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xNovel - Mom And Her Dog


Mom And Her Dog

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“Bad dog, bad dog,” she said, backing up. Hilda looked helplessly at the overturned box of dog food. The Doberman was standing there, his brown eyes rolled up, the thick short fur around his neck bristled while his sides heaved in and out. Oh, she didn’t really know this dog, know what his capabilities and personality were like. She’d bought him on recommendation of the training center she’d visited. Now Hilda began to understand what was on the animal’s mind. He knew she was hot, knew she had a dripping tight pussy. And he was going to take it, take it like a man. The thought chilled Hilda’s flesh.

“Get away from me,” she almost shouted, putting her hands to her mouth. The door was open. The neighbors could hear her. No, she had to get the animal out of the house, away from her so she could think this thing out. She had to get control of herself.

Rex had snapped at her wrist when she tried pulling him out by the collar. He was taking control of the situation. She backed away, crossing her tits protectively with her arms. Hilda had read about how some Doberman’s had turned on their masters, chewing them to pieces. Of course that had only been deranged animals… or so she thought. Now staring at Rex’s foaming jaws the woman wondered. Should she make a mad dash for the living room and try to escape through the front door?


Hilda backed from the animal, one hand behind her as she blindly searched for the doorway. Finding it, she moved into the hall, still staring at the animal that hadn’t yet moved. A wave of relief washed over as she reached the living room carpeting. The door was only twenty feet away. Once outside she’d lock it and then figure out what to do. Maybe the A.S.P.C.A. would take him away if she asked.


Rex sprang into action. It was as if he could read her thoughts! He was in the living room, forcing her toward the couch. He was growling — a low, muted, steady growl that made her flesh crawl with excitement. Hilda put one hand out in front of her protectively, shaking her head slowly back and forth. Her eyes rounded, her mouth drawn tightly over her teeth, her breath coming in short pants while her chest tightened and throat dried. She felt the couch touching the backs of her calves.

“No, please, no…”

The woman gathered her gown more tightly around her lithe body, her tits pressing against the sheer nylon material. Why was she feeling so weak, so damned eager for the animal? It was appalling. She was feeling attraction for this dog. And he knew it! She could see it in his eyes that he knew it! He could smell her. She watched his black wet nostrils quiver as he picked up the scent, his tongue dripping with saliva as he moved closer.


Hilda leaned back, losing her balance and falling back onto the couch. She dug her fingers into the soft cushions, twisting away from the big Doberman as he jumped up and hit her thighs with his forepaws. He went right through her defenses this time, pushing his forelegs against her gown, forcing the material away from her body. He was actually stripping her, bending his head forward and taking the edge of her nightgown between his fangs and pulling it to one side. He was revealing her to him, peeling the damp gown away from her flesh.

“No, no, it’s wrong…”

Hilda couldn’t find the strength to get away. He was back at her, bending down, dropping his head into her frazzled cunt thicket and slopping his tongue over her pussy. It had been long, oh, so long since anything other than her fingers had strayed over her cuntlips. She shivered, nearly pissing from excitement at the light, feathery wet touch. Her knees snapped together then sagged apart, her ass moving in soft, subtle fucking motions over the cushions. The woman felt more juice oozing from her slot, wetting down the bottom edge of her opened nightgown. Her nipples ached, itched to be touched. How could she be expected to keep her sanity under conditions like this?


Hilda had, of course, heard stories about women who enjoyed taking on animals, who actually encouraged dogs and horses and whatever to fuck them. But those were stories fit for the locker room mentality, certainly not for her and her daughter. But look, there was a dirty story happening right between her shivering thighs. Rex was lapping at her pussy, sloshing his tongue through her cunt forest, parting the dark, red, moist cuntmeat with his muzzle while drinking up her flowing juices. Hilda breathed with whistling sounds through her nostrils.


Rex pressed harder, growling lower in his powerful throat. This wasn’t real. Nothing seemed real to her any more. How could she tell the difference between reality and fantasy any longer when this sort of thing was happening to her? Oh, God, oh God, how could she ever look at her daughter again, lecture her on morality when she was allowing this terrible thing to happen to her?

“No, away… get… away from me,” Hilda said unconvincingly to the dog.

Rex didn’t bother listening to her. He kept on lapping at her cunt, pieces of her cunthairs clinging to his tongue. She felt her asscheeks tighten, relax, then tighten again while the dog licked at that sensitive strip of flesh between her asshole and pussy. She couldn’t pull away from him if she tried. The dog kept licking her cunt. Hilda was a prisoner now of her own raging sexuality.

“Stop… ohhuhhh, stop…”

Her head fell back as she breathed with increasing difficulty. The attractive woman heard the dog’s tongue lap noisily at her pussy, the sloppy sounds exciting her more and more. She felt the surface of Rex’s hot wet tongue graze over her exposed cuntlips, felt his muzzle pushing aside her pussy as if he were trying to get his snout inside! No, no, that couldn’t be. An animal couldn’t be doing this to her. No, it was only friction, just hot, wet, sloppy friction rubbing up her clit, making her whip her thighs back and forth against the animal and the couch.


She arched her back, rubbing her shoulder blades against the sofa. Her knees were spread widely apart now, juice and spittle flowing down her thighs, wetting down the scratchy material of the cushions. Hilda pressed her calves hard against the sofa, jerking her cunt up against the Doberman’s smacking mouth. She cried out again and again for him to stop, praying to God he wouldn’t. Oh, one wet lick rubbed over her clit. The woman sucked in her bottom lip, biting so hard she could taste blood. A dog, a damned dog. Yes, it was doing this to her, turning her into something less than an animal.

“Fuck, fuck,” she murmured, her head rolling from side to side against the back cushion. “This his horrible, horrible,” the woman sighed, her words sounding like a lie. And yet it was terrible. How could anyone condone what she was doing, sitting there, her legs spread apart with a Doberman squatting down and licking her off. She could smell herself now, certain the animal was enjoying the odor as well. He growled happily, slurping upward, pressing forward harder.

“Oh no, no…”

Weakly she raised both arms, placing her fingers on the dog’s forehead and pushing him away. Rex licked her fingers and wrists, wetting down her hands while wagging his stubby tail excitedly back and forth. Hilda looked down heavy-lidded at the Doberman, spotting something very red and pointed and hard slipping out of the black cock sheath. He was hard, stiff and long, his cock jerking up and down. Her mind flashed red. A cock, a dog’s cock! Any cock! Yes, yes, that was what she needed!

“No!” she cried, shoving the dog away roughly and finding the strength to stagger to her feet. She couldn’t let herself get carried away by her feelings, by her needs. What would Traci think if she were suddenly to burst in and find her mother carrying on with the pet Doberman? The thought nearly drove her mad. Gathering her gown tightly around her, Hilda staggered from the couch, steadying herself against the wall. How could she escape? The animal seemed to be all around her at once, standing in front of the kitchen doorway, then trotting over to the front exit and bracing himself against the carpeting. Frantically Hilda’s eyes searched every escape route. If she were to throw something at the animal, frighten him, distract him, maybe then she could run for safety.

“Damn you!” she cried, clenching one hand into a fist while picking up an ashtray with the other. Flinging it at the Doberman, Hilda dashed for the kitchen. Rex let out a sharp yelp, leaping to the right, his eyes wide with surprise and anger. Hilda jerked her head around as she reached the doorway, her gown trailing behind her. With terrified eyes she saw he was pursuing her. Panic rose in her throat, making her flesh tight. She saw those eyes narrow, looking as if they belonged to a killer beast. The woman whimpered, pushing herself off the doorway and scrambling as best she could toward the kitchen.


She stubbed her toe on a hall table, pitching forward. Hilda cried out, her hands jerking in front of her for balance. Nothing helped. She fell, sliding across the tiled floor of the entrance way. Rex barked twice then pounced on the woman, his forepaws braced on her thighs. The fall had ripped her gown open. She lay exposed once more to the big animal. He towered over her, his toenails digging sharply into her flesh. She felt some saliva drip from his mouth onto her pussy and belly. She saw those double set of fangs criss-crossed in his mouth, saw that dark, red, wet tongue behind them. He could tear out her throat, chew her to pieces, leaving a bloody mess for her daughter to find. Instead he started to lick her again. Her gown was opened, hitched up around her waist. He licked her there, wetting her navel, her ribs, her tits. Oh, how her cunt ached from the tension of lust she’d been feeling for the past week. Week? For the past few months, years! And to think it was being relieved by an animal, her pet, her protection for the house. Hilda giggled, her laughter turning quickly to a low groan as the animal touched a particularly sensitive area. The woman realized she was moving her thighs in response to the dog’s lapping when she felt the carpeting tickling her asscrack. Oh, she had the feeling that she was quickly losing her mind.


Rex growled again, moving back and surveying the hot, twisting woman. Hilda drew her knees up, placing the soles of her feet flat on the carpeting and edging her cunt up to the Doberman’s snout.

“Hunhrr! Huhhhrrr!”

The dog moved back, dropping his maw into her spit-slicked cunt thicket. Why did his tongue feel so wildly devastating? She was fucking back at him, purposely moving her pussy up and down, spearing her cunt with his tongue. The dog’s eyes glowed with excitement. He whimpered, moving the long tip of his nose from side to side. It was like being fucked, actually like being fucked by a man! Hilda gasped, her mouth opened, her eyes rounded and glazed while she sucked in oxygen with sharp, wheezing sounds.

His nose moved in, pushing against her inner cuntlips. He forced them widely apart. In the distance Hilda could hear other dogs barking. Did they know what was happening inside? Were they jealous? Again the woman giggled, picturing dogs fucking her in packs, circling her as she crouched on her hands and knees and let one after another fuck her.

“No, no, no…”

How could other people command their dogs so easily? She begged the animal to stop and he went right on. The burning explosion of her nerves being stimulated around her cunt made her heart pound wildly in her chest. Rex moved around, pushing her knees farther apart. She let him do it, let him have his way. Yes, yes, she enjoyed this wonderful animal and what he was doing to her. Good, oh so very, very good!

The woman cried out, feeling her cuntmuscles cramp, trying to grab hold of Rex’s probing snout. The animal pushed farther between her knees. Hilda felt them being shoved apart, loved having it happen to her. It was wonderful. That tingly wetness she felt grew hot now, hot and tense, just like the feeling she had while toying with her clit alone in bed. Rex pulled back once again, opening his powerful jaws and closing them on her flushed, upper right thigh. That sensation of his fangs pressing lightly against her skin, the sharp edges exciting her already aroused nerve endings drove her wild. Hilda whimpered, whistling through her nostrils, kicking her legs out, rubbing the insides of her thighs against the dog’s head. Yes, yes, the keen edge of a sharpened knife couldn’t have cut through her more intently. Sobbing, the woman rolled to one side on the couch. He went after the swollen lips of her cunt, grunting with excitement, lunging at the glistening surfaces that had peeled open as Hilda had made yet another vain attempt to get away.


The animal seemed crazed, more aroused than ever. He gouged his claws against her thighs, shoving his snout against her cunt. Hilda cried out, her eyelids fluttering, her hands gripping the Doberman’s head, her fingers fanning out against his ears. She was actually fucking herself with the dog’s snout, pushing it in and twisting it around while humping back against him. No, it wasn’t wrong. Oh God, how could this wonderful feeling be wrong?


Dropping one hand away from the animal Hilda put her shaky fingers down to her cunt mound. She felt how soaked she was. She felt Rex’s tongue lap her fingers and the sensitive places between them. When she dragged her fingers up her belly, feeling them making cooling streaks. The contrast between the evaporating spit against her hot flesh. That sensation increased the heat of her rushing climax. Oh, it would be wonderful!

“No, horrible, horrible…”

Common sense shot through the woman’s confused mind like white lightning. Pushing Rex away Hilda folded one leg over the other, gasping as pre orgasmic spasms tore through her cunt, draining her of most of her power and will.

“No, don’t, stop…”

Hilda fell to the carpeting, her fingers clutching at the piling. She crawled toward the kitchen doorway, her thighs flexing as alternate hot and cold rushes made them tighten. He was nipping her shivering flesh, lapping his tongue in a frenzy around her slit. The animal yipped and danced around her feet, licking her toes.


Hilda turned around and kicked back, feeling an sleepy feeling fall over her. Moving was so hard, so difficult for her now. It was as if she were in a dream. And still her clit burned like a glowing jewel, throbbing and pulsing while her cunt tightened, relaxed, and tightened again. Her gown hung open, tangling in her fingers. She tried grabbing it again but her fingers just couldn’t hold onto anything. Her tits pulled at her chest, making her more excited. She had to get away from the animal, run away from him before he fucked her. “Uuuhh!”

Rex had shoved his snout into her steamy cunt, triggering her off into orgasm. Hilda collapsed, her elbows bending, then finally folding completely. The woman curled into a fetal position, jerking and twitching while her pussy throbbed and burned as if someone had poured burning gasoline over it. A firestorm swept up to her twitching nipples while spittle oozed from the corners of her mouth. That damned dog! Oh, how she could have killed him!


Hilda gasped, shoving two trembling fingers into her swollen-open cuntlips. Thrilling spasms of lust rocked her body. The mushy heat of her cunt drove Hilda over the brink. She brayed like a jackass, crying out while the dog whimpered, rubbed his cock against her legs, trying to jack off against her.

“No… ohhhh it’s so good,” she cried, her eyes closed, her fingers caressing her cumming clit.

When she finally opened her eyes Hilda saw she was on the carpeting, the dog curled up beside her. Oh, she was too old for this sort of thing… too old and too respectable.

Getting up quietly Hilda grasped her cum-stained gown and stepped over the snoozing Doberman. How she wanted to shoot him. But why should she blame him. He was only an animal, following instincts. She had the power of reason, the knowledge of right and wrong, and she’d chosen a perverted path. No, if anyone should be shot it should be her.

Climbing the stairs she made her way to the bathroom, shrugging off her gown and turning on the cold spray of the shower. Hilda concentrated the icy spray on her cunt. She felt shame and confusion with herself.


The woman turned the cold water on her tits and belly. This was going to stop now. She’d put an end to it then and there. Working soap over where the Doberman had licked, she washed it off with warmer water, then wrapped a towel around her body. Yes, she’d shoot the dog before she let him that close to her again. After all, she still had a moral responsibility to raise her daughter properly. And God only knows that would be a full-time job now.



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