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xNovel - Daughter Digs Dogs


Daughter Digs Dogs

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PB-280 DAUGHTER DIGS DOGS by Ted Leonard


Pretty young Karen Ames got home from school and hurried to her bedroom. Her mother wouldn’t be home from work until five o’clock. Karen liked that. With no father to boss her around, it was nice to be totally free of parental guidance from time to time.

These were special hours to Karen. Unlike other girls who indulged in sports and other activities after school, Karen liked to be alone with her thoughts. She was a thinking girl.

She sat at her dressing table, unlocked a small drawer, and pulled out her diary and her pen with purple ink. She spread the book open and wrote:

Dear Diary,

It happened again today in class. When I crossed my legs and squeezed my thighs together real hard, my you-know-what got very wet. Seeing Robbie Anderson in his new turtleneck sweater helped. So did Mr. Turner. He sure looks at me hard lately! It’s all so new and exciting! I bent over to get my pencil that I dropped and Mr. Turner’s eyes just stared into the neck of my dress. That made my titties feel funny, if you know what I mean. I know what he’d like to do to them! And I know what Robbie would like to do under my dress. What a cute boy!

Karen giggled and closed her diary. She carefully replaced it in its drawer with the pen. She locked the drawer and put the key back in its hiding place behind the framed picture of herself in her first bikini.

Karen gazed at the photo for several moments, remembering that summer on the beach. She’d finally gotten her mother to lighten up and let her purchase a teeny-weeny blue bikini. She had loved it. Last summer had been very exciting for her, twitching her cute ass around the beach and knowing that male gazes were devouring her. She had felt luscious.

She felt luscious now, too. She pushed away from the dresser and turned to the full-length mirror on the opposite wall. She stared up and down her curvy young body. Thoughts of Robbie and her teacher made her nipples stand up inside her dress and bra. She felt a slight stirring in her cunt.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned softly. She kicked off her sandals and unzipped her dress. She shrugged her smooth white shoulders and the dress slipped down to her jutting tits. Smiling softly, she pulled the dress over the points of her cute tits and let it slither down the length of her body.

She stepped out of her dress and picked it up, then carried it to the closet and hung it neatly on a hanger. She returned to the mirror and gazed at herself in her new bikini undies. She lifted her small hands to her thrusting tits and smoothed over them. She liked the way the bra was made, so small and cute. Two small triangles of see-through green material barely covered the thrust of her developing tits. She peeled the bra off and tossed it onto her bed.

Her hands quickly returned to her tits. She toyed with her pink nipples, which immediately stood up and tingled to her touch. She liked that. She stood for some time just playing with her spiking nipples, getting to know and appreciate the feelings she could give herself.

As her fingertips slowly teased the pink buds, she thought about something she’d not yet seen with her own eyes, cock. Did Mr. Turner get a hard-on when he looked at her? she wondered. And how about Robbie? Was his prick stiff when she looked at him?

Fucking was a mystery to Karen. She sighed and squeezed her tits lightly as she recalled all the girl-talk in school about boys and hard-ons and cum and fucking. It thoroughly fascinated her that boys got stiff pricks once in a while around girls. She remembered the dance, when Billy Joe had pushed up against her and she’d felt his boner throbbing against her pussy. What a feeling!

It had embarrassed her then that it didn’t shame her. Actually, she had liked the feel of his prick, and she’d danced ten dances with the boy. She wasn’t embarrassed now, though, as she recalled the incident. Now she thought it would be very nice to have a cock throbbing up against her cunt.

The thought of her cunt made her drop her gaze to her little green panties. Cupping her naked tits, she hunched her hips forward a little and opened her thighs. She gazed at her patch of furry pussy-hair showing through the thin material of her panties.

There was the big secret, she knew. Right at the bottom of the V of her green panties was the thing all boys and even men wanted from a girl — her pussy.

She slipped her hands down to her slim waist. Her thumbs hooked into the waistband of her panties and she lowered them until her blonde cunt-hair peeked out. Then she ran her thumbs around in back and pushed her panties down in the rear. She had a firm, round ass, and she had to wiggle a little to get the panties below her protruding ass-cheeks.

Karen leaned over and shoved the panties all the way down to her ankles. Her tits were still firm and pointed — two perfect pyramids. Bent over as she was, stepping out of her panties, her ass writhed, and for a moment, her thighs came together and her sweet little cunt peeked from between them, her pussy-lips pressed together by the pressure of her legs.

She tossed the panties onto the bed with her bra and stood before her mirror, admiring herself. She ran a hand down over her smooth, flat tummy. Her fingers snaked through the softness of her pussy-hair. She touched her pussy-lips.

“Ummmm,” she moaned.

She set her feet apart and hunched her hips forward again so she could get her fingers onto her cunt. Her middle finger automatically went to her clit. Her clit shot up like her nipples to her touch, and she made a soft sound as she slowly rubbed it into stiffness.

She may not have known much about boys and men and stiff cocks, but she sure knew a lot about her own pussy. She loved to make her cunt come.

Her eyelids became heavy as her fingers grew bolder around her pussy. Her back arched and her knees bent a little. She spread her thighs and finally did what she’d been thinking about all day. She inched her slender middle finger up into the hotness of her wet cunt-hole.

“Ohhhhh,” she whimpered, getting familiar good feelings in her pussy.

Her ripe, pouting lips parted. Her pink tongue slithered across them repeatedly as she started running the full length of her finger in and out of her squirming cunt-mouth.

“Uh-uh-uh!” she started grunting. Her pussy started twisting, and she began humping it on her drilling finger. Her eyes rolled in her head and she gasped for breath. She felt her orgasm building up violently in her straining belly.

Close to orgasm, she looked drugged and helpless with fuck-feelings. Her whole body took on an aura of lusciousness, and she sank to the small chair she kept near the mirror. Her lovely body sagged in it, and her knees fell wide open. Her soaked finger never stopped pistoning in and out of her tight little cunt-hole.

“Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhh!” she squealed suddenly.

Her head twisted back and her eyes closed. Her mouth flew open and her tongue lashed viciously all around her sensitive lips. Her tits arched and strained and jutted hard, heaving in the air as her ass twisted and writhed on the chair.

“Ohhhhhmmmmmmm!” she moaned lewdly, and fucked her cunt furiously on her drilling finger. Great spasms of sexual pleasure engulfed her, and she went out of her head with secret, private joy.

She thrust her pussy up in the air, lifting her ass right off the seat. Her thumb and fore-finger grasped her quivering clit and squeezed the hell out of it while her two middle fingers rammed up into her coming little cunt.

Huge waves of sensation washed over her as she whipped and jerked and her pussy flooded with fuck juices. She shrieked and caught her lower lip between her teeth and fucked her probing, drilling fingers. She wrenched her hot cunt up and down and back and forth as she came. Lots and lots of silky cunt fluids came oozing from her pussy-mouth. They drenched her naughty fingers and dribbled down her cunt into her twisting ass-crack.

That began stage two of Karen’s private pleasures. Gasping for breath, she lowered her writhing ass to the chair, spread her thighs as wide as they could go, and rubbed both hands into her own warm, wet pussy.

She got her fingers and palms thoroughly soaked with her cum-juices and smeared them over her inner thighs, through her pussy-hair, all over her heaving belly, and up onto her thrusting, quivering tits. She put her right hand over her mouth, and her pink tongue slithered out and licked slowly and pleasurably. She thought about women who lick women as she lapped her cunt-juice from her fingers.

With her other hand she rubbed cum into her tits as if it were health cream. Then she returned it to her writhing cunt. Moaning softly, she let the tip of one finger slip and slide over her twisting asshole.

This began stage three of Karen’s self-pleasure pattern. Rubbing her asshole as she was coming always made her come more. Her tight little asshole writhed against her rubbing fingertip, and new feelings shot through her sensitive cunt.

“Uhhhh,” she groaned, knowing she would go on to even greater heights of erotic joy. She hazily knew what she would do now. The thing she never told anyone about. She didn’t mind swapping stories with her girlfriends about finger-fucking her cunt, but she never told a soul about the other thing.

She humped her hips upward and twisted to one side. Her thumb dived into her gyrating wet cunt and her middle finger pushed up into her asshole. This was forbidden pleasure, she knew, but when she was coming and aching for more joy, it was precisely forbidden pleasure that she wanted.

Her thumb disappeared into her tight pussy and her middle finger buried itself up her twisting ass. With her thumbnail rubbing the inner walls of her hot cunt and her fingertip fucking around in her asshole, she squealed and shrieked and fucked her body violently, coming and coming and coming.

“Ohhh, Mamaaaaaaaa!” she cried. Her orgasm was long, violent, furious and wet.

After the great spasms of pleasure swept through her and her pussy was leaking profusely, she took her hand away from her twisting pussy and sagged in the chair, panting for breath.

She came to her senses slowly, her tits heaving and her cunt dribbling. She smiled at herself in the mirror. She liked how she looked now — like those sensuous, beautiful girls in men’s magazines.

If only Mr. Turner could see me now, she thought lewdly. She smoothed her hands over her tits and wondered what Robbie would do if he were here right this minute. Visions of erect, throbbing cocks filled her mind. She had seen pictures of boners.

If only I wasn’t afraid to fuck, she thought sadly. For she knew she was indeed frightened of actually fucking boys. It always amazed her when she learned that girls like Sheila and Barbara actually fucked with boys. It had startled her and dazed her mind the day it got out that Mr. Barrett, the grocery clerk, was fucking his niece Janet. How could pretty little Janet’s pussy take a man’s whole cock inside?

Karen pushed all the puzzling thoughts from her head and returned to the matter at hand — her own private pleasure. So she wasn’t like other girls. So what? She was herself. She would get her kicks her own way. Why not? She didn’t have to give her cunt to the boys, did she? Sure, girlfriends told her fucking was super, but so was finger-fucking herself.

In this way, Karen justified her fear of fucking with boys and men. She slowly rubbed her writhing cunt and smiled with pleasure, satisfied with her own brand of fucking.

Her gaze drifted to the face of the small clock on her nightstand. Four o’clock. Her mother would be home in an hour. There was work to be done.

She got to her feet with a sigh, thinking of her chores. There were dishes to be done. She had to feed the dog. Dust the furniture in the living room. Make her bed.

She pulled on a long, pink T-shirt and wore it as a mini-dress. Of course, she would have to be fully dressed when her mother arrived, but until then, she could run around however she pleased. She tugged the shirt down just below her pussy and glanced over her shoulder in the mirror at how the long shirt fell around her curvy little ass. She smiled again, pleased with herself. She liked the way her tits pointed so hard in the soft fabric. She pranced out of the room to tackle her chores and get them over with. When her mother got home, she’d have to go into the bathroom and play with herself. She wished her mother were more open-minded about fucking.

When Karen got to the kitchen, the dog was already pawing the door, knowing it was his dinnertime. But she ignored his demanding scratches and did the dishes. She hated all the things she had to do around the house every day, but until she was 18, she’d just have to do them obediently. She couldn’t wait until she was 18. She imagined herself getting fucked by a different guy every single night.

She finished up the dishes with her mind still filled with wild thoughts about handsome guys doing all sorts of things to her. She wanted to enjoy her private thoughts to the utmost because they made her tits, cunt and ass feel so good. But the dog at the door continually interrupted her flow of feeling.

“Oh, Rex!” she shouted. “Stop it!”

But the dog, upon hearing his name, put up a bigger racket. He yelped and pawed the door and whined a little — all tricks that used to get him everything he wanted. But that was before Karen’s father ran off with a younger woman. Rex was her dad’s dog and Karen disliked the animal even more for that reason. She remembered her dad walking the dog, smoking his pipe, looking tremendously handsome in his sporty clothes. She had liked Rex then, as much as her father did. But now the damned dog was a painful reminder of happier days.

She threw dog food into a plastic bowl and put the dish on the floor. She pulled the kitchen door open and growled, “Come on, dammit, eat!”

The huge, hairy mutt plodded quickly across the floor and dived his snout into the mess in the bowl. Karen watched him steadily and shook her head.

“I don’t know what in hell you’re good for,” she said sarcastically, imitating her brother. “All you do is eat and sleep!”

The dog stopped eating long enough to give her a look. Karen wrinkled her nose.

“And don’t give me that big, brown-eyed, sad look,” she sneered. “You don’t fool me one bit. You’re a pain in the ass, you know that? Why didn’t Daddy take you with him? You were supposed to mean so much to him! You’re worthless! Now get finished there, because you’re going right back outside!”

She resisted the urge to give the big mutt a swift kick in the ass. She felt like that sometimes. When the dog tried to be affectionate, it turned her off. It was as if by resenting the dog, she was getting back at her father. Sometimes she felt like getting back at her father. Sometimes she felt like getting a stick or a belt and whipping the animal. In some of her more negative frames of mind, she daydreamed of chaining Rex to a tree and just walloping the hell out of him.

To rid herself of these depressing thoughts, Karen sat down to wait for Rex to finish his meal. As usual, when she was by herself, she let her pretty legs fall open and dropped her hand between them. Her tits rose and fell in her tight T-shirt as she fondly petted her creamy pussy. A few seconds later, a single finger stole up into her cunt-hole and started fucking.

Her eyes closed, and she purred like a kitten as she happily fucked her finger in and out of her tight little cunt. It felt good to clench her pussy muscles against her finger. She wondered what it would be like to have a boy’s stiff cock up her cunt, strangled by her pussy walls. What a thrill that must be!

Finger-fucking her cunt, seeing the dog eating, thinking of her lost father — all of this came together in her young mind to form an other forbidden erotic fantasy. She remembered the days when she could sit on her daddy’s lap. She remembered how his eyes started avoiding her growing tits. She recalled the last time she was on his lap in front of the TV. Something had grown big and hot under her cute little ass and she’d known what it was.

She recalled she had been in her nightie, prepared for bed. Her mother was out somewhere, and her dad let her stay up just a little longer. She’d gotten excited about his kindness, and she had perched her ass on his lap and given him a nice, big kiss. Somehow her tits had pressed pretty hard against him, and that’s when she’d felt his huge prick come up against her ass. It had given her funny feelings, especially when she thought about his cock ramming into her mother’s cunt. Could her mom’s pussy take a big prick like that?

She speared her slim finger up into her wiggly cunt and let her mind go. Naughty, erotic, downright raunchy secret thoughts assailed her. Coming wetly on her soaked finger, she daydreamed about her daddy getting into bed with her and pushing his giant cock up her cunt. This thought alone got her off a good one — as usual. She choked and gasped and writhed and jerked on the chair, coming beautifully as she thought of her father fucking her.

Then she collapsed in the chair and panted for breath. She pulled her finger out of her juicy cunt and stuck it into her mouth and sucked it off, moaning softly.

At that moment, the dog got a whiff of her hot, juicy cunt. He came away from his empty dish and followed his nose to Karen’s open, pink, soaked pussy. His wet snout nudged her pussy.

“What!” Karen gasped.

Her eyes shot open and she stared in amazement as Rex sniffed and bumped her cunt.

“Rex… stop that…” she panted, but didn’t push him away.


Karen didn’t have the heart to push the dog away from her juicy cunt. He sniffed at her pussy, and his wet nose kept nudging her. That felt too good to stop. So she sat spread-legged and watched the animal nuzzle her pussy. It was amazing to her to see him doing that.

Rex apparently found her little cunt interesting. With canine curiosity, he turned his big head this way and that, getting a nose full of her musky cunt-aroma. What Karen didn’t know was that the heavy cunt-smell of a female aroused dogs. As Rex sniffed and snuffled her pussy, his big cock emerged, red and wet, from the hairy sheath between his hind legs.

Aroused by Karen’s cunt, Rex suddenly took a lick at her pussy with his tongue. She jerked on the chair and gasped. A sharp thrill passed through her pussy-channel into her belly where it seemed to whirl around crazily. Her senses reeled when the dog’s thick tongue lapped her cunt.

“Oh, wowwwww,” she cooed. A sexy smile suddenly lit up her pretty face. She opened her legs wider. “Hmmmmm, maybe you’re good for something after all.”

She pushed her ass forward on the chair to expose her juicy cunt fully. “Here, Rex,” she panted. “Lick my cunt.”

Rex needed no coaxing. He wanted to lick up her cunt-juice. He was notorious in the neighborhood for licking every female bitch’s pussy before he fucked it. He was a horny old mutt.

His big, thick doggie-tongue traced the edges of Karen’s red-lipped pussy. She gasped again, thrilled. Her hands shot downward, and her fingers quickly pried apart her cunt-lips. Her small clit was erect and quivering. She thrust her pussy up at the dog’s nose.

Rex’s tongue lashed the inner flesh of Karen’s widespread cunt-mouth, then dragged down along her cunt-slit to her little asshole, then back up to her cunt-lips and clit. The end of his tongue scraped a little at the hot entrance of her cunt-mouth.

Her cunt-mouth yielded the most juice, so the mutt naturally focused there. In the next moment, his tongue-tip darted into her pussy and lapped up her savory cunt fluids.

“Oh-oh-ohhhh!” Karen gasped, humping her cunt faster.

Her ass lifted off the chair, and her pussy-mouth seemed to suck Rex’s tongue even deeper inside her cunt. Rex went after her cunt-juice with an animal thirst, and Karen twisted her hips up and down and around to feel his doggie-tongue lap around the walls of her excited pussy.

Karen’s eyelids lowered heavily, and her lips parted for breath as Rex licked her cunt. She cupped her aching tits in both hands and squeezed them hard as the mutt burrowed into her pussy. As if by magic, the dog concentrated on her quivering little clit for some time, delighting her right out of her head. His scrapy doggie-tongue flicked back and forth, stinging her clit, then licking at it hard. The harder the girl pushed her pussy at his soaked nose, the more he mauled her clit.

Karen’s cum-juices flowed freely, driving her up the wall with a whole new set of sexual pleasures, and Rex licked the sweet drops of cunt-juice as they dribbled out of her extremely active cunt-mouth. Her abundant supply of warm, silky cum-juice seemed to excite the dog further, and he attacked her pussy as if he wanted to eat it out. Fired up by the humping, moaning girl who seemed to like everything he was doing, he stabbed his thirsty tongue up into her twisting fuck-hole.

“Oh! God! Ohhh, Mama! Ew! Rex, Rex, lick my cunt! Lick it!” she squealed.

Her blonde cunt-hair glistened with wetness, partly from her over-abundant pussy-juice, partly from the dog’s saliva. Her little cunt made his mouth water profusely. He wanted more of her cunt-cream and went after it.

Karen shrieked as her passion mounted beneath the maddening doggie-tongue. Rex’s large red tongue lapped up and down her pussy, slurping noisily at her cunt-mouth as her ass wiggled wildly. Her head flopped from side to side and her soft blonde hair shook with each toss of her head. Her nostrils flared and her pink tongue licked sensuously at her pouting lips.

Suddenly, Rex stopped licking her cunt and lapped his own snout.

“No!” Karen shrieked, alarmed. “Don’t stop! Oh, God, don’t stop licking my pussy now!”

Her cries frightened the dumb animal and he started to back off, fearing that he had done something wrong. But Karen lunged at him and caught him around the neck. Gasping and panting, she dragged the dog back between her smooth white thighs and forced his nose to her cunt.

“Lick my cunt, Rex!” she gasped. “Come on! Ohhhh, you bastard! Lick my pussy! You got me hot, now you suck my cunt!”

Karen’s fingers curled into Rex’s thick hair, and she yanked with all her might. The dog’s wet nose smashed into her open pink cunt.

“Uhhhh!” she groaned, and twisted her pussy wildly against his snout.

But Rex was confused by the girl’s rage and outbursts. He didn’t extend his tongue like she wanted him to. Because she was in an advanced state of lust, she only wanted sexual pleasure and nothing else. Driven by her desires, she pulled and pulled at the helpless mutt and discovered a shocking thing. Rex’s snout wedged between her cunt-lips and lodged in her pussy-mouth.

“Oh, my God!” she cried.

The dog was just as shocked. He could hardly breathe with his nose stuffed up her wet cunt. He started snuffling and sneezing into her pussy, trying to get free.

The blasts from his mouth and nose created a tremendous feeling of sensual pleasure in Karen’s cunt. The poor girl almost fainted from the intense joy. She shrieked loudly and jerked her ass all over the chair as her pussy flooded and rushed with a whole new orgasm.

“Ohhhhh, Mamaaaaaaaa!” she cried, and her whole body was wracked with shivers, quivers and jerks.

It was one of her finest orgasms, and she knew it even as it occurred. She gasped and twisted her soaked cunt round and round on Rex’s snout, forcing his nose up into her hot pussy. She came and came, and she suddenly loved that dog more than anything in the world.

“Ohhhhh, Rex! You beautiful animal,” she panted, shivering with the last of her tremendous orgasm. “Ummmmm, good dog. Good boy. Mmmmmmm, nice Rex, nice Rex. Good boy.”

All this tenderness was not wasted on the mutt. He wasn’t used to Karen being kind to him. He was a sucker for loving care. So when Karen slumped in the chair, panting for breath, releasing his head, he simply reverted to licking her drenched little cunt.

Karen squealed with pleasure as his tongue once again attacked her pussy with a passion. And in that moment, she learned the secret to getting a dog to lick her pussy. Force him and he won’t; leave him be and he will! Simple!

Giggling passionately, she relaxed in the chair and let her pretty legs fall wide open. She hiked her T-shirt way up and got her hot hands onto her thrusting tits. She fondled her tits and teased them and pleased them as Rex willingly ate her pussy.

With her blue eyes sparkling and a sweet smile on her face, she peered down and watched the hairy mutt lick and lap her soaked cunt. At first, she was able to remain patient and quiet, just delighting in the way he washed her pussy with his huge tongue.

Because she wanted Rex to go on eating out her pussy, she tried her very best not to discourage him. But her cunt-thrills started growing stronger and wilder. His big doggie-tongue was driving her pussy nuts!

In an effort to remain calm and quiet, she bit her lower lip and gripped the sides of the chair in her hands. She wanted so much for the dog to continue lapping her cunt and getting her off nice.

But the strain was just too much. Her thighs began to tremble, then her legs started jerking. Her belly heaved and her pussy humped. Her eyes rolled and her tits strained upward, hard and pointed.

“Oh, oh, ohhhhh! I’ve never felt anything like this,” she moaned, writhing on the chair. She felt like she could let Rex lick her cunt forever!

“Oh, Rex, Rex, Rex,” she muttered insanely.

Her eyes closed, and her mouth fell open. Her ass bolted and jerked on the chair as the doggie-tongue scraped roughly all over and into her sensitive little pussy. Her pussy-juice flowed freely and wetly and Rex lapped her cunt-juice up, giving her more and more thrills as he did.

Once again, she was overwhelmed with loving feelings for the mutt. When the ripples of pleasure passed through her drenched little cunt and the breath came back into her lungs, she dropped to her knees on the floor and hugged the big dog.

“Ohhhhh, Rex,” she panted, kissing his big head. “I’m sorry I was ever mean to you. Mmmmmmm, you’re a good dog. Good dog. I’m gonna take good care of you from now on!”

The dog was ecstatic as the girl caressed him and embraced him, raining kisses all over his head and snout. Her affection got to him. Being a dog and not a human, he misunderstood her softness and pleasurable caresses. He turned on.

The next thing Karen knew, he was crowding her, nudging her with his powerful head, climbing onto her. His front paws crushed into her belly and thighs as he tried to get closer to her. The back of her head hit the chair and she laughed.

“Rex, what are you trying to do?” she giggled.

Then she saw. Knocking her back onto her elbows, he hunched his muscular haunches at her. Panting with his tongue hanging out, he started humping at her legs. Karen felt something big and wet scrape against the flesh of her thigh.

“Wh-what is that?” she shrieked.

Even as she yelled, she knew what it was. A new thrill shot through her. A forbidden idea assaulted her, and her tits and cunt responded to it. Her gaze riveted on the dog’s humping back.

“No one will know if I look,” she whispered.

Giggling, she twisted around onto all fours and gazed under the dog’s big belly. Her eyes widened. She caught her breath as she saw his huge, red cock, totally erect and throbbing wetly out of his sheath.

“Oh, wow!” she gasped.

In a flash, she knew this was a chance of a lifetime. Now she could actually see a male’s prick without worrying about getting caught at it! Now she could satisfy her youthful curiosity once and for all. And Rex couldn’t tell anybody!

Laughing sensuously, she pushed the mutt down onto his side. Rex willingly rolled over. Karen’s eyes grew bigger as she surveyed his massive doggie-cock, so thick and juicy with his pre-cum.

“Oh, wow,” she murmured again, stunned and amazed by the sight of his cock. She’d often wanted to see a boy’s prick, but she knew from other girls that boys were notorious for talking too much. It thrilled her to realize that dogs can’t tell.

With that assurance motivating and encouraging her, she snuggled closer to the dog and gazed openly at his prick. Her tight tits rose and fell erratically as she watched his cock throb and jerk slightly from time to time. Her gaze ran over the full length of his prick, then caressed his big hairy nuts.

“Just be still, Rex. Good boy. Quiet now. Karen just wants to touch your cock. Okay?”

She licked her lips nervously, and her fingers trembled as she reached out to do the forbidden act. Her fingertips touched the surface of Rex’s raging red cock, and the dog groaned. She pulled her hand back, startled.

But Rex remained still, except for the pulsebeat in his aching cock. Karen licked her lips again, and her eyes sparkled with curiosity and interest as she put her fingers right on his prick and rubbed them slowly up and down his prick-shaft.

A moment later, gripped by strange desires, she fulfilled one of her private fantasies. She curled her fingers around the dog’s stiff cock and started jerking it up and down, the way she often thought she’d like to jerk a boy’s cock.

“Ohhhhh — so that’s what jacking off a cock feels like,” she moaned.

She liked the feeling right away. Heaving a sigh of contentment, she tightened her fist on the doggie-cock and pumped it up and down with renewed force.

“Can you come?” she wondered aloud. “Golly, your prick is big. Does this feel good? Boys always like girls to jerk their cocks off. Did you know that?”

She laughed at herself. “Oh, of course you don’t know that,” she giggled. “But they do. What do you like girl dogs to do to your prick? Do they lick your cock? I’ll bet you like that, don’t you?”

Her sweet voice and sensitive hand made Rex respond with a low growl of pleasure. That told Karen that he liked what she was doing and she began to understand why boys liked their pricks jerked by girls.

Then she realized something about herself. It came upon her suddenly and was rather surprising at first.

What’s happening? she wondered. My pussy feels all hot now.

She gazed down at her cunt and could feel it stirring between her thighs as if it had been stimulated in some way. Then she saw the connection.

“Why, for goodness sakes!” she gasped. “When I play with your cock, my pussy gets hot!”

The connection was a delightful one. She quickly started rubbing her cunt as she jerked on Rex’s thick, red cock. Then she understood completely as her fingers got soaked with pussy-juice. Playing with a prick turned a girl on!

It was a new and startling discovery for Karen, and she felt proud of herself for finding out so early in life. It never dawned on her that her girlfriends who were already into fucking knew quite well the connection between a stiff prick and their pussies.

Thrilled by the discovery and filled with girlish pride, she jerked Rex’s prick faster and finger-fucked her cunt at the same time. She got off so fast and so furiously that it was like her two hands were poles of an electric current. In her feverish mind, it was like the cock in her hand was fucking up into her twisting, coming pussy. Just the thought of her cunt being fucked got her off wildly and wetly.

“Oh, ohhhhhh,” she moaned, coming beautifully as she whacked the doggie-cock. “No wonder women like to fuck men! No wonder they want to make pricks stiff!”

Her brow furrowed and a curious look crossed her pretty face. “I wonder if Mom likes to hold a stiff cock,” she murmured to herself.

It was an idle thought, but she couldn’t help having it. After all, her mother was a gorgeous blonde, like herself, only with bigger and better tits and a beautiful bushy cunt. Karen saw her mother naked when she was showering and often when she changed her clothes for work.

“Oh, my God!” she suddenly blurted, sitting upright.

Her thoughts of her mother reminded her that her mother was due home from work at five. Her eyes darted to the kitchen clock. Four-fifty!

“Oh, no!” she gasped. “Ohhh, Rex, we have to stop. I don’t want to! Darn! Damn! Shit!”

She forced herself to her feet and stood a moment getting her breath back. Playing with a real live prick had left her quite breathless.

Her pink T-shirt fell into place, and her pert tits poked hard in it, high and pointed. She felt like stripping it off and getting totally naked.

She gazed down at the waiting dog and wished she could just stay on the floor with him and play with his big cock all day. Every fiber of her being wanted to indulge in doggie-fucking. Here was opportunity knocking for her. Here was her chance to fulfill so many wild and wonderful girlish ideas and desires. No one would ever know!

“Ohhhhh, Rex,” she said sadly, eyeing his stiff throbbing prick. “How I want to play with your cock.”

Her mind whirled. Her eyes flashed. She giggled. “I know! I’ll keep you in the house tonight! After Mom goes to sleep, you can get in my bed and we can fuck. Would you like that?”

Then, with all the know-how of an experienced cockteasing female, she got down on her knees and deliberately caressed the dog’s massive boner.

“You would like that, wouldn’t you?” she teased, stroking the full length of his red cock-meat. “Mmmmmm, I can tell you would. So would I! We’ll have lots of fun from now on, okay? I’ll let you lick my cunt all you want. Oh, I know! While you lick my pussy, I’ll jerk your prick! Ohhhhh, I can’t wait! Just think of it, Rex! Won’t that be juicy?”

The thought of cunt-juice made her reflective. She sat down on her cute little ass and looked pensive for a moment as she idly stroked his prick.

“Mmmmm. What if you come?” she said to the dog. “We can’t have you shooting that stuff all over my bed. Jeez, can you imagine what would happen if Mom found your cum on my sheet? Golly!”

Her gaze returned to his throbbing red cock. “I’ll bet you come a lot. I’ve never seen a prick shoot jism, Rex. How exciting it’ll be! And you won’t be able to tell a soul! That’s the best part, you know. A girl has to be careful around here.”

She giggled at her own cleverness and leaned over for a closer look at her pet’s powerful cock. His prick felt so thick and stiff in her soft hand, and just the feel of his cock kept giving nice feelings to her pussy. She wanted more of those feelings up her cunt.

Suddenly she panicked, glancing at the clock again. “Oh, darn,” she said, forcing her hand away from the doggie-prick. “I keep forgetting Mom is coming home! Come on, Rex, we have to quit this for now.”

The dog automatically jumped up and headed for the door, thinking she was ordering him from the house as usual.

“Oh, no, you don’t,” she laughed. “Come here and have some more dog food. You’re not going out.” She burst into laughter. “You’ll be lucky if you ever get out of here again!”

Tickled and filled with a new sense of purpose and pleasure, she filled his bowl with scrumptious doggie-goodies to keep him contented in the house.

She pranced into her bedroom and quickly got into clothing acceptable to her mother, then hurried back into the kitchen to set the table for dinner. Every once in a while, she stooped over the dog and stroked his cock, giving his prick promising little squeezes and pets. All she could think of was playing with his prick and making it shoot loads and loads of thick white cum.

Her girlfriends had whispered to her about boys shooting jism — thick white stuff. Now she would get to see jism with her own eyes. That was well worth waiting for!


It was exactly five o’clock when Karen finished setting the table. And it was exactly five o’clock when Sheila Ames put the cover on her typewriter at the office. Karen’s mother looked luscious in a sheer white blouse and a brief miniskirt.

“Sheila,” her boss called from the inner office.

She went to the open doorway. “Yes, Mr. Rix?”

The man leaned back in his chair and grinned. “Everybody’s gone home. You can call me Bob.”

Sheila smiled and she took a quick look at her boss’ lap. “Okay, Bob. What can I do for you?”

He opened his legs and turned slightly so she could see his hard-on. “You know what you can do for me.”

Sheila laughed lightly, but shook her head. Her Farrah Fawcett hair-do swept her shoulders. “It’s five o’clock,” she purred. “Karen’s waiting for me. I really have to be going.”

“Come over here,” her boss said thickly.

Sheila knew she should turn and go before this went too far. But Bob’s cock was full length now and pulsing slowly against the tightness of his pants. His prick looked awfully good to her. Her tongue moved slowly across her lips. She swallowed nervously.

“Ohhh, Bob,” she sighed, taking a few steps toward him. “Can’t it wait until tomorrow? Come on, be reasonable. I really have to go. Karen is waiting.”

Her boss chuckled, and his eyes took on a gleam. “She’s a big girl, Sheila. Old enough to feed herself. She’s not a kid any more. In fact, she’d probably like to have the house to herself.”

“Don’t talk like that, Bob,” Sheila pleaded, stepping closer to him. “I don’t think of Karen in those terms. She’s a good girl and I want to bring her up right.”

“Oh, bullshit,” Mr. Rix said. “Let the kid grow up in her own way. Stop trying to run her life. And stop being hypocritical. Why worry about her playing with herself when you’re standing here aching to get my cock out? You know you want my prick. You need it.”

He was right, and Sheila knew it. How could she resist his powerful cock, throbbing so lively in his crotch? She couldn’t.

“At least let me call her,” she murmured. She lifted the telephone receiver and punched out her phone number.

As the phone rang, she perched her cute ass on the edge of her boss’ desk and reached out her free hand. She stroked his hard-on.

“Hello? Karen? Listen, sweetheart. I’ve got to do some extra work for Mr. Rix. Can you get yourself something to eat? Good girl. I’ll be home as soon as I can. What? No, I don’t know what time. Now get yourself something to eat.”

She cradled the phone and slithered to her knees between her boss’ thighs. Now that she’d decided to stay, she was filled with the desire to see the man’s enormous prick. She unzipped his pants, and his cock leapt out at her, all wet and horny.

“Lick my prick, baby,” he rasped. “I’ve been thinking about it all afternoon. So have you. That’s why you wore that sexy outfit today, isn’t it? Another lonely night without your hubby, huh? Well, here. Come and get it. Take my cock into your pretty mouth, Sheila, and suck the life out of it.”

“Well…” Sheila murmured, grasping his stiff prick. “Maybe just a little while… I hate to leave Karen alone… I… I…”

She leaned over and got a closer look at the man’s magnificent cock. She missed being able to suck cock. Ever since her husband ran off, she’d been feeling downright horny all the time. And it was getting worse night after night. She needed cock.

As far as Sheila was concerned, Bob Rix had the biggest, stiffest cock she’d ever seen. Her breath caught in her throat as she gazed at his boner and ran her hand up and down the full length of his cock-shaft. She had always believed that pricks were all the same size, more or less. Now she saw her mistake right before her dazzled eyes. Bob’s cock was very much larger and hornier than her husband’s had ever been.

Sheila stared hotly at the raging cock in her fist as if she were totally fascinated by it. The tip of her tongue suddenly darted from between her sensuous lips and moved across them. The man’s mammoth cock had an over-poweringly erotic effect on her. Her breathing grew rapid.

Bob reached over and placed his hand on the back of her head and urged her face closer and closer to his throbbing hard-on.

“Suck me off, baby,” he rasped, wanting his cock in her soft, sexy mouth. “Come on, let loose and give me a good blow-job. You know how I like to have my cock sucked.”

Hearing a male voice say such things was enough to arouse the frustrated female. Her husband never said such things to her. In fact, she had licked his cock only three or four times the whole time they had been married. By comparison, Bob Rix was absolutely lewd!

“Come on, Sheila, suck my prick,” he prompted. “Just looking at your mouth gets me so fucking hot. You’d better hurry. I feel like I could bust my nuts right now. You’re a beautiful cocksucker, baby. The best in the office.”

“I’ll bet!” Sheila exclaimed, giving his cock a hard squeeze. “And I’ll bet you’ve been blown by every girl in the office.”

She laughed then and gazed up at him. He was very good-looking, and her pussy got hot just looking at him. “Okay, I’ll suck your prick, you demon,” she said. “But you’d better get me off afterwards. I like being sucked as much as you do.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you,” he chuckled. “If you suck my cock nice, I’ll suck your cunt nice.”

“Mmmmm,” Sheila moaned. She dropped her face between his thighs and stuck her tongue out. Holding on to his pulsing prick, she licked a glistening path over his aching nuts. Then she slid her tongue up the length of his cock to the very tip.

Bob’s cock swelled up big as Sheila licked her tongue around his cock-head. She grasped his prick tightly to keep it from getting away as she lapped and licked faster.

“That’s it, baby, suck my prick!” he groaned. He slumped in his chair and let her suck his cock for all she was worth. He loved the way she sucked his prick. She seemed so hungry for it.

Her tongue on his bulging cock-head drove him crazy. He groaned again and thrust his hips upward. He wanted his aching prick in her sexy mouth.

Sheila wanted that, too. She parted her soft lips and wrapped them gently around his spearing cock. She took his cock up into her mouth and started sliding her lips up and down on his swelling, pulsing cock-shaft. The room filled with the sucking, smacking noise as she happily sucked him off.

Sheila shivered with excitement. She felt depraved, sucking a man’s cock like this. Now that her husband was gone, she discovered she could live out plenty of her former erotic fantasies. It felt so good to her, to let her hair down, to suck a cock when she wanted to. Now she wanted to.

Her lips stretched wide around the great thickness of Bob’s enormous boner, and she pumped them up and down his cock-shaft faster and faster as the cocksucking began to turn her on. Her tits and pussy started responding as she sucked.

The hotter she got, the raunchier her thoughts became. She sucked on her boss’ prick like it was a huge, delicious popsicle, sliding her hot mouth up and down with increasing pleasure. She ran her lips all the way down to his nuts and let his enormous cock-head fuck into her throat. Then she drew her mouth upward, almost to the end, and lashed his cock-head wildly with her hot tongue.

As Bob’s raging cock slipped in and out of Sheila’s softly sucking mouth, the smacking sounds grew louder and wetter. She trembled with excitement to feel the man’s prick get so fucking hot and stiff for her. It made her feel like a woman again, and as her passion grew, all inhibitions left her. Her eyes closed and she took every solid inch of his cock into her mouth and pumped on it with her throat.

A look of great pleasure came over Sheila’s face, and she moaned in a way that told her gasping boss that his cock was good for her. That made his boner grow even thicker and hotter. And she sucked his cock harder.

“Jesus, what a cocksucker you are!” he groaned. He gritted his teeth and thrust all of his cock up into her hot mouth.

Sheila moaned with pleasure as his enormous prick stretched her lips wide and filled her mouth. She looked like a woman who thoroughly enjoyed blowing cock. An expression of pure lust brightened her face, and her tits and pussy tingled as she ate his cock. Since she had come to work for Bob Rix, cocksucking had become a pure delight and a forbidden pleasure.

She started sucking his cock faster, bobbing her head up and down rapidly. The slip-sliding cock between her lips forced little growling noises from her throat.

Bob groaned his pleasure and twisted in his chair. His hand reached down and disappeared into the V of her blouse. A moment later, he was mauling and caressing her naked, stiff-nippled tits, making her suck his cock harder.

She started moving her tits up and down and round and round against his teasing, pleasing hand. She pushed a tit into his palm, and when he started tweaking her tingling nipple, she whimpered and lashed his cock-head with her feverish tongue.

“Fantastic!” her boss growled. “Suck my cock, baby. Suck it! Faster, honey. I’m almost there! God, baby, you sure can blow a cock! That’s it. Suck my prick! I’m gonna shoot jism into that sucking mouth of yours.”

Sheila moaned, and she grasped his hot nuts as she went on sucking his cock. She fondled his balls and teased them deliberately to force the cum up out of his aching nuts. She wanted all the cum he had to give.

Just knowing that the man was going to bust his powerful nuts into her mouth turned Sheila on even more. Nothing surpassed the delight of sucking cum up out of a guy’s balls. Especially when she was in the mood. And she was definitely in the mood.

She sucked even faster on his throbbing fuck-pole. Her lips slid lovingly along his pulsing cock-shaft, and her tongue flew like wildfire. She drew his cock into her mouth until his whole stiff prick was snugly in her throat, and her hot lips were pressed against his balls.

“Mm-mmm-mmmm!” she moaned.

Her cheeks collapsed as she sucked hotly on his cock. She twisted her aching tits around on his teasing hand. She moaned and sighed with complete abandon, thoroughly enjoying having her mouth wrapped around a man’s big, hot cock.

Impassioned now, she thrust her mouth down on his swollen boner again and again, aiming to suck the cum right up out of his nuts. The closer her boss got to coming in her mouth, the more excited her tits and cunt grew, until she was writhing and moaning passionately as her mouth drove up and down his prick with relentless lust.

“Yeah, baby, yeah!” Bob Rix yelled. “You’re getting my cum! It’s almost… there! Suck my cock, honey, suck! Get my jism!”

Sheila moaned loudly and crushed her tits against his rough hand as she took all of his prick into her mouth. Her throat constricted and started gulping and tightening around his enormous cock-head. Her pussy jolted and shuddered as she neared the moment of crisis.

“Here it comes!” the man growled, and his hips jerked upward.

Sheila thrust her mouth all the way down on his prick, and his cock-head fucked furiously in her gulping throat. Huge wads of thick cock-cream blasted out of his horny nuts and rushed furiously through his aching cock and out of his jerking cock-head down her throat.

Sheila moaned and groaned and whimpered as the big cock in her mouth jerked and bolted violently, shooting large spurts of jism. She gulped and gulped, swallowing all of his jism and sucking for more.

She panted and blew his prick faster as he came. She fondled his nuts and squeezed them hungrily as her hot mouth wetly sucked and slipped up and down his cock-shaft. More and more wads of jism crashed into her mouth, and she gulped them down like a woman on the verge of starvation.

Her boss yelped with pleasure as his aching cock let loose with a torrent of cum. The small hole at the end of his cock stretched wide as thick wads of jism exploded outward. Sheila swallowed frantically, trying to gulp all of his jism down. But even as good as she was at cocksucking, she couldn’t keep up with the man’s furiously coming prick.

Streams of juicy cum dribbled from the corners of her mouth, slithering down her chin. She moaned, feeling his hot jism dribbling. It made her feel so very sexy. And she sucked faster on his spitting prick.

She slid her hot mouth upwards and grasped his cockshaft in her fist. Then she swallowed repeatedly as he shot more of his load of jism, and she pumped his prick up and down. She was trying to keep his cock coming forever.

In the heat of her cocksucking, her pussy quivered, close to orgasm. Her tits felt like they could come, too. Pussy-cream warmed the lips of her cunt, and she felt a hot sensation around her cunt-mouth. She moaned loudly and twisted her ass, squeezing her cunt between her thighs as her boss played with her thrusting tits and pumped all his cum down her throat.

“Ohhhmmmmm,” she moaned, slipping her juicy lips off of his spent cock. “That was marvelous. Ummm, I like sucking your prick. God, how I love cocksucking! Mmmmmmm, good.”

She licked the cum from her lips like it was ice cream. It was a treat for her boss too, to see the lovely woman take such pleasure in licking up cum. It turned him on.

Gripped by the power of his own lust, he grew brutally erotic. He lunged at Sheila and knocked her down onto her back. She whimpered helplessly as he yanked her little skirt up.

He tore Sheila’s panties off and pulled and pulled at them until they gave. Then he scattered the pieces all over the office, clawing at her luscious, bushy cunt.

“Bob! Bob!” she squealed as her lovely legs flew wide open. “I… I should call my daughter!”

“Sure you should,” the man chuckled.

Sheila shrieked as he lunged forward. His tongue darted out and plunged between her twisting pussy-lips, fucking up into her hot cunt-hole. He was obviously anxious to suck her cunt like she’d sucked his prick.

“Ohhh, yessss!” Sheila cried out, humping her ass. She forgot all about Karen then. She forgot about everything except the fabulous feelings rushing through her body as the horny man sucked her cunt out.

She squealed again as she felt Bob’s swirling tongue lick so expertly into the steamy tunnel of her cunt. She trembled with delight and humped her hips convulsively as she pulled her blouse open wide and squeezed her tits. Bob’s tongue was like an electric prod up her pussy. He drilled it all the way back in her cunt-chute and wagged it furiously. He brutally tongue-fucked her pussy, and she loved every minute of it.

He soon developed a raunchy system. When he fucked Sheila’s cunt deep with his wiggling tongue, he made her jerk and squeal. When he ran his long tongue in and out between the tight walls of her pussy, he could make her writhe and moan. And when he lashed her quivering clit with his tongue-tip, he made her shiver and shriek. It became quite an enjoyable pastime, eating Sheila’s delicious wet cunt. The woman was so fucking responsive!

Sheila went out of her mind with ecstasy. It felt like fifteen tongues were at her cunt. She could have sworn that a tongue was licking her stiff clit while two others dived into her pussy-mouth and swabbed her cunt-lips. At least it felt that way — and that was wonderful for her.

Bob gripped her thrusting hips to hold her cunt still, and he shafted his tongue in and out of her wet pussy. It drilled to the very back of her cunt-channel, inflaming her horny pussy with its relentless plunging. He sucked up the heated juice of her pussy as his lips snuggled closer and niggled the quivering flesh of her cunt.

For a fleeting moment, Sheila wanted to be concerned about the time, about getting home, about Karen. But Bob’s drilling, licking tongue in her cunt wouldn’t let her. Erotic feelings and intense cunt sensations overwhelmed her, and she shrieked out with joy as he went on eating her pussy.

She squealed as his tongue flicked into the steamy depths of her cunt. She moaned as his tongue slipped out of her twisting cunt-hole and lapped thrilling little circles around her quivering clit. Gasping hornily, she threw her, arms around his head and crushed his hot mouth against her cunt-gash. Holding him captive, she thrust her pussy up into his mouth and twisted it there viciously, coming like crazy.

Her cunt-walls shuddered and flooded with rush after rush of scalding cunt juice. Lust rippled through her humping body until she was trembling violently against his sucking, licking, nibbling mouth. She gasped for breath and shrieked like she was being tortured as Bob’s hot tongue shafted into her cunt-mouth. She fucked on his tongue like a woman gone wild.

Her pussy-juices flowed freely, then, as her whole body whipped and jerked violently on the floor. Her lovely naked ass bounced brutally as her pussy jerked and twisted hornily. The man groaned with pleasure and sucked her cunt-cream out of her, forcing more of it to flow.

“Ohhhhh, why is it so fucking good!” she cried. “Is it because it’s been so long since my pussy’s been eaten? Or is it because you’re such a wonderful cunt-lapper? Ummmmm, your cuntsucking feels so delicious!”

Her head rocked from side to side and her glazed gaze roamed over the face of the clock. “Ohhhh, mmmmmm,” she moaned, writhing her soaked cunt against the man’s sucking mouth. “I could let you suck my cunt forever! But I’ve got to go home. My daughter’s waiting. I’m late. Ohhhh, Bob, stop that — stop, stop!”

But her boss’ prick was in full swing again, large and wet and throbbing. He stopped eating her cunt, but he climbed up on her body and filled his mouth with one thrusting, aching tit. As he sucked feverishly on her spiking nipple, he drilled all of his enormous boner up into her cunt.

“Oh!” Sheila shrieked.

“Gotta fuck you, Sheila,” the man groaned over her jutting tit. “Fuck, baby, fuck. Never mind Karen. She’s probably having a wonderful time.”

His huge, fucking cock way up in her pussy took Sheila’s mind off of her daughter.


Karen was indeed having a wonderful time while her mother got fucked at the office. It was exactly five o’clock when the phone rang. Karen pranced to it and leaned against the wall as she pressed the receiver to her ear.

“Yes?” she said.

“Hello? Karen?” her mother had said. “Listen, sweetheart, I’ve got to do some extra work for Mr. Rix. Can you get yourself something to eat?”

Karen’s heart had skipped a beat and her eyes had moved to her dog’s erect cock. “Sure, Mom,” she replied.

“Good girl. I’ll be home as soon as I can.”

“Do you know what time?”

“What? No, I don’t know what time. Now get yourself something to eat.”

Karen heard a click in her ear, and her eyes burned into Rex’s stiff wet prick. “Ohhhh, Rex,” she purred, hanging up the phone. “If you only knew what I’m thinking of!”

Upon hearing his name, the dog leapt to his feet and trotted over to her. His warm nose and wet mouth moved between her legs. He snuffled her panties, and she giggled. She let her legs open a little, just for a moment, and Rex’s tongue darted out and licked the crotch of her panties.

“Oh, boy!” she gasped, feeling his tongue right through the light material.

Excitement welled up within her cunt as she fully realized that her mother wouldn’t be home for dinner. She was alone with the dog now — free to do as she wished.

She headed for her bedroom, removing her dress as she walked. She dropped the dress on a chair in her room and stripped naked. Rex followed her around the room as she undressed and kept giving little licks to her cunt and ass every chance he got.

Once Karen was totally nude, she stopped moving around. She paused near her bed and leaned against it. She opened her legs and peered down between her ripe, jutting tits at her pet. With a sigh and shiver, she let the dog have some more of her pussy. Rex licked her cunt once, twice, three times. His wet nose burrowed into her cunt, and his tongue started giving it longer and longer licks.

“Ohhhh, Rex,” she panted, and she suddenly wanted him to lick her tits. With that desire uppermost in her mind, she dropped to her knees and pushed her taut tits at him. Rex wanted no part of her tits. He wanted to lick her pussy.

“Rex… please! Here, boy — lick Karen’s tits. Nice… Rex, Rex. For God’s sake, lick my tits!”

It frustrated the horny girl that the dog was too dumb to do what she asked. Now if it was a boy, he would have gladly complied. Under the circumstances, she had to do some fast thinking. But she figured it out.

She quickly dipped her slender fingers into her cunt-slit and got them soaked with pussy-juice. Laughing sensuously, she creamed the juice all over her thrusting tits, and before she even finished the task, the dog was lapping his big tongue at her tits.

“Ohhhhmmmm,” Karen moaned. She leaned forward on her hands and let the dog lick freely at her aching tits. Intense feelings of erotic pleasure filled her body as his doggie-tongue licked and lapped her tits. Her pink nipples spiked and tingled as his scrapy tongue lashed them.

Karen’s eyes closed in rapture. She cupped her tits and offered them up to Rex. She poked her hard nipples to get Rex to lick them more. His thick doggie-tongue washed her tits thoroughly, giving her tremendous feelings of pleasure.

The hot and steady licking of Karen’s sensitive tits soon sent sharp thrills shooting through her body, down to her cunt. She started panting then, pushing her tits at the Rex, writhing her ass hotly.

Dizzy with rising passion, she rolled onto her back on the carpet and stretched her pretty legs wide. Rex repositioned himself, grunting hornily, his tongue lapping at her firm tits. He licked all the pussy-cream from her tits and left them looking pink and fresh.

Smelling her horny cunt, he dragged his tongue down her body. She squealed as it traced a hot line right down to her pussy. She made a grunting sound like a dog and humped her cunt up into the air, aching to have him lick her pussy again.

The dog wanted to lick her pussy badly — that was obvious. He maneuvered around and got between her outstretched thighs. He stabbed his head into her crotch, and his busy tongue lashed wildly at her open pink cunt.

Karen squealed when the thick tip of his tongue darted against her cunt-mouth. She thrust her hands down between her thighs and used her fingers to pry open the lips of her hot pussy. With her furry pussy held in mid-air, she forced her pussy-lips apart and exposed the pink inner flesh of her wet cunt-mouth. Rex’s big tongue lunged at her pussy.

“Oh!” Karen shrieked as his thick tongue probed her pussy-gash. “Oh-oh-ohhhhh! Lick my cunt, Rex! Ummm, lick my pussy! Lick it! Lick my cunt-hole!”

She went completely out of her head as the dog buried his snout between her legs and lapped crazily at her cuntlips, pussy-mouth and stiff little clit. Mind-boggling sensations rippled through her as her pussy reacted. Her cunt jerked and thrust and writhed hornily beneath the onslaught of the dog’s hungry tongue. Every inch of her cunt turned on to his doggie-tongue, and she couldn’t get enough of his cunt sucking.

Moaning and panting as her cunt creamed, Karen started twisting on the floor as if she were having a fit. Rex’s tongue went on licking her pussy relentlessly, driving her mad.

“Uh-uh-uhhhh,” she groaned, humping her cunt furiously at the dog’s marvelous tongue. She reached out and up, and her trembling fingers curled around the thickness of Rex’s stiff cock.

“Ohhhmmmmm! Lick my cunt!” she panted, gazing up at the prick in her hand. Just seeing the dog’s big red cock made her pussy feel funny. She writhed her cunt hornily against the doggie-tongue and slowly jacked the doggie-prick.

In the next moment, she was coming — panting and moaning passionately. It was a great thrill for her to jerk a cock and have her pussy licked at the same time. She really got off on it and enjoyed herself tremendously.

Her small hand tightened around the dog’s cock started jerking it faster. She moaned and whacked his prick with pleasure as she continued to hump her wet pussy up and down against his lashing, licking tongue. Her pussy creamed again and again, and she jerked and pulled the dog’s prick with gusto.

“Your prick’s so big!” she panted, jacking Rex off. Her blue eyes stared up at his prick with increasing lust. “Ohhhmmmm, soooo big… so hot… so juicy!”

His cock was juicy. Clear liquid began to ooze from the dog’s excited boner, and that excited Karen. She smoothed his cock-juice all over his prick and nuts. She spent quite a few minutes playing with his balls, and that excited her even more. Then she grasped his cock-meat and resumed whacking it off. It felt so good to her to have a stiff prick sliding in and out of her hand.

Rex’s tongue grew wilder on her hot pussy because of what she was doing to his cock. The sharp end of his tongue flicked and lapped her quivering clit. She yelped, bucked, twisted and humped hornily, and the amazing pleasure of it sent her mind reeling. Her hand fell away from the dog’s enormous boner, and her head rocked loosely on her shoulders as she panted and moaned with joy.

Rex was in an advanced state of animal lust by that time. As he licked Karen’s fucking pussy, he started humping his wet prick on her leg. Karen felt his cock and gasped.

“Rex, Rex, Rex,” she whimpered, trying to see down there. “What-what are you trying to do? Ohhhh, your prick is so big! Why, you’re fucking against me!”

A shudder of forbidden delight ran through her as she realized that the dog wanted to fuck her. The very idea thrilled her to pieces. In her state of horniness, it seemed the logical thing to happen next. After all, her cunt was saucy and hot, and Rex’s prick was immense.

But — how? she wondered.

Wanting to get fucked, she wiggled around under the dog and tried with all her might to get her cunt and his prick together. She grunted and groaned. She panted. She hefted her cunt upward and rubbed it against Rex’s throbbing prick.

“Ohhhh, Rex. Stop fucking so your prick can get in my cunt!” she cried out in frustration.

But the dog was being driven by animal instinct. All he knew was that hot cunt was present, and his cock wanted to fuck it. He didn’t know anything about getting his stiff prick to her pussy, only that he had to fuck. So he humped and screwed and fucked in the air. Sometimes, his horny prick banged against the girl’s pussy, and those special moments only increased her desire to be fucked.

“Ohhh, God!” she cried, tears welling in her eyes. “I want to be fucked so bad!”

She arched her back and thrust her pussy up. She reached down and grabbed Rex’s prick in both hands. Grunting loudly, she tried again to get his moving prick into her hot, wet cunt-hole. But the best she could do was to get his doggie-prick to stab and prod her crotch from time to time.

“Oh, shit!” she gasped.

Her pretty ass hit the floor, and she gasped with desperation as the crazy dog continued to fuck the air with his big wet cock. At least his tongue knew where her pussy-hole was!

Karen surrendered once again to the wonderful thrills of getting her cunt licked by a dog. As she tried to solve the dilemma, she let the raunchy mutt eat her pussy out. She writhed a lot and moaned a lot as Rex grew quite fond of her pussy. His stinging tongue lashed her clit until she came in waves of juicy wetness. But she still wanted to fuck.

She looked around the room as she wondered how she could get fucked by her dog. Then she saw herself in the mirror. She caught her breath. It was a marvelous sight!

She watched the dog in the mirror, licking her pussy hotly. A new pleasure seized her as she watched herself responding to the doggie-tongue. She devoured Rex’s cock with her gaze. His prick was huge and red and wet-humping steadily against her leg. His balls scraped her leg now and then, and she panted hornily to see it and feel it. Her tits were near bursting with excitement.

She knew she was in a bad way. Her gaze kept returning to the thickness and length of Rex’s fucking prick, and she wanted it badly. She wanted his prick so bad, that she started thinking about sucking his cock in her mouth. The mere thought of sucking a dog-cock took her breath away.

“Well, maybe I can’t get your cock up my cunt,” she said suddenly. “But I can sure get it in my mouth.”

A moment later, she had the puzzled dog flat on his back with his legs sticking up in the air. She cuddled onto his big belly and fondled his erect prick with interest. She licked her lips and swallowed nervously. She knew she was going to go through with it. She had to. Rex’s doggie-prick looked so fucking good!

She leaned closer to his big red cock and gazed at it up close. This gave her a sense of belonging to the group of girls at school who were always bragging about the pricks they’d seen or touched or sucked or fucked. Now she had a cock of her own!

She smiled slowly at the thought. What if the girls could see her now! Wouldn’t they be envious! Rex wasn’t like those silly boys who shot their loads of jism so fast. She’d heard girls complaining about that. One of her friends told her sadly that she had been toying with a boy’s prick and it shot cum all over her new dress. What disappointed the girl was that she’d wanted to play with the boy’s cock for a long, long time.

Karen giggled softly and ran her fingers up and down the stony length of Rex’s hard-on. His prick felt good against her fingers, and she took it into her fist. She slowly jacked his cock, watching it closely. She noticed that the dog’s nuts kept tightening up at the base of his cock and that his prick kept getting thicker and larger.

“Goodness,” she gasped, amazed. “Girl dogs must love you, Rex! What a big prick! I’ll bet you fuck them till they’re crazy, you demon. I wish you could fuck me. Isn’t that wicked? But it would be nice to fuck, wouldn’t it? Ohhh, I know it would! My pussy’s so hot now!”

Her breath was hot, too — hot on the end of Rex’s nearby prick. She took a breath, smelling his male muskiness, and it made her lips tingle. She licked her lips, and while her tongue was out, she thought she’d go ahead and have a taste of cock.

She slithered her tongue out farther and let the tip of it lick a little at the doggie-prick. Rex growled — not angrily — more like he wanted her to lick his cock.

Karen giggled at that. She liked Rex to lick her pussy, didn’t she? Boys liked to be blown, didn’t they? Girls like to have their pussies eaten.

Slowly but surely it became the most natural thing in the world for her to suck Rex’s cock. That’s what she needed was confidence, assurance and desire. She got it all as his doggie-prick throbbed in her hand and jerked when she licked it.

Karen slipped her cheek across Rex’s belly until his cock-head brushed her soft lips. She opened her mouth and let her tongue slip out again. Holding his throbbing cock in her tight fist, she started licking her tongue up and down and around his bulging cock-head. His thick red cock-meat grew thicker and hotter, and he started whining with animal pleasure.

The taste of dog-cock surprised Karen. She discovered that she liked it. Her tongue felt sensual and her lips started to tingle until she knew without a doubt that she really wanted to suck him off. She wanted a cock in her mouth — any cock!

She slipped her lips down over Rex’s stiff prick and took it into her mouth eagerly. She slipped her hand back toward the dog’s hot nuts and jacked his cock-shaft steadily as her mouth began a slow, juicy sucking up and down over his cock-head. The dog growled low and started fucking his cock in and out of her softly sucking mouth.

That drove Karen wild. Even on his back, the animal knew how to fuck! His big haunches started grinding and moving rhythmically, and his enormous prick kept sliding between her soft lips. She closed her mouth tighter around his thrilling cock.

She moaned softly and closed her eyes, making believe it was a boy’s prick she was sucking. With that fantasy in mind, she became quite a good cocksucker. Visions of boy’s anxious pricks danced in her feverish mind, and she sucked the dog-cock with gusto.

She pushed her hair back and increased her cocksucking tempo. Hot moments passed, and she discovered that she liked sucking cock. Rex’s big, thick prick felt good between her lips, probing inside her hot mouth. She moaned on his boner and gave it a series of little licks with her tongue.

The dog’s cock enlarged considerably in Karen’s mouth, and that excited her. With feminine instinct she knew the dog would get terribly excited if she continued sucking his prick. She knew he would eventually shoot a big load of cum in her mouth.

She remembered her concern earilier about having Rex in bed with her, coming all over her sheets. She laughed on his cock now, because she realized the solution to that silly problem. All she had to do was catch his jism in her mouth!

With the doggie-prick slip-sliding nicely in and out of her hot mouth, Karen wanted to eat his jism now. She started lashing his drilling prick with her saucy little tongue as he mouth-fucked her. Her lips tightened around his prick. Her tongue flew across his prick wildly. Her fist jacked his cock up and down viciously.

Rex started jerking under her, and as she sucked his horny cock, she thought of dogs fucking. With her mouth full of dog-cock and her mind full of dogs fucking, her pussy creamed wetly and unexpectedly. She squealed around her pet’s humping cock and thrust a horny hand on her pussy. She drilled two fingers up into her drenched cunt-hole and fucked it hotly as she blew the dog-cock.

The thoughts of male dogs fucking bitches got her off good. She replayed something she’d seen about a year before. She had watched a big male dog jump a bitch and fuck her viciously. The bitch had whined and whimpered with the strangest, horniest noises, and the big male had fucked his powerful cock in and out of her little cunt relentlessly, without letup until he busted his nuts in her.

The memory excited Karen more than thoughts about girls and boys fucking. Maybe because she had never seen boys and girls fucking. But she had seen dogs fucking.

She sucked Rex’s cock harder and faster as her mind replayed the raunchy scene of dogs fucking. Rex howled suddenly, and his cock lurched in her sucking mouth.

“Mmmmm!” Karen moaned, knowing what was going to happen next.

Rex’s immense boner fucked into her hot mouth and started jerking like crazy. Huge wads of thick cock-cream pumped into her mouth. She gasped and started swallowing. Jism squirted from the corners of her mouth as she sucked and gulped down Rex’s cum. As she ate his cock, she wiped his leaking cum onto her aching tits. Spasms rippled through her pussy as she sucked the dog off and gulped down all his cum. Rubbing the remainder of his jism into her tits, she felt incredibly sexy.

Karen fell back gasping after Rex stopped pumping cum down her throat. “Ohhhh, what a thrill!” she panted, playing with her tits. “So that’s how you come! Wow!”

She thought of Rex’s cum shooting wildly up a bitch’s cunt, and that made her smile. Suddenly her eyes lit up. She sat upright, and her mouth fell open.

“That’s it!” she gasped. “No wonder you couldn’t fuck me! You have to jump me like you jump a bitch!”

The thrill of discovery made her tits leap. She giggled excitedly and rolled away from the panting dog. She got up on her hands and knees, her soft hair falling loosely around her shoulders.

“Rex,” she panted. “That’s the answer. Come here, boy. Ohhhh, come here and jump me!”

Rex got to his feet and gazed at Karen for a moment. With a slowness that drove her out of her mind, he plodded around behind her and sniffed her pussy.

“Rex!” she squealed. “For God’s sake, jump up and fuck me! You want cunt, don’t you?”

The aroma of pussy slowly but surely triggered the proper instincts in the animal. His prick, recently blown and sucked dry of its jism, got hard and began to throb again. A moment later, the dog mounted Karen’s lithe young body and started humping his haunches like a piston.

“Ohhhh, that’s it!” Karen cried happily, wiggling her ass around. “Good boy! Yes, yessss! Fuck me!”

But a second later, she was gasping in desperation. “No, no! You dumb dog! Not there! Oh, for God’s sakes — can’t you find my pussy? Stop fucking my thighs! Oh, ohhh! Rex, get your cock in my fuck-hole!”

She thrust a hand between her trembling thighs and grasped hungrily at his stiff red cock to help him into her fuck-hungry body. But right at that moment, she heard a familiar sound.

“Oh, no!” she gasped. “It’s Mother!”

She completely confused Rex as she leapt to her feet and flew to the closet for a robe. She dashed out of her room with the dog close on her heels and stood near the sofa, catching her breath, trying to look normal. The door opened, and her mother immediately frowned.

“What are you doing in your robe?”

“I was going to take a shower when you drove up,” Karen replied.

“And what’s that damned dog doing in the house?” Sheila grumbled. She sank down onto the sofa and heaved a sigh.

“Did you have a rough day at the office, Mom?” Karen asked sweetly.

“Yes!” her mother said. She rested her head back and closed her eyes. Visions of her boss’ enormous hot cock danced in her head.

“Put Rex out,” she sighed. “And go take your shower. I’m exhausted.”

Karen didn’t really want to put Rex out, but she couldn’t afford to show signs of affection for the mutt at this late stage. So she led the dog away.

At the kitchen door, she stooped down and fondled his cock and whispered: “Don’t worry, Rex, we’re gonna fuck.”

Then she pushed him outside.

She walked back into the living room and dutifully headed for the bathroom. She didn’t notice that there was a pleasant smile on her mother’s lips.


Karen really needed a stiff cock up her cunt. Though very young, she had the cravings of a much older girl. And she didn’t know what to do about her horny cunt. It never dawned on her that she could get fucked by any one of a hundred boys. All she could think of was her dog’s big, red prick. His cock had felt so nice fucking in and out of her mouth. Just imagine the thrill of having his prick fuck her pussy!

The next day was Saturday, and it turned out to be a day of pure hell for her. For one thing, her mother didn’t go shopping as she usually did. Sheila seemed in a particularly good mood, walking around the house in her robe the whole morning, humming happily.

This was hell for Karen, because she had planned on being home alone. She wanted to get Rex into the house, into her bedroom and up her cunt. She was sure the dog could fuck her if he mounted her the way he mounted a bitch in heat. And she felt very much like a bitch in heat. Every fiber of her body was aching for a good, stiff prick.

What Karen didn’t know was that her mother was also feeling like a bitch in heat. As she sat on the sofa, pretending to watch a soap opera, her mind was filled with thoughts of Bob Rix’s immense prick. She kept squeezing her thighs together as she looked at the TV, making her pussy muscles tighten up. This excited her cunt, and her clit was thick and stiff between her hot pussy-lips. She was horny.

Karen was going out of her mind by noon. Eating lunch with her mother wasn’t fun at all. She had hoped her mom would be out of the house by noon. No such luck.

After lunch, Sheila said something about getting dressed, and Karen’s heart leapt. At last her mother was going to split and leave her alone with Rex! Or so she thought.

A series of very curious things began to happen that puzzled the girl. For example, when Sheila went into her room to dress, she didn’t put panties on.

Sheila’s bedroom door was ajar, and Karen could see inside. Her eyebrows knit in a puzzled frown as she watched her mom put on a tight sweater and a short skirt. No panties. Her mother never ever went without undies! Was she going out with nothing on underneath those brief things?

Then another curious thing happened. Sheila emerged from her room and gazed at her pretty daughter.

“Why are you hanging around the house?” she asked. “Why don’t you go out?”

Karen’s heart fell. “I don’t want to go out,” she said.

“But it’s Saturday, and it’s a beautiful afternoon,” Sheila said. “You should get out in the sunshine.”

Karen scowled. “Well, I thought I’d go to my room and read this afternoon.”

“Read? I’ve never known you to read. You’re always bitching about wanting to get out of the house. Hell, I can’t keep you inside even when it’s raining. What’s up?”

Karen might have asked the same thing. Her mother just didn’t seem to be acting right. She shrugged her shoulders and said: “I found a good book at the library — that’s all.”

“Well, I want you to go out. Get with your friends. Do something fun today.”

“I don’t wanna,” Karen replied. But she thought about the fun thing she really wanted to do that afternoon — fuck Rex!

Why was her mother trying to get her out of the house? How strange!

Her answer came a moment later. Sheila moved to the window and stared outside. “Well, you might as well go out and play,” she murmured. “Mr. Rix is coming by this afternoon, and we’re going to be very busy.”

“He is?” Karen asked. “I didn’t know that.”

“Yes. We have to finish up what we started last night. So go on out, Karen.”

With that, Sheila turned and went into the bathroom, leaving Karen with no choice but to obey. Karen got to her feet, muttering to herself. What could she do? She couldn’t argue with her mother and cause a big scene.

She heaved a sigh and surrendered to the fate dealt her. Okay, she’d go out. Better that than sitting here listening to her mother and Mr. Rix talk business.

She went into her own room and slipped into a little minidress. She didn’t put on a bra or panties. Like mother, like daughter, she thought wickedly. She wondered again why her mother was naked under her clothes. With Mr. Rix coming over! Was there a connection?

Karen shook her head at herself in the mirror. Of course there was no connection. Her mother was the most sexless woman she’d ever known. There couldn’t be anything between Mr. Rix and her mother. Karen didn’t believe her mother even touched her own cunt!

Karen came out of the bedroom, ready to leave the house, when the doorbell rang.

“Get that, will you, darling?” Sheila called from the bathroom. “It’s probably Mr. Rix.”

It was, and the minute Karen saw the man, she knew he wanted to do sexy things to her. He was much handsomer than she imagined from her mother’s description of him, and his gaze lingered over every inch of her curvy body.

“Uhh — are you Mr. Rix?” Karen asked in a strained voice. His gaze made her feel naked.

Bob Rix grinned. “Yep, that’s me. And you must be Karen. May I come in?”

Karen blushed and stepped aside. “Yes, of course. Mom — I mean, my mother — will be out in a minute. Sit down if you want.”

Bob didn’t want to sit down just yet. He wanted to remain standing close to the pretty teenager with the sharply pointing tits.

“You’re prettier than your mother told me,” he said.

Karen felt like he was really saying that her tits were prettier than he’d expected. It made her smile, and a funny feeling tickled the depths of her belly.

“You’re more handsome than Mom said,” she cooed.

At that moment, she saw the bulge of his cock rising in his pants, and it took her breath away. So that’s what cockteasing is, she thought. What a big cock!

She was certain that the man was about to do or say something sexy when the bathroom door opened and her mother came out smiling from ear to ear at her boss.

Boss, hell, Karen thought. He didn’t look like any boss she’d ever seen. In his sharp clothes and with that immense boner, he looked more like a fucking stud.

“I’m going now, Mom,” Karen said.

“Have fun, darling,” her mother replied without looking at her. Her steady gaze was on Bob.

Karen left the house stewing over the situation. Her mother wasn’t wearing undies. Bob Rix turned out to be a juicy hunk of man. And he’d arrived without a briefcase or anything. Where was the work they were supposed to do? Were they really getting together to work?

Karen’s ears burned as she slowly strolled along the street, trying to put the pieces of the strange puzzle together.

He’s such a sexy man, she thought. The way he looked at me! I think he’d rape me if he had the chance. And Mom works for him?

Her thoughts made her turn around. With eyes flashing and heart racing, she made her way back to her house and let herself in the back door. She peeked into the living room. No one was in there. Then she heard muffled voices coming from her mother’s room.

Karen stole across the room and inched the bedroom door open a crack. She peered inside. What she saw almost made her gasp in shock. Her mother was leaning over, exploring something, and she had a damned good idea what it was.

Karen inched the door open wider. A gasp caught in her throat. Sheila had moved a little, and her daughter could see everything. Bob Rix’s pants and shorts were down around his thighs, and he had the biggest, stiffest cock the girl had ever seen in her life.

She had always wanted to stare freely at a man’s erect prick, and now her wish was granted. Bob Rix’s prick was much more exciting than she’d dreamed a man’s cock would be.

Karen felt that she should leave right then and get the hell out of the house. She knew she could ease the door closed and sneak away unnoticed. That was the proper thing for a young girl to do. But she couldn’t bring herself to stop staring at the man’s immense prick. And she couldn’t help being fascinated by her mother. She wanted to stay and watch what would happen between her mother and Mr. Rix. This was more exciting than anything she’d ever done in her life. Even more exciting than looking at dirty pictures with horny girlfriends.

Her mother was sure full of surprises! If she wanted to get fucked, why didn’t she just say so? Why all the sneaking around and pretending to be working?

Karen found herself hoping for something really juicy to happen so she could watch. She was still frustrated because she couldn’t be alone with her dog, and her pussy tingled as she eyed the man’s enormous, beautiful prick. She couldn’t stop staring at his cock. Just seeing a man’s naked cock seemed to make up for all the frustration she’d been suffering.

Karen wasn’t the only one fascinated by Bob’s throbbing prick. Sheila seemed to be hypnotized by his cock as well. She caressed the stiff, throbbing length of his boner with her gaze as she licked nervously at her lips, her pussy trembling with passion.

Karen gulped and smothered a gasp as Mr. Rix pulled Sheila’s head closer to his turgidly jerking fuck-pole.

“Come on, baby,” he murmured. “Let’s get in the mood. Blow my cock like you did last night, and I’ll fuck you silly.”

Oh, my God! Karen thought feverishly. Mom’s been sucking the man off at work!

She caught her lower lip between her teeth and caught her breath. He eyes widened as she watched her mother lick her tongue up and down the man’s long, thick cock-shaft.

She thought about Rex’s stiff prick in her own mouth. At least the dog’s cock was a nice size! But what about that monstrosity between Mr. Rix’s thighs? How could her mother get such a big prick into her mouth? Wouldn’t she choke if she sucked that cock? What about when his prick shot jism? How could her mother swallow all the thick cum his cock would surely shoot?

Sheila’s ripe red lips parted and rounded, slipping over the bulging head of the man’s erect prick. Karen bit down on her lips to smother a gasp as she watched inch upon inch of his giant prick slide right into her mother’s hot mouth. The woman moaned. Her mother liked his big cock!

Karen shuddered and stared hotly at the huge cock throbbing between her mother’s soft lips. She couldn’t keep her eyes off the man’s cock-meat — the way it kept disappearing into her mother’s mouth.

The teenager was dazzled by the length and thickness of such a mighty cock. She couldn’t imagine a girl actually sucking such a monster prick — yet there was her own mother, happily blowing the darned piece of cock-meat!

Karen sagged against the door frame, breathless and strangely excited. Her tits and pussy were activating, tingling with new and wonderful sensations. Seeing her mother going down on Mr. Rix gave the girl ideas. If her mother could suck a guy off, then she could blow her dog’s cock!

“Suck my prick baby!” Mr. Rix suddenly blurted.

Karen’s gaze riveted on his solid prick as it pushed into Sheila’s sucking mouth. The look on the woman’s face was startling. It was one of thorough enjoyment. Her oval lips were making soft sucking sounds as her pretty head bobbed and bobbed on his prick.

Karen watched her jack the man’s cock-shaft as she sucked his horny cock-head. Her other hand kept playing with his big, hairy nuts. It looked like her mom really wanted to suck his cock.

The sight made Karen hornier than ever. Her body went lax as she watched the lewd scene, and her hands flew to her tits and cunt. She got very busy fingering her nipples and clit as she stared wide-eyed at her mother licking and sucking Bob Rix’s stony prick.

She fucked her middle finger up into her wet pussy-hole and humped it furiously as the man groaned and pumped all his cum into Sheila’s horny mouth. It was obvious what was happening. Bob looked almost pained as he thrust his steely prick into the woman’s sucking mouth. He groaned loudly. His whole body shook, and the way his cock kept jerking in her mom’s fist and mouth, Karen just knew he was shooting his load of cum.

The evidence came a few moments later, when Sheila began to gulp loudly, unable to swallow the abundant supply of cum. Streams of his thick white jism squirted from the corners of her stretched mouth and dribbled down her chin. Karen licked her lips hotly and finger-fucked her cunt faster, coming on her hand.

The girl’s orgasm felt so good, she was actually pleased to see her mother drinking the big man’s jism. It suddenly pleased her that her mother liked cocksucking. It was good to know that the woman wanted a cock. This made Karen feel safe somehow, and she felt it was okay for her to play with her dog’s prick. In her mind, especially with her finger wiggling like crazy up her cunt-hole, she saw no difference between Bob Rix’s prick and Rex’s horny cock. A cock for her mother, and one for her too!

Karen became even more excited as she watched Bob Rix floor her mom and start eating her cunt. It was a marvelous sight to see her mom writhe and jerk so passionately as the man sucked her cunt out. The woman looked so happy.

All of this only made Karen feel happier. After all, if her mom was having so much fun having fucking her boss, didn’t that mean it was okay for her to have lots of fun with her dog? Her horny mind reasoned it that way, and every inch of her body suddenly longed for the touch of Rex.

She might have turned around right then and there and gone after her pet, but was too fascinated by the fuck session inside. Bob Rix was climbing onto her mother’s writhing body, and her mother was opening her legs real wide.

Karen stared lewdly at her mother’s hands. They were reaching down and gripping the man’s stiffening cock. The woman toyed with his cock, stroking and caressing it until it was big and stiff again. Then, as Karen looked on in wonder, his enormous boner disappeared up into her mother’s hunching, lurching pussy.

Oh, my God! Karen thought. Look at that! Why, her cunt eats up the whole prick! Ohhh, I think a prick like that would split me right up the middle! My cunt’s much too small for a big cock like that!

She smiled as she mauled her sensitive little clit. Her mind filled with thoughts of Rex — nice, friendly, cunt-lapping Rex. His cock wasn’t too big for her at all. It was just right!

As her mother shrieked in ecstasy, her cunt filled with her boss’ big cock, Karen slowly backed away from the door. Seeing her mother fucking seemed to give her license to fuck too. Why not?

Of course, she couldn’t fuck a grown man! That was out of the question. Such a giant cock would hurt her little cunt. And she wasn’t going to fuck any boys. A girl could get a bad reputation in school.

With a smile on her face and cunt juice dripping through her pussy-chute, she pranced through the kitchen and out the back door. Her heart raced, and her tits heaved as she ran looking for her new-found treat — a nice, big doggie-cock.


Karen was terribly excited at the thought of losing her cherry. Her girlfriends had told her about the feelings a girl gets when she decides to give her pussy to a special boy. She had never really understood that until now. Her pretty face was flushed, her tits were straining, and her cunt felt all wet and warm. A sharp tingling sensation kept tickling her deep in her belly.

Karen found Rex in the back yard. In the next yard, Mrs. Wilson was hanging out laundry. The girl smiled and called hello to her neighbor. A few yards away, some kids were playing ball. Rex was gnawing on an old bone under a tree.

Karen felt extremely frustrated. What she wanted was just a few feet away, yet she couldn’t get it. She searched her mind for a solution to her problem. Then a devious little smile crossed her face, and her blue eyes twinkled mischievously. With a quick glance at the busy woman next door, she ambled over to the old wooden shed and stepped inside.

In the old days, before electricity, the shed had been used for storing wood. Now it was empty except for some things Karen had put in it. As a little girl, she had used the shed as a play house. There were still some frilly things laying around.

There was no light in the shed, but the wooden walls were so old and broken, that daylight filled the small space. The girl tried not to look at the spider webs in the dark corners. She hated spiders.

Karen stood for a few moments inside the door of the shed and waited for Mrs. Wilson to finish hanging laundry. When the woman went into her house, she peeked out the door and watched as Rex gnawed at his bone.

“Rex,” she whispered.

The dog lifted his big head and gazed at her for a second. Then he went back to the juicy bone.

“Rex!” Karen rasped. “You dumb dog! Get in here!”

The dog ignored her, but Karen’s hisses and calls became insistent and urgent. He looked up at her, and she quickly lifted her dress up onto her naked belly. She giggled and spread her legs, exposing every inch of her furry little cunt.

“Here, Rex,” she panted. “Come on, boy. See what Karen’s got for you. Here, Rex. Look here.”

She thrust her hips forward a little, and she parted her pussy-lips with her fingers. She displayed her juicy little cunt for the dog, calling to him in hot whispers.

Rex raised his head and looked. He gazed at her cunt. Slowly but surely, he remembered what he had done to her pussy earlier. Once the sexual connection was made, the animal got to his feet and lumbered across the yard to the shed.

“Oh, get in here!” Karen gasped, almost out of her mind with horniness.

Rex stepped inside the shed, and Karen heaved a big sigh of relief. She grabbed the rickety old door and yanked it closed. She quickly latched it.

“There, you big tease,” she panted, “Now you can’t get out of here till I get what I want!”

With a giggle and a sigh, she perched her cute little ass on the small wooden bench against the wall and opened her pretty legs wide. With her fingers continually stroking her pussy, she called to her dog, inviting him to lick her pussy.

Rex sniffed the air, caught the scent of her horny cunt and pushed his large head between her waiting thighs. His big red tongue darted out of his mouth and crashed into her pussy. She gasped and went limp on the bench. She leaned her back against the wall and spread her legs wider.

Rex went crazy over Karen’s juicy little pussy. He was somewhat familiar with her cunt now and liked it, so he stuffed his snout into her crotch and lashed her cunt wildly with his rough tongue.

“Oh-oh-ohhhhh,” Karen moaned, her back slipping against the wall.

In the next moment, she was flat on her back, humping her pussy hotly as the dog licked it for her.

The good feelings in Karen’s cunt got so exciting that she tossed all care to the winds. She writhed on the bench and wiggled right out of her dress as Rex went on licking her cunt-flesh.

She dropped her dress on the dirt floor and spread herself out luxuriously on the bench, panting like a bitch in heat.

She closed her eyes as she grabbed her jutting tits and played with them. Her pink nipples spiked and tingled as her pussy turned and twisted beneath the continual onslaught of the doggie-tongue.

“Ohhh, Rex, Rex,” she panted, humping her cunt faster. “You’ll make me come!”

She could feel her orgasm building up in her tight belly, and she caught her breath as her dog’s wonderful tongue lashed and licked and lapped her pussy. With a quiver and a gasp, she lifted her feet up onto the bench, then raised them up into the air. Rex’s tongue lapped her asscheeks and her juicy cunt at the same time, covering a lot of territory.

Karen went mad with passion. She squeezed her taut nipples and mauled her tits roughly as her pussy juice started streaming out from the walls of her squirming little pussy. Her legs flew into a wide V, and Rex’s thick tongue licked into her open cunt-mouth.

“Oh!” she squealed when he fucked into her cunt. And she shrieked when his tongue lashed her quivering little clit. Every inch of her sensitive pussy swelled with lust, and she humped her ass furiously.

She caught her lower lip between her teeth to keep from crying out any more as the dog’s cunt-licking drove her insane with luscious erotic feelings. A great wash of silky cunt-cream came rushing through her pussy-chute, and the dog licked it out of her cunt-hole thirstily.

“Oh-oh-ohhhhmmmmm!” Karen moaned.

Her whole body jerked on the bench, then writhed and twisted as she came and came and came. Rex licked her cunt faster to keep up with the sudden supply of pussy juice. He lapped up all her cunt-cream, leaving her pussy tingling.

“Ohhh, Rex,” she whimpered with pleasure. “Good dog!”

In a fit of sexual gratitude, Karen slipped off the bench onto her knees. She threw her arms around the dog’s neck and planted little kisses of affection all over his face. Even as she kissed him and encouraged him, she slipped her hand beneath his big body. Her fingers found his big cock sticking straight out of his sheath, thick and wet.

She moaned softly and started jacking his prick as the happy dog lapped her aching tits. She pushed her tits at him, urging him to lick them, as her fist tightened around his massive cock and slowly jerked it. The feeling of his huge cock in her hand made her pussy tingle. She wanted to get fucked.

“Rex, Rex,” she panted, twisting around on all fours. “Please, Rex! Fuck me! Come on, boy, up on Karen. Get your prick in me, Rex. Ohhhh, God. Get your cock in my cunt!”

The horny dog mounted her quickly, his prick dripping with pre-cum. His front paws landed on her shoulders, and his cock rammed against her smooth white thighs. She whimpered, feeling his prick so wet and stiff, and she panted hotly as she wiggled her ass around.

Rex’s rear paws did a little dance between Karen’s legs as he maneuvered himself into position. He wanted to fuck as badly as she did. He drooled saliva all over her back as he pumped the air with his horny cock.

Karen moaned and thrust a hand down between her thighs. She gripped the dog’s prick and pulled it to her waiting, leaking pussy-hole.

“Here, Rex, here,” she gasped.

She guided the end of his enormous cock to her cunt-mouth. Even as she did so, Rex was fucking, and his prick slid in and out of her fist as she pulled it to her cunt. Then the end of his cock found her pussy. Half of his prick fucked up into her tight little pussy-chute.

“Oh!” she gasped and fell forward onto her elbows as his whole cock came spearing into her cunt.

Rex’s front paws seemed to grip the girl’s trembling shoulders and hold her down as he started fucking her cunt. He leaned heavily on her and hunched his haunches rapidly, driving his powerful cock into her tight pussy-hole.

Karen gasped as she felt Rex’s thick cock push into her pussy, splitting her wide open. The aroused, erotic teenager shivered and shrieked as the dog’s big cock filled her small cunt-hole, fucking in and out. She didn’t know whether to beg for more or less, her mind got so boggled by the intense pleasure. The feelings up her pussy were so good, so wonderful! The weight of the fucking dog brought her lower on the bench until his big, thick cock completely stuffed her cunt.

“Ohhh, Mama!” she gasped. Her forehead fell onto her arms. Her tits jiggled as her whole body trembled. She thought the dog-cock was stretching her pussy-hole wider than it could go, and the feelings from the fucking were tremendous. Her tight cunt-channel twisted and writhed — a juicy hot chute for Rex’s prick. As she gasped and moaned, her cunt-walls clamped and clenched on the dog’s drilling, driving prick.

“Ewww, yesssss,” Karen hissed. Her voice was thick with lust.

The dog’s big cock was buried in her cunt, and it made her whole pussy shudder and fuck hotly. He was so excited, so horny and so full of animal lust that his enormous prick shivered inside her cunt, turning her on more and more as she fucked.

“Ummm, yes, yes, yes,” she kept whimpering. She quivered from head to toe with sexy feelings, lewdly wiggled her pussy all the way down on the dog’s drilling prick.

Karen’s pleasure increased as Rex’s prick swelled up inside her tight cunt, and she moaned passionately from time to time as the fucking went on relentlessly. Quivering and shuddering, she thrust a hand down her belly to her cunt.

Rex plowed his cock into her twisting pussy, and as his huge boner plunged deep into the wet, velvety tunnel of her hungrily sucking cunt, her fingers clawed and mauled her hot little clit.

Rex drilled his horny cock rapidly, and as he fucked Karen with animal lust, she fucked her cute ass back against his pounding prick.

Karen rubbed her clit in rhythm with the doggie-fucking, her fingers and Rex’s prick moving together to get her off again. The rhythmic fucking turned her on, making her whimper, and she jerked and panted as her pussy creamed all over the dog’s plunging cock.

She opened her knees farther as Rex continued to ravish her cunt, and she just knew he would shoot his load of cum into her cunt. How could he keep from shooting jism when her pussy was so tight around his slipping, sliding prick? She knew it must feel wonderful to have her tight cunt sucking so hard on his cock.

The fucking was sure good for her — that she knew! She closed her eyes in pure rapture, and her pretty face twisted in pleasure-pain as Rex’s big cock ripped up into her pussy. Her small whimpers changed to a steady flow of hot little moans.

“Fuck me!” she panted, fucking her juicy cunt harder onto the dog’s cock. “Rex, Rex… Ohhh, Mama… Rex, fuck me! Fuck me… fuck me!”

Her hungry little cunt sucked hotly on Rex’s aching prick as it plunged deeply into her twisting, heaving pussy-gut. He plowed relentlessly in and out of her cunt in a maddening rhythm of ecstasy that sent ripples of extreme pleasure through the young girl’s body.

Rex started grunting. Karen gasped, knowing what was going to happen. For one odd moment, she wondered if she could get pregnant and give birth to pups. Then she giggled lewdly and fucked her hot pussy against the dog, because she knew that wasn’t really possible. All she could get from fucking Rex was pure pleasure.

She chewed her lower lip to keep her moans at a minimum as she yielded to the wild fuck. She panted and whimpered as Rex ravished her tight cunt. She felt the dog stiffening, and she choked when she felt the first shot of his fiery cum torpedo into her pussy-chute.

“Ohhh!” she cried and humped faster to get more thrills like that one.

Rex drooled lots of saliva and drove his haunches with a new fury as his aching prick swelled up and exploded inside Karen’s tight little pussy. His cock spurted and squirted and gushed wildly, pumping a huge supply of doggie-jism into her twisting, fucking pussy.

Karen grabbed her stiff little clit between her thumb and forefinger and jacked it hotly as the dog pumped his hot load of cum into her cunt. The combined feelings of his spitting prick and her naughty fingers on her sensitive clit got her off right away. Her whole body jerked and whipped as she came, too.

Her cunt juices flooded her tight, clenching cunt-channel, and silky fuck-cream seeped around and over the pistoning dog-cock. Her pussy-cream warmed his prick and made him shoot more jism. And his spitting prick made her come harder. Girl and dog fucked with lust, both grunting and groaning like animals as they came together.

Karen yelped with pleasure and fucked back on the stabbing doggie-prick. Her eyes glazed over, and her mouth went slack. She convulsed spasmodically, and her cunt flooded again and again.

“Ohhh, I’m coming,” she panted, fucking faster on Rex’s marvelous cock. “I’m coming — I’m coming! I’m coming!”

The fiery jism shot like boiling lava through the length of Rex’s thick, jerking cock, gushing furiously into Karen’s wildly sucking, hotly fucking pussy.

“Oh, Mama!” Karen shrieked, and she almost passed out with joy.

At that very moment, just a few yards away in the house, her mother rolled on top of her boss to impale her cunt on his thick, jerking prick. She stopped short and frowned deeply.

“What’s the matter?” Bob demanded, eager to feel her hot cunt come down on the full length of his stiff prick.

“I-I thought I heard Karen call me,” Sheila murmured.

“I didn’t hear anything,” Bob said. “Come on, fuck my cock!”

Sheila lowered her bushy, wet pussy down on the man’s hard-on and started fucking it with pleasure. But something nagged her. She was sure she had heard Karen’s cry. What was doubly strange was that it sounded like a cry of intense pain — or pleasure.

She shook her head to drive away the troublesome thought, and she lowered her mouth to Bob’s to give him a juicy kiss while she fucked her cunt on his enormous cock. She was tongue-kissing his mouth when she heard another sound.

“Ohhh, Rex!” Karen shrieked in the shed.

Bob Rix frowned this time. “I heard that,” he said. “Who’s Rex?”

Sheila raised up on her hands, and her mouth fell open. “Our dog!” she gasped.

Bob Rix burst into laughter.

“Bob!” Sheila said, climbing off of his prick. “It isn’t funny! It-it — just can’t be!”

She leapt to her feet and moved to the open window. She peered outside. Karen was nowhere to be seen. Some kids were playing a few yards over. Rex wasn’t in sight, either. Had it been her imagination?

“Hey, honey,” Bob said, getting over his laughing fit, “come back here and suck my cock off or something.”

“Bob, please! Be a little patient,” Sheila complained. “Karen’s my little girl.”

“Little girl, my ass,” Bob said. He reached up and grabbed Sheila by the wrist and pulled her down to him. “She’s old enough to fuck!”

“But what if she’s fucking a dog!” Sheila gasped, grasping the man’s big, thick cock in her hand.

“What if she is?” Bob chuckled.

“Oh, you lewd thing!” Sheila giggled. “Just like a man to think it’s sexy for a teenager to fuck a dog!”

“Sure,” Bob laughed. “Don’t you think it’s sexy?”

“Well… yes… but not my own daughter!”

“Why not your daughter? Every girl who fucks a dog is somebody’s daughter. Right?”

But Sheila couldn’t let go of the dreadful thought. Of course it was exciting for her to think of a girl getting fucked by an animal especially since she had Bob’s enormous cock in her hand. But she kept wondering about those noises, about Karen, and about Rex.

“I-I’m sorry, Bob,” she said finally, releasing his prick once again. “I just can’t get into fucking until I know for sure that everything’s all right.”

“Okay, okay,” Bob muttered.

He got to his feet and helped Sheila to hers. He kissed the tip of her nose and played with her luscious naked tits for a moment, nudging her pussy with his erect, wet cock.

“Let’s get some clothes on,” he said. “I know you. You’ll worry this thing to death, and we’ll never fuck. Come on, let’s go outside and find out what your little princess is up to.”

“I don’t know where she is,” Sheila muttered, slipping into her dress.

“We’ll find her,” Bob said.

By that time, Karen had her breath back, and she was filled with good feelings for her dog. When Rex’s wet prick slipped out of her cunt, she collapsed on the floor and panted for breath. Rex wanted out of the shed, but she wouldn’t open the door for him. She wasn’t finished with him yet.

“Lay down, Rex,” she commanded.

She pulled at the mutt and finally got his body down where she wanted it. Her eyes lit up as she gazed at his thick wet prick — the cock that had just given her such nice feelings in her pussy.

“Good boy, Rex,” she purred.

She stroked his prick slowly and made it big again. Then she rested her cheek on his belly and took his cock into her mouth. She moaned and sucked on his prick softly and gently at first — until she got very horny. Then she started blowing his prick with a passion — jacking it and playing with his hot nuts at the same time.

“Mm-mm-mmmm!” she moaned as his doggie-prick filled her mouth with a hot load of jism. Her moan was very loud.

Loud enough to attract the attention of her mother and Bob. The couple approached the shed stealthily and looked through cracks in the boards.

Bob knew what to do. He clamped a hand over Sheila’s mouth to keep her from gasping. Then he quickly led her, shaking and shivering, away from the raunchy scene in the shed. They both had seen pretty little Karen sucking her dog’s big red prick.


Sheila was quite shaken at first. She paced the living room floor, outraged.

“How can she do this to me?” she wailed, wringing her hands. “She’s only a baby! How can she do such a wicked thing with a dog? Did you see her? Did you? She actually took that mutt’s prick into her mouth and sucked it off!”

Bob gripped her by the shoulders. He gave her a little shake and said: “Knock that off, will you? Listen to me. What’s wrong with the kid getting her cookies? You get yours, don’t you?”

But Sheila wouldn’t listen to reason. “How dare you say such a thing!” she stormed, eyes flashing. “She’s just a child! I’ve done everything I can to bring her up right. My God, what if the neighbors saw her licking a dog’s prick or… or… oh, my God, Bob! You don’t think she fucks that animal, do you?”

Bob laughed. “So what if she does fuck him? Now calm down!”

To get her undivided attention, he forced her to sit down on the sofa next to him. Still grasping her quivering shoulders, he said: “Stop and think a minute. Would you rather have her fucking school boys and getting knocked up?”

His words cut like a knife into Sheila’s whirring brain. “Pregnant? Karen? Oh, God, no! I wouldn’t want that.”

“Then think clearly about this thing. The kid is at the age where she needs something besides her own fingers to get her off. If you’re honest about it, you can remember when you were her age. What were you doing to get your cookies?”

Suddenly Sheila burst into laughter. Her hazel eyes flashed, and she threw her head back, laughing loudly.

“What’s so funny?” Bob wanted to know.

“Oh, Bob!” she laughed. “Forgive me! What a loaded question you asked! Do you know what I was doing when I was her age? I was putting out for our German Shepherd! Leo was his name. God, what a gorgeous animal he was!”

Bob grinned and stroked her tits. “And he had a gorgeous cock. Right?”

“And how!” Sheila giggled.

“So there. What are you worrying about Karen for? You’re an intelligent woman, Sheila. You know better than to use the double standard with children. Do you want to raise another crop of neurotics?”

“Oh, Bob. You’re right, of course. But still… there are the neighbors. What if they found her fucking the dog instead of us?”

“You have a point there,” Bob agreed. “Girls today need places to do their thing away from uptight, meddling adults. That’s the real problem today. These kids have nowhere to go to have safe fun.”

“What am I going to do?”

“You aren’t going to do anything,” Bob said. “You’re too emotional about this. Leave it to me. I’ll take care of it.”

He covered her thigh with his big hand and said: “That is, if you’ll let me. I’d like to help you with this.”

Sheila melted into his arms and kissed him wetly. “How can I ever thank you?” she purred, rubbing her tits against his chest. She opened her legs and let his hot hand creep up and feel her juicy cunt. She moaned when he fingered her pussy.

“You’ll get your chance to thank me,” he said. “Right now, I want you out of the house. Now don’t argue with me. Let’s get this straightened out right now. You go out for a few hours and leave the rest to me. Okay?”

Sheila hesitated for a moment, stroking his swollen cock. Then she murmured: “Yes. All right. Whatever you say.”

The minute Sheila drove away from the house, Bob went out into the back yard and approached the shed. Even as he neared it, he heard Karen’s passionate moans, loud and clear. He pressed his face up against the old boards of the shed wall and peered inside. His cock jolted into solid erection at the sight of the girl getting her cunt licked by Rex.

He watched for a long time as the dog’s long, thick tongue lashed and lapped at the girl’s sweet, furry pussy. He stared hotly as she rocked and twisted under the erotic impact of the doggie-tongue. The cunt-lapping was a marvelous thing to behold, and he enjoyed every minute of it.

He was tempted to wait until Karen had come all over the mutt’s lashing tongue, but decided against that. If he was going to be successful, he would have to catch her having her cunt sucked.

With that thought in mind, he pushed the rickety door open, breaking the weak latch, and stood over the young girl as she squeezed her naked tits and humped her pussy wildly at the dog. Her eyes shot open.

“Mr. Rix!” she gasped, horrified. She pushed at the dog and quickly pressed her pretty legs together. That didn’t hide anything from Bob, who greatly appreciated the sight of her luscious young body. He smiled at her.

“Relax, kitten,” he said in a friendly tone. “I’m not here to give you trouble. I’m here to help you.”

“H-help me?” Karen stammered, covering her tits with her hands. The man’s gaze on her body made her feel all funny inside.

“Yes. Get dressed and come into the house with me.”

Karen’s eyes widened. “You’re not gonna tell on me, are you?”

“There’s nothing to tell,” Bob chuckled. “Your mother has already seen you.”

“Oh, no!” Karen shrieked.

She leapt to her feet and quickly pulled her dress on, shivering and panicking. Bob laughed.

“Calm down, Karen,” he said, smiling. “You aren’t in any trouble. Not yet, anyway.”

“Wh-what do you mean?”

“Let’s go inside and talk,” Bob said. They walked in silence into the house. Rex followed right behind Karen’s cute, swaying ass, sniffing after her wet cunt. Bob got a kick out of that, and when they entered the house, he let the dog inside, too. Karen frowned at that.

“Why not?” Bob said. “He’s your pet, isn’t he? Nothing wrong with a girl having a pet.”

Karen paused in the kitchen and peered up at the man. “Y-you’re very understanding,” she muttered.

“Of course I understand,” he replied. He guided her into the living room and had her sit with him on the sofa. “I want to be your friend. Your mother saw you sucking the dog’s cock in the shed and almost had a fit. I calmed her down.”

“That’s okay,” Karen laughed. “I saw her fucking you on the bed.”

“You did?”

“Uh-huh. I saw you pushing your big cock into her cunt.”

Bob grinned. “Your mother is very beautiful in bed.”

“So I noticed!”

“In fact,” Bob went on, “I don’t mind telling you that she’s one of the best pieces of ass I’ve had in a long time. She thinks I fuck every chick in the office, and I let her think that. But it isn’t true. The truth is that she’s the only woman who puts out.”

Karen saw the humor in it, and both of them roared with laughter. Karen thought Mr. Rix was very clever to get into her mother’s pussy that way.

“You’re nice,” she said, and her blue eyes twinkled.

“So are you,” Bob said.

Karen felt comfortable with the man now. She leaned back on the sofa and let her thighs part a little.

“What happens now?” she asked. “Is this where you say you won’t tell my mother on me if I let you fuck me?”

Bob laughed a moment. “You’ve got the wrong idea, kitten. You’ve been reading too many novels. Sure, I’d like to fuck your cute little cunt, but not if you don’t want me to.”

“I don’t,” Karen said, glancing at his hard-on. “Your prick’s too big!”

Bob chuckled then and patted her naked thigh. “Quit worrying about it. All I’m trying to do is keep peace in this family. It’s time you and your mother came to a mature understanding about your sex lives. You two can be friends as well as mother and daughter — if you work at it.”

Karen was mystified. “You mean, my mom is willing to let me fuck the dog if I want?”

“Something like that,” Bob said. “What we need from you is a solemn promise that you will never again suck or fuck your dog outside this house.”

Karen thought about that for a moment. “Are you saying that it’s all right for me to fuck Rex here in the house?”

“Exactly,” Bob grinned.

Karen looked suspicious. “And that’s all there is to it?”

“Yes,” Bob said. “We just don’t want the neighbors finding you in the shed, fucking a dog. Your mother could never live that down. This way, if you confine your fucking to the house, no one will ever know.”

Karen shook her head slowly, her eyes narrowing. “There must be a catch somewhere. Why would Mom and you let me fuck Rex?”

“Well, there is one small catch,” Bob admitted.

“I thought so! What is it?”

“I want to watch you now while Rex fucks you,” he said.

“Is that all? You just want to watch me and Rex fuck? You won’t try to push your big cock in my cunt?”

“You have my word, kitten,” Bob said. “I just want to sit right over here and watch you get your cookies with the dog. What do you say?”

Karen eyed him sitting in the chair across the room. A smile lit up her pretty face. “Okay,” she said. “It’s a deal. I think it’ll be fun to fuck Rex with you watching.”

The idea of fucking Rex while the man looked on seemed like a wicked and wonderful thing to do. Giggling, Karen called Rex into the room, and as Bob stared, she got down on all fours and hiked her dress way up onto her back. Bob saw all of her pretty ass and cute cunt just before the mutt mounted her.

Karen caught her breath and gasped as Rex’s long cock slid deep into her saucy cunt. Her pussy was still soaked from the fuck and suck session in the shed, and the dog’s big prick slipped right up into her cunt.

The feeling of getting fucked — of being watched while fucking a dog, was incredibly exciting to Karen. Bob watching her as she fucked Rex’s doggie-prick only made fucking that much more fun.

“Oh, golly!” she panted as Rex pounded her pussy.

She thrust a hand down and started rubbing her stiff pink clit, which was really throbbing now. She grunted and groaned loudly as Rex’s cock speared in and out of her cunt rhythmically. Her pussy-lips tightened around the dog’s prick and sucked on it as it drilled into her with relentless fury. Even Rex started panting.

Bob sat back and pulled out his enormous prick. He gripped his cock tensely in his fist and pumped it up and down as he watched the massive animal fuck the little girl’s cute cunt. The more he watched, the bigger his cock got, and the bigger it got, the faster he jacked it. Karen’s frequent moans of pleasure really turned him on.

As his desire and lust mounted, Bob began thinking some rather raunchy things about the pretty teenager. Driven by passion, he dropped to the floor and crawled over to the quivering, humping girl.

“Karen, Karen,” he breathed hotly. “Can I just suck your tits?”

Karen’s head was tossing from side to side, her hair sweeping the floor. She forced her eyes open and panted: “Yes, yesssss.”

Bob lay on his back and positioned himself under Karen’s thrusting tits. He pulled her dress down away from her tits and gazed longingly at her tit-mounds. Then she moaned and lowered her tits to his face, finding his mouth with one spiking pink nipple. She let out a howl of pleasure when the man started sucking her nipple.

While Karen fucked her hot cunt on Rex’s prick, Bob licked and sucked and nibbled her beautiful tits, helping her to get off a good one.

“Oh!” Karen shrieked.

A second later, her whole body shook and jerked violently as her pussy creamed all over Rex’s jabbing, drilling doggie-prick. Rex grunted hornily and fucked his cock harder into her juicy cunt, drooling saliva on her back. His cock swelled up to its fullest and drove faster in and out of her squirming pussy. Bob sucked hard on her firm tits, and she squealed with joy.

“I’m coming!” she cried, twisting her cunt and tits furiously. “I-I — ohhhhhhh! I’m coooommiiing!”

She came and came and came on the drilling dog-cock — so much so that her pussy-juice oozed out of her fucking cunt and leaked down her quivering thighs to her knees. Her fuck-cream felt hot and silky against her flesh, and she moaned as it flowed.

“Ohhhhmmmmm, Mr. Rix!” she panted, fucking her cunt harder on Rex’s pumping prick. “If you only knew! Ummmm, it feels so good! Ohhh, you make my tits want to come, too! I’m coming so much! Ohh, Rex — fuck me, fuck me!”

“He’s gonna fuck you, all right,” Bob said in a strange voice.

The sight of Karen responding so beautifully to a dog-fucking gave the man wicked ideas. He crawled from under the girl’s twisting, shivering body and crept down to the fucking animal. He reached under her and dipped his fingers into her cunt-juice. He worked her cunt-cream around over her asscheek.

“Mr. Rix!” Karen gasped. “Wh… what are you doing?”

He rubbed her silky pussy fluid into her tight little asshole, and the feeling was so wonderfully wicked, that she squealed and moaned.

“Mr. Rix! No, no! Stop that!”

But there was no stopping the lust-driven man. He needed to see more of this fucking action with the teenaged girl and her dog. And he wanted to see Rex fuck her darling little ass!

Panting hornily, Bob knelt behind Rex and reached around his thrusting body with both hands. He pulled the dog’s prick out of Karen’s writhing cunt and held it against her tight little asshole. All of the sudden, the full length of the doggie-prick, all wet and slimy, drilled straight up into her asshole.

“Oh, my God!” Karen squealed, feeling Rex’s cock squeeze up into her asshole. “Ohh, Mama!”

At first having her ass fucked was somewhat painful to the girl, and she whimpered. She couldn’t believe Rex was fucking his cock into her ass-chute. It hurt a lot for a second or two, then, when the dog’s cock had penetrated her asshole, she had to admit that his prick felt pretty good sliding in and out of her shitter as it had in her pussy.

Rex apparently liked fucking her asshole, too, because he started pumping his prick in her ass with powerful thrusts. Bob sat back and watched the massive dog fuck the girl. He envied the mutt, because he would have liked to fill Karen’s tight asshole with his own swollen, aching cock.

“My tits!” Karen cried out suddenly, panting hotly. “Ohhh, Mr. Rix, please… suck my tits while he fucks me!”

Bob understood the girl’s need for tit-sucking, and he quickly complied with her hot wishes. He got his face under her tits again and sucked them hard for her. Karen kept yelling that she was going to come in her tits as well as in her pussy and asshole.

“I’m coming all over!” she squealed, trembling with her mighty orgasm. “Ohhhh, my tits are busting! My asshole’s on fire! My pussy’s leaking!”

Sweet, silky cunt fluids poured out of her writhing cunt as the huge dog-cock rammed into her asshole, getting off. The faster the dog fucked her ass, the harder Bob sucked her cute tits, and the more she came in her cunt. The combination of the man sucking her tits and the dog fucking her ass, was enough to drive her higher and higher into sexual delight.

“Ohhhh, none of the girls at school ever came like this!” she squealed happily.

Rex’s front paws gripped Karen around the neck. She could feel his big body rubbing against hers. She squirmed her ass and swirled her hips as the dog’s thrusting cock sent the most intense feelings of delight coursing through her whole body. Again and again, the animal pounded her asshole, stretching it and filling it with cock-meat. The more the dog fucked her ass, the more fucking she wanted.

Her smooth white thighs were dripping with her plentiful supplies of cunt-juice. Her pussy kept flowing, and the room filled with the pungent aroma of human and animal fuck-cream. Karen gasped and quivered. Her head thumped onto the floor. Her fists banged on the carpet. Her ass heaved up against the fucking animal, and her tits pushed forcefully against Bob’s face and mouth.

“Ohhhh, Mamaaaaaaaa,” she moaned, fucking her ass hornily on the rampaging doggie-prick.

Her eyes fluttered open for a second. Her head twisted around. She saw Bob’s enormous prick, big and wet and throbbing in the air.

“Oh, my God,” she panted. “Give me that! Mr. Rix! Ohhh, let me suck your prick!”

“What!” Bob gasped. “I thought you didn’t want to have anything to do with a man!”

“I-I meant fucking,” Karen panted hornily. “It’s okay to blow you!”

Bob scrambled to his knees and positioned himself in front of Karen’s pretty face. She lifted up and grabbed his big cock in both hands. Her pink lips parted sensuously, and her tongue darted from her mouth. She lowered her head to his throbbing prick and slickened it with her saliva. In the next moment, she pulled half of his powerful cock into her soft mouth and moaned as she sucked on it. Just the feeling of such an enormous prick in her mouth made her go weak with suck-needs. She took another solid inch of his cock-meat into her mouth and moaned with pleasure as his thick prick-head nudged her throat.

Bob loved the feel of her sexy mouth on his prick. He pulled her head toward him and started fucking his cum-filled cock in and out of her sucking mouth.

A moment later, his prick and Rex’s mighty cock were both drilling into her fuck-holes. Her mouth and her asshole both became highly aroused, and she moaned loudly, enjoying the sensations the man and the animal were giving her as they fucked into her.

She gasped around Bob’s giant cock when it started spitting huge wads of thick cock-cream into her mouth. She gulped and gulped his jism as Rex fired his load of animal-cum into her twisting asshole.

She almost passed out with sheer, lewd, obscene joy.


Karen was surprised at how easily Mr. Rix made everything all right between her and her mother. She sat on the sofa, alone with Sheila, and looked at her mother with wide, innocent eyes.

“You’re not mad at me?” Karen asked. “You’re not gonna punish me?”

“No, darling, I’m not,” Sheila said. “At first I wanted to tan your hide. I thought of all sorts of terrible things to do to you for that kind of behavior. But Bob explained so much to me.”

“I-I don’t understand.”

“It’s very simple,” Sheila replied, patting her daughter’s thigh. “When I was your age, I was doing the same thing.”

“You were!” Karen gasped.

Sheila laughed lightly and her eyes twinkled. “Oh, I didn’t want to admit it. I thought it was my job as an adult and as your mother to punish you severely for sucking the dog’s cock. But Bob has helped me see the cruelty in that. I’d be a hypocrite to punish you for doing things I did myself when I was a little girl.”

“God!” Karen breathed. “This is fantastic!”

Impulsively, she threw herself into her mother’s arms and hugged her tightly. “You’re super, Mom,” she said excitedly. “Really super! I was so afraid. Now everything’s okay. It’s so wonderful! We can be friends!”

“Yes, darling,” Sheila said, smiling and stroking Karen’s back affectionately.

Karen drew back and peered at her mother. “Did you really fuck a dog?”

Sheila smiled wickedly. “Yes. With Leo.”

Karen’s mouth fell open. How often she had flipped through her mom’s photograph album and seen a young Sheila romping with her dog, a German Shepherd. Of course, her mother had always told her it was simply a young girl’s affection for her pet, and a pet’s loyalty to its mistress.

“Oh, Mom, you don’t mean it!” Karen gasped, “You fucked Leo? That beautiful animal?”

Before Sheila could comment, Karen was off the sofa and dashing into her mother’s room. She returned, her face flushed and excited, the photo album tucked under her arm. With a giggle and a sigh, she sat close to her mother and spread open the book.

With new understanding, she pored over every single picture of her mom and the dog Leo. Pointing to a familiar shot, she said, “You told me this was at some kind of picnic.”

“It was,” Sheila laughed. “I just didn’t tell you the whole story.”

“Tell me now,” Karen giggled.

“Really, Karen!”

“Come on, Mom,” the feisty teenager prompted. “Mr. Rix said we could be open with each other now.”

Actually, Sheila wanted to share her early sexual experiences with her daughter. She leaned over the photo and retold the story of how she and the dog had been on a family picnic. But she added the details.

“After Mom and Dad were settled down — your grandparents — I ran into the woods with Leo trotting at my heels. I was hardly inside the woods, when he started poking under my dress with that wet nose of his. I had to hurry into the trees. Every time I ran, that was a signal to Leo that we were going to fuck. I was afraid Mom and Dad would see what he was up to, so I ran as fast as my legs could carry me!”

Karen settled back on the sofa and gazed with love at her mother.

“I found a nice quiet spot,” Sheila went on, remembering. “We were absolutely alone. I was laughing. I laughed a lot in those days. It was always good for me to be with Leo because I was afraid to fuck boys. But my body wanted cock, you know?”

“Yeah!” Karen gasped. “I know!”

Sheila settled back with her daughter and continued her revelation. “Once I reached the lonely spot in the woods, I dropped down on all fours and pushed my panties down to my knees. Leo knew exactly what I wanted. He jumped me right then and there and in no time at all, his…”

She stopped abruptly. Karen frowned. “What’s the matter, Mom?”

“I don’t know if I should talk this way,” Sheila said. Her face flushed.

“Oh, Mom, don’t be so uptight. Do like Mr. Rix said. Don’t be afraid to say cock, prick and pussy around me. Golly, I know what they are!”

Sheila swallowed her embarrassment, and with thoughts of her pet dog fucking her cunt, she said: “Well, he jumped me and pushed his big prick right into my pussy. God, I was horny that day! I just couldn’t help myself, if you know what I mean.”

“I know, Mom,” Karen said softly, breathing faster.

“I spread my knees apart and pushed my ass way up so Leo could get his cock into my horny cunt easier. Ohhh, Karen, those were wonderful days! God, how that dog liked to fuck me! And he was such a raunchy animal. He could never get enough of my cunt.”

She glanced at Karen and murmured: “A girl likes to feel very wanted, you know? I guess that’s why I like Mr. Rix so much. He’s always so fucking horny for me.”

“Mom,” Karen muttered, “did you ever suck Leo’s prick?”

Sheila burst into laughter and suddenly flipped some pages of the photo album. “Remember this one?” she giggled.

“Yes,” Karen said. “That’s the new dog house grandpa built for Leo.”

Sheila laughed. “Yes, but what I didn’t tell you and what my parents didn’t know, was that right after this picture was taken, I crawled into that dog house with Leo. After Mom and Dad went into the house with the camera, I crawled on all fours inside the dog house, and Leo came in after me. That was before I started fucking him. I had him lay down and I got my mouth down on his prick. I jerked his dog-cock until it was nice and swollen. Then I sucked off his prick.”

“Did he come in your mouth?”

Sheila’s eyes twinkled. “Yes, darling, he did. That’s what I was blowing him for. I was curious about jism.”

“Oh, I know just what you mean!” Karen squealed. “That’s why I made Rex shoot his jism into my mouth. I wanted to feel his cum. And taste it.”

Her eyelashes fluttered, and she peered up at her mother’s flushed face. “Did you like sucking his cock?”

Sheila refused to lie to her little girl. “Yes, I did. I liked his jism so much, I sucked him off three more times before I crawled out of the dog house.”

“Oh, Mother, that’s marvelous!” Karen squealed. “I mean, it’s marvelous that you’re telling me! I suck Rex’s prick a lot!”

Sheila’s tits rose and fell with her sigh. Her tongue licked at her dry lips. She looked at her daughter. “Karen… I think we’d better stop here…”

Karen understood perfectly. Both mother and daughter each had their hands on their cunts. Both were heated up by the raunchy stories.

“Don’t stop,” Karen purred hotly. Sheila and Karen gazed at one another for several long moments as the atmosphere around them filled with lust and desire. Sheila swallowed nervously, and her eyes ran up and down Karen’s curvy young body. Karen looked hard at her mother’s full, rich tits.

“Let’s do each other,” Karen whispered.

“Karen…” Sheila rasped, shivering at the thought.

But Karen couldn’t wait, couldn’t dally. She embraced Sheila and pulled her face down. Their mouths met hot and moist. Their tongues lashed.

“Oh, Mom, I love you,” Karen sighed, licking her mom’s lips.

“I love you, darling,” Sheila rasped, and her tongue tangled with Karen’s.

Their eyes closed, and in the next few moments, their hands roamed and felt and explored each other’s tits and cunts. Their clothes were torn off and dropped to the floor. Stark naked, they curled into one another’s arms and fell onto the sofa, panting and moaning.

Cunt met cunt as Sheila filled her little girl’s mouth with her tongue and slowly but persistently rubbed her bushy pussy against the girl’s smaller, tighter little cunt.

The minute Karen felt her mother’s stiff swollen clit rubbing her own, she moaned. “Ohhhhh, Mom! Do it, do it! Ewwwww, I’ll come!”

Sheila lost all reason, then, as the little girl’s quivering clit stabbed at her own. Both females were carried away by rushes and waves of beautiful, luscious sensations of lust and passion. Mouth to-mouth and cunt-to-cunt, they got one another off tremendously, kissing and hugging all the while.

Only seconds later, mother and daughter thrashed and jerked wildly on the sofa as pussy smashed against pussy. Intense pleasure gripped both of them, and they lost their identities — forgetting they were mother and child, humping one another now like two bitches in heat.

Lots of pussy-juice flowed from both cunt-holes. A moment later the cunts of both women were soaked and drenched with warm, silky pussy-fluids. They moaned their pleasure, humping hotly and coming rapturously.

“Oh, oh, ohhhhh,” Sheila whimpered. “That was soooo goooooood. What a beautiful little cunt you have, darling.”

“Your pussy’s so hot, Mom,” Karen gasped, still coming a little. “No wonder Mr. Rix likes to fuck your cunt all the time!”

“Darling,” Sheila rasped, licking the tip of her tongue into Karen’s cute little ear. “This has made me horny for cock now.”

“I know, I know,” Karen moaned. “Me, too. Mr. Rix isn’t here for you. But Rex is here for me!”

Sheila raised her head and gazed into her daughter’s hot eyes. “You little devil, you!” she giggled. “You wouldn’t keep your pet all to yourself, would you?”

Karen’s eyes went wide. “Mom! Do you mean it? Really? Will you fuck Rex with me?”

“You’re damned right I will!” Sheila said with a laugh. “I’m so damned hot right now, I’m tempted to have you lick my cunt!”

“Ewwww, what a nice idea!”

“Never mind that now,” Sheila said, getting up. “Let’s fuck that mongrel your father left us.”

Sheila went and called Rex, and he came bounding into the living room with her. She smiled at Karen and said: “I’ve been thinking about what we just suggested. I think when Mr. Rix isn’t around, you and I should sleep together from now on. We can lick one another to sleep.”

“Oh, Mom, that’s super!” Karen squealed with delight.

Mother and daughter were feeling so kindly toward one another, that they wasted precious moments arguing about who would fuck the dog first. Each wanted to please the other. Karen wanted her mother to enjoy Rex’s cock first. Sheila wanted to watch her little girl fuck and suck the animal. In the end, both of them laughed, embracing on the floor in front of the television set. They both called the dog over.

Rex’s tail wagged with excitement, and he leapt at the two naked females with gusto. He thought they wanted to play. They did. They wanted to play with his cock!

Laughing and giggling, the women rocked and rolled around on the carpet while Rex jumped all over them, licking at them and yelping with pleasure.

At first it was great fun — just simple fun — to have Rex bouncing around them and on them. Every once in a while, his head would be in the right place, and either Sheila or Karen would thrust her tits or cunt at his wagging tongue.

Rex soon developed a taste for their pussies. At every opportunity, he would plunge his heavy head between a pair of smooth white thighs and lash his thick tongue at a twisting cunt.

Sheila threw herself across her little girl’s writhing body and held her knees open while Rex licked his big tongue into her fuck-hole.

“Oh, Mama!” Karen squealed.

She thrust her pretty pussy up into the air and shrieked continually as the thirsty dog licked and lapped her juicy little cunt.

Sheila grew quite excited just watching the action. There was something tremendously exciting about seeing a dog-tongue lick at her daughter’s cute cunt. And there was something lewdly wonderful about watching the girl get all hot and horny for more and more of the cunt-lapping!

“Mom! Mom!” Karen shrieked. “Oh! I’m gonna come! Ohhh, my pussy’s so hot! It’s-it’s — ohhh, my cunt’s gonna come!”

Just the sound of the young girl’s voice declaring her erotic arousal and pleasure made Sheila extremely horny. Laughing obscenely now, she thrust her hands onto her daughter’s twisting, humping pussy. Her fingers clawed at the girl’s wet pussy-lips, and she pried them apart for the dog.

“Get your tongue up her cunt!” she panted hotly, pulling Karen’s pussy open. “Come on, Rex! Get cunt! Lick her pussy out, you cunt-lapping mutt! Suck her pussy! Make her come! That’s it, Rex, that’s it! Lick her cunt! Lap her pussy! Suck her out!”

“Ohhh, Mamaaaaaaaa!” Karen squealed, and her whole body started jerking and shivering.

Sheila’s deft fingers pried open the girl’s cunt-lips, exposing the soft inner flesh of her luscious pussy. Rex’s massive tongue lunged into the girl’s quivering cunt-hole and licked furiously, driving the poor girl out of her head with fantastic pussy-feelings.

“Mama! Mom!” Karen screamed.

Karen’s body arched in a beautiful bow. Her feet dug into the carpet. Her open and dripping pussy writhed quickly and jerkily against the licking, lapping doggie-tongue. Great washes of hot cunt-juice streamed from between her pussy-lips. Not a drop of cunt-cream reached her quivery little asshole because the dog sucked it all up.

“Ohhhmmmmm, that was fantastic,” Karen moaned as Rex’s tongue finished licking her cunt-juice away. Her cute ass dropped to the floor, and she panted for breath, her tits rising and falling.

Sheila immediately bent down and sucked Karen’s pretty nipples. The young girl curled her fingers through her mother’s hair and kept murmuring sweet things to her.

As Sheila licked and sucked her little girl’s hard, pointed tits, Rex licked his horny tongue into her big, bushy pussy. Sheila moaned and opened her legs wide, letting the dog lick her cunt. She came wetly a few moments later as she nibbled her daughter’s thrusting, jutting tits.

Karen moaned so beautifully from the tit-sucking, that Sheila wanted to make her even happier. She licked her pink tongue down the length of her daughter’s writhing body and drilled it up into her horny cunt. Karen gasped to feel her mother’s hot tongue spear up into her juicy cunt-hole. It felt marvelous to her, and she humped for more tongue-fucking.

While Sheila licked and sucked her little girl’s pussy, the dog got a tremendous boner for some cunt. He started fucking aimlessly at Sheila’s body. Sheila knew what he wanted now. She wanted it, too.

With thoughts of Leo in her hot mind, she got on all fours and buried her face between Karen’s shivering legs. She drilled her slithering tongue up into her little girl’s hot little pussy-hole and offered her own cunt to the lusting animal.

Rex mounted her with grunts and pants, clutching her neck between his paws. Clinging to her body, he fucked the full length of his stony prick up into her wet pussy. Sheila moaned into her daughter’s cunt as the dog-cock started fucking in and out of her horny fuck-hole.

Karen went out of her mind. Her body bounced wildly on the floor as her mother ate her pussy. Her little clit grew stiff and very sensitive because her mom really knew how to suck a cunt.

Sheila loved the doggie-prick drilling up into her horny pussy. It reminded her of her youthful days with Leo, the German Shepherd. And just like in the past, she started fucking back at the immense dog-cock. The faster Rex pumped his prick into her cunt-gash, the harder she sucked her daughter’s twisting, creaming cunt. The girl was in seventh heaven and seeing stars as she came and came on her mom’s lusty tongue and mouth.

“Ohhhh, eat my cunt!” Karen cried helplessly, twisting her sticky cunt wildly against Sheila’s sucking mouth.

Her arms flew around her mother’s neck. Her hands reached upward and grabbed Rex’s fur affectionately. She held onto the dog as she humped and pressed her hot cunt against her mom’s mouth.

“Ohhhh, Mom, Rex is so good!” she cried happily. “I’m glad Daddy didn’t take him away! Doesn’t he fuck nice? Oh, ohhh, ohhhh! I’m coming again! Mom, Mom! I wanna fuck Rex, too!”

Sheila moaned hornily, but suddenly wiggled her way out from between the fucking animal and her writhing daughter. She pulled her juicy pussy off of the dog’s stiff cock and urged him to fuck Karen.

With maternal care and affection, she guided Rex’s big prick up into Karen’s waiting wet cunt. The girl squealed as the dog’s cock inched up into her squishy little fuck-hole.

Rex needed cunt. He lunged and lunged with lust. Sheila held her daughter’s ass up in the proper position so the horny animal could fuck the hell out of her hot little cunt.

Rex’s huge doggie-prick grew even larger within the tightness of Karen’s twisting pussy. His big prick-head reached out an inch at a time until it was pounding away at her horny cunt. The teenager’s eyes rolled in her head as the immense animal prick raped her pussy.

With the lust only an animal can muster, Rex drooled his saliva all over Karen’s quivering tits as he drilled his enormous cock in and out of her humping cunt. Her pussy-lips grew more and more sensitive as his prick slid back and forth between them. Her clit stiffened and tingled. Her orgasm built up beautifully in her heaving belly.

Watching the fucking dog got Sheila quite horny, too. She turned animal herself, her lust growing violent. Just when Karen screamed out that she was going to come on Rex’s magnificent prick, Sheila thrust her face under them both. As Karen came and as the dog pumped his fiery load of jism into her cunt Sheila licked the dog’s nuts and her daughter’s asshole and humping pussy.

Karen had never had such a wonderful orgasm before!


Karen and Sheila grew quite fond of one another as the days — and nights — wore on. They spent many afternoons naked on one of the floors, fucking and sucking with Rex.

Sheila and Bob Rix grew quite fond of one another, too. She became his steady piece of ass at the office every day. Many mornings were begun with Sheila sucking his big, stiff cock. Fucking went on most of the day. He gave her a nice fat raise for her efforts above and beyond the call of duty.

Naturally, the relationship of the three of them deepened. After all, Bob knew all about them. He’d become a sort of friend, a trusted confidant — and a damned good turn-on!

When Sheila revealed to him that she, too, fucked Rex, Bob wanted to watch her fuck the dog. Sheila was reluctant in the beginning, claiming that what she and Karen did with Rex was private female business. But Bob persisted. In fact, he stopped fucking her until she promised to let him see her and pretty Karen fuck the dog.

In desperation, Sheila asked Karen about it. Sheila was peeling potatoes when Karen got home from school.

“Honey? Mr. Rix wants to come by tonight and watch us fuck Rex. What do you think?”

“Sure, Mom,” Karen said, rummaging in the refrigerator for a snack.

That’s all there was to it. That night — and many nights thereafter — Bob Rix was present to watch the two writhing, naked females come a dozen times each as they licked each other, sucked and fucked the dog, and generally kept one another high on fucking and sucking. After each session, he got to fuck Sheila while Karen fucked the dog.

This put Bob in solid with the Ames house. He was fast becoming a part of the family. After school sometimes, he would be there waiting for Karen while Sheila was still at the office.

“Are you going to fuck Rex this afternoon?” he asked.

Karen smiled cutely at him. “Yes. I’ve been thinking about fucking him all day.”

Bob moved up to where she was standing and put his strong hands on her shoulders. “Do you mind if I undress you for it?”

“No,” Karen purred.

She enjoyed the way he stripped her dress off. She laughed as he slowly and lewdly took her bra away from her tight, taut tits. And she moaned as he lowered her tight little panties.

When she kicked her panties off her feet, he gazed up at her and said: “Can I lick your pussy a little? Just to get you in the mood for fucking Rex.”

“Okay,” she said softly.

She set her feet apart and hunched her hips forward, offering Bob her naked, pink cunt. He immediately caressed her sweet ass-cheeks and licked her cunt.

“Ohhhh,” Karen moaned.

His tongue and lips felt awfully good against her horny little cunt, and she wanted more. She slipped her trembling hands into his thick hair and pulled his face up against her writhing pussy.

“Go ahead and make me come,” she panted. “I want you to.”

Bob groaned with pleasure and drilled his thick tongue up into Karen’s fiery little cunt-hole. The girl went wild then and there. She gasped loudly and gripped his head tensely as she fucked her juicy pussy up and down on his tongue. She came wetly and squealed all the while as her ass and legs quivered and trembled erotically.

“Now… now…” she panted hornily. “Ohhh, let Rex fuck me now!”

Bob got to his feet and looked lewdly at her. “Someday I’m going to fuck you, too.”

“No. No, you’re not,” Karen rasped hotly, gazing at his enormous wet prick. “Your cock is too big. Only Rex. Ohhh, where is he? I need his prick up my pussy.”

Bob went and got Rex, and he bounced into the living room for his daily fuck. Karen whimpered helplessly, shivering with excitement. She got on all fours and invited the animal to fuck her.

Rex mounted her passionately, shoving his big red cock up into her squirming cunt-hole, fucking her silly. Having fucked and fucked for days on end, he had more staying power now. With relentless plowing and plunging, he rammed his fiery cock in and out of her cunt tirelessly, driving the poor girl out of her mind with pleasure and desire.

Bob looked on as usual, pumping his immense prick in his fist, aching to fuck Karen’s cute cunt the way the dog was. But the most he was allowed to do was shoot his load of jism all over Karen’s tits or down her throat — depending on what the teenager wanted. Still, he swore to himself to get some of her ass one day.

He knew the day was coming, even if Karen didn’t. He knew Sheila was building up to a crisis with him. He could see it in her eyes at the office every day. She was thinking of bagging him for her very own stud, and he was fully aware of the way her mind worked.

The moment came one evening about five o’clock at the office. Sheila was on her knees between his legs, milking his stiff prick and toying with his nuts.

“Bob?” she cooed.

“Yeah, Sheila?”

“We’ve been having lot of fun together lately.”

“We sure have,” he agreed.

“Even Karen likes it when you visit and watch her fuck Rex. She told me the other night that it really turns her on to see your magnificent cock while she’s coming on Rex’s cock.”

“She’s a sexy little bitch,” he agreed.

Sheila gave his enormous cock-head a little lick with the tip of her saucy tongue. “Wouldn’t you like to live with us?” she purred.

Bob chuckled. “Trying to rope me in, are you?”

“Sure, why not? It would be nice to wake up in the morning and ride your big prick. What do you say? Wouldn’t you like to have my cunt, mouth and ass at your disposal?”

“Yeah, I would,” Bob said with a smile. “But what about Karen? Would she want me around all the time?”

Sheila giggled. “I already discussed it with her. We’re both all for it — if you are.”

“Well, I don’t know,” he said slowly, as if he were undecided and reluctant.

Sheila panicked. “Please, Bob,” she begged. “Please say you will.”

But Bob looked dubious about it. In desperation, Sheila gripped his big cock tightly and rasped: “I want your prick at home, Bob. Please come live with me. I’ll do anything, anything.”

“Anything?” Bob pressed.

“Yes!” Sheila gasped, jerking his cock. “I don’t care what you want, I’ll give it to you if you’ll live with me!”

Bob grinned obscenely. “I want to fuck Karen,” he said bluntly.

Sheila gasped. “But — she’s a virgin! I mean well… she’s never been fucked by a man. In fact, no human has ever had her ass. Just Rex.”

“I know,” Bob said hotly, his stiff prick throbbing. “That’s why I want to fuck her pussy. I want mine to be the first human cock up her cunt.”

“She-she won’t let you fuck her,” Sheila said sadly, gazing at his wonderful prick.

“I didn’t say anything about her letting me,” he replied pointedly. “I said I wanted to fuck her — with or without her permission.”


“It’s up to you,” Bob said. “Do you want my cock or don’t you?”

“Yes!” Sheila cried. “I don’t want some bitch to come along and get your prick! All right. All right. You can fuck Karen — if you can.”

“Just leave that to me,” Bob chuckled. “I’ll need your help, though.”

“My help? What? What are you going to do?”

Bob pushed his enormous cock at her sensuous lips and murmured: “Suck me off first, then I’ll explain the whole thing to you. Come on, baby, take my cock in your sexy mouth and drink my cum.”

Sheila obeyed instantly. She sucked his prick and gulped down all his thick, rich jism, then kissed his gorgeous prick affectionately. The blow-job felt so good to her that she was open to anything he had to say.

She sat on his lap and he finger-fucked her cunt as he hatched his lewd and obscene plan. He laughed a lot as he instructed Sheila on what she had to do to help him get his prick into Karen’s sweet little cunt.

Just the thought of having Bob Rix’s cock around the house made Sheila willing to do anything for him. Then, too, when he shared his erotic intentions with her, they got her very excited. By the time they reached her house, she was more than ready to see her little girl’s pussy penetrated by his magnificent prick.

Bob’s plan was a simple one, and he put it into effect the moment he arrived at Sheila’s house. They found Karen in the bathroom, taking a shower. Bob winked at Sheila in conspiracy.

“Hurry out of there,” he said through the bathroom door.

“Why?” Karen asked over the sound of splashing water.

“Because your mother and I want to see you fuck Rex,” he replied.

It was a ploy, but Karen fell for it. She had been toying with her sensitive clit in the shower, and she was ready for some doggie-cock.

She came out of the bathroom in her little robe, looking fresh and pink. Her tits were half naked in the V of the robe, and Bob’s cock grew big and strong in his pants.

“You two look awfully horny,” Karen giggled.

“We are,” her mother laughed.

Bob slipped an arm across Karen’s shoulders and led her into the bedroom. “Why don’t you just stretch out on the bed and let your mother work you up to a real nice lust?” he suggested.

Karen looked at Sheila, who licked her lips as if she would love to lick her daughter’s cunt and ass.

“You want to, Mom?” she asked huskily, willing to spread her legs for her mother.

“Yes, I want to very much.”

“Come on,” Bob said, goading her. “Let’s get this robe off you and turn you on real good.”

With that, he stripped the robe from Karen’s curvy body, and she fell across the bed with a sigh. Both Bob and Sheila stripped naked, too.

Then both adults started teasing and taunting Karen until she was a writhing mass of flesh. Bob tongued her mouth and played with her tits, while Sheila licked and sucked her pretty cunt.

In no time at all, the horny youngster was more than ready to fuck. Her eyes rolled in her head. Her tits thrust up at Bob’s hands and then at his hot mouth. Her ass wiggled constantly on the bed. Her cute pussy twisted and humped against her loving mother’s sweet mouth. Her clit stiffened and tingled. Her pink nipples spiked. Her breath left her.

“Bob… Mom… Oh, my God! I’m so fucking hot! Please, please, get Rex. Ohhhhh, get Rex! I wanna fuck!”

Her glazed eyes opened slowly to see her mother hovering over her panting, gasping body. Sheila took her wrists in her hands and eased her arms above her head.

“Mom… what?” Karen gasped, trying to understand.

“It’s all right, darling,” her mother soothed in a sing-song voice. “You’re going to get fucked. You’re going to get fucked. Just relax, darling.”

But it wasn’t Rex she felt getting between her open, hungry thighs. It was Bob Rix!

“Mr. Rix!” she gasped. “No! Oh, please, don’t fuck me with your cock!”

Her head jerked around, and she stared up at her mother. “Momma, please… don’t let him fuck me with that big prick!”

“It’s all right, Karen,” Sheila assured her. But she held on tightly to the young girl’s wrists so she wouldn’t scratch Bob.

“No! No! Noooooo!” Karen shrieked.

She felt Bob’s enormous boner, all wet and juicy, pressing against her inner thighs, inching toward her open and helpless cunt. She started struggling then, but her mother held her wrists at her head, and Bob, grasping her waist, held her in place on the fuck-bed.

“Easy, baby,” Bob said. “It’ll only hurt for a little while. God, what a precious pussy you’ve got. Just relax like your mother says.”

His big cock-head pressed against Karen’s pussy-mouth. Karen shrieked. Her body jerked, then tensed. Her pussy quivered.

“No!” she cried once again, just before Bob’s thick cock-head stretched her pussy-lips wide and lodged in her cunt-mouth.

“Oh!” she gasped. “No, no, noooo! Take your cock out! It’s too big! Mom! Mama! Oh, Mr. Rix, please! Don’t push your prick in any more. I can’t take it! Owwww, you’re hurting my pussy!”

Bob loved the feeling of her sweet, innocent cunt clenched so tightly around his swollen cock-head. The feeling made him eager to fuck her pussy. Panting hotly, he lowered his head and grabbed a mouthful of one of her luscious tits and sucked on her tit-flesh as he forced inches of his aching cock up into her clamping cunt.

Karen grunted with pain, and her head rolled loosely as another inch of his giant prick crept into her fuck-hole, stretching her cunt wide.

“You’ll… it… ohhhh, you’ll split me up the middle!” she screamed as Bob pushed forward with his cock again.

For a moment, even Sheila panicked. “Bob… are you sure it’s okay?”

“Shut up!” the man growled. “Just hold her! Jesus, what a tight pussy!”

Sheila shut her mouth. She wanted to look away as Bob raped her helpless young girl, but the sight of his huge prick inching into Karen’s cute cunt was too delightful to miss. Her hazel eyes grew hot, and she knelt down and twisted her head to see better. Between the two bodies, she could see the man’s enormous cock inching into the girl’s teeny cunt.

“Ahhhh!” Karen squealed. “It hurts! Mama, Mama, he’s hurting me!”

Sheila bit her lower lip to keep from objecting. Bob looked awfully horny now-red of face, and sucking furiously at Karen’s jutting tits as he pushed his prick up into her fuck-channel.

He grunted like an animal on her tits and pushed harder with his throbbing wet prick. Inch upon inch of cock-meat stretched her tight cunt more and more as his prick moved steadily and painfully up into her pussy.

When there was but an inch or so of his prick-shaft left to go, Bob was beside himself with joy and lust. In a sudden fit of desire, he gripped the girl’s twisting ass-cheeks in his hands, held her steady, ramming all of his powerful cock up into her cunt.

Karen passed out for a moment as the pain ripped through her tender body. The man’s giant cock was too much for her little cunt, and it dazed her.

Bob didn’t care. He didn’t care about anything now except fucking Karen’s beautiful, tight cunt. With no thought of the pain he might be causing the teenager, he pulled his cock back in her pussy-sheath until only his pulsing cockhead was stuck in her cunt. Then he chewed her tit and rammed again, driving every solid inch of his prick up into her pussy. The girl groaned and jerked on the bed.

Sheila held on tightly to Karen’s wrists as Bob started fucking her in earnest. She knew what could happen to Bob if she released her daughter’s hands. The girl was out of her head now, coming to, but moaning helplessly as the man’s whopping cock slid in and out of her pussy.

Bob sucked on one of Karen’s thrusting tits and pounded her pussy with a growing fury. His cock reared back and drilled hard into her cunt. He reared back again and plunged his prick in, driving and slamming into the young girl’s trembling, shivering cunt.

As Karen’s senses returned, she noticed that the mighty prick plunging into her cunt was no longer hurting. Somehow, the pain had subsided and was replaced by new feelings. His cock dived and drilled, and the more it did so, the better it felt.

“Oh, oh, ohhhhh,” Karen moaned, suddenly humping her hot ass.

Sheila saw that, and she sighed with relief. Her little girl was finally getting some pleasure out of the cruel rape. Just the same, she envied her daughter at that moment. She remembered the first really big cock that had slammed into her helpless cunt. What a thrill that had been! She came just watching Bob fuck Karen’s twitching pussy.

Karen went limp on the bed then. Her eyes rolled up in her head, and her tits tingled under Bob’s sucking mouth. Her whole pussy felt invaded now by his drilling, stabbing prick. She felt like her whole belly was full of cock — that’s how big the man’s prick felt to her. She couldn’t catch her breath. No sooner did she try to take a breath, than he would ram all of his huge cock into her pussy and make her gasp.

Even as Bob ravaged her cunt, Karen couldn’t agree with older women and some schoolgirls that fucking was neat. Even as his mighty cock turned her pussy on and made it cream like crazy, she didn’t want to like the fuck. She thought about Rex’s nice red prick even as the man-prick exploded in her cunt.

Bob groaned loudly. He nibbled her pink nipple. He plunged all of his wet cock up into her cunt and shot his load of jism. Huge wads of thick cock-cream splashed and crashed into her pussy, and she couldn’t help coming again when she felt his hot cum.

Karen’s orgasm was so extremely wonderful that it left her dizzy. She didn’t know when Bob pulled his big cock out of her poor little cunt. She just heard her mother soothing her, kissing her.

“Go now, Bob,” she heard her mother say. “Go on. Let me talk with her. I have to explain to her now that you got what you wanted. I’ll see you tonight.”

“He hurt me, Mom,” Karen whimpered, feeling some pain in her pussy. “He hurt me, he hurt me.”

“I know, darling, I know,” Sheila soothed, rubbing her pussy gently. “I’ll make it go away.”

The next thing Karen knew, her mother was eating her cunt, gently licking and lapping it until it felt super again.

“There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Sheila whispered at her ear, fondling her sensitive tits.

“Why?” Karen panted, writhing after a nice orgasm in her mother’s mouth. “Why did you let him fuck me?”

“Oh, darling, I had to! He wouldn’t come live with us if I didn’t promise to let him fuck you. He had to, honey. Try to understand how delicious your pussy is to him. He’s a man, you know. He just had to fuck you at least once. Now he’ll live with us, you see? He’s all mine now, thanks to you. You were a good girl, Karen.”


Karen didn’t like it one bit, but after she thought about it for a while alone in bed that night, she decided that it was her mother’s privilege to have a lover. Why should she be selfish? She had Rex to fuck. Her mother should have Bob Rix to fuck.

That very night, Sheila fucked Bob Rix. Karen peeked through the door and watched them fuck and suck most of the night. Then she understood why her mother had held her down while the man fucked the daylights out of her. Bob’s big stiff prick really did look worth doing anything for. She had compassion for her mother then. Of course her mother would promise anything, give anything, to possess a beautiful prick like that!

Karen watched the couple fuck on Sheila’s bed until she couldn’t stand any more. Her lips were tingling. Her tits were hot. Her pussy was on fire. She stole out of the house and called to Rex.

Five minutes later, she sat back in her own bed, stark naked, with Rex on her body. She was on all fours, humping wildly on the dog’s plunging prick.

After the doggie-cum made her pussy cream, she fell onto her back and caressed the animal. She fondled his cock and hugged his big, furry body to hers, loving him.

I don’t care what Mom does, she thought. I’m going to fuck Rex as much as she fucks Mr. Rix.

“You’re my dog,” she whimpered to Rex. “You stay with me — the hell with Mom. Let her fuck Mr. Rix. You just fuck me, okay? Good boy.”

Her fingers slipped around his stiffening cock shaft, and she rubbed his prick into renewed hardness. When his dog-cock was big and stiff again, she played with it for a long time, simply enjoying herself.

She jacked Rex’s cock up and down for him, making him groan with pleasure. The dog really liked the way she manipulated his cock and balls. She was a friendly girl, treating his prick as something very precious.

His cock and nuts were precious to Karen — as precious as Bob’s were to her mother. As she toyed with his big hard-on, she understood how her mother felt. She couldn’t really blame her for the part she had played earlier. Besides, Bob didn’t know it, but his raping her had only made her young pussy that much more sensitive to fucking. Now she wanted lots of fucking and sucking with her pet dog.

Karen moaned softly and rolled around on the bed. She took Rex’s big prick in her fist and jerked it up and down a few times, before sliding her hot mouth down over his cockhead. Rex growled low as Karen’s mouth caressed his prick, and the pretty girl moaned as she took all of his cock into her mouth. She wiggled closer to the beast and hugged him to her tits as she slid her mouth up and down slowly on his burgeoning prick.

Her soft lips closed gently around the dog’s cock-shaft, and she sucked on his prick slowly as her saucy little tongue flicked and licked at his throbbing cock-head. She liked sucking the dog off.

Because she liked cocksucking, she put her heart into it. While the sounds of her mother’s moans came from the other room, she sucked Rex’s doggie-prick with a passion, imagining Mr. Rix’s giant cock pounding the hell out of Sheila’s defenseless cunt.

Rex made another warning sound, and that made Karen whimper with pleasure. She knew her dog well now, and she knew he was going to pump a load of cum down her throat. She wanted his doggie-jism very much. She felt that if she sucked and fucked her dog a lot, she could forget that Bob Rix had fucked her against her will.

Rex’s heavy body jerked on the bed, and Karen had to hold onto him. She always had to subdue him when he was going to come. Her sexy, sucking mouth made him so wild!

His dog-cock swelled up to a fantastic size in her mouth and started jerking there. She moaned and sucked harder on his delightful prick. Her cheeks collapsed as she blew him and his cock got bigger and bigger.

Then his prick exploded with a fury. Karen pressed her mouth down on his cock until her soft lips caressed his hot nuts. Holding his cock-head lodged in her throat, she gulped and gulped his spitting, spurting jism. “Mmmmmmm,” she moaned, sucking his cock dry.

Then she licked his prick clean and rolled onto her back. She fell asleep with the dog licking her cunt. In the middle of the night, she rolled over in her sleep, her cute ass sticking up.

Rex awoke and mounted Karen, trying hard to fuck her. She woke up to find him fucking the air just inches above the curves of her naked ass. She giggled and got up on all fours.

Rex mounted her for sure then, with his paws around her neck and his powerful cock plunging repeatedly into her horny pussy. She whimpered and shook violently, coming beautifully as the dog ravished her cunt. He came with her then, pumping great quantities of his hot jism into her humping, twisting cunt. She moaned with extreme pleasure, liking his prick up her cunt much better than a man’s.

“Mmmmmm, fuck your cock into me,” she murmured happily.

After their explosive, mutual orgasm, Karen ushered the spent mutt out of the house. Then she padded naked back to her bed, slipped beneath the covers, and dozed off with a smile on her face and a hand on her cunt.


Karen had every hope of simply enjoying herself with Rex every day. But Bob Rix moved into the house, and before she knew it, she was the target of his mounting lust. Not a moment went by that he didn’t undress her with his eyes or sport an immense hard-on in his tight pants to tease her.

When she came home from school, she would often find him there, waiting with his prick stiff and throbbing. He never made a pass at her — just sat around letting her know that he’d love to shove his prick up her cunt again.

“I wish you wouldn’t look at me like that,” she said one afternoon.

She came in from school looking good enough to rape in a tight T-shirt and a brief miniskirt. Bob was in the recliner, watching TV. When he saw the girl, the big bulge of his cock appeared in his crotch, and he displayed it for her benefit.

“You like to be looked at,” he said. “If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be wearing such sexy things.”

Karen peered down at her ripe, jutting tits and said: “I can’t help how I look. I sure don’t dress like this to turn you on.”

“How come you’re so bitchy lately?” he asked. “Just because I fucked you? Or is it because I’m living here?”

“Both,” Karen said, pouting.

Bob grinned at her. “Come here and sit on my lap a minute. I want to talk to you.”

Karen’s gaze settled on the huge lump in his pants, and she swallowed nervously. “You promise not to get fresh?” she asked.

“Promise,” he chuckled. “I just want to talk to you.”

“Well… okay,” she murmured.

She crossed the room and perched her cute little ass on his hard-on. “There,” she said. “Now what do you want?”

“I want to be your friend again,” he said, glancing at the delightful points of her tits. Her ass felt nice on top of his stiff prick. “We were friends once, and I think we can be again.”

“How?” Karen asked.

“By trusting one another again. When we first met, I knew you liked me. I could see it in your pretty eyes. You were even attracted to me sexually. I remember.”

“That was before you raped me,” she pointed out.

He slipped an arm around her slender waist and gave her a gentle squeeze. “I miss the light in your eyes,” he said seriously. “I miss your pretty smiles and the happy way you greeted me at first. I miss the little imps in your eyes, too, that told me you were a sexy little thing.”

His sweet talk got to her slowly, but surely. “Well… I don’t like being bitchy,” she admitted. “I guess I was just mad at you for moving in here and taking over. I hardly get to talk to my mother now that you’re here.”

“You mean she hasn’t been eating your cunt lately,” Bob said.

“You know about that?”

“Of course. Sheila and I have no secrets. She even knows how hot I am to fuck you. You know, you’re the youngest girl I ever fucked. And your pussy’s the tightest I’ve ever fucked into.”

Karen caught her breath. “I wish you wouldn’t talk that way. Especially with your cock throbbing up at me!”

She wiggled her ass on his cock to let him know what she was referring to. Bob smiled at her and gave small thrusts with his prick to tease her some more. It upset her.

He laughed then and said: “Do you know what I think is bothering you? I think you’re jealous of your mother. You want me to fuck you the way I fuck her.”

“I do not!” Karen gasped, horrified. “I mean — I don’t think so. I-I — please, Mr. Rix, stop poking your cock at me!”

“You do want to fuck, don’t you?”

“No! I mean, I don’t want you to fuck me. I, well… sometimes I get to thinking about licking your prick. But that’s all. I don’t like your cock up my cunt. You’re too big.”

“Would you like to suck on my prick now?” he asked.

“Come on, Karen,” he coaxed, jabbing her ass with his immense boner. “Your mom’s still at the office. She doesn’t know I’m here. We’re all alone. You can blow my prick if you want to.”

Karen pulled away from him and got to her feet, denying that she wanted to suck his prick. But she didn’t walk away. She stood frozen as he unzipped his pants and let his enormous wet cock leap out in front of her.

“Suit yourself,” Bob said calmly, leaning back in the recliner. “Here’s my cock, all stiff and ready, if you want it. If you don’t, I’ll just watch you fuck Rex and jerk my prick off myself. And I’ll shoot my cum all over your luscious tits.”

“Please… don’t talk like that…”

“Maybe I’ll shoot some jism into your pretty mouth, and you’ll have to swallow it. And I’ll let some splatter your cute little cunt, too.”

“Mr. Rix…”

“Here,” he said, knowing she was weak with desire. “Suck my cock.”

“Ohhhhh,” Karen moaned and fell to her knees. She grasped his giant cock, taking his big cock-head into her soft, sexy mouth and sucking it hotly. A moment later, she whimpered helplessly and took more of his huge boner into her sucking mouth and lashed it with her tongue. Her fingers flew to his nuts and started toying with them. She knew that would make him come violently.

“Suck my prick, kitten,” Bob groaned, thrusting his powerful cock up into her sucking throat. “Suck it nice. That’s it, baby, you’re doing just fine. That’s what you want, isn’t it? Have you been watching your mother eat my cock? Driving yourself crazy, aren’t you? Well, you can blow my prick any time you want to, Karen. Suck it, suck my cock!”

He let her get all worked up over his magnificent prick, and when she was finally panting and moaning and sucking for dear life, he suddenly pulled his cock out of her mouth.

“That’s enough cocksucking right now,” he said thickly.

“No, nooo,” Karen moaned. “I want your cum!”

“Oh, you’re gonna get my cum all right — right in your cute little cunt!”

He pulled her to her feet and dragged her to the sofa.

“Mr. Rix! No! No! You promised!”

“I didn’t promise a fucking thing,” he chuckled.

He threw her down on the sofa and tore her clothes from her body, baring her tits and ass and pussy. Holding her down with one arm, he twisted his lower body and wedged himself between her struggling thighs. As she wept and protested, he worked his rigid fuck-pole up into her sweet cunt and rammed it home. She shrieked as his mighty cock speared up into her cunt-hole.

Bob chuckled with pleasure and fucked her wildly. He drilled his prick in and out of her twisting, writhing pussy. He fucked her cunt, pumping her furry pussy until she was as helpless as a kitten.

Her head rolled loosely on her shoulders as intense sensations overwhelmed her. Her slender arms slipped around his neck, and she pulled his face to her jutting tits. Out of her mind with sudden fuck-needs, she fed him her tits and humped her wet pussy furiously on his drilling, plunging prick. She came like crazy.

Bob drove all of his thick prick up into her clenching, writhing cunt and let loose with a torrent of thick creamy jism. That only made the girl come some more. She felt every blast of his jism hit her womb, tickling her fuck-urge. His drilling, spitting cock made her fuck faster and harder, and she came continually.

“Oh, oh, ohhhhh, Mr. Rix,” she moaned, writhing hotly under him. “You shouldn’t have fucked me. What would Mom think! You’re her lover!”

Bob raised his head from her luscious, thrusting tits. “Is that what’s worrying you, you silly kid? For Christ’s sake, your mother doesn’t care if I fuck you. Her only concern is, do you want to be fucked!? If you want my cock, she’ll share it!”

Karen gasped. “She will?”

“Of course! The only reason she wanted me to leave you alone was she thought you didn’t want to be fucked. I’ve had different feelings about you. I’ve thought all along that you really wanted my cock pumping cum up your pussy.”

“Ohhh, I do, I do!” Karen squealed happily. “Fuck me again!”

He did. He fucked her again right then and there, then fucked her every chance he got. When she got home from school, he fucked her cute pussy. When she was in bed, he slipped in with her and fucked her hot cunt. Day in and day out, he fucked her silly.

Karen grew quite fond of Bob’s enormous prick — especially when he fucked her after Rex licked her cunt. In the afternoons, she would get naked on her bed and let Rex lick her pussy until Bob could come by to fuck her. He often found her spread out across her bed with her luscious legs wide open and the big dog lapping hotly at her furry little cunt. Then he would send the mutt packing and wildly fuck out her horny cunt.

It soon became obvious to the wide-eyed teenager that her mother knew all about Bob’s extra-curricular activities at home. It turned out that Sheila was happy about it — glad that her little girl was getting a good fuck right there at home, where it was safe. That only made Karen ravenous and continually horny for Bob’s immense dong.

For Bob, living with beautiful Sheila and sexy Karen was pure delight. All three became very close, and soon the twosomes became hot and horny threesomes.

It all began the afternoon when Sheila arrived to find her little girl naked and bouncing up and down on Bob’s stiff prick. The sexy fuck scene got to her right away, and she stripped her clothes off. She moved up to Karen and fed the girl her bushy cunt. Then Karen sucked her mom’s cunt while she happily fucked Bob’s rigid fuck-pole. After several moments, mother and daughter exchanged places!

To show his gratitude, Bob bought Sheila a beautiful German Shepherd. He had seen her photo album and heard the story of Leo. It had been a fantastic turn-on for him to hear all about Sheila’s dog. So he purchased another for her.

The minute Sheila saw it, she burst into tears, for it looked exactly like her girlhood pet.

“Ohhh, Bob!” she cried. “You perfect darling! Ohhh, he’s gorgeous! So sleek. So strong. Ohhh, he looks just like Leo!”

Bob chuckled and said: “The point is, is he built like Leo?”

Sheila got the point, and as Karen and Bob looked on, she explored the dog’s balls and cock in her hand. The dog liked it fine right from the start and tried to mount her.

“He wants to fuck you,” Karen squealed with delight. “Ohhh, Mom, give him your pussy!”

Bob nudged her. “And you fuck Rex at the same time. I’d like to watch both of you get fucked by dogs.”

The idea made both females laugh sensuously. It was to their advantage to excite Bob as much as possible. They winked at one another, and Karen ran to get her pet.

Five minutes later, Bob was naked in the recliner, his fist filled with stiff cock. His gaze burned into the gorgeous bodies of mother and daughter as they got dog-fucked.

Rex mounted Karen and Leo the Second mounted Sheila. As the huge dog-cocks ravaged their pussies, the women kissed and lashed tongues hotly, playing with each other’s tits. Bob went out of his head with lust as he watched mother and daughter come several times on the doggie-pricks.

After a while, he started feeling left out of things. Sheila renewed her lust for dog-cock and Karen already had a passion for fucking Rex. Both females preferred their animals.

In time, it became clear to Bob that the females had a special place in their hearts — and in their cunts — for dogs. Sheila even quit her job! Bob couldn’t fuck her at the office any more!

When he got home from the office now, it was usually to discover hot female flesh writhing on the living room floor, getting fucked by a big, panting, drooling dog. Then he’d find another female in one of the bedrooms, sucking a doggie-prick. He walked around for hours with an aching, throbbing hard-on, waiting a turn at one of the lewd, obscene, spread-legged bitches.

Nights were no better for him. One night, he stole into Karen’s room to fuck her while she was asleep. But she wasn’t asleep. She was on her hands and knees in the dark. Leo was fucking her cunt, and she was sucking Rex’s enormous prick.

“Okay, you cockteasers,” he said one afternoon. “I’ll show you a thing or two.”

He stormed out of the house, leaving Sheila and Karen curious as to his intentions. He came back an hour later with a fluffy white French Poodle under his arm.

Sheila and Karen were naked on the living room floor, swapping spit and getting fucked by the animals.

“What in the world is that for?” Sheila asked.

Bob said nothing. He striped naked and stretched out on the floor with the girls, his cock aimed at the ceiling. He opened his legs wide and called the poodle.

“Come on Fifi,” he said. “Come on, girl. Lick Daddy’s prick nice!”

Sheila and Karen stared wide-eyed as the trained poodle scurried up to Bob’s big nuts and started licking his straining boner with its cute little tongue. Then, to their complete shock, Bob got up on his knees, hefted the small dog around, and pushed his immense cock up into her tight little cunt. The poor poodle yelped and howled as the horny man fucked her wildly, pumping all his cum into her tight little cunt.

“If you can’t fight ‘em, join ‘em!” Bob laughed.




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