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xNovel - The Babysitter Takes Dogs


The Babysitter Takes Dogs

Cover:cover: the babysitter takes dogs
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Sucking doggie-cocks really turned Cindy on. Every Friday or Saturday night, she could be found blowing either Frisky’s or Prince’s stiff prick. She loved it. So did the dogs.

One weekend, she got to blow both dogs. On Friday night, the Jensons asked her to babysit and she sucked the life out of Frisky’s nice young prick. Then on Saturday night, the Turners asked her to babysit and she blew the hell out of Prince’s rigid cock.

Her pussy, she discovered, got very hot when she sucked cock. In a way she couldn’t understand, there was some kind of a connection between her hot, wet mouth and sexy wet cunt. All she knew for sure was that when she sucked a stiff prick her pussy got tingly, anxious and horny.

On Friday night, after she had Frisky lick her pussy into a healthy froth, she hornily sucked him off and drank all this thick cum. All through the sexy act, she played with her furry young cunt and finger-fucked it until she came like crazy.

Panting, moaning, she writhed on the floor with two naughty fingers buried in her twisty little cunt. Frisky wanted some more of her sweet pussy, so he got between her trembling young thighs and lapped at her cunt and drilling fingers.

Her fingers occupied her horny fuck-hole, so the doggie-tongue lashed and licked her quivery little clit. The sensations were mind-boggling for Cindy.

“Oh!” she gasped when his tongue hit her clit. “Lick it! Lick it, Friskyyyyy!”

She arched her back and thrust her pussy into the air. Her wet fingers drilled in and out of her juicy fuck-hole. Frisky’s scrapy tongue assaulted her exposed clit. Cindy went wild on the floor.

Her blue eyes rolled and her ripe young tits hardened and spiked. Her naked little ass rotated hornily, and her pussy churned against the lashing doggie-tongue.

Grunting like a little pig, Cindy fucked her hot cunt on her probing, delving fingers. She got her fingertips real deep into her heaving cunt and twisted on them. Waves of pussy-pleasure coursed through her whole vibrating body as she came again.

“Oh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!” she gasped hotly, and she jerked and jumped and twisted and writhed her way through a dynamic orgasm.

Saturday night with Prince was even juicier for her. First, she let him lick the hell out of her pussy until she came like crazy. Then she threw herself on him and sucked his cock wetly, hungrily, hornily. She tightened her young lips around his prick and bobbed her head faster and faster to make his stiff boner fuck into her sucking mouth.

Prince went crazy on the floor. He groaned and grunted deep in his throat. His haunches quivered and shook and humped like mad. His thick cock fucked in and out of Cindy’s sexy mouth. She loved it.

Her pussy caught fire after just a few sucks of his thick cock. Like the night before with Frisky, she drilled a couple of horny fingers up into her tight cunt and fucked wildly on them.

Sucking Prince’s cock hotly, she screwed her wet pussy round and round on her probing fingers. She pulled them into her body and wiggled her fingertips crazily deep in her pussy. Her thumb massaged her stiff little clit at the same time, and the combined pleasures drove her out of her mind.

Fucking her ass hornily, she sucked the hell out of Prince’s stiff prick. It exploded viciously into her sucking mouth and she gulped down all his thick jism. Fingerfucking herself, she sucked and licked his cock and made it shoot violently for her.

It was then, right after Prince’s prick stopped spitting cum, when her pussy was its hottest, that she got the naughtiest idea of her life. Horny out of her mind, peering glassy-eyed at Prince’s cock, her fingers buried in her twisting, humping cunt, she suddenly knew that she wanted to be fucked!

Dazed with fuck-lust, she had no second thoughts about it. Drilling her fingers deep into her pussy, she had an overwhelming urge to fuck the dog. Something told her that it would be fantastic if Prince’s stiff thick cock could fuck into her horny pussy.

Completely sold on the wild idea, she pulled her fingers out of her pussy and called Prince between her outstretched thighs. She clutched at him and pulled him to her. Prince drooled over her tits and humped his cock over her furry cunt mound.

Cindy panted hotly and lifted her cute ass off the floor, elevating her cunt to his stabbing prick. Using her heels for leverage, she raised her pussy into the air and Prince’s stiff boner knocked at her crotch. That alone drove her crazy.

“Ohhhh, Prince, you can! You can fuck me! Get in me! Ohhhh, nooo, not there! Here! Here!”

She twisted her pussy this way and that, trying to capture the wayward prick. But it was no use. She gasped and collapsed on the floor, disappointed and horny. Her young mind whirled in search of the answer to her terrible problem. How could she get Prince to fuck her hot pussy?

“Oh!” she cried, suddenly seeing the real problem. “Girl dogs don’t lay on their back!”

She laughed at her own stupidity, and quickly got on her hands and knees for the dog.

“Here, Prince! Oh, come on, boy! Jump up on Cindy and fuck me! Come on, boy! You’re horny for me, aren’t you?”

Prince was indeed horny for her, but that was beside the point. When he jumped up onto her back and his front paws landed on her ass, his rigid cock stabbed blindly at the air between her curvy thighs.

“Ohhhh, noooo,” Cindy groaned.

She was so frustrated that she almost wept. Try as she might, she could not get her hot pussy in touch with the stabbing, dripping doggie-cock. What was she to do?

She tried to think clearly, but in her advanced stage of fuck-lust, that wasn’t easy to do. All she knew was that she was ready to get fucked!

“Ohhh, I wanna fuck!” she gasped hotly. “God, how I wanna fuck!”

Up to that horny moment, she had been afraid to even think about a cock in her pussy. Now it was all she could think about. After weeks of cunt-lapping and cock-sucking, she was ripe for her first prick. Her pussy was more than primed for her first fucking. She was very horny for it.

Groaning with exasperation, she collapsed onto her back, and tried to think even as Prince attacked her pussy with his vicious tongue. She whimpered helplessly and opened her legs wide and let him lick into her horny pussy.

Her eyes, glazed with lust, traveled to a sofa cushion—big, wide, thick. It took several seconds for it to register, then it hit her like a ton of bricks.

“Oh!” she gasped, and tore her pussy away from the licking, lapping dog. With excitement welling up in her and her heart racing behind her horny tits, she grabbed a large sofa cushion and pulled it to the floor.

“Maybe we can, Prince!” she laughed excitedly. She positioned the cushion and sat on it. “I just gotta get fucked tonight. I just gotta!”

Setting her cute naked ass on the edge of the big cushion, she leaned back all the way until her blonde hair hit the floor. Arched over the cushion, her tits tightened and her pelvis was deliciously elevated.

She spread her pretty legs real wide and Prince immediately assaulted her pussy with his snout and tongue. Cindy moaned as he licked at her stiff little clit and wet pussy-lips, but she needed more than that now.

“No, noooo, Prince,” she panted, squirming her cunt round and round. “I want you to fuck me. Up, boy! Here! Jump up on Cindy! Come here, Prince! Up here!”

She patted her belly several times as she called to him, and he finally obeyed. He jumped up between her outstretched thighs and his front paws landed on her chest, just below her thrusting tits.

“Now fuck me,” she rasped hotly. “Ohhhh, Prince, don’t you know what I want? Get it in me! Give it to me! Ohhhh, fuck meeeee!”

Prince wanted to fuck, there was no doubt about that, but his stiff cock stabbed aimlessly at her horny crotch. His cock was wet as it hit her pussy, then her thighs, then her ass. Cindy moaned with increasing desire. So near yet so far.

Frantically, hotly, she thrust a hand down between their bellies and managed to grip his stiff cock. She let out a moan as she realized she could guide his prick to her pussy. Holding her breath, she hunched her hips, pulled at his prick, and got the end of it to stab at her cunt.

“Ohhhh, yessss!” she hissed hornily. “Give it to me! You can! You can! Ohhhh, Prince, good boy, come on, put it in me, fuck here, get it in, push here, ohhhh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeee!”

After several more thrusts of his powerful haunches and some more guidance from Cindy’s trembling fingers, the doggie-cock found its mark. All of a sudden the thick cock speared between her wet pussy-lips and plunged headlong into her horny fuck-hole.

“Oh!” Cindy squealed. “It’s in!”

The first cock of her life to enter her pussy fucked into her pussy-hole with a power that at once dazed her and delighted her. She squealed as the full length of the doggie-prick shafted into her fuck-hole. And when Prince started fucking her cunt, she went crazy.

“Oh, mama!” she shrieked as he fucked her. “Oh, golly! Oh, God!”

Getting fucked was far more exciting than she had ever imagined. Once the doggie-cock invaded the sheath of her tight young pussy, there was no stopping the animal. His hind legs stomped the carpet. He drooled all over her chest and belly. His stony cock fucked relentlessly into her open, wet pussy.

“Ohh, ohhhh, ohhhh, I’m getting fucked!” she cried, quivering with mounting excitement. “It’s fucking in me! Ohhh, my pussy’s so hot! Fuck me, Prince, fuck meeeee!”

Out of her young mind with newfound lust and pleasure, she started fucking in return. Horny for more, she screwed her juicy young cunt round and round for the fucking dog. She panted and whimpered and laughed and even shed a few tears of extreme joy as she got fucked for the first time.

Once her pussy caught the animal rhythm of the doggie-cock, she started humping for him. She giggled lewdly and screwed for him. She fucked her tight young pussy on his stabbing, drilling cock with increasing pleasure and force.

She soon discovered where to position her fucking cunt, how to hold the dog on her writhing body, and how to get the most out of his pumping prick. Then it was seventh heaven for her as he fucked the daylights out of her.

“Ohhhhhh, I’m gonna cummmmm!” she wailed, fucking faster on the plunging prick. “Ohhhh, mama! This is wonderful! Ewww, Prince, fuck me! Give it to me! Shoot your load in my pussy! Fuck me! Fuck meeeee!”

She was so horny that she came first, wildly, wetly, hornily. Her whole body quaked and writhed on the cushion as her pussy flooded gloriously on the fucking cock. Her senses reeled and she panted hotly as she sucked faster for her orgasm. She moaned and cried and laughed sensuously as she came.

“Ohhhh, I’m cummmiiinnngggg!” she declared, and she fucked harder for the stiff cock.

Prince let out a groan that sounded like he was in pain. In a sense, he was. Cindy’s tight, fucking young cunt sucked the jism up out of his aching balls. He drooled wetly and panted hotly as his cock enlarged between the tight walls of her pussy. Then he shot his fiery load of jism for her, and her cunt took it all.

His cock spit and gushed juicily into her twisting, humping pussy and Cindy moaned with pleasure. She came all over his cum-spitting cock, and that was great!

She shuddered ecstatically as her pussy creamed for him and she laughed wildly to feel herself cumming on his gushing cock. The sensation was entirely new to her—and she loved it.

She grasped her arching young tits and mauled the hell out of them as Prince finished fucking his cum into her screwing, humping cunt. She smiled and closed her eyes in rapture during her last spasms of pleasure. She hummed softly, half-dazed with fuck-joy, and churned her hot pussy on the doggie-cock.

Prince pumped all of his jism into her hungry young cunt and jumped off of her writhing, naked body. He immediately tended to his spent prick and wet cock-sheath. He licked them clean, panting for breath as if he had just run a mile.

Cindy squirmed erotically on the cushion, playing with her ripe young tits and basking in the afterglow of her first fucking. It took her several minutes to come out of her sex-daze, and then it was to rub and massage her fucked pussy and wallow in her creamy-dreamy feelings.

“Ummmm,” she moaned softly, “that was goooood. No wonder girls like to fuck. Ummmmm, my pussy feels so buzzy. I never dreamed a cock would feel so good in me. Mmmmm, I’m glad I found out!”

Giggling excitedly, she got to her feet and pranced naked into the bedroom. She perched her cute ass on the edge of the bed and peered at her pussy in the mirror on the wall. She petted it a moment, then parted her cunt-lips and studied its pinkness and wetness. Her pussy was still buzzing.

She fingered her juicy cunt-hole and murmured: “His cock wasn’t long enough to reach my cherry.” Then she giggled. “How neat. I can fuck and still be a virgin!”

With that thought in mind, she returned to the living room and the panting animal. Her blue eyes lit up. Her pussy tingled like never before.

“Prince,” she cooed, sitting on the sofa cushion on the floor, “I wanna fuck again. Why don’t you lick my pussy and get in the mood? Come on, boy, lick Cindy’s pussy some more. Then I’ll suck your cock till it’s nice and big again. Okay?”

She sprawled out on the sofa cushion and stretched her legs wide open, exposing all of her pussy. Prince, all animal and tireless, got to his feet and attacked her cunt with a vengeance as if to pay it back for fucking the life out of his cock. Cindy swooned.

It didn’t take much cunt-licking to set her on fire. Now that she knew what it felt like to get fucked, she craved it. Horny and eager, she rolled off the cushion after a nice cum, and sucked Prince’s cock until it was as big as she could get it. Then she positioned herself on the cushion again, anxious to get fucked again.

A little coaxing, and it was happening again, just the way she craved it. Prince got on her between her lovely legs and she guided his stiff boner into her horny little cunt. Naturally sexy, the animal fucked his thick cock into the girl’s juicy pussy with mounting speed.

Just moments later, his cock stabbed viciously into Cindy’s squirmy cunt. His hairy balls hit her ass again and again as she fucked hornily for him. She moaned and groaned with increasing pleasure as he fucked her willing pussy. She was a very happy girl.

“Ohhhh, Prince, you fucking animal!” she squealed, getting thrills deep in her pussy. “Fuck me! Give it to me! Ohhh, make me cum and cum! Shoot in me! Fuck your cum into me! Ohhhh, don’t ever stop fucking meeeeee!”



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