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xNovel - First Time For Mom


First Time For Mom

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It was early afternoon, and Joan’s asshole and cunt still held that delicious tingling sensation.

She had bathed again, and she walked about the house in a bra that exposed her nipples and in a pair of panties that concealed nothing. The shadow of her cunt hair was seen through the flimsy panties, and, when her back was turned toward the boys, her ass cheeks could be seen.

Both Eric and Marty, wearing shorts again, allowed their cocks to stick out. As simple as it was, this kept all three in a high state of erotic arousal.

When Joan was near one or both of them, she could not keep her hands off those precious cocks. She would feel them, squeeze them, jerk a bit. And, her two sons would caress her nipples, her thighs, her ass and her crotch.

It was an afternoon spent in feeling each other. Sometimes either Eric or Marty would suddenly drop in front of Joan and kiss and lick at her cunt through the panties, or she would go to her knees and take one of those sweet cocks into her mouth to suck a moment. She loved it, and they loved it.

But soon the teasing got the best of them and they had to do more than feel.

Joan was on her knees before Eric, his cock deep inside her mouth, her hand stroking the cock of Marty who stood at her side.

“Turn around,” Joan said in a husky voice as Eric’s cock slipped from her lips.

When he turned, she licked up the backs of his thighs, then pulled aside the shorts, exposing the cheek of his ass. She ran her tongue about the firm flesh, wiggling it along the crease where it met his thigh, then, holding the shorts to one side, she thrust her tongue up and down the crack of his ass. She repeated this with Marty. On her knees behind her two boys, Joan licked her wet, hot tongue about the cheeks of their asses, delved the tip into their ass cracks and probed at the tightness of their assholes. The boys shivered and their cocks strained with eager excitement.

She had the boys hold those shorts to one side so she could reach between their thighs to stroke both cocks as she licked at their tight asses. When the boys leaned over, Joan could shove her face into the cracks between those tight ass cheeks and probe at the puckers of their assholes. She licked at the tightness of them, her tongue fluttering up and down, her fists pumping the throbbing hardness of their cocks. Her cunt, always so hot and wet, was becoming more so. She loved to use her lips and tongue on the flesh of Eric and Marty, loved it as much as she did when they fucked her.

With her tongue pressing against the tight asshole of Marty, she mewled and whimpered, stroking both cocks with tight fists, her ass swaying. The boys leaned over farther, and she could now lick up and down their ass cracks easier. She lapped up and down, wetly and hotly, sliding her tongue from those precious balls to the crinkle of their assholes, on up to the base of their spines, then down again.

She could hear the sighs and groans of pleasure they made and feel the shiver of their ass cheeks as she shoved her face deep.

She did not want them to come yet. She wanted them to keep those hard-ons, wanted to continue licking them about their assholes. She wanted them to come later, and she had decided to try and take both those cocks into her mouth at the same time. It would be difficult, Joan knew, but she was determined.

Pulling her face away, she slapped them playfully on the cheeks of their asses. “That’s enough sucking your fucking assholes,” she laughed. “As much as I love sucking your assholes, there are other things I’d rather suck.”

She hooked her fingers into the elastic of their shorts and pulled them down. The boys stepped out of them and turned to face her, their two cocks straining, and dripping.

Joan held the boys’ balls in each hand, her eyes hot and almost glassy as she gazed at the most precious cocks ever. They were so much alike, yet different. She shoved her face into Eric’s crotch, feeling his cock leave a hot trail of wetness on her cheek. Then she nuzzled into Marty’s cock and balls. She shoved her tongue out and flicked it about the dripping head of Marty’s cock, then did the same with her other son. The taste of them was the same, and she could detect no difference.

Eric and Marty stood looking down at their mother, waiting and willing to do anything she wanted. She looked up at the boys, her eyes misty with love and passion. She pulled the heads of their cocks to her cheeks and held them there, the piss holes burning her flesh. She rubbed the piss holes about her cheeks and chin, over her nose and eyes, then across her lips. She mewled softly with increasing passion as she sucked Marty’s cock into her mouth, her lips at the base, writhing. Then she turned to Eric, taking his prick as deep as she had Marty’s. The cock head probed her throat, and she gurgled with erotic pleasure. She went from one cock to the other, sucking them with her hungry mouth, her tongue tasting the dripping wetness.

But this was not exactly the way she wanted to suck them off.

She pulled the cocks together, watching the piss holes drip, then she ran her tongue from one to the other. She drew the swollen cock heads into her mouth. It was too much for her. Her lips stretched to their utmost, and she couldn’t do it.

Disappointed, she stroked them with her fists, her eyes glassy with desire.

“I guess I’ll just have to suck them off one after the other, right, you guys?”

They nodded, willing to do whatever she wanted.

Joan released the cocks and stripped her bra off, letting her tits free. Then she wiggled out of her flimsy panties. Dropping on her hands and knees, she waved her naked, creamy ass lewdly. “One fuck me… while I suck the other,” she said in a husky voice.

Eric was on his knees behind his mother’s uplifted ass, shoving his hard cock into her hairy cunt. Joan wiggled her ass wickedly for him.

“Come here, Marty,” she murmured throatily. “Let me suck your cock while Eric fucks my cunt.”

Marty stood in front of his mother, his cock straining out in throbbing hardness. Joan opened her lips and sucked his prick deeply as Eric gripped her waving hips, his cock thrusting in and out of her fiery cunt.

Then, quickly, she pulled her mouth from Marty’s cock, saying urgently, “Now you, Eric! Change places with Marty! I want to suck on your cock while Marty fucks me!”

“My cock is slippery with your cunt, Mom,” he said.

“That’s the idea,” Joan laughed lewdly. “I can taste my cunt and your cock at the same time! Come on!”

As Marty went to his knees behind her naked, uplifted ass, Joan closed her lips about Eric’s cock, tasting the sweetness of her hairy cunt on it. Marty thrust his cock into her cunt and began to fuck vigorously, digging his fingers into her hips as Eric had done. Joan sucked greedily at Eric’s cunt-wet cock, mewling with erotic pleasure. Then she pulled her mouth away and licked at his dangling balls.

This time she didn’t have to tell than to change places. They moved of their own accord, taking turns fucking her cunt and mouth.

Joan was filled with as much erotic pleasure as she had been when they both fucked her between them. She sucked on a slippery cock as one fucked her cunt, and they had her in convulsions quickly, her pussy gnawing and gripping and sucking as much as her mouth was doing.

“I’m gonna fuck her cunt now!” she heard Eric say, pulling his cock free of her clinging lips. “It’s my turn to fuck Mom’s cunt!”

They changed places once again.

“Suck my cock, Mom!” Marty yelled, thrusting his prick as deep as he could into her hot mouth. “Suck my come juice out of my balls, Mom!”

“Mmmmmmm!” Joan whimpered in delight.

Marty was short enough to stand before her face, and he held the back of her head fucking into her mouth as much as she was sucking him. Behind her raised ass, Eric plunged his cock powerfully, fucking deep into her boiling cunt. She could feel the cock in her mouth throb.

“Let me fuck Mom in the mouth!” Eric grunted.

Joan loved them switching places with her, and the only thing wrong about it was that, as they switched, she didn’t have a cock in her mouth or cunt. But not for long! They were as excited as she was and when they changed places they did so quickly.

As they changed now, she squealed, “Now fuck me up the ass! Fuck my asshole this time, darling!”

She groaned as a hard cock fucked into her tight asshole swiftly. She closed her lips about the cock in front of her face, and her erotic ecstasy was so great that she didn’t know who was fucking her up the ass or who was fucking her mouth. But that didn’t matter to Joan. She was getting fucked in her hot, bubbling cunt, in her hungry mouth, and up her tight asshole in turn.

On her hands and knees, she kept her face lifted up to whatever cock was presented to her mouth. She had her eyes open, but they were so unfocused that she saw nothing but a hard cock moving to her lips. She spread her knees on the floor and arched her cunt backward to the cock fucking into her pussy, then up her asshole. One of her sons was taking turns, in her cunt and asshole, and Joan was boiling with ecstasy.

But she did not want a cock to come off inside her cunt or asshole right now. She wanted them both at her face. She wanted to shove her tongue out and taste the come juice as it squirted from their piss holes. It would not matter if they came into her face, coated her cheeks with that precious come juice as long as they came into her face and mouth. Realizing they were close to coming, Joan moved quickly, sitting on the floor. She grasped their cocks and began to jack on them frantically, her face turned, up, mouth wide open and tongue protruding as far as she could make it go.

Joan beat swiftly with her tight fists, her eyes glazed in erotic passion, anticipating the spurt of sweet come juice into her face.

Her tits, tight and springy, swelled until her nipples were jutting up. She drew her knees up, but spread them wide. Her cunt was contracting with the eagerness she felt, and even her asshole had puckered tighter than ever.

“Oooo, come, come!” she moaned. “Oh, please come in mother’s face! I want these cocks to come in my fucking face.”

She squeezed the cocks tightly, jerking furiously on them, making the dangling balls swing back and forth. Eric and Marty thrust their hips forward, and the heads of those cocks were only an inch from Joan’s face and mouth. Her tongue tip licked from one dripping piss hole to the other.

She felt them throb in her fists, the sensations racing up her arms and past her tits, then to her steamy cunt. She was anxious to have that sweetness flowing, and she pumped harder and harder.

The boys began to grunt, thrusting their cocks closer to her face. Joan, her vision clearing, stared at the piss holes so closely that her eyes almost crossed.

Then it happened.

Eric’s cock gushed first, the glob of come juice spattering the tip of her nose. Hardly had it happened, when Marty’s cock went off. The first squirt of his come juice landed on the tip of Joan’s tongue. She wailed in ecstasy, and, as she pumped on the gushing cocks, she moved the heads about, feeling the hot come juice splash all over her face, in her mouth and on her tongue. Her cunt convulsed powerfully, her tits tightening.

“Ooooo!” she whined in ecstasy, her face becoming smeared with the sweetness, gushing through those cocks.

She was coming harder and with more pleasure than she had anticipated. It was the next best thing to being able to suck them off at the same time, having both cocks in her hot mouth. The slippery come juice flew into her face time and again, and she tasted it on her tongue, felt it drip from her chin to her nipples.

“Ooooo! Ohhh, more, more!” she whimpered, her tongue trying to catch as much as she could. She leaned her head back, mouth as wide open as she could make it. Come juice splashed into her mouth, and soon her mouth was filled, come juice running from the corners to her tits.

By the time it was over, Joan’s face was covered, glistening with come juice. It was in her hair, her eyes and even over her tits. Her flesh burned with erotic ecstasy, and an idea came into her mind with the flash of lightning.

She continued to sit on the floor, her face dripping with come juice, clinging to those sweet cocks, her body shivering with passion.

Eric picked up her discarded panties and started to wipe his mother’s face.

“No, don’t,” she said, pushing his hand away. “I’ve got a better idea. I want to feel this come juice on my face for a minute, then I know just how we can wash it off.”

They looked puzzled, but she grinned wickedly. “You’ve got to do it for me,” she said, almost in a pleading tone. “Promise mother you’ll do it.”

Eric and Marty nodded, not knowing what she wanted, but willing just the same.

Joan sat on the floor, her legs drawn up, her hairy cunt revealed. The boys sat on the couch, waiting to hear what she wanted next.

Joan licked at her come covered lips, a grin of intense pleasure on her beautiful face. She wiped at the come juice on her tits and nipples, bringing her finger to her mouth and licking it away.

Finally, she got to her feet. She stood before her sons, running her hands between her thighs and caressing her bushy snatch, her hips grinding lewdly for them.

“You promised, remember?” she asked in a husky voice, her eyes gleaming with anticipation. “You’ve got to do it since you promised.”

They nodded, still puzzled.

Joan held her hands out to them. Eric and Marty stood up, taking their mother’s hands.

She began walking between them down the hall, her body naked, trembling with anticipation. She hoped they would not break their promise. She felt sure they wouldn’t; they had done everything she had asked of them so far.

She pulled them into the hall bathroom.

Perhaps it was a sense of guilt. Whatever it was, Joan felt the need for degradation, to be humiliated by her two boys. She didn’t feel guilty, not really. But perhaps there was something deep inside her that needed this. Perhaps it was another way of showing her boys just how far she would go to please them and herself.

Joan had heard of this before and ever since had been curious. Now she had the chance to give it a try.

With her face glistening wetly, she climbed into the bathtub, kneeling there for a moment. Finally she leaned back, draping one knee over the edge of the tub. She looked up at her sons.

They stood there, looking down at her. “Piss on me,” she said.

Their eyes went wide.

“Please,” she whispered desperately. “You promised me! You promised mother you’d do what I wanted! Piss on me, please! I want you to piss in my face and wash the come juice off! Do… do it!”

Eric and Marty looked at each other, then down at their mother.

She waited, almost holding her breath.

She saw them take their cocks in their hands, and they edged close to the tub. She began to smile her beautiful face becoming radiant.

“Oooo, yes!” she mewled. “Piss on me, please! Pin in mother’s face… on her tits… her cunt! Piss all over mother!”

She stared up at the cocks aimed for her body. She cupped her tits with both hands, molding them so the nipples jutted up. They tingled with anticipation, and she licked her lips eagerly. Her eyes shone, the smile spreading over her face.

The hot piss splashed upon her tits first, then Eric moved the stream down her quivering stomach, drenching the curly hairs of her cunt. Joan lifted her pussy and felt the hot wetness flow over her clit and the lips of her cunt. Joan lifted her pussy and felt the hot wetness flow over her clit and the lips of her cunt.

And she came.


The hot liquid spurted and splashed across her face, and her orgasm became intense. She lifted her hands and began to wash the come juice from her face, smearing it down about her tits and running her fingers through her cunt hair.

By the time it was over, Joan’s body was soaking wet with piss.

The boys stepped back and looked at her. Joan searched their young faces, trying to see if they were disgusted with her. She saw nothing except acceptance of her desires.

She stood up, weak, turning the knob of the shower. She stood under the spray, taking a bar of soap and washing her body as the boys watched her.

Then, with giggles, they climbed into the tub with her, taking the soap and washing her slender body.

“There are so many things we’ve got to try,” she said in a thick voice, holding the cocks of her sons. “So many things, and you’ll love them all!”




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