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xNovel - A Girl's Best Friend


A Girl's Best Friend

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PB-219 A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND by John Kellerman



Katie Martin brushed the currycomb lovingly over the big Roan’s withers. The great animal responded with a contented nodding and rearing of its noble head to the familiar touch of the striking young blue eyed, blonde girl. It was a task she enjoyed and she was displeased with herself for not having groomed him the day before, following her afternoon ride, but she had anticipated that Juan would do it. After all, he was the stableman. Besides, she’d been so taken up with her chance meeting of the boy who called himself Ron Carter that she hadn’t quite known what she was doing.

She’d spotted him there leaning on the white rail-fence next to their private graveled road which led into the K-Bar-L some two miles from the main house, and had ridden over curiously to learn who he was and why he was there.

With her inseparable, shaggy Genghis bounding along behind them like some massive and ferocious attacking gray beast. Gallant Red rapidly closed the distance to where the stranger stood casually watching their approach, and she could see the late model Caddy parked on the shoulder of the road where he’d left it.

Seems to be about 17 or 18, she thought. Mmmm, and he’s tall, broad-shouldered and lean too.

But it wasn’t until she reined in that she realized he had a chiseled, handsome young face with almost insolent, dark sparkling eyes, and a lopsided smile that seemed to be grinning contemptuously at the world.

“Hi!” she’d greeted, offering him a warm, if, questioning smile.

“Hi,” he’d replied in kind, his gaze fixing impudently on her breasts, hesitating there momentarily before raising slowly to her face.

She’d felt the flush in her cheeks and brushed her long, straight blonde hair back over her shoulders habitually, while Gallant Red pranced in nervous circles and Genghis began to growl viciously. Certainly, she wasn’t unused to male eyes first caressing her breasts before moving appraisingly over the rest of her 15-year-old body.

She was well aware of their voluptuous size and shapely pointed beauty. A sort of initial focal point(s). But there was something wildly challenging in his obvious mental-stripping of her that raised tingles of excitement somewhere in her under-belly.

“Quiet, Genghis!” she’d ordered, and as always, the imposing, lovable brute had obeyed immediately. “Don’t mind him. He doesn’t like anyone until I tell him to. He’s a Timber Wolf.”

“Well, I hope you tell him to like me,” Mr. Handsome replied solemnly, then, his fetching grin had become prevalent once more.

She had laughed, displaying an array of white even teeth intentionally, while she leaned forward to pat the big Roan’s neck.

“All right, I will. I’m Katie Martin.”

“Ron Carter,” he replied, his brazen eyes constantly returning to her breasts.

“What’re you doing around here, Ron Carter?”

“Vacationing,” he shrugged. “Just riding around and stumbled onto this road.”

“Staying nearby?”

“In Phoenix… with relatives,” he told her.

She must have been staring at him.

God, he’s handsome. The insane thought raced through her mind before suddenly continuing. “I’m having a party tonight… just some friends… people, you know? Would you like to come?”

“Yeah, sure I’d like to,” he started, then as if in second thought, he added. “But I can’t make it tonight… sorry. I’m tied up. Maybe, some other time, eh?”

She felt disappointment.

“All right… but I wish you could come,” she said, making little effort to hide her aroused feelings. Lord, he’s so damnedably good-looking, her mind kept wandering. That along with that mysterious virile charisma of his that could hypnotize a girl. Then she continued her conversation. “I think I like you,” she’d said almost before she realized it. “You’d be my date… and we throw the wildest parties, Lee and I…”


“He’s my twin,” she’d informed him, trying to steady Gallant Red who was anxious to gallop over the hill toward the wash, their usual afternoon excursion. “Listen… our Friday night parties are always the best. Why don’t you try to make it, Ron?”

“Okay,” he nodded. “I’ll try.”

His grin was sending the craziest sensations soaring through her.

She couldn’t remember when a boy had moved her the way he had. Except, of course, for Danny Farnum, but he was in Tucson, and just a memory now. They’d even stopped writing each other some months past, and it had been two years since Daddy had brought them to Breynar. Two frustrated, unhappy years of discomfort and unwanted new existence.

“There’ll be pot!” she heard herself add with a feeling of defiance, while the big horse pivoted in circles, restlessly.

“I’ll keep it in mind.”

“And I’ll be looking for you,” she’d advised, offering him a sensuous parting smile. “Nice meeting you, Ron Carter,” she gave him a knowing wink. “I’ll be back.”

But he hadn’t, and their party had been a lousy affair without him, at least, for her. Now, she was angry with herself for making such an obvious pass at him.

God, she thought to herself in self-disgust. Could I have made a bigger fool of myself?

Thinking about it, she wasn’t surprised that he hadn’t showed. He’d probably been afraid of being raped! Damn, nothing seemed to go right anymore, not since Tucson. She had been a wanton little ass throwing herself at him so conspicuously, hadn’t she? Well, she wasn’t sorry, not really, and she’d do it again. Even more with the right boy, and especially with Ron Carter! She’d had just about all she could stomach of this whole disgusting new existence! What a farce it’d become!

Gallant Red whinnied, interrupting her unpleasant thoughts.

“What’s the matter, Darling?” she spoke soothingly, brushing back over his ribs toward his strong muscular flanks. “You disgusted, too?”

Genghis, sitting on his haunches behind her, whimpered at her words. Automatically, she craned her neck to look into the great beast’s wild grayish green eyes that were staring at her limpidly.

“All right, Baby, all right! Don’t be jealous,” she said, reaching her free hand around to stroke the huge animal’s massive crown. “I love you. You know I do. God, you ought to… you old Wolf!”

He licked at her hand and she continued to pet him affectionately.

Lord, she thought. What would I ever have done without them these many lonely months passed?

They had become her whole life. Her pets… her loves… her only companions! Oh yes, there’d been Daddy and Mom and Lee. Three empty shells of the loving, close knit family she’d been a part of in Tucson before the great and new existence had come to plague them, to weave imprisoning cocoons around them. Social cells within which one might smother in dignity with his individual hang-ups.

But her sweethearts! They were so far superior to the human animal, and the good Lord knew how much she loved her Mom and Daddy. Her handsome Daddy. Yes, and even Lee, but damn him, he’d been absolutely obnoxious the night before!

If it hadn’t been for him, she might have enjoyed some kind of time. Or at least, lessened the letdown of Ron Carter’s nonappearance. She hadn’t lied about Friday nights being their best times, because both of her parents were generally gone.

For Daddy, it was a late working day, then Civic Club. Later, he joined her mother at the Breynar Country Links for whatever it was that kept them until 5:00 and 6:00 o’clock in the morning.

That preliminary weekend stage that personified upper middle-class success. After all, a bank manager and his wife were expected to move in exclusive circles, and they did. But the hollowness was so blatant anymore in both of their adorable faces.

Oh damn!

She wasn’t going to think about that disgusting, heartbreaking nonsense this morning! No! It was too beautiful of day, and she had her closest darlings around her. Yet, she couldn’t shake the anger she felt toward her twin.

Damn him, anyway!

She was actually fifteen minutes older than he was and looked at least two years younger, an aggravating delusion that for some unknown reason had led him to believe he could big-brother it over her, and even worse, she’d found herself giving in to his domination the past year.

No one ever took them for twins anymore, although they resembled each other closely. Both were blonde haired and fair skinned, Lee’s near six feet in height and strong, athletic build, had advanced her own kid sister feeling.

She stopped currying, her thoughts distracting her once again. It was actually difficult for her to accept the change that’d come over Lee since Tucson. They had been so close at 13. But then, she had only to remember Peggy Farnum, her Danny’s sister, to realize she had the basic answer.

Perhaps, it was only that childish affliction that adults are wont to call puppylove, but whatever it was, the four of them had enjoyed an ardent case of it until they’d moved. Then had come the disillusionment and loneliness to breed little animosities and confused defiance.

Daddy had been so proud, she remembered. He’d gotten the appointment as Bank Manager of the Breynar branch of Saguaro National Bank and Trust Co., that beautiful suburb of Phoenix and nothing had been the same since!

Gallant Red whinnied once more, jarring her from a state of rapidly growing moroseness.

“Okay… you’re right, Darling,” she said, reaching up to tweak the great horse’s ear. “I shouldn’t bring my problems to my beautiful loves. But there wasn’t any damned reason for Lee to make a fuss because I smoked my second stick of grass. God, you’d think he was my guardian or something,” she went on, as if her pets could understand her. “He made such an issue of it that I actually ran out of there. And then that disgusting Larry Beehman. The whole evening, trying to get his hands up my dress. Though, I can’t help wondering what he’d ever do if I decided to let him!”

She began to curry once more, the repulsive, yet, sensuous thought of Larry Beehman’s clumsy attempts to fondle her semi-virginal secret parts blending with the existing maze that was embroiling her mind. Genghis whimpered behind her and she petted him absently.

She pictured their house on Orange Drive in Tucson. The happiest moments of her life had been spent there. And Danny would come over. His young carefree face appeared before her. Smiling as always. What a sweet boy he was.

She had let him touch her there and caress her budding breasts while she would hold and gently stroke his hot, hard rod, but it had never gone beyond that, and he was the only boy she’d ever let do it.

God, I’ve got to stop thinking about such things. She shook her head from these thoughts. Otherwise I’ll get myself all worked up!

Instead, she forced herself to remember the day Daddy had told them the good news. They were moving to Breynar! She had thought she’d die! Even her mother’s smile had seemed nauseous. But Daddy had been too elated with his appointment to notice their dejection. It was going to be a whole new and wonderful life for them, he’d predicted happily. At last, the Martins were going to be important in this world. They were going to attain status and have all of the luxuries he’d never been able to give them!

Well, it was done! Now, Mom didn’t even cook the meals, Rosita did! And Daddy didn’t prune his pet rose bushes, Juan did that for him! Nor was there any more Danny Farnum! Instead, she had the pot and the parties and the Larry Beehmans. And Lee had Millie Stone, the Judge’s daughter.

The pig! she thought about that dirty old man. Oh, how stupid it is to keep rehashing all this. But God, Daddy… what have you done to us?

Katie felt the hot tears stinging her cheeks, and she’d vowed days ago that she’d never let it happen again. Yet, she hadn’t counted on this Ron Carter either, and somehow he’d stirred her up miserably.

Lord knows, Daddy had meant only the best for them. He’d given them the K-Bar-L with its splendid furnishings, ample wardrobes, three cars, and finally her Gallant Red and Genghis, the latter being a magnificent beast she had seen in a San Francisco zoo and fallen in love with. She knew he had cost her father a sizable amount, and somehow he’d managed the difficult purchase from the zoo.

Then, it had taken several months of gradual and professional acclimation before the Lobo could cope with the desert heat. Now, he was her prize possession, just as the ranch was Daddy’s, while to Lee and herself, if was only a figurehead place.

She guessed that it probably hung fine amongst the Breynar Country Club group, placing her parents on the exclusive social level. It was a beautiful, gentleman spread that most people would give a great deal to be a part of, but neither Lee nor did she feel quite that way about it. And although she wasn’t certain, she had her doubts about her Mom’s professed contentment there.

If only she and her brother hadn’t drifted so far apart. Whatever had come between them, Katie couldn’t put her finger on it. After all, they’d always been so close. In fact, there’d almost been a secret bond drawing them closer to one another in Tucson, and thinking about it caused an unexpected ripple of excitement to tingle along her spine again.

She recalled that he would come into her room at night before going to bed, wearing only his shorts, while she might sit at her vanity brushing her hair in her nightie.

And why not? Dear God, hadn’t they even bathed together a thousand times in their little years?

All the same, she remembered, he would stand there talking about idle and unimportant things while she would glance a hundred times at the bulge at the front of his shorts, knowing he was eyeing her breasts through the diaphanous material of her nightgown, and staring at her hips and buttocks, waist and thighs when she stood and crossed the room intentionally. Then at the partially hidden light haired mound of her young womanhood as she faced him.

But she’d never thought of their actions as being wrong. After all, he was her brother. Yet, as strongly attached as they had been, she couldn’t remember anything they had ever done to each other that could be sexually frowned upon.

Lord, what am I trying to come up with, anyway? She blinked her eyes furiously, trying to purge these thoughts from her mind.

Genghis suddenly gave out with a loud bark.

“Damnit, Genghis, be quiet!” she snapped. “It’s 6:00 o’clock in the morning! You want to wake up the whole place?”

The Wolf stirred, moving in a tight circle, then sat once more, contented with the hand she grazed backwards over his massive head as she curried with the other. She wished she’d put on slacks or jeans instead of the skirt she’d hastily jumped into. What she needed was a wild ride down through the wash to clear her head of all the erotic little thoughts she had let accumulate there.

Thinking about that now, it occurred to her that she’d been restless all night, ever since Larry Beehman’s crude fumbling around. That, in addition to her general confused frustrations, had roused her from bed early.

Again, Genghis barked, startling her this time, and angrily, she raised her hand as if to slap the brute, but then he whimpered and at the same moment her eyes caught sight of it, too!

It was Gallant Red. Her gentle currying of his glistening coat had caused it to happen again, just as it had the other day! His heavy shaft suddenly hung dangling out, thick and black like a length of oversized rubber tubing, and Katie couldn’t take her eyes from it!

Immediately, she sensed an uncontrollable twinge of excitement charging upward through her as her widened blue eyes stared fixedly at the ever-lengthening rod of black, velvet like animal flesh!

“S… So that’s what you were barking at, Darling,” Katie half whispered, both fascinated and aroused by the fierce and sensually inspiring spectacle.

Of course, she’d seen it before and had been no less moved, but until this very morning she hadn’t been certain that she was its stimulus. Juan usually curried him.

God, had she subconsciously had this in her mind all night? Was that why she’d been so restless with Larry Beehman’s awkward passes inciting her, along with memories of Danny and even Lee adding to her impetus? Was that why she’d hurriedly grabbed up the first things she could find to wear and rush down here with Genghis right behind her?

She couldn’t help but drop to her knees where she could observe the huge shaft more closely. Gently, she rubbed at the great horse’s belly with her small soft hand while she spoke softly and the huge gray Wolf came over to nuzzle against her cheek affectionately.

“The poor Darling, he needs a lovely mare to satisfy him, Genghis Doll,” she unconsciously cooed. “You see, I’ve worked him all up. Just like you, he loves me too! Have you ever seen such a breathtaking thing? God, some beautiful mare doesn’t realize what she’s missing, does she Lobo, Baby?”

The powerful Wolf whimpered to the sound of her near-whispering voice, but Katie was hardly aware of it. The sensuously provoking marvel before her eyes was inciting crazy fermentations inside her loins and belly. She could feel the tingling sensations down between her soft white thighs. Between the very lips of her pussy, taunting the moist pink flesh of her vulva.

Oh, what a beautiful animal he is, she thought. And I love him so. Just as I love my Genghis. The sweet, splendid creature. He needed a mate just as lovable Lobo had needed one! But what can I do about it? My God, just look at the size of it.

She couldn’t resist reaching under him and touching it in a petting motion, then slowly encircling her fingers that hardly encompassed a third of the massive hot shaft. Wild and insane jolts of carnal lust lashed through her young voluptuous body at the feel of the spongy animal-prick in her hand, while entranced, she began to feebly stroke it as she had the few times to Danny.

Her brain raced licentiously. It was early. Juan wouldn’t show for another hour or so when he brought Rosita!

God, I want to, she thought. There’s something so deviant and utterly feral about this. Yet, so beautiful and fulfilling for my gallant angel. That is, if I can go through with it!

She was certain it would bring her as much satisfaction as it would him, and Lord knows, he’d provided her release so many many times since she’d had him! God, why else had she left off her panties this morning and rushed down to the stables with all of the intentions of mounting him bareback, her skirt pulled up so that there would be nothing between his warm hairy flesh and the spread-open lips of her cunt? To cum and cum and cum again! That’s what she’d intended. But all of her little hang-ups had intervened!

Face it, Katie Martin, she admonished herself. You’re nothing more than a human female animal, and all the establishment pomp and circumstance that your Daddy affords you will never make you more than half-worthy of these two magnificent brutes who love you! You belong to them… not they to you!

Her mouth and throat were so dry that she swore she could spit cotton when she lay down on her back in his stall, kicked off her slippers and moved over to lay beneath the towering animal. She knew that nothing could ever induce him to step on her, not even if a gun had been suddenly fired.

He whinnied several times while Genghis paced the enclosure and whimpered. Then, she raised her small, pink-soled feet and took his great hot prick between them, her skirt falling back over her belly to reveal her enchanting nakedness in a lewd and salacious, bestial scene as she began to gently rub up and down the long, thick stem.

Unbelievable bolts of prurient lust screamed through her at the thought and sight of what she was doing. She watched his colossal cock stiffen and lengthen even more, until its fantastic crest hung nearly down between her thighs to press against her cuntlips there.

Uncontrollably, as she worked her soft feet up and down the mighty shaft, she raised her hips until the huge black head caressed and split open her moist puffy flanges! God almighty, she’d lose her senses with the forbidden ecstasy of it!

Then, she felt again the presence of her Genghis and heard him whining as he crept on his belly between Gallant Red’s hindlegs toward her upturned crotch.

What a true Wolf he is. She grinned at his action. The jealous Darling.

But she knew the sight of her naked raised thighs and her exposed soft white buttocks and moist pink slit beneath its sparse, blonde curls was attracting him. Hadn’t she taught him that way?

She gave a start when she felt his cold damp nose brush against the tiny raised circle of her anus, then she sensed the length of his hot, moist tongue lash out and lick up through the smooth crevice of her ass, splaying the puffy lips of her pink cunt like a fleshy spatula, grazing her raw inner flesh the length of her split to the erect nub of her clitoris, and she moaned audibly, her lovely legs and feet working like clutching hands and arms as they pumped Gallant Red’s massive black prick wickedly!



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