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xNovel - Hot For Horses


Hot For Horses

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In a leafy glade beside a babbling brook, Arabelle, who already had her belly full of delicious horse-cum, was preparing to get her cunt full of the hot, thick stuff.

She had positioned herself on a fallen tree. The tree had been blasted by lightning and opened up at the widest section — so that the unfolded wood formed a sort of cradle or basket into which her ass fit perfectly. So, not only was her crotch elevated to the right height for the horse’s cock, but she was braced firmly, and would not be shoved away from him as he attempted to fuck his huge prick up her sodden pussy.

The horse eyed her as she squirmed into position.

When she clicked her tongue, he eagerly trotted over.

The black stallion placed his front hoofs on the log, and his prick loomed out over her belly. Arabelle fondled the horse’s cock and kissed it. His prick vibrated like a tuning fork between her hands and hummed on her tongue. Then she pulled the gigantic cock down into her groin. The thick horse-prick came down like a lever and the cocktip pushed against her cunt slit.

Arabelle trembled, both with passion and fear — fear that his cock would not fit up her pussy.

She arched her back and threw her legs widely apart.

Using her fingers, she spread her cunt lips open, slipping them over the tip of the horse’s colossal cockhead.

The horse pushed.

Inch by precious inch, the head of his cock began to jam into her pussy. The redhead gasped and moaned and twisted her lithe hips and supple pelvis, trying to work her cunt down around the horse’s cock. Half of that dark-gray cockhead was up her cunt now, and already the girl felt as if she were full to the brim.

But she wanted more horse-prick.

She jammed her ass down hard, her back arched in the basket of the damanged tree — and the rest of the animal’s cock-knob vanished up her fuck hole. The beast humped and her whole body moved with him, stuck fast on the head of his huge prick.

She threw her legs up and hooked her thighs around his cockshaft, as if she were clinging to a pole, doing some acrobatic feat on a horizontal bar. Her shoulders pressed against the tree as she crammed her crotch down, and the horse snorted and pushed — and a good foot of the stallion’s enormous cock plowed up her grossly stretched cunt.

Her pussy began to suck on the massive load of horse-cock.

She was glad that her cunt had had so mcuh practice on the wolfhound’s huge prick as she writhed and squirmed — and took another six inches! That was all that she could handle.

Arabelle was stuffed by a foot and half of fat horse-cock, filled to the very brim with the hot prickmeat, riding with her thighs clamped around the cockshaft, her legs tightening as if she were posting in the saddle. She rotated her hips, screwing her cunt around on his prick like a nut onto a bolt.

The horse had been patiently waiting while she fed his cock into her fuck hole. Now she seemed to understand that he was in as far as he could get, that the rest of his cockshaft would not fit.

He began fucking Arabelle with horrendously long fuck-strokes.

The redhead cried out with pure animal joy and wild lust as that thick horse-cock stirred in her pussy guts, eighteen inches of the massive prick fucking in and out, spreading her cunt as wide as it would stretch and plumbing as deeply as it could go. He jammed her against the tree as he plowed in. As he drew his cock out, her cunt sucked and milked on the knob and stalk. The beast’s cock was plugged into her hairy socket so tightly that there was not even room for the cunt juice to run out. As her pussy creamed, the hot juices sloshed around inside her guts.

Arabelle almost fainted with the joy of it.

She creamed, cunt melting, the fuck juices still trapped inside her pussy like a liquid genie in a bottle.

The horse began to fuck faster, buffeting her slim body, about, bouncing her up and down on his mighty prick. Her ass bumped on the split tree and she got slivers in her thighs, but nothing mattered — nothing but that enormous hunk of stallion prick and the cum that would soon fill her cunt.

The stallion was fucking at the trot.

Then he was pouring the prick in at the canter.

Then, to her delight, the brute broke into a full gallop and his huge prick fucked in and out of her at a pace that would have won a Derby. His massive balls ballooned. With her cunt plugged so tightly, she knew that his cum, when he shot, could not drain out of her — that her belly was going to expand with the stuff, that if cum were lighter than air she would float right up into the sky.

The horse neighed and tossed his head, his wild mane streaming.

Then his jism poured into Arabelle’s cunt.

She cried out with ecstasy as she felt that steaming horse-cum gush into her cunt, her pussy melting at the same time, her whole body churning wildly in the throes of an orgasm while the stallion continued to pump in and out, emptying his cock and balls to the dregs.

Drained at last, he pulled his prick from her pussy.

His prick came out like a cork from a bottle, and a thick, milky flood of horse-cum, streaked through with strands of cunt juice, poured out from her cunt and washed down her ass crack.

Arabelle, completely satiated and contented, leaned back against the tree trunk with a happy smile.

She had done it! She had managed to take a foot and a half of a horse’s prick up her cunt! Next time, she hoped, she could manage two feet of cock.

It would take practice, but the girl planned on getting a lot of that.

Only one thought troubled her now, as she looked eagerly ahead to fucking a lot of horses in the future.


Her faithful wolfhound was going to be sadly neglected now that she intended to concentrate on horse-cock.

She wondered, vaguely, if she might find some other girl who would be willing to fuck the dog once in a while.

And, as it turned out, that was no problem at all…




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