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xNovel - The Wife's New Pet


The Wife's New Pet

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Ellie was awakened by a nightmare. A nightmare that she had had before. This time, though, there was a difference. This time, the bad dream was a reality.

Ever since the day when she had run across the old man and his dog in the woods, his leering face had come hack from time to time to haunt her dreams. She would awaken, terrified, sure that he was after her ripe young body.

Now she opened her eyes and saw that same leering face hovering over her. Wide-eyed, she looked frantically around her. There was only the dog sitting quietly by the bathroom door. Now Ellie knew for sure that Nugget was the prospector’s dog. The thought that she had just screwed the old lecher’s animal sickened her. It must be a nightmare! It couldn’t be happening! But the closeness of the old man’s garlic breath told her it was!

When at last her eyes came back to the man, she saw more than his ugly leering face. She saw his swollen cock, pulled from the fly of his baggy trousers, poised over her vulnerable blonde pussy. She tried frantically to push him off her, to sit up. It was no use. Qld he might be, but weak he was not.

At last the frightened, confused girl found her voice. “Where’s Wanda? What are you doing here!” When he continued to smile at her, she ceased trying to be rational. She began to cry and beat her fists against his chest. “Get off of me! Get off! Please!”

She didn’t dare yell too loudly. Her dilemma was that she could not risk being discovered naked, her pussy coated with cum, by any of the townspeople. How would she ever explain to Hank? Her only hope was Wanda. Without her help, she was this man’s virtual prisoner.

“Don’t worry, baby! I’m not going to hurt you! You should like what I’ve got here for you.” He fondled the turgid shaft of his prick, grazed the tip against her wet cunt-lips. He grinned as she tried to recoil from him. The weight of his body held her firmly.

“Please… please leave me alone!”

“Hell, baby… I know you’ve been screwing old Nugget there. The evidence is smeared all over you! You’ve just got to give me a turn. My feelings will be hurt if you don’t!” He felt his cock throbbing urgently against the yielding flesh of her cunt-opening. It had been years since Jim had been this aroused. Even though Wanda had cured him of his hard-on problem, he hadn’t ever felt up to screwing her. Head jobs were as far as he let her go.

But as soon as he let himself into the redhead’s room and saw the lush blonde lying naked on the bed, his cock had throbbed to erection. And with his hard-on had come the certain instinct that he would have no problem screwing this cunt. Ever since he saw her that day in the woods, the new prospector’s wife had had a starring role in all his dreams and fantasies. Now was his big chance to make his dreams come true. If only Wanda would stay away long enough to give him his chance. He wasn’t sure what the redhead’s relationship with the blonde was, but he knew Wanda was woman enough to drive him away if she had her heart set on it.

As the older man’s cock-head pressed more and more insistently against her cunt-slit, Ellie’s mind struggled feverishly for a way out of her horrifying predicament. Where was Wanda! Had she let this man stay alone with her? Her wide blue eyes stared fearfully into the man’s. Though she hated to admit it, her instincts told her she was lost!

“Where’s Wanda?” she sobbed meekly. She had lost heart for the struggle. Alone and afraid of gossip, there was nothing she could do to save herself.

“Who knows?” he replied carelessly. “I just came to get my dog. Wanda gave me a pass key before I left for Frisco. I’ll tell you, sweetie… I didn’t expect a hot surprise like you to be waiting for me in here. I was feeling plumb disappointed when Wanda didn’t answer my knock.”

Her defeated spirit grabbed hold of one faint consolation. Wanda hadn’t been here when he arrived! At least, now she knew her friend hadn’t handed her over to the prospector like a consolation prize at a raffle.

All this talk and no action was putting one hell of a strain on Jim’s swollen cock. Without further hesitation, he gripped her firmly by the shoulders. At the same time his rock-hard prick drove deep into her cum-slickened pussy. Though her little hole was tight-clenched, the plentiful fluids from her last fuck made it easy for Jim to work his cock in and out of her cunt. “Uh, Christ! It’s been a long time since I’ve had anything like this! Jee-zuz, it’s good! Hot tight pussy! Wowee!”

As the old prospector labored over her helpless body, tears of shame flowed from Ellie’s eyes down over her flushed cheeks. Though she still had not come to terms with her afternoon’s abandon, at least she could have appeased her conscience with the thought that she had fallen to a woman and a dog — not another man. Not anyone who could compete with Hank on his own ground.

Now though, there was this man, this repulsive old man, who was having his way with her vulnerable young cunt. She could never forgive herself for this — for getting herself into a situation where she was powerless to save herself. She couldn’t even yell, for fear of discovery. Instead, she continued to plead softly for mercy. “Please — let me alone. Don’t do this to me! Pleee-ze!” Desperately, she gritted her teeth and closed her eyes, trying to make the bad dream go away.

“Not on your life, baby! If Nugget is good enough for this tight little twat, then so am I!” Swallowing hard, Jim summoned all his energy to keep from giving in to the powerful call to orgasm. He wasn’t ready yet to put an end to this landmark fuck. He wanted something he could think about for the next ten years. He wanted to make the pleasure last.

While the cruelly pinioned girl continued to plead and cry beneath him, Jim drove his swollen throbbing cock deep into her pussy again and again and again. He relished the way her taut cunt-walls clenched his turgid organ, molding themselves around his thickness on each instroke. As he pulled out of her hot depths, he enjoyed the salacious impression that her pussy was clinging to him, trying to keep him from escaping.

Jim knew he would suffer no repercussions from taking advantage of the squirming blonde. The very fact that she wasn’t screaming at the top of her lungs told him she had a stake in keeping the situation a secret. And, after all, how many women would want their neighbors to know they liked to get it on with dogs?

Leering lustily, he shoved his prick deep into her twat. The pained grimace on her face made the pleasure all the more intense for him. It was just like screwing his wife all over again. She never looked happy to see him rutting over her either. But on the other hand, her pussy never felt like this sweet honeypot.

As she lay hopeless beneath the grunting man, Ellie felt a strange recklessness creep over her. There was no one to save her. Maybe there was nothing to be saved from. After all, hadn’t she already made love to a woman and a dog today? What more did she have to lose? What did she have to hold on to? Certainly not self-respect. Yesterday she had been a faithful young wife. Faithful, at least, in deed, if not in thought. Today where was she? Lost, confused, alone. Alone but for this foul-breathed older man who was relentlessly fucking her pussy.

Without waring, something inside Ellie snapped. Part of her wanted to get this degradation over with as soon as possible. Part of her was beginning to enjoy the perverse thrill of being fucked against her will — by a dirty old man, who was probably harmless enough when his cock wasn’t ruling his head. It was all so crazy. She didn’t want to think about it!

To keep herself from thinking about it, she began to grind her hips tentatively up against the man’s loins. Though it wasn’t premeditated, a low groan of pleasure escaped her lips. His cock was big and filling. He had a hard, unyielding rhythm that made her respond in spite of herself. “Uuuuhh! Oooooohhh, yeah!”

A broad grin spread over the old prospector’s features. She was learning to like it. She was squirming abandonedly beneath him, working with him instead of against him. Her cries of despair had turned into sensual moans of lusty appreciation.

“Oh, yeah, baby! I knew you’d go for me if you gave yourself a chance! I may be getting old, but I still think I can outdo a dog-prick when I set my mind to it!” With furious abandon, he drove his prick far into her wet hole, grazing the tip against her cervix deep inside. Jim felt like a new man. And he owed it all to the lush little cunt squirming beneath him!

Though she shivered with revulsion at his lewd remarks, the shiver quickly turned into a tremor of masochistic excitement. He may be old and kind of repulsive, but he could fuck. He had a cock that was splitting her cunt-lips wide. Her whole body was aquiver with his hard-probing titillation. Ellie scarcely recognized her new jaded self. What had become of her in just a few short hours? How could she be settling for this kind of degrading treatment — and liking it? She was actually liking it!

As though to drive out the whispers of her own conscience, Ellie drove her pussy more wantonly up against the man’s loins. She undulated her cunt from side to side, so sometimes the pressure was more intense on one side, sometimes on another. Soon the tantalizing strokes of his big cock acted upon the blonde’s brain like a hypnotizing pendulum. Her reality dwelled up inside her pussy. She was getting fucked, soundly fucked — and it felt good!

“Oooooh yeah! Do it to me! Fuck me!” She had never said those words to anyone but her husband. Again tears sprang to her eyes. But for a different reason this time. For the mourning of lost innocence.

At last, the intense input was more than the young wife could bear. Her whole body seemed to convulse inward on itself, then to explode outward in a lusty burst of energy. “Oh my God! I’m cumming! Jee-zuz — it’s so strong!”

Delighted with the effect he was having on his now-willing victim, Jim was able to make only a few more strokes before he too came. “Shit, baby! Here it cums! Make way for my load, beautiful!”

The sounds of his ecstasy were repulsive to her, even as she still shuddered in excitement.

Before they had a chance to catch their breath, the door opened. It was Wanda, with a tray of food. She set her burden on her dresser and rushed over to the bed. “Jim, what the hell are you doing here? Is he bothering you, Ellie?”

Ellie’s eyes looked dully up at the other woman. “Just don’t tell Hank, Wanda. That’s all! Please!” She turned over onto her belly and buried her face in a pillow. Her body heaved with sobs.

Wanda had come too late! And Ellie would never be the same!



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