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xNovel - Naughty Hot Nun


Naughty Hot Nun

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Sister Angela breathed a sigh of relief when the bell rang, ending her last class of the day. The fresh-faced young girls clutched their books, and chattering and gossiping, filed out of the room.

“Thank God!” Sister Angela groaned, collapsing in her chair.

For the entire hour, Mary Bowers had sat staring at her as she lectured, a sullen look of hatred on her face.

And I deserve that look, even though Mary doesn’t know it, Sister Angela thought. What hypocrites we all are! We’re supposed to be giving these young girls a solid education and a firm moral framework. So I punish that young girl for wanting to fuck a handsome young man, and then it turns out that the Mother Superior herself is fucking that very same man! Then I turn around and go down on another Sister!

Tears began to course down Angela’s face. She knelt down in front of the crucifix on the side wall and tried to pray, begging for forgiveness. But lewd images of Tony’s fat prick and Sister Paula’s writhing cunt kept flashing through her brain.

“Dear God! If I don’t get spiritual guidance of some sort, I’ll go insane!” she cried. She jerked her head up quickly, a desperate expression of hope passing across her face.

“Today is Tuesday…” she reminded herself, “… and Father Cassidy is at the convent today!”

She jumped up and tore out of the school building in very un-nunlike fashion, astonishing some of the older sisters on their way to the chapel.

Sister Angela rushed into the administration building and to the office at the end of the hall where Father Cassidy provided religious counseling twice a week, from two to four in the afternoon, before retiring to the chapel to hear confession.

She paused for a moment, then rapped on the door.

Father Michael Cassidy did not hear Sister Angela. He was jerking on his meaty uncut cock as he leafed through some raunchy girlie magazines he had brought with him. These biweekly visits to the convent school were always such a bore, and he hadn’t fucked a pretty parishioner in several weeks. So he was taking this quiet moment to relieve a severe case of blue balls.

“Father! Father Cassidy! I need to speak with you, Father!”

“Damn!” Father Michael groaned. He had been just about to shoot off onto a dynamite picture of a busty blonde who was bending over, spreading her cunt lips right at the camera. “Damn!”

He winced as he began to put his swollen prick back into his pants. Then he pulled down his cassock and stowed the sexy magazine away in a desk drawer.

“Yes, yes. Please come in,” he said calmly, sweeping his damp blond locks back from his forehead.

The door opened, and Sister Angela bustled in. Cassidy was delighted that it wasn’t one of those old prune-faced nuns who were always coming to him for spiritual guidance. No — this was that pert redhead nun he’d had his eye on.

“Ah, Father Cassidy! I must speak to you about… about my suitability to teach young, impressionable minds here at the con vent school.” Her lips quivered, her red rimmed eyes glinted with tears.

“Sit down, dear Sister,” Father Michael said gravely. “Tell me all about it.”

The words seemed to tumble out of the young woman’s mouth. “I — I’ve been doing forbidden things with another Sister — dirty, vile, forbidden things. Sex, Father. In the most perverted form.” The tears began to fail rapidly now, staining the front of her somber black habit.

Father Cassidy’s cock began to throb painfully at these words. He lowered his hand onto his cock-bulge and begun to massage his burgeoning prick, his action hidden by the desk.

“Oh God! And I’m not alone, Father. Other… perverted acts are being committed here, Father. Depraved, evil acts — acts against God!”

Father Michael was being terribly aroused by the nun’s confession. Softly, he said: “Are you still a virgin, my child?”

Red-faced, Sister Angela nodded. “Yes, Father. I have not… er… slept with a man.”

Now Father Cassidy’s heart really began to race. He’d fucked many bored wives and widows who belonged to his congregation in town. They loved his tall, lean figure and his blond good looks, loved the naughtiness of seducing and fucking a handsome priest. But never had Father Michael Cassidy fucked a virgin — a young beautiful nun, no less.

He quickly rose, walked around the desk and placed his hands on Sister Angela’s shoulders.

“This is a very serious sin, my dear,” he said as be began to massage her shoulders, feeling her smooth skin beneath the shapeless black garment she was wearing.

“Yes, Father. I am guilty. I have sinned,” the nun said dramatically.

She did not see the lewd sneer that twisted the blonde priest’s face.

“But think of the prodigal son, Sister Angela. He was forgiven and loved more because he had sinned first and then repented. So long as you repent afterwards, dear Sister, it is all right if you sin.”

“What?” Angela gasped, turning to look up at him.

“It’s quite true,” the priest said calmly, though lust was getting the better of his good judgment. He unbuttoned his cassock and pulled it off, then unzipped his fly in the twinkle of an eye.

“Father Cassidy!” Sister Angela gasped, shocked beyond belief.

“Relax, dear Sister,” the handsome priest said, gently removing her headpiece, then smoothing his hands down the front of her habit, feeling her big thrusting tits. “I’m here to help you! Think of it! Think how pleased God would be if you, a virgin nun, shamelessly fucked a priest and then begged forgiveness. Why, you could fast, light candles, and hold vigils! You could whip yourself silly afterwards! Nothing is more pleasing in God’s sight than a sinner who repents!”

Sister Angela started backing away, but the lusty priest lunged forward, pushing her against the wall. She could feel the heat of his prick eyen through her heavy layer of clothing.

“F-Father!” the nun gasped, so confused and horrified, she thought she would faint.

He had lifted the hem of her habit and stuck his well-manicured hands inside her underpants.

“Mmmmmm,” he moaned, feeling the thick cunt hair insulating her pussy mound. “Let me make love to you, Sister Angela. I guarantee you will be holier as a result! God is love, my dear, remember!”

He mashed his mouth against hers, forcing his tongue between her parted lips, French kissing her violently. Cunt juice began to seep out of Sister Angela’s pussy hole, coating Father Cassidy’s fingers.

“Mrnmmmmm,” he moaned again, excited at this evidence that the redhead was getting turned on.

He stepped back and gazed at her. Now that her wimple had been removed, her short red hair curled around her face, framing it, contrasting beautifully with her pale skin and green eyes.

“Take off your clothes, Sister. It’s for your own goad. Get the lust out of your system, once and for all. Then beg forgiveness for it. I will help you.” He pulled down his pants and underpants, revealing his huge stiff prick.

Sister Angela stood transfixed. His cock was even more gigantic than Tony’s huge throbbing fuck pole, heavily veined, the enormous purple cockhead swollen to obscene dimensions, oozing thick clear drops of pre-cum.

“The staff of life,” Father Michael murmured, grasping his jutting cock in one hand, sliding the foreskin up over the cockhead and then back again.

More drops of pre-cum emerged from his piss-slit, and a long thick string of the goo drooled to the floor, hanging there from the end of his cockhead, reflecting the overhead light.

Sister Angela’s lips slowly parted. It was just too much for her. She was being bombarded from all sides. Her cunt seemed to have a mind of its own. Right now, her pussy was churning and spasming, a flood of cunt juice being wrung from its depths.

Perhaps the Father was right; she would never be free of this vile lust until she got it out of her system, once and for all.

She unhooked the clasps on her collar and sleeves, untied the long knotted belt around her waist, laying it aside, and lifted the habit over her head. Slowly, she revealed her tapered legs, her soft thighs, her large tits.

“Aaaaaah,” Father Michael sighed as he continued to jerk on his cock, the fluttering of his eyelids giving away how aroused he was becoming. “Mmmmmmmmmm, those legs — fabulous!”

Even the unstylish, low-heeled shoes Sister Angela was wearing didn’t detract from the shapeliness of her legs. She kicked off her shoes, rolled down her stockings, and took them off. She did not wear a bra under her bulky habit, and now she reached up and cupped her plump milky tits in her hands, squeezing them gently. Then she began to gyrate her hips and to moan softly as her nipples hardened and the fuck juice from her cunt oozed down her inner thighs.

All the while, she kept gazing at the huge pulsing cock in the priest’s slim hand. The time had come. She would lose her cherry this very hour, and be purged, and sin no more.

The itchy, sweltering feelings in her cunt had gotten out of control. She simply had to feel his gigantic prick stuffed up her cherry cunt.

“Mammon. Are you going to stick your staff of life up… here?” Sister Angela let go of her tits and gently spread the outer lips of her cunt. As she did so, her thumb grazed against her pulsing clit, sending shocks of pleasure through her pussy.

“Aerate! That’s the idea, dear Sister,” Father Cassidy rasped.

In just a few moments, he disposed of the rest of his clothes and stood before her, his prick hammering against his belly, it was so hard.

“Be gentle with me, Father,” the young woman whimpered as he led her to the worn couch flanking one wall.

Sister Angela lay down on the couch fearfully, but Father Cassidy smiled down reassuringly at her and knelt above her, straddling her hips.

“Relax, relax, my dear!” he said.

He reached out and caressed her neck, then her tits, then the insides of her thighs, carefully skirting her cunt mound. Then he leaned down and began to French kiss her slowly, passion causing him to touch and kiss her faster and faster.

Sister Angela responded hotly, moaning and sighing and running her fingers through his hair, humping her cunt mound up against the underside of his rigid cock.

Father Cassidy reached down between them and began to rub Sister Angela’s sensitive clit, working her gradually to a frenzy of lust and need.

“Uuuuunnnnnng… oooooh, it feels so good, Father. Ung! So good!”

Father Cassidy grabbed his prick and slid the cockhead up and down Sister Angela’s cunt gash, from her clit to her asshole. Each time his cockhead was pressed against her cunt hole, it was bathed in a pool of gooey cunt cream.

“Aaaaaaaah, Father! I can’t stand it!” Sister Angela moaned. “Do it! Take my… Uuuuuuungh! Do it to me!”

Father Cassidy, having never fucked a cherry cunt before, had taken an especially long time to arouse the pretty redhead, making sure her cunt was nice and juicy so his cherry-ripping fuck would be as painless as possible for her.

The blond priest grabbed his thick prick securely, aiming it at the nun’s tiny cunt hale, and pushed his prickhead forward.

Sister Angela groaned. Not one millimeter of cock had been forced into her tight cunt opening.

The man thrust forward harder this time, and the entire head of his cock crammed in, torturing the walls of the redhead’s cunt tunnel. She thought she would burst. Never, never had her cunt had an object in it until yesterday, and then it was only a finger and a tongue. Nuns weren’t even allowed to wear tampons, so her pussy was truly, truly cherry.

“You’re killing me!” she began to sob. “But I deserve it! I deserve to be punished.”

Father Cassidy surged forward a little farther and some of his thick cockshaft eased into her cunt.

“Thank God her cunt is wet! Thank God she’s a horny, sensual bitch!” he was mumbling. “This will hurt a little, my dear. But… ungh… you… ungh… must have faith. You will love it… ungh… yessssssss!”

He fucked forward hard now, and he felt her cherry rip away with the onslaught of his tremendous prick.

Sister Angela bit her lower lip in agony as the pain slammed through her body. And there was mental pain too. She had given up her precious cherry, one of the most important things a nun could possess.

Father Cassidy closed his eyes tightly and swallowed. Popping the sweet nun’s cherry was one of the most exciting experiences he had ever had. Even now, as blood coursed out of the nun’s pussy onto the leatherette couch, he could feel his balls rumbling with jizz.

Slowly, slowly, he eased his cockshaft out of her wounded pussy. She winced and gasped, hoping she could pass out.

Father Cassidy opened his eyes and stared at the blood smearing his cockshaft. He had to quickly grasp his prick at the root for fear he would shoot off then and there at the incredibly erotic sight.

Sister Angela felt the pain in her pussy channel begin to subside into numbness. Knowing she had to go through with this fuck, she consciously relaxed her thighs and cunt muscles, hoping it would ease the re-entry of Father Cassidy’s enormous cock. She looked up at the Father’s handsome face and felt her cunt juices begin to gush again.

“Uuuuuuuunsh,” she groaned as he pushed his prickshaft up her cunt once more, then slowly withdrew it. He fucked his cock in once more and withdrew it yet again.

Sister Angela’s slick cunt tunnel began to mold itself around the priest’s cock, and she began to hump up at him, moaning and rolling her hips.

“Oooooooooooh, yeah!” the man groaned loving the way the redhead’s cunt muscles grabbed at his prick, massaging it, sucking on it. “Holy Christ!”

He could feel the nun’s passion building too, and he began to fuck his prick in and out of her cunt more rapidly. He was really hot. He sensed the intense pressure of his heavy load of jizz expanding his balls. He was seething with lust for the gorgeous woman who had unexpectedly brightened his day at the convent.

“Uuuuuun! N-n-noooooo!” Sister Angela moaned.

It felt too damned good. The priest’s immense prick was scouring her cunt tunnel, pressing on nerves she didn’t know existed. And his groin was mashing down on her over sensitive clit, forcing groans of delight from her.

Father Cassidy’s mouth was over her ear, and he was skewering his tongue in the convolutions inside to the same rhythm as he was reaming out her cunt.

“Uuuuuuhn, no! Nooooooo!” Sister Angela gasped.

Her thighs and cunt started shaking uncontrollably. Her eyeballs nearly popped out of her head with the strain of her impending orgasm.

“Aaaaargh!” she screeched as he thrust deeply and fucked his cock up her cunt to the hilt. “Jesus Christ!”

She was climaxing violently, her brain seeming to rattle in her head, her fingers and toes curling and uncurling as she gnashed her teeth.

As her cunt milked Father Cassidy’s prick mercilessly, he, too, felt himself reaching the peak.

“Aaaaaaah! Fucking shiiiiiiiiit!”

A thick hot wad of cum sped up his prick shaft and belched into Sister Angela’s cunt tunnel.

Sister Angela, lost in the heights, could barely detect the hot wetness of his jism as it salved her bruised cunt walls.

Father Cassidy groaned and writhed as he shot another and then another thick wad of turn into the nun’s climaxing cunt. Then he collapsed on her, his weight pressing into her, his mouth still over her ear so that his breath swirled through it, tickling her as she came out of her ecstatic state.

As the priest snored lightly above her, she smiled dreamily. The Father had been right. She felt much, much better now. Pure, clean, and purged. She was relaxed, and she could feel a warm, peaceful sensation spreading throughout her body. She was glad she had sought spiritual counseling.



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