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xNovel - Sister Does Dogs


Sister Does Dogs

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A couple of days later, Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny. Gail stretched out lazily in her bed. She smiled, remembering that her parents had gone out of town to spend the entire weekend at a friend’s house in the country. This meant that Gail would have all that delicious time alone with Scotty and Biff.

“Mmmmm, wonder what we’ll do first,” the young girl murmured aloud, throwing her bedcovers back to reveal her naked body.

She didn’t have long to wonder. At that moment, her bedroom door flew open and Biff and Scotty entered. The Irish terrier gave a welcoming bark and bounded up onto his mistress’ bed.

“Ooooh, Scotty, good morning,” Gail said with a little laugh as her pet washed her entire face with his big flopping tongue.

“Hi, Sis, ready for some fun?” Biff husked, slowly stroking his naked hard-on.

“Oh, Biff, you’re all naked!” Gail cried, really looking at her big brother for the first time since he had entered her room. He was completely naked and his cock was hard and throbbing, the cockhead already dripping with little pearly drops of pre-cum.

“Yeah, just like you,” Biff said, smacking his lips hungrily as his eyes swept over the young girl’s body.

“I wanted to come in here alone to fuck you, but this fool dog wouldn’t let me near you unless he came in, too,” Biff muttered sullenly, still stroking his aching prick.

Gail laughed, delighted that her dog wanted her as much as she wanted him. She didn’t dare tell her brother that she liked it that way, and that her brother alone could not possibly turn her on as much as Scotty could.

“That’s okay,” she murmured. “I think I can handle both of you.”

“Well, you’d better,” Biff said thickly. “I’ve got a hard-on that won’t quit, and so does Scotty!”

“He does?” Gail asked excitedly, bending her head to look beneath Scotty’s furry underside. “Ooooh, yeah, he sure does!” With a little groan, the young girl reached out and gently stroked the animal’s big cock.

Scotty whimpered with pleasure and licked her face again. Gail caught the dog’s tongue between her lips and lashed at it with her own wet tongue. Scotty whined excitedly and his cock grew harder in his mistress’ clutching hand.

“I’ve gotta fuck him first, Biff,” Gail murmured, turning her wide, imploring eyes up to her brother’s.

“Yeah, I figured,” Biff muttered jealously, not liking to admit to himself that his sister preferred the dog’s cock to his own.

While Gail continued to kiss her dog, their tongues meeting again and again, she kept fondling his hard prick. Biff cursed and reached down, running both of his hands over his sister’s body.

Gail moaned with pleasure as she felt her brother’s hand squeezing and fondling her tits. She squirmed, clasping her hand even more tightly around Scotty’s dog-cock.

Gail pulled back from her dog’s furry face and studied the expression in his intelligent eyes. She could see the gleam of lust there and she shivered, anticipating the exquisite thrill of feeling his hard cock all the way inside her pussy.

Biff pawed at his sister’s body. When he began to fondle her naked pussy, she stretched her legs out wider, whimpering with unbridled pleasure.

“God, you’re already wet!” Biff said, raising one hand to his face and staring at the cunt juice that glistened on his fingertips.

“I’m always wet!” Gail replied proudly. She gasped with excitement as her brother stuck his tongue out and licked her pussy juice off his fingers.

Scotty barked urgently then, and Gail knew that it was time for her and her pet to fuck each other.

“Okay, okay, you bastard dog,” Biff growled, realizing the same thing. “Go ahead and fuck this little pussy. I’ll have my turn with her later.”

The boy reached out and slapped the animal on his hindquarters. Then, Biff moved around to the other side of the bed. He knelt down next to his sister, preparing to watch her being fucked by their dog. Biff clutched his prick again, beginning to squeeze and rub it, hoping that he would be able to hold back from his orgasm until his cock was snugly buried deep inside Gail’s hungry little cunt.

“You heard him, Scotty! Fuck me!” Gail cried urgently, pushing at her dog’s face so that he would get the idea.

Scotty got the idea, all right. With a little yelp, he quickly moved down, straddling the girl’s body, until his cockhead was nudging against her swollen pussylips.

“Ooooh, I can’t wait, Scotty! Hurry! Fuck me!” Gail cried, twisting her body frenziedly on the bed.

“Shit!” Biff sneered. “I can never understand why you’d rather have that dog fuck you than to have me shove my big cock up your hot little pussy!”

“Oh, Biff, don’t be mad,” Gail cooed, eyeing her big brother’s hard-on. “You know I love to fuck you, too.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” Biff said impatiently. Even though he was jealous of the dog who was about to fuck the young teenaged girl, he had to admit to himself that it really turned him on to watch his sister making it with the furry beast.

Scotty moved his loins forward just a bit. Gail felt the dog’s flared cocktip just beginning to poke between her juicy cuntlips.

“Ahhhhh, yessss!” she moaned. She tossed her head from side to side in lust. Her nipples were rock-hard. Her cunt was oozing out rivers of hot pussy cream which dribbled lewdly down her quivering thighs.

While Scotty got ready to fuck his mistress, Biff reached down again and squeezed Gail’s tits. He pinched and kneaded the sensitive tit-flesh as hard as possible.

“Yieee!” Gail cried out in pain and pleasure.

She breathed raggedly and rotated her hips as her brother rolled and pinched her nipples over and over. Out of the corners of her eyes, Gail could see Biff stroking his hard prick with his free hand. The erotic sight aroused her still more.

Now, the boy lowered his head to the girl’s bursting tits. She moaned and held his head between her hands, still feeling Scotty’s dog-cock pressing against her cunt, as if teasing her on purpose.

Biff sucked on his little sister’s tits, moving his mouth rapidly from one to the other. At the same time, Scotty rubbed her clit with his swollen cockhead, making her cry out with excitement. As the dog continued to press against her clit with his pricktip, Biff kept sucking her tits. He still stroked his prick up and down. He was no longer using his other hand to squeeze her tits. With that free hand, he cupped Gail’s trembling ass. Then, he rammed his stiffened middle finger right up her asshole.

“Yeooowww! That hurts!” Gail cried, but then she laughed in delight, showing just how much she loved it.

Scotty whimpered excitedly, still playing his cockhead over her clit.

Biff fucked his finger in and out of his sister’s asshole while continuing to lick and suck on her hard-nipped tits. Gail rotated her ass harder and faster against her brother’s finger and her dog’s cock, loving the idea that both of them were making love to her at the same time.

“Fuck me, Scotty! Ram it all the way up my cunt! Fuck meeeee!” Gail wailed desperately.

“Yeah, dog,” Biff said, taking his drooling mouth off of Gail’s tits, “fuck her now! Fuck this little bitch good and hard!”

Gail bent her knees and spread her thighs as far apart as she possibly could. Scotty gave a little yip and shoved his hard, twitching dog-cock hard up her cunt hole.

“Arrghhh, Scotty, yessss,” Gail hissed between clenched teeth. “I love it! I love the feel of your big cock up my pussy! Fuck me haaard, doggy!”

Biff had moved away, releasing his hold on his sister’s ass. He knelt nearby, jerking himself off while he watched his little sister being fucked by the family pet.

“You really love it, don’t you, bitch?” he asked with a husky voice. “You really love being dicked by a dog!”

“Yes!” Gail screamed at the top of her lungs. “Yes, I love it! God, yes, there’s nothing I love more than feeling Scotty’s hard cock up my twat!”

Scotty barked as his mistress cried out her pleasure. He could feel the tight clasp of her young cunt muscles around his pistoning prick. His entire body shuddered with ecstasy. He fucked his cock in deeper until it was buried up to his balls. His loaded balls were slapping lewdly against her ass crack.

“Yeah, yeah, Scotty, you’re doin’ it to me good, all right! Keep it up, baby, keep fucking your Gail,” the young teenager purred. She thrust her pussy wetly up against his loins, meeting each of his hard cock-thrusts with a pussy-thrust of her own.

“Don’t stop, Scotty! Keep fucking me just like that! God, it feels good!” she wailed tearfully.

“Don’t worry, bitch,” Biff laughed. “That dog ain’t about to stop fucking you ‘til he dumps his whole load of cum up your hot little cunt! It’d take a crowbar to pry him out of your pussy now!”

Gail glanced over at her brother and gasped at the heady sight of his fist flying up and down his own hard-on. She knew that her little cunt would gladly welcome the boy’s cock. But first she had to finish fucking with Scotty. The dog’s cock always came first for the horny youngster.

Biff jacked his prick harder and faster, loving the sight of the Irish terrier fucking his little sister. He could hardly wait to ram his own cock up her tight, juicy cunt.

“Fuck her good, Scotty! That’s the boy! Fuck that little bitch real good and hard!” he yelled.

Her brother’s obscene cries thrilled the young girl. She could feel her pussy pouring out even more juice as her dog fucked her furiously. Scotty was panting harshly now. Little growls of pleasure were coming from deep in his throat. His eyes were bright and unfocused. He barked now and then as he savagely fucked his entire cock in and out of his mistress’ tightly clasping pussy.

“Fuck her, boy, fuck her,” Biff chanted as he began to come.

Suddenly, Biff was ramming his orgasming prick down Gail’s throat before she even had a chance to prepare herself. She choked for just a second or two. Then she quickly recovered, and she moaned with excitement. She opened her mouth widely, working her lips and inner cheeks and throat muscles around her brother’s cum-spurting cock. She felt the load of heavy cum cascading down her throat, and she moaned again.

Scotty howled excitedly, as if knowing that something exciting was going on between Gail and Biff.

“Swallow it all up, baby,” Biff panted as his cock continued to shoot wad after gooey wad of hot jism down her throat.

As the young girl swallowed frantically, trying valiantly to keep up with her brother’s onslaught of cum, she came hard. Blast after blast of sweet, thick jizz hit the back of her throat as her own powerful orgasm washed over her in gigantic waves. Her entire body trembled with the sheer impact of her mighty climax.

With a groan, Biff slipped his softening cock out of his little sister’s mouth and sat next to her on the bed. He turned his attention once again to the erotic sight of the aroused dog fucking her harder and harder.

“Ohhhh, Scotty,” Gail moaned, licking up the last few drops of her brother’s cum-load from her wet lips. “Fuck me! I just came—but I need to come again! And I want you to come, Scotty. I want to feel you coming and filling up my whole pussy with all of your dog-cum!”

Scotty was delirious with bestial lust. The feel of his mistress’ tight pussy squeezing around his cock, and the sound of her animalistic cries aroused him beyond belief. He heard her lust-thickened voice calling his name out over and over and he whined, his cockhead flaring deep inside her even more.

“Come, Scotty! Come inside meeee!” Gail cried suddenly as she felt another orgasm beginning to wash over her.

Scotty howled as he began to come. He felt his mistress’ strong cunt muscles squeezing his embedded prick so hard that it hurt him a little. His pleasure intensified as his jism shot out from his cocktip, mingling lewdly with the girl’s hot cunt cream.

“Ohhhh, yesss, Scotty!” Gail cried, feeling her dog coming inside her. “I feel it! I feel you coming up my pussy! Shoot it all! Don’t stop ‘til you’ve filled my cunt with all of your cum and it overflows! I love it! I love it! I’m coming, too, Scotty! We’re coming together!”

More and more juice was released from the girl’s pussy. Her orgasm continued as the dog kept shooting his thick, white cum up her pussy hole. Scotty howled and barked and yelped as he and his mistress came together. He could feel her pussymeat dancing spasmodically all over his thrusting prick. The sweet sensation seemed only to increase the cum-load he was pouring into her.

“Whew! You two are really something else!” Biff exclaimed as he watched his sister and the family pet orgasming together, both of their bodies shaking and trembling.

Finally, Scotty’s orgasm ended. He fell, exhausted, on top of the still-coming youngster. Gail reached up and out with both arms, hugging her furry lover to her. She could feel her sensitive nipples throbbing against his furry chest. She could feel his prick going soft inside her. She could feel his panting breath warm against her neck and face. She could feel his dog-drool splashing onto her from the tip of his tongue. And she could feel his body trembling in her embrace.

Gail knew that her own body was trembling, too, and that the dog must feel it. Her pussy was twitching with orgasm against his cock. Her thighs were running with streams of cum and pussy juice. Scotty lowered his head to look down at her. Gail raised her own head, sticking her tongue out to lick his.

“You’re still horny, aren’t you, cunt?” Biff asked with a knowing grin. “Even after fucking the shit out of that poor dog and making him shoot all that cum inside you, you’re still horny!”

“Sure,” Gail said impishly, eyeing her brother’s cock, which was rock hard once again. “I’m always horny. Ready to fuck me now, Biff?”



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