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xNovel - Sister Does Dogs


Sister Does Dogs

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“It’s my turn now, Gail, and I’m gonna fuck the holy shit out of that hungry little pussy of yours!” Biff growled as Scotty slipped his soft cock from the girl’s pussy and lay down on his side, still panting hard.

“Oooh, hurry, Biff! I have to feel another cock inside my pussy again right away!” Gail whimpered.

Biff moved between his sister’s legs. He could see her little clit stiffly protruding from its protective pink sheath.

Gail writhed on the bed, impatient to feel the boy’s big cock penetrating her cunt deeply. She knew that nothing in the world could equal the thrill of being fucked by her own dog. But his cock was soft now. And, while she waited for it to harden again, Biff’s prick would do just fine.

She watched breathlessly as Biff squatted down on his strong haunches.

“Okay, baby, you wanna get fucked? I’ll fuck you, all right!” he growled.

“Ohhhh, yesss, Biff, fuck me!” Gail cried—but now her eyes were on Scotty, who was returning her intense gaze.

Biff chuckled and stroked his sister’s bursting tits.

“I changed my mind, Sis. You’re acting so much like a bitch in heat that I think I’d better fuck you that way. Get up on your hands and knees!” Biff commanded.

“Okay!” Gail cried eagerly as she quickly scrambled to her hands and knees, lewdly waving her ass in the air.

It delighted her to think that Scotty had fucked her in the human position and that her brother was now going to fuck her like a dog. The only thing she didn’t like about her all-fours position was that she could no longer see Scotty.

“Over here, boy,” she called out, turning her head to look at the dog over one shoulder. Scotty gave a little bark and sprang up, moving around in front of his mistress.

“Good boy,” Gail said with a smile as Scotty’s tongue lapped out to lick her face.

“Shit, you and that fucking dog,” Biff growled. But he knew that there was absolutely nothing he could do about the bond between his sister and the dog.

As Gail waited for her brother to fuck her, she stuck her own tongue out, flicking over the animal’s furry face, concentrating on his lips and tongue. She could feel hot blood pounding into her tits and her pussy. Her nipples were stiff and swollen. More and more cunt sauce poured from her cunt, trickling on down her quivering thighs.

Suddenly, Scotty hunched down and began to rub his cock against the bedclothes to relieve the ache in his balls.

“Oooooh, Scotty, you’ve been holding out on me!” Gail cried excitedly. “Your cock’s all hard again!”

“Shit!” Biff cursed again. “That damn dog is just gonna hafta wait! It’s my turn to fuck you now!”

Gail laughed softly. The young girl knew that there was more than one way for her to take care of her dog’s hard-on. She could see Scotty’s lust-reddened dog-cock sliding out of its furry sheath. She could smell the heady aroma of his pre-cum as it dribbled from his twitching cum slit.

“Ohhhhh, Scotty,” she moaned in a low tone of voice so that her brother could not hear her. Then, she raised her voice. “Hurry, Biff, fuck me now!”

Biff slapped his sister’s ass hard several times, leaving his red handprints on her lily-white flesh. He grinned and pushed the throbbing head of his prick into the hairy mouth of Gail cunt. He surged forward, stabbing the first few inches of his cock into her.

“Yessss!” Gail hissed.

Biff groaned with pleasure, loving the feel of his sister’s hotly squeezing pussy around his pulsating prick.

“Fuck meeee!” Gail wailed as she began to grind her hips in a lewd fucking motion. She thrust her firm little ass back against her brother’s penetrating prick.

Scotty whined, watching his mistress’ lust-contorted face. He continued to drag his aching prick against the bedclothes, pausing now and then to rise and lick Gail’s face and tits.

“Ohhhhh, Scotty,” Gail groaned, feeling the animal’s rough tongue scraping deliciously over her tender nipples.

Biff thrust forward, unaware of the sexual play going on between his sister and the dog. He fucked his entire cock into the greased channel of Gail’s tight cunt. He felt her strong cunt muscles grabbing at his cock and holding onto it as if they would never release it.

Again and again, Biff fucked his bursting prick in and out of his sister’s wet pussy. Gail heard the noisy squashing sounds as her brother’s prick rhythmically plowed through her juices. She groaned with excitement.

The next time she felt Scotty’s tongue on her face, she opened her mouth and waited. When his tongue touched her lips, she captured it with her lips, sucking it into her mouth.

Scotty whined with delight, his body quivering, his cock growing bigger and harder.

Gail continued to suck on her dog’s tongue while her brother dog-fucked her. She licked the tip of the animal’s tongue with her own tongue, delighted by the sounds of pleasure Scotty was making.

She knew that Biff was so intent on fucking her from behind that he was unaware of what was going on between her and Scotty. The younger girl thought that was just as well.

She released Scotty’s tongue and he licked down her face to her tits. She felt the rough dog-tongue playing over her aching nipples and her cunt tightened even more around Biff’s prick.

Again and again, Biff fucked into his sister, not realizing that a good deal of the girl’s pleasure was caused by Scotty’s tongue.

While her dog licked her nipples raw, Gail moaned and humped back against her brother as hard and fast as she could. She and Biff and Scotty were all beside themselves with lust, all of them concentrating on the orgasms they needed so badly.

“Yessss, fuck meeee!” Gail shrieked, looking directly into Scotty’s eyes as if he were the one fucking her instead of her brother.

Her hot cunt juices bubbled around Biff’s throbbing cock as the young girl came. She felt Scotty’s rough tongue licking over the very tip of one of her nipples, and she shuddered. At that moment, she knew that she could not honestly say which was giving her more pleasure, which was causing her orgasm: Scotty’s tongue or Biff’s prick.

“Atta girl, come!” Biff yelled, feeling his sister’s pussy spasming violently against his deeply embedded cock.

Scotty barked and moved his tongue to his mistress’ other tit. As he licked the hypersensitive nipple, he felt his cock growing thicker and aching all the more.

Gail’s cunt walls gripped around the shaft of Biff’s prick as she came. Biff felt his balls tightening up against his crotch.

“Shiiiit, baby, I’m gonna come, too!” he hollered, continuing to slam his jerking prick into her pussy. “Yeah, yeah, Gail, I’m gonna fill your cunt with my cum! Commmiiiinnngg!”

White-hot jism squirted from Biff’s twitching cum slit. Over and over, hot cock cream gushed from the bloated cock-knob, completely filling Gail’s cunt with the foamy liquid. Grunting hard, Biff continued to dog-fuck his sister until all of the cum had been drained from his balls.

As she felt her brother’s cock slipping out of her pussy, Gail’s knees buckled and she collapsed forward, lying face down on the bed. She heard Scotty whimpering and she raised the upper part of her body.

“Whatsa matter, boy? You still got that big hard-on?” Gail asked, licking her lips hungrily.

Just as Gail decided that she would suck the dog’s cock until he came in her mouth, Scotty surprised her by moving around behind her. The animal went between her legs, his cold nose prodding against her drooling cuntlips.

“He wants to fuck you again, Gail,” Biff said, half-disgustedly and half-excitedly.

He lay down on one side next to his sister, propping his head up on one arm while he began to play with his prick with his other hand. He was facing Gail and Scotty, eager to see what was going to happen next between the insatiable lovers.

Gail eagerly rose to her hands and knees again, quivering in anticipation at the idea of feeling Scotty’s hard dog-cock inside her pussy again. And she was glad that the animal was going to fuck her dog-style. Gail was feeling so totally depraved, so wanton, that she wanted to be Scotty’s little bitch in heat. If he fucked her from behind, she could feel more like a dog herself, and she thrilled to that feeling.

Scotty leaped up onto his mistress’ back and fucked his entire prick into her pussy with one strong movement.

“Yesss, Scotty, fuck me like a dog!” Gail cried.

She tightened her pussy muscles around the animal’s prick and began to move back against him. Back and forth, the youngster shoved her ass, forcing her cunt to draw in and out as it sucked tightly around her dog’s prick. Her clit stiffened more and more, rubbing against the Irish terrier’s hard cock.

Scotty barked excitedly, feeling the strong pull of his mistress’ cunt on his deeply-fucking cock. Again and again, he reamed her pussy with his hard prick, fucking faster and harder with each strong thrust.

“Harder, Scotty, let’s fuck harder!” Gail screamed, beginning to sob with pleasure and desire.

Next to her, Biff continued to jack his prick, his eyes wide as he watched the long, thick dog-cock fucking into his little sister’s juicy pussy.

Gail panted through her flared nostrils and concentrated on the frantic rhythm of Scotty’s wild fucking movements. She gasped with joy each time she felt his big cock slicing all the way into her, fucking balls-deep inside her hungry pussy.

“Commmiiinnnggg, Scotty!” she yelled only moments later. “Oh, Scotty, I’m coming!”

Her entire body flushed a deep red. She pounded her ass back hard against her dog’s prick just as hard and fast as she could as she came.

“Fuck me, Scotty! Fuck meee! I’m coming so hard!”

Her thick girl-cum flooded around Scotty’s throbbing prick as she came for a full minute. She moaned and groaned, her pussy muscles squeezing the animal’s cock harder than ever.

Suddenly, Scotty threw his head up into the air and gave an eerie, high-pitched howl.

“Damn bastard’s gonna come,” Biff muttered, still jerking himself off.

He was right. Gail’s sobs turned to cries of joy as she felt her pet’s cum blasting into her orgasming pussy.

Scotty gave one final fuck-thrust into his mistress’ cunt and held his prick there, hosing her cunt walls thoroughly with his rich cum.

“Good, good, Scotty! You’re coming inside me really hard now, lover! It feels great!” Gail gurgled, beside herself with excitement and pleasure.

More and more dog-cum jetted into the youngster’s pussy until it finally backed up and began to run out of her. The thick dog-cum mingled with her own girl-cum, and the lewd mixture ran down her thighs, pooling onto the bedclothes below.

“Jesus, what a sight,” Biff said, shaking his head.

His own hard-on throbbed in his hand and he knew that he was going to come in a matter of minutes, too.

Finally, Gail’s orgasm ended. She knew that her dog had shot his cum-load into her. There was no more cum left in his balls. With a sad little sigh, she fell forward, resting her weight on her shoulders. Her ass was still poised high in the air, her dog’s prick still inside her twitching pussy. Her naked flesh was soaked with sweat and her mouth was curved into a smile of satisfaction.

Biff handled his rock-hard cock in both hands now. He stared at his sexy sister with a slack jaw, and drool oozed from the corners of his mouth.

Scotty gave a little whine as he pulled his cock out of his mistress’ dripping pussy. He moved around in front of the young girl and flopped down on his back, his furry paws pawing at the air, and his tail wagging furiously.

“Oh, Scotty, your cock’s still hard!” Gail cried excitedly.

She reached out and stroked the dog’s furry belly, moving her hand toward his upright prick.

“God, doesn’t he ever quit?” Biff muttered. But he grinned as he moved behind his sister, his eyes on her wriggling ass and cum-soaked cunt.

Gail moaned a little as she grasped her dog’s cock and rubbed it hard.

Scotty panted hard and whined with pleasure.

The animal’s stiff prick was jutting straight up in the air, only an inch or so from Gail’s parted lips.

Biff knelt between his little sister’s thighs. His own stiff cock poked lewdly between her legs.

Gail groaned as she felt her brother’s spongy cockhead banging up against her pussy.

“You want me to fuck you, Sis?” Biff asked hoarsely.

“God, yes, fuck me hard! I’ll take care of Scotty’s cock while you take care of my pussy, Biff!” Gail chirped.

She arched her back more and the wet slit of her little pussy rose higher. Biff aimed his big prick against her cunt. As she humped her ass back against his crotch, he suddenly lunged forward. With one hard thrust, Biff fucked his entire pulsating prick into the hot juiciness of Gail’s tight cunt.

“Argh, yeah, Biff, yeah! Your hard cock feels soooo good inside me!” Gail cried. She eagerly humped back against him, her asscheeks wriggling.

As she fucked with her brother, Gail lowered her head toward Scotty’s prick. She felt the dog’s cockhead against her lips and she moaned with heady anticipation. She opened her lips wide and sucked the flared cocktip into her mouth. She licked up the delicious pre-cum, murmuring little love words to her pet.

Scotty yelped with excitement, his body shuddering as his mistress sucked on his prick.

Gail ran her hot, wet mouth over the dog’s entire cockshaft while he twisted about on the floor. She sucked his cock into her mouth as far as possible, nibbling on the sides of the pulsating prickmeat.

Meanwhile, Biff fucked his cock in and out of his sister’s cunt, rubbing it hard against her clit with each inward stroke.

“Ohhhh, Biff, keep fucking me hard like that! God, but it feels great!” the young girl cried, popping the dog-cock out of her mouth just long enough to yell out her pleasure.

Scotty whimpered impatiently, looking up at his mistress with wide, pleading eyes.

“Ohhhh, Scotty, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to stop sucking your cock,” Gail whined. And she immediately lowered her head again, sucking the dog-cock back into her mouth.

Biff dug his fingers in the silkiness of his sister’s ass. He shoved his hard cock wildly into her wide-open pussy. Over and over, he savagely fucked his long, thick prick deeply into the tight grip of his sister’s wet pussy.

Gail clenched and unclenched her tight cunt muscles, making her brother groan with lust as he continued to ram her fuck-hole with his huge cock.

Gail was sucking more and more of her dog’s cock down her throat. Scotty raised his head and licked every part of the young girl which he could reach with his long, pink tongue. Gail shivered with delight, feeling the animal’s rough taster running over her naked flesh.

Gail felt Scotty’s dog-cock strike the back of her throat, and she eagerly began to deep-throat him. She swallowed hard, feeling his satiny cockhead slide easily down her throat. She sucked and sucked some more, swallowing hard. She was forcing more and more of the delicious dog-cock down her throat. Already, she was looking forward to the feel of his cum filling her mouth and shooting down into her belly.

After the girl had swallowed so much of Scotty’s prick that her nose was pressing about his loaded balls and her lips were brushing his prick sheath, she began to tense and then relax her throat muscles, giving the dog the best blow-job possible.

Scotty yipped and panted raggedly. His mouth was hanging open and his dog-drool was spilling from it, matting his fur and wetting Gail’s skin where he continued to lick her from time to time.

As Gail continued to suck hard on her dog’s cock, deep-throating him, Scotty raised the upper part of his body as much as he could, managing to reach the girl’s tits. Gail felt his tongue licking at her nipples, and she shivered. Those tongue-licks seemed to increase in intensity with each jolt of bestial pleasure Gail gave his dog-cock with her tightening throat.

She winced with pleasure as her pet continued to lick her nipples. She kept clenching and unclenching her throat muscles around the Irish terrier’s stiff prick. At the same time, she tightened and loosened her cunt muscles around her brother’s big cock.

Biff’s prick twitched and jerked and he knew that he was about to come. He could feel his sister’s demanding cunt muscles working on his savagely pumping prickshaft, trying to milk the cum from his balls.

Over and over, the young boy fucked his cock deeply into her tight, squeezing pussy hole. He could hear the wet, slurping sounds Gail was making as she sucked hard on Scotty’s prick.

Biff groaned with excitement at the idea that his little sister was sucking a dog off while he fucked her dog-style.

“Suck that bastard’s cock, Gail,” he suddenly yelled. “I’m coming, you dog-slut!”

The hot cum exploded from his prick, shooting in a thick gusher up Gail’s twitching pussy hole. Biff continued to hump his ass, grinding his cock into the youngster as wad after wad of his hot jism filled her pussy.

He dug his fingers painfully into Gail’s firm ass, feeling the last of his cum spurting from his jerking prick. Finally, his cock went limp and he pulled out of her with a wet, obscene sound.

Feeling her brother’s jism filling her little pussy thrilled Gail beyond belief, and she began to come. She tightened her mouth and throat even more around Scotty’s cock, and the dog yelped in surprise and pleasure.

Gail gurgled around the stiff prick in her mouth as she came hard. She felt weak with lust and ecstasy as gigantic shock waves of climax washed over her, leaving her whole body trembling like a leaf.

Suddenly, she felt Scotty’s dog-cock jerk violently against the walls of her throat. She groaned with excitement, knowing that she was about to receive a huge load of dog-cum in her mouth. She could hardly wait, she was so excited.

She continued to work her strong throat muscles around Scotty’s bucking prick. Even though Biff’s cock had felt good in her pussy and had made her come, Gail was glad that it was no longer inside her. Now, she could turn her full attention to her dog who was, after all, her most favorite lover in the whole world.

Scotty’s body lurched up from the floor, then crashed back down. His eyes glazed over and he let out a series of long, wailing howls as he prepared to come.

Just then, a thick, hot gusher of dog-jism shot from his large cock-knob and splashed directly into Gail’s throat. It was immediately followed by another spurt of cum, and then another. Glob after glob of the thick, creamy goo was propelled violently from the dog’s cock and slid down Gail’s clenching throat.

“Way to go, Sis!” Biff cheered from the sidelines. He reached beneath his little sister’s chest and stroked her tits while the young girl continued to swallow her pet’s dog-jism.

Gail felt her own juices pouring out of her pussy and running down her legs. She knew that her bedclothes would be stained with cum and pussy juice by the end of this torrid three-way fuck, but she didn’t care. In fact, that knowledge only turned her on more, and she swallowed Scotty’s cum even more greedily.

Gail came again as she drank the last of her dog’s jism. She slipped Scotty’s softening prick out of her mouth and fell over onto her back, grinning with satisfaction.

“That was fantastic!” she said, her eyes on Scotty.

The dog lay next to her, putting his furry head across one thigh. She reached out and stroked his head, almost forgetting that her brother was there.

“You little slut!” Biff growled.

But then he laughed and Gail joined in, the sounds of their mutual merriment mingling with Scotty’s excited barks.



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