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xNovel - Of Course She Loves A Horse


Of Course She Loves A Horse

Cover:cover: of course she loves a horse
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Michelle ran her flattened tongue up the stallion’s big black prick, slurping his cockmeat from balls to crown and, arriving at the big cockhead flaring out from his cockshaft, she kissed, licked and sucked on it, making sure that his cock was as big and as hard as possible.

The quarter horse trembled, pushing his cock out, haunches rippling. Being only a dumb animal, the horse probably didn’t know what pleasure a woman could get out of sucking his cock and drinking his fuck juice — but then, the brute didn’t know that bestiality was naughty, either. The sturdy stallion only knew that it felt good to empty his balls into the woman, at either end, and that was that. And now those big balls were filling up again.

Michelle held the horse’s cockhead to her tits, rubbing against the fat slab. She dipped the cocktip into her cleavage, then levered it down and brushed the meaty slab into her cunt bush. When she released his prick, it snapped back up level with her face and she tongued it some more. His cock-knob flared and swelled and his cockshaft was so taut that she could have used it as a catapult, flinging boulders at an enemy fortress.

She was enjoying mouthing his cockmeat but by this time her neglected pussy was streaming and smoldering with urgent need. Cunt juice ran down her sleek thighs in frothy ribbons. When she touched her cunt with her hand it felt scalding hot, swampy and steamy. Michelle wouldn’t have been surprised if her crotch had suddenly ignited, her thick, curly cunt hair bursting into flame.

She drew the sled over under the stallion. Well aware of what that meant, the horse snorted, his hot breath billowing over Michelle. She sat on the sled, then lay back, hiking her ass and hips up so that her body was bridged under the stallion. Her steaming cunt crater was gaping wide open, level with the animal’s jutting prick.

Reaching down over her belly, she used one hand to spread her cunt-lips open even wider. Her other hand slid under the head of the stallion’s cock, massaging his cock and drawing it to her. The horse gave a tentative push, shoving his cock out, and the cocktip bumped into her groin. He humped again and Michelle, panting like a steam engine, wriggled and squirmed as she rammed her pelvis down to meet his fuck-thrust. His cockhead slipped around in her creamy crotch, not penetrating yet.

It was always difficult to get that massive load of hard cockmeat up her cunt to begin with, although once the cockhead was buried in her pliable fuck-hole, she easily adjusted to the welcome load. Michelle knew that she was a lucky girl to have such an accommodating cunthole — lucky because it allowed her to get fucked by the stallion and also because those pliable cunt walls could tighten again afterward so that, when her husband fucked her, there was no evidence of a larger cock having been there. Wood was not suspicious, anyhow. If, when eating her pussy, he happened to detect a horsy scent, he only assumed she had been riding bareback — instead of bare and being ridden by the horse.

Braced against the sled, Michelle wriggled about, jamming her cunt down on the stallion’s swollen cock-knob. Her hips twisted from side to side as she began to screw her fuck-hole onto his prick. The horse pushed the cockmeat to her, nudging and prying determinedly, knowing better than to start humping frantically before his cock was in her cunt.

Her wet cunt rippled and the tip of his prick slipped into her fuck-hole. The woman moaned, her face a mask of passion. Her pelvis danced and jerked, twitched and jolted. Inch by precious inch, the big wedge of the horse’s cockhead fucked into her pussy.

Muscles rippled in her smooth thighs as she hiked up higher. Then she jammed herself against his big battering ram and sighed as all of his colossal cockhead wedged into her pussy. Her wet cunt-lips collared his thick cockshaft just behind the buried cock-knob. She turned from side to side, winding her cunthole around on his prick, then jammed down again, fucking another inch or two of his long cock into her cunt.

Her pussy foamed and rippled, the cunt walls spreading out around the contours of the stallion’s formidable prick. He was plugged into her hair socket, spreading the pussy-lips out. Cunt juice trickled around the edges and ran down into the crack of her upthrust, jerking ass.

The stallion bucked, feeding her another inch. Michelle moaned with lust as she felt his massive cockhead stir deeper in her fuck-hole and his thick cockrod slide into that creamy tunnel. Her cunt muscles pulsed, molding her cunt around his cock, clinging and clutching to every lovely inch. Her pussy sucked and rippled on his cockmeat.

The stallion snorted again and fucked more cock up her cunt, hiking her ass higher. Each time the horny horse humped, Michelle jabbed her crotch down to meet him. His huge prick was steadily vanishing up her stretched cunthole.

His cockhead was deeper in her cunt now than any human prick had ever been — and going deeper, probing those recesses that a lesser cock could never reach, fucking into the very depths of her guts. Michelle whined and whimpered as she pushed down, engorging herself on a horse-prick. It felt like she had a telephone pole fucked up her cunt, and still he fucked deeper. She felt like a pig roasting on a spit. She wondered where all the cockmeat was going, how it could stuff her so deeply. Michelle was half crazed by lust, and in that dreamy bliss she wouldn’t have been surprised if the head of the stallion’s cock had come squeezing out of her mouth, having spiked right through her writhing body.

Then the horse bottomed out in her cunthole. His prick-knob bumped at the depths and could go no deeper. A good foot of thick cockstalk was still unburied, and Michelle was suspended on the end of his prick. She gurgled with joy. The horse’s cock muscles pulsed and Michelle bobbed up and down as his prick swayed, rising and falling.

They held that full penetration for a moment, with Michelle swaying up and down on his mighty prick. Cunt juice ran down the unburied segment of his throbbing cock stalk. Her cunt-lips were unpeeled around his prick, clinging to the fat cockmeat. The stallion drew back, ready to start fucking into her, but his prick was jammed so tightly up her fuck tunnel that instead of pulling out he simply hauled her along with him.

Michelle gripped the edges of the sled and braced her feet against the floor on either side, holding her body in place, eager to feel the sliding friction as the beast fucked in and out.

When he pulled back again, his enormous cock dragged out of her pussy, dripping with her cunt cream. The stallion drew out until only his fat cockhead was in her pussy, paused, then fucked back into her. Her whole body jolted as he poured the prick to her. Her cunt clung to every inch, sucking and dragging on his cock. She rolled her hips from side to side, adding torque to the friction.

The quarter horse’s mighty loins leaped with sinew and muscle as he fucked into her cunt again, getting into the rhythm. Michelle was already starting to cream on his massive prick, wailing and gasping in ecstasy as he fed her that great load of steaming-hot cockmeat.

Her cunt was soaking wet and yet, paradoxically, her loins felt parched — parched for the horse’s jism. Her ass churned and her hips pumped wildly as she matched the horse’s fucking rhythm, panting and moaning as she heaved her well-stuffed pussy around under the fucking animal. Michelle was fucking herself silly on the stallion’s giant prick, almost fainting with the thrill of being fucked by a horse.

She threw her legs up, hooking her knees around his cockstalk, gripping his prick in a scissor lock. Her thighs tightened and relaxed as she rode that mighty horse cock.

She grunted as his cockhead hit the bottom of her fuck tunnel, like a hot boulder in her belly. Then she moaned as the stallion hauled it back out again. Her cunt was squishing juicily and overflowing. His prick fucked in and his bloated balls swung in and out, slapping against her upthrust ass.

Suspended on his prick, her legs wrapped around the root of his prick, Michelle rode the stallion’s gigantic fucker in wild bliss, using her thighs to cling to him as if riding at a trot.

His thick prickrod was rubbing across her clit as it fucked in and out. That fleshy nugget sparked and detonated. Michelle wailed as her clit exploded, then wailed again as her cunt creamed. Her steaming juices flooded her fuck-hole and the stallion fucked his cock in faster and harder through the slippery lubrication.

She felt his cockstalk expand between her thighs and his cockhead balloon in her guts. She cried out with joy, knowing that the stallion was about to fill her pussy with his fuck juice.

“Give it to me!” the woman gasped, yearning for his hot creamy cum-load while her own orgasm poured out around his fucking cock. “Shoot your hot jism up my fuck-hole!”

His cock fucked into her, pounding and throbbing, shaking her whole body and almost rattling her bones. His haunches heaved and the stallion bellowed as his balls blew. The thick horse-cum rushed up his cockshaft and hosed her cunthole.

His first spurt hit her with such force that, had she not been clinging to his cock with her legs, he would have blown her right off the end of that massive cock. Her thighs tightened, hauling his prick back in and he shot another deluge of jism into her foaming fuck-hole. His hindquarters jolted back and he spurted a load on the backstroke. The steaming horse-cum jetted into her cock-stuffed pussy.

Her ass swung from side to side as if she were in a hammock, riding his prick as he emptied his balls spurt by mighty spurt. Her cunt juice flooded out to mix with his fuck cream, swirling about inside her pussy in a foaming whirlpool. She could feel each spurt of cum as it shot into her, spraying and squirting into the innermost reaches of her cunthole. Cum and cunt-juice streamed out as his cock fucked in. The sled was awash with their mingled fuck fluids. Lathery cream ran down his cockstalk and onto his balls as he fucked in, her cunt overflowing and his balls swinging in to whack against her churning ass.

The stallion nickered, slowing down, his load spent. Michelle kept fucking her cunt up and down on his drained prick, working off the last of her coming. She jerked from side to side. Then she turned all the way over, throwing her leg across his prick and winding her fuck-hole around on his cock until she was face down, on her hands and knees, with his prick still stuck up her cunt.

Her ass heaved as she fucked her cunt up and down on his prick again, in the animal position, working off the last sweet waves of her creamy climax. A radiant look transfigured her face in the aftermath of her ecstasy, the joy of her satiation.

The stallion stepped back. Her ass jerked higher. His long cock began to pull out of her and her cunt sucked on his cock, reluctant to feel it depart. Then the big prick-knob slipped out of her pussy and, Michelle, no longer supported, bounced on her hands and knees. A cascade of fuck juice streamed down her thighs.

And insatiable Michelle smiled, wondering if she had time to get fucked again before her husband returned.



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