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xNovel - Mom's Horse Hunger


Mom's Horse Hunger

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“Where are you two going?” Alice asked as Patti and Betsy bounded down the stairs.

Patti giggled and gave her mother a secret smile. “Out to the barn and see Tiny and Blazer before we leave for the horse show.”

“We won’t be long,” Betsy gushed, her face flushed with excitement. “I just want to see the winner of the show.” She avoided Alice’s gaze, believing Patti’s mother would be able to tell what they had done upstairs.

“There’s plenty of time,” Alice said. She looked at her daughter, then at Betsy. She had heard the moans and knew what would probably happen in the barn. “Be careful.” She looked straight at Patti.

“We will, Mommy,” Patti promised. She shivered.

Betsy was at the screen door, wanting to leave before Patti changed her mind or her mother stopped them. The cock Patti had promised filled her mind. She was afraid not to believe, knowing she would go crazy if Patti had been lying. “C’mon, Patti.”

“I’m coming,” Patti giggled.

“Don’t get Blazer overheated,” Alice said. “He’s in the show and I want him looking his best.”

Patti coughed back a laugh. “Okay, Mommy. I’ll just show him to Betsy.” She knew what her mother meant, and she laughed loudly, running out of the house and racing across the yard to the barn.

Betsy’s legs were weak, her mind racing around in circles. The taste of Patti’s pussy was still in her mouth and she loved it. “Wait for me.” She took off down the steps and ran over to join Patti.

Patti opened the barn door, allowing Betsy to go in first. She spotted her mother looking out of the kitchen window, and she waved. Closing the door and locking it, she faced an anxious Betsy.

“Where is it?” Betsy bubbled. Her body was on fire, and her pussy pulsed, oozing warm sudsy fuck cream into the crotch of her panties.

Patti took her horny friend’s hand and led her to Tiny’s stall. Passing Blazer, she smiled dreamily at the giant stallion, knowing someday soon she would have him as well.

“He’s gorgeous,” Betsy gasped, staring at Blazer.

“You don’t know how gorgeous,” Patti said cryptically. She giggled. “What do you think of Tiny?”

“He’s nice,” Betsy said impatiently. Her dark eyes pleaded. “Now get me the cock you promised… please.” She squirmed as she stood in front of Tiny’s stall.

“You’ll get it,” Patti whispered conspiratorially.

“When?” Betsy moaned. She scratched Tiny behind the ear.

Patti ignored her friend and opened the gate to Tiny’s stall. She led him out to the center of the barn, stroking his head as Betsy watched in bewilderment.

“What are you going to do with Tiny?” Betsy frowned. “You promised me a cock.” She stood on first one leg, then the other, anxious, hot and ready.

“Why don’t you strip first,” Patti said, stroking Tiny’s flank. “If you want a cock, you’re certainly not dressed for it.”

“Neither are you,” Betsy snapped. “Are you going to break your cherry too?”

“I am,” Patti said, enjoying Betsy’s nervousness. “Strip. I’ll get the cock, and we can both lose our cherries.”

“Oh, shit,” Betsy moaned. She stripped quickly, her big firm tits bouncing with each agitated movement.

“A nice piece, huh?” Patti whispered in Tiny’s ear.

Tiny whinnied and tossed his head. He sensed an excitement in the air, and it aroused him. His tail swished, catching Betsy across her jiggling tits as she walked over.

“Ooooo,” Betsy gasped. She stared at Patti. “Where’s the cock?” There was a pleading tone in her voice and she found that she was shaking. “You’re not undressed either.”

Patti stepped back from her pony, feasting her eyes on her dark-haired friend. “Pet Tiny while I get my clothes off.”

Reluctantly, Betsy complied. She stroked his forehead, watching Patti strip off her clothes. A lump formed in her throat as she gazed hotly at Patti’s now naked body.

Patti leaned against Tiny’s empty stall, her fingers lightly caressing her silky skin. She leered at Betsy and Tiny, wondering how to explain to Betsy that the cock she wanted was hanging between Tiny’s hind legs. She stifled a giggle and continued to play with herself.

Tiny brought his mouth to Betsy’s plump tittie meat. Rubbery lips soaked one melon-shaped globe in warm drool, swelling the nipple and stiffening the tip. His tail swished as Betsy’s squeals of surprise made him snort.

Betsy stepped back, panting and gasping for air. She felt dizzy, shaken. She looked at her spit-covered tit, then at Patti. “Did you see what he did?” Betsy was dumbfounded.

“I did,” Patti giggled. “Did you like it?” Betsy looked hotly at the handsome pony.

Her virgin pussy was throbbing. “Patti…”

She snapped her head around. “Did he ever do that to your tits?”

Patti nodded, glad that Tiny had taken the first step. “It feels great, huh?”

Betsy found her voice. “Won’t he bite?”

“Only nibble,” Patti said.

For the moment, Betsy forgot about the cock Patti had promised. She was enthralled by Tiny’s mouth and the pleasure she had received when he had licked her tits. She gulped, took a step closer to the docile pony.

“Go on,” Patti urged. “He’s fantastic.”

Betsy took another step, bringing her tits back within striking distance of Tiny’s rubbery wet mouth. “Lick,” Betsy whispered. “Lick.” She held her tits in her hands and trembled, waiting for the pony to comply.

Tiny rumbled his lips and soaked Betsy’s tits with warm pony drool. He nibbled gently on her swollen nipples, using his teeth to gently play with her hard tips.

Patti came over to join them. She saw the passion on Betsy’s face and knew her friend was crazy hot. “He licks pussy too,” she said, rubbing her tits against Tiny’s side.

Betsy’s wide dark eyes popped. “Really?” It was too good to be true.

“I taught him to suck me off yesterday,” Patti said. “I creamed all over his mouth.”

Betsy swooned, her knees weakening. She leaned against Tiny, mashing her tits into his hard teeth. “Christ, I’d be afraid he’d bite me and hurt me.”

“Tiny likes pussy,” Patti said. Her own cunt was drenched, bubbling, pulsing for what she had in mind—Tiny’s cock. “Get on your back and let him taste your pussy.”

Betsy moaned. “I’m afraid,” she gasped, her head reeling as she wavered between passion and fear.

“Maybe you’re ready for the cock I promised, huh?”

Betsy staggered back, a dreamy smile on her face. “I’m ready. Today we lose our cherries. Right?”

Patti giggled. “I’m ready.”

“Where did you hide it?” Betsy moaned, her eyes scanning the barn. “In the hayloft?”

“It’s not hidden,” Patti said. She continued to rub her sensitive tits into Tiny’s flank.

“Let me break your cherry first, okay?” Betsy was trembling, a tinge of fear surfacing.

“I don’t need any help,” Patti said. She dropped to her knees, mashing her tits into Tiny’s hind leg. She spotted the head of his cock peeking from its sheath. “If you want to see the cock, get down here with me.”

Curiously, Betsy dropped to her knees. Blinking, she spotted the fat head of Tiny’s dick. “Holy shit, Patti. Do you see that?”

Patti giggled. “You mean this?” She reached under her pony and curled her fingers around his thick-skinned cock-sheath and stroked.

Betsy’s mouth dried up. The shock of what she had just witnessed caused her to lose her balance. She fell back, legs in the air, virgin pussy totally exposed.

Patti laughed. “Wait until he gets hard.” She stroked Tiny’s prick, exposing more of his thick glistening cockshaft. His cock was growing under her gentle hand.

Betsy gawked. “What are you doing?”

“Getting his prick ready to break your cherry,” Patti said.

“I didn’t know you were talking about his cock. I thought it was a fake one.” She was frightened, yet at the same time fascinated with what she was seeing.

Patti’s fingers shifted slowly up and down Tiny’s prick. She caressed her pony’s heavy balls. “His cum is all inside here,” she explained.

Betsy couldn’t speak. Her mouth gaping open, her eyes wide, her breathing raspy, she could only stare.

“Say something, Betsy,” Patti sighed as more hard pony-cock became exposed. “C’mon over and touch him.”

Betsy shook her head. “I’m not going to touch him,” she said. “You’re crazy.”

“I thought you wanted your cherry busted,” Patti said, giving her frightened friend a quick glance.

“Not with that thing,” Betsy moaned, her voice quaking.

“You’ll change your mind once you see me fuck him.” Patti was totally committed. The hardness of Tiny’s prick and the powerful throbbing gave her a craving to be fucked that couldn’t be denied.

Betsy’s eyes stared first at Tiny’s growing cock, then at Patti. “You’re teasing me,” she said, breaking into a smile.

“I’m not teasing.” She stood up, stroked Tiny’s rump. “Easy, boy. Easy.”

Mesmerized, Betsy sat on the floor of the barn. She watched as Patti made a bed of hay, her gaze constantly drifting back to Tiny’s long hard cock. Suddenly, her mouth watered and she tore her eyes away, forcing herself to concentrate on Patti.

Patti built up the pile of hay. The bench her mother had used, she knew, was too high. The hay would be perfect. Finished, she turned her attention back to her stunned friend. “You can go first if you want.”

Numbly, Betsy shook her head. “You’re not going to do it,” she said. “You’re teasing me.”

“Watch.” Patti brought Tiny over to the hay, guiding him into position. “Nice, Tiny,” she soothed. She sensed the excitement in her pony and calmed him. “You’re cherry too, huh?” She giggled. Tiny was finally in position.

Betsy could only stare. Her young body was on fire. The memory of Tiny’s mouth on her tits had been burned into her brain forever. She stared at the fullness of Tiny’s cock, stiff between his hind legs. She stared at his large balls and gulped.

“You sure you don’t want to go first?” Patti asked. She was trembling, anxious to feel Tiny’s cock up inside the soft wetness of her virgin cunthole.

“I don’t believe you,” Betsy said, unable to comprehend it all.

After stroking Tiny, Patti got on her knees and rolled easily under him. She stared at his prick, shaking now as the moment was drawing closer.

“Don’t,” Betsy groaned. “He’ll kill you.” On her back, Patti stared at her frightened friend. “Yesterday, I jerked him off. His cum drenched me. Today, I want all that cum in my pussy.”

Betsy ogled the pony’s cock. She squiggled closer, not wanting to miss anything if Patti were telling the truth.

“It’s better than fucking Jimmy,” Patti said, gripping Tiny’s prick. “Tiny can’t talk.” She stroked his prick, angling her body into position.

Betsy watched, her tongue flicking over her lips nervously. “He’s going to hurt you.”

“He’s going to hurt me good,” Patti moaned. She spread her legs, gripped his cock and dragged his prick through her virgin gash. “Ooooo, shit, Betsy. Ooooo!”

Betsy trembled, her eyes misting over. Her heart pounded wildly. “Be careful,” she rasped. “God, be careful.”

Patti was overjoyed. She was at last going to lose her cherry. She wriggled her hips, the hay pricking her ass cheeks. “Oooo, Betsy, I’m nervous.” She shuddered, squiggling her pussy against the head of Tiny’s cock. She felt the pressure against her cherry and swooned.

The heat from Patti’s pussy inflamed Tiny’s cockhead. He tossed his head and whinnied, his mane swishing into his face and across his neck. He jerked, banging the head of his cock hard against Patti’s cherry skin.

Patti squealed and braced herself for the invasion of Tiny’s hard gorgeous cock. “Stick it in, Tiny! Ram it!” She was deliriously happy.

Silently, Betsy watched as a tremor swept through her own virgin cunt. “Is it in? Is it in?”

Patti gulped. “Not yet.” She bit her bottom lip and held her trembling body still.

Tiny, his balls rumbling with hot pony-cum, fucked forward. The power of his thrust and the hardness of his cock split Patti’s cherry skin like tissue paper. The head of his prick filled her tight virgin pussy.

Patti’s face turned beet red. A hot searing pain shot through her pussy. “Aghhhhhh! He’s in me! He’s in me!” She thrashed in the hay, Tiny’s cockhead buried in her virgin cunt.

“Does it hurt?” Betsy cried, seeing Patti’s contorting features. “Tell me!”

“It burns! Ahhhhh! It burns.” She fought the pain, knowing from watching her mother that pleasure would more than take its place. She wriggled, squeezing Tiny’s fat cock deeper into her pussy.

Tiny helped. He jammed hard, fucking half his cock into Patti’s tight pulsing cunthole. He neighed, his tail swishing quickly back and forth. He dropped his head, snorting as his ears flickered. Patti’s hot wet pussy was making his balls ache and his prick throb.

Patti’s face contorted in agony. The pain was getting worse. She was frightened, yet determined to see it through. The pleasure she had seen on her mother’s face haunted her, urged her on.

She turned to Betsy, blue eyes filmy, face flushed, mouth open. “He’s so deep inside my pussy. I feel like he’s going to rip me apart.”

Patti rolled her hips, urging the pony to fuck deeper. She humped up, capturing more of his cock. She clawed her flesh, her eyes fixed on Betsy’s wide-eyed gaze.

Betsy squiggled down behind Tiny. Her eyes popped. What she saw sent spasms scurrying through her hot virgin body. Patti’s pussy looked split open. Hard thick cockmeat spread her hole wide.

“Can you see?” Patti squealed. “Ooooo!” The pain was beginning to subside. More fuck juices flowed from her spongy cunt walls, greasing Tiny’s giant cock for easier pumping.

Betsy saw the oozing flow and sucked in her breath. Curious, she reached under, stroked Tiny’s heavy balls. Her fingers glided along his prickshaft and touched the lips of Patti’s cunt. Juice greeted her. She almost fainted from feeling the throbbing of Tiny’s thick cock.

The pain vanished as quickly as it had come. Patti humped easily now, gliding her hot little pussy along Tiny’s thick bloated cockshaft. “Oh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhh, Betsy!”

Betsy stared, Tiny fucked his young mistress with his fat prick. His heavy cum-crammed balls whacked into the child’s jiggling ass. His head shook, muscles rippled under his spotted coat. He jabbed, fucking the last of his thick throbbing cock into Patti’s pussy.

“He’s in… ooooo… all the way!” The knowledge blew the child’s mind. Patti jerked and twisted her hips. Her small tits jiggled and ached, swelling with the blood that boiled in her veins.

Betsy watched with jealous eyes. She saw the ease with which Tiny’s cock now fucked Patti’s pussy. She saw the juice and flecks of cherry blood. “Fuck him, Patti. Empty his balls!”

Patti moaned. It felt as if Tiny’s cock were lodged in her throat. “So deep!”

Tiny, his cock caught in the scalding wet depths of Patti’s pulsating cunt, humped for ward, fucking Patti’s pussy with hard fast thumping stabs. His balls swung. His tail swished and his head bobbed. He snorted like a raging stallion.

Patti reacted wildly. She was getting fucked and was loving every hot sizzling moment. Her urgent fingers found her jiggling tits. She milked them roughly, adding pain to her pleasure. Lights flashed behind her eyes.

“Betsy!” she moaned. “Oh, Betsy, it’s heaven. I love it so much!” She lunged up, mashing her clit into Tiny.

Tiny fucked the young girl relentlessly. Swollen balls slapped against her juice-stained ass cheeks. He dropped his head, twisted it, his big brown eyes glowing. Front hoofs dug into the ground.

Patti went insane. “Watch me, Betsy! Watch me fuck him!” She quivered in the hay, her face contorting in bliss. “I’m fucking my pony!”

Betsy tore her eyes away from Patti’s cock-stuffed pussy. She crawled, her tits dangling, and stared into Patti’s face. She saw the ecstasy and swooned. “How deep is he?” she gasped, wanting to know every detail. “How deep?”

“All the way,” Patti moaned. “I feel him in my belly!” She humped up, lost sight of her inquisitive friend as her eyes rolled up into her head.

Betsy saw, wanted it to be her. “Make him cum, Patti. Fuck him. Cum like you did on my mouth.” Betsy was out of her head.

Bombarded with sex from the moment she had arrived at Patti’s house, Betsy was ecstatic. She reached under, feeling Patti’s tits and touching her friend’s sizzling flesh down to the blonde hair of her cock-crammed pussy. Fuck juice coated her fingers and she gasped, almost fainting as the pony’s neighing and Patti’s squeals echoed in her skull.

Patti lashed her lithe body into the hulking frame of her pony. Hard prickmeat stuffed her tight teenage cunt. She rocked her hips, taking each hard delicious inch each time Tiny stabbed her.

Betsy looked at her friend. “Tell me… Christ!”

“I… think… he’s ready,” Patti groaned, feeling the pulsing beats of Tiny’s cock quicken in her pussy. “Ooooo, I think he’s getting ready!”

“Are you?” Betsy moaned, seeing the sheer bliss on Patti’s face. “Are you ready?” She began to shake, her pussy pulsing as if Tiny’s cock were stuffed up inside her.

Tiny, growing more agitated by the second, lunged forward. His cock, deep in Patti’s pussy, dragged the writhing child with him. He jabbed again, Patti’s squeals further infuriating him.

Patti wallowed in the joy of her first fuck. She absorbed each punishing blow of her pony’s wonderful cock, her clit pulsing, raw from her wild gyrations.

Betsy fell back on the ground, writhing. She clawed her virgin cunt, cursing herself for riot being the one stuffed with Tiny’s prick.

Patti leered from misty blue eyes at her excited friend, knew what was going through her mind. It was the same as when she had watched her mother fuck Blazer. “I’m ready, Betsy. Ready to cream his gorgeous cock!”

Dazed, Betsy came out of her stupor to watch. She pulled herself up and watched where Patti’s cunt slammed into Tiny’s cock. “Cum, Patti. Cream him!”

Patti soared to the peak. Her blood felt as if it were on fire. Her pussy was in flames. Her tits felt as if they were going to burst. One last look at Betsy, and then it happened.

“I’m cumming! Cumming!” Patti went berserk. Her ass lifted high, screwing Tiny’s bloated cock deep into her climaxing cunt. She groaned and mashed her clit into him as more exquisite orgasms raced wildly through her pussy.

“I’m cumming, Betsy! Oooooo, I love it so!”

Tiny, his cock buried in the stormy vat of her bubbling pussy juice and pulsating cunt muscles, reached the point of explosion. He lifted his head and whinnied an ear-piercing sound as his balls burst.

Betsy gasped, falling back, frightened as the action between Patti and the pony grew more frenzied. “Ohhhh, God!” She trembled, wanting Tiny’s cock no matter what.

Patti took the first thick wad of pony-cum deep in her hot boiling cunt. The action sent her into another convulsive orgasm. “He’s cumming! He’s cumming!”

Tiny neighed, his head tossing, his tail lashing back and forth. He rammed forward, fucking his exploding prick deep into Patti’s pussy. Hot cum shot from his pisser, drenching her already-flooded cunthole.

Patti squealed, reveling in her pony’s strength, in his cock and hard-hitting jabs. She angled her body up, taking Tiny deep. She clung to him, thighs tight against his flanks. Screaming and twisting, she climaxed again.

Betsy gasped, a spasm attacking her virgin cunthole. She watched as Tiny dragged Patti through the hay, her pussy impaled on his exploding prick. It made her dizzy and jealous.

Tiny lunged hard, pounding Patti into the hay. He lifted his front legs and kicked the air with his hoofs. He whinnied noisily.

Like her mother, Patti held on, riding the full fury of her pony’s passion. Hot spastic orgasms swept through her pussy. She humped and churned, her cunt muscles throbbing an erotic beat against Tiny’s plunging prick.

Cum filled her cunthole, then flowed from her squishy insides. Jizz drenched the hay, the cheeks of her ass, and Tiny’s exploding balls. She grabbed him, held him tight, fusing her naked flesh to him. She rode his climax to the end.

Tiny’s hoofs thudded to the ground. He lurched forward, carrying Patti with him as another explosion erupted in his balls. A thick steady stream of jizz poured from his cock, mixing with the buttery ooze that now filled her hot steamy pussy. He flicked his tail and kicked back with his hind legs.

“Betsy!” Patti screamed, at once afraid. She held on, swallowed quickly as another tremor jolted her cock-stuffed pussy. “I’m still cumming! Ohhhhh, Christ!” The insides of her thighs ached. Her arms ached. Her pussy was sore, yet still burned with an overpowering desire to be quenched with ponycum.

Tiny fucked forward again, dragging Patti from the hay and across the dirt. Hot cum burst from his pisser with each jab. Jism gushed from her cunthole like a river. His eyes seemed to glow, and he flipped his head high, catching sight of a now-agitated Blazer. The huge chestnut stallion was kicking the wall of his stall.

Patti stayed with her pony, refusing to give up until she had drained every ounce of cum from his bails and had satisfied herself completely. Her head hung back, eyes glassy. Drool oozed from her open mouth. Her hips, working on their own, sucked the head of Tiny’s prick into the spongy softness of her still-orgasming cunt.

She rocked under the pony, gasping, every part of her body near the point of exhaustion. “I can’t stop cumming!” She lunged her body into Tiny at the same moment he jerked forward. She screamed, the hard demanding contact almost sending her into a faint. “Ooooo, Betsy. I’m still cumming!”

Tiny was about drained. Three hard lunging fuck-thrusts finally emptied his balls. He whinnied, jerking about in an attempt to dislodge his screaming mistress.

Patti took his last jab and swooned. Pleasure ran rampant through her young body. She fell to the ground. Her legs, still clutching Tiny’s flanks, finally gave out as Tiny pounded her to be free. She released him, gasping. She rolled on the ground, away from his dangerous hoofs.

“Oh, shit,” Betsy sighed as Patti crawled over to her. “It was the wildest thing I ever saw.”

“Are you ready now?” Patti asked.

They stared at each other. Patti was waiting for an answer. Betsy was regaining her courage.

Betsy nodded. “Yes.”



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