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xNovel - Donkey-Loving Schoolgirl


Donkey-Loving Schoolgirl

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It was nearly midnight, and yet Denise felt as wide awake as if it were noon. She saw little chance of getting much sleep tonight, except for a few catnaps. In fact, she foresaw getting little sleep on any night until she left the fair. She realized that she’d be taking lots of naps afternoons and evenings if she was going to make it through the week without falling asleep on her feet. Strangely, the effects of a night with little sleep and a day of hard work and excitement hadn’t hit her yet. She was surprised at how good she felt, how full of energy. Her eyes were wide open. She didn’t want to miss anything that was going on.

The big wood doors of the barn had been closed and bolted. The kids had shed what scanty clothing they’d been wearing. Every girl was walking around with bouncing tits, every boy with a wagging hard-on. The open area at the center of the barn had become an arena, a place where the kids gathered around to watch the action take place. They’d spread yellow straw on the concrete floor to form a cushiony bed. The girls had all discovered Romeo.

The big black Labrador was presently the center of attention. A dozen naked girls had gathered around him at the center of the circle, and they were cooing over him as if he were a movie star. Their hands stroked his sleek black fur, moving over his head and down his back. Their hands reached under him to caress and squeeze his stiff dog-prick. The animal panted wildly, sniffing the tits of the crouching girls, trying to sniff their cunts.

“It’s so big,” a girl said, milking the dog’s rampant cock. “Oooh, I’ve never seen one so big on a dog.”

The girls muttered among themselves, all agreeing that Romeo had the largest dog-cock any of them had ever seen.

“He’s always had a whopper,” Peggy announced, hanging onto some boy who was fucking a finger in and out of her cunt. “Even when he was a puppy. You should have seen him then, a little dog running around with that big red boner.”

A girl suddenly crouched down and started sucking Romeo’s cock. The dog started whimpering and thrusting.

“Hey, don’t hog it!” another girl complained. “Let me taste it.”

The first girl let go of Romeo’s cock reluctantly, sitting back and licking her lips as another girl nibbled the dog-cock with a hungry mouth. One by one, the girls took turns sucking Romeo’s cock, crouching down like calves, their naked asses waving in the air, their tits hanging. It seemed that every time Romeo came close to shooting, the girl sucking him would let go, allowing the horny dog to cool his prick before a new set of hot lips wrapped around it.

“Let’s see some fucking,” a boy said, and all the boys started demanding that the girls fuck the dog.

The girls lined up on their hands and knees, a few more girls, who had been just spectators until now, joining them. Denise licked her lips at the sight of fifteen or so naked girl-asses all waving in the air side by side, all of them turned up so the cunts of the girls would be positioned for fucking. Juice trickled from the lust-swollen cunts of most of the girls, leaking down their legs like syrup, and Denise felt like licking all those tasty asses and cunts, tasting them all. The boys were all muttering and licking their lips, too. Romeo, however, was the lucky one. Those asses and cunts were for him. The dog whimpered, prancing back and forth as he sniffed the asses and crotches of the girls. He lapped up the juices coming from their cunts, going from one girl to another. Suddenly, he rose up on his hind legs, mounting one of the girls and fucking his stiff prick up her cunt.

The onlookers cheered.

Romeo clung to the girl, digging his claws into her waist as he fucked his dog prick in her juicy cunt. The girl squealed, squirming.

“Don’t let him come ‘til he’s fucked ‘em all,” a boy said.

“Yeah, let’s don’t,” said another, who stepped up behind the rutting dog and pulled him off the girl.

Romeo growled, his loins humping, his shiny prick thrusting at the air. The boy walked him on hind legs to the next girl over. The animal wrapped his paws around her waist and rammed his prick up her cunt. The new girl gasped, going crazy as the dog cock fucked in and out of her sucking pussy. Within seconds, she was coming. The boy pulled Romeo off her before her spasming cunt sucked the dog’s cock to orgasm. Romeo missed the next girl’s cunt and forced his bone-stiff cock up her asshole.

The new girl moaned, her eyes rolling. “Oh baby, fuck my ass! Oh, that feels so sexy!”

The boys laughed, watching the girl wiggle as the dog fucked her asshole. Just when the dog started whimpering as if he would come, he was pulled away from the girl, his prick yanked out of her asshole. The girl groaned, her asshole open and quivering for several seconds before closing up.

“Goddamn!” a boy said, and he dropped down in back of the girl who’d just been ass-fucked by the dog and fucked his hard prick up her shitter. Both he and the girl moaned with pleasure.

Meanwhile, Romeo started rutting at another girl.

They kept the dog in a state of maddening excitement, always pulling him off a girl when it appeared he would shoot. By the time he was on his last five girls, he was whimpering nonstop, as if he were being whipped. One by one, boys had been dropping down behind the girls the dog had just fucked and had stuffed their rampant pricks up the girl’s assholes or cunts. Now, a dozen girls and boys were coupled, the girls on their hands and knees like bitches, the boys fucking them like stud dogs. As Romeo mounted the last girl in line, the boy who had been tending the dog let go, allowing the dog to fuck freely. The boy mounted the girl Romeo had last fucked.

Denise watched with fascination and increasing excitement. She’d never seen so much fucking taking place all at once. She squirmed in a boy’s arms as he fucked his prick up her cunt from behind. For a moment, she thought of suggesting that she get down on her hands and knees like the other girls, but then she decided it was more fun just standing up and watching as she got fucked.

“Ain’t it hot?” the farm boy growled in her ear, and Denise sighed in agreement. The boy’s cock moved inside her and she rubbed her back and ass against his muscles.

The kids all looked delirious, the girls gasping as hot cocks reamed out their cunts or assholes, the boys grunting as they fucked. A chorus of rapid squishing sounds filled the air as big cocks plunged in hot-sucking female fuckholes. The girl who was squirming most wildly was the girl Romeo was fucking. She looked as if she were drunk, her eyes rolling, her body jerking and gyrating as the dog-cock twisted and plunged in her squeezing pussy.

“Ohhhh, fuck!” a boy moaned. He chewed his lip and closed his eyes and his body shook and he pumped his cum up his bitch’s hot asshole. “Mmmmm, yeah!”

The boy’s orgasm set off the girl’s and she gasped, pounding her naked ass against his contracting abdomen as she writhed with pleasure. As the couple squirmed and moaned with mutual ecstasy, the other couples reached their climaxes and started writhing. Within seconds, Romeo went into spasms, howling as he fucked his hot cum up the pussy of his human bitch.

“Cream that bitch!” growled the boy fucking Denise. “Oh, shit, shoot her full of it! Make her have puppies.” His sliding prick swelled inside Denise and started to shoot cum. He clung to her, fucking hard as he poured his steaming cum-load up her cunt.

Denise’s head was spinning. It was hard to take in all that was happening. All the boys were pumping jism into the girls, the girls were gasping with climaxes, and Romeo was howling as he fucked out his dog-cum. At the same time, Denise felt a big cock pulsing inside her and spitting spurts of jism into her pussy. It was too much. Denise closed her eyes to make her head stop spinning.

The boy pulled his cock out of her and Denise immediately sat down, her eyes closed, her cunt swollen with pleasant throbbing lust. She opened her eyes again, watching the boys uncouple from the girls. Romeo got down off his human bitch, and Peggy caught him and led him away.

A boy walked up to Denise, grinning down at her. “I hear you fucked a donkey last night,” he said.

Suddenly boys were surrounding her. One of the boys was her brother Tim, and he was grinning down at her with all the rest. Denise didn’t know what to say. She smiled up at them, giggling with nervousness. She might have panicked, but the sight of all their throbbing cocks, most of them shiny with cunt juice, acted like a drug on her. She felt excited, super-horny, and her lust gave her strength. She was nervous, but not afraid. And only yesterday, the sight of one hard boy-cock would have made her tremble with fear and run away. Now, she couldn’t get enough of the sight of the boys or their cocks. She salivated and swallowed, tempted to start sucking their cocks one at a time—until she’d sucked them all off and had drunk their tasty spunk.

The boys reached down, helping her to her feet. Hard cocks rubbed against her from all sides. The smell of male sweat, the feel of hard muscles against her made her weak. The boys had to hold her up to keep her from collapsing. She heard hoof beats, slightly muffled on the straw instead of bare concrete. The boys pushed her forward until she came face to face with a large golden stallion.

“Any girl who can fuck a donkey can fuck a horse,” a boy said. “Let’s see you do it, farm girl.”

Denise realized she was the center of attention now. All the boys and girls had formed a circle around her, most of them hanging on each other as they watched with smirking red faces.

Tim stepped up to Denise and whispered in her ear: “You can do it.”

He rubbed his cock against her ass and bit her on the neck. Denise gave his cock a squeeze.

“I’ll hold onto him,” Tim said. “Make sure he doesn’t get too wild. You fuck him. I used to have dreams about you fucking horses.” Denise couldn’t believe what she was hearing Tim say. How could her own brother have had such fantasies about her? All these years, she hadn’t really known him, and he hadn’t really known her. She’d hid behind her books too much, had hid inside herself. If only she’d known! If only she hadn’t been so foolishly afraid! She’d missed a lot of fun, a lot of pleasure. She turned and embraced her brother. They kissed, Tim’s fat tongue sliding into her mouth. The kids whooped and snickered and cheered as she made out with her own brother in front of them. Tim’s huge cock throbbed against her belly.

Tim broke their kiss. His face was red and he was panting. “Fuck the horse now,” he said. “I wanna see you do it.”

Then she moved under the horse, bending over and presenting the stallion her ass like an excited filly. The horse’s cock flexed like a big naked arm, whooping her between the legs. She grabbed the huge cock, squeezing it between her legs as she caressed the cock-knob with her fingers and rimmed the open pisshole with a fingertip. His fuck-lube was oozing out and she tasted it. The stallion snorted, thrusting.

“Help her,” Tim said.

And immediately two girls got down on their knees, one on each side of Denise. The girls giggled and squealed as the horse cock jerked in their hands. Denise arched her back, turning up her ass and presenting the horse her cunt as the two girls guided the big fucker into place.

The stallion thrust. Denise gasped, her breath nearly knocked out of her. The stallion’s cock fucked into her cunt, at least a foot of it buried inside her. Denise braced herself and gritted her teeth. She felt no pain, only a fantastic stretch that made her eyes nearly pop out. She was thankful that her cunt had been freshly greased with slippery boy-cum.

“Look at that!” a boy said. “He’s really fucking her! Damn!”

I’ll show you a thing or two, farm boy, she thought. She slowly began to rotate her ass as the snorting stallion rammed her cunt again, then again.

“Oh, wow!” a boy said, frantically jerking off as he watched the stallion fuck Denise’s pussy.

Denise’s head was swimming, but she realized that all the boys, including Tim, were jerking off as they watched her fucking the horse. Her excitement soared as she wiggled her ass wildly. She was getting juicier inside and the fuck-paste was oozing from her cock-stuffed cunt and trickling down her legs. The two girls at her sides started lapping up the combination cum and pussy-cream, their hot tongues moving up her legs and increasing her excitement. Other girls crouched down to caress her and lick her. Girls started sucking on her tits. Girls chewed on her toes. A finger fucked into Denise’s asshole.

The stallion pawed the ground, snorting, driving his loins. As he became more excited, he tried to rear up, and Tim called for assistance to hold the bucking animal down so he wouldn’t end up trampling the girls. The stallion’s cock plunged, the flared cockhead fucking into the depths of Denise’s pussy, its hardness making Denise frantic with pleasure.

The boys were all muttering, jerking themselves off. The girls were cooing and gibbering, licking and feeling Denise, finger-fucking themselves. One girl pistoned her hot finger in Denise’s asshole. The stallion fucked his cock in and out, and Denise became one with it. She imagined herself a huge, pleasure-saturated cock. She couldn’t stand it much longer. She knew she was going to explode.

The stallion whinnied, thrusting wildly, snorting fiercely. He whinnied again and his cock flexed so hard that Denise felt herself lifted momentarily off the ground. As his cum erupted into her, she thought her head was going to blow off. She gasped as the shots of horse-cum gushed into the depths of her cunt. As the stallion whinnied again, Denise whined and reached her climax. Her body shuddered as if the stallion’s ramming cock were an electrical prod pumping rhythmic electrical charges into her body.

“Ohhhhhh, wowww!” A boy started shooting, his cum splashing against Denise and the other girls.

Another boy cried out and exploded. It was a chain reaction. Boys all around Denise stumbled close and pumped out their cum, drenching the naked flesh of the writhing girls.

Denise felt hot cum hitting her from all sides, and she whined: “Yesss, ohhhh, yesss!”

“Horse-cum!” a girls muttered, lapping up the sticky juices leaking from Denise’s cock-filled cunt. “Mmmmmn!”

A commotion started as all the girls tried to get a taste. Some of the girls were whimpering, squirming with orgasm as they licked.

Denise felt the horse-cock contracting inside her, felt the horse-jism streaming into her cunt. Her pussy clutched wildly, saturated with fuck-sensations, with uncontrolled spasms. Every cell of her body pulsed with orgasm. Her mouth gaped as she sighed in ecstasy.

Tim stepped up and stuffed his cock in her mouth. “Take it, sister.” He moaned with pleasure as his cum burst against Denise’s tonsils. “Oh, eat it!”

Denise gulped down her brother’s cum, smacking her tingling lips around his big flexing prick. She would never be able to get enough of his cock, of his cum. She would never be able to get enough of any cock. She realized that now.

As the horse-cock softened and slipped out of her pussy, Denise moaned. She sucked Tim’s softening cock, trying to milk it of every tasty droplet of cum. Girls went wild over her open pussy, all of them wanting to suck the horse-cum out of her cunt. Denise thought she’d be eaten alive. She collapsed forward in the straw, letting the other girls eat her stretched, cummy cunt.

And the night’s only beginning, Denise thought. And our stay at the fair has a long way to go. What’s going to happen next?

She couldn’t wait to find out.




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