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xNovel - Sister's Horsey Urges


Sister's Horsey Urges

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Jackie Granger stood behind the wing chair, nervously eyeing the clock above the fireplace, listening to the steady ticking that seemed to grow louder and more irritating with each passing second. It was difficult for her to be here, away from the familiar things of her house; here with her sister Evelyn, and Evelyn’s two daughters and one son.

Evelyn had meant well, inviting Jackie up here to the high chaparral country after Jackie’s marriage to Doug had fallen to pieces. Evelyn was trying to be a good sister, an understanding woman comforting the spurned wife. But little if anything could take away the terrible bitterness souring Jackie’s life. And the loneliness!

Even here, Jackie felt deserted, isolated from even her close sister! How could she tell Evelyn that all this comfort bored and irritated her! Worse—it made the moist, crawly feeling in her heated cunt seem more itchy and overwhelming than ever!

Jackie curled her fingers into the green brocade material, her knees braced against the back of the chair, trembling against one another. It wouldn’t be so awful if there were some reason for her horniness. But there it was, that sly feeling of sexual arousal, that throbbing itch that ached its way through her pussy, making her slick cunt-walls buckle now and then, while her clit began to rise slowly from the surrounding slick flesh. There was no way she could deal with this—not here, not in front of her sister and her nieces and nephews!

What was worse, Jackie thought, was that dog—that… that awful German Shepherd, slinking around the big, two-story, white wooden farmhouse, eyeing her, even touching her at times with his tongue. There was something in his stare, something in his eyes that made Jackie think he was laughing at her. It was silly, she knew.

But Jackie thought there were times when the dog showed more than a slight intelligence, especially when her sister, Evelyn, was looking the other way. That was when he touched her with his nose, rubbing it against the soft spots behind her knees, licking her ankles and bringing a hot, itchy rush to her pussy. Then she had to close her eyes and push away that sensation with what seemed to be a physical effort. It left her panting—panting nearly as heavily as the animal stalking her through the house.

Jackie shook her head, closing her knees together while squeezing her ass-cheeks. It was nice, very, very nice, to feel that subtle, slick rub of one cunt-lip against the other as she rocked her thighs back and forth. A hot dew dotted her cunt-hairs. Maybe she should have a drink. Some Scotch might take away the need to have something—something or someone—touching her pussy.

Doug! That was the one and only thing he was good for. Whatever he was, her ex-husband was a super-pistol in the sack, always fucking her, always satisfying her in the most exotic of ways. Even now, the tall, firm-titted blonde had to admit Doug was a master in the ways of fucking. It was just all the other things—the unemployment, the infidelity with her best friend’s daughter, all the other lines—that finally drove her from his side.

Now she was fine, away from the turmoil of her bad marriage. Alone, and lusting after her sister’s large black and white German Shepherd. The bitter irony of all this made Jackie set her teeth firmly against each other, drawing in a deep breath and wishing her newly adopted family would come back from the theater soon. At least, with people around, Jackie was relatively certain Bodego wouldn’t try anything.


The sound! She knew all too well what that sound was! The light clatter of his claws against the kitchen floor, the skitter of his paws as he approached the living room.

Jackie tensed, her heartbeat increasing so much that she thought she would have a stroke. The attractive, trembling woman didn’t want to turn, didn’t want to face the doorway leading to the darkened corridor. She knew Bodego was standing there, watching her, wondering if she were ready to capitulate to him.

This is silly, Jackie thought. A dog! A damned dog doing this to her! She was acting as if she were some teenaged deviate, thinking about satisfying her cunt when she had had one of the best lovers in the western world. Perhaps she would walk right by him, up the stairs to her small room, and sit in the corner, thumbing through some magazine until her sister arrived. Then she would announce she was driving back to Los Angeles, back to her apartment where she would lead the swinging life of a single woman.

Jackie turned her head, letting out a bitter laugh. Behind her, she could hear the dog creeping into the living room—that slow, padding sound drawing delicious tingles from the stretched skin around her stiffening nipples.

Jackie looked again at the clock, trying to remember what her sister had said about returning. Ten? Eleven?

The dog was behind her now, sniffing at her. She could hear him, hear his black nostrils wrinkling, smelling her hot pussy! The thought of Bodego whiffing her itchy cunt made her pulse increase a hundredfold!

Jackie was scratching her long nails against the brocade material of the chair now, breathing in short, shallow pants, wondering what was going to happen next. She and the German Shepherd had never been alone—not like this. Not with so much time for something to happen between them.

Just that thought, just the idea of something possibly going on between her and that handsome animal behind her, made Jackie more vulnerable, more acceptable to the thought of letting Bodego touch her. She thought of orgasms, climaxes, all those wonderful things that followed being fucked by a handsome, stud-like man.

Jackie ground her teeth, letting out small, wild sounds as Bodego inched closer to the backs of her legs. Jackie closed her eyes, half of her praying the dog would somehow disappear from her life, the other wanting to feel the slick touch of his tongue against her flesh. Her cunt-lips crinkled together, the juice deliciously dampening the electric-blue crotch of her dampened panties. Bodego licked over her skin, licking a silvery path of spit from her ankle up to her calf.

Jackie shivered, and her knees buckled under that wonderful, delightful touch. She smiled weakly with relief, as if some difficult decision had finally been made.

“Bodego, this is wrong! Please, please, go away!”

The dog wasn’t fooled. Even as she told him to get away, the woman could hear the nervousness in her voice, the lie that was so obvious.

But could she go through with something as bizarre as this? she wondered. She had heard about women doing this sort of thing. But wasn’t that in Mexico? And wasn’t that for a considerable sum of money?

Jackie’s knees trembled as she turned toward the beast. There he was, his legs braced against the shag carpeting, his bushy tail wagging, his pointy ears cocked forward, picking up the slightest sound she made. He tilted his head to one side, his long, pink tongue hanging out over the pointy fangs lining his mouth.

He looked friendly, even harmless. But there was something in his eyes, that look Jackie had thought of earlier, that told her he had something else besides doggie biscuits in mind.

“This is impossible!” she whispered hotly, putting one icy hand to her forehead and feeling just how hot and aroused she was. “This isn’t going to work. It just isn’t going to work!”

Bodego pushed forward, sliding his tongue over her flesh again, arousing a desperate cry of delight from the confused woman. She leaned heavily against the chair, her tits pillowing against the back.

The crawling, itchy feeling between her thighs had turned into a sensation of burning flame. She wanted to feel Bodego touch her there, there between her white, shivering thighs. She wanted to feel his warm fur rubbing up against her flesh, his paws braced against her hips instead of the carpeting, his mouth dipping down into her blonde, drippy cunt-thicket between her legs. She want him to lick her into ecstasy.

Doug had done that—had eaten her cunt, making her cum several times before squeezing his fat hunk of cock-meat into her pussy. How she would squeal at those times, wondering why the neighbors in the next apartment weren’t hammering their fists against the wall in anger. Perhaps they had been listening, growing excited while she and her husband fucked late into the night. She would imagine that at times—all the apartment tenants fucking with the same desperate tempo as she, cum splashing around like waves while she and Doug enjoyed each other.

And now there was that beast below, licking her, nudging her. What did he want? Jackie wondered. Was she supposed to get down on her hands and knees like some bitch and wag her naked ass in front of him? Or, more sensibly, should she just pick up her pride and stalk from the room, leaving Bodego panting while she kept her sanity?

“Stop it, Bodego! You can’t touch me like that! It’s just not right.”

Eleven-thirty! That’s when her sister said they would probably be home. And it was only nine forty-five! There was plenty of time, more than enough moments for her to… No! What could she be thinking of? Perhaps that glass of Scotch would be in order now.

Standing behind the chair had been a kind of refuge for her. But now, Jackie moved toward the bar, her eyes on the amber bottle of liquor. Bodego barked, moving around, pushing her back with his head, butting it between her shaking legs.

Jackie’s mouth opened in surprise. He was growling—not a mean growl, but one of excitement, one of lust. She felt her skin crawl, as if a million insects were inching all over her flesh. She struggled back, one leg striking the side of the coffee table. Jackie let out a sharp cry, feeling her balance go as she pitched back and wound up on her ass with a back-shaking thud. Bodego took advantage, jumping on top of her.


Jackie tried squirming away from him, her heels dragging over the ugly, green shag carpeting her sister had been so proud of. The big German Shepherd followed her, licking her ankles, nuzzling his mouth against her toes.

Jackie let out another groan, her feet slipping from her sandals as she scooted back on the carpeting. She couldn’t believe this was happening. She had to get away from this, or surely she would lose her mind. Making love to a stranger she’d picked up in a bar would be one thing. But—her sister’s pet German Shepherd? It was almost laughable.

Gathering her wits, Jackie began to get up off the floor. Bodego growled, bringing his head around and grabbing her by the ankles. She could feel his teeth sinking into her flesh, the slick lick of his tongue over her skin. The woman let out a gaspy breath, shuddering as she collapsed back to the floor.

“No, Bodego! This is ridiculous!”

He had pawed her dress well over her waist, his paws touching her thighs while his mouth pushed up against her panties. She could feel his snout rubbing against her briefs, pushing the damp nylon crotch into her pussy. The resulting sensation was shockingly good. The silky rub of her panties against her cunt-walls, the touch of the dog’s big, furry head against her inner thighs—it all made Jackie feel wanted, warm and excited all over again.

A sudden weakness made her fall back to the floor, her knees still raised and bent, while her ass moved slowly, sensuously from left to right. She was enjoying this very, very much! Bodego. His tongue. The touch of his mouth against her cunt. The touch of his body against her legs. It took her breath away as the big German Shepherd continued licking up and down her crotch.

Her panties were so wet, and they stretched thin against her bloated pussy-lips. The woman could feel every slight lick of his tongue against her pussy. It was as if she wore nothing—had no protective wall between her cunt and the animal’s mouth. She brought her arms to her sides, scratching the carpeting gently with her fingernails as that airy, hot, tight itch grew into a pulsing ache between her raised legs.

“Bodego,” she whispered, surprised at her confusion, as he threatened to lick into her cunt. His panting turned into savage growls once again. She knew he wanted more, more than he had right now. The dog wasn’t satisfied just sniffing and licking.

Bodego moved around, twisting his head, opening his mouth against her closing thighs. She could feel the pressure of his jaws parting as she folded the soft, white flesh of her legs around his head. He was ripping her panties off! Having opened his mouth, the animal bit into the nylon material, tearing it from her ass and cunt.

Jackie cried out. She tried squirming away from Bodego, but his weight was keeping her down. She just couldn’t seem to get her balance to crawl away from him. And there were his growls, sounds that frightened her. He was bent and determined to strip the briefs from her thighs, no matter what.

In his excitement, Jackie thought, he might bite her and cause real damage. She let out a groan of defeat, her arms stretched out from her body, crucifixion-style, while the dog continued to tear the blue nylon from her body. In the end, only shreds remained over her ass and belly.

Jackie could feel the velvety wetness of her cunt exposed now. Modestly, Jackie threw both hands over her pussy, trying to keep the throbbing, hot, swollen mound of cunt-flesh from the animal’s licking tongue. Bodego jumped up a little higher, his paws striking her belly and knocking the wind from her lungs. He was facing her now, on her level. The feeling was one that frightened the woman terribly. Moving back, he braced his paws on her thighs, the claws making her flesh cringe under his scratchy touch.

His nose pushed into her hot, wriggling cunt-mound. Jackie cried out, her face a mask of extreme joy as she licked her dry lips and wormed her ass against the smooth, fuzzy carpeting. The dog enjoyed her excitement as well, whining in appreciation, wriggling his body back and forth.

Jackie knew she should have thrown him off and run for the stairs. But the feeling was so good, so wonderful, just like Doug used to make her experience when he fed on her pussy. A hungry animal. That’s what she used to laughingly call him as he fed on her cunt. And that’s exactly what was happening—a hungry beast was eating her cunt, licking deep into her pussy, drawing up those delicious, musky-tasting juices.

“My God… ohhhhh, this is so good, good! I’m going to die!”

She was opening her cunt to him, pulling her dress up and gathering it around her waist while moving her feet back and forth over the carpeting. It felt good, it felt sexy, having the piling tickling the sensitive spots between her toes.

Bodego was going crazy over her cunt, tongue slopping over the tender, inner flesh of her thighs. Jackie tensed them, the tendons bulging against her spit-flicked skin, each time the big German Shepherd touched a particularly sensitive spot. Breathing was becoming difficult for the rutting blonde. She spiraled higher and higher, climbing to that moment when she would lose this world in flashes of unspeakable delight.

“Bodego… oh, my God! Wonderful, wonderful animal! Wonderful…”

Bodego was all over her body, wetting down her belly, drawing his tongue up toward her tits, then moving back down to her cunt and licking into her hot, clasping pussy-folds that were dripping with juice. When he touched her clit, drawing his tongue over her tiny sex-button, Jackie thought someone had stabbed her in the cunt.

She jerked, her legs kicking out while her ass squirmed. Clawing at the carpeting, Jackie drew her knees back together, trapping the lapping dog’s head between her legs. She was hot, very, very hot! His touch was doing all this to her, turning her into some wild beast.


She groaned with delight. She felt his tongue slopping over her pussy, each touch bringing more and more juice from her fuck-hole. It was wonderful, wet friction, one that made her push her knees apart more and more until her cunt-lips unstuck once again.

The dog lapped at her pussy-lips. He had quieted suddenly, as if he wanted to study how this strange, noisy female was put together. He nuzzled his black snout between her cunt-lips, sniffing at her, tasting her, touching her.

Jackie felt his long, pink tongue petting around her inner cunt-lips, petting her clit, petting her everywhere. She shuddered with a fervor that swept over her again and again.

“Yes, doggie, yes! Do it to me! Oh, Bodego! Oh, doggie! Fuck me with that tongue!”

Bodego screwed her with his marvelous tongue until he drew yelping cries of joy from her! She was shuddering as if twisting and writhing in a spasm. She could feel his hot breath rustling through her soppy cunt-curls as he drenched her pussy again and again with his marvelous tongue.

“Bodego, Bodego…”

Jackie shivered, the hunger of her body forcing everything from her mind except the desire of making the aching pleasure between her splayed thighs better. Nothing but want and desire were left in her.

Moving her hands around her hips, she felt the two bones, then she pushed her hands close together until her fingers met over her pussy. She felt her hot, slick cunt-meat throbbing under her spit-slicked cunt-hair. Over it all was Bodego’s tongue, licking up and down, touching her pussy, then curling under her palms as if trying to get at her asshole. It was all so marvelous, all so new!

Jackie let out another cry, pushing her legs up and out while the dog continued to feed on her cunt.



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