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xNovel - Mom Peeps On The Neighbors


Mom Peeps On The Neighbors

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Susan was aware of the change taking place within her.

She welcomed it, however.

Her son was no longer shy with her, but bold — and even a bit aggressive. She didn’t mind that at all. He was, after all, the man of the house… her man. And a woman, she thought, should always make her man happy, no matter what he wanted of her, no matter how perverse, how wicked. A man’s woman should not be just willing, but totally eager to please him.

Her son, like her, was changing.

They were not so much mother and son any more. They were lovers, erotic, sex-hungry lovers.

Watching Mary on her patio was still very much a part of their enjoyment, though. Both Bobby and his mother found they enjoyed peeping down at the uninhibited beauty. Seeing Mary’s naked body, watching her play with herself — and not a few times with different men — made them both intensely excited, bringing out more and more perverse desires within them.

As they discovered their voyeuristic desires together, so they learned more about themselves.

Some things they learned surprised them, delighted them. And some made them feel wicked, masochistic and slightly sadistic.

But no matter what they did with each other, to each other, it only increased the desire to experiment with further delights. They drew the line at nothing, trying everything they could think of.

Susan went naked before her son, as he did in her presence. Sometimes she wore only her panties, filmy panties designed to excite and arouse Bobby. Other times she wore a bra, and nothing else. Doors were never closed now, but always open, even the bathroom door. Showers were done openly, as was the natural act of taking a piss. Susan found it was deliciously exciting to watch her son stand at the toilet and see him pissing, hearing the tinkle in the water.

She found him pissing one afternoon, and moved up close to hold his cock as he pissed. She giggled like a naughty girl as she played the stream about, watching it splash over the edge of the toilet, not caring that his piss went onto the floor. After he finished, she shook his cock as she had seen him do many times.

Within a week after they had stopped pretending, they found something else that was enjoyable to both.

Susan had been holding her son’s cock often when he pissed, and one afternoon, she did something impulsive.

As her son pissed into the toilet, she pulled his cock around and aimed his cock toward her thighs. The warmth of her son’s piss splashing on her legs sent her cunt into convulsions, and she came standing there. She wore panties, and her hand lifted his cock so the piss soaked the front of them, wetting her cunt hair through the lacy panties. They both giggled like a naughty boy and girl about it, and Susan told him she liked it.

The fact that many people considered such an act abnormal did not bother Susan and her son in the least. They weren’t harming any one with their pleasures, and since both enjoyed it, they kept it up. And so it progressed.

They tried everything they thought about, like two young lovers unsatisfied until they experienced it all, no matter how aberrant it was, how deviant, how disgusting it might seem to others.

Susan was in the tub, bubbles breaking around her body, her shapely tits uptilted with tingling nipples. She had been in the tub only a short time when her son came in, his cock dangling from his shorts. Susan watched her son as he started to piss into the toilet.

“Wait!” she cried out. “Piss here!”

She cupped her tits in both hands, pressing them together.

Bobby looked down at his mother. “You want me to piss on your tits, Mom?”

She nodded her head, her eyes gleaming and a huge smile of anticipation on her lovely face. “Yes, piss on my fucking tits, baby!”

Bobby turned and faced her, letting go.

“Oooo,” Susan mewled as he pissed onto her tits, wetting them thoroughly, along with her hands.

Her eyes became glassy as she watched his cock. Before he finished, she raised her cunt from the water, knees wide. Bobby aimed there, and pissed on his mother’s cunt. The triangle of cunt hair and the lips of her pussy were widely exposed to him. Susan whimpered as a sudden orgasm convulsed through her.

She didn’t want him to stop, enjoying the warmth of his piss very much as it streamed down upon her cunt. But stop it did.

When Bobby shook his prick, a few drops landed on his mother’s face. Before he had time to react, Susan sat up quickly, closing her mouth about his prick, tasting the few drops of piss there. She grabbed his ass with both hands and began to suck his cock rapidly.

With an animal-like growl, she looked up at him, her eyes glazed in lust. “Fuck my mouth, Bobby! Fuck mother in the cock-sucking mouth I’ll use my hot mouth like you do my wet cunt! Fuck my cunt-mouth, baby! Ohhhhhh, darling, fuck mother in the cock-sucking mouth!”

Bobby fucked his cock into his mother’s mouth, grabbing the back of her head and going deep. He ground his hips into her face while Susan moaned in mindless ecstasy. Bobby banged into his mother’s face wildly, fucking her in the mouth in a brutal, harsh manner. Susan felt his balls slapping her chin, and she kept her lips as tight as she could around his throbbing, fucking cock. She gurgled around his cock, her fingers digging at his tight asss, clawing into the ass crack. She was starved for his cock, very eager to have him fuck her mouth the way he fucked her cunt.

Bobby held his mother’s head tightly so she couldn’t move, and fucked swiftly, bruising her stretching lips.

And the harder he fucked her mouth, the better Susan liked it.

When her son came, his climax was powerful.

Susan choked on his thick come juice. She choked because her son held her head so tightly, his cock almost penetrating her throat, and she was unable to swallow. She had to let his jizz run, burningly, down her throat and into her stomach. He pressed hard into her mouth, her lips at the base of his prick, his balls against her chin, and he came copiously.

Susan touched her lips gingerly, grinning at her son. “You little mother-fucker! You almost choked me that way.”

“Well, you said you wanted me to fuck you in the mouth, Mom,” he replied. “You said to fuck your mouth like I do your cunt, so I did.”

“And I loved it, you little shit!”

“Cock-sucker,” he replied.

“Mother-fucker,” she retorted playfully.



“Asshole,” Bobby said.

“Cunt-licker,” she laughed.

“Not yet,” Bobby said.

“You’re right,” Susan frowned. “How did we miss that?”

“Just haven’t thought about it, I guess,” Bobby said. “If you didn’t have soap all over your cunt, Mom, I’d suck it now.”

“I can take care of that,” she said, getting out of the tub, dripping water everywhere.

She toweled her thighs, then rubbed it between her legs, feeling her cunt tingle with eagerness to have her son’s mouth on it.

Still naked, she almost ran to the bedroom, with her son behind her, laughing and slapping at her tightly wiggling, wet ass cheeks. Susan fell across the bed, spreading her legs wide, lifting her hips, her cunt totally and deliciously accessible to her son.

“Eat me, you mother-fucker!” she laughed huskily. “Eat mother’s hot cunt! Suck my hairy pussy, you asshole!”

“I’ll eat your pussy, you fucking cocksucker,” Bobby laughed, enjoying himself. “I’ll eat your fucking cunt until you beg me to stop!”

“Brag, brag,” she taunted.

Bobby sprawled between his mother’s legs, shoving his face against her hot, wet cunt. Susan giggled with erotic pleasure as he began to kiss her cunt, his lips hot as they moved all about her crotch, even touching the curves of her ass. She raised her crotch, waving her long thighs toward the ceiling.

“Ooooo, kiss that cunt, Bobby! Ahhh, baby, suck mother’s wet pussy!”

Her flesh burned as her son began to lick about her crotch, running his tongue over each of her hair-lined pussy lips, then down over the curves of her ass, along the sensitive inner surfaces of her thighs. Susan held her ass high in the air, her hands behind her hips, bracing herself. She looked past her tits, seeing the excited glow in her son’s eyes as he ran his tongue over her flesh. When he began licking up and down the slit of her burning cunt, she groaned and twisted her hips, wanting his tongue inside her pussy. But Bobby teased with his tongue, lapping in feathery touches at her swollen clit, then down the wet, slippery cunt slit again. Susan yelped when she felt her son tapping his tongue against her puckered asshole.

“That’s not my cunt, Bobby,” she laughed lewdly. “That’s mother’s asshole!”

“Mmmmm, I know,” he said, his voice muffled because his face was in her ass.

Susan felt her son’s tongue scrape at her asshole, then he opened his mouth wide, pressing it around her asshole, and sucked even as his tongue licked. She mewled and twisted against his face. Bobby dragged his tongue across her asshole, then upwards to lick along the puffiness of her hairy cunt, lapping each sensitive cunt lip in turn, then twirling his tongue about her clit. Susan had never felt so wet before. Pussy juices seeped from her cunt and made her asshole slippery. Up and down his tongue went, from asshole to clit, with a few thrusts into his mother’s cunt, thrusts that made her squeal and twist her cunt against his face.

“Tongue-fuck me!” she shouted. “Tongue my cunt, you mother-fucker! Eat mother’s hot pussy! Oooo, baby, baby… lick my pussy! Tongue-fuck me… tongue-fuck mother in her hot, wet cunt!”

Pressing his lips around her pussy, Bobby fucked his tongue as deep as he could, licking at the slippery, satiny walls of his mother’s pussy, tasting the creamy sweetness of her cunt. He fucked his tongue in and out as if it were his cock, and Susan kicked and tossed in ecstasy. She closed her hot thighs about his face, pressing and squeezing, scissoring them along his young face, her cunt grinding.

The convulsion came strongly as Susan’s orgasm whipped through her naked body. The lips of her cunt squeezed and contracted about her son’s tongue until he had some difficulty tonguing her cunt. He closed his lips around her knotted clit and sucked very hard, making Susan’s orgasm increase until her whole body was shuddering. She was screaming with mindless ecstasy.

As she lowered her ass to the bed, Bobby clung to her cunt with his lips, still sucking. Susan shoved at his face, sitting up on the bed, so weak she could take no more orgasms.

“Now you can’t get to my cunt,” she gasped. “Not with me sitting on it. Damn you! You almost ate the piss out of my fucking cunt!”

“I don’t care,” Bobby laughed, his face smeared wit the juices of his mother’s pussy. “You can piss in my mouth if you want… that might be fun.”

“It just might,” she laughed, leaning against the headboard of her bed. “We’ll try it sometime.”

She saw that his cock was very hard again, standing up from the sparse hair at his crotch.

“Want to sit on my face?” she asked, her voice again low and husky. “I’ve wondered what that would feel like, your ass sitting on my face.”

“Will you lick my asshole, Mom?” Bobby asked, his eyes showing his eagerness. “Will you lick my asshole?”

“Put it in my face and I’ll eat that asshole up!”

She squirmed back down on her back. Bobby scooted up his mother’s naked body. Susan watched his balls slide along her stomach, over her tits.

“Squat over my tits a minute,” she said.

As her son squatted there, she cupped one tit and rubbed her nipple into his hot asshole. His cock jerked up and down, dripping against her face. She tried to shove her tit up her son’s asshole, but her nipple wasn’t hard enough and his asshole was much too tight.

She pulled at his hips until he was squatting above her face. She pushed at his ass so she could gaze up into it. She saw the brown pucker, his balls only an inch or so away. Snaking her tongue out, she lapped at her son’s asshole, and when he felt the wetness there, he shoved his ass against his mother’s mouth. Susan mewled and sucked, her tongue flying about his hat asshole, licking at it furiously. His balls rested on her nose, his cock throbbing on her forehead. She knew he was dripping pre-come into her hair, but she didn’t mind at all.

Her tongue ran about the tight pucker, then she began to press it against his asshole. She pressed until she felt the ass ring give, and her tongue was up his ass. Bobby grunted with the strangeness of it, and Susan gurgled with delight. She fucked her tongue up and down, driving it into her son’s asshole swiftly, licking and sucking with her wide-open lips.

Bobby could not resist gripping his hard cock and beating his fist on it while his mother tongue-fucked him in the ass. This increased Susan’s mindless, perverse desire, and she raced her tongue in and out of his gripping asshole frantically, her naked ass twisting and squirming against the bed. She had trouble breathing, but would not have stopped for anything; the sheer perversity of sucking her son’s asshole, of feeling it squeeze as she thrust her tongue in and out, was too delicious, too enjoyable to stop.

Bobby writhed his ass into his mother’s face, jacking on his cock with a tight fist, watching the seeping pre-come splatter on her forehead and into her thick, luxurious red hair. The speed he jacked his cock with caused his balls to rub and brush at Susan’s nose, and her tongue ran in and out of his asshole hungrily, her eyes wide open and staring at his fist gripping his cock. She fucked her tongue as deep as she could, and Susan had a very long tongue.

Her hands gripped his hips tightly as he twisted and ground his asshole against her mouth, his fist beating faster on his cock.

“I’m gonna come, Mom!” Bobby shouted suddenly.

“Mmmmm!” she grunted into his asshole.

Suddenly Susan had her son’s balls inside her mouth, sucking them in a frenzy. The thick globs of his come juice flew from his piss hole, splashing into her hair. She quickly released his balls, moving so his jism shot directly into her face now. She closed her eyes, opened her mouth wide, and tasted a few squirts of come on her tongue. By the time Bobby finished coming off, her lovely face was smeared with the slippery come juice. Her cunt exploded, making her groan and arch her hips.

Susan tingled with erotic pleasure…



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