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xNovel - The Babysitter Takes Dogs


The Babysitter Takes Dogs

Cover:cover: the babysitter takes dogs
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Pretty Cindy Lake waved good-bye to Mr. and Mrs. Jenson and closed the door. She went to the children’s bedroom and checked on the kids. They were fast asleep. Cindy smiled to herself. The Jensons wouldn’t be home for hours. Now she could have her fun. Sex fun.

She went into the living room and perched her cute little ass on the sofa. She leaned back and felt her tits for a few moments. Her nipples spiked in the tightness of her light dress. She smiled and slipped her hands down between her curvy young thighs. She drew her dress way up on her belly and exposed her naked little pussy.

Her blue eyes grew heavy as she stroked and fingered her juicy little cunt. She stretched her pretty legs real wide so she could really get at her hot pussy. Then she called to the dog that was sitting watching her.

“Frisky,” she said breathlessly. “Come here, boy. Come lick Cindy’s pussy.”

The mongrel jumped up and ran to her. He pushed his head between her thighs and swiped his thick pink tongue at her open crotch. Cindy took her hands away and let him lick her cunt.

“Ummmmm,” she purred happily as the doggie-tongue started to arouse her pussy. “I’ve been thinking about this all week.”

It was just the Saturday before that Cindy had discovered the dog liked to lick pussy. She had been on this very sofa, watching TV, and finger-fucking her horny little cunt, when Frisky smelled her hot cunt. To her complete surprise, he jumped up between her knees and sniffed her pussy. She thought he just wanted to smell her because she was a female, but when he started licking her cunt, she went wild with lust.

Frisky’s active little tongue really got her off that night, so that was what she had been thinking about all week, eager to come back to babysit for the Jensons so Frisky would lick her cunt some more. Now, here he was, lapping away furiously at her furry young pussy, and she loved it.

“More, more,” she panted, humping her cunt up at his wild tongue.

She was dazed and amazed by this turn of events in her sex life. Frisky’s tongue was super compared to her own fingers. She never dreamed she could cum so hard. She’d had nice cums with her naughty fingers ever since she started playing with herself, but the doggie-tongue did things to her pussy she couldn’t believe it made her cum like crazy!

Wanting that again, she slumped on the sofa and held her dress way up on her taut young belly, and pushed her crotch forward so the dog’s tongue could really go at her hot cunt.

Frisky was more than happy to please the young girl. Hers was the first pussy he’d ever licked and it was a new experience for him, too. The girl’s pussy was nice and wet, pink-and-white, and horny. It smelled like hot sex to him, hotter than a bitch’s pussy.

His hind feet stomped on the carpet as he got excited about Cindy’s cunt. His head twisted this way and that as his long tongue lashed her pussy. Cindy moaned after a few licks and humped her pussy for more.

Her eyes fluttered and her tits got hard in her dress as Frisky licked savagely at her open, wet cunt. Panting hotly because the doggie-tongue was arousing her tremendously, she pulled her dress down in front and bared her lovely young tits. Her pink nipples spiked as she toyed with them, and she moaned when she got good feelings in her tits and pussy at the same time.

The doggie-tongue grew vicious and smashed into her cunt so hard that Cindy moaned out loud again. Her blue eyes rolled in her head and she lifted her cute young ass up off the sofa cushion. She stretched her slim thighs wide and fully exposed all of her hot crotch for the dog. Frisky took advantage of her new position with her pussy elevated like that, and he licked his raspy tongue into her cunt.

“Ew! Ewwww!” Cindy cried, shivering all over.

She thrust her hands down to her crotch and used her fingers to pry apart the lips of her horny pussy. She held the cunt-lips open for Frisky and he licked the end of his tongue right into her juicy pussy-mouth. Cindy gasped.

Her eyes closed completely as sharp sex thrills shot through her whole body. Panting, licking her lips feverishly, she humped and twisted her pussy for the licking, lapping doggie-tongue. Waves of sex pleasure coursed through her as she fucked her hot cunt against the dog’s tongue.

Her fingers clutched at her cunt-lips and pried them farther apart. She ached to have the tongue get into her fuck-hole. She wanted that bad. To get it, she opened her pussy real wide and humped her hips hornily. Frisky’s wild tongue found the spot and licked right into her pussy-mouth. Cindy shuddered from head to toe, rather violently.

“I’m gonna cum!” she screeched.

Grunting like a little piggie, she fucked her wet pussy crazily against the scrapy tongue and helped Frisky get her off. She humped and screwed and twisted wildly, her pussy thrust up for the dog, and his tongue lashed her cunt viciously.

His thick tongue wedged between her trembling fingers where she was holding her pussy-lips apart, and the end of it fucked into her juicy fuck-hole. A few of those good ones drove Cindy right up the wall.

“It’s cumming!” she squealed, and she fucked her hot ass faster.

Frisky grunted, stomped the carpet, and licked his tongue faster into the girl’s squirmy, jerking cunt. Cindy screeched again as a sharp rush of sexy feelings tore into her taut, heaving belly. And then her pussy flooded.

“I’m cummmmiiiinnnnggg!” she cried.

Her whole body jerked and twisted on the sofa as the dog licked furiously into her pussy. Her pussy rotated and jumped as the doggie-tongue whipped her erect little clit, her most sensitive spot. When his tongue lashed that, she came and came and came.

Huge waves of sexy pleasure engulfed her young mind and overwhelmed her senses as the doggie-tongue got her off. She lost all control of her body as she came wetly, profusely, wildly. Spasm after spasm of delight coursed through her half-naked young body and she laughed and giggled and moaned all through the dynamic orgasm.

Cindy loved to make her pussy cum, ever since she had learned how to do it with her fingers. So, to have a doggie-tongue do it for her was mind-blowing pleasure. She never dreamed cumming could be so good! Now she knew. And she was hooked on doggie-tongue.

“More, Frisky, more,” she panted, humping her pussy faster against the relentless tongue.

That was the delicious part for her, the fact that Frisky never got tired of licking her cunt, even when she came. He kept on licking and she kept on cumming. It was marvelous!

“Ohhh, Friskyyyyy!” she gasped, screwing her cunt round and round. “Do more, do more, ohhh, don’t stop!”

Her pussy burned with lust and she fucked it up and down in the air against the dog’s whipping, lashing tongue. Frisky seemed to be very thirsty for her juices and he licked like crazy and slurped her cum-juice up like water. That thrilled the hell out of Cindy.

She didn’t know it, but her hot, wet pussy made Frisky horny. He made small animal sounds in his throat as his head twisted this way and that. He licked his tongue fast all over her sweet pussy and his prick came out of its protective sheath. His hard-on throbbed wetly under his belly as he licked his tongue into Cindy’s hot cunt.

She first became aware of his condition when he shifted his position between her feet. Still lapping her pussy, he straddled her leg, and as he licked her cunt hotly, he humped her leg. Cindy felt his stiff prick against her flesh.

“Frisky! Golly! What are you doing?”

She lifted her head and peered down at his fantastic tongue against her pussy, then tried to see what he was doing to her leg. His prick felt funny, fucking like that, pounding away at her curvy young leg.

“Golly!” she gasped. “I got you horny! This I gotta see!”

She took her pussy away from him by swinging her legs over his head. She dropped to the floor with him and he immediately licked her pretty face, then her jutting naked tits. Cindy giggled as his tongue lashed her pink nipples and made them tingle. She let him do that for a while.

“Lemme see,” she whispered hotly, her eyes riveted to his lower body.

She pushed him over onto his back and stared hotly at his exposed prick, all red and swollen.

“So that’s what it looks like,” she mused.

She touched his prick with her fingers and Frisky made a sex-sound deep in his throat. Cindy giggled.

“You like that?” she cooed.

Playful, curious, horny, she slipped her hand over his stiff cock and jerked it slowly to get a feel for it. She moaned softly and milked his prick a few times experimentally. It felt good in her hot young hand.

To her surprise, she got sexy feelings in her tits and pussy just from playing with the doggie-prick. It was exciting. Her blue eyes flashed naughtily and she licked her lips nervously because this was the first cock she ever felt.

“How stiff it is,” she said.

Frisky lay still for her. His hind legs fell wide open. Cindy eyed his balls and her fingers followed her gaze. She toyed with his hairy balls for a moment, listening to him groan. She giggled and gave his balls a gentle squeeze. Frisky groaned louder. That excited her, too.

Her left hand flew to her horny pussy while her right hand jerked his prick. She finger-fucked her juicy cunt-hole and pumped the dog’s prick. She felt real horny now, doing this, and her pussy felt creamy-dreamy.

When Frisky started trembling and humping his haunches, it dawned on Cindy exactly what she was doing.

“Golly, can I make you shoot that stuff?” she gasped.

Giggling excitedly, she started jerking his prick faster. She had heard a lot from girlfriends about how boys shoot jism, but she had never seen a prick cum. Now she wanted to.

“I’m gonna make you cum, okay?” she laughed.

She wiggled closer to the supine animal and, still fingering her hot cunt-hole, she whacked his prick faster and harder, hell bent on seeing a a prick shoot.

Frisky grunted and groaned, jerked and shook, but did nothing to discourage the girl from getting him off. His tongue lolled out of his mouth and he panted for breath as Cindy stared at his rigid cock and jerked it passionately.

His stiff prick enlarged and lengthened. His cock stuck way out of its sheath into her fist and she jerked it faster. Her eyes remained glued to his prick as her hand pumped and jerked and whacked. Frisky started growling.

“Golly, you’re really horny!” she panted. She liked what she was doing to him. It gave her a sense of power as well as pleasure to make his cock big and stiff. She felt so free to do whatever she felt like doing to his cock.

Frisky made some grunting sounds and started humping faster. Cindy giggled and jerked his prick harder. The dog-cock grew thick and wet in her fist, then started jerking like a wild thing.

“Oh!” she cried, eyes wide with wonder.

The doggie-cock exploded in her jerking fist. It swelled up and jerked violently and spit savagely. Big wads of thick jism came spurting out of the dog’s piss-hole. Cindy jerked faster and watched fascinated as he shot his cum-load for her.

Huge globs of white stuff splashed onto his chest and the more Cindy jerked, the more he came. She was starry-eyed as she watched the beast’s massive boner shoot and gush and spit so violently. She giggled hornily and jerked even faster and harder to make him cum like crazy.

Frisky writhed and twisted and humped and jerked. Cindy’s horny fist drove him out of his animal mind. No bitch ever got him off like that! He whined with pleasure and Cindy knew he liked what she was doing to him. So she did it some more.

Laughing sexily, she pumped his prick fast and made it shoot lots of jism. She wanted to witness that for herself. Now she knew what her girlfriends were talking about. As the doggie-prick spurted hot cum, her cunt got hornier. She fucked her finger faster in and out of her hot young pussy.

“Did you like that?” she purred, knowing he did.

When his cock stopped shooting, she caressed it lovingly and fucked her pussy on her finger pleasantly. She felt real good now that she had made a prick shoot. The dog’s boner was a bonus for her. She had thought cunt-licking was all there was to it. But now she could play with Frisky’s cock!

“We’re gonna have lots of fun from now on,” she laughed.

Her horny young mind thought of all the possibilities. Frisky could lick her pussy. She could play with his prick. He could make her cum. She could make him cum. Wow, what fun!

“Frisky!” she rasped hotly. “Jerking your cock made me real horny. Come lick my pussy some more!”

She jumped to her feet and settled her ass on the edge of a sofa cushion. Leaning back, she drew her dress way up onto her taut young belly and sprawled her pretty legs widely. Her pussy was nice and hot.

Frisky leapt up, too, eager to please her. He liked Cindy a lot now. He pushed his head between her curvy young thighs and attacked her furry little cunt with snout, teeth and tongue. He chewed at her pussy until she thought she’d die with pleasure, and when his scrapy tongue assaulted her clit, she almost passed out with ecstasy.

“Ohhhh, Friskyyyyy,” she cooed, humping her horny pussy at him. “Do it! Eat meeeee! Ewwww, how you lick a girl! Ummm, more, more! More, Frisky, more! Oh, ohhh, ohhhh, I’m gonna cummmmm!”

The eager dog attacked her cunt with his tongue. Her clit came out, stiff and wet, and his crazy tongue whipped it until Cindy thought she’d swoon. Her cute young ass jerked and jounced each time his tongue hit her little clit, and waves of sex pleasure rushed through her young body.

She bared her tits again and mauled the hell out of them as the dog ate her out. Her eyes rolled and she gasped for breath as the doggie-tongue drove her crazy. She squeezed her tits and tweaked her pink nipples hornily as she fucked her pussy against the delicious tongue.

Pleasure like she never knew with her own fingers coursed through her young body until she was a humping, cumming mass of hot female flesh on the sofa. She threw her pretty legs wide and fucked her juicy cunt against the dog’s licking, lapping tongue.

“I’m gonna cum!” she shrieked, horny out of her mind. “More! More! Ew! Oh! Ummmm! Do it! Do it! Ohhh, Frisky! Make me cummm!”

As if he understood her need, Frisky licked his tongue into her young fuck-hole and got her off a good one. Great waves of cummy pleasure overwhelmed her senses and she moaned hornily as she came like crazy. She fucked her pussy wildly then, and it flooded wetly.

“Ummmmm!” she moaned, massaging her aching young tits and twisting her horny little cunt. “That was goooooood!”



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