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xNovel - Daughter Hot For Dogs


Daughter Hot For Dogs

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“Come to me, doggie. My name is Ann and I want you to fuck the shit out of me.”

The tall shapely redhead was stark naked. She was sitting on her living room floor, her round ass resting on the soft carpet. She had an audience of one, a big-titted blonde teenager who was sitting on the edge of the couch, watching with interest. But the woman with the long red hair was not concerned with the young girl at the moment; she was more concerned with the big black-and-brown German Shepherd that the young girl had just brought into her house. She meant to fuck the animal.

“Come and suck my tits, you beast. Make me hot and horny. I want my pussy to be dripping wet when you ram your hairy cock into it.” She opened her arms and welcomed the dog into them.

The German Shepherd, with the smell of pussy strong in his nostrils, forgot that the woman was a stranger. He stepped up close and allowed her to stroke his thick fur. Then, while she was stroking him, he stretched out his head and started licking her big round tits.

Ann shivered at his touch, but kept stroking his sides and belly. Loving her gentle hands, the dog continued to lick her sweet-tasting tits. He snaked his long red tongue up and down her left tit, knocking the juicy mound of tit flesh this way and that.

“Mmmmm! Oh, yeeeessss!” Ann threw back her head and closed her eyes dreamily as the dog’s rough tongue jolted her senses.

The dog slithered his tongue round and round the big tit, tasting every inch of the woman’s tit meat. His hard licking put new life into her tit. He made her cry out and tremble as he nearly scraped her nipple raw.

The dog moved his head to and fro as he slobbered over her entire tit. Soon doggie spit was dripping down to her belly. Ann moaned and whimpered, and began tossing her head dreamily from side to side as blissful heat waves coursed through her body.

Suddenly the beast took her nipple between his hairy lips and started sucking on it, as though he were nursing. She squealed loudly, then cradled the back of the animal’s head and encouraged him to continue.

Loud sucking noises filled the air. More spit dripped down to form a puddle on her belly button. She shivered from head to toe, her mind racked with unbelievable sensations.

“Oh, shit, yeah!” she said, licking her lips deliriously. “What a hot pair of lips! I love it!”

The dog sucked on her nip for several more seconds. Then he moved his lips and tongue to her other tit and tasted it with the same enthusiasm. He made her groan and whimper just as loudly as before, and soon that tit was dripping with spit.

“Now for my ass,” she said in a shaky voice. “I want you to lick my asshole.”

She shifted her body around quickly and soon was kneeling on her hands and knees. Looking over her shoulder at the mutt, she wriggled her ass.

The beast again stepped forward. But instead of immediately licking Ann’s asshole, he began licking her asscheeks. He slithered his heavy tongue up and down and all around, until the big round asscheeks became just as radiant as her tits.

“Mmmmm!” moaned the redhead, loving every tongue-stroke. “Don’t stop now, boy. Lick my ass some more.”

The dog obeyed. The force of his licking opened her ass-crack again and again, and made the big asscheeks jiggle like gelatin.

“Eeeee!” squealed Ann, now swinging her plump ass from side to side. “Keep licking! Keep licking!”

The mutt lapped noisily as he tasted her ass. Spit ran down the backs of her thighs in thin trickles that tickled her tender flesh. She gasped repeatedly and shook her head as her mind swirled.

Soon the German Shepherd’s tongue-strokes moved back inside her ass-crack. As the hot slippery tongue jolted her nerves, she began bouncing on her knees and squealing loudly. Her asscheeks shook wildly. Her tits swung in circles. She hadn’t been this turned on in a long time.

The rough tongue scraped against her asshole repeatedly. Still shaking, she cried out and began pumping her asshole muscles in an attempt to deal with the fiery sensations that were sweeping through her asshole. It was wonderful for her, almost as good as being ass-fucked with a cock.

The dog tried to snake his tongue inside her shitter, but he couldn’t get past her tight ass ring. He hammered at her ass for some time, jarring her senses and making the puckered sphincter swell up and throb. Ann loved the dog’s persistence.

When the German Shepherd realized he wasn’t going to taste her shit tube, he satisfied himself with tasting her ass-crack.

Heat waves rolled through her asshole. Her ass-crack squished lewdly. She could feel every nerve in her ass standing on end and throbbing wildly. She began praising and cursing that hot tongue.

The animal’s tongue was enough to drive her crazy, and the dog’s wiry whiskers were enough to kill her. They brushed up and down her ass-crack, scratching her sensitive ass meat mercilessly. She found herself trembling and howling with each movement of the dog’s muzzle.

His tongue was like sandpaper on her tender ass, and his wiry whiskers were like a rasp. The dog made her ass meat throb crazily. He licked and scratched her raw. And through it all, his hot breath blasted her from all sides.

“Aaagh!” she cried, rolling her eyes. “Oh, fuck! I feel great! What more can this mutt do to me?”

That was a foolish question. The dog, as if tiring of her sweet ass meat, snaked his tongue down to her cunt mound and began licking her cunt from behind. He sent his tongue in between her open thighs repeatedly, and Ann instinctively arched her back and spread her thighs a little wider.

The dog stroked her hairy cunt lips hungrily, brushing her thick red cunt hairs this way and that, and soaking them with spit. Ann began gurgling stupidly as blissful sensations soared through her body.

The animal licked up and down her cunt lips, tasting the juicy mounds thoroughly. He knocked them to and fro, and stretched them apart until her pussy hole popped open.

“Eeeee!” squealed Ann, shaking her head blissfully. “This is just wonderful. I love his hot tongue.”

The German Shepherd made her cunt hairs drip with his spit, and made her cunt lips tingle from the fiery friction of his tongue. Soon her cunt lips were rosy red and puffed up out of shape.

He turned to her cunt crack next, and snaked his thick tongue inside. He stroked her blue-veined fuck meat eagerly, slobbering noisily as he did so. It wasn’t long before her cunt crack was filled with hot doggie spit.

“Oh fuck! What a mother-fucking sweet-licking tongue!” Rocking with blissful heat, Ann reached up with one hand and started rubbing her tits madly.

The dog licked both sides of her cunt crack, his thick tongue forcing her cunt lips even farther apart. He created such friction that her pussy veins filled with gushing blood and soon her cunt meat was red as a beet and throbbing hotly.

“Weeee!” she cried, out of her mind with joy. “Fuck me with your tongue. Fuck me!”

As if understanding her command, the German Shepherd tilted his head to one side and shoved his long fat tongue up into the redhead’s tight fuck-hole. The tip of his tongue pushed her fuck meat out of the way as his tongue slid deep, but then the juicy cunt walls closed in on his tongue and sealed themselves around it. The dog whined and snorted.

“Do it, doggie! Lick me to death!”

Ann began pumping her cunt muscles around the intruding tongue in an effort to cope with the searing heat and blissful pleasures that were invading her cunt. At the same time, she kept her back arched and her legs spread wide, so as not to discourage the animal.

The dog moved his tongue round and round her cunt hole, in spite of the firm pressure on his licker. He obviously was not going to let anything stop him from tasting her fuck-meat.

He reamed her pussy hole well, driving her pussy walls out of shape and jolting her many pussy nerves. She gasped and groaned deliriously as her mind started soaring.

“Give it to me!” she cried, pushing her plump round ass back into the animal. “Lick that cunt hard!”

The German Shepherd tried to obey. He began thrusting his licker up and down her fuck-hole. He scraped her clit repeatedly, and soon the fuck-knob swelled up and started throbbing.

“Aaagh!” she cried, her head spinning. “I can’t take anymore!”

The mutt gave her a little bit more, anyway. He lapped up his own spit as he snaked his tongue in all directions. Lewd squashing noises filled the air around them. Spit trickled down the backs of her thighs again. The temperature inside her pussy increased drastically.

“Iiieee!” she screamed. “I’m coming! I’m coming at last!”

Her eyes rolled. Her lips began trembling. Strange sounds escaped her throat. Then her body started shaking spasmodically. Finally, her pussy blew forth a heavy load of fuck-juices that nearly drowned the poor mutt.

The dog lapped up as much of the jizz as he could, but he got his face plastered with cum in the process. His lewd lapping noises could be plainly heard amidst Ann’s delirious moans and whimpers.

Finally he withdrew from her sloppy pussy altogether. He stood behind her, licking his wet lips and clearing his nostrils. His thick hairs bristled from his excitement, while his red prick jutted out long and hard and extremely thick.

Ann only had to glance at his big prick to know that she would not rest until she had it in her mouth. Turning quickly before the animal could move away, Ann stuck her head beneath his belly and flicked her tongue at his cock head.

The animal whined when he first felt her tongue tip, but she calmed him down by stroking his balls with her deft fingers. As she moved her fingers round and round his hairy balls, she worked her tongue tip up and down his sloping cock knob.

She made his greasy prick head that much greasier as she creamed it with her spit. The fucker soon shone brilliantly. But she was far from finished with his prick.

She circled the wide rim with her tongue and jolted the many nerves located there. Again, she had to calm the animal down. She kept licking though, tasting every bit of his cock head and blasting it with her hot breath.

When the animal’s cock knob was dripping with spit and throbbing hotly, she ran her tongue up to the dog’s piss hole and began drilling for jizz. She plucked out a few drops and gulped them down, then stretched the piss hole far apart in her search for more. The dog bucked and whimpered, but she tightened her hold on his balls and settled him down one more time.

Now completely turned on by the cock’s terrific heat, Ann opened her mouth wide and deep-throated the fucker. She brushed her long red hair out of her way as she worked her lips all the way down to the animal’s hairy balls.

“Mmmfff!” she muttered as she struggled with the fat prick. “Ungh!” More jizz ran down her throat.

The dog’s cock throbbed against the roof of her mouth. It stretched her cheeks wide. The thick cock shaft made her lips ache. But she held onto the fucker, loving its pungent odor and meaty taste.

With cock hairs tickling her nose, she began pumping the prick shaft. Her head bobbed back and forth as she ran her lips up and down the fat prick. She massaged every bump on the cock shaft. And she was loving it.

The swollen prick head speared the back of her throat each time she sucked the cock in. She gasped for air, breathing deeply through her nose, while at the same time striving to keep from choking to death. She had all the cock she could handle, and she knew it.

Again and again she gobbled up the dog’s cock, only to spit it back out moments later. The thick root stretched her lips to their limits. The dog’s hairy balls slapped her chin and lips in a disgusting manner. But she sucked his prick feverishly.

Ann filled the living room with lewd and loud sucking noises. She tasted every inch of the animal’s prick shaft, and let the prick stroke every part of her mouth and throat. She made the fucker swell up and turn red, until it was just the right size for her cunt.

Though the cock tasted so good to her and promised such a big mouthful of creamy dog jizz, she was determined to fuck the animal before she wore him out too much.

Quickly, Ann got on her hands and knees, arched her back deeply, and spread her thighs wide. With her body thus braced, she looked back over her shoulder and called to the dog to mount her.

Horny from the hot blow-job he had just received, the big German Shepherd immediately mounted the redhead. He seized her slim waist between his forelegs, pulled her close to him, and started humping furiously.

“Eeeeee!” squealed Ann when she felt the dog’s pointed cock beating a steady rhythm against her cunt lips. “Ooooooh!”

The big redhead, crazy with lust, wriggled her pussy just enough to guide the dog’s cock into her fuck-hole. It fucked inside her with a rush that made her gasp aloud.

The animal never let up, even though his prick was fucking balls-deep. He fucked her pussy with a fury that had her panting helplessly. His prick speared first one side of her cunt and then the other side, driving her cunt walls every which way. She rolled her eyes and bit her tongue as she tried to cope with the crazy sensations that were sweeping through her fuck-hole.

“Iiiieeee!” she screamed, shaking her head. “This mutt can really fuck! Oh, shit!”

The animal’s claws dug into her fleshy thighs and he maintained a firm grip on her. She pumped her cunt muscles around the hard-driving prick and tried to ease the sting of his prick head.

That didn’t do much good.

The German Shepherd continued to fuck his prick into the deepest regions of her cunt hole. He churned her dripping cunt juices into a buttery froth that soon coated his prick shaft.

“Ooooh!” she cried, holding on for dear life. “Fuck me!” Her body rocked to and fro. So did her big heavy tits.

Flesh-slapping noises filled the living room as the animal’s balls bounced off her cunt lips and the backs of her thighs. Ann trembled with each slap, but soon found herself shivering uncontrollably when the dog’s soft belly hair started brushing against her asscheeks.

The dog towered above her as he fucked. His hot breath rained down on her back and wreaked further havoc with her nerves. She flinched again and again, but could not escape the terrific blasts of heat.

His spit dripped down also to tantalize her tender nerves. With each splash, she rolled her eyes and gritted her teeth. This was too much for her. There were just too many sensations for her to bear. She felt crazy.

“Aaagh!” she groaned. “I’m almost there. I feel it.” She began rocking her pussy back and forth into the animal’s cock, impatient to reach an orgasm.

The dog humped her hard, his whole hairy body slamming into her from behind. His muscles rippled with each fuck-thrust, while her soft flesh quivered like gelatin. He was breathing hard and fast, his tongue hanging limply from his open mouth.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” she cried, wincing each time his balls hit her cunt lips. “That’s right! I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Her voice was as shaky as her well-fucked body. When her climax hit her, she went wild and nearly burst the dog’s balls. Then her fuck-juices exploded from her cunt hole and scorched the beast’s hairy cock and balls.

When the animal felt the woman’s burning jizz, he went wild and began humping out of control. His cock drilled her cunt like a jackhammer. His balls slapped her cunt lips as noisily as they possibly could. He fucked the woman so hard his hind feet left the floor, and all his weight bore down on her strained cunt.

“Ungh!” she grunted, her pussy still twitching and spewing forth steamy cunt juices.

Then the dog began whining loudly and licking his lips. He appeared to be going mad. But before anyone could become overly concerned, the animal blew his wad deep inside her pussy hole and thus relieved his madness.

“Ohhhh!” she cried when she felt the sting of his hot jizz.

The dog kept fucking until he had emptied his load inside her. But even when he was spent, he stayed connected to her while she used her cunt muscles to milk his limp prick. And she milked him well, pumping as much jizz as she could get out of his balls.

When it was all over, he dismounted and walked over to the young blonde, while Ann collapsed to the floor with a sigh.

“Wow!” said the big-titted teenager. “I never saw anything like that in my life. You really fucked my dog well.”

“Thank you,” said Ann as she slowly rose to her feet. “I’d fuck you too, if I had a little more strength left. But I’m afraid I’m all pooped out.” She walked over to the couch and sat down beside the young girl.

“My dog is fucked out, too,” said the girl. “And look at me. I’m all wet down here. I must have come in my panties while I was watching you two fuck.” She spread her thighs wide and showed Ann her wet crotch.

Her cut-off jeans were so short and so tight Ann could almost see her naked pussy.

“Careful, child,” said Ann, her eyes shifting from the girl’s tight crotch to her flimsy halter. “You’re liable to get me worked up again. Then I’ll have to rape you.”

“I’m so horny now, I’ll probably let you rape me.”

“You are a sweet thing,” said Ann. “What’s your name again?”

“Sally Benson.”

“Well, Sally. I’m really glad I looked out the window when I did and saw you walking your dog. Hell, I was so horny I was ready to use my dildo on myself. But dogs are much nicer than dildos. Much nicer. That’s why I invited you into my home.”

“So you showed me,” said Sally. “But I never would have let you fuck Rex if you hadn’t paid me the twenty bucks. You see, I really needed the money.”

“Don’t we all.”

“No, you don’t understand. The money isn’t for me, it’s for my dad. And Rex isn’t really MY dog.”

“What are you trying to tell me, Sally?”

“Let me start at the beginning,” said Sally. “My mom and dad own a dog kennel. We care for people’s dogs while the people are out of town on vacation or whatever. I help out by exercising the dogs every morning. That’s why you saw me walking Rex. He’s only one of many dogs we have back at the kennel.”

“Lucky you,” said Ann. “All that cock anytime you want some.”

“Yes,” continued Sally, “but the problem is, our business is slowly going bankrupt. We’re having trouble paying our bills every month. That’s why I needed the twenty bucks. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing.”

“You’re right,” said Ann. “Twenty bucks isn’t much. But ten times twenty bucks is. Maybe even thirty times twenty bucks. Each and every month. Would that be enough money to help pay your bills and keep your daddy’s business from going bankrupt?”

“It sure as shit would,” said Sally. “But where will the money come from?”

“From other horny bitches like me,” said Ann. “Hell, do you think I’m the only woman around here who fucks dogs? I’m not. There are plenty of dog-fucking women in this neighborhood. Many of them are my friends. I’ll talk to them all. That should save your father’s business.”

“Yes, it probably would,” said Sally, smiling. “And I can deliver the dogs to the customers in the mornings when I exercise the animals. That way dad won’t suspect anything. Hell, he’d probably shit if he ever found out I had expanded his business in this manner.”

“Wonderful,” said Ann. “And as payment for my assistance, all I want is the biggest dog you have at the kennel—twice a week.”

“Agreed,” said Sally.

And they shook hands on the deal.



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