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xNovel - The Wife's Hot Whipping


The Wife's Hot Whipping

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PR-3171 THE WIFE’S HOT WHIPPING by John Friday


“You stinking slut! You cheap, two-timing little whore!”

Hal Graham glared hotly at his sexy young blonde wife and pulled the slender snakeskin belt from the pants.

“Hal, you don’t understand!” Honey cried. She cowered at the head of their king-sized bed, clutching the black satin sheet high around her neck to cover the sleek curves of her naked body.

“You’re God damn right, I don’t understand!” he said.

Hal looped the belt double in his right hand and lashed it viciously across the open palm of his left. Honey winced and shrank back against the padded headboard when she heard the resounding crack and saw the anger flaring in her husband’s eyes.

“I work my ass off so you can have the things you want, like this new house. We’ve hardly moved in, and you’re in our bedroom fucking the damn refrigerator repair man!” Hal bellowed.

“I told you, I was tired from moving all those boxes. I just came in here to grab a little nap…”

“Ha! Grab a big cock, is more like it!”

“There’s no one here! You didn’t see him, did you?” Her voice had a desperate ring and her blue eyes kept swaying with the loop of dark leather Hal kept waving back and forth.

“No, I didn’t see him. But the sonuvabitch left his jacket on the chair by the bed. It says, ‘Ace Refrigeration Service’ across the back, and I can damn well see that!”

“I did call the repairman this morning, but he fixed the defroster and left.”

“Then, what’s his jacket doing in here? In case you’ve forgotten, the refrigerator is in the kitchen.”

“I must have picked up his jacket by mistake when I was moving our things in.”


Hal lashed the belt across his open hand and then jerked the sheet from his wife’s grasping hands.

“Hhhaaa?” Honey gasped in a voice choked with fear.

She’d never seen her husband so angry. Hal was older, and usually so calm.

He sniffed the air and said, “I can smell your hot pussy.”

Honey’s soft lips curved into a Cupid’s bow grin. “Well, I did get pretty horny,” she confessed. “But I was lying here all alone, just thinking of you. And I started fingering my clit so my pussy would be hot and juicy sweet when you got home.”

She slid one hand across her pussy mound and down into its wide collar of golden-blonde cunt hair. “Hhhmmm,” she purred as she worked her finger around, spreading the puffed lips of her little pink cunt. “Like this,” she cooed.

“Like that, like shit!” Hal screamed. “I can smell hot jism and see it dripping from your cunt. Unless you can squirt cum out of the finger you’ve got in there now, you’re going to get your cheating ass whipped!”

“No, Hal, please!”

Honey shivered and hunched into a ball. She knew by the look in his eyes that her story wasn’t going to work. Even seeing her cunt slit open and practically begging for his cock hadn’t taken Hal’s mind off the belt hissing sharply side-to-side.

“Bitch!” he growled.

The stricken look of guilt on her face was as good as a signed confession. Hal grabbed her arm and spun her around, skidding her shapely ass across the sleek black satin sheet. Then he pitched her forward on her face with the smooth dome of her ass hanging over the edge of the bed.

“Aaagggh!” she gasped in alarm. “No, Hal. Don’t hit me! Whip me with your big cock if you want. Fuck me until it hurts!”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you? That cheating cunt of yours can’t ever get enough!”

Hal’s long arm stretched high above his head and then came flashing down. The dark loop of leather cracked across her ass and left a blazing welt like a long, lopsided O.

“Yyyeeeooowww! You bastard! You sonuvabitch! It’s not my fault that I like to fuck! I can’t help it if I want more and more!”

“You’re supposed to get what you want from me!” he snarled and swung the lash again.

“Oooowwww!” The second stinging welt overlaid the first, and before the pain from that had even reached her brain, the sinewy belt hissed and snapped again. “Shit!” Honey cried.

Hal grinned and caught his breath, watching the way her ass writhed and twitched from the burning pain. The welts were so clear and blazing hot that he could see the pattern of snakeskin printed on her ass.

“That’s what you are, a fucking snake,” he said. “You crawl into every warm bed you see. You wiggle that pretty little ass and you tighten your legs around every big fucker you can find!”

Honey was sobbing. She reached back to finger the tanglcd pattern of red that felt like wildfire roaring across her ass. The scaring heat of pain turned her fear to rage, and she screamed without thinking, “If you fucked me like I want, I wouldn’t have to get it anywhere else. But no, Mr. Hot-shit-business-executive. You’re too busy and your cock is too fucking weak to keep a young wife happy.”

Hal drew in a long, slow breath, straining for control. It was true that he didn’t fuck Honey as often as she asked. He didn’t think any one man could. He’d managed it for the first week of their marriage five years ago, but seldom since.

The pressure and the constant pushing to get ahead had taken a heavy toil. Most nights he came home too tired to do more than have a couple of drinks, eat a quick meal and then sink into deep and needed sleep.

Now his bitter, jealous rage swelled his cock aching hard. It throbbed inside his pants like a giant ape rattling the bars of its cage. Hal smiled with vicious glee. He hadn’t had a hard on like that in years, maybe not ever.

“Let’s see what it takes to make you happy!” he said, stripping off his clothes, scattering them as they fell.

“Ooooh, God!” Honey said. She turned and gaped as his long cock leaped out of confinement. “Ooooh, good God! I’ve never seen your prick so big and hot!”

Hal had been as tired as usual when he walked in the house. He’d only been thinking of settling down in a soft chair with a stiff drink. Now, with his heart beating like thunder, it was his hairy cock that was stiff and the tightly puckered lips of Honey’s ass that looked so soft.

She started to turn over and dug an extended finger into her pussy. “Hhhhmmm, my pussy is going to love your big hot prick!”

“Forget that! I’m not sticking this beautiful big fucker into any hole that’s still dripping someone else’s cum. It’s your sweet ass I want!” He pushed her over on her face again, trapping the hand beneath her that was digging and swirling in her wet cunt.

“Uggh,” she groaned. “No, Hal, not my ass. You know I don’t like that. Christ, it hurts when your cock is normal size!”

“That’s tough! If you’re going to fuck around all day like a sleazy whore, I’m coming home to a hole that’s still fresh!”

Hal pushed between her legs, spreading them wide with his knees as he leaned over her, grinding the head of his hot cock down on the tight dry lips of her ass.

“Oh, not dry! Please, God, Hal, you’ll kill me. Your prick is too big and hot to go in dry. You’ll set my ass on fire! Let me wet it. Let me smear that hard cock with some warm honey from my cunt.”

“I don’t want anything from your stinking pussy to even touch my cock. It’s going in just like it is and it’s going in now!”

“Uggggggh! AAAAGGGHHHH! Oh, you bastard. You rotten sonuvabitch!”

“Shut up Honey or I’ll fuck your lying mouth next.”

“Graaaahhhh. It’s splitting my ass.”

“I don’t care if I split your ass right up to your ears!”

“You’ll have to part that beautiful blonde hair of yours when you want to take a shit!”

“Grungh! God damn it, now what are you doing?”

Honey could feel his hands sliding up her back, fingering the tanned ripples of muscle beneath her tender flesh.

“I’m going to part that long, golden hair of yours,” Hal said, and he did.

He split her glowing mane and divided the shimmering cascade in two. Clutching one silky mass in each hand, he pulled back on them like the reins of a horse.

“Aaaahhhh!” Honey arched back sharply and let out a long cry, “That makes it hurt even wore,” she moaned. “You’re breaking my back and twisting my asshole.”

“Don’t worry about your pretty little ass. This will straighten it out.” Hal jammed his hot prick in clear to the hairy root. She could feel his wiry mass grinding on the cheeks of her ass.

“Now you’d better fuck my cock like you’ve never fucked it before!” he hissed, pressing down harder and spinning his hips in a slow, deliberately tight spiral.

“All right! All right! Aaahhhh! I’ll do whatever you want!” Honey began an undulating motion, lifting and rocking the split cheeks of her stinging ass. Every time Hal’s cock hair scraped one of her welts, she let out a yelp. “How’s that?”

“From a fucking whore like you, I’d say that’s worth about ten cents. When I tell you to fuck I mean FUCK! Get your hot little ass into high gear or I’ll whip it again!”

Honey humped and rocked with all the strength she had. The way Hal kept tugging on her hair, it felt like her spine might snap every time he rammed in his cock. And it was pumping in and out so fast that she screamed and wailed from the heat of searing friction.

“Still not good enough,” he warned. “I’ll have to see if I can reach the whip.”

Hal bunched her streaming hair into one hand and lurched to the side, grabbing for the belt he’d dropped at the foot of the bed.

“You can’t ride my ass and whip it at the same time,” she said with a thankful gasp. “And I’d rather have you whip my ass than try to fuck it to death!”

“Let’s see how you like both!”

Hal jerked back on her hair, lifting her upper body in a high arch. Honey gave a shrill cry and then gasped frantically, swelling her firm, sharply peaked tits.

Hal swung the looped belt with a sidearm stroke, snapping it across her side and around on to her tits. The doubled strands lashed over the tip of ape nipple and the eye of the loop circled her other tit.

“Yyyeeooow! Damn you!”

He hissed the belt through the air again. The sting of biting leather ripped into her from one smarting nipple while what felt like a ring of fire circled the other.

Hal gave a grunt of partial satisfaction. Her writhing ass clenched hard on his cock. Her torment turned the clinging tube into an inferno, a seething pit of painful spasms that felt exquisite running up and down on his driving cock.

“Aaaahhhh,” Hal said, releasing her hair and dropping the belt at the same moment.

Honey pitched forward, but his strong hands swept beneath her and cupped her creamy tits. He circled the whip-lashed nipple with his thumb and spread his fingers to reach the burning ring around the other jutting mound. The pain blazed hot and fresh under the demanding stroke of his hands.

“Sssshhhh!” she hissed.

Honey tossed her head and gritted her teeth, angry with herself because she could feel her nipples stiffen with desire, swelling hard in response to the stimulation she couldn’t resist. Her ass was getting hotter too. The pain that had swirled so wildly only moments before now felt like spreading ripples of pleasure radiating in all directions from his plunging cock shaft.

“Gruuungh!” she snarled. “You fucker! You bastard! You’re raping my ass and making me like it!”

He laughed. “You slut, you’d like my hot cock even if I drilled it in your ear!”

“Yes! Ooooh, yes! Then you could fuck my brains out!”

“That’s just what I plan to do. Only I’m going to reach them by ramming it up your ass! Huunngh! Hummmph!”

“Damn you! Ooooah, you bastard ass fucker! You’re making me cuuummmmmm!”

The grinding pressure of Hal’s cock kept forcing her down on the hand wiggling joyously in her slit. Her cunt sparked ripping stabs of delight each time their bodies clashed. More sparks flew from her burning nipple tips. Hal was mauling them both with slow, precise strokes timed to his spearing cock.

“Aaahhhh!” Honey cried.

His first jet of hot cum sprayed deep like running lava. It lubricated the dark, wrenching tunnel of her ass so that his spurting dick moved faster still.

“Ungh! Grunnngh! Hhhhaaa!” Hal gulped and groaned as each burst swelled in his flopping ball sac and burned its way to his cock tip. Again aid again the long barrel of his prick shot searing jism.

It frothed around his shaft and bubbled up to the clenched lips of her puckered asshole. “Hhhhoooo!” they bath said with sighing voices when the last jet of unbearable pressure had vented itself in her ass.

“Don’t get too relaxed,” he told her. “I’m not done with you yet!”

He reared back, standing and drawing out his cum-glazed cock. Venting one load of cum hadn’t weakened his angry prick in the least. It still leaped up at a sharp angle, crowned by a thick, bead of silver jism clinging to its tip.

Hal grabbed a fistful of her golden hair and pulled her toward him, dragging her off the bed and down to her knees on the floor. “Now turn around and suck my dick while it’s still hot!”

“Uurmgh, it’s all slimy with cunt.”

“Suck it! You’re so hot for cum that you get it from a fucking repairman. Well, Honey, now you get to fix my angry cock. Lick it clean, you cheating bitch!”

“It was so far up my ass, I know it must taste like shit.”

“That’s what a dirty, cheating whore like you deserves. Eat shit, baby! Swallow it all!” He tightened his grip in her hair and pushed her toward the upraised knob of his cock.

Honey’s lips trembled and a look of revulsion spread across her pretty face. She usually liked to suck cock, especially when she could start with one still tender and small. She loved to suck and swirl a soft cock with her tongue and feel it swell to full, choking size.

But Hal’s cock was full and throbbing hard, shining with a dark and wicked gleam. The rank smell of it burned in her nose — even before her lips came near. “I can’t.”

“You damn well can, and you damn sure will. You’re gonna suck cock until you never want to see one again.”

“You can’t do this to me. I’m your wife.”

“You’re my whore, you mean. A wife doesn’t spread her cunt for every Goddamn repairman that comes into the house. Now start sucking before I really get pissed!”

He tugged on her hair until his huge, gleaming cock knob pressed hot against her sealed lips. “Hhhmmmm, it feels just like tight virgin cunt,” Hal said, pressing harder, slowly parting her taut, unwilling mouth. “If I hang some of this hair down over your face, it even looks like a nice bushy, sweet cunt!”

The golden strands tickled as they streamed and curled around her lips. His cock kept pushing, forcing, until the thick, foul-tasting head of it smashed flat against her clenched teeth.

“I’ll bet that’s the first time in your whole fucking life that you ever said no to a big hot prick!” He laughed. “But stinking whores and fuck slaves aren’t allowed to tell their masters no.”

Hal grabbed the looped belt and laid it across her hunched shoulders with a sharp, ringing snap. “Yaanhhhh!” Honey cried, opening her mouth wide as the sound ripped up from her guts.

He shoved his cock, into her mouth before the echo of her pained yelp had faded from their cars. “Muuumph,” she groaned, wincing and twisting her lips as she caught the stench and bitter foul taste of his ass-fucking cock.

The cushioned head of it slammed in to the back of her mouth and thumped against the soft wet wail. But the shaft was swollen too hard to bend even slightly to follow the natural curve down her throat.

“If you don’t bend your neck, I’m going to break it!” he said firmly. “My cock’s going all the way in — one way or the other.”

“Graah. Huurrgh. Hungh!” Honey finally worked her head around so the thick shaft had a clear path into her throat. When the heavy ridged knob slid over exposed nerves, it triggered her gag-reflex. Her chest heaved and her throat convulsed, trying to free itself from the strangling mass of hot meat.

“Remember the taste of it, bitch! Because if I ever find you’ve been fucking another man in my bed, I’m going to shit a whole platter full and make you eat it by pushing your pretty face in it!”

She nodded that she understood his angry threat. Hal rammed in more cock at the tortured sound. He mashed his tangle of cock hair on her lips and wrenched the root of his prick around in a wide circle to feel the maximum wet friction from her clasping checks.

“I think I like fucking your face even better than your ass. I like the way it pulls and sucks. Harder, bitch. I want you to pull loose another load of cum. My balls are still so heavy with jism that they ache.”

Once used to the burning, bitter taste of his dick, Honey began the familiar head-bobbing motions she’d used to delight so many big cocks, including the refrigerator repairman’s. Instead of taming her restless cunt, Hal’s punishment had heated it all the more. If he didn’t fuck her and fuck her good that night, she would have had to think of something to put their new refrigerator out of order again fir st thing in the morning.

She pulled with her lips and raced up and down his shaft, lashing it with her wet tongue, circling the very tip of it when she reached the heavy swollen ridge. Then she wormed into his cum slit with fevered hunger, collapsing her soft cheeks as she slid back toward the root.

A few strokes like that was all Hal could take. He felt pressure swelling in his nuts again and he did nothing to hold it back. He grunted and thrust with his hips and began to fuck her face full.

Honey gulped down his flow and cupped his aching nuts to milk out blast after heated blast.

“Keep it up!” he said even when she’d wrung his balls dry. “I want my dick, hard when I take it out of your mouth so I can fuck your shit hole again. Maybe after two or three more rounds I’ll feel good enough to fuck your cheating cunt!”

Honey gave a wet, gurgling moan of joy.

She could hardly wait.



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