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xNovel - Ravished Wife


Ravished Wife

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Pamela Lee sat in her kitchen draining the contents of her tenth cup of morning coffee. It was nearly noon and she had spent the last few hours going over her proposed guest list for the Charity Ball that her husband objected to so often.

Jeff always seems to make things harder for me, she thought as she got up from the table. Pamela knew that her social commitment was important to Jeff’s career, but he would hear none of it. As far as he was concerned, her seven-day-a-week society schedule was a complete waste of time. If only he could understand that she was doing it for him, she thought. He was so intelligent and worldly, yet he would not give the slightest bit of ground when it came to social contacts.

“Absurd,” she said aloud as she walked into the large bathroom and turned on the light. Silently she reached over and turned on the bath water, checking for the right temperature. Her active mind stopped thinking about her husband for a moment and she turned her attention to her image in the mirror. She slipped her robe from her soft shoulders and automatically hung it on a hook. The bath water was heating the room and she took a deep breath of the steamy air, feeling it caress her lungs with its dampness.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned softly and stretched her arms high above her head, loosening her long supple muscles.

Her eye caught her image in the mirror and she clinically examined herself. Not bad, she thought, not bad at all for a thirty year old woman. She ran her eyes along the graceful lines of her stretched body, observing the firm roundness of her breasts and the sleek sensuous curve of her hips. She lowered her arms and touched her hands to her breasts, tensing for a moment at the tingling sensation that shot through her thighs.

It was always the same, she thought to herself as her fingers toyed with the pink buds of her nipples. Every time she touched herself there softly, the tingling would start in her thighs, and sometimes, when she weakened, she would hold her fingers on her breasts, caressing the nipples until they hardened and small droplets of warm moisture would form at the mouth of her vagina. It seemed so strange, and really, even good. But Pamela had listened to her mother for twenty seven years, and whatever mother said was right. She could remember the older woman telling her of the ugly grunting that men made when they made love with their big hairy bodies.

Pamela could not understand why her husband would get so passionate, almost animal-like, she thought. She ran her fingers down her body, slowly stroking the soft skin while she recalled the last time she and Jeff had made love. He had been rough as always, consumed in his animal desire. He never hurts me, she thought, but he’s never tender. He never touches me like this.

As she thought about her husband’s sweating body rocking back and forth on top of her, her fingers sought the soft silken hair that grew at the apex of her thighs, and experienced the same tingling that she had when she had touched her breasts. She remembered that her mother had told her that a woman’s body was to be treasured, and cared for. Maybe it would tingle when Jeff touched her too, if only he could be more gentle and civilized, she thought as her fingers explored the trembling pink lips of her vagina. If he could be gentle I might even enjoy myself, too.

This was the farthest that Pamela Lee had ever gone when thinking about sex. Always before her mother’s words had had the power to curb the rising desire that she felt when she touched the soft roundness of her breasts. But this time her fingers had wandered between her thighs and were causing her mother’s words to fade into the background.

Suddenly her whole body trembled and she tried to shake off the rising desire that flooded her moistening vagina. Once before, ten years ago, she had felt the same passion rise in her loins. She remembered sliding her finger back and forth across the quivering lips until the tiny bud of her clitoris rose to erection. There had been no turning back that time, and she had fallen into a frenzy of masturbation, rubbing the finger harder and harder, until suddenly her whole body had shaken with convulsions, leaving her weak.

As she looked into the mirror she saw that her jaw had gone slack, leaving her face in a mask of lust-incited desire.

“Ooooohhh,” she moaned aloud.

She couldn’t do it again, she just couldn’t. Pamela remembered the tremendous guilt that she had harbored the last time she masturbated. It was wrong, wrong, but it felt so nice. Please, she begged herself, please stop this torture. She seemed to be like another person in the mirror, her face contorted with the need for orgasm and the terrible guilt that she felt.

As suddenly as she had begun, she stopped. With all her willpower she removed her wet fingers from the warmth of the hair lined lips between her legs and breathed a sigh of relief. She had won, but still the embers of passion smouldered in her yearning body.

The bath, she thought, the hot bath would soothe the ache that she felt and make her forget what she had almost done.

Gingerly she lowered herself into the steaming tub, feeling the hot water slap at the white moons of her soft buttocks. The heat surrounded her thighs as she sank lower, surging between her thighs like ocean waves.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned aloud and allowed her sleek, firm body to sink into the tub, nearly submerging herself.

She sat back and pulled a washcloth from beside her. Pamela looked at her breasts as they rose and fell above the water in slow even rhythm. It’ll stop, she thought as she felt the hot bathwater mix with the warm juices that had lubricated her aching vagina. Here I am, a grown woman, and yet I can’t enjoy sex. I have to sit in a bathtub and soak away the desire while my husband is out chasing prostitutes.

I wonder what a prostitute looks like, she thought as she soaped the tips of her breasts. Do they look like a normal woman, or are they painted and sleazy. For a moment she tried to picture a professional whore, but the woman she saw in her mind was in bed with her husband, and she immediately erased the image. How can they stand to have all those men sticking their big brutal penises into them.

She shook her head in disgust at the thought of hundreds of hairy men climbing in and out of her bed. God, not my bed, not ever, she thought. Prostitutes couldn’t possibly enjoy it, they just couldn’t.

Pamela raised one leg and ran the lathery cloth along the trim tanned skin, nearly laughing out loud when she remembered what Jeff had said about Wade Jackson. Mr. Jackson was an outstanding member of the community, she thought, and would never resort to such a depraved thing.

“Oh damn!” she said aloud as the doorbell suddenly chimed, breaking her train of thought.

She pulled herself from the tub and reached for her robe as the bell rang again.

“I’m coming,” she yelled as she half ran across the living room, tying the belt of her robe as she went.

“Oh!” she gasped as she swung open the door and stared into the face of Wade Jackson. “Why, Mr. Jackson, I was just thinking about you.”

“Really,” he said. “I’m flattered.”

Pamela had never met Wade Jackson before, but had seen his picture often. She was impressed and pleased that he had come to her home, though she didn’t particularly care for the looks of the two seedy looking men that had come with him.

“Won’t you come in, please,” she said, at the same time opening the door wider and gesturing for them to enter. “I hope you’ll forgive the way I look. You caught me in the bath.”

“No, you look fine,” Wade told her, “Just fine.”

“Let me get you some coffee,” she said hurriedly. “It’ll only take a minute.”

Wade thanked her and walked to the sofa. His two companions stood by the door, their arms crossed over their chests like Roman Gladiators. Wade was holding himself back, wanting to find out just how much Jeff Lee’s wife knew before he would order his bodyguards to take her into the bedroom and strip the robe from her back. He was pleased that they had entered the house so easily. Maybe she doesn’t know anything, he thought, that would make it even better. It would make her more innocent, and therefore more shocked when the two men would throw her on to the bed and degrade her like a common whore with their long hard pricks. Yeah, he thought, she’s really in for it.

Jeff Lee’s wife brought a tray of cups with a coffee serve into the living room and set it on the table by the sofa.

“Cream or sugar?” she asked the three men.

“I take sugar,” Wade replied. “But I always bring my own. You ought to try it.”

His own sugar, Pamela thought as she took the packet that he handed her. She didn’t want to of fend him, and so she poured the fine white granules into her coffee.

Wade watched with delight as she stirred her coffee, then brought the cup to her lips and took a long sip. She’s in for it now, he thought. Women are so damn dumb, she’d probably take poison if I offered it, but this is better. She’s got enough Spanish Fly in that coffee to make her fuck a whole regiment.

Pamela smiled at Wade as she sipped the hot coffee. “It’s good,” she told him. “It’s different, but very good.”

While Pamela drank, Wade asked her about a few of her society friends, all of them acquaintances of his. He wanted her to finish her drink before he told her the real purpose for his visit. By the time she finished the hot drink the Spanish Fly would already be at work.

“Put the cup down,” he suddenly ordered, his voice hard and cool.

Pamela obeyed, not understanding what had suddenly made him change his manner. She tried to shake her head, not knowing what was making everything so hazy, so unreal. She suddenly felt the electric tingling returning to her thighs and looked to see if her hand had slipped between her legs. Something was wrong she thought with sudden alarm, but what?

“This is no social call,” Wade said as he stood up and hooked his thumbs in his belt. “Your husband has made himself my enemy by snooping around where he doesn’t belong. If he’s not careful he’s going to get hurt.”

“But I don’t understand,” Pamela said weakly. “I know Jeff’s got some crazy ideas, but he’s all wrong. I know he’s wrong.”

“No Baby,” he said, a sneer crawling across his face. “You’re the one who’s wrong, not your husband. And now he’s getting too close for comfort, so we’re gonna give him a little warning.”

“W-what do you mean?” she asked, her voice trembling with a growing fear.

“You’ll find out in a minute,” he told her and motioned to one of the men behind him. “You just sit tight and listen to this, then tell me what you think of your hypocritical husband.”

Pamela sat hypnotized with fear as the man set a small black case on the table and opened it. What could they possibly want, she thought as the man switched a tiny knob on the portable tape recorder.

Suddenly she jerked her head as she heard Jeff’s voice on the recorder. But he wasn’t alone and he sounded excited, more excited than she had ever heard him.

“The girl’s name is Carmen,” Wade told her with an ugly grin on his face. “Your precious Jeff was with her last night, in her apartment.”

Pamela trembled as she heard the grunting animal sounds that were coming from the tape recorder. This couldn’t be Jeff, it just couldn’t. He’d never been unfaithful to her, yet it was unmistakably his voice.

“Oooooohhhhh,” the Cuban girl’s voice came through the speaker. “Push it in more, Jeff. It feels so good!”

Pamela’s eyes were filling with tears as she listened to her husband.

“Oh, Baby,” he grunted. “My wife was never like this. Nobody can fuck like you. Nobody!”

Oh, Jeff! she cried silently to herself. How could you do it. It was her own husband in bed with a prostitute and enjoying it like an animal. She had never heard him even say “fuck” before, and now she listened as he muttered greater and greater obscenities at a strange girl in bed.

“Suck me again,” Pamela suddenly heard her husband’s voice command and she felt the tingling between her thighs. It was so awful, yet, somehow, it almost seemed natural. She thought that he should be saying that to her, and not some stranger. But how ugly. That other woman was actually going to put a man’s penis in her mouth and suck it! But worse, not just any man’s penis. It was her husband who was getting sucked and milked until his sperm would fill the girl’s throat.

“Aaarrggghhhhh, fuck!! I’m cummmiinnngg,” she heard Jeff’s voice wail over the tape recorder.

“Oh!” Pamela gasped. He had done it. He had really cum in that girl’s mouth, swearing all the time. What kind of a brute had she married? What had gone wrong? She loved Jeff with all her heart, yet he had gone to a prostitute. She should have loved him more with her body, she thought as the tears streamed down her face. Now it was too late. She could never face him again, not after what he had done.

“Like that?” Wade’s voice suddenly broke in. “I thought you would. Your Jeff isn’t what you thought.”

“It’s not true,” she defended. “That couldn’t have been Jeff.”

“You and I both know different, Baby,” she heard him say. “Lee’s got a lot of hot cock. But, I can’t understand why he had to go dipping it in some whore when he’s got a broad like you.”

“Oh!” she exclaimed indignantly. “How dare you talk like that to me.”

“You won’t be a lady for long, Sweetheart,” he grinned at her.

Pamela stood up suddenly but began to fall. What’s happening, she thought, as she tried to regain her balance. Nothing seemed real. The room was lopsided and Wade’s voice seemed tinny, like the tape recorder. Carefully she grabbed the edge of the couch and held herself still. The obscene words from the tape were still coming from the machine. Pamela could hear Carmen’s pleas to Jeff, begging him to eat her until she came. As repulsive as the lewd pleadings sounded, Pamela seemed to understand the Cuban girl’s need, a need she had never experienced before. The rantings had triggered the nerves between Pamela’s supple thighs and she felt warm wet liquids suddenly seeping from the hair-covered lips of her vagina. She suddenly imagined Jeff’s head between her thighs, his tongue slithering over her swollen clitoris in agonizing pleasure. No, she thought, revolted at her own thoughts. Oh God, no!

“Stop that sniveling,” Wade ordered her as he motioned to his two men to come to the couch. “We’ve wasted enough time.”

Pamela suddenly cringed as a heavy hand grabbed her by the arm and started to propel her toward the bedroom.

“W-What are you doing?” she cried. “Leave me alone.”

But the man who held her arm only laughed. Through her tears she could see his dark face covered with an obscene grin. No man had ever touched her so roughly before. Jeff would make him pay, yes Jeff would help her. But wait, she thought, Jeff’s no longer my husband. I could never have him back. Oh God, what’s wrong with me? Jeff, she pleaded silently. Jeff, please help me.

“Baby, you’re a regular wildcat,” the man said as he threw her onto the bed. “You’re fightin’ like hell, but we both know you want some cock, don’t we?”

“Yeah,” Wade interrupted from the doorway. “All of us know that you want some cock. And we mean to see that you get all you can handle.”

“Please,” Pamela begged. “Don’t do this to me. I’ve never hurt you. Oh, please!”

“Christ,” the third man said. “We ain’t done nothin’ yet, and she’s already beggin’.”

Frightened, Pamela looked at the man’s eyes and saw that he was staring at her. She grabbed at her robe and pulled it tight to her body. They all look so mean, she thought. They’re all animals, just like Jeff said. Please, don’t let them look at me like that.

“Wow,” he continued. “A chick like you oughta be a better fuck than your husband says you are. He just doesn’t know how to go about it the right way. I’ll bet you’re the wildest little piece of ass in Miami.”

Pamela recoiled in horror at his obscene words. They couldn’t talk to her like that. She was a lady, and part of Miami’s high society, not just some common whore.

“Stop it,” she yelled, feeling stronger. “Get out of here, all of you, or my husband will make you pay for the rest of your lives!”

“Sure, Baby,” Wade said as he walked toward the bed. “You go right ahead and tell Jeff all about it, that is, if you can find him. He’s probably in the sack with some other whore right now enjoying her hot pussy wrapped around his big prick. But don’t you worry. He’ll be calling in a few minutes to find out what the message is that I left with his secretary. You can talk to him then, if you can still talk.”

“You can’t do it,” she screamed, her voice shrill with fear.

“Shut up,” the man called Lefty shouted at her and slapped her hard across the face, knocking her onto her back. As her hand instinctively reached for the burning pain on her face, her bright red robe slipped from one shoulder, exposing the round firmness of her trembling breast as it fell free into the open air. She could see the man called Mac staring at the quivering orb, his eyes glued to the dark round circle that covered the rounded end of her succulent white breast.

“Nice,” the third man, Mac, said and bent over to touch her. “Any broad that’s built like you has got to be a good screw.”

Pamela grabbed at his hand and tried to push it away, but he slapped her roughly on the other side of her face and she fell back onto the bed again, sobbing hysterically. She was going to become a rape victim of these depraved animals and there seemed to be no escape. If she had only listened to Jeff, this wouldn’t have happened. She could forgive him for anything, if he would only come home.

Mac’s large hand suddenly pulled her toward him and with one motion pulled her robe completely off of her sleek young body. She tried to scramble to the other side of the bed, but the men just laughed at her. She was totally naked in front of strange obscene men who had her completely at their mercy.

“Scared,” Wade said. “You’re scared now, but by the time I finish with you, you’ll be begging for more. So knock off the act. We all know you’re feeling it!”

Lefty kneeled on the bed beside her and ran his eyes over her firm round breasts, tracing an imaginary path over her belly to the soft silken hairs that covered her trembling pussy. She was completely under their control, and the control of the Spanish Fly. She was beginning to feel the effects of the drug, and would be screaming for them to fuck her before the next five minutes had passed. Lefty’s hand pushed at the growing bulge in his trousers and he waited for the command to begin, so he could free his swelling penis from its prison.

Pamela wanted to escape, but there was no way. Somehow, through the haze, she could see the men who stood over her, one of them the leader of a syndicate, the other two, hired thugs. They were all intent on one thing, rape! They were going to spread her legs and sink their swollen pricks deep into the hot confines of her pussy and there was nothing she could do to resist.

“Ready, Boss?” Lefty asked Wade.

“Yeah,” he said. “But first, I wanna make sure the fly’s worked. And then, after I’ve checked out that hot little pussy, I’m gonna let you boys do all the work, and I’ll just watch.”

“Hey, groovy, Boss. Are ya gonna do it now?”

“Just watch,” Wade said and leaned over the fear-quaking body of the young helpless wife that lay below. “She’ll be so hot that even you guys won’t be able to handle her.”

Pamela sobbed uncontrollably as Wade reached out to touch her. She held her thighs tightly together in a futile gesture of resistance, but felt too weak to fight. Somehow, the tingling had returned to her full rounded breasts, and was working its way down to her loins as the Spanish Fly continued to gain control of her trembling body. She was totally ashamed as she closed her eyes to the lust-incited gazes of the three men who were about to rape her. Wade’s breath was hot and close and she knew that he was going to do something to her that no man had ever tried. He was evil and as depraved as Jeff had claimed he was, but it was too late to find that out. Within minutes she would be ravaged and spoiled forever by these maniacs.

“Spread ‘em,” Wade commanded and lightly slapped one knee. “I’m gonna see just how hot you can get.”

Trembling with fear, she refused to spread her legs, holding them tightly together with every last ounce of her strength, but Wade’s strong hands suddenly sunk deep into the supple flesh of her soft smooth thighs, forcing her to obey.

“Please, don’t,” she pleaded, but her fear relaxed the firm muscles of her long legs and let them be pushed apart.

“That’s better. Now let’s see if you’re warming up yet,” Wade said and lifted her knees as she whimpered for him to stop. The three men uttered a simultaneous sigh as they looked at the soft silken pubic hairs, wet with the hot juices that were flowing from the quivering opening of her vulnerable pussy.

Pamela moaned and turned her head to the side as she felt Wade’s fingers run along the soft inside of her thigh to the moist pink lips of her trembling cunt. Eagerly they toyed with the loose flesh, slipping along the wet crevice until they found the tiny bud of her clitoris. Then, with ease, the educated fingers pulled at the tiny red bud, massaging it back and forth until it filled with blood and grew erect, straining at its bonds of soft, pink flesh.

“Wow,” Lefty sighed while he massaged his swollen cock. “Listen to her moan. Man, that fly’ll turn on any frigid little bitch.”

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” Wade told him. “Wait’ll she really gets turned on and if we don’t fuck her, you’ll see her tryin’ to fuck herself.”

Just relax, and they won’t hurt you, Pamela told herself. If she could just be calm, then they would hurry and get it over with. She tried to resist the finger without moving, but the tantalizing touch had salaciously lit the long dormant fires in her loins, and she felt the same rising desire that she had given herself in the bathroom. But no! She had to resist, she just had to!

But… the cruel, relentlessly teasing fingers were becoming too much for her. She tried to hold her breath as she felt them slither across the trembling opening of her hair-lined cunt teasing the throbbing entrance between her legs momentarily, then moving again to the pulsating bud of her swollen clitoris. She had never felt anyone’s hands, allowed anyone’s hands, to do what Wade was doing, but she had to fight it. She turned her head and exhaled heavily through her full red lips, trying to ease the growing pressure that was building in her loins.

“Yeah, Baby,” Wade grinned at her. “Blow it out. Get your mouth ready and wet for old Lefty there.”

Lefty and Mac sat on the bed, watching first the obscene fingers, then the involuntarily contorted face of Jeff Lee’s frightened young wife. Their necks were straining from their shoulders, stretching with anguish while they waited their turn with her firm, smooth flesh. Their boss would heat her up until the Spanish Fly would turn her into a raving nymphomaniac, then they would mount her and fuck her until they drained all their excitedly building sperm into her young, innocent body.

His eyes red with lust, Wade slid his fingers back to the quivering opening of her aching cunt. Suddenly and easily they slid into the hot wet opening and Pamela moaned deep from her belly as the fingers rotated around the smooth moist walls of her burning pussy. She clenched the soft white moons of her buttocks together in an effort to resist, but as she did, the tiny elastic ring of her anus twitched involuntarily, sending ripples of electricity through her abdomen. No matter how hard she tried, she could not blot out the growing fires that were building deep in her trembling cunt. Her entire body was flushed bright red, and the tiny pointed nipples that adorned her breasts were jutting straight into the air.

“Goddamn,” Wade murmured, “She’s gonna burn my fingers up with that hot little cunt. Christ, you guys are gonna get the fucking of your lives.”

“Yeah, and her old man said she was no good,” Mac whispered obscenely. “Man will he find out different from us.”

“It won’t be long,” Wade whispered while he rubbed his swollen cock with his free hand.

“Oh, oh, oh!” Pamela whimpered as Wade suddenly thrust two more fingers into her tight elastic pussy. She was losing her battle, and knew it, though she still clenched her buttocks together in a frantic effort to resist.

But the probing fingers had become too much for her. As she clenched her anus again and again, the shocks of sex-maddened desire shot through her stomach and she began clasping her buttocks harder, increasing the passion that was building inside her yearning pussy. She had felt those shocks only once, the one time she masturbated. But now, a man was doing it for her, thrilling every inch of her flesh as his finger rubbed and rotated deep between the hair-lined lips of her trembling pussy. She wanted the fingers to go deeper, just like Carmen had wanted Jeff’s cock to drive deeper into her ravaged cunt. Yes, oh, yes, deeper… deeper…

“Wow!” Lefty exclaimed.

“Yeah,” Mac added. “She’s squirmin’ like a nympho. God, I can’t wait to get my cock stuck in that wild little snatch. I’ll fuck her until she won’t moan no more!”

Pamela could barely hear them through her drug-hazed mind. She was moaning incoherently unable to face the reality of the passion that raged inside of her aching cunt. It felt so good when she had fingerfucked herself, but now… now it was like ecstasy having a man run his fingers in and out of her trembling pussy. It was true! She couldn’t resist any longer… she wanted to be fucked! She was ashamed and degraded, but she had to be fucked.

“Oooohhhhh!” she moaned, but her voice was drowned out by the ringing telephone.

Quickly Wade jerked his fingers from her throbbing pussy and reached for the phone, ignoring her plea for him to continue. He watched as Mac thrust his fingers inside her cunt, then picked up the phone.

“Yeah,” he whispered into the receiver, wanting Pamela’s pleadings to be heard through the phone.

“Who the hell’s this?” Jeff demanded.

“Aaaahhhhhhhh, please,” Pamela groaned loud enough to be overheard by her husband.

“This is Wade Jackson,” the gangster announced as if he were proud of his infamous name. “We came over to keep your sweet little wife company while the big newspaper man’s out snooping where he shouldn’t be.”

“What are you doing to her,” Jeff shouted into the other end of the line.

“Right now,” Wade replied matter-of-factly, “One of my men has his fingers in your wife’s cunt and is finger fucking her silly.”

“You bastard…” Jeff started, but was interrupted by his wife’s screaming for more.

“Yeah, Mr. Editor, your wife is having a ball,” Wade said, then changed his tone. “And we’re having a ball, too. So I’ll tell you what newspaperman. You get your ass over here right away and see for yourself. And don’t call the fuzz or your hot little wife’ll be dead before they can get in the door.”

Wade held the receiver close to Pamela’s head and Jeff called to her through the phone.

“Oh, oh, oh, Jeff,” she cried back to him. “Please, Jeff, help me!”

With that, Wade slammed the receiver onto the telephone. He looked at the lust-maddened girl with an obscene grin then turned his attention to his two henchmen.

“O.K., boys, fuck her silly.”


Jeff Lee raced through freeway traffic to get to his home. Christ, he thought, what are they doing to her. His wife, sensitive and sheltered, was being raped by three thugs who don’t have the right to even shine her shoes. Yet they were her captors and tormentors.

As he neared his home, Jeff put his hand under his coat and felt the cold steel of the pistol he had stuffed in his belt. He knew that if he called the police Wade would carry out his threat and murder his wife. The only way was to try and overpower them with the gun. That way, at least he had done something to save her from almost certain death.

Turning a corner, Jeff saw the white brick front of his home and took a deep breath. Well, here goes nothing, he thought. It had better work.

Once out of the car, Jeff sneaked around the side of the house to look in the bedroom window, but could only hear his wife’s continuous moans of pleasure. God, I’ve got to stop them, he thought frantically, and ran to the back door, letting himself in with the key.

As quietly as possible he crept across the house, his gun drawn. He finally stopped at the bedroom door and listened again to the animal-like grunts of his wife. Then, with all his might, he kicked the bedroom door open, ready to start shooting at anything that moved.

But as the door banged open, Jeff froze.

There on the bed in front of him Mac was mounted on Pamela like a dog and driving his massive throbbing cock again and again into her clasping pussy. Horrified, Jeff watched his wife ramming her buttocks against the big man’s hairy pelvis in a sex-crazed effort to suck his thrusting cock deeper into her burning pussy.

The shock of the sight, as Wade had anticipated, was too much for Jeff, and he dropped the gun easily when Lefty hit him with a Judo chop from behind. He slumped to the floor in an unconscious heap, dragging with him the memory of his wife bumping back against Mac like a bitch in heat.

“Put this under his tongue,” Wade ordered as he handed lefty a small green pill. “It’s the same stuff we gave his wife. When he comes to, he’ll wanna join the gangbang right along with the rest of us.”

A few minutes later Jeff awoke to the shrill screams of orgasm as his wife came, her body jerking convulsively as she reached her climax. His vision was blurred, but he was able to see her collapse on the bed, panting with sexual exhaustion.

“Too bad you missed the beginning,” Wade said looking sardonically at Jeff. “But it ought to get better.”

“You bastard,” Jeff yelled and started to lunge forward, but the blow and the drug he had been given had taken their toll, and he fell back into a chair.

“Don’t be upset,” Wade told him. “You’ll get to like our little party pretty soon. Why don’t you just relax and watch for a while.”

Pamela had recognized Jeff’s voice and turned her head to see her husband staring at her in shock. Oh God, she thought. He saw it all. He thinks I’m nothing but a horrible prostitute, just like the rest of Wade’s women. She started sobbing, her naked body shaking with shame and humiliation. Her husband had seen her helpless naked body writhing and twisting under another man and her own lips moaning out their pleasure at his cruel ravishment. What could she do…? What could she do… her loins were still aflame… what was wrong…? What was wrong…?

And even then, the thought of her own husband watching her masochistically began to excite the young wife, and she could feel the gut-searing fires returning to the hot confines of her ravaged pussy where Mac’s sperm still burned in a hot white pool. Pamela could hardly think because of the Spanish Fly. The moment her thoughts had turned to sex, the tingling had begun to ripple through her body again. She turned her face into the pillow and began helplessly rubbing her thighs together, forcing the still-quivering lips of her hair-lined pussy to rub salaciously against her clitoris. Slowly, hypnotically, she raised to her knees so that her buttocks waved lasciviously in the air and her crotch lay exposed to the sight of the four leering men and began to undulate her hips in an obscene gesture of beckoning, almost begging any of them to climb onto the bed and thrust his cock into her clasping pussy. Fuck me, it seemed to say. Climb onto the bed and fuck me until I die. Low, soft moans of unmistakable desires crooned from her open lips. Her face was contorted grotesquely as though she were a lust-maddened maniac.

Jeff watched helplessly as Lefty quickly climbed onto the bed, throwing his clothes onto the floor. The hood opened his hand and ran it along the pink slit of her lust-maddened crotch until a finger dug into the straining oval hole that flowed with her juices of unrestrained desire. Then, suddenly, he withdrew the finger and ran it quickly along the smoothly open crevice between her buttocks, over her tiny, puckered anus, then back again, until it poised at the tight little elastic hole that stared back into Jeff’s bewildered and humiliated face. Once, twice, the finger probed at the tiny, momentarily resisting hole, then quickly wormed its way into her clasping rectum up to the first knuckle.

Pamela panted in deep heaving gasps as she tried to relax her violated anus and allow the finger to go further. It hurt, but not as much as she had expected. The girl wanted to feel the whole finger inside her warm rectum, and at the same time wanted to be filled with the throbbing rigid cock that had rammed into her aching cunt a few minutes before. Oh God! she thought through her lust-driven mind, Jeff was there, watching, but it didn’t matter. He had seen her fucked already, and she couldn’t be more degraded. Besides she had to be fucked again! One climax had not been enough. She needed more!

Jeff watched in horrified disbelief as Lefty skewered his wife with his finger. By now the whole finger was thrust into her rectum and he could see Lefty rotating it in small circles as Pamela moaned in short gasps. As she turned her head back and forth in sexual ecstasy he could see her mouth open wide and begging Lefty to fuck her.

“Take her in the ass,” Wade hissed and Lefty turned around, his eyes glazed with an obscene lust-incited stare.

“Yeah, Boss,” he chuckled, hoarsely, “I’ll stretch her little asshole so wide we can all get in.”

Not there, Pamela suddenly panicked. No, my God, he’d split me open. Suddenly she began to panic. She wanted to be fucked, but not like that, not back them Jeff was watching and would never understand, even though he knew she had been drugged. She had become an animal, and knew it, but there were limits to everything. She had been degraded and raped already, but not that, not in the depths of her rectum.

“Stop it!” Jeff shouted and tried to get up, but the dizziness hit him again.

“Whatsa matter, Baby,” Lefty asked Pamela, completely ignoring her husband. “Hasn’t your old man ever fucked you in the ass?”

“Oh, God no,” she answered. “No one ever has. Please…”

“Hey,” he sneered. “Virgin territory. I’m gonna like that.”

Pamela screwed up her face in shame. She could see Jeff behind her, his eyes glazed with hatred. Here she was at the hands of sex maniacs and nothing could be done to stop them. She couldn’t stop the strange, rippling shocks of desire that passed through her loins any more than she could stop Lefty from doing what he wanted.

“You just take it easy, Baby,” Lefty told her. “It’ll hurt for a while, but before you know it, you’ll be screaming for more, just like you did to Mac’s pussy fucking.”

She moaned in protest to his words, praying silently that he would stop. But there was nothing she could do to make his worming finger stop violating her tight virginal anus. The Spanish Fly had snapped something in her body and awakened passions that she had not thought existed. But now she was about to pay for those passions. In front of her husband the young wife would have to submit to any cruel sexual aberration that they demanded from her, and what was worse was that she knew she would do it, and in spite of her revulsion and shame, would enjoy it.

The sex drug had become her master and she would obey, even though her mind didn’t want her to continue, she had become victim of her own body and its desires. No matter how she tried to resist, no matter how hard she prayed, nothing could stop the rising tide of obscene desire that ran through her body, spurred on by the rotating finger that wormed salaciously around deep in her damp dark rectum. There was no turning back, the time had come…

Pamela sighed with a sudden gasp of relief as she felt the finger suddenly pull out of her quivering anus. Maybe he’ll stop, she thought, but as she looked back at him she knew differently. Lefty’s face was contorted with lust. He knelt behind her for a moment stroking his rigid throbbing cock and murmuring something to it like it was a pet. Then she saw Mac out of the corner of her eyes.

“Well, now, bitch, it looks like Lefty’s gonna get a better fuckin’ than I did. I may just try again.”

Pamela tried to blot out his words, but they wouldn’t go away. She could recall the terrible things he had said to her before, swearing with every filthy word that he knew, degrading her with his dirty mouth. And now she could hear the same again, this time with Wade chuckling to himself as the hood swore at her.

But now a new danger threatened her. As Mac climbed onto the bed, Lefty suddenly grabbed her legs and jerking them back spreading her out flat on her stomach. Before she could move to protest, Mac had grabbed her hands and pinioned her arms. She groaned as she felt Lefty pressing the hot rubbery head of his pulsating cock tightly against the clenching muscle of her tiny elastic anus. She tried to wriggle free, clasping the soft round cheeks of her buttocks together, but it only incited him further and the sex-crazed hoodlum grabbed both cheeks and started kneading them in his large hands as his massive throbbing prick pushed at her quivering anus.

“Lift,” Lefty commanded while he pulled her hips higher. She tried to squirm away, but the drug that ravaged her body told her to do what he said, and reluctantly her hips rose to meet his rigid cock.

Jeff watched her obey, lifting her hips while her face lay buried in the pillow. They were in his house, in his bed, and were fucking his wife. Nothing seemed real through the haze that the drug was laying slowly over his tormented mind. Pamela was undergoing the most cruel treatment ever imagined, yet she was enjoying it, or at least partly enjoying it. But to Jeff, she looked like a different woman. She had become sexual, sensuous… a far cry from the frigid wife he had left at home earlier in the day. She had become a woman, a woman that would be wild to have in bed… wilder even than the lust-oriented Carmen.

Pamela stared at Jeff as he watched her. She didn’t recognize the expression on his face, and thought perhaps he had gone crazy, and it was all her fault for not listening to him. If only she hadn’t let Wade in the house, she would never have been induced to take the drug. But it was too late to look back now. She was about to be sodomized by the horrible gangster kneeling behind her naked buttocks.

Jeff barely heard Wade’s chuckling as he watched the hood begin to tease at his wife’s tender anus. Too bad I had never tried it there, he thought, and suddenly recoiled in disgust, ashamed that he had had such a degrading thought. He could see the gangster’s hands kneading the soft pliant flesh of her buttocks, toying with the rubbery red ring trying to loosen it further and stretch it wide for the greater entry that was to follow.

“Oh God, please don’t do it to me there!” she whimpered, but it was too late to fight. The drug had driven her body to the point of excruciating pain, needing a man’s thick hard cock to turn it to pleasure. She could hear Wade laughing and telling his men… “You’ll blow your fuckin’ mind when you screw her in the ass… hell look at her, she’s already like a wildcat. Wait’ll ya get inside that tight little hole. It’ll squeeze you to death.”

“Inside… inside…” Lefty panted while he spread the quivering ring with his thumbs and probed the oval red hole with the pulsating head of his huge throbbing cock.

“Man, what a smooth hairless little hole,” he panted teasingly over at Jeff. “It’ll slide in nice and easy.”

Wade knew that he would have his revenge now. After the reporter would see his wife raped in the ass he’d never bother the syndicate again. Wade’s hand had opened the fly of his pants and pulled his massive prick into the free air where he stroked it, milking the white hot fluids from the tip.

“Come on, man, hurry up,” Mac hissed. He could feel his balls tightening under the pressure of his erection and he wanted to release them, and fill the girl with his sperm.

Jeff watched as his wife thrashed her head from side to side. He thought she was fighting, but in reality she had given up the fight. Instead she wanted Lefty to skewer her with his massive hot prick and sink the rigid shaft deep into her rubbery rectum and split her open. She wanted him to hurt her and punish her for what she had become. She wanted to be fucked and hurt at the same time. She had to be punished for her lewd, uncontrolled enjoyment of the salacious adultery she was committing right before her helpless husband’s eyes.

But Lefty wanted her to plead with him to fuck her: “Beg for it, bitch,” he ordered. “Tell me to fuck you in the ass!”

Oh God, Pamela moaned to herself. What else could they possibly do. Why do I have to beg? They know! They know I want it!

“Tell me!” he demanded.

Jeff listened as his wife moaned in agony, then began to plead with her attacker. “Please, yes, but in the front, please!”

“I didn’t hear ya, Sweetheart. What did ya say?” he egged her on, wanting her to use the words that he used, to humiliate her more than she had imagined.

“I’ll do anything,” Jeff heard his wife say. “Just fuck my cunt, please, FUCK MY CUNT!”

“Right idea, Baby, but the wrong hole.”

Jeff watched unbelieving as the man brutally tormented his wife with his crude demands. Pamela protested, but not hard enough. Yes, she did want him to give it to her back there, but she couldn’t beg him, no, she just couldn’t.

“Stick me in that hot little hole of yours,” Lefty ordered.

Jeff saw his wife hesitate, not sure what to do. Then she slowly moved her hand around her buttocks and grasped the thick throbbing head of his massive cock and tried to put it at the hair-lined entrance to her trembling pussy.

“The other hole!” Lefty shouted and quickly she obeyed, moving the pulsating prick to the clasping entrance to her rectum. Why wouldn’t he do it to her the other way. She had even begged him to fuck her in the cunt, but he wouldn’t. Now she was afraid that he would kill her with his massive weapon. She wanted to be punished, yet she wanted to be fucked first. The pain would be too much for her and she might pass out before her aching cunt could be fulfilled.

Jeff looked on in horror as Lefty began to press his pulsing cock hard against the puckered flesh of her anus, slowly building a rhythm. Jeff could not understand why he no longer wanted to get up and tear the man off of his wife. He had no idea that he had been drugged and was frightened when he discovered that the first ripples of desire were twitching through his own loins.

This was his own wife he was watching!

It was his wife who was about to be sodomized, yet he could still feel distant rumblings of desire growing in his balls. His eyes wide, he winced as he saw the huge head of lefty’s throbbing cock suddenly slip into his wife’s rectum with a soft wet muffled sound.

“Aaagghh!” she cried in agony as the head popped through the tightly resisting nether ring and filled her ravaged entrance. She was being punished already, and none of it was her own fault.

Mac leaned over and grabbed her shoulders to keep her from trying to escape the impaling shaft that had thrust itself partway into her trembling anus. Spittle drooled from his mouth as he gleefully watched the girl’s terrible agony.

“Aaaagghhhhh!” she cried again. “Please don’t! You’re going to tear me apart!”

Her tears and sobbings were not only for the torture she was going through, but also from the pictures of light that flashed through her mind… pictures of childhood and innocence. All those things were gone forever. She had been debauched and degraded too much to ever turn back. She might as well be dead.

Then suddenly Jeff heard her scream as Lefty drove his entire throbbing cock deep into the dark wet confines of her rectum. Her body was racked with pain and she braced herself, waiting for his next lunge. But instead he waited for a moment, holding himself still. He rolled his head in a large circle, trying not to cum until he was ready. His balls were ready to explode, but he wanted to make her scream for more. He could feel the damp rubbery walls of her rectum slowly pulsing against the tender throbbing skin of his impaling cock. He wanted to drive deeper, but knew he couldn’t when he looked down to see the hilt of his massive prick buried in the pink, hairless flesh of her anus. Maybe now… and he slowly pulled the pulsing cock halfway out, then started to sink it back into her ravaged anus…

“Oh, oh, oh,” she gasped as the giant prick began to move in and out picking up speed. Jeff’s hand was rubbing at his crotch as he glared at his wife while she slowly began to rock back and forth against the pulsating cock that was sodomizing her like a common whore. He knew that she had found a way to relax her tender forever-stretched rectum and was beginning to enjoy the lewd fucking she was getting. His breath came harder with each stroke that she made as he watched the animalistic pair on the bed, fucking like two dogs in heat.

Lefty was excited to the limits of his lust-maddened mind. He held her buttocks with both hands and watched his huge throbbing cock slide in and out of her ravaged anus as she slapped her buttocks against his pelvis, driving it as hard and as deep as she could into the hot damp passageway.

Jeff looked to see her panting now, her full red lips moistened by her hungry tongue. She was aware of nothing in the world but the massive prick that ground into her backside time and time again. She was afraid that she might loose the rigid prick and fought to start each new stroke before the last one had ended.

“Wow, man,” Mac whispered. “She fucks like a Goddamned mink.”

Wade looked over at his henchman and then at Jeff. He was getting his triumph over the great righteous reporter, he thought as he watched Jeff stroking his swollen prick in rhythm with the couple fucking on the bed.

“Mac,” he said, “Stick it in her mouth. I’ll bet she’ll gobble you up.”

Jeff watched painfully as Mac got to his knees and placed his twitching cock in front of Pamela’s red wet mouth. Mine, Jeff thought as the drug burned at his balls. She should suck mine, not his. Tears formed in his eyes as his wife suddenly open her mouth and eagerly enveloped the throbbing prick with her lips, sucking it quickly into her throat until she could feel it prodding against the soft, moist flesh of her working tonsils. She sucked voraciously at the leading fluids that had flowed from the open slit, then swallowed and began to suck some more. It tasted sweet, almost as sweet as the sugar Wade has given her.

Grasping at her buttocks Lefty nearly screamed as he increased his thrusting to a fever pitch, the pressure in his balls nearly exploding as he panted and fucked harder.

Jeff panted as he watched his wife’s head rolling in circles, then bobbing up and down as she sucked at Mac’s massive pulsating cock. Jeff wanted her to suck him, but there was nothing he could do… he watched as she slowed down and began to nibbled at the rubbery hot head, first with her lips, then with her teeth as a lewd obscene grin spread across her lust-maddened face. Eagerly she lapped at the underside with her tongue, rolling droplets of saliva around the purplish rim of his glans. Her body buffeted the ramming cock in her backside automatically while she focused her whole attention on the twitching prick in her mouth. She sucked voraciously like a baby at a breast. There was no other world but this one: a world inhabited by two massive driving cocks that were driving at both ends, one in her tormented anus and the other in her wet hungry mouth. She knew that there would be little time left until they both came, filling her throat and her rectum with their hot burning juices. She was no longer a sweet young wife, her husband no longer existed. Nothing existed but the wildly burning flames of lust searing through her bucking body. Nothing mattered but the two huge buffeting cocks that would give her the release and excruciating pleasure that she had to have.

Suddenly she could no longer concentrate on just the one!

While she sucked at Mac’s throbbing prick she had excited her buttocks to new passion-driven heights and she found herself slamming her backside as hard as she could into Lefty’s driving pelvis. There was no time left as she felt Mac’s massive cock begin to twitch uncontrollably. She sucked harder, drawing the entire rock hard shaft into her throat, almost choking herself, but managing to stifle her panic, and continue sucking. As she moaned at the lascivious pleasure in her mouth, she heard Mac groan and push his body forward until his cock was buried to the hilt in her hungry, desperately sucking throat. “Now,” he hissed through his clenched teeth. “I’m cummingg now!!!”

Before she could pull away she felt jets of burning sperm shoot into her mouth like a roaring volcano spitting out lava. Her mouth was completely filled and she swallowed hard, trying not to choke on the burning juices. It was hot, but sweet, and she sucked harder trying to get every ounce of the torrent into her throat. Her husband looked on in pain as she sucked at the deflating cock, licking the sperm from her chin as the massive organ suddenly lost its rigidity and deflated to almost normal size in a matter of seconds. Jeff was nearly in a rage. It was his cock that she should suck, no one else’s but his.

As soon as the prick debated in her mouth she became aware of the terrific pummeling that was going on behind her. She groaned and hissed, praying for orgasm as she slammed her quivering buttocks against the frantic driving cock that was stretching the tender flesh of her anus wider and wider with each thrust. Deep in her belly she could feel the rumblings of orgasm as she slammed into him again and again. She had never imaged that fucking could be so animal and so consuming. She was completely free of the world, owing nothing except to the massive prick that was driving her to the breaking point. It was only moments away and she could feel the massive prick in her ravaged wet rectum twitching spastically as he neared his climax.

Now, now, now, she begged silently as her body began to convulse like one huge wave about to crash on a rocky shore… oh, oh, yes… she was cumming… nowwwww! And it came, crashing through her entire body, freeing her from the torment she had known for thirty years. She was a woman at last!

Dazed and dominated by her climax and the aphrodisiac that still coursed through her system, she lay completely still on the sweat soaked sheets. She felt Lefty pull his deflated cock from her aching rectum with a slight plop as the aching hole closed tight again and wiggled her buttocks as the warm, white cum seeped from her anus and flowed down the crevice between the two white resilient cheeks still quivering from the intensity of her orgasm.

“What’s the matter, Editor?” Wade’s voice broke through the sudden silence in the room. “Does your little wife lying there turn you on?”

Jeff glared at Jackson through his tear-filled eyes. He was too choked with desire to speak, and could only stare at the gangster as he hovered over him.

“You couldn’t even get up to help her could you?” Jackson sneered at him. “Well, get up now, you punk, and screw her. That’s what you want, isn’t it… to screw your own wife!”

Numbly Jeff managed to pull himself out of the chair. The pill that Wade had put under his tongue had dulled all his senses, all but his instinct for sex. Right now his wife lay on the bed, her quivering buttocks in plain view, beckoning him to join her. He didn’t even try to fight as Lefty and Mac quickly helped him out of his clothes and pushed him toward the bed. He saw Pamela look up at him and show a sign of recognition. But he didn’t care. He had to have her and fuck her now. He would make her give him everything that she had given the others. He didn’t care what had happened before. There was only now!

As Jeff climbed onto the bed she rolled over to face him. This was her husband, but more than that, this was another man. She opened her arms and waited for him to slide his throbbing cock into her trembling pussy and fill the damp dark hole with all of his rock hard flesh.

Crazed with lust he spread her legs further with his strong hands and held them off the bed so that her hair-covered, sperm-drenched pussy panted directly upward. Without any further hesitation he sunk the jerking head of his swollen cock past the open wet lips of her cunt and shoved the whole length of his cock deep into the burning opening.

“Ooooohhhhh, Jeff!” she moaned as she felt the massive throbbing cock sink deep into her belly.

They were both unaware of the three men in the room as they began to drive their pelvises against each other, smashing the dark pubic hairs in a wet tangled mass. Pamela pulled him closer and crushed her lips against his, sucking at his eager wet tongue. Methodically she clasped the aching muscles of her cuntal walls around his driving cock, massaging it like a hand. She felt his hands grasp the smooth white orbs of her buttocks and dig into the pliant flesh, kneading it like hot dough. She lifted her hips and began rotating them in slow salacious circles as she continued to hump her fiery crotch against the hairy base of his rigid twitching cock. She could feel his swollen balls slamming against her tender aching anus, making her wince and contract the stretched sphincter in greedy sexual response.

Neither of them heard Wade Jackson as he and his henchmen left. He shouted a warning to Jeff, a warning to lay off the syndicate, but the sex-crazed editor could hear nothing. His balls were about to explode as he rammed his throbbing cock deep into his wife… his wife at last. Now for the first time she was a real woman, bred in passion and fury and fucking like she was born to do. He wanted her uninhibited fucking to go on forever… and they would.

Time and time again during the night they had made love in a wild frenzy until they had both collapsed at dawn… husband and wife at last.



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