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xNovel - No Cherry Cheerleader


No Cherry Cheerleader

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That night, Pam’s mother went out with her boyfriend, and Pam watched some TV in her room, still thinking about the experience at the TV station, and thrilled about appearing on camera as a regular next week.

The phone rang.



“It’s your Uncle Frank.”

“Oh, hi.”

“I saw you on TV today.”

“Gee, really?”

“Yeah. God, YOU were great! Very sexy!” Kelly felt a tingle of power. “Oh, yeah?” she said. “What were you doin’ watchin’ that program, Uncle Frank?”

“Well, just looking in, you know, but you were terrific! That little black skirt, whew, and the pink sweater, Kelly, the pink heels, the way you were dancing — God, it got me so hard!”

“Huh? I did, I mean, it did?”

“You did, Kelly.”

“Got you on a hard-on, Uncle Frank?” she asked cutely, a shiver of excitement sweeping through her young fine body.

“Yes, a big one, Kelly, and I taped you. I’ve been running it back all day, jerking off to you.”

“Gawwwwd!” Kelly gasped. “You didn’t!”

“Yes I did, and I’ve jacked off to you five times today so far.”

“Jeez, five times?”

“I was just dancin’ and stuff.”

“The way you moved your hips, honey, the sexy smile, it was all too much. I thought you were gonna pull that skirt up over your panties a couple times, the way you kept sliding it up with your hands while you danced. Oh, oh, I’m watchin’ the tape right now, Kelly.”

“Are you?”


“Are you playin’ with your prick?”

“Yes!” he gasped.

“And watchin’ me on TV,” Kelly whispered.


“Ooooh, wow, you’re naughty! Real naughty!”

Kelly slid her black skirt up over her tight pink panties, dunked her hand into the cute undies and rubbed her pussy.

“Oh, Kelly!” Frank sighed into the phone hotly.

“You doin’ it right now?” Kelly asked.

“Yes, jackin’ off to you — I love it!”

“Is it all big and stuff?”

“Yes, darling!”

“Oh, shit, Uncle Frank!” Kelly gasped, a wave of erotic heat burning through her. “Do it then!”

“What? Do what, Kelly?”

“Jerk your prick to me!”

“Oh, yeah! I am!”

“You cock-beater!” Kelly cried.

“Yes! Yes I am, darling! A cock-beater!”

“Pump on your prick!”

“Honey, I’m gonna cum to you!” Frank shouted.

“Jerk it, Uncle Frank! Jerk your big prick! Make it squirt all over. Make it shoot all that gooey, icky stuff all over. Jerk fast and hard on your prick, Uncle Frank, really pound — ooooohhhhh, yeahhhhhh! Pound your prick, Uncle Frank!”

“I’m poundin’!” Frank gasped.

Kelly reached over to her dresser by the bed, opened the drawer and withdrew the picture she had of Frank jerking off.

“I’m lookin’ at your picture, and you are lookin’ at me on TV,” Kelly whispered. “Kelly, Kelly!” Frank panted. “Masturbate it off!”

“My sixth time to you when I do!”

“Shit,” Kelly murmured, her hand jerking in her panties, her finger playing on her cunt.

“I’ll bet there was a lot of cum pumped to you today, Kelly,” Frank whispered lewdly.

“Ohhhhh, shit, huh?”

“I’ll bet guys all over town fucked their fists and shot their wads to you today, just like I’m about to do.”

“Fuck your fuckin’ fist! Fuck your fist!”

“I’m cummin’! I’m cummin’!” Frank yelled.

Kelly felt a tickle of pleasure tingle through her as Frank yelled and panted about cumming.

When he’d finished, he said, “I wanna come over and jerk off to you some day soon, okay?”

“Yeahhhhhh!” Kelly purred obscenely. Kelly hung up and lay back, her hand still in her gooey panties, her finger slowly pleasuring her pussy, her body tingling with satisfaction. She loved masturbation, and it excited her so much to hear how men would tape her TV appearance and jack-off to it.

She didn’t know how long she lay there, but she was abruptly jolted from her mellow haze by the front doorbell.

She pulled her panties up quickly, wiped her dripping fingers on her bedspread and went downstairs.

It was Frank.

“I drove by and saw that your mother was out.”

He walked past her, and Kelly shut the door.

“I came over to jerk off to you,” he said.

“Oooooh, jeeeez, okay,” Kelly said.

His eyes gazed at her young body with a blaring hotness.

“Better do it up in my room,” Kelly said, “just in case my mom comes home.”

They went to Kelly’s little bedroom. Frank took his clothes off and sat down on her bed. Kelly stood a few feet away from him, leaning against the wall. His cock was bloated and big from so many pumpings, but it was incredibly hard, and it shot up from between his legs, straight and rigid, the cock-head cherry-red.

Kelly stared at the handsome prick. Frank clutched the cock-shaft in his hand and pumped up and down very slowly.

Kelly tingled with excitement as she watched his lewd stroke.

“Mmmmmmm, you look so damn good, Kelly!”

“Do I?” she asked, giving him a little sexy smile and sliding down on the wall so her black skirt pulled up high on her thighs.

“Do what you did on TV, Kelly.”

“Like kinda move my hips like this, Uncle Frank, like I was standing there dancing and stuff?”

“Oh, yes, like that, darling, yes!”

“Oooooh, that looks good, Uncle Frank, the way you’re playin’ with your big prick like that! Jeeeez!”

“Pull your skirt up!”

“All right, I’m gonna,” Kelly said, and she lifted the skirt along her hips, sliding it up until Frank could see her gooey-wet pink panties.

He let out a hot sigh of appreciation. Kelly reached down, dipped her hand into her panties, knuckled out the crotch and finger-fucked her cunt.

“Oh, yeahhhh, that looks good!” Frank panted.

“I’m gonna pull my panties down and show you my pussy, Uncle Frank. Like this,” Kelly said.

She thumbed her pink panties, her skirt held high against the wall behind her. Then she tugged them down, pulling her undies to her knees and letting Frank see her beautiful little cunt.

“Yes, yes, your pussy!” Frank moaned.

“You like it, too, huh?”

His answer was obvious in the faster strokes he applied to his cock, masturbating the thick prick like a champion, pumping the juice out of the tip, so Kelly could watch it dribble down the prickshaft and fall on his knuckles.

“Beat it! Come on! Faster! Come on, you peter-beater! Beat it!”

“Oh, Kelly!” Frank gasped, entranced by Kelly’s rolling hips and the way she pushed her pussy at him. He sat hunched over on the edge of the bed, pounding wildly on his prick.

Kelly loved watching the man masturbate. She didn’t exactly know why, and she wondered if all young girls enjoyed turning on men the way she enjoyed it. She supposed that they did.

She stuck her hand between her legs and rubbed her cunt, then stuck her finger in. Frank whipped his prick, making slurpy sounds as he jerked up and down on the bulging fuck-stick.

He licked his chops as he stared at Kelly finger her pussy, her sweet way of standing there, so sexy, young, beautiful, intently watching his cock.

“Ooooooh, beat on it faster like that!” Kelly moaned, “I like it! I like it! Faster! Yeah, go fast! Naughty guy! Jerk off! Jerk off to me!”

He came suddenly.

Cum flew from his prick. Rig wads hit the rug in front of Kelly.

“Owwwwwoooww!” she cried. “Wow!” What a sight. She loved it. Loved the way his cock exploded and spit out all that thick cock-juice.

“Oooooh, Uncle Frank!” she moaned, fingering faster and faster in her pussy, until she brought herself off with him.

The next thing Kelly knew, Frank had her on the floor. He was mounting her, sticking his big, squirting prick into her little cunt.

Kelly felt the hard cock slide in. “Ahhh, jeeeez!”

“Honey, let’s fuck!” Frank whispered. “Fuck, yes, fuck!” Kelly cried. Frank thrust. His balls banged her tight ass. His big cock fucked in and out. He slid a hand under her bucking ass, then stuck a finger up her ass. Kelly crossed her sweet legs around his back.

“You’re fuckin’ me!” Kelly whispered. “Yes, fuckin’ you, sweet dear!”

“Naughty guy, fuckin’ me on the floor in my bedroom! And you’re my uncle too! You are naughty, Uncle Frank!”

“I love you!” he shouted.

“Oh, fuck! Fuck me! Fuck your little darling!” Kelly cried.

He fucked her good. His cock moved in and out. His big hunk of hard cock pleasured Kelly until she thought she might scream with pure joy.

She loved the way his balls slapped her ass.

She stiffened, then started bouncing her ass up and down on the rug until she came.

Frank fucked furiously on top of her, then finally heaved out a long sigh as he drained into her the few last drops of cum he had left in his vast reservoir of cock-juice.



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