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xNovel - The Babysitter Takes Dogs


The Babysitter Takes Dogs

Cover:cover: the babysitter takes dogs
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Cindy couldn’t get it out of her young mind all week. Cock-sucking. She and her girlfriends had talked about that, but none of them had ever really done it. It was too exciting, just talking about it. But now Cindy ached to suck a cock. Even when she thought about it, her pussy got wet.

When the Jensons called and asked her to babysit, she jumped at the chance to be alone with Frisky again. She pictured his prick in her mind. Just the right size for a girl to start with.

Frisky was happy to see her, too. Just that day, he had gotten slapped good for trying to get his snout between the legs of little Kim Jenson. Mrs. Jenson was horrified, and whacked him hard to discourage that sort of thing. So he was real glad when Cindy took off all her clothes, perched on the sofa, and let him lick her pussy.

With tail wagging and tongue flying, he licked into her open, wet cunt and made her moan like crazy. Her pussy got hot real fast, and she liked that. It felt so good that she came juicily for him after only minutes of licking. She got horny.

Cumming, panting, peering down beyond her tight young tits at his licking, lapping tongue, she screwed her hot cunt round and round for him as his tongue assaulted her crotch. After a good cum, she purred like a contented kitten and smiled at the dog.

“Did that make your prick stiff?” she wanted to know.

She got on the floor with him to see. Frisky was more than happy to roll over for her and display his hairy balls and stiff cock. Cindy’s eyes lit up.

“Ewww, you are hard,” she breathed hotly, watching his prick throb for her.

She reached over and caressed his cock. Her naughty fingers aroused it some more, and Frisky grunted with animal lust. Cindy laughed sexily and gave his rigid prick some jerks.

“I’ve got a surprise for you,” she whispered. “If I don’t chicken out.”

But she was determined to suck cock. There was something about the sexy idea that thrilled her. She needed to know what it was like, sucking a stiff prick. And no one would ever know, because Frisky was a speechless dog, not a big-mouthed boy.

Feeling safe and sexy at the same time, she fondled his balls and leaned over his belly. Breathing heavily through her nostrils, she extended her pink tongue and gave his exposed cock a nice lick.

“Mmmm,” she hummed, liking it.

A little shiver ran through her body and ended in her pussy. Feeling that, she thrust a hand between her thighs and rubbed her cunt as she gave Frisky’s rigid cock some more licks with her naughty tongue.

She moaned again, enjoying herself, and kissing his prick passionately. Her pretty face flushed with the heat rising in her. Her tits got hard and her pussy creamed on her fingers. She giggled softly and licked her tongue all over the stiff doggie-cock.

Frisky groaned as her cute tongue massaged his prick. It created a feeling he’d never had before. Cindy felt things she’d never felt before, too. Excited now, she laved the doggie-cock with her tongue, growing bolder.

She took a big lick on his prick and finger-fucked her horny young pussy. The combination turned her on something fierce. Waves of sex-pleasure rushed through her and made every inch of her young body feel great. Growing even more passionate, she squeezed his balls gently but firmly and licked all over the end of his prick.

“I’m gonna suck you off,” she panted.

Horny out of her mind, she suddenly captured the end of his cock between her lips. She moaned and took several inches of his rigid fuck-pole into her hot, sexy mouth.

As if it were second nature to her, she started sucking his cock like there was no tomorrow. Breathing hotly, she sucked hard on his cock and worked her head back and forth to make his prick fuck into her soft mouth. That excited her, too.

She gave another little moan and filled her young mouth with dog-cock. She sucked his cock farther and farther into her mouth until she heard him groan with animal pleasure. Another inch and she would have all of his prick in her sexy mouth, and she sensed that the horny dog wouldn’t be able to hold back his jism.

Frisky got so excited and his cock jumped so hard in her mouth that it was difficult for her to hold onto it. She grasped the lower, thick part in a fist and jerked it slowly as she slipped her wet mouth back and forth on his cock-head.

Frisky let out a yelp as Cindy filled her mouth with his aching, throbbing cock. His hot balls tightened up and his prick swelled up as if it was in a bitch’s tight cunt. His haunches started to move jerkily as if he was fucking. Cindy moaned as his throbbing cock fucked into her sucking young mouth.

She took all of his stiff prick into her mouth and played with his balls with naughty fingers. Her pretty face bobbed as her clenched lips slid up and down on his boner. Her tongue licked the underside of his cock-head. Her lips clenched around his cock-shaft. She liked what she was doing.

Frisky was gripped by lust as he fucked his stony cock into the sucking girl’s young mouth. Deep groans escaped his throat. His tongue lolled from his mouth and drooled saliva as Cindy sucked his prick. She sucked his cock like it was a tasty lollipop, and just as hungrily.

Her cheeks collapsed as she sucked harder on his prick. Her fingers trembled at his balls and fucked faster into her horny pussy as she licked and sucked and slurped on his prick. His cock enlarged and lengthened and fucked way into her throat, thrilling the hell out of her.

So this is what it’s like, she thought hotly. She was so pleased with herself that she smiled as she blew his thick young prick. She jerked his cock-shaft and sucked his cock-head. Frisky groaned.

His cock jerked like a wild thing, and it startled her for a moment. She raised her head and looked at him wide-eyed.

“You’re gonna shoot, huh?”

She looked at his cock, throbbing wetly in her hand, and she swallowed nervously. “But I gotta do it,” she panted, “I gotta!”

She thrust two fingers up into her horny pussy and humped on them as she sucked his thick cock back into her mouth. She knew she would hate herself if she didn’t take this opportunity to suck him off. It would be a waste to jerk him off now.

With that thought burning in her mind, she sucked all of his prick into her mouth and licked it wildly, hornily, crazily. Frisky grunted and groaned and his whole body writhed and jerked on the floor as the passionate young girl sucked his cock.

Her head bobbed and her wet mouth slipped faster along the full length of his rigid cock, even as her little tongue swirled and twirled. She squeezed his balls and blew him hotly.

The doggie-cock gave one more violent lurch in her horny mouth. Then all hell broke loose. Frisky howled. His cock exploded in a series of wild spurts of thick jism. Cindy moaned to feel the gushing prick pump so much cum down her gulping throat.

Cindy sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed. She let her mouth fill with burning dog-cum, then gulped it down. The doggie-cock spit so furiously and savagely that she had all she could do to keep up with it. To her amazement, he came more than ever, probably because of her nice mouth.

His prick jolted, spit, gushed and erupted violently between her lips. She held on to his cock as it jerked and jolted and she sucked harder and faster, moaning all the while, as he pumped his fiery load of jism for her.

She gulped and gulped, sucked and sucked, totally amazed and pleased by this turn of events. She was sucking cock! What a wonder! A dazed little cock-sucker now, she sucked all the jism up out of his aching balls.

She drank thirstily until the beast’s raging cock had spit the last glob of cock-cream down her throat, then she panted hotly with his spent prick in her mouth, sucking on it gently as she played with his quivering balls.

“Mmmm,” she moaned on his cock, liking it more now than ever. “Mmmm-mmmmm-mmmmm.”

She felt very proud of herself. While her girl-friends could only talk about sucking cock, she had actually sucked one!

Delighted with herself, she leapt to her feet and pranced naked into the bathroom. She stood in front of the large mirror and looked at herself. She had the girlish idea that she might look different now that she had sucked cock. She laughed at herself for being so silly. It didn’t show in any way.

Her lips were tingling. She touched them with fingertips and examined them in the mirror—ripe, full, sexy lips. She smiled at herself, and her blue eyes twinkled.

“You nasty cock-sucker you,” she giggled. Frisky came romping into the bathroom and jumped up against her and started humping his wet prick against her pretty leg.

“You horny little devil!” she laughed.

She squatted in front of him and gave him a big kiss and hug. Frisky wagged his tail happily. Cindy reached down under his belly and caressed his hairy cock-sheath.

“Did you like that? Huh? Was that good for Frisky? Sure, it was. Cindy made you feel real good, huh?”

Frisky lapped his tongue against her pretty face. She moved away from his wet tongue, laughing. He licked her soft throat and she moaned. This was a lot like necking with a boy!

“Here,” she cooed. “If you want to lick something, lick my tits.”

She sat down on the cool floor and thrust her tits up and out for him. Frisky understood. He attacked her pink nipples one at a time, laving her pert tits anxiously. Cindy leaned back on her hands and watched him go at her tits. His tongue felt good against them.

“Ewww, Frisky,” she purred, “you sure know how to turn a girl on. Sucking your cock made me horny. Here… lick Cindy’s pussy… come on, boy, lick!”

She settled back against the toilet and let Frisky attack her cunt. She stretched her pretty legs wide open and exposed all of her pussy to him. He ducked his head between her curvy thighs and licked his tongue into her cunt.

Cindy moaned as his scrapy tongue contacted her quivery little clit. She used her fingers to pry apart her pussy-lips so he could really go to work on her sensitive young clit. Marvelous rushes of sexy feelings coursed through her whole body as he licked and lapped her pussy.

She shivered all over. Between the cock-sucking and now this cunt-lapping, her senses whirled.

“Ohhh, Friskyyyyy!” she squealed, feeling a cum ready to explode in her taut young belly.

She fell to one side and sprawled out on the tiled floor. She threw her legs wide open and let Frisky assault her crotch. Her eyes rolled in her head and she grasped her taut young tits feverishly while he ate her cunt.

Frisky, horny for her pussy after having her sexy mouth blow him, attacked her cunt with tongue, teeth and snout. Cindy wailed with extreme pleasure as he licked her pussy into a hot froth. In the end, she thrust her pussy way up in the air and quaked violently all through a dynamic orgasm.

“Frisky!” she shrieked, cumming wildly.

She panted and squealed and gasped and shrieked. Her whole body shook and shuddered as the doggie-tongue inflamed her pussy. She suddenly grabbed his head and yanked hard. She pulled his snout against her crotch and came wetly all over it. Her cute ass and hot cunt churned and jerked and whipped about wildly as she came.

“Oh, ohhh, ohhhh,” she moaned, still shuddering with little after-shocks of orgasmic pleasure. “Ohhhh, Frisky, that was goooooood… ummmm, my pussy’s purring… mmmmm, nice, nice… good doggie…”

She closed her hot thighs against his relentless tongue and giggled excitedly because he wanted to lick some more.

“Golly!” she laughed. “You’re enough to drive a girl crazy! How would you like me to drive you crazy?”

Giggling sexily, she grabbed him and knocked him down onto his back. She grasped his cock-sheath and milked it until the red end of his young prick came slithering out of its hiding place. Frisky groaned as she jerked his cock into stiffness.

She giggled lewdly and pressed her mouth to his cock.

“I’m gonna suck you off again,” she rasped hotly, wanting to suck dog-cock again.

She drew all of his slimy prick into her mouth and started blowing him again. With no regard for his well-being, she sucked him off with all her might. Now that she had sucked a prick once, she felt she was a pro. With that naughty thought in her mind, she sucked and licked his prick.

Enjoying herself immensely, she licked at his cock and watched it grow bigger by the lick. She laughed sensuously and laved his balls and prick until his cock was as big as it could get. She giggled every now and then as she teased his cock to its fullest thickness and length.

Then, fascinated by the beast’s prick, she took it into her mouth and sucked it off. Breathing hotly through her nose, her cheeks caved in as she sucked on his throbbing cock. She played and toyed with his balls to excite the hell out of him and blew his prick with a growing passion.

The cock-sucking made her horny again and she had to finger-fuck her pussy while she sucked him off. There was no way she could keep from getting herself off, too. Her pussy got hotter by the minute even as she tried to drive the dog crazy with her mouth.

She drove herself crazy because the doggie-cock excited her all over. She drilled two fingers up into her squirmy cunt and fucked on them hornily as her mouth sucked the life out of Frisky’s thick cock.

She came wildly on her fingers, soaking them completely and she was still humping violently when Frisky’s stiff prick exploded cum in her lovely young mouth.

The doggie-cock enlarged. His balls tightened up against the thick base of his prick. Then it jerked crazily. Cindy moaned and sucked faster and harder to make him cum.

Huge wads of thick doggie-jism gushed into her sucking mouth and the dog went out of his mind as the girl did to his cock what no bitch could ever do.

Wanting all of his jism, Cindy squeezed his balls as he shot his load for her. Great wads of jism torpedoed through his distended cock-pipe, out of his piss-hole, and into her hot, wet mouth. Cindy moaned and gulped it all down her throat, and she didn’t stop sucking him until she had all the cum he could produce for her.

Then she settled back away from his spent cock and laughed sensuously, rubbing her pussy slowly.

“Mmmm, that was good,” she rasped hotly, eyes heavy with lust. “I’m gonna suck you off a lot.”



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