his hard, thin, little cock into her mouth. She had three hard cocks inside her body at the same moment!

“Fuck her faster, Pete!” Matt groaned as he jerked his hips and sent his throbbing dick deep into her womb.

“It’s so tight!” Peter grunted as he shoved and shoved on his prick in her asshole.

“Boy, is this fun!” Donnie cried as he stared down to see his aching little prick sliding in and out of the woman’s warm, wonderful mouth.

The separate sensations were almost too much for the forty-two-year-old woman. They melded and blended into a frantic animal like intensity. Laura concentrated on sucking Donnie’s deliciously young and virginal prick. She rolled it around on her tongue, caressed it with her cheeks and grazed it lovingly with her teeth while she fondled the child’s naked balls in her hand.

“Hey, let’s all shoot off together!” Matt groaned. “We’ll all do it at the same time and she can have all three together! I’m ready. How about you, Peter?”

“Hell, yes!” the boy cried as he sent his shaft probing the depths of the woman’s hot ass.

“And you, Donnie?” Matt moaned.

“Almost, I think.”

“All right,” Matt grunted. “I’ll count to three and we’ll all shoot off. Ready? One…”

Laura could hardly believe this was happening! Hearing them talk about it and get ready to come inside her seemed to double her excitement! She wondered to herself if she could wait for them!

“Two…” Matt moaned. “Let’s really give it to her! Three! Now! YYYYYYyyyyyyiiiiiiliieeeeeeeee! I’m shooting!”

WOW! So am I!” Peter cried.

“Me toooooobooooo!!!!” Donnie groaned as he felt his balls expand and erupt to send his hot juice into the woman’s warm mouth.

Laura almost fainted! She felt Matt’s black stick explode in her vagina and his hot sperm filling her cunt. At almost the same instant, Peter been pumping his come into her ass. And Donnie’s precious little prick spurted into her throat!

She felt like she was being drowned in their hot juices! It was in her bowels, up her cunt and in her throat! Tidal waves of come seemed to sweep through her body, inundating her every sense and scalding her every nerve ending! She seemed to ride each wave and crash against a wall of orgasm with each quake!

The alcohol in her veins made her dizzy and she blacked out twice for an instant.

“OH… MY… GOD!” Laura gasped when Donnie pulled his now limp penis from her mouth.

“Was it good?” Matt asked eagerly.

“I’ve… never… felt… anything… like that… that… in… my… life!” Laura said between sighs as she slowly raised her body from Matt’s still rigid cock and sat on the edge of the lounge chair.

“That was lots of fun!” Peter said.

Laura wished her head would stop swimming as she rested with the naked young boys. Her temples were pounding and she knew that she would have a splitting headache if she didn’t have another drink soon. Hands were all over her body again, kneading her heaving breasts and caressing her wet pussy. She knew that they wanted to keep going, but the forty-two-year old woman also knew that she simply couldn’t take any more!

The intensity of her orgasms had exhausted her and she had nothing left to give!

The boys were disappointed when she insisted that they get dressed, but Laura was firm. She went into the kitchen and had a short drink before she drove them to Denny’s across from the facility and bought them hamburgers and shakes before delivering them back to the facility for the day.



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