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xNovel - Daughter And The Dogs


Daughter And The Dogs

Cover:cover: daughter and the dogs
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Linda literally hugged the coffee table and squashed her tight young tits on the top of it as Chet positioned her knees apart so that her cunt was open and pink and ready for cock.

Then he called King, who came bounding into the room like an anxious stallion.

Linda moaned when she saw the large German Shepherd. Just remembering how his prick had filled her mouth made her whimper for his cock up her cunt.

“Hurry, Chet! Hurry!” she breathed hornily, wiggling her eager ass.

She was heady with fuck-desires. She wanted to feel the extreme pleasures her mom enjoyed as big pricks raped her pussy. She wanted a cock of her own up her cunt so she could cum and cum and cum.

With Chet’s help and guidance, the huge canine mounted Linda’s willing young body as Rex looked on, drooling.

The German Shepherd’s rushed out of its sheath long before it had to. King fucked his haunches vibrantly and his cock stabbed the air, the backs of Linda’s thighs, her pussy and asscheeks.

“Give it to me!” Linda cried hotly. “Ohhh! Chet, I want it! I want it! Get it into me!”

“God damn it, King!” Chet growled. “Hold still a minute! Jesus, he sure wants to fuck your cunt!”

“I’m glad!” Linda squealed. “I want him, too.”

Finally, Chet knelt behind his dog and reached around him to guide his massive cock up into Linda’s hungry little cunt.

“I know how you feel, boy,” he said hornily as his own cock got stiff behind his dog. “I’d feel the same way if she was wanting me to fuck her. Easy now, King. Here it is! Here it is! Easy, boy. Get in there.”

“Oh!” Linda shrieked, feeling the dog’s cockhead lodge at the entrance of her hot pussy-mouth. “It’s getting in me! More! More! Ewww! It’s getting in me. He’s pushing! Oh! Ohhh! Ohhh! He’s fucking meeeeee!”

Chet sat back wide-eyed and gasping for breath after the excited effort of getting the girl was she craved for. He swallowed hard to see his big dog fuck the teenaged chick.

King’s enormously thick cock drilled faster right up into Linda’s open, pink pussy. She squealed with pleasure as she felt all of his cock plunge into her cunt.

She squealed with pleasure as she felt all of his cock plunge into her cunt. From the very start, Linda screwed her pussy back at the animal like a real pro. As she felt his knobby prick lock into the depths of her cunt, she lunged her hips back and forth in a natural fucking rhythm, wanting his cock up her.

King reached out and stretched his paws against her quivering shoulders. As the helplessly horny girl shook and trembled with rising passion, the dog pressed onward and drilled his hot cock deeply into her sucking pussy.

The huge animal fucked her brutally, like the dog in the fuck-film. He rammed his horny cock into her nice fuckhole and pumped it and out with savage fury.

“Ohhh! I’m getting fucked!” Linda cried out in lust and excitement. “Ohhh! Ohhh! It feels so gooood! Ummm! No wonder my mom likes to fuck so much! His cock is so big! It fucks me so deep! Ewww! Ewww! Ewww! Ohhhhh! I’m cumming so much! I’m cummmiiinnnggg! Give it to me. Fuck me, King! Ohhh! Fuck me a lot!”

As is natural to animals, the longer King fucked his prick into her twisty little cunt, the more brutal he became. Re-adjusting his front paws around her neck, he re-positioned his hindlegs on the carpet for leverage, and slammed all of his wet cock into her juicy cunt.

Her pussy quivered vibrantly, more vibrantly than ever before. As she mewled and whimpered with lust, fucking back on his cock with delight.

At first, Linda felt quivers of pleasure up her fucked cunt, but soon the sharp, rapid-fire thrusts of the relentless doggie-prick had turned her quivers into violent spasms of joy.

She finally succumbed to the mind-boggling fuck-feelings and her lithe young hips started swiveling hotly. She wiggled her hot ass and churned her fiery pussy to help the horny animal fuck her even better.

“Give it to meeeee!” she shrieked with delight, cumming wetly all over the huge animal-cock. “Keep fucking my cunt! Ohhh! My pussy feels so good! Yes! Yessss! Fuck your cock in me! Keep pushing it in! Ohhh! How he fucks! It’s so nice! It’s so good! It’s good! Ewww! Pump it into mmeeee! I love it! I love it!”

“Jesus!” she heard Chet gasp, although she couldn’t see him.

She didn’t know that he was sitting behind her on the floor with his massive hard-on in his fist, pumping it up and down as he watched King fuck her pussy.

“He wants to cum in me!” she rasped. “I just know it! He’s gonna! Ohhh! Chet, he’s getting so big up me! His cock is growing bigger! He’s gonna shoot his cum in my pussy!”

Chet fell back on an elbow and panted for breath as he whacked his swollen cock and stared hotly at the dog fucking the girl’s tight pussy.

Rex could watch no longer. He moved up behind the fucking couple and whined with neglect. He pushed his great head under both of them and lashed his thick tongue at Linda’s squirming cunt as King’s stiff prick rushed in and out of it.

“Chet!” Linda squealed. “Oh, my God! Rex is licking my clit! And King is fucking me! Oh! Ohhh! Mammmmmaaaaa! I feel so horny! My tits’ll burst! My cunt is cumming! My ass is so hot! Ohhh! Chet! Chet! Let me suck your cock!”

Chet gasped as he made his way across the carpet on his hands and knees. Just watching this young girl succumb to the two dogs had weakened him with overpowering lust. Linda’s horny plea for his cock was enough to drive him crazy.

He struggled up onto his knees and gripped his thick prick in his fist. Linda’s pretty face was covered with a fine film of perspiration. Her lips looked swollen for sex. Chet inched his big, wet prick toward her mouth.

Linda whimpered, seeing his red, swollen cock coming at her. She reached out and grasped it for him, pulling at him and opening her mouth for his massive cockhead. Whimpering with desire, she pulled his cock into her mouth and sucked on it feverishly as the dogs licked and fucked her horny cunt.

The doggie-tongue licking her clit and the dog-cock drilling her fuckhole made her give Chet a wonderful blowjob. She couldn’t get enough of his thick prick into her mouth, that’s how insanely horny the dogs made her.

She clutched at his powerful cock and sucked on it hotly, lashing it constantly with her saucy little tongue as she blew him.

The hot room filled with wants, human and animal. Chet wanted to blow his nuts into the teenager’s sucking, young mouth. King wanted to get his rocks off in the sexiest little pussy he had ever fucked.

Rex wanted more jism and licked all over Linda’s twitching pussy and King’s ramming prick. And Linda wanted to go over the edge of female joy.

Reaching for the ultimate pleasure, Linda opened her mouth wide. By signs with her frantic hands she got Chet to stop being gentle with her mouth.

Getting her horny signal, he grabbed her pretty head and mashed it against the tabletop as he brutally fucked all of his cock in and out of her sweetly sucking mouth.

Grunting with extreme pleasure, he drilled his prick into her gulping throat. Moving ever closer to the table, he fucked his horny cockhead in and out of her tight throat as if it were her cunt, and Linda took it… his big, hot balls slapped against her chin as he fucked her throat deeply.

King let out a growl that prepared Linda for his jism. Hearing it, she whimpered around Chet’s prick and fucked her pussy viciously on the doggie-dick. Her pussy-muscles clamped and clenched tightly around King’s massive cock and her pussy sucked him off like her mouth sucked Chet off.

Both her mouth and her pussy became clenching, sucking things. Hot little holes, all juicy and vacuuming.

King’s prick exploded deep in her pussy. Chet’s cock erupted deep in her gulping throat. His prick gushed so wickedly and violently that for a moment Linda wondered if all the liquid pouring down her throat wasn’t blood instead of cum. The wild thought subsided after a second when she backed her throat off a little and tasted the stuff shooting out of his pumping prick.

She moaned hotly, drinking his jism, and fucked her hot cunt hornily on King’s spitting prick.

The dog-cock gushed longer than Chet’s and after Linda ate the man’s cum, her burning pussy was still fucking wildly on the spitting animal-prick. She whimpered with heady pleasure when Chet removed his spent dock from her gasping mouth and she gave herself up totally to the animal who was still brutally fucking her defenseless little pussy.

Linda pressed her taut nipples hard against the coffee table and held on the way Chet had told her to. Her nipples flamed and tingled intensely as she churned her hips and fucked her hot cunt viciously on the marvelous dog-dick. She cried out wit joy, letting Chet know that she was the happiest girl in the world right then.

Like an animal will do, King stopped fucking her cunt once his cock emptied itself of all its thick jism. He dismounted, pulling his cock out of her hungry little pussy and Linda whimpered with disappointment.

“Chet!” she gasped, panting for breath. “He stopped! Ohhh! Don’t let him stop fucking me!”

“I can’t force him,” Chet rasped hotly, wishing he could help the horny girl.

“Rex, then!” Linda squealed. “He’s never fucked my cunt! Ohhh! Chet, please! Get Rex on me! Make him fuck me!”

Rex was not as intelligent as King so it required a little more time to get him into the proper position to fuck the girl. But Chet managed, for the girl’s sake. And then Rex was humping like crazy and his massive cock drilled into her horny cunt with a vengeance. Linda howled with pleasure.

Chet couldn’t believe his eyes. It was one thing to watch a paid actress take on a mutt, but it was quite another to watch a sexy young teenager fuck a dog, then another, right in his own home. It was too good to miss, too good to waste.

He staggered to his feet and rushed into his bedroom. He emerged moments later, grasping a Polaroid camera. His shaky hands pushed a cartridge of film into it. Then, to Linda’s surprise, he circled the table a number of times, clicking the camera frequently.

He knelt down behind them and aimed the camera lens at Linda’s pretty young pussy as Rex’s big cock was lunging and plunging. Snap!

Then he took a picture of Linda’s face, now a beautiful mask of raw, female lust, with Rex hanging over her. He took shots of her writhing, humping ass as the dog fucked her into a tizzy.

Then Rex came. His paws scratched Linda’s smooth creamy flesh and his hindlegs danced nervously between her trembling thighs as his massive cock gushed wetly into her sucking cunt.

She squealed and shrieked as he came, driven wild by his shooting prick. It made her terribly hot and she fucked her pussy round and round on his spurting prick. Great spasms of delicious pleasure washed through her tight little cunt as she came all over his shooting cock. Her pussy-juice leaked around his plunging prick and dribbled down her shaky thighs.

Like King, Rex dismounted her right after he had shot his wad. He slipped his bony cock out of her twisty cunt-hole and padded to the other side of the room to lick his cock dry, like King was doing.

Linda whimpered low and quivered from head to toe, still sprawled across the table.

“Are you all right?” Chet asked, worried.

Linda looked like she could pass out at any minute. But she rolled off the table and fell onto her back on the floor laughing.

“Yes! Yes! Yesss!” she giggled as if she were drunk. “I’m marvelous! I’m wonderful! I’m delicious! I’m. I’m… ohhh! I’m fucked!”

Chet could not resist her gorgeous, young body any longer. Her rushed to her side and kissed her like she’d never been kissed before. He mauled her ripe, jutting tits. Then after wetly kissing her sucking mouth, dropped his head to her tits and sucked the life out of them.

Panting hornily, he raised up an elbow and kissed her pretty mouth again.

“Linda,” he whispered hotly as his big prick throbbed against the flesh of her thigh. “You know I want to fuck you. Your cunt is so pretty. I’d love to shove my cock up into you and make you whimper for more. Just promise one thing, baby.”

“What? What?” Linda gasped as she fed him her tits.

“Just promise me that when you’re ready to be fucked by a man, you’ll let it be me,” he said. “Don’t give your sweet cunt to some punk kid who doesn’t know what to do to it… come to me when you’re ripe for cock and I’ll make you feel real good.”

Linda threw her slender arms around his neck and gave him a nice, big kiss.

“Yes! Yess! Oh, yes, Chet!” she rasped, grabbing his cock and squeezing it. “I promise! Oh! I promise! I will! I will! The minute I want to fuck a cock. I’ll get yours! I swear! I won’t let any boy fuck me.”

“That’s beautiful,” Chet said, smiling handsomely as his cock jolted in her tight little fist.


“Yeah, kitten?” He looked into her eyes.

“I got you terribly horny, huh?”

“Well, I’ve never seen a girl fuck two dogs before,” he grinned at her. “Not in real life. It’s enough to drive a guy out of his mind!”

“I know,” Linda said softly, licking her lips and pumping his cock. “I got awfully horny just watching you fuck Mom.”

“And now you don’t have to go around horny all the time,” Chet laughed. “You can just fuck your dog.”

“Yeah! Thanks to you!” she laughed back. “Ohhh! It’s gonna be so good from now on! I always sleep with Rex, you know. But now he can fuck me every night before I go to sleep! Just think of it!”

“I am! I am!” Chet laughed, rubbing her wet cunt with two fingers. “Lucky fucking dog!”

“Tonight when you fuck Mom, I can fuck Rex,” Linda daydreamed aloud.

“What if your mother hears you?” Chet asked.

“Hmmm! I didn’t think of that,” Linda said thoughtfully. “And we just had a nice talk today, too. I wouldn’t want to shock her.”

Chet’s middle finger inched up into her furry cunt and she milked his mighty prick slowly and lovingly. She was beginning to like the feel of his thick cock in her soft hand. But she didn’t fool herself. This was her mom’s favorite cock. Linda would have to stick with Rex’s prick.

An idea suddenly came to her, like a bolt out of the blue.

“Chet!” she gasped. “I’ve got it!”

“Got what?”

“The answer!” she said. “I can’t peek anymore. I mean, I told Mom that I peeked into her room when you were fucking. We had a good talk today, really. But I won’t be able to do that anymore. It would make her self-conscious and I want her to have lots of fun with you. She’s looking forward to seeing you at midnight. And, like you said, what if she saw me fucking Rex? So, I’ll stay right here with Rex and King while you go over there and fuck her.”

“Stay here?” Chet questioned.

“Yes! You tell Mom that you asked to dog-sit for you!” she said excitedly. “Don’t you see? It’s perfect! I have to watch King for you so you can go out on a date. You go over to my house and give Mom your gorgeous cock and I’ll stay here and let Rex and King fuck the hell out of my horny cunt.”

“You’re a wicked little girl, Linda Preston,” Chet teased, finger-fucking her cunt.

“Yeah, ain’t I?” Linda giggled.

“And that’s a great idea,” Chet said seriously. “It’ll work, too… that way we all get what we want… almost.”


“Yeah! I would still like to fuck you, you horny little bitch.”

Linda was deeply touched by his sentiment.

“Ohhh! Chet,” she purred, patting his cheek. “You’re so nice. Please be patient with me. Just as soon as I want to get fucked by a guy, I’ll give you my ass. I mean it. You can fuck me in the asshole, too, when we start fucking.”

“Christ! Linda,” he groaned, and his cock jolting in her hand.

“Ohhh! There I go again,” Linda sighed. “I’m cockteasing you, huh?”

Chet didn’t answer. Instead, he dropped his mouth to her firm, jutting tits and sucked and licked them as he drilled his finger in and out of her tight little cunt. His prick throbbed menacingly in her hand and Linda caressed it lovingly.

“Chet,” she whispered hotly. “There is something we can do. I saw it in a book once. It looked awfully nice. If you want to, I think I’d like it.”

“What is it?” Chet asked, raising his head and peering curiously at her.

Linda lifter her head and peered curiously at the couch.

“Get me one of those pillows,” she murmured.

Chet dragged a small stuffed pillow from the couch and passed it to her. Linda placed it beneath her head and tested it for height.

“Another one,” she rasped.

Two pillows together placed her head at just the upward angle she wanted. She hadn’t seen it in a book, however. She had seen her own mom do this for a guy once. But she didn’t want to mention her mother’s many lovers to Chet. That just wouldn’t be very nice.

“There,” she cooed, smiling. “Now you can fuck me between my tits and I’ll suck your cockhead at the same time. Neat, huh?”

Chet groaned and threw one hairy leg over her body. He settled his ass on her ribcage and quickly got his horny prick moving between her luscious young tits. In no time at all his pre-cum had soaked her flesh, allowing his prick slid back and forth easily.

“Ummmm! I didn’t know it would feel so good,” Linda confessed.

She caressed his prick as he moved it between her tight tits. She fingered and teased the cockhead until it was bulging menacingly. Then she gripped his prick and worked her head until she could get her pretty mouth on it.

Squeezing her tits hard against his fucking cockshaft, she took his bulging cockhead into her mouth and sucked him off until he shot a fantastic load of jism down her throat.



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