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xNovel - Daughter Loves To Suck


Daughter Loves To Suck

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Kelly Fowler lay huddled in the center of the bed, a forlorn figure. Her mind was reeling, ten were streaming from her eyes, and she sighed heavily time and time again as she struggled to understand what Ray had just revealed to her.

He had told her everything, although she had tried to stop him. And then he had taken her chin in his hand and gently kissed her on the mouth.

“You’re a big girl now, Kelly. And I trust you to understand what I’ve just told you, and to come to terms with it. In fact, if you’re the smart girl I think you are, you’ll realize that everything you’ve just heard is actually very good news, and you’ll make the most of it. Now, go on to your room and think about what I’ve told you. Stay there until you feel you can deal with it,” Ray had said.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to deal with it!” Kelly had cried, already beginning to cry.

“I hope that’s not true, Kelly, for I’ll be very disappointed in you if you can’t. At any rate, think about it and then come back here to my room and let me know about any decisions you’ve made. I’ll be waiting here for you, Kelly. You and I have the house all to ourselves and we’ve got all the time in the world.”

That had been almost two hours ago, and in that time, the girl’s emotions had run the gamut from denial to anger to a numbness that now seemed to overwhelm her. And all this time, as Kelly lay curled up on her side in bed, what she had just learned from Ray kept ringing through her head as if Ray were right there in the room with her, telling her over and over again the shattering news that had rocked the teenager’s world.

At first Kelly had tried to tell herself that what Ray had told her was not true. But before long, she had to admit that it was indeed true, for there was no way that Ray would lie to her, especially about something as important as this.

It seemed that many years ago when Alice, Kelly’s mother, was still single, she had met Ray. A tremendous sexual attraction had sprung up between them and they had had a brief but intense affair. Ray was already married at that time and was very much in love with his wife who was already pregnant with Josh. But he had been unable to resist the powerful physical attraction he felt for the beautiful Alice.

Even though Alice knew that Ray was married, and even though she and Ray were not really in love with each other, she had gone into the affair willingly, even eagerly, needing the sexual excitement the man brought into her life.

By the time Alice discovered she was pregnant with Kelly, she had already met and fallen in love with Tom who was only too willing to raise Kelly as his own daughter. The affair between Ray and Alice had pretty much run its course, anyway, and all parties involved agreed that their secret would never be revealed, and that Kelly would grow up thinking of Tom as her real father.

There was absolutely no bitterness or hostility involved, however, and over the years, Ray and Alice had made it a paint to keep in touch with each other. For even though Ray had given up all rights to Kelly, he still loved her, as any father would love his own daughter. Tom and Alice had been generous in sharing news about Kelly with Ray all during her growing-up years. They exchanged letters at least once a month over the years, and there was the occasional phone call as well.

Then Ray’s wife had died, and he and his kids had settled into their country home not too far from where Kelly lived with Tom and Alice. Ray had told Alice and Tom that he wanted to meet his daughter. He had promised not to make waves or to reveal his true identity, but he let them know that he felt a deep need to get to know this girl who was, after all, his own flesh and blood.

At first, Alice and Tom had denied Ray his request. But then, Kelly had pleaded with them to let her go away somewhere where she would not be tempted to commit incest again with her parents. And so here she was. And now she had learned that the man she had been making it with ever since her arrival was her real father. And the boy and girl she had been getting it on with, the boy and girl she had though of as nothing more than distant cousins, if that, were in fact, her half-brother and half-sister.

“Oh, God!” Kelly sobbed now, wondering how she could ever handle the guilt that came from the knowledge that she had been gladly fucking her own father. The irony of her situation was not lost on her. Here she had left home to get away from committing incest with her parents, only to fall into the incestuous arms of her real father.

With tears still streaming down her face, she suddenly sprang up from bed and all but raced to her father’s room. She threw the door open and stood there, shivering slightly in her nightgown.

“Kelly! I didn’t expect to see you so soon! Have you come to any decisions?” Ray asked, hope in his eyes.

“No, I haven’t,” Kelly responded, looking down at the floor, finding herself unable to meet his penetrating gaze. “I-I need more time. I knew you’d be waiting here for me and I didn’t want you to do that. I-I’m going to take a nap now and then… then, we’ll see. You go an and do your own thing. I don’t want you to be waiting here for me.”

“Okay, Kelly,” Ray said softly, wishing he could do something to erase the torment from his daughter’s eyes. “I can see that you need more time. I’ll be in my office working on my next sermon. You go ahead and get some sleep. But when you’re ready to talk, you’ll know where to find me. And… Kelly?”

“Yes?” Kelly asked shakily.

“If you find you can’t accept what I’ve told you, and if you should want to go back home, all you have to do is say so. I don’t want you to go, but I’ll do whatever you want, okay?”

“Okay,” Kelly said tearfully, and then she turned and fled, racing back to her own room before bursting into fresh sobs.

The troubled girl fell into a deep sleep filled with dreams. When she awoke, she sat up in bed, feeling calm and collected for the first time since she had learned that Ray was her real father. It’s all so simple really, she told herself. I feel so horribly guilty when I was fucking Tom because I believe him to be my real father. But now I know that he’s only my stepfather, so it wasn’t really incest at all. And I was fucking with Ray, I didn’t feel all that guilty because I believed him to be nothing more than a very distant cousin. But he’s my real father, so all of our fucking was genuine, bonafide incest. Now I can see that this guilt thing over incest is all in my own mind. For, if there were really anything wrong with, incest, I would have felt guilty when fucking Ray… somehow, deep down, our fucking would have been tainted by the fact that he is my real father, whether I knew that consciously or not.

With this liberating thought, Kelly began to smile. Then she dashed into the bathroom and took a long, hot shower. She put on a fresh, sexy nightgown and, feeling refreshed and horny, she went to her father’s study where she knew he was, waiting for her.

“Kelly! You look radiant!” Ray cried as his daughter entered the study and moved toward him where he was sitting behind the big oak desk.

“I feel great now, Daddy,” Kelly murmured. “You called me Daddy!” the man cried jubilantly.

“I’m here, Daddy. And now I want to make love with you. It’ll be like the first time for us since before I didn’t know you were my very own daddy. Love me, Daddy!” Kelly cried.

“Oh, yes, baby, I’ll love you all right,” Ray said huskily as he pushed the girl slightly away from him and stood up. He quickly stripped, leaving his clothes in an untidy huddle on the floor by the desk. Then he wrapped his arms around his daughter and led her over to the couch across the room. She’s right, he thought excitedly, our fuck will be like the first time for us. I’ve waited for years to make it with my own daughter with her knowing the truth about my being her real father. That’s a real turn-on!

“Are you sure, honey? I mean I really hit you hard with the fact that I’m your real daddy. Are you really very sure that this is what you want?” Ray asked huskily.

“Oh, yes, Daddy, I want it very, very much! I’ve accepted the fact that you’re my real father now. And I want to make it with you now as father and daughter. Won’t that be great?” Kelly asked eagerly.

“Yes, baby, that’ll be really great,” Ray said, laughing with delight over his daughter’s eagerness and lack of guile.

“See, Daddy, now that I know incest isn’t wrong, I can really enjoy it!” Kelly said as she and her father settled down on the big old couch, still embracing each other. “In fact, now that I understand that the guilt over incest was all in my own mind, I can see where incest can be extra-exciting, right?”

“Right, honey,” Ray said, reaching out and tracing the slope of one of his daughter’s tits. He was proud of her for having learned so much so quickly. “That’s exactly what I was hoping you would come to see, honey.”

“I see it all right! Now… fuck me, Daddy!” Kelly pleaded, spreading her legs wide.

“You got it, baby! I can’t wait to fuck you!” Ray growled, positioning himself between the girl’s widely splayed legs.

“Ohhhh, yessss,” Kelly sighed as he felt her daddy’s huge, hard cockhead working its way into her cunt. She was panting hard with sexual excitement. At long last, she felt not one shred of guilt over the incestuous act she was about to commit with her real father, and she sensed that it would be the most exciting fuck session of her life.

Ray’s cockhead slipped inside his daughter’s tight cunt a bit. Kelly felt her cuntlips part, then peel back as her father’s gigantic cock screwed inside her.

“Get ready, baby, your daddy’s gonna give you the most royal fucking of your life!” Ray growled, his words echoing the girl’s own feverish thoughts.

“Ohhhh, goody, Daddy! Do it! Fuck me now!” the girl begged tearfully.

Kelly reached up and pulled her father closer to her.

“God, baby, even though we’ve fucked a lot of times already, this really does feel like our first time together… and your little pussy’s every bit as tight as a virgin’s!” Ray grunted huskily.

“Hurry! Hurry! I have to feel your huge cock ramming up into my cunt! Hurry, Daddy!” Kelly wailed, tossing her head back and forth in sexual frustration.

Suddenly, she felt his big prick-head pushing its way forcefully up the snug, tight channel of her pussy, and she groaned with pleasure.

“Ohhhh, yesss, push it all the way in, Daddy! It feels soooo fuckin’ good!” she moaned.

Ray groaned in response, feeling the tight cuntwalls of his daughter’s pussy hugging his prick inside her. He was so aroused now that he felt as if he could easily come any second. But he was determined to hold back, to make this fuck session last just as long as possible. For both he and his daughter knew that this fuck was the most significant and exciting one of their lives.

“Hurt me with your big cock, Daddy!” Kelly cried hoarsely. “Ram me haaaaard with that huge fucker! Shove it all the way up my cunt! Go on, Daddy, do it! I have to feel your whole cock inside me!”

With a grin at his daughter’s words, Ray suddenly lunged forward with all his might, driving the full throbbing length of his prick all the way up into Kelly’s quivering little cunt, the broad cockhead banging up against the back wall of her pussy.

“Yesssss!” Kelly screamed. Thrilling to the intense pain and ecstasy, she arched her back and clawed at her father’s back with her sharp fingernails.

Now her pussy was opened up even more to her daddy’s prick, and she felt his huge fuckrod rush deeper into her cunt than it had ever been before.

“Ohhhh, yessss, Daddy, that’s soooo good!” she moaned.

“Oh, baby, you’re the best lay ever… your little pussy’s squeezing the shit out of my cock so tight… so juicy!” Ray panted as he rested a minute, feeling his hard cock twitching hotly inside his daughter’s cunt.

“Oh, Daddy, I love you so much!” Kelly cried, realizing that it was true. Now she understood why she had felt so drawn to this man ever since her arrival at his country home. Now that she knew he was her own father, she understood why her fuck sessions with him had been even more exciting than those she had shared with Tom.

As the father and daughter continued to fuck each other, images of fucking Josh and Kim sprang to her mind. And Kelly realized, with a pang of lust, that knowing that the two teens were her own half-brother and half-sister would make it much more exciting for them the next time they fucked.

Ray slid his cock in and out of his daughter’s juicy cunt, her creamy pussy sauce making it easy for him. Kelly moaned and writhed violently on the bed, loving the feel of her daddy’s huge cock filling her pussy completely. Every nook and cranny of her cunt was packed full of hot, hard cockmeat and it throbbed lewdly against the walls of her pussy, turning her on savagely.

“Wow, Kelly, you’re fucking like a bitch in heat!” Ray roared approvingly.

Kelly heard the ragged sound of lust in her daddy’s voice and it turned her on even more. Ray slipped his hands under the girl’s ass and raised her hips. Kelly bent her knees and spread her legs even wider as she humped her hips up, grinding her pussy against her father’s crotch. She felt her large tits aching with desire and the need to be sucked.

“Unnnhhh, Daddy, suck my that pleeease!” she begged.

Ray laughed delightedly as he bent his head to his daughter’s chest and sucked one large, throbbing nipple into his hungry mouth, sucking on it like a newborn babe. He eagerly moved his head from one bursting tit to the other, sucking and nibbling on the turgid rosebud nips as Kelly churned and twisted with pleasure beneath him.

“Yeah, that feels really good, Daddy!” she panted gratefully.

Ray thrust his cock harder and deeper into his daughter’s pussy each time, feeling as though his aching balls would pop any minute now. And each time he plunged his cock into Kelly’s pussy, she thrust her hips high up into the air, meeting his prick with her drooling pussy.

“Ohhhh, I love fucking my own daddy!” she cried.

If it hadn’t been for the fact that, she had found out that Ray was her own father long after she had been fucking with him, she probably would never have come to accept incest so completely. She would have most likely stayed a repressed stick-in-the-mud forever, she thought now as she continued to fuck back at her daddy.

The incestuous lovers’ bodies were covered with a fine sheen of sexual sweat as they fucked harder and harder, bringing themselves closer and closer to the mind-shattering climax that they both needed so desperately. However many orgasms they had shared before, they both knew that this one would be the most important one of all, for it would be their first orgasm with both of them fully aware that they were father and daughter.

“Ohhhh, yessss, God, yesss!” Kelly moaned again and again as she felt her father’s gigantic prick shoving its way into her hot, wet cunt over and over, sending shudders of lust and pleasure racing through her entire body which trembled in response.

She lifted her ass high off the bed, keeping pace with Ray’s violent fucking movements. She shook all over with passion for her handsome, virile father. This wild, wanton fuck was everything she had ever dared to dream about, and she knew that she could never love anything else as much as she loved fucking with her on daddy.

“Fuck me hard, Daddy!” she shrilled. “Fuck my horny little cunt!”

“I’ll fuck you hard all right, you little slut of a daughter! You’re fucking like a real pro, baby… you make your daddy proud!” Ray yelled. “Take my cock! Take it all, you horny little whore!”

And with that, he reached down and slapped his daughter hard across her face.

“Oh, God!” Kelly gasped, shocked by the blow. But then she felt a new sensation.

Over and over again, the man slapped the teenaged girl, sending her head reeling first one way, then the other, in response to the stinging blows.

Ray gazed down at her and saw the big grin on his daughter’s face. He laughed with delight, realizing that she was enjoying his cruel treatment. He slapped her hard again several times, his vicious blows leaving red handprints on her white, silken flesh.

“Do all ministers fuck like this… and beat up on girls?” Kelly asked with a lewd, husky laugh.

Ray laughed with her.

“Only those lucky enough to have such a sexy girl for their very own daughter!” he said, laughing again. He reached down and slapped Kelly’s tits this time, sending them swinging back and forth in throbbing pain.

“Owwwwww! That hurts! But I love it!” Kelly sobbed, tears of pleasure and lust streaming down her face.

“I know you love it! That’s ‘cause you’re such a sluttish little whore of a daughter!” Ray roared.

He continued to slam his pulsating prick harder and deeper into Kelly’s pussy with each forceful thrust. The girl grinned up at her father, letting him know that she welcomed his savage treatment of her.

She loved it when he slapped her face. She loved it when he painfully struck her tits. She loved it when he fucked her brutally. In fact, the girl welcomed and loved anything and everything the man could possibly do to her, because he was her very own daddy. With each passing second of their violent fuck session, the teenaged girl came to love her daddy more and more.

Kelly’s hips ground uncontrollably against the bed, and soft mewling sounds escaped faintly from her passion-bloated lips.

“Ununh! Daddy, it feels soooo good when you fuck me like that! I love it, Daddy!” Kelly cried. “Fuck me harder, Daddy! I don’t care if it hurts! I love it when it hurts. Ooohhh, I can feel your whole cock filling up my little pussy… fantastic!”

“You little sexy slut… you begged me for it… now you’re really gonna get it… I’ve been going easy on you compared to the way I’m about to fuck you… you whore… you’re Daddy’s little slut, aren’t you? Say it!”

“Yes, Daddy, yessss! I’m your own little slut! Your whore! Your pussy. Fuck meeeee!” Kelly wailed.

Ray grunted as he plowed his gigantic, throbbing cock as deep as possible into his daughter’s tight, clenching pussy, pushing great ripples of quivering cuntflesh before it.

“Oh, God!” Kelly cried. She jerked convulsively as his huge rod of raw, hot prick-meat thrust itself even deeper up her cunt, filling every crevice of her cunt in a way her pussy had never been filled before.

She threw her head wildly from side to side and wailed loudly, thrilling to the sensation of her little pussy being absolutely and deliciously stuffed to the brim with hot, throbbing cock. It was the most heavenly feeling in the world to the girl.

Again and again, the minister pounded into her, pushing every single inch of his massively swollen prick into the juicy tightness of his daughter’s cunt.

He paused, letting her bursting cunthole adjust to his swollen prickmeat and then slowly, very slowly, he began to move his hips back and forth again, and Kelly’s moans of incestuous pleasure filled the air around them.

A deep sensation of happiness and absolute pleasure tingled throughout the girl’s writhing body. Her hips unconsciously gyrated in a wanton rhythm with the increasing speed of the huge, bloated cock that relentlessly continued to fuck into her.

“Ohhhhh, Daddy. I love it soooo much! It’s sooooo good! Don’t stop, Daddy! Don’t ever stop! Keep fucking me just like that!” she whimpered.

His daughter’s obscene words drove the minister into an even wilder and more frenzied fucking movement, and he pounded mercilessly into her pussy until it seemed as though the helplessly cock-impaled teenager would burst wide open from the delicious torment her body was being put through.

“Ahhhh, unnnhhhh, aaarrrgghhh, yesss, yessss, yessss!” Kelly cried, churning her hips and crotch faster and faster, trying desperately to keep up with the monstrously huge pole of fuckmeat that drilled on and on into her aching pussy.

Kelly groaned loudly as her father slipped his hand under the mounds of her asscheeks again, raising them up as he shoved his big prick into her with the muscular strength of his hips and thighs.

“Ohhhh, ahhhhh, uhhhh,” she moaned incoherently as she wound her long, slender legs around his hips each time he fucked into her. The smooth velvety walls of her pussyhole held him tightly, squeezing around his rigid cock until the girl could feel every single inch of his throbbing prick.

She screwed her crotch up hard against his until she could feel the swelling, cum-heavy balls pressed hard into the wet, wide-stretched crack below her cunt. The soft, hairy balls danced lewdly against the sensitive outer ring of her tiny little whole, sending more shivers of incestuous delight through the teenager.

As the father and daughter continued to fuck each other, Kelly realized that she had never felt this close to any other human being in her entire life, not even to her own mother and Tom, whom she had always believed to be her father. And in that instant, the girl knew with certainty that there was no closer relationship in the world than that of father and daughter. And she also knew that there was no greater way to express their love for each other than to fuck… as they were fucking now.

“Fuck me hard, Daddy! Throw it into me!” she begged, gasping with erotic pleasure.

She was approaching the orgasm she needed more than she had ever needed anything in her life. She twisted and writhed erotically, spreading her legs wide apart and then pulling them up higher and higher, bending them at the knees and spurring her daddy on with her heels as she dug them into his hard-muscled asscheeks.

The girl’s thickly flowing cuntjuices were coating her father’s cock, wetting down his bursting balls and lubricating her thighs and cunthairs.

Over and over again, the doting father slid his gigantic prick easily into his daughter’s sopping, slick cunt.

“Oh, yes, Daddy, yes, Daddy, yes!” Kelly gasped, tossing her head back and forth in a frenzy of incestuous desire for the minister. She tightened and loosened her cunt muscles around the man’s cock, squeezing his hard prick as he thrust deeper and deeper into her pussy which twitched with pleasure.

“Unnnhhh, yeah, baby, yeah, squeeze your daddy’s cock!” Ray panted, thrilling to the lewd sensation of his big prick being milked by his daughter’s pussy.

Then, with a low animalistic growl, Ray began to move his cock in and out more rapidly in a short, jerking movements, teasing both her small cuntlips and her tingling clit with each savage thrust. Kelly moaned over and over as her ravaged cuntmeat burned and throbbed with more and more lust.

Both of the incestuous lovers were soaked with sweat now as they fucked wildly and frenziedly toward their orgasms. Each time Ray shoved his prick into Kelly’s cunt and she thrust her hips up to meet him, their bodies slapped wetly together. The obscene moist sound mingled with their moans and filled the room, echoing off the walls.

Ray shoved his prick deeper and deeper into his daughter’s tight, juicy cunt, sliding out, then ramming back in again, his tight, swollen balls slapping wetly against her crack.

Kelly had long ago given up all control over her own behavior. Her wanton body had completely taken over, and she fucked back at her daddy’s cock more and more wildly with each thrust. She could feel her climax building and she knew that it would be the biggest and wettest climax of her entire life.

“Ohhhhh, Daddy, I’m gonna come!” she cried as she felt her insides splitting painfully and exquisitely, filling her with an intense sensation of total pleasure. All of her senses seemed to explode in flashes of startling, whirling colors and lights, and the room spun about her as her pussy exploded in incestuous ecstasy. And as she came, she continued to slam her crotch up against her father’s.

“Unnhhhh, aaarrrgghhhh, commiiinnggg!” Kelly yelled at the top of her lungs as her hips and ass and crotch tried to keep thrusting pace with the tremors that shook her entire body, blinding her to everything except the raw, hot pleasure that overwhelmed her.

The girl’s cunthole contracted tightly and the intense, squeezing pressure around Ray’s prick triggered his own orgasm. His huge prick flared suddenly into an enormous hugeness that inflamed the girl, adding more fuel to the fire of her orgasm which was still spasming through her.

“Ohhhh, you’re gonna come now, Daddy! I can feel it! Hurry, Daddy, hurry! Shoot all your jizz! I can’t wait to feel all your cum shooting up into me!” Kelly yelled, half out of her mind with fuck-lust for her daddy’s cock.

“Get ready, baby, you asked for it! Here it comes! Now take it all, Daddy’s little slut!” Ray shouted as his huge, jerking prick began to spurt a flow of hot, molten cum into the girl’s quaking pussy.

“Commiiinnggg, you little whore!” he panted hoarsely as he scooped his hands under his daughter’s ass and shoved his cock even deeper into her cunt. Over and over again, he stabbed her juicy pussy with his busting prick as he came.

Globs of hot cum shot into her cunt, splattering against her spasming cuntwalls. Ray snapped his head back as yet another jet of spunk shot from his cum-slit and splashed wetly into Kelly’s pulsing cunthole.

“Oh God, Daddy, I can feel your cum burning up my pussy! I love it! Fill my cunt with all your cum, Daddy, I need it!” she yelled.

She felt her pussy muscles spasm, then relax, spasm and relax, over and over, each time another creamy wad of her daddy’s thick, hot goo shoot into her cunt.

“Unnhhhh, oh, baby, your little pussy’s snapping at my cock like mad!” Ray cried as his cock continued to spray the girl’s cunt hole with his thick cum. He had never had such an enormous load before, and he knew it was because this was the first time he had fucked the girl with her knowing he was her own daddy, and with her begging him to give her first truly liberated incestuous fuck.

Kelly’s little pussy gave a few more spasms and then relaxed. She felt the last spurting jets of her daddy’s precious cum shooting thickly into her overflowing pussyhole. She looked up at the man with a tenderness and love that she had never felt for any other human being. A special bond had been forged between the father and daughter, one which could never be broken.

“Oh, baby, you’re the best,” Ray grunted as he reluctantly pulled his softening prick out of his daughter’s sopping wet cunt.

“Mmmmm, so are you, Daddy! I love you so much!” Kelly cried, throwing her arms around the man’s neck and giving him a big wet kiss on his mouth, one which he eagerly returned.

“I give a pretty good fuck for a minister, don’t you?” Ray asked with a lewd, husky laugh.

“I was wondering about that, Daddy. I mean with you being a minister and all… how is it that you get off on incest?” the girl asked softly, tracing her father’s mouth with her fingertips.

“Well, honey, I’m not your usual kind of minister, I guess,” Ray said slowly.

“No, I guess not!” Kelly laughed.

“I decided a long time ago that most religions are far too negative. I think that God should be a positive force in our lives. And the most positive force of all is love… and love among family should be the greatest love of all, right?”

Ray asked persuasively.

“Right! And what better way to express that love than through the power of sex!” Kelly said with a laugh, liking her daddy’s brand of religion.

“Right!” Ray said, hugging his daughter hard. He was proud of her for her open-minded thinking and for her ability to so quickly adapt to the knowledge that he was her real father.

“You know, speaking of that family and all — I wish that Mom and Tom could be here right now, Daddy!” Kelly cried, feeling a need to explain to her parents all about her newfound enlightenment. She wanted to apologize to them for being so uptight about incest and she wanted to assure Tom that she would always love him for raising her as his own daughter, and she also wanted to let him know that she would always welcome the opportunity to fuck with him.

“Well, as a matter of fact, honey, Alice and Tom will be arriving here tomorrow for a nice long visit,” Ray said with a smile at his beautiful daughter.

“Wow! They’re coming here? How did that happen?” Kelly cried happily.

“Well, Kelly, I called them and explained everything while you were taking your nap. I feel guilty for having given away the secret that I’d promised your mother I never would. So I just had to call her and confess everything,” Ray said.

“What did she say? Was she mad?” Kelly asked worriedly.

“At first, she was. I guess she felt betrayed. But by the time I finished telling her everything, she admitted that deep down she had been hoping that you would learn the truth during your stay here. She said that was part of the reason she had sent you here. She had figured that if you and I got it on, as she guessed we would, and if you then discovered me to be your real father, that knowledge might open you up and lead to your acceptance of incest as natural and right,” Ray explained.

“She was right!” Kelly chirped with a grin. “Yeah, only she just didn’t expect it all to happen so fast,” Ray said and they both laughed.

“But, Daddy, if you called her while I was napping and you asked Tom and her to come here for a visit, that was before I told you that I could accept you as my daddy… before I told you that I feel great about incest now… weren’t you taking a big chance in asking them to come here before knowing how I’d feel about things?” Kelly asked with a little frown.

“Not really, honey. I figured that either way you’d need them. If you couldn’t handle what you had learned, I knew that you’d want them here to comfort you and to take you home. And if you could handle it, I thought it would be a good idea for all of us to be together for a while. Besides, I had great faith in you, Kelly. I just knew that you’d come around,” Ray said softly, stroking his daughter’s naked tits.

“Ohhh, Daddy, I just had a naughty little thought!” Kelly said with a husky laugh.

“What’s that, sweetie?”

“When Mom and Tom get here tomorrow, maybe we could all get it on!” Kelly said eagerly, her face flushing with renewed desire as she thought about making it with her daddy and mother and stepfather. And maybe when Josh and Kim returned home, they could join the fuck party too!

“Sure, baby! That’s just what we’re planning on!” Ray said as he knelt between his daughter’s legs and shoved his now-hard prick up into her pussy again.

“Ohhhh, goody, Daddy! Now fuck me! Fuck me hard!” Kelly groaned, thinking of all the delicious fucks to come with her family now that all of her inhibitions had been swept away. And as she raised her hips to help her daddy impale her pussy on his long, thick prick, she just knew that the Fowlers would fuck happily ever after.




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Top 3 D'loads (all time)

  1. pp-7089 two naughty moms (tom allison).zip [119.49KB]
  2. rws-121 camp for little girls (james wheatfield).zip [134.79KB]
  3. dn-386 daughters wide open lips (ray todd).zip [75.81KB]


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