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xNovel - Horse Loving Daughter


Horse Loving Daughter

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Janice stood, her tits bouncing. “I can’t wait any longer,” she moaned. “I gotta get fucked.”

“I was wondering why you were waiting so long,” Lynne sighed. She pushed herself away from the table and stood. “Let’s go.”

“The wait made me cream,” Janice explained as they hurried outside. “My cunt’s dripping so much I’m squashing.”

With her tits bouncing and her ass jiggling, Lynne ran across the yard to the barn. She threw open the doors. “Hurry, Mommy.”

Janice rushed inside, her body shaking as the fire in her cunt spread until her entire body sizzled. “I want Blazer first,” she said. She walked unsteadily toward his stall. “You wanna get fucked?”

Blazer neighed and kicked at his stall as Janice unlocked it.

“He does,” Lynne giggled, her eyes fixed on her mother’s naked body. “What about Abdul?”

Janice smiled hotly and ogled her daughter. “I’m saving his cock for my asshole.”

“Holy shit,” Lynne gasped as her mother led Blazer to the center of the barn. “He’ll rip you apart.”

“Just like your father used to do,” Janice purred. She dropped to her knees and stroked the black stallion’s stomach.

Lynne, already on her knees, reached under and caressed Blazer’s huge balls. “You’re gonna love getting fucked, Mommy.”

Janice smiled. “I know,” she said. She rubbed Blazer’s sheath. “I remember what it’s like.” She pulled on Blazer’s sheath and exposed the fat spongy head of his cock. “Beautiful.”

“Suck him, Mommy. He’ll get hard faster.”

“And I’ll get hotter,” Janice sighed. She squiggled into position as Blazer neighed. She slapped her tongue over the horse’s bloated dickhead, then sucked it into her mouth. She swiped her tongue through his seeping pisser as she continued to stroke his sheath.

Lynne’s mouth watered. She mauled the horse’s nuts. “C’mon, Blazer. Get hard. Get hard!”

Blazer pawed the ground and jabbed. His prick filled with blood, the shaft thickening and turning to steel. He jabbed, the head of his cock piercing Janice’s throat.

Janice gagged, but pushed her head forward. She took him easily into her throat and began chewing on his shaft. She pushed forward, taking him deep until her drooling lips hit his balls and Lynne’s fingers.

Blazer’s prick turned to steel. The fat shaft stretched Janice’s throat. He jerked hard, battering her face as she gnawed on his shaft and sucked.

Janice kept the horse’s cock buried in her throat. She bobbed her head until her pussy began pulsing for the cock in her mouth.

“Mommy,” Lynne sighed. “Don’t suck him off.”

Janice dragged her teeth along his shaft until his prick popped from her mouth. Panting, spit drooling from her mouth, she stared at Blazer’s gigantic prick. “God, is he ready!”

Lynne pulled the bench over. “Get on it, Mommy. I’ll put his cock in you.”

Quickly, her pussy flowing and pulsing, Janice sprawled out on her back. Legs spread, feet flat, she humped her ass up and down. “Hurry, baby. I need it now more than ever.”

“That’s the way I fucked him,” Lynne said, pulling on Blazer’s prick.

Blazer stepped forward, his huge cum-crammed balls swinging. He snorted as Lynne tugged the seeping head of his prick through the sizzling gash of Janice’s pussy.

“You feel it, Mommy?” Lynne asked. She dragged his cock through her mother’s gash again and watched the cream seep out.

“Yesss,” Janice hissed. “Take away your hand and let the bastard fuck me.” She moaned, her body quivering out of control as she waited for the first jab of his prick.

Hot sizzling cream seared the tip of Blazer’s cock as Lynne pulled away her hand. He neighed, the scalding heat reaching into his balls. A quick jab stretched Janice’s cunt and he neighed again as her cunt muscles gripped his shaft and started pulsing.

“Fuck her,” Lynne squealed as she watched the horse’s prick sink into her mother’s cunt. “Fuck her!”

“Yesss,” Janice wailed happily. “Fuck me!” She lifted her hips as Blazer jabbed. “God, I feel like a virgin.” She swiveled her hips and began tugging on Blazer’s cock as he shoved it into her cunt.

“I really was a virgin,” Lynne sighed. Her blue eyes were wide as she stared at Blazer’s cock disappearing into her mother’s cunt. She saw the cream oozing out and down her mother’s asscrack. “Hump, Mommy! Hump!”

“I am, baby! I am!” Janice lurched up from the bench and gobbled up Blazer’s prick with her greedy cunt. “Fuck me, Blazer! Fuck me!”

Blazer stepped forward, driving his prick deep into the spongy wetness of Janice’s gripping pussy. Cream bathed his stabbing prick and muscles pulsed rhythmically around his blood-gorged shaft. He neighed, his balls slapping against her quivering flesh.

“I got it!” Janice screeched deliriously. “I got it all!” She rotated her hips and moaned with joy. She grabbed at Blazer’s heaving flanks, her body thrashing as the giant stallion began slashing his prick in and out of her hot frothy cunt.

Lynne reached under and grabbed Blazer’s swinging nuts. She milked them and felt them contract in her palm. “He’s got a load,” she sighed.

“And it’s all for my pussy,” Janice screeched. Her tits flopped and her ass thumped against the bench. With her back arched, she clawed Blazer’s flanks. “Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Blazer, snorting and bobbing his head, plowed his cock relentlessly in and out of Janice’s sudsy cunt. His balls ached as Lynne mauled them. His cock swelled as Janice’s cunt greased it with steamy cream.

Each jab of Blazer’s cock had cream squashing from Janice’s pussy. The cream spattered Lynne’s fingers and Blazer’s balls. “Cum, Mommy,” Lynne urged. “Cum all over his beautiful cock.”

“I want to,” Janice wailed. She twisted on the bench, the powerful jabs keeping her in bliss as she climbed steadily toward an explosive orgasm.

Blazer plundered Janice’s mushy cunt. Jizz seeped from his pisser as his balls swelled to the bursting point. He snorted, lunged hard and pushed Janice toward the end of the bench.

Janice rode the horse’s plunging cock. Her legs trembled. Her face twisted. She stared drunkenly at her daughter. “Lynne,” she moaned. “It’s heaven. I waited so long for this!”

“Cream, Mommy! Cream!” Lynne became hysterical as she watched. She slapped Blazer on the rump. “Cream, Blazer! Cream my mommy’s pussy!”

Janice, her body in the throes of passion, thrashed maniacally on the bench. She humped wildly, fucking herself blind on the stallion’s giant cock as she raced toward the peak.

“I’m almost there!” Janice screeched as the pulsing in her cunt became erratic. “I’m almost there!”

“So’s Blazer,” Lynne squealed. She rocked on her haunches, her own pussy flowing like a river. She jammed her fingers into her hot young cunt and creamed. “Blazer’s gonna cum too!”

With Blazer pounding the hell out of her, Janice reached the peak. The jabbing thrusts had her body at the end of the bench. She screamed, her head snapping back and forth. “I’m there! I’m there!”

“Cum, Mommy! Cum!” Lynne creamed and fell back on her ass as her mother went into her orgasm.

“I’m cumming,” Janice shrieked at the top of her lungs. “I’m cumming!”

An orgasm tore through Janice’s cock-stuffed cunt like a bolt of lightning. Her body went into convulsions. “I’m creaming, baby! I’m creaming all over his fucking prick!”

Blazer neighed and lunged. His cock sliced through the gooey cum of Janice’s cunt. His rump twitched and his tail swished. Head jerking he reached the peak, his balls ready to bust.

“Cum,” Janice screamed as she climaxed on the horse’s cock. “Cream me! Cream me, Blazer!”

Lynne sat up, her eyes wide. She began to quake as she sensed the eruption in Blazer’s balls.

Blazer’s balls burst. He whinnied shrilly as he tossed his head in the air. Hot thick horse-jizz blasted through his cock and shot from his pisser like a geyser. The spraying arc squirted deep into Janice’s gulping cunt as he jammed hard and inched her off the bench.

“He’s squirting his cum,” Janice screamed. “He’s cumming, Lynne! He’s cumming in my pussy!”

Janice struggled to keep on the beach. She clutched his flanks with her arms and clamped her legs to his rump as her head dropped over the end of the bench. “He’s creaming me!”

Blazer plowed brutally into Janice’s orgasming pussy. Each jab cut through her cuntslit. He snorted, foaming at the mouth as Janice’s screams made his ears flicker.

Lynne was stunned into silence as she watched. She was back on her haunches, rocking, her eyes wide, her mouth open.

Holding onto the plundering animal, Janice screamed again as another orgasm whipped through her pussy. “I’m still cumming,” she wailed. “Ooooo, Lynne! It’s fantastic!” She bucked beneath the lashing stallion. Her head snapped up as the bench toppled over. Lynne, coming out of her stupor, pulled the bench away. “Ride him, Mommy! Ride his fucking cock!”

Holding tightly to the black stallion, Janice hurled her body at him. She met his jabs, screaming shrilly as cum gushed from her cunt and flowed down the crack of her ass. “He’s still cumming,” she shrieked deliriously. “He’s drowning me!”

Blazer stepped forward, taking Janice with him. Each jab cut through her cum-filled fuckhole. The jizz and pussy-cum squished out and splattered his erupting nuts. He neighed, then reared up on his hind legs as his balls spewed out another river of cum.

Janice screamed as she clung to the horse. “Lynne! Lynne! I can’t hold on much longer!”

Blazer dropped back to all fours. His rump jerked as he twisted back and forth. Cum spurted from his prick. He neighed, his mouth foaming and his eyes bulging. He lurched forward on stiff legs, driving Janice into a bale of hay.

Janice’s body shuddered violently. Her eyes rolled and everything started spinning. “Lynne!” she screamed as the intensity of her orgasms weakened her. “Lynne!”

Her arms turned to rubber and she crashed to the hay. Her hips continued to jerk as she fucked herself on his prick. “More! More,” she wailed, her fists pounding the ground. “More!”

Blazer drove her twisting body forward. He snorted, reared up on his hind legs. His cock ripped from her cunt, the last spraying wads of jizz splashing all over Janice’s quivering flesh.

He dropped back to all fours, snorting and trembling as his black coat glistened with the sweat of his lust.

Janice writhed, her body floating back from the dizzy heights. “Oooo, Lynne,” she sighed. “I was in heaven.”

Lynne staggered to her feet. She led Blazer back to his stall. “Don’t move, Mommy. I wanna eat Blazer’s cum from your pussy.”

“Later,” Janice sighed, “First, I wanna get my asshole fucked. Bring Abdul.”

Lynne gasped, then quivered. “Okay, Mommy,” she said excitedly. “Okay.”

Lynne staggered over to Abdul’s stall. “C’mon,” she urged, leading him back to the center of the barn. “C’mon.”

Crawling on the ground, Janice reached the bench. Horse-cum oozed from her cunt as she put the bench back into place. “Christ, Lynne,” she gasped. “I can’t wait to feel his cock in my ass.”

Lynne licked her lips nervously as Abdul snorted and pawed the ground. “Easy,” she soothed, stroking the Arabian’s thick neck. “Easy.”

Trembling, Janice hauled her sweaty body up on the bench. She sprawled out on her stomach, her ass perched high. “Put him in me,” she moaned. “I need it so fucking bad.”

Lynne led the white stallion into place. She dropped to her knees and grabbed his prick. “He’s almost ready,” she moaned. She stroked the horse’s cock slowly, her eyes riveted to the puckered crack of her mother’s asshole.

Janice writhed on her stomach. With her tits squashed into the rough wood, she rolled her hips. “Hurry. Hurry, Lynne!”

Lynne shivered. She saw Blazer’s cum oozing from her mother’s pussy and the glistening crack of her mother’s twitching asshole. She shifted her fist rapidly now, turning Abdul’s prick to steel. “Hold still, Mommy,” she said with a gasp. “I’m gonna put him in.”

Abdul whinnied as his rock-hard cock throbbed. He jerked forward, banging the bloated head of his cock against the juice-stained checks of Janice’s ass. He neighed, his muscles twitching as he jabbed again.

“C’mon, baby,” Janice rasped. She clutched the bench, her ass still as she felt Abdul’s cock hit her asscheeks.

“Easy,” Lynne said, a tremor in her voice. She aimed the fat hulking horse cock at her mother’s shitter. “Here he comes.”

Abdul jabbed again. This time his fat bloated head hit the target. He whinnied, his cockhead sinking into the narrow confines of Janice’s asshole.

“He’s in,” Lynne squealed. “He’s in your ass.”

Janice spasmed and her head snapped up. Eyes bulging, she rotated her hips. “I feel it,” she moaned. “He’s so big! So fucking big!”

With Abdul jerking and feeding her ass his cock, Janice creamed. Her shoulders wrenched and her cunt began to pulse. The muscles in her ass clamped around Abdul’s stabbing cock. “Gimme,” she moaned greedily. “Gimme all of it!”

Abdul jabbed hard, forcing his thick hulking cock into the narrow confines of Janice’s asshole. He dropped his head, lurched forward and speared her ass. Snorting grunts came from his nostrils as the muscles in Janice’s asshole clamped around his half-buried cock like a vise.

Lynne, mouth open and eyes wide, stared at the fabulous sight. “Mommy,” she whimpered. She reached under the plowing steed and touched her mother’s puckered ass crack. “Does it hurt?”

“Yesss, baby,” Janice babbled. “It hurts so fucking good.” She slammed back at the horse, taking him deeper and deeper into her ass. “I want it all!”

Lynne rapped Abdul on the rump. “Fuck her!” She rapped his ass again with the palm of her hand. “Fuck her!”

Abdul whinnied and twisted his neck. Teeth bared and spittle dribbling from his tongue, he snorted and lunged forward. The entire length of his prick ripped into Janice’s asshole.

Janice convulsed as her ass filled with cockmeat. She felt his balls against her flesh and spasmed. “I got it all,” she cried out dreamily. “I got it all!”

She thrashed like a stuck pig on the white stallion’s prick. Her hips swiveled and the inside of her ass mauled his buried cock. “Fuck me, Abdul! Fuck the shit out of me!”

Lynne, seeing his entire cock go into her mother’s ass, almost fainted. “Mommy. Tell me how it feels.”

“I told you,” Janice gasped as she bucked her hips. “It’s fabulous. Like a live enema!” She slammed back at the stallion and screamed as he split her in two.

Abdul pounded Janice’s asshole with hard punching jabs. The head of his cock ripped deep, his shaft stretching her shitter to the limit. Jizz seeped from his pisser and his balls rumbled. Snorts and whinnies came from his drooling mouth as Janice’s shrieks of pleasure filled the barn.

“I want it too,” Lynne squealed. Her own asshole began twitching. “I want my asshole fucked.” She grabbed Abdul’s balls and squeezed. “Fuck her, Abdul! Fuck my Mommy!”

“He is,” Janice screamed deliriously. “He is!” She twisted, her tits raw as she mashed them into the rough bench. Her ass swiveled, her blood-swollen clit smashing into the bench each time Abdul plunged his cock into her shitter.

“I’m out of my fucking mind,” Janice screamed. “I love it! I love it!”

Abdul plowed deep, his thick shaft stretching her hole. His balls whacked against her flesh. His powerful muscles were tight and rippled under his white coat. His mane swished across his thick neck as he jerked his head back and forth.

Lynne was mesmerized as she watched the stallion plunder her mother’s asshole. She swooned, her body quivering. “Make him cum, Mommy. Make him cum!”

“Soon, baby,” Janice screeched. “Soon!” She slammed back at the horse and rolled her hips. “God, whatta fuck!” She twisted on the bench, her knuckles white as she clutched the wood. Her face was red, her mouth twisted into a drunken smile.

“He’s in my belly, Lynne,” she gasped. “His cock’s up in my fucking belly!” She spasmed. Each jab of his cock sent tremors caroming through her cum-filled pussy. His throbbing fuck shaft sent spasms through her ass that spread to every raw nerve in her body.

Abdul tossed his head and whinnied. Lunging hard, he pushed her twisting along the bench. Hard jabs had his flanks heaving. He jerked, his balls swelling and slapping against her quivering flesh.

“Cum, Mommy,” Lynne moaned. “Cum!” She reached up and clawed Abdul’s rump. Her fingers skimmed his coat until she found his asshole. Out of her mind, she jammed her fingers into the horse’s shitter. “Fuck her, Abdul. Fuck her!”

With his ass being ravaged, Abdul picked up the already punishing pace. He plunged hard, tearing maniacally into Janice’s asshole. His cock swelled and his balls rumbled. Whinnies came from his mouth. Flanks heaving, he plunged deeper into Janice’s ass as Lynne’s screams and Janice’s howls turned him into a raging beast.

Janice was out of her skull. Each jab smashed her clit into the wood and brought her closer to the peak. Each throb of his stabbing cock sent tingling spasms through her pulsing cunt. She twisted, his jabbing thrusts shoving her writhing body toward the end of the bench.

“Harder,” Janice screamed as she raced toward the peak. “Harder!”

Abdul ripped into her ass, his balls ready to burst. He neighed, his head bobbing as he took Janice to the peak with his vicious stabs.

“I’m there,” Janice screamed at the top of her lungs. “I’m gonna cum!”

Lynne felt the muscles in Abdul’s ass contract. “So is Abdul,” she shouted. “He’s gonna cum in your ass, Mommy!”

“He’s getting bigger,” Janice screamed as she hovered at the peak. “God, I’m gonna… gonna cum!”

The next instant, with Abdul plowing her shitter, Janice climaxed. “I’m cumming,” she screamed hysterically. “I’m cumming!”

An orgasm tore through Janice’s cunt. She went into convulsions as pussy flooded her snatch and mixed with Blazer’s horse-jizz. Her ass contracted around Abdul’s stabbing cock. “I’m creaming, baby! I’m creaming!”

Abdul’s balls erupted. He snorted, plowed deep as a thick river of jizz blasted from his pisser and squirted into Janice’s gulping asshole.

“He’s creaming me,” Janice shrieked. “He’s creaming my asshole!” She thrashed, her body almost toppling from the bench. “He’s squirting it so deep!”

Lynne’s legs turned to rubber and she dropped to the ground. Her fingers popped from Abdul’s ass. “Mommy,” she squealed. “Mommy!” She stared, her eyes fixed on the jizz squashing from her mother’s asshole.

Janice battled the raging stallion. She twisted her hips, her body absorbing the punishing stabs. “I’m cumming again,” she screamed as he knocked her half off the bench. “I’m cumming again!”

Janice’s head dropped, then snapped up. Her arms shot out straight as she braced herself. Palms flat on the ground, she rolled her hips. Cum poured into her ass, triggering more orgasms in her cunt. “Lynne,” she screeched. “Lynne!”

Abdul lunged forward, pushing Janice completely off the bench. With her asshole stuffed with his prick, he swayed, taking Janice with him as if she were a feather. He reared up, neighed and pranced on his hind legs as Janice’s ass twitched violently around his buried cock.

Janice screamed, her arms giving out. Impaled on his cock, she climaxed as he dragged her thrashing body around the floor. Spit drooled from her mouth and she pounded the ground with her fists.

Abdul jerked. Foaming at the mouth, his white coat glistening with sweat, he neighed. He shoved her twisting body through the hay, then jerked back, bringing Janice with him.

Janice rocked her hips and shrieked with joy. Cum poured from her asshole. Her body spasmed, then went limp as her orgasms drained her.

Abdul twisted his rump, then yanked his spent cock from Janice’s asshole. He snorted, his head bobbing and his chest heaving.

“Jesus,” Lynne sighed. She scrambled to her feet and led Abdul back to his stall.

Janice slumped to the ground, twitching sporadically as cum oozed from both her fuckholes. She whimpered softly, then shuddered.

Lynne returned quickly. She stared down at her mother and saw the cum oozing from her. “Mommy,” she moaned. She threw herself between her mother’s legs and fused her mouth to her mother’s asshole.

“Baby,” Janice sighed. “Suck — suck out his cum.”

Lynne sucked on her mother’s asshole. Thick lumps of Abdul’s cum filled her mouth. She sucked deeper, then gulped. She plunged her tongue into her mother’s hole and lugged out the rest of Abdul’s jizz.

“Now, my pussy,” Janice sighed. She rolled to her back. Hay stuck to her sweaty tits and stomach. “Suck out Blazer’s cum.”

Lynne, greedy for all the cum she could get, plastered her mouth to her mother’s pussy and sucked. She drank Blazer’s jizz, then snaked her tongue into her cunt and hauled out the last few wads.

“Oooo, whatta day!” Janice said as her daughter finished cleaning her fucked-out holes. “Whatta day!”

Lynne stood, her legs wobbly.

Janice hauled herself to her feet. “I’m gonna call my sister and have her come up.”

“Aunt Ellen?” Lynne squealed. “You think she’d like to fuck the horses?”

“It doesn’t matter if she does,” Janice said. She wrapped her arm around Lynne’s waist. “She’s shy and has never been married. Maybe, she’s still cherry.”

Lynne shivered with excitement. “Can I eat her?” she asked as they walked out of the barn.

“You can do anything you want to her,” Janice said. “We’re gonna introduce my shy sister to all the joys of sex.”

“Great,” Lynne sighed as they walked back to the house. “Great.”



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