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xNovel - Wife Forced To Spread


Wife Forced To Spread

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“Oooooh, baby, you look good,” Phil Stanton said as he stepped from behind the camera and patted the hard lump of his cock through his Levi’s.

Denise, who had been keeping her profile to the camera, was concentrating so hard on maintaining her pose, she didn’t catch Phil’s comment.

It was not until she heard the unmistakable rasping sound of a zipper being undone that she turned toward him—just in time to see him kicking off his pants and exposing his tanned, muscular legs and his stiff, red cock. His cock was longer and thicker than any she had ever seen in her limited experience.

She couldn’t speak for a moment. She was fascinated and horrified by what was happening. At last, she blurted: “My God, Phil—if this is some kind of joke, it’s not very funny. What would Dan say?”

Phil just leered at her and took a step forward, gently cradling his pulsing cock in his hand. A small droplet of thick cum hung from the head of his cock.

“Stop it! You’re crazy!” she yelled, stepping back toward the wall.

“I’m gonna fuck you, Denise,” Phil whispered. He continued to walk toward her. “Just relax. I know you want to fuck me. Dan doesn’t have to know.”

Denise just whimpered, trying to fully grasp the situation and figure out some way to escape. Otherwise, her husband’s best friend was going to rape her!

She had her back pressed up against the wall, and he grasped her right upper arm firmly.

She screamed and lifted her left hand to strike him, but he caught it in mid-air and twisted her wrist painfully.

Flimsy linen material had been draped over and pinned at her shoulder to make her look like an ancient Greek Goddess for the photo. Now, it gave way with her exertion, and the gown fell to her feet.

Phil gasped. While she had been posing in that absurd costume, he had been able to make out the outline of her full, firm tits and the triangular shadow of her cunt bush. But now she stood in front of him, completely naked and more beautiful than he had ever imagined.

She was panting, and sweat had broken out on her brow. She was unable to scream. Something was holding her back, but her chest heaved in fear and anger as he looked her up and down.

He was fascinated by her full tits. They were capped with dark, burgundy-colored nipples that were very long and tapered. He had never seen nipples like that before. They were erect now—whether from fear or desire, he didn’t know. But he wanted to suck on them, nibble at her stiffened tit-flesh.

Denise had strong, broad shoulders, and Phil had always noticed that she held them squarely, displaying her huge tits proudly but unaffectedly. Her waist was small, and her hips flared slightly. She had long smooth thighs and a ginger-colored cunt bush.

But it was those long, long dark nipples that gave him the biggest erotic jolt. There was something almost lewd about them, and the sight of those nipples set his cock hammering against his belly. He stood there, drinking in the sight of her naked tits for half a second too long.

Denise sensed a loosening of his grip, pulled herself free with a quick wrench of her body, and bolted for the door of his studio.

“You bitch!” Phil growled. He tackled her from behind and grappled her to the hard oak floor.

“Aaaah!” she cried.

He lay heavily on top of her, nailing her to the ground with his weight, holding her arms motionless and breathing down the back of her neck. They both panted from the exertion.

Phil’s throbbing cock lay on the crack of Denise’s ass. She had never felt so vulnerable in her life. She didn’t want to scream, even if other people renting studios in the apartment complex heard her and came to the rescue. A terrible scandal would result. Phil was a prominent photographer, and he was her husband Dan’s best friend!

Surely, if she reasoned with him—told him she was willing to forget the whole incident…

He was pressing the side of his face against the nape of her neck, nibbling at her ear. It was one of her special spots. Dan would always start nipping at the back of her neck and ear to let her know he wanted to fuck.

Ooooh! It does feel good, she thought. She spasmed slightly, rolling her ass against Phil’s sturdy cock.

She felt the fuck juices begin to seep between her pussy lips. God! What am I doing? she panicked.

“Come on, baby, relax—relax. I know you want to fuck. Relax, flow with it…” His voice had taken on a honeyed quality. He began gently humping into her ass.

“Phil—please!” She tried to put a note of desperation into her voice. But her protest did not sound genuine even in her own ears.

My God, she thought. I should be fighting him tooth and nail, screaming bloody murder! But I’m just lying here, lewdly rolling my ass and creaming all over my thighs!

Phil was nibbling at her shoulder now, flicking his tongue over her smooth, sweet-smelling skin. He released her hands cautiously, and seeing she did not try to get away, began to massage the sides of her tits from under her armpits.

Pressed against the cold wooden floor Denise’s tits had squeezed outward toward her sides. He delicately fingered the round firmness of the tender tit-flesh that he could reach. He could not feel her nipples; they were pressed into the floorboards.

“Oh, baby, you’re such a nice piece of ass. Such a beautiful bitch! I’ve watched you for a long time—wanted to fuck you bad.”

“Phil! Please!” She tried again to stop him from fucking her.

“Aaaaaow!” The brute had slapped her hard across the ass.

Then he put one large hand around her throat, not choking her, but demonstrating that he could if he wanted to.

“Now you listen, bitch. You just stop your whining. I want to fuck you slow and sweet. But if you start squawking, I’m gonna ram your cunt so hard, your little pussy will be sore for a week. Understand?”

He tightened his grip, and she nodded her head weakly, gurgling slightly from the pressure of his fingers on her vocal cords.

She was really frightened now. God! What if he’s going to rape me and then kill me? she panicked. But no, this is Phil, my husband’s best pal—the courtly, affluent, well-educated artist. He must be temporarily insane!

Her pussy was really creaming at his savage threat. She went limp—her signal to him that she would submit.

His voice took on the mellow, honeyed quality again. “That’s better,” he fairly purred. “Now, roll over on your back, beautiful. I have some exploring to do.”

He got off of her and sat up with his legs tucked under him, his enormous cock pointing straight up, thick, purplish veins encasing the cockshaft.

Denise rolled over slowly on her back, and Phil gasped. He almost shot off at the sight of her wet cunt bush, her enormous tits somewhat flattened in the supine position.

When her dress had dropped, and, he had seen her unusually long, dark nipples, he somehow knew that between her cunt lips he would find a large, long clit. He wasn’t disappointed.

He started to pry Denise’s legs apart. She resisted, her eyes wide with disbelief. Somehow, she thought he would stop this—stop before he fucked her.

Phil frowned and raised his hand as if to hit her. She relaxed her muscles, closing her eyes in shame and squeezing out a couple of tears.

The flesh of her pussy came into full view. The pungent odor of her cunt juices filled his nostrils. Her pussy was already overflowing with thick, musky cunt fluid.

Denise flinched as he leaned over and carefully pried apart her cunt lips.

“Aaaah!” he gasped. It was just as he had thought. Her clit was unusually long and bright pink in its present excited state. Her cunt labes were swollen and sticky. So sweet, so delectable. He brought his face closer to her cunt and smelled her rich female scent.

Denise kept her eyes closed. She was tensed up, for she expected him to drive his heavy cock into her cunt at any moment. Then she felt his breath on her cunt. She felt his fingers playing with her clit. And then, she felt his tongue delicately flicking her clit.

“Oh my God!” she whispered. “Jesus—it feels so good!”

She was beginning to feel that unbearable cunt itch that meant she was building toward an orgasm.

Phil thrust his tongue deep into her pussy and churned it around, coating his tongue with her rich cunt cream.

“Aaaaah! My God!” She tried to stifle her cries.

But Phil knew that she was turned on. Her pussy was creaming heavily, her legs were twitching, and she was stretching and pointing her toes. Her hips began to undulate. She was moaning softly. He knew he wouldn’t have to force her. She wanted to fuck!

“Aaaaah! Help me!” Denise moaned.

She couldn’t help herself. Phil was an accomplished cunt eater. His technique far surpassed the half-hearted attempts Dan had made at eating her pussy. Dan thought that all there was to fucking was sticking her pussy with his big cock. That had been good, even marvelous sometimes. But Phil was sending her into ecstasy.

Phil moved up over her body, stabbing her belly-button with his tongue. He continued to kiss and nibble her until he reached her succulent tits. Her hard dark nipples were so distended they were nearly two inches long.

He sucked one into his mouth hungrily. “Oooooh, my God!” Denise stamped the soles of her feet on the floor, not even trying to stifle her cries of pleasure now.

Phil continued to suck her nipples as he kneaded her soft mounds of tit-flesh.

Denise opened her eyes. She reached out and put her hands in Phil’s tousled hair, clasping him more firmly to her tits.

She was writhing with pleasure. She thought if he sucked her clit some more, she would get off.

Phil let her long nipple drop from his mouth and jerked his head free of her clutching fingers. He sat up, straddling her between his knees, his stiff prick throbbing.

Denise smiled up at him, her lips swollen with lust, her eyelids drooping and half obscuring her bright hazel eyes.

“Fuck me, Phil. Fuck me now!” she moaned.

She cupped her tits in her hands and swiveled her hips in a fucking motion. She thought she would die if she didn’t feel his big hard cock jammed up her cunt.

Phil’s prick lurched at her words. Clear pre-cum oozed from the slit at the top of his angry red cockhead.

The sight of his excited, leaking prick almost drove Denise crazy.

Suddenly she wanted to feel his big pulsing mound of cockmeat in her mouth more than anything! She wanted to milk his prick dry with her tongue and lips.

“I want to suck your cock,” she sighed. “Please, please let me suck your cock. Oooh!”

It was as if someone else had taken over her body—some wild woman-and she was close by, listening to the whole thing. She had never said anything like that before, had never begged Dan to stick his cock in her mouth.

“Ooooooh, yeah. Please let me suck your cock!”

Phil moved up along Denise’s body, panting heavily. The transformation had taken place more quickly than he could have hoped. There she was, her hips undulating, her nipples standing up straight from her large tits, sweet pussy juice flowing from between her perfect white thighs, and she was begging to suck his cock!

“Lie down, baby. I wanna go down on you,” Denise said.

“Mmmmmm, yes,” Phil sighed.

He lay down beside Denise, and she sat up, tossing her hair back. She stuck her finger up her cunt and felt the warm stickiness of her desire.

“Now, baby, now! Suck my cock!” Phil squirmed impatiently, his tight ass bouncing on the hard wooden floor. Seeing her jab her own cunt like that had turned him on so much, he almost shot his wad.

Denise crawled over on her hands and knees and straddled his chest. She grasped the root of his massive cock and leaned toward it, flicking his sticky prickhead with her hot, wet tongue.

“Oh, my God!” Phil rasped. “SHIT!” His inner thighs writhed. His feet pounded the floor.

“Mmmmn,” Denise moaned as she tasted his salty cock juice and rolled it around her tongue.

She kissed the bulbous bead of Phil’s prick and licked around the rim. The thick rubbery texture of his cock excited her so much she reached down with her other hand and began to finger her swollen cunt.

“Aaaaah!” she gasped as she began to quiver, and pussy juice leaked in a puddle on Phil’s belly.

“Take my cock to the root, baby,” Phil gasped. “Take, my fucking cock all the way to the root!”

Denise gummed Phil’s cock, swallowing it down to his wiry prick hair. She held his cock in her mouth, tickling his prick shaft with her nimble tongue.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” Phil wailed. This babe, for all her Madonna-like modesty, is one hell of a cocksucker! he thought.

Denise gently massaged his hard, round balls as she slid her mouth up and down his thick cock. At the same time, she played with her elongated clit, coming close to an orgasm several times.

Phil wanted to prolong her cock sucking. He’d had his cock sucked by a lot of women, but none with the sensitivity and the fabulous technique of Denise. He figured that with some chicks, cock sucking just came naturally. They could sense where and to what degree a man’s prick needed stimulation.

That had to be the case, because he figured that Denise really had been faithful to Dan, and he hadn’t given her a lot of variety. It was pretty obvious that she was a powerhouse of sensuality just waiting to be tapped. She was proving it. God was she proving it!

“Slow down, slow down…” Phil moaned. He didn’t want to come just yet.

But Denise did not slow down. She was going to come any moment, and she wanted Phil to shoot his jism down her throat at the same time.

She scraped her teeth lightly along his cock shaft, then sucked on the underside of his prick head.

“Jesus fucking bitch! I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come! I’m cooooommmmmiiiiing!” Phil thrust his cock savagely down Denise’s throat and shot wad after wad of thick cum.

But just as she felt his first load of hot cum shoot down her throat, she started to come. Her thighs quivered, her cunt writhed, and she would have screamed had she not had a thick cock shoved into her mouth.

She creamed all over Phil’s chest, bouncing her ass up and down on his ribs, taking load after load of his spunk.

She continued to milk his deflating prick until it was bone-dry. Then she let his cock slip from her mouth. She fell forward on him, her cheek grazing his, their hearts racing in counterpoint.

Without a word, Phil reached up and held her plump asscheeks in his hands, and the two of them fell into unconsciousness.


Denise awoke to the pulsing of Phil’s hard cock against her pussy. She opened her eyes slowly and purred like a kitten. She hunched down on his awakened prick, and he immediately shook himself awake.

He grinned up at her, pinching her asscheeks and rubbing his hand down her hips and into her matted pussy hair.

Denise squirmed and sighed. She put her mouth to Phil’s ear and whispered: “My cunt is hungry, darling. My poor little pussy is having hunger pains.”

“Then we’ll just have to feed it same prick meat. Fill your cunt up till it’s satisfied.”

“Mmmmmm—yes,” she agreed.

Denise rolled over on her back, bent her knees, and spread her thighs wide.

Phil crawled over to where he could get a good view of her lewd, spread-wide pose. He could look right at her swollen pink pussy lips, dripping clear pussy juice, surrounded by her thick, matted, ginger-colored cunt hair.

It had to be one of the sexiest sights he had ever seen. Then, when she started rocking her hips back and forth, back and forth, he moaned with desire.

His prick was as big and stiff as it ever got. His balls were held tightly up against his prickroot in their hairy sac. He would dispense with the preliminaries. All he wanted to do was jab her juicy pussy with his raging cock.

Denise felt Phil run his finger down her pussy slit, then pry open her pussy labes and stick his finger up her warm cunt.

“Fuck me. Fuck me!” she whimpered. “I can’t stand it! Fill my cunt!”

Phil pressed the head of his dripping cock against Denise’s fuckhole, held it there for a moment, and then jammed it brutally into her tiny red cunt gash.

“Aaaaagh!” she cried in surprise.

He jammed his cock far up her cunt, was wombing her good!

“Take it! Take my prick, you sweet fucking bitch! Take my cock!” Phil barked as he continued to fuck her cunt violently. He grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the floor above her head.

It was a mock rape. And Denise, shocked at first, began to get off on the energy and excitement of it all.

She had never had her cunt so full, never before experienced such ferocious fucking!

“My God—stop it!” wailed. But stopping the fucking was the last thing she wanted.

Phil played her little game. “You’re going to take my prick, bitch, and you’re gonna stop that whining, or you’re not gonna be able to walk outta here!”

He thrust his cock in deep and bit her shoulder.

“Aaaaagh!” she screamed, and then she felt waves of excitement race down her chest to her thighs and clit. Her cunt began to writhe violently.

Phil was so caught up in fucking the shit out of her, that he loosened his grip on one of her wrists. He pulled his cock almost all the way out of her cunt and then shoved it in hard. When he was up to his balls in pussy, she whacked him hard on the ass with her free hand.

“Aaaagh! Fucking bitch! Fucking, fucking bitch!”

The vein on his forehead looked like it was going to burst. His eyes nearly popped. He came with a series of violent shudders, squirting jizz up Denise’s pussy.

Denise was approaching her orgasm, but she hadn’t reached the top yet. She was panting and squirming, barely able to breathe. And Phil was pumping her with fresh cum. When the first wave of his frenzy passed, he realized the condition she was in.

The bitch needs a little extra excitement, he thought. He reached down to her ass crack, feeling her tight little shithole. Prying her asscheeks apart, he jabbed his index finger up her asshole and began rotating it.

“Oh no—shiiiiiiit!” she screamed.

It was too, too much. Her cunt clasped and unclasped Phil’s waning cock. She pressed her nails into her palm and drew blood. Her brain seemed to fry with an overload of sensation. She came.

Phil withdrew his prick. He felt suddenly refreshed from all the exertion. But Denise still lay semi-conscious on the floor, her legs splayed, her jaw slack.

Phil put on his pants and sandals and the shirt he had tossed aside. He looked down at his wristwatch. It was already four o’clock.

“Denise. Denise!” he called sharply.

“Ummmmm… mmmmmmm.”

“It’s late, Dan’s going to be getting home soon. You’ve got to get out of here.”

“Oh, Phil, you were so-so—marvelous!”

“Yeah, you were too, baby.” He couldn’t help smiling at the lovely woman as she began to come out of her sensual daze. “But, honey, we could blow the whole thing if you don’t get your act together fast!”

He at last persuaded Denise to get up. He helped her put on her street clothes, trying not to linger over what would otherwise have been supremely erotic—dressing a beautiful woman from bra and panties all the way to trench coat and boots.

Looking only slightly dazed with her belt twisted and her nylons scored with runs, Denise took the elevator down to the street, hailed a cab, and made it home in a quarter of an hour.



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