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xNovel - Sister Does Dogs


Sister Does Dogs

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PB-388 SISTER DOES DOGS by Kathy Harris


Gail Barkley spread her legs wider, fondling her naked pussy with increasing urgency. She could feel more and more juice seeping from the walls of her aroused cunt, and she moaned softly as she continued to make love to herself with her hand.

“Oh, wow, Scotty, I’m really horny today!” the young teenager said with a little giggle, glancing at the Irish terrier that sat next to her on the living room floor.

Gail’s face suddenly sobered and she moaned again as an icy-hot wave of tingling fuck-lust swept through her. Her cheeks flushed and sweat began to ooze out from her pores. She could feel both of her dollar-sized nipples hardening, and again the youngster moaned.

Scotty responded to his mistress’ throaty moan with a deep bestial growl. His ears pricked up and his furry body began to tremble. His cock was growing hard and as he breathed in the fragrant aroma of the girl’s aroused pussy, his cock grew harder still. He hunched down and rubbed his stiffening dog-prick against the rough fabric of the carpet in a desperate attempt to vent the animalistic desire that pounded through him.

“Don’t worry, Scotty, you don’t have to get yourself off like that,” Gail said, giggling again as she gazed at her dog. “As soon as I make myself come, I’ll take good care of you, I promise.”

While Scotty whimpered beside her, the teenaged girl closed her eyes and gave every bit of her concentration to giving herself as much erotic pleasure as possible.

As Gail squeezed her cunt, her fingers grew wetter. More and more juice was oozing from her pussy. The warm sauce trickled out from between the girl’s swollen cuntlips and began to run down her thighs.

Gail stroked her hard clit with one finger while she fucked her middle finger straight up into her tight little pussy hole.

“God, that’s good!” she cried, writhing and rocking from side to side on the floor.

Scotty whined and moved between his mistress’ legs, his cock hard and throbbing.

Gail continued to stroke her clit with one finger while she fucked her stiffened middle finger in and out of her cunt hole. She worked her cunt muscles on that finger, squeezing it as if it were a cock. All the while that Gail finger-fucked herself, she fantasized that her dog’s cock was deep inside her pussy, as it had been so many times before, and as it would be again in a matter of minutes.

Scotty whimpered and lowered his head, breathing in the heady scent of the girl’s sopping wet cunt. He let his long, pink tongue loll out of his mouth and dog-drool dripped down onto the girl’s cunt mound.

Gail felt the warm saliva wetting the fur that covered her pussy, and she opened her eyes, gazing upwards at her dog.

“Oh, Scotty, you’re as turned on as I am, aren’t you?” she murmured, seeing the lust-glazed expression in the animal’s eyes.

Scotty barked and Gail grinned excitedly. She took her fingers out of her cunt and raised them to her mouth. While her pet watched her, Gail slowly licked the pussy juices off of her fingers.

“Mmm, good. Bet you’d like a taste of this stuff, wouldn’t you?” she asked the dog, her voice thick with lust.

Scotty barked again, and Gail laughed.

“Right. Why should I have to play with my pussy when I’ve got you and your nice big tongue to make me come? Okay, boy, you know what to do… go for it… lick my pussy… make me come!” Gail cried. She reached down between her legs with both hands and gripped the edges of her puffy cuntlips. She hauled her pussylips far apart, fully exposing the pink cuntmeat inside, which glistened with juice.

Scotty didn’t hesitate a single second. He lowered his head more and swiped his rough tongue across the exposed cuntmeat. “Oh, God!” Gail cried, shivering all over. As many times as her dog had licked her pussy to orgasm, that first swipe of his tongue never failed to surprise her by just how good it felt.

Again, Scotty licked his mistress’ inner pussy flesh. And again, Gail shook and trembled. The young girl released her hold on her pussylips, since the animal’s snout was keeping them spread far apart.

Now that Gail’s hands were free, she was able to play with her tits while her dog licked her. She clutched both of her tits and rotated them around and around. She caught her big nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and pinched them lightly.

“Yeah, good,” she groaned.

She pinched her nips harder this time, feeling them pulsating violently between her fingers.

“Great!” she gurgled.

Scotty growled and began to lick his mistress’ fully exposed cunt faster and faster. His tongue became a blur in a matter of seconds as he ate Gail’s pussy toward orgasm.

“God, Scotty! You’re the greatest!” the youngster cried, throwing her head back and moaning loudly.

She felt as if she would literally explode with erotic pleasure as her aroused dog continued to eat her out. More and more juice flowed from her puckering pussy hole. As Scotty licked her pussy faster and harder, Gail could feel every inch of her cunt flesh burning hotly beneath his forbidden caresses.

“My clit! Lick my clit, you Goddamn horny dog!” the teenager shrieked at the top of her lungs. She shifted and rolled her asscheeks against her carpet to get just the right angle. “Yes! God, yes, that’s it!”

His entire body shuddered with excitement. He lapped the rough surface of his large, pink tongue over the throbbing head of Gail’s clit, whimpering with doggy fuck-lust.

“Jeeesus, I’m gonna come, Scotty!” Gail cried, her eyes rolling back in her head.

She felt a huge explosion suddenly ripping through her and she screamed out again. As she came, she reached down and gripped both sides of Scotty’s furry head, holding him in place. His tongue continued to lick at her clit and the dog growled with pleasure as he felt his mistress’ pussy orgasming against his tongue.

“Coming! Jesus, yes, I’ll say I’m coming!” Gail shouted, clutching the sides of her dog’s head so tightly that he gave out a savage-sounding growl.

Gail panted, releasing her hold on her pet’s head. She then reached for her tits again, pinching the stiff nips so hard that they throbbed with pain.

“I love it!” she cried, enjoying the pain every bit as much as the pleasure.

And still she came. Tremors of orgasmic delight shot through her entire body as her climax swept over her.

“God, it’s soooo good!” Gail screeched, clawing at her aching tits.

Scotty’s cock grew harder still as he licked his mistress through her orgasm. He repeatedly stabbed at her shuddering clit with the flat of his tongue. His saliva drooled onto her cunt, wetting it down completely.

“Yieeeee!” Gail cried, and then she began to sob brokenly as her orgasm peaked. Even as the last of her powerful climax quaked through her, Gail licked her lips with anticipation of the dog-fuck she knew her little pussy was about to enjoy.

But before the young girl could steady her breathing and get into position for her pet to fuck her from behind, she heard her big brother’s voice booming across the room.

“You slut!” Biff Barkley thundered, moving toward his little sister.

“Biff!” Gail gasped in surprise. She looked up and saw the unmistakable lust in her brother’s eyes, and she trembled in fear and excitement. “How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough, whore!” Biff snorted. He reached his sister’s side and stared down at the youngster’s naked body. Her tits were still slightly heaving from her mighty orgasm and the teenaged boy felt his cock going hard within the confines of his pants. “Long enough to see you lying there with your legs spread open! Long enough to see this fucking dog’s tongue in your cunt! Long enough to watch him make you come!”

“I-I didn’t know I had an audience,” Gail said, smiling weakly.

“Obviously,” Biff said dryly. The naked girl could see a growing hard-on bulging out from her brother’s crotch and she felt a stab of hot desire. But she also heard the anger in Biff’s voice, and she was afraid.

“What-what are you g-going to do, Biff?” she asked, finally giving voice to her fears.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” Biff sneered.

Scotty looked up at the boy and whimpered, and Biff gave the dog a hard push with his left foot. Scotty whimpered again and ran across the room to keep out of Biff’s way. But the Irish terrier’s eyes remained fixed on his mistress. He stared at her still-drooling pussy, and his dog-cock twitched excitedly.

“Don’t hurt my dog!” Gail protested angrily.

“Aw, he’s okay,” Biff said, reaching down and grabbing his little sister by the arm. He yanked her roughly to her feet. “I think you care more about that fucking dog than you do me!”

“Well, what if I do?” Gail said.

She knew that she was making her brother even angrier, but she couldn’t seem to help herself. In fact, she felt a perverse sort of pleasure in arousing his anger. She still felt a little afraid of him but she felt mostly excited. And she could hardly wait to see what he had in mind for her. All this time, Gail knew that Scotty was watching her intently. She glanced over in the dog’s direction and saw his stiffening cock between his furry legs. Gail shuddered in her brother’s grasp, feeling more pussy juice seeping into her horny cunt.

“You bitch!” Biff snarled, shoving his sister toward the big round wooden table in the center of the room. “You got off so much on letting your fucking dog lick your pussy! It would serve you right if I made that mongrel fuck you!”

“Oh, God!” Gail cried, feeling a red-hot bestial desire sweep over her.

Her brother had interrupted her and Scotty just when Gail had been about to let the animal fuck her. Her little pussy still needed a good hard fuck… by a dog-cock. And the idea of her own brother making it happen just aroused the youngster more.

But Biff misunderstood his sister’s excited cry. He thought he was frightening her beyond all reason, not realizing that Gail and Scotty had been fucking for quite some time now. The boy laughed cruelly and tightened his grip on Gail’s bruised arm.

“Never thought of that, did you?” he sneered. “Never thought of such a thing, did you? Well, I’ve got news for you, bitch! A lot of little girls get off on fucking dogs!”

Gail hid a smile, forcing herself to remain quiet. She gave another little cry as her brother pushed her across the heavy circular table. Gail found herself stretched across it, face down, quivering nakedly. She raised her head and saw Scotty across the room. The dog was still watching her intently, and she could see that his cock was growing harder by the second. She longed to rush across the room and beg her pet to fuck her right then and there. But she knew that Biff had no intention of letting her go just yet. And Gail sensed that if her brother knew just how horny she was for her dog’s cock, he would not let her and Scotty fuck. He was that cruel.

The young girl was positioned across the wooden table, her tits pressed flat beneath her.

“Jesus, you sure look sexy like that,” Biff muttered, releasing his hold on her. He reached down with one hand and rubbed his aching hard-on through his jeans, moaning a little.

“What are you going to do to me?” Gail asked in what she hoped was a tremulous voice.

“You’ll see!” Biff shouted. “Get up on your knees now!”

Gail quickly obeyed her brother, rising up on her knees. But as she began to raise the upper half of her body, Biff stopped her by pushing the flat of one meaty hand hard against her back, holding her in place.

“No! Keep down from your waist up. Just keep those knees raised. I don’t want you making one move unless I tell you to. You got that, bitch?”

“Y-yes, Biff, I’ve got it,” Gail said in a deliberately submissive tone of voice.

The young girl was now raised up on her knees, the upper part of her body still pressed flat against the surface of the tabletop. Gail could feel her tits aching in protest at being pushed so hard against the table. But the ache just mingled with her desire, and she had to fight her impulse to beg Biff to let Scotty fuck her now.

“Good girl,” Biff murmured approvingly.

He stared down at his little sister’s ass which was jutting upward. Her thighs were spread, exposing her cunt fur and pussylips. The boy reached down again to stroke his bursting hard-on, giving a little groan.

“I-I’m scared, Biff,” Gail lied.

“Good! I want you to be!” Biff laughed.

The boy moved around to the other side of the table to face his sister. He grabbed a fistful of her long blonde hair and twisted it, pulling it until tears of pain filled her eyes.

“Owwwww!” Gail cried.

Across the room, Scotty barked fiercely.

“It’s okay, Scotty… I’m okay,” Gail told her dog.

Biff jerked on her hair again.

“Stop talking to that stupid dog!” he growled, pulling his sister’s head upward so he could slap her face a few times.

“Oh, God,” Gail whimpered. But, as before, the pain only seemed to increase her excitement.

Her cheeks were red and stinging where her brother had struck her. Biff held Gail’s head up with one hand wrapped in her hair. He used his other hand to open his jeans and push them down. He wore no underwear, and Gail gasped as she saw his thickly haired crotch and his huge cock.

The boy lurched forward, pressing his hard cock against his sister’s face.

“Lick my balls!” he demanded huskily.

Gail eagerly stuck her tongue out and licked all over her brother’s balls.

“Now lick my cock!”

The young girl obediently licked as much of Biff’s prick as she could reach. She lapped up a little drop of pre-cum and thirstily swallowed it down.

“Open your fucking mouth wider!” Biff yelled.

As Gail opened her mouth more, Biff shoved his cock inside.

She held her brother’s prick inside her mouth, rubbing the underside of it with her wet tongue. She could feel the boy’s cock growing harder and thicker on her tongue. His prick shuddered and spasmed. It stiffened and grew, and nearly doubled its length and thickness in her mouth. As his cock grew, its head slid down into her throat.

Gail began to choke on her brother’s cock. She could hear her dog whimpering excitedly across the room and she sensed that Scotty somehow understood. He understood that what was happening between Gail and Biff now was only making Gail all the hotter and more ready than ever to fuck with the terrier.

As Gail gagged on the head of her brother’s prick, she could feel it growing even harder. Her discomfort was arousing Biff all the more.

“Suck it good, bitch! Just pretend it’s your dog’s cock and suck it real good!” Biff said with a laugh which abruptly turned into a groan of lust-filled pleasure.

He wound his fingers in Gail’s hair, holding her head up. Her moans rippled through his cockmeat, adding to his excitement. His jeans were down and he was naked from his waist to his knees.

“Gonna fuck your face now,” he panted, beginning to fuck the full length of his cock in and out of her mouth with hard, deep strokes.

Gail gurgled around his meaty prick, trying not to let her brother guess just how turned on she was. She sucked him harder and harder, anxious to make him come. She longed to taste his cum, but more than that, she needed to fuck her dog. And she hoped that after she made Biff come, he would “force” her to do just that.

“Commmiinnnggg!” Biff cried suddenly. He shoved his prick deep inside his sister’s mouth and down her throat, holding it there while he came.

Gail was amazed but excited by the heavy rush of cum which filled her mouth and slid down her throat. She sucked the thick jism down as fast as she could to keep from choking on the stuff. She loved the taste of it, although she knew that she preferred the tangy-yet-sweet taste of Scotty’s dog-cum. She could feel her brother’s jizz coating her throat as it slowly trickled downward into her belly.

“Take it all, cunt! Take every fucking drop!” Biff ordered, feeling his orgasming cock twitching inside his sister’s mouth and down her throat.

His words were unnecessary. There was no way in the world that Gail would ever waste one drop of anything as precious and delicious as cum.

Biff grunted. He clenched his asscheeks making his swollen balls squeeze out the last few drops of cum from his prick. Gail gave a little sigh as she felt her brother’s prick softening inside her mouth.

Biff pulled his prick out of her mouth and looked down at her with a triumphant gleam in his eyes. The boy still did not realize that his little sister was fully enjoying his savage treatment of her.

Gail stared at Biff’s prick and balls. They were red, sticky with cum and her saliva. She felt her little pussy quivering as her big brother wiped his cock clean on her long hair.

“You’re gross,” she muttered, feeling that she should at least offer a bit of protest at this point. But her pussy quivered again and she knew that she loved what was happening.

Her only complaint was that Biff was making her and Scotty wait too long to fuck each other. She wondered if the dog would tire of waiting and run off. But she glanced over at the animal and smiled, seeing that there was no chance of that. Scotty was scooting his hindquarters back and forth across the rough surface of the carpet. He was whimpering softly each time he felt his hard dog-cock rubbing in friction against the rug. His eyes burned into Gail’s and she knew that, just like herself, her pet would never be satisfied until they fucked.

“I don’t think you’ve quite learned your lesson yet,” Biff said.

He pulled his jeans up and zipped them. He pulled his leather belt out of the loops of his pants.

Gail whimpered. “God, Biff, haven’t you already done enough to me?”

“Obviously not! If you’d been punished enough, you wouldn’t still be staring at your dog like you were in love with him!” Biff snarled.

Oh, shit, Gail thought to herself, wishing she had not let her brother see the fuck-starved look had passed between her and the Irish terrier. “Now I’m going to have to beat you,” Biff said with a grin.

“You were going to beat me anyway!” Gail cried angrily, her face flushing. “Why don’t you at least be honest about it?”

“Shut up, cunt!” Biff yelled, and he looked about the room, as if in search of some way to further humiliate his little sister. His eyes glittered strangely as he saw one of Scotty’s dog toys lying on the carpet near the table. It was a big rubber bone. He snatched it up from the floor and shook it in front of his sister’s face.

“Here, Sis, you wanna get it on with a dog, then act like a dog. Chew on this!”

“Oh, no!” Gail cried, feeling that things were getting out of hand between her and her brother.

“Oh, yes!” Biff laughed. “Fill your mouth with this dog-bone. Now be a good little doggy and open wide!”

Scotty cocked his head to one side, briefly pausing in his attempts to rub his stiff dog-cock against the carpet long enough to look at Biff with a confused expression in his eyes. It was obvious that the animal could not understand why the boy was offering one of Scotty’s toys to Gail. But, as the throb in the dog’s cock grew stronger, he whimpered and once more began to shove his haunches back and forth, sending the length of his dog-cock over the friction of the carpet.

“No! I won’t do it!” Gail protested. But even as she refused to chew on the dog bone, she felt an odd little quiver in the pit of her stomach which let her know that she was enjoying her brother’s degrading treatment of her.

“Oh, yes, you will, you dog-whore!” Biff yelled. He raised his leather belt high in the air with one hand and brought it crashing down across his sister’s back.

“Yeeeooowww!” Gail screeched as she felt the thick belt cutting into her naked flesh.

As she opened her mouth to scream out in pain, Biff stuffed the rubber bone between her jaws, cramming it tightly.

“Now chew on that thing, bitch! And if you try to spit it out of your mouth, I’ll whip you twice as hard!”

Gail knew her brother meant what he said and she began to chew on Scotty’s rubber bone.

Biff climbed up on the table and straddled his naked sister, sitting on her back and facing her ass. He doubled his belt in his hand for added striking power and began to whip Gail’s trembling asscheeks.

“Aieeee!” the youngster sobbed as her brother beat her mercilessly. She instinctively began to raise and lower her hips, making whatever moves she could in a futile attempt to escape the punishing blows raining down on her helpless little ass. Each time she wriggled or shoved her hips up and down, Biff whipped her ass still harder.

“Unghhhh, it hurts soooo much,” Gail whimpered around the rubber dog-bone, her eyes brimming over with tears.

But, as she continued to hunch her hips up and down, she felt her drooling pussy rubbing against the surface of the table and a deep, intense pleasure filled her. She knew her brother’s belt was raising welts on her ass flesh but now the pain mingled with a heady brand of pleasure which made the young girl chew harder on Scotty’s toy bone.

Biff continued to sit astride his sister, viciously beating her ass. The round swelling cheeks of her ass were whipped to a deep red color. The boy’s cock began to grow hard again. Finally he stopped, more from exhaustion than from any mercy.

Gail’s body shook with sobs of pain and pleasure. She looked up as her brother climbed off of her, rubbing his hard-on through his pants. The young girl still clutched the bone between her teeth.

“C’mon, Scotty!” Biff suddenly called out to the Irish terrier, which was still dragging his stiff dog-cock against the carpet. “Get over here! Time for you to join us now!”

“Oh, my God!” Gail gurgled around bone, realizing that at last she was going to get what she craved with every fiber of her being… at last she was going to get to fuck Scotty.



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