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xNovel - Horse-Loving Farm Wives


Horse-Loving Farm Wives

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Brenda Tucker liked to ride bareback.

Brenda was a nubile young teenager and she loved to feel her crotch slide around on the horse’s back. She could get her rocks off that way, creaming her jeans and lathering the horse’s broad back. Zeus seemed to like it, too. Zeus was a stallion.

Brenda was riding down the lane that led away from the farm where she lived. Many of the farmhouses in the neighborhood had been modernized and converted into country homes for people from the city, but Brenda lived on a proper working farm, with harvests and animals. She had little respect for the newcomers, the city slickers. But she had a lot of respect for the stallion, especially for his mighty prick.

Brenda was fond of pricks.

Now she leaned limberly sideways, one fist clutching the horse’s mane, and gazed under the animal. Sure enough, his cock was starting to stiffen. The girl smiled impishly. She had been pretty sure that the stallion would get a hard-on while she squirmed around on his back. She loved the idea of turning a stallion on. The sight of that big prick starting to get hard really inspired the naughty teenager. She squirmed around more, her slim thighs tightening around the animal’s flanks as she worked her crotch up and down his spine.

Brenda was wearing denim shorts and a tee shirt.

The fact that she wore no bra under the tee shirt was obvious, because her stiff nipples were standing out in little peaks. The shorts were very short, tucked up into her crotch. A wisp of blonde pubic hair curled out from the leghole and the crotch-piece was soaking wet with the flood of her pussy-juices. A creamy ribbon of the juice was trickling down her smooth thigh and onto the stallion’s back, lathering him with the liquids of her lust.

Zeus tossed his head and snorted.

Brenda ran her hand down his powerful, arched neck.

“I know what you want, boy,” she whispered.

The stallion pricked up his ears. Brenda slid her foot down under his belly and began to rub her heel against his prick. It stiffened at the touch. But then she stopped. She was afraid that the stallion might shoot his heavy wad if she rubbed him too long with her heel… and the girl had better uses for the animal’s hot load.

Just then a pick-up truck came down the lane, billowing dust in its wake.

Brenda drew the horse to the edge of the track to give the truck room to pass. The truck slowed and the driver looked out at her, a big grin on his face. Brenda knew him. He was Mike Rowley, a local handyman. He wasn’t bad looking and Brenda smiled back at him. The truck was passing at a mere crawl and, for a moment, Brenda thought that Mike was going to stop. She hoped not, though. Brenda wouldn’t have minded giving Mike a fuck, not at all, but at the moment she had that massive horse prick to take care of.

She hoped Mike hadn’t noticed that the stallion had a hard-on. And if he had noticed, she hoped that he would not realize what she was going to do with that hard-on.

But then Mike winked and speeded up.

Mike, too, had something else to do right now. He was on his way to seduce — or rape — a woman.

Brenda waited until the truck had turned out of sight. The stallion was quivering under her. She could feel the tension of his body in her crotch and between her slim thighs, causing her to tingle all over. Her nipples shot out like bullets and her clit sparked. She was smiling, because she was about to do a very naughty thing… and naughty things always made Brenda smile. But there was nothing humorous about the look in her big blue eyes. They glowed with pure passion.

“C’mon, boy,” she said.

Brenda neck-reined the horse, heading him toward a nearby grove of trees. The stallion snorted. He seemed to have a pretty good idea what was going to happen now. It had happened before.

They rode into the trees, a sun-dappled glade that was hidden from the lane by the trunks and the leafy boughs.

Zeus halted automatically.

Brenda slid gracefully down from the animal’s broad back. Her plump tits bounced merrily and her tight little ass squirmed around in the tight-fitting shorts. A ribbon of cunt-juice was running slowly down the inside of her leg and there was a pool of the creamy stuff welled up in the crotchband.

She stood off to the side, looking at the horse’s cock and balls in profile. She loved to look at the stallion’s prick… for starters. Now his prick got longer and fatter, as if her gaze was caressing him. His cockshaft stretched out under his belly and the dark knob came squeezing out from its leathery sheath, a huge slab of cockmeat that was making the horny girl’s mouth water. The very sight was making her dizzy with desire. Brenda liked all pricks, even human ones, but she preferred the stallion’s mighty fuck-tool, by far.

“Yummy,” the teenager sighed.

She licked her lips in happy anticipation.

The stallion tossed his head, mane flowing and rippling, one wild black eye turned on the girl.

“You want me to do something about that nice big hard-on, don’t you, boy?” Brenda whispered. “Something nice.”

The horse’s prick, almost fully erect by this time, heaved with a powerful surge of energy. Zeus pawed at the grassy earth and made a moist nickering sound.

Brenda giggled.

That moist sound seemed to hint at just what the stallion wanted her to do to him.

Brenda pulled her tee shirt off.

She didn’t want to get cum on it.

Then Brenda unsnapped her shorts and she tugged them down, her lithe hips squirming and her juicy ass wriggling. She stepped out of the shorts. She was wearing no panties and her cunt was awash with juice. She cupped her hand over her crotch and gave it a squeeze. She shuddered at the sensation. But then she drew her hand away again. She was not ready for a handjob yet.

She stepped up, then sank to her knees beside the horse’s flank. The horse stood still, his haunches quivering slightly in anticipation of the pleasure he was about to enjoy. Brenda was quivering plenty, herself, now. The girl really loved to milk that massive prick and drain the stallion’s huge balls.

She reached under him, palm upward, and began to run her hand along the length of his prick, from his bloated balls to his flaring cockhead. His fat fuckrod throbbed in her hand. She began stroking the underside of his prickmeat with both hands. His cock was so stiff that it was vibrating like a tuning fork and that vibration ran up her arms and set the girl’s body to trembling in the same tempo.

She blew her warm breath onto his cockhead.

The great prick flared out wildly.

His piss-slit was gaping open and now a drop of thick milky jism came bubbling out. It ran down the dark meat of his cockhead in a creamy trickle. Brenda whimpered when she saw that. It looked like a glob of evaporated milk, she thought, but she knew from past experience that it was a lot more delicious than milk.

Her mouth was as hot as her cunt by this time. It even felt like a cunt, her lips like cunt-lips and her tongue tingling every bit as much as her clit.

She leaned in, pushed her tongue out and slowly drew in the tip of the horse’s cockhead, gathering up the hot cum-drop. She let it roll around on her taste buds for a moment, savoring the flavor of stallion jizz, adoring the taste and the texture of the slimy nugget. Then she tossed her head back and let it run down her throat.

“Ummmm,” she purred.

Brenda was thinking that there was nothing as delicious as a stallion’s cum, lapped from a stallion’s prick. She loved the taste of the horse’s cockmeat and she adored his jism.

That first drop had made the girl ravenous for more. She rubbed her hands up and down, milking another fat droplet from his piss-slit. She tongued it up and swallowed it.

The horse’s cock bucked in her hands.

Brenda was worried that the dumb brute might suddenly blow his wad, while she was still kneeling beside him, instead of where she wanted the delicious load. She squirmed under the animal, sitting on the ground with her knees drawn up and her excited face poised directly in front of the head of his cock. She could look right down his parted piss-slit, inside his prick. She saw more cum bubbling inside his knob and she whimpered with the sight. She fitted her hands around his prickshaft, just behind the throbbing cockhead. She could not quite span the breadth of his prick with her two hands.

She began to slowly jack his cock up and down.

As her hands pulled back, his cockhead flared. Brenda gave a little gasp and leaned forward, sticking her tongue out. She began to lick at his dark cockhead, lightly at first, then laved all over the huge stab of prickmeat with long, slurping tongue-strokes. She pushed her tongue right up inside his piss-slit.

Zeus humped, pushing his rubbery cockhead into the girl’s face and tilting her head back. She continued to lap at his prick. Then she kissed the tip of his prick and let her mouth slowly open as wide as she could. She could not quite manage to fit his massive cockhead into her mouth, but she was able to get most of it in, collaring the dark-meated wedge with her lips.

She sucked, her cheeks hollowing in and her lips turning almost inside out as they pulled at his prickmeat. Her tongue was still working merrily away, sliding around against the underside of his knob. Her hands skimmed up and down his fuckrod, jacking the brute faster now, eager for him to fill her hungry mouth with his load, yearning for a dose of hot, thick, creamy stallion jism.

Pre-cum was trickling onto her tongue. Her tastebuds tingled with the flavor. A little jet of his precious cum hit the back of her throat. Another jet splashed into her cheek. Her face was contorted by lust now, a mask of pure desire. She knew that it would not be long before the animal blew his wad and she sucked for all she was worth, fairly inhaling his prickmeat. She loved sucking on that mighty slab of dusky cockhead and wouldn’t have minded at all if the horse did not shoot for a long time. But now that she realized he was nearing the peak, she became wild for his slimy cum.

As she sucked and tongued, she continued to pull his prick back and forth with her hands, jacking him into her mouth.

The stallion’s massive prick expanded mightily between her stroking hands and his cockhead swelled in her mouth, spreading her lips out wide around the slab.

“Oooooh,” the cum-hungry teenager moaned — knowing that it was coming, that the horse was just about to shoot his load.

Suddenly her mouth was full of cum.

The slimy cream flooded into her, tilting her head back as Zeus hosed her throat with jism. She gagged and gasped. Her hands pumped up and down as fast as she could, milking the horse’s cock into her greedy mouth in a frenzy of cum-drinking lust. She sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked. She kept jacking and sucking, and the stallion kept pouring the cum into her mouth. There was too much of the thick stuff for Brenda to drink it all, even as cum-hungry as the girl was. The foaming jism overflowed her stretched lips and ran down her chin. Thick drops splashed onto her thrusting tits and a trickle curled down her cleavage, then ran into her belly button.

Another spurt hit her throat, whitewashing her tonsils.

Brenda gurgled with the joy of it. She just couldn’t get enough of the succulent stuff. She wanted to swallow jizz until her belly was blown up like a balloon.

But Zeus stopped spurting it into her then. The last few drops came out in a trickle. At last his mighty balls were emptied. Brenda kept right on sucking, though, to make sure that she had nursed out every last precious drop and worked off every spasm of his orgasm.

She swallowed the last mouthful greedily.

Her slender throat worked as she gulped it down. Then she drew her lips off of the stallion’s dark cockmeat. She kissed his pricktip fondly and affectionately, as if out of gratitude for the lovely load of jism it had spurted into her voracious mouth. A glob of cum oozed from the cleft of his massive cockhead. It surprised Brenda. Where in hell did that come from? she wondered. It disturbed her a little; when Brenda milked a cock, she liked to get every available drop. But she guessed that the horse’s prick was so long that it must take a few seconds for the final drops to run from his balls to his knob. She would have to remember that in the future — to keep sucking for at least a full minute after the horse had shot his load.

She tongued the last glob up.

Then she used her hot, nimble tongue to lave all over his meaty knob and down his leathery prickshaft, gathering up whatever cum had escaped her lips and trickled down there.

She leaned back, a dreamy smile on her cum-soaked lips, jism glistening on her chin, on her thrusting tits, and on her belly. What a delicious load, she thought. Brenda guessed that she would rather drink cum than just about anything. She liked to come, herself, of course, but that was no problem. Now that she was all worked up from blowing the stallion she would climax at a touch. She could simply rub her clit, or she could finger-fuck her cunt, or she could mount that stallion, naked, and squirm around on his back until her pussy melted.

She gazed at his cock again.

Someday Brenda wanted to have the stallion fuck her. But she was a little afraid to try it because his cock was so damned big. His prick might not fit up her cunt. It might stretch her out of shape. Maybe after a horse had fucked her, her pussy would be too cavernous for a man’s cock. A guy might not make contact at all when he slid his human prick up a stallion-stretched cunt.

Brenda thought that it would be a good idea to get some other girl or woman to fuck the stallion first, so that Brenda could check her pussy out afterward and see if it had retained its new dimensions or sunk pliably back to a normal size. But she didn’t know any other girls that would be willing to fuck a horse… at least not as far as she knew, because it wasn’t exactly the sort of thing that a girl talks about. Bestiality was not as common as normal fucking and sucking, but it was not as uncommon as Brenda thought, as she was going to discover.

Now she was looking at the horse’s cock and wondering how to get her rocks off most satisfyingly.

Following his massive ejaculation, the stallion’s big prick had softened a bit and was drooping down in a long curve, the dark knob pointed at the ground. But his cockhead was still pushed out from its leathery sheath and foreskin, still semi-hard.

Brenda decided that she would cream on the horse’s cock. She wasn’t going to actually try to fuck the brute, but she knew it would feel wonderful to rub his black knob around in her cunt-lips. Semi-hard as it was, his pricktip was already aimed at her belly. Brenda grinned impishly. She sat back on her tight little ass and raised her knees, opening her slim thighs.

Her cunt was foaming heavily and ribbons of pussy-juice were seeping down into the crack of her ass and fertilizing the grassy earth beneath her groin. She looked down at her cunt, seeing it framed between her plump tits. She thought that her pussy looked delicious. She wished that she were limber enough to go down on herself and to eat her own pussy out. She had tried it once but her tongue wouldn’t quite reach.

Now she spread her cunt-lips open with her fingers. She let a few drops of saliva drip from her lips and fall right into her fuckslot. Then she ran her fingers up her pussy and brought them to her mouth, licking the cunt-juice from them and then slipping them into her mouth, bunched up together into a cock-shaped mass. She sucked on them happily, thinking how nice it would be to suck a prick that had just come out of a cunt. The horny little horsefucker was getting herself really worked up with her wild imagination. She leaned forward and kissed the horse’s prickhead. Then she scooped up more cunt-juice, lapping it from her cupped palm like a cat slurping cream from a bowl. There was still a trickle of horse cum on her belly. She scooped that up too, and rubbed it into her pussy. The girl raised her hand to her mouth again, licking and sucking up the spicy blend of cunt-juice and stallion cum.

Zeus arched his neck, gazing down at her, sensing that there was more to come and standing patiently.

Brenda took the head of his prick between her two cupped hands and tilted her crotch up. She drew his dark-meated fuckslab down into her frothy cunt, shivering at the contact.

The stallion’s knob flared in her pussy-lips.

“Ahhhh,” she sighed.

She closed her thighs around his cockshaft, behind the knob, holding his bloated prickmeat snug in her crotch. Then she began to wriggle around, working her cunt against his bloated cockhead. Her pussy-lips gaped wide open. Her cunt was sucking on the horse’s cockhead just the way her mouth had before. Her cunt-lips were plastered to his dark prickmeat, clamped on him like a suction cup.

Brenda thought that with just a little stretching, she might get his cockhead wedged up her fuckhole. She wouldn’t be able to take all of his prick, of course. The damned thing was just about as long as her whole torso. But she might get two feet of it stuck up her, and what a lovely prospect that was.

As soon as possible, Brenda wanted to find some woman who was willing to fuck her stallion so that Brenda, reassured about the elasticity of a cunt, could fuck him, herself.

For now, she would cream on his knob.

She folded her legs around his prickshaft, holding him in a scissor grip, as she writhed on his cockhead.

Her slender body arched deeply and she bridged, lifting her ass up from the ground. Her hips rotated and her pelvis jolted and her ass churned wildly. She felt the horse’s prick began to stiffen. His cockhead swelled in her pussy.

He was getting hard again.

Brenda loved that idea and she began to jack him with her legs, using her knees and thighs to pump his prick into her cunt. As the stallion’s cock got harder, it rose higher under his belly. Clinging to the knob, Brenda was lifted right up with it.

“Ahhhh… oooooh,” she purred.

Her sleek thighs caressed his hot fuckrod and she ground her cunt onto his knob. His cockmeat slipped around in her creamy pussy. The stallion’s prick was on the rampage again, jolting and throbbing, shaking the girl around on the end of it.

The stallion’s haunches tightened. He pawed at the earth with one hind hoof, then started to hump in a fucking motion. The dumb brute had seemed to understand that he could not fuck Brenda in the mouth and that if he had humped when she was blowing him he would have pushed her sweet mouth away. But now, with her riding his prick, he was able to get into his stride.

He humped faster. Brenda clung to his prick with her scissored legs, riding his mighty, meaty cock like a lumberjack on a log. Her whole body shifted back and forth under his belly.

His prickshaft pulsed between her thighs and his cockhead was swelling more with every stroke, filling her whole juicy pussy with bloated fuckmeat. Back and forth the girl rode — a bareback ride beyond her wildest imaginings. She had never done it this way before, but she loved it!

“Cum,” she whimpered. “Cum up my cunt!”

The horse nickered. The girl whined. They were riding toward the crest together. The stallion was going full tilt now, humping at the gallop. His whole powerful body was rippling and trembling. She saw that his massive ball-sac was full again, big as a melon, loaded up with another dose of precious horse cum.

Brenda yearned for that load, she wanted to feel it squirt right up her fuckhole. She was trying to hold her own orgasm back, to wait so that she could cream when the horse filled her with jism. Waves of joy were already coursing across her belly and running up her thighs, and her clit was like a detonator, ready to set off the explosive blast of her climax.

“Cum!” she cried again, pleading for it.

Her ass skimmed over the grassy ground as the horse drew back, then lifted high as he thrust.

Her legs continued to jack him. As Zeus thrust, she drew her knees up and as he withdrew she straightened her legs. His prick felt like a heated crowbar between her thighs and his cockhead felt like a molten ball of iron in her pussy.

The stallion was snorting, nostrils flaring. He tossed his head, his eyes wild and the whites exposed, his mouth foaming. He was like some giant fucking machine gone berserk and out of control. Brenda was as wild as the horse. Her eyes were rolling and she was drooling. Each time Zeus jabbed into her pussy, she gave a little gasp, then she moaned and panted as he pulled back, dragging her with him.

His prick thundered.

She felt his jism coming! His huge cockshaft expanded between her clutching legs as the heavy load rushed up his cum-tube. Brenda let her own orgasm come crashing to the peak and, as she did so, the horse’s cum spurted out of the head of his cock and hosed her pussy. She cried out in ecstasy. The hot jism was poured right up her open fuckhole, soaking into her cunt in a river of cream.

Her cunt was melting like a wax candle around a flaming wick, her pussy cream flooding out and mingling with the horse’s jism. A watershed of juice poured from her pussy. Horse cum spurted up through her blonde pubic thicket and onto her belly. Brenda was fucking madly, ass and hips grinding. Another spurt of horse cum shot up her belly and into the cleavage between her fat tits. She scooped it up with her hand, then poured it into her mouth.

The stallion’s cum was hitting her cunt with such force that, if she had not been clinging so tenaciously, she would have been blown right off the head of his prick. She felt as if she were standing astride Old Faithful when the geyser erupted.

Spasm after spasm shook her slender body. She was in the joyful embrace of a multiple orgasm, coming time after time. The waves of her ecstasy crashed through her in sequence. She was so hot that she half expected her pussy to ignite, to suddenly burst into flames, flames that would be quenched in the flood of her cunt-juice and hosed by the horse’s massive dose of jism.

His cockhead was throbbing in her cunt and cream was pouring down from her frenzied pussy.

“Oh, my God!” she wailed.

Another geyser flooded her hot fuckhole and another load of pussy-juice gushed out to mingle with the cum. Then the stallion began to slow down. She rode back and forth on his slowing prick, still wildly squirming on his cockhead, desperately working off the last of her orgasms on his spurting prickmeat.

Zeus was drained.

His prick softened and sank, lowering her ass to the ground again. Brenda churned her hips and cried out as the final wave of her multiple orgasms ripped through her. Limp with her climax, she slid off the horse’s prick and lay panting under him. His cockhead bobbed up and down over her loins like a horizontal pendulum. Cum was dripping from his pricktip and falling onto her belly. Brenda squirmed down so that her face was directly under his cockhead. She opened her mouth and pushed out her tongue. The thick cum drops continued to fall from his knob, splashing onto her face now, failing onto her tongue and into her open mouth.

The last drops fell and Brenda swallowed the precious slime. Then she raised up on her elbows and began to tongue the head of the horse’s massive cock, lapping up cum and cunt-juice from his softening prickmeat with utter delight.

She licked his cockhead until it glistened.

Then she lay back with a contented sigh, her whole pussy lathered with horse cum, the cunt-juice still running out of her fuckhole. Both Brenda and Zeus were satiated.

And both were looking forward to the next time.

But it was time to return to the farm.

Brenda had to do something about her juice-filled cunt before she put her shorts back on. She had to mop it up. She scooped the slime up with her hand and, not wanting to waste a precious drop, lapped it up with her nimble tongue. Brenda was completely satisfied now and not passionate, yet the naughty horse lover adored horse cum so much that she drank it even when she wasn’t horny. She scooped up four handfuls and swallowed it down happily. If the stallion had still suffered a hard-on, Brenda would gladly have sucked him off again. She loved to suck horse prick even when her cunt was cool.

That was one lucky horse.

With her cunt mopped up, Brenda squirmed back into her denim shorts. They were already damp at the crotch, but nothing like they would have been if she hadn’t mopped up. She pulled her tee shirt on. The horse was placidly munching grass. She grabbed a handful of mane, hooked a leg over and swung lithely onto his back.

“Giddup,” she commanded.

Zeus, who liked to please his rider in every way, moved out from the grove of trees. They returned to the lane and headed back the way they had come, at a sedate pace.

On the way, they passed one of the modernized, converted farmhouses. Brenda had seen the people who lived there. The woman was elegant and fashionable. Brenda felt sorry for her. Girls from the city did not have fun the way a country girl did, she thought.

But Brenda was wrong about that…



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