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xNovel - Donkey-Loving Schoolgirl


Donkey-Loving Schoolgirl

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She woke up with a start, and so apparently did Tim. He pushed her away and jumped up. Denise jumped up, too. Tim ran out of the stall, but before Denise could follow him, she had to make sure Romeo was tied up and couldn’t run away from the stall. It sounded as if a wild party was going on in the barn. Kids laughed and whooped and shouted crazy things. Denise felt a little anxious as she left the stall and stumbled naked down the central corridor of the barn, but her anxiety was less than her curiosity. Besides, she felt the need to stay close to her brother now.

Tim had joined the group of kids at the open center of the barn. All of the kids stood there naked, the shorter ones standing on tiptoe so they could see past the shoulders and heads of the kids in front of them. Most of the boys displayed hard cocks, which they rubbed against the girl closest to them as they watched the action they had gathered around to see. As Denise moved in among them, trying to find Tim, two boys grabbed her and started rubbing their hot cocks against her hips and asscheeks. Denise felt vulnerable and started shaking. She didn’t try to get away, however, her vulnerability excited her.

The kids were shouting, laughing giddily, urging on the three girls in the center of the ring formed by the crowd. The three naked girls stood on their knees, each girl under the belly of a snorting stallion. Apparently, the three horses had been led from their stalls to the center of the barn so the three girls could suck and jack them off. Denise learned shortly that the girls were competing with each other, each trying to bring off her stallion first. The girls used their lips and tongues, and hands and arms, even their tits to stimulate the three enormous horse-cocks.

Denise flushed from head to toe, seeing one of her secret fantasies being played out as if on a stage in front of all these screaming kids. She’d imagined doing such things to stallions. She’d never seen bigger cocks on any animal, except maybe donkeys. Horse-cocks had always fascinated her. They’d never scared her as much as boy-cocks, though—even though they were much larger—because she’d never heard of a horse trying to fuck a girl. A few times, she’d come close to doing what these girls were doing now, but she’d always chickened out at the last moment.

The three girls worked with determination, their faces flushed. The three huge horse-cocks jumped and quivered in their hands as they tried to make the animals shoot. Fuck-lube oozed from the gaping pissholes on the excited horse-cocks and the girls licked it up like honey, as fast as it bubbled out.

“Would you like to do that?” one of the boys hanging onto Denise asked her. “I bet you would. All you chicks are crazy about horses ‘cause they bring you off when you’re riding ‘em.”

Denise flushed even more. How did he know that? It seemed all her deepest, darkest secrets were fast becoming common knowledge. How could some boy she’d never met know that she got off while riding horses, that the rubbing of her cunt against the horse’s back as she rode them, squeezing his muscular body between her legs was enough to bring her off again and again during a single ride?

“You ever suck off a horse?” the boy growled in her ear, making her shiver. “You like to eat horse-jizz?”

He worked his cock up and down against her ass. His arm wrapped around her and he squeezed her tits. As he embraced her, the other boy moved aside.

Denise’s hand moved as if by itself and caught the hard cock of the boy who was moving away. She squeezed his cock, and he smiled at her. The boy embracing her slipped his cock between her lube-slick thighs and started to work it between them, thigh-fucking her. She trembled in the one boy’s embrace and slowly jacked of the other boy, all the while trying to watch the three girls jack off the three stallions.

The horses were getting more and more restless. One of them tried to rear up, but a boy grabbed his bridle and calmed him.

“This one’s getting close,” the boy said.

“Come on, boy,” cooed the young girl jerking off the horse who’d just reared up. “Come on, baby, give it to me. You can do it, boy, you can do it.” Her tone was seductive, teasing. Her hands played up and down the horse-cock as if she were fingering a gigantic flute. She fastened her mouth to the huge, flaring prick-knob, licking it all over. The cock-knob was so big that she couldn’t get it in her mouth.

The horse started snorting. His loins quivered and thrust, and the girl fought to hold onto his cock. He tried to rear up, but the boys holding his bridle wouldn’t let him.

“Come on, baby, come on!” gibbered the girl frantically. “Oh, shoot it!” She rubbed her hot cheeks against his prickhead as she jerked her hands up and down. She kept licking, kept sucking, kept kissing the horse-cock.

The stallion whinnied, thrusting powerfully. His flanks shuddered and his eyes appeared glassy as his jism erupted in powerful streams and splashed over the girl’s face and tits.

The kids cheered as the stallion creamed all over the naked girl, who was doing her best to catch his hot horse-cum in her open mouth. Her hands slipped up and down his bucking, cum-spurting cock. She moaned, sucking down his cum, bathing in it.

The other two stallions seemed to catch the orgasmic frenzy of the first one, because they suddenly snorted in unison, exploding their profuse cum-loads all over the other two girls. The pungent scent of horse-jism filled the air.

“Oh wow, look at that!” mumbled the boy who was fucking Denise between the legs. The spurting of the stallions all over the girls had excited him and he was ramming his cock back and forth between Denise’s slippery thighs.

Denise could feel the boy’s big cock swelling and hardening, and she squirmed in his arms, turned on by the heat and slippery feel of his cock. At the same time, she jerked her hand faster and faster up and down the cock of the other boy, using the same motion she’d watched her brother Tim use so many times when she’d spied on his jerking off. She’d never jerked off a boy before, but she already felt herself an expert at it.

The three girls under the stallions writhed, their faces and tits slimy with horse-cum. They licked the big jizz-oozing horse-cocks, expressions of wild pleasure on their faces as they worked their thighs together in their excitement. It took only seconds before one of the girls started jerking with orgasm. Within a few more seconds, all three of them were squirming as the spasms gnawed through their cunts and they sucked the last thick wads of jism from the pissholes of three grunting stallions.

“Sexy!” moaned the boy thigh-fucking Denise. “Oh God, I never saw nothing so sexy in my life!” He pumped his cock between Denise’s legs as it swelled hugely, its veins bulging. Suddenly, his cock flexed hard and he started fucking out his jism as he crushed Denise in his arms.

Denise wriggled, gibbering with excitement. “Shoot it,” she muttered. “Squirt it!” She caught handfuls of hot jism as it spurted between her clamped thighs. The feel of the boy’s hot cock fucking and squirting between her thighs made her want to squeal.

The boy she was jerking off was thrusting his loins, fucking his cock in her hand. She could feel his cock hardening, its veins bloated and resembling blue snakes on his prickshaft. She slapped some of the one boy’s hot cum onto the other boy’s cock so she could grease his prick and make it slide more easily in her hand. As she worked the slippery cum over the cock in her hand, the boy she was jerking off exploded.

“Ohhhhhh, mannnnn!” he moaned, writhing.

His eyes rolled back as he pumped his cock in Denise’s hand and spurted his jism against her belly. As he continued to come, he fell against her, rubbing against her and hugging her from the front as the other boy hugged her and thigh-fucked her from behind.

The jism poured from the two boys as one cock flexed between Denise’s legs and the other cock against her belly, creaming her soft skin. Denise was surrounded by hot male flesh. Her skin prickled. Her loins tightened. She squirmed between the two spasming youths, moaning with excitement. She spotted the three girls who had jerked off the horses as they lapped the sticky horse-cum off each other like cats licking one another. Denise’s excitement reached a peak and exploded. She let go, writhing with orgasm as the two grunting boys crushed her between their sweaty bodies.

The boys let her go at last and she slid to her knees, dizzy and weak. She had jism running down her legs and belly. And all around her, boys and girls were pawing at each other. A girl nearby was on her knees, sucking the cocks of two boys simultaneously. Another girl was on her hands and knees, getting fucked from behind by a grunting farm boy. The scent of sweaty teenaged bodies, jism and cunt were stronger now than the smell of the animals. Denise saw three boys led the three drained stallions back to their stalls.

“Don’t waste it,” a girl said, dropping down next to Denise. The girl was giggling as if drunk. She crouched down like a dog and started to lick the cum off Denise’s belly.

Denise was stunned. She kneeled there, watching the girl lick her abdomen. She moaned softly as the girl licked upward and sucked on her nipples.

“Move your legs apart,” the girl said. “Mmm, look at all this sweet jizz!”

Denise watched the girl’s head move up and down as the girl slurped the sticky cum off her legs. Suddenly, the girl slid up, wrapping her arms around Denise and pressing their big tits together. She kissed Denise before Denise knew what was happening.

“You’re cute,” the girl said. “Why don’t you and me find someplace cozy and have some fun?”

“I-I don’t know,” Denise said uncertainly.

“Come on,” the girl said. She’d stood up and was trying to pull Denise up. “You’ll really like it.”

Denise let go and allowed herself to be led. The girl pulled her by the hand down the central corridor of the barn, past the stall where Romeo was tied up, whimpering and trying to break loose from his leash. Denise wondered where Peggy was at this hour, then had visions of the blonde munching on that farmer’s big prick, or of Peggy squealing and kicking her legs as the farmer fucked her.

“Here’s a nice quiet place,” the girl said. She pulled Denise into an empty stall at the far end of the barn. She fell on her back in the straw and pulled Denise down on top of her. “Kiss me.”

Denise hesitated. This seemed pretty weird to her. Here she lay, her tits pressed to another girl’s tits, her cunt pressed to another girl’s cunt. The girl squirmed up against her. Rubbing their flesh together.

“Kiss me, you cute little bitch.” The girl puckered her lips, trying to press them to Denise’s lips. “Kiss me.”

Their lips brushed together and Denise felt an itchy thrill in her own lips. Her cunt tightened, throbbing with an itch of its own. She felt the girl’s hard nipples pressing into her tits like hot fingertips. The girl’s silky hands roved up and down Denise’s back, the fingernails lightly scratching.

Denise closed her eyes and pressed her lips to the other girl’s mouth. They sighed in unison as they kissed. The girl’s mouth opened and Denise opened her own mouth. Their tongues slipped into each other’s mouth. Denise felt fuck-thrills pulsating in her loins. She started to hump against the girl.

“Mmm, feels so good!” cooed the girl, grinding up against Denise. “You’re a hot bitch, ain’t ya?”

They rolled in the straw, rubbing their smooth bodies together. Denise loved the feel of the girl’s silky hot flesh, loved the feel of their swelling tits mashed together.

“Let’s do a scissors,” the girl said. “I love to get off that way.”

“A what?” Denise asked.

“You’ve never done a scissors?” the girl said incredulously. “Come on, tell me another one!” She pushed Denise away.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Denise said.

The girl grinned. “Well, maybe you don’t. If you’ve never done a scissors, girl, you’re in for a treat. Just lay back and spread your legs a little.”

Denise relaxed in the straw, her tits heaving with excitement. The other girl lay down next to Denise, her head at Denise’s feet. She spread her legs.

“Roll on your side,” the girl said. As Denise did so, the girl put her right leg between Denise’s legs, then slid her right foot along Denise’s ass and back. The girl wiggled up, straddling Denise’s crotch until her right foot wiggled in Denise’s hair in back and her left foot rested in Denise’s face. The girl’s hot crotch pressed directly against Denise’s crotch, their two steaming bottoms joined. The girl started licking Denise’s foot, at the same time grinding her wet cunt against Denise’s throbbing fuckhole.

Denise moaned, her cunt on fire. She was so turned on that she started licking the girl’s toes, even though the girl’s foot was filthy from going barefoot on the bus and in the barn. She’d never imagined she could feel so good, rubbing cunts with another girl.

“Your pussy is so hot,” the girl cooed. “And so are your toes.” She reached between her legs and spread her cunt wide open. “Pull apart your cunt-lips, too. I wanna feel your hot cuntmeat against mine.”

Denise reached down and hauled her pussy-lips wide apart. As she pressed her raw, dripping crotch to the other girl’s, her loins swam with thrills.

“Mmm, you’re all gooey with cum,” the girl breathed. “That’s hot. The cum’s just leaking out of you. You’ve been fucking boys, you naughty girl.”

And a dog too, Denise thought, grinding her hot crotch against the girl’s as dog cum and boy-spunk oozed from her pulsating pussy and made the other girl’s spread cunt sticky, too.

They moaned as they worked their cunts together. The aroma of jism and cunt filled the air in the stall. Their sopping-wet cunts made liquid noises as they ground against each other.

“I’ve got jizz in me too,” the girl said. “Except it’s up my asshole. I love getting my ass fucked best, and the boys are crazy about doing it. Never met a boy who didn’t wanna squirt his jizz up my asshole.”

Denise thought of Tim’s big cock fucking in her own asshole and she groaned with excitement. “I like it, too,” she said. “My asshole’s full of cock cream.”

“Oh, you hot bitch!” the girl said. “Let’s get off. I’m so fucking hot I can’t stand it anymore.” She started sucking on Denise’s dirty toes as if they were small cocks. She churned her loins, grinding her sizzling cuntmeat against Denise’s pussy.

Denise felt thrills coursing through her feet and legs as the girl munched on her toes. She’d never known her toes were so sensitive. Her loins throbbed, her pussy sucking the other girl’s pussy. She sucked the girl’s toes, getting more turned on by the moment.

“Mmmm,” the girl cooed. “Hot bitch! Juicy cunt! Sexy toes! Ohh, it feels so good!”

The girl expressed Denise’s feeling perfectly. Denise moaned, grinding her loins faster, and gnawing on the other girl’s toes. Their cunts drooled, and it was as if hot oil had been poured between their joined cunts.

“Come!” the girl moaned. “Come with me! Oh, God!”

Denise felt herself melting. The fuck-itch surged in her crotch and fingers of orgasm wriggled through her loins.

“Coming!” she moaned, nearly gnawing the girl’s toes off in her frenzy of pleasure.

“Me, too!” whined the girl. “Ohhh, Goddddd!” Her toes clutched and her toenails nearly cut Denise’s lips. She grunted as she ground her spasming pussy against Denise’s.

“Mmmmmm!” Denise moaned, flashes of light going off behind her eyeballs. “Oh, Goddd!”

They churned their contracting pussies against each other until they’d squeezed out their pleasure. When they fell apart, the girl started giggling, and so did Denise. She didn’t know why. Maybe it was because she felt a sense of wild freedom.

“What’s the biggest cock you ever played with?” the girl asked.

“My brother’s,” Denise said, then she felt ashamed of admitting such a thing.

“I don’t mean just on a boy,” the girl said, apparently unfazed by Denise’s admission of incest. “I mean, what’s the biggest cock—any cock? I mean, like an animal or something.”

“His was the biggest,” Denise said. “And it’s a really big one.”

“A lot of boys have big ones,” the girl said. “But some animals have pricks that make the biggest boy-pricks look like teenie weenies. Ever play with a donkey cock?” The girl grinned wickedly.

“No,” Denise said. “And I don’t think I care to.”

“Sure, you do,” said the girl. “Donkeys are wild.”



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