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xNovel - Daughter And The Dogs


Daughter And The Dogs

Cover:cover: daughter and the dogs
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Pretty little Linda Preston hotly jerked her dog’s erect prick on her bed as she listened to her mother getting fucked in the next room. A bathroom separated the bedrooms, but Linda could hear everything going on in her mother’s room. It was after midnight and Myra Preston had brought home another man.

Linda’s mom often brought men home from the bars she frequented. Sometimes, the man would be gone before Linda awoke the next morning. Sometimes the man would stay for days, drinking and laughing with Myra by day and fucking her by night. Ever since Linda’s dad had run off with a cocktail waitress, her mom had become a gorgeous, shapely cock-hound.

Now that she was a teenager, Linda patterned herself after her beautiful mom. What Myra like, Linda liked. And she often got very horny as she listened to some guy fucking her mother’s hungry pussy. She usually jerked off her dog, Rex, as she listened to the raunchy, lewd and exciting noises coming from the next room.

Just six months earlier Linda had discovered the joys of sex with the family mutt. After her father’s disappearance, the emotionally disturbed child began taking Rex to bed with her for comfort and solace.

Under the covers, she soon learned that the dog had a cock and that it got very large if she played with it. With her mom fucking hotly in the next room, bouncing wildly on her bed wit some guy, Linda enjoyed jacking her pet’s cock and making it squirt jism.

Rex’s big, stiff cock became important to the girl. Something to hold on to. Something to cling to in her loneliness and despair.

Without her dad around anymore, Linda turned to her mother as a model. When her mom found comfort in a bit, stiff prick, Linda found the same thing in her dog’s cock. When her mom finger-fucked herself for comfort, so did Linda.

The real fun of whacking Rex’s thick, red prick was only increased for Linda when she started fucking her middle finger in and out of her horny your pussy. The sexually disturbed girl found the combination exhilarating. She could jerk Rex’s big cock with one hand and still finger-fuck herself with the other.

Myra Preston was neglecting her little girl these days, but that was just fine with Linda. She liked the freedom suddenly thrust upon her because she could spend more time in bed with her best friend, Rex, a shaggy mongrel who had been good for nothing until Linda discovered his cock.

Recently, Rex started licking Linda’s hot little cunt, and she went wild with this new development in her sex life.

At first, she had be horrified and had tried to stop him from doing that. But being a sensitive girl, made extremely horny by her mom’s insatiable sex-hunger, she spread her pretty legs and found out just how wonderful it felt to have a big, wet doggie-tongue lap her cunt.

For six months, the happy dog had been licking her furry little cunt.

“Ohhh! Suck it!” she heard her mother cry from the next bedroom.

Linda opened her legs as she heard a familiar cry from the next bedroom. She spread her thighs and urged Rex to lick her pussy as she listened to the music her mom made.

Myra Preston was still young in figure, a shapely brunette with luscious tits and an inviting ass. Linda always liked the way her mother looked. Other girls seemed to have old, frazzled moms, but not Linda. Her mom was super-sexy and sensual. And now that Myra was manless, she seemed to have an incredible appetite for cock. Any cock.

Linda was in bed playing with Rex’s stiff prick when her mom arrived home with her new playmate. As usual, when the adults were in the bedroom, Linda padded naked to the door and cracked it open a little so she could hear better.

“Maybe I should have brought something for us to drink,” she heard the man say.

“No, I’ve had enough,” her mom replied in a sexy voice. “You’ve brought everything we need.”

Linda heard a zipper being pulled down.

“Mmmm! You’re really hung!” she heard her mom murmur softly. “And getting bigger by the second.”

“Like that, huh?” the man chuckled.

“Love it,” Myra purred.

Linda couldn’t bear the suspense or her own burning curiosity. She just had to look.

She tiptoed into the bathroom and went to the door of her mother’s bedroom. It was ajar and she peeked inside.

The man sat on the edge of the bed and removed his shoes and socks. He stood up and took off his shirt. Even as he was doing this, Linda saw her mother help him drop his pants. Then she pushed his shorts down and exposed his great big cock.

“God, you’re enormous!” her mom rasped.

Linda agreed. Her young eyes went wide when she saw the massive hunk of cock her mother was stroking so lovingly. She had seen plenty of cocks since her mother had started fucking around, but this one was indeed immense.

The prick had the same effect on Linda that it had on her mom. She lost her breath just looking at it.

“I want to see you,” the man said with a lewd grin.

“Okay,” Myra cooed.

The man stood, his prick throbbing in mid-air and stared hotly as Myra stripped for him. Linda starred too, picking up some more pointers on female behavior as her pretty mom removed her tight, short dress. In a flash, her luscious, curvy body was exposed for the man, leaving nothing but teeny-weeny panties and a bra hiding her goodies.

Linda watched breathlessly as her mother peeled off the little bra. Her mom’s bit, firm tits came into view. Their mouth-watering nipples protruding sexily. Linda hoped she’d have tits like that when she grew up.

The man was obviously affected by what he saw. His cock jolted in the air and seemed to grow ever more rigid and alive as Myra pushed her little panties down. With a wiggle and a smile, she exposed her bushy, black-haired pussy.

Linda swallowed hard as her mom deliberately opened her legs and touched her fingers to the puffy lips of her pussy.

“Is this what you’ve been after all night?” she laughed sensuously.

The man’s eyes riveted to her pussy.

“Damned if it isn’t the loveliest cunt I’ve seen in months,” he rasped.

“Mmmm! I like that,” Myra purred, moving toward the bed. “Flattery will get you all the cunt you can eat and fuck.”

Linda’s eyes burned hotly as she watched her mom stretch out across the bed and spread her lovely legs as if the guy were an old friend.

The man went right to her, like iron to a powerful magnet.

“Eat me,” her mother rasped hotly, writhing her pussy at the horny man. “Put your hot mouth on my cunt and suck me.”

Little whimpering sounds escaped Myra’s throat as the man dropped to his knees and kissed her pussy passionately.

Linda licked her lips nervously as she saw the man’s mouth press tightly up against her mom’s open, wet cunt. It always taught Linda something to watch her mother in action.

The man’s big tongue, buried in her mom’s cunt, seemed to give her mother marvelous feelings.

Pussy-eating had never seemed that great to young Linda until she had seen her mother getting sucked. Here she was now, moaning loudly and pumping her cunt up and down crazily, the man’s thick tongue drilling in and out of her pussy effortlessly.

Linda once again wondered just how good it would feel to have a tongue lashing her pretty little cunt… would she get all wiggly and hot like her mom? Her pussy sure liked her finger. Was a tongue that much better?

Watching her sensuous mom get all turned on by that busy, thrashing tongue, only made Linda want to experiment some more on her own. The way that man was feeling Myra’s ass and pushing his tongue into her pussy was enough to make Linda finger-fuck her cunt a little as she watched the horny action.

The sight of the man’s horny tongue doing so much to her mom’s cunt made the girl lust for her dog. In a turmoil of mixed emotions but wanting the pleasures her mom was getting, the teenager hurried back to her bed and her patiently waiting mutt.

Rex sniffed the air as she climbed onto the bed and got a whiff of her juicy pussy. He grunted lazily and turned his head toward her crotch. He wasn’t a very energetic dog, but he liked Linda’s cunt.

With her tits hardened and her cute little clit buzzing, Linda pulled the heavy dog around on the bed and got her cunt near the dog’s mouth. She drew one knee up and opened her legs for him.

Soon, his big, scrapy tongue slapped wetly against her horny pussy.

She purred like her mom as the doggie-tongue whipped her cunt into a pleasant froth. Smiling gently, she smoothed her hand over his nuts and furry sheath, slowly milking it until his red cock came slithering out. She knew now how to make it big and she quickly did so.

She curled her fingers around his exposed cock and massaged it up and down as she humped her juicy cunt against his licking tongue.

“Oh, you stud!” her mom’s voice rang out. “Jesus, how you suck! Ummm! Lick it good, honey! Ohhh! Eat me! God, that feels so good!”

Her mother’s voice echoed Linda’s own feelings as Rex licked her pussy. She grasped his stiff prick and jerked on it hornily, admiring it with her hot gaze as it throbbed in her tight fist.

As her mom uttered deliciously obscene things about getting her cunt licked, Linda felt the same way about her dog’s tongue. Her own lust increased in time with her mother’s, as if they were united by some invisible bond. Like mother, like daughter.

It was during these moments of fantastic, incredible pleasure that the young girl heard her mother moan.

“Ohhh! Baby,” Myra moaned. “Ohhh! Baby, bring your cock around here and let me suck it!”

Linda had seen her mother sixty-nine with men before and had learned just how marvelous it was. Following her mom’s example, she lowered her pretty face to the dog’s rigid prick and gave it a lick with the tip of her pink tongue.

Listening to her mother’s sucking sounds and soft moans of pleasure, Linda followed suit. She grasped the throbbing dog-cock and licked up and down the length of it and then round and round his cockhead, as she had seen her mom do.

Licking the dog-cock seemed to make her pussy feel even better beneath the animal’s lashing tongue, so she licked it some more.

Getting his prick licked seemed to make Rex more horny and he swabbed her wet pussy faster still.

The girl and the dog got it on just like the man and the woman in the next room.

“Ohhh! Rex,” Linda rasped, imitating her mom and feeling grown up. “What a big cock you have! Ummm! Give it to me!”

She moaned with pleasure and slid her soft, sexy mouth onto his prick and whimpered as his stiff cock slid into the tight hotness of her passionate mouth. The thickness of his hot prick in her wetly sucking mouth gave her the thrill of a lifetime.

“Mmmm,” she moaned hornily, twisting her mouth around on his prick. “Mm… mmm… mmmmm!”

Rex’s fucking instinct was triggered by the girl’s lovely mouth and he started pushing his thick cock in and out.

The exciting friction of his massive prick against her sensitive lips made Linda’s pussy cream. She had discovered the connection between her mouth and her cunt. When she was hot, she noticed, anything seemed sexy.

‘I’m sucking a cock!’ she thought with wonder and amazement.

She had often daydreamed about sucking cock as she finger-fucked her cunt, but she had never known exactly when she would get to do it in reality. Now here she was, as grown up as her mom, sucking a prick like a pro!

The sound of her mom’s passionate pleas for more sucking, and the wet noises she and the man made, encouraged Linda’s burgeoning lust. Frantically humping her quivery clit against Rex’s sandpapery tongue as she listened to the man sucking her mother, she plunged her juicy young mouth up and down on the doggie-prick.

Linda had never sucked a boy’s prick, but listening to her horny mom and the big-cocked man, the curious girl wondered what it would feel like to do it. From her mother’s hot moans of pleasure, Linda was sure that cocksucking was one helluva lot of fun. And it sure felt good to blow Rex’s big, stiff prick.

“Oh, you fucking stud!” she heard her mother gasp. “Ummm! Your prick is delicious! Oh! How you suck! Just a little more! Ohhh! I’ll cum again! Suck it, honey, suck it! Ohhh! My cunt’s gonna cream! Here… here it… ohhh! I’m cummmmmiiiinnnnggg!”

Linda moaned and sucked harder on her dog’s prick. She had jerked it a lot in the past, but it felt even better in her softly sucking mouth than it had in her hand. She had never had her mouth stuffed with cock before and the intense pleasure was almost unbearable.

On and on she sucked, bobbing her pretty head rapidly. Each wild plunge of her mouth increased her ecstasy and love of cocksucking. Her mom loved it, why shouldn’t she?

With her cute little ears burning from her mom’s hot whimpers and horny moans, Linda fucked her cunt hotly on the lapping doggie-tongue, squeezing her taut tits against Rex’s haunches. She pressed her soft cheek hard on his belly and took more of his prick into her mouth.

Twisting her spiking pink nipples against his rough fur, she whimpered with pleasure and lashed his cockhead with the tip of her tongue. Screwing her cute little ass around on the bed, a steady stream of burning, slick fluids oozed from between her wiggly cuntlips as Rex’s tongue drove her crazy.

Grunting obscenely now, Linda fucked her pussy hornily against the wonderful doggie-tongue, reaching for the delicious feelings in her swollen clit and drenched cunt. Driven out of her mind by the cunt-lapping and cocksucking, she thrust a naughty hand behind her and started diddling her squirmy asshole.

Just lately, as she finger-fucked herself at night, she had begun to explore the added sensations of asshole-diddling. One night she had heard her mother scream for the man to stick his finger up her ass as they fucked so Linda tried it too. The results were marvelous.

It was natural for her now, in her advanced state of young lust, to wiggle a fingertip up into her ass and worm it around as she fucked her hot cunt on Rex’s thick tongue and sucked his prick. Just the thought of what the big man was doing to her mom in the other room was enough to turn Linda’s whole body on… she wanted the same crazy, mind-blowing pleasures her mom was getting.

She caught her breath as a new pleasure coursed through her ass, just like the pleasures in her pussy and mouth. Her cunt, mouth and asshole were soon on fire and the frantic teenager buried her finger in her twisty ass.

The results were immediate and mind-boggling as her whole body jerked violently on the bed and the dog got lots more cunt-juice to drink.

“Oh, wow, you big-cocked stud!” her mom shrieked. “Suck me out! Ummm! Let met get on top and feed my cunt to you! Ewww, your prick is monstrous! Let me suck you off!”

“Help yourself,” the man chuckled.

Then he apparently stuffed his cock into her mouth, because Linda heard her mom choke the way she did when her throat is full and she’s happy.

Linda was delighted, too. Sucking Rex’s big prick made the difference. Twisting against his lurching body was marvelous, and it was grand to feel him licking her pink cunt so hornily. But blowing his prick was the best. And the slender finger lodged in her tight little asshole was simply divine.

“Mmmm,” she moaned long and low, shivering all over.

Exquisite pleasure-thrills passed through her body, making her twist and turn in a way that would drive any man crazy had he seen her on a bed like that.

Rex was certainly pleased. With the instincts of a cunt-crazed animal, he fucked his horny cock in and out of the girl’s wet mouth as if it were a bitch’s burning cunt… the big difference was that Linda could move her mouth and use her tongue to give him maximum pleasure. He loved it.

As if to show his appreciation, he drilled his thick, rough tongue up into her open, wet fuckhole and reamed her.

Linda gasped, and wanted more. She stretched her legs wider and hunched her pussy up allowing Rex’s tongue-tip to wriggle up into her pussy.

She gave his prick a mighty suck. Her hand shot down and she tugged at the dog’s head.

Rex’s wet snout mashed against her twisting clit as his big tongue filled her horny fuckhole, and she screwed her pussy around furiously, getting off.

It was a marvelous cum, one of those special ones she sometimes achieved. Her eyes rolled in her head and she blew the dog-cock passionately as her sweet cunt creamed juicily.

Rex whined with animal pleasure and drank deeply from her pussy, loving the taste of her cream. He was growing quite fond of the human female’s cuntjuices.

Linda’s pleasure was so complete that she slipped her mouth off of Rex’s throbbing cock and fell back gasping. She grasped her aching young tits in her hot hands and mauled them hornily as she fucked her pussy round and round on the doggie-tongue. She pinched and tweaked her ripe nipples and whimpered with joy as her cunt creamed all over the dog’s snout.

Rex snuffled and sneezed in the sudden wetness, then drank it all up, licking her pussy dry.

Turned on by her orgasm, the girl got on all fours and fed her tingling tits to the animal.

“Suck, Jack!” her mother gasped in the next bedroom. “Suck!”

“Lick, Rex!” Linda panted simultaneously in her room. “Lick!”

As her mom got her cookies, Linda got hers.

She pushed her lovely tits at the dog and had him lick his thick, scrapy tongue up and down her flesh. Her pink nipples, spiked hard and Linda actually thought she’d cum just from getting her tits lapped like this. The pleasure was certainly total.

She leaned over the licking, lapping dog and, as he thrilled her tits, she thrust a hand between her legs and worked her fingers back into her asshole and cunthole.

She fucked her fingers in and out rapidly as she massaged her stiff little clit with her thumb. Her naughty hand once again became a wonderful lover and she closed her eyes and daydreamed about Rex fucking her as she got herself off.

“It’s so good, so good,” she whimpered hornily, twisting her pointed tits hotly.

A shudder of ecstasy shot through her curvy young body and she suddenly threw herself on her dog’s belly. She grabbed his cock and took it into her horny mouth. She gave her cunt to him again and let him suck at it as she blew his prick passionately.

She knew she was going to do it all the way, it seemed inevitable. As she listened to her mother receiving all that she wanted out of life, Linda strove to get what she wanted, too. She wanted to feel a real man’s prick shoot jism into her sexy mouth.

Driven to it by her lewd and wild horniness, she bobbed her pretty head faster. Her blonde hair swaying and fluttering around Rex’s belly as she sucked his enormous prick in and out of her frantic mouth. Her pussy tingled hotly against the lashing doggie-tongue as she sucked her pet off.

Rex’s cock enlarged in her mouth and she moaned. Linda plunged her mouth down on him and licked furiously with her demanding little tongue.

The doggie-prick swelled up, jolted once, then jerked continuously as it discharged large quantities of animal-cum.

The fiery outburst startled the teenager at first. Then she discovered that she had to suck faster to keep up with the jolting, jerking cock. She gulped and gulped to keep from gagging as gush after gush of wet cum filled her small mouth. She drank it all, and went for more by jacking his cock wildly and sucking more jism out of his aching nuts.

“Oh, you fucking stud!” her mother sighed. “That was marvelous.”

Linda agreed entirely as she sagged on the bed and panted for cool breaths of fresh air. She licked her lips and smiled.



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