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xNovel - Balling Eager Wife


Balling Eager Wife

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Anne awoke the next morning just as Dave did. He rolled over and kissed her good morning.

His cock was so stiff with a morning hard-on that his prickshaft wobbled against Anne’s blue nightie.

She had on hair-rollers, and was careful as they kissed. He reached, down and rubbed her cunt. Anne clutched at his incredible hard-on.

“Goddamn, Dave,” she whispered as they broke their kiss. “You get monster hard-ons in the morning, don’t you?”

“Yeah, big. Big and hard for you, Anne,” he gulped.

“Oh, baby,” she sighed.

It was Saturday morning, and they had slept late. They lay embracing, Dave’s finger in her wet cunt, her hand wrapped tightly around his throbbing cock.

They heard a knock downstairs on the kitchen door.

“Should we answer it?” Anne whispered. “I called the cable man to hook up HBO,” Dave said, “but I didn’t think he’d be here until this afternoon.”

“I’ll slip on a robe and go down,” Anne said. She pulled off the nightie, slipped into a pink silky robe and went downstairs. It was Gary, the young boy.

“Hi, Gary,” Anne said.

“Hello, ma’am. I didn’t want to disturb you, but you said I could drop by anytime I wanted to, and I thought I’d come over.”

“Well, good, that’s fine, Gary.” He had on jeans and a T-shirt. She looked at him sexily. He was so young, so cute and it made her hot. She opened her robe.

“Is this what you wanted to see, Gary? Wanted to see my pussy and tits?”

“Oh, yes, yes,” he gulped.

Dave walked into the kitchen in his shorts, his cock pushing them out as though he might have an axe handle in the crotch.

Anne stood with her robe open, there in her hair rollers, showing Gary her cunt. The boy responded with a big erection.

“Well,” Dave said, “Gary is here, huh?”

“Yes, and he’s dropped by to see my pussy and tits,” Anne teased.

“Who wouldn’t?” Dave said, and slipped up to his wife and took her robe all the way off, pulled her into his arms and kissed her hotly.

She reached down and stuck her hand in his shorts and clutched his cock.

Dave caressed her ass.

Gary got all turned on watching them kiss and play in front of him.

Anne slid Dave’s shorts down, and then she reached down with both hands and got a two handed grip on his big cock.

Dave slid a finger in her pussy.

Another knock came upon the door. It was Tammy. She walked in. “Oh, oh!”

“It’s okay, Tammy,” Dave said. “Come right in. We’re about to have breakfast.”

Tammy had her sandy hair bobbed into double ponytails that fish hooked up and fell at the sides of her head. Her lips were glossed a wet pink, her rouge red on her smooth young cheeks. She wore a right white camisole and her tits mashed against the soft material like two hard oranges.

She had on a pair of tight red shorts, pink anklets and white tennis shoes. The shorts squished and tugged tightly at her crotch.

“Just come on in,” Dave said. His hand rubbed Anne’s pussy.

She still had hold of his enormous hard-on with both hands, his shorts now on his feet.

Tammy stared at them in this exciting pose. She looked and saw the erection spiking Gary’s jeans. She felt an electric buzz of delight thrill through her.

Dave kissed Anne, one hand still fingering in her pussy, the other hand clutching her ass. Anne pulled and pushed on Dave’s prick. Her hair-rollers sat neatly on her head, her beautiful face so open without the framing of hair, so fine now, as though chiseled by a great sculptor.

Dave broke the kiss. “You two kids get naked, and then you do what Anne and I do.”

Both Gary and Tammy stripped naked.

Tammy’s lush young body was tanned golden except for the bra and bikini sections where her bathing suit had kept the sun from bronzing her. Her sandy-blonde cunt-bush was silky and curly, her tits hard, young, round.

Gary’s young, lean body was hard just as his cock was, sticking out in a six-inch erection.

They came together, with Tammy grasping his brick-hard prick with both hands, and Gary stuffed his hand between her legs and rubbed her cunt.

“That’s right,” Anne said, “play with each other like we’re doing.”

“Kiss my cunt, Dave,” Anne hissed, “and you kiss Tammy’s cunt, Gary.”

Dave knelt down and reached behind Anne, clasped his hands to her ass and pushed his face to her pussy, his tongue snaking out in a wild licking, wiggling waddle.

Gary got down on front of Tammy. He mashed his handsome teen face into her sweet cunt. He licked his tongue up and down her juicy slit.

“God, Anne,” Dave gulped, puffing back from her pussy for a moment, “Your cunt tastes like sugar.”

“God, Tammy,” said Gary, “your cunt tastes like sugar, too.”

The boys lapped the girls, greedy tongues slapping hot-twitching pussies. Dave’s big tongue flapped lewdly at Anne’s delicious pussy. Gary frantically wagged his tongue at Tammy’s precious little cunt.

It was sweet delight in the kitchen of the house at Paradise Beach.

“Now, Gary come over here,” Anne said.

Gary got up and walked to her. Anne pulled Dave up off his knees. She made both of them sit down on chairs pulled away from the kitchen table.

She knelt between them and grasped both their cocks in her hand, loving the feel of the hard pulsing cockstalks throbbing against her fingers and palm.

She played her hand up and down the hot cocks. Tammy watching jealously. Anne began a good jack-stroke, pumping up and down faster and faster on the two hard pricks.

“Play with your pussy, Tammy, and watch me give these two cocks a real good hand-job.”

“A hand job, ma’am?”

“I’m gonna jack ‘em off, Tammy.”

“Oh, ma’am, look. Gary’s cock is squirtin’ out goo!”

“Uh-uh, and I can make it really shoot off, just watch.”

Tammy finger-fucked her pussy and watched with glee.

Both cocks were fizzing and foaming. Gary was the first to cum. Anne’s hand was a dancing delight, a beautiful blur as she brought him to climax. His prickhead erupted and spewed out a high-arching stream of hot fuck cream.

“Ah, uh, uh, uh… oh!” the teen cried.

Tammy fucked her pussy faster.

Dave was next. His cock snapped and tossed out an incredible load, as if someone had turned on a faucet, thrusting cream all over the kitchen floor. He gasped, moaned loudly, stiffened like an ironing board.

Now Anne had both cocks squirting at the same time. Tammy watched excitedly and hit the button. She got it. She came with force. She was pulled over at the waist. She fucked and fucked her finger in and out of her hot, little cunt.

Anne kept playing with the pricks even when they had stopped their hot squirting and creaming. She worked to keep the cocks hard, and she leaned over and licked her tongue on the tip of Gary’s dying erection. It quickly came back to life.

Dave’s cock stayed hard without any problem. “I love the way you can keep this big prick up all the time, honey,” Anne said.

“Now, Tammy, I’m gonna fuck both these pricks,” Anne said, standing up.

She hoisted her fine body up on the kitchen table, and said, “Who wants me to suck ‘em… and who wants to fuck my pussy.”

She got on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass.

Dave slipped up behind her and stuck his prick in her cunt. Gary moved to the other side of the table and stood up on a chair so his cock was level with Anne’s lips. She sucked the hard-on deep into her mouth.

Tammy started fucking her pussy again as she watched the wonderful scene.

“I’m fuckin’ her from behind, Tammy, and she’s suckin’ Gary at the same time.”

“Oh, sir!”

“Come over here and I’ll finger-fuck you while I fuck Anne.”

Tammy came to him. She stood beside him. He reached and slid a finger into her creamy cunt. He sawed fast, fingered her with agility. Tammy spread her legs and thrust her young cunt at his humping, pumping finger.

She watched his prick slide in and out between Anne’s legs. She watched Anne’s lips slide lewdly on Gary’s cock.

“Oh, shit!” Tammy cried. “I love this!”

Anne, on her hands and knees on the table, sucking Gary’s prick, her lips puckered, and plunged around the cockstalk, sliding in a hot glide. Her ass wiggled and screwed in circles back to Dave’s hammering cock.

Dave humped her good as he screwed his finger in and out of Tammy’s rich pussy.

“Oh, sir, sir,” the girl called, her eyes glassy, her breath short, coming in hot gulps.

“Feel down there, Tammy,” Dave said, “you can feel how my prick is fucking Anne.”

Tammy reached down and got her fingers entwined in the slushy action of cock and cunt, and this thrilled her.

“God, Gary just came in my mouth,” Anne gulped, pulling off his dick, cream spilling down her chin.

The boy stumbled off the chair and clutched the table for support.

Dave pulled his cock out of Anne’s cunt and pointed the big, thick weapon at Tammy’s pussy. He spread his legs wide, feet flat on the floor, humped down and pushed the cockhead to the lips of her cunt.

He shoved and pushed in.

“Oh, shove that prick in me!” Tammy babbled, looking down, seeing the hard stalk sticking between them, plugging her pussy.

Anne crawled to the edge of the table and sat on the edge. Gary fell to his knees before her and began gobbling, chomping her big pussy.

“Oh, wow!” Tammy gulped, watching them, and watching the slick slide of Dave’s prick in her cunt.

“Fuck him, Tammy… fuck back to him, bump your hips at his prick.”

Tammy did this, humping in short jabs of her hips, fucking at the wild cock in her pussy. “Ah, oh, oh, oh, I’m fuckin’!” she cried.

“We’re all fuckin’ and suckin’,” Anne whispered, “just like good neighbors should.”



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