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xNovel - Sister Spreads


Sister Spreads

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That Wednesday afternoon, Joy was happily soaking up the sun with her family by their fenced in pool. Only her brother was missing, gone visiting. Joy had a hot cunt from wondering when and how her Aunt Vi would make good on the promise to help her fuck her father.

That tension grew wildly when her young aunt started flashing her bikinied cunt at Mack. It made Joy very horny and nervous at the same time.

But her mother, Dee, had her nose in a book and never noticed. Vi even flopped back on a pad in a slutty split and aimed her cunt straight at Mack’s eyes, knowing that little bunches of her red pussy curls stuck out around the crotch of her tiny bikini bottom.

Joy’s father finally noticed. Joy saw him staring at his beautiful sister’s almost bare cunt. It made him horny, the way Joy could always make her brother by showing him her pussy. The longer Vi flashed her barely covered cunt at Mack, the larger his prick bulged up in his swimsuit. Vi kept squirming her ass purposely until her narrow bikini crotch slipped entirely out of sight in her juicy fuck crack, buried there like a piece of string. By then, Mack’s cock was really huge, a throbbing lump in his trunks.

Joy was hot from Vi’s pussy show, too, and from seeing her father’s hidden hard-on. But she doubted that her drippy cunt would get any relief soon, at least not until her mother went into the house.

“Have fun, guys,” Dee said, as she walked away. “The sun’s got me sleepy. I’ll take a nap, and then I’ll start supper.”

“You bet, Mom. Have a nice long snooze,” Joy said, her pussy suddenly throbbing with hope.

The moment her mother left, Joy ran to her father in his lounge chair and dropped her ass in his lap. She made sure that her hot pussy rubbed through her thin bikini crotch against the throbbing prick in his trunks. Pretending not to notice the thumping lump under her pussy, she bent over and kissed Mack on the mouth, stabbing her tongue in and wrapping it around his.

“Still love me, Daddy?” she asked.

She straightened up and grinned as his cock jerked against her cunt in her bikini. Then she laughed when he nodded.

“And… do you love Auntie Vi?” she whispered into his ear, looking over at the redhead.

“Uh, yes I do, honey,” Mack said, fidgeting in his chair.

“I could guess from the way your eyes are stuck to her cunt. That’s some beautiful red-haired pussy, isn’t it?” Joy went on, her voice low.

She saw her father blush, but he nodded again. Then she felt his cock stiffening even more.

“Know what, Daddy?” Joy asked, twitching her moist cunt at his prick.

“What?” Mack said.

“If you ask your pretty sister nice, I bet she’d yank her skimpy bikini right off. Then we could enjoy seeing her ass and cunt and everything. I bet she’d even take off her bra and show us her big tits.”

When her father reddened more, but said nothing, Joy called to her aunt.

“Oh, Auntie Vi! Please peel off your little bikini. Daddy wants to see your sweet cunt!”

Her aunt jumped up and ran close. “You should talk, you blonde brat!” Vi said, staring down at her as she sat in her father’s lap. “Your ass is nearly all out of your pants! And your tits will flop right out of your top if you take a deep breath!”

Vi flashed a hand out and pulled at the tie on Joy’s halter. The halter just fell away and Joy saw her tits roll out, pink and bare, swaying and pulsing to her heartbeats. When she looked down, she noticed that her nipples were big and knobby. She heard her father moan at the sight of her naked, wobbling tits.

“Well, damn!” she snapped at Vi. “Get your tits out, too!”

Joy hooked her fingers in the cups of her aunt’s skimpy bra and yanked hard. Then she giggled when Vi’s large tits bobbled out in the air. The redhead gasped.

“I’m going to strip you, Auntie Vi!” Joy promised shrilly.

She jumped from her father’s lap and pushed the squealing girl backward onto the nearby sunning pad and pulled at her bikini bottom. The silky cloth ruffled down across Vi’s red pussy curls, then lower, and was gone. Vi gave a screech. Her cunt and ass were completely bare and with her legs held apart by Joy’s knees, Mack could see all of her hot pussy and its swollen, pink lips.

But Joy was paid back. Her bikini bottom went sliding swiftly off her ass in Vi’s hooking fingers. Then her ass cheeks were gleaming up into her father’s amazed face, too.

“Our cunts are both out now, Aunt Vi! And Daddy is right behind us! God!” she squealed, but she started to rub her tits hornily against the redhead’s.

“Let him gawk. He’s seen my cunt, a long time ago before it had hair on it,” Vi said, grabbing Joy by the ass.

Joy ground her pussy down on Vi’s, loving the hot, slick feel. Excited by having her father stare into both of their open cunts, she began to fuck Vi with her hard, protruding clit. Wanting to make her aunt’s pussy crack show up better for her father while she fucked it, she forced Vi’s legs wider apart with her own, feeling the splitting move spread her own cunt more.

“I got your pussy popped open good now, Auntie Vi. Daddy can really see how it looks since it grew a beard,” she said.

“Well, I’ll make sure yours is pulled open just as far for him to stare into!” Vi moaned.

Then Joy felt her own ass cheeks stretching apart. Vi’s hands caught them and rolled them far up and out. When her ass crack opened wide and her asshole started winking back at her father above her cunt, she could feel everything back there straining.

“Jesus! You girls don’t know what you’re doing to my balls!” Mack groaned.

“I bet we do, Daddy,” Joy panted.

Reaching a hand back, she sliced her fingers up through Vi’s swelled cunt. She laid it open, exciting herself by showing her father his sister’s pussy.

“How do you like that red-hot pussy gash now, Daddy?” she asked.

Vi, gasping at the tickling touches, her cunt drooling clear juice fast, hooked her fingers into Joy’s ass harder, parting those cunt halves more.

“Or this blonde pussy?” Vi said.

“Oh God! My balls will explode!” Mack said.

“Don’t just stand there and talk, brother dear,” Vi teased him. “A real gentleman would be fucking one of these drippy pussies by now.”

The goading made Mack jump up and skin off his swim trunks. When his aching, purpled cock flipped free, Vi whistled at it.

“Damn! Aren’t you built!” she giggled, pushing her red-fleeced cunt up. “Give me that!”

But the dripping blonde pussy on his daughter attracted Mack most. Too aroused for any delay, he dropped to his knees behind Joy, who was still on all fours over Vi. He punched his steely cock at her cunt and drove it up into her splaying, tight cunt hole.

“Mmmm, Daddy! That stretches me so good! But I thought you’d have some manners, and fuck your sister first,” she groaned.

“No, I’ll fuck you! Take that, you beautiful little bitch! Take all of my hard cock in your grubby pussy!” Mack grunted.

Joy mewled her pleasure as her father’s cock slithered back and forth between her rubbery cunt lips, making them snap and roll deliciously. Then Mack grabbed her ass cheeks and jerked them in circles as he pumped his long prick in her blonde cunt hole. Levering from side to side, he forced her slippery cunt lips apart more and more. So much cock strained her cunt, but Joy twisted her pussy up for it, hunching her ass high and shivering down against her aunt’s naked body.

“Oooo, your big cock feels so good, Daddy! Ahh! Sock it to me! Nothing ever felt this good! I’ll be your loving little bitch forever!” she whined, sobbing with pleasure.

Now Joy felt fingers squeezing her throbbing tits, pulling her nipples in every direction. It was Vi mauling her tits, fucking their pussies together more, too. She was being fucked, and fingered into heaven.

Her father fucked her through a draining climax.

She had hoped he would come in her cunt, but he didn’t. She soon realized he was holding back his jism on purpose. For a minute, she whipped her cunt tightly up and down on his thick cock, trying to fuck the jism out of him, but she failed. She was too weakened by her powerful orgasms to make him come.

She felt her father’s prick slip out of her pussy as she sagged limply down on Vi. When Mack rolled her from on top of his staring sister, Joy disappointedly decided that he was saving his cum for her aunt.

“Now you bet fucked Sis,” he chuckled, splitting Vi’s legs widely back over her tits and belly.

Vi giggled, holding her pussy up for him. “Oh, what a prick!” she squealed. “Mmmm! I loved you before, but I love you more now! Fuck all of that hard cock meat into me! I need it bad!”

Joy leaned up on her elbows and watched her father fuck her aunt. “Suck my tits while Daddy fucks you, Aunt Vi! Suck them, you beautiful cunt! Suck my tits and help me get ready for more of his big cock!” she said.

Then she fingered Vi’s clit while Vi heaved her cunt up around the prick pounding it. By helping her aunt to come fast, Joy knew she would get her own next fuck more quickly. Groaning as Vi chewed on her nipples, she kept her slick finger sliding across Vi’s clit. She rolled her tits over the redhead’s face, listening to her moans as the climax was fucked closer. Vi soon grunted through a chain of orgasms, her pussy spasming hard and gushing around the thick cock ramming in it.

To Joy’s surprise, her father did not shoot his jism into her aunt’s cumming pussy, either. His balls were still loaded when he pulled out of Vi’s stretched cunt, his prick dripping with the limp girl’s cum and its own slobbers. Joy gave a happy screech when he knocked her back on the pad.

“Oh, Daddy, I get your jism!” she squealed.

“Yes. I saved it for your cunt, my naughty little baby,” he said. “I’ll shoot your belly full of cum! Spread your legs!”

“Yes, yes! But, wait, Daddy. Your cock is all drippy from fucking Vi. You shouldn’t just stick it right in my pussy. Let me lick it a little. It’ll be cleaner for my cunt then. Stiffer, too,” Joy said.

While her father kept his ass up, she grabbed his cock and pulled his goopy prick to her mouth. She sucked it and flicked her tongue around it, eating her aunt’s sweet pussy juice from it. She loved it and she loved the throbbing of her father’s cock on her tongue, too. She sucked on it longer than she had to and only when the prick began to buck, making her afraid that it might spurt out the cum she wanted in her cunt, did she stop her wet sucking. Then, throwing her legs wide, she held her pussy up high for his prick.

“Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me!” she said.

“Here it is, baby! Take it all!” Mack croaked.

Joy knew she would have a fast cum because she was so hot. But that was good, she found, because her father’s cock was so close to spurting — from her sucking, and from fucking her pussy and her aunt’s already — that it exploded in her cunt after only a dozen slides. The cum shot into her pussy with such flooding power that it triggered her into wrenching orgasms.

“Ungg!” Joy grunted.

Then she whined with pleasure when her aunt bent up and tongued into her mouth while she came hard around her father’s spewing cock. Vi even jammed two fingers up Joy’s asshole and fucked it as the burning jism spurted into the blonde’s golden cunt. Joy writhed helplessly in rushing orgasms, twitching in ecstasy as hot cum hosed up her cunt in endless jets. The overflow of fuck juices soaked her quivering ass cheeks and thighs.

The thick prick flipped free of her pussy when her father eased away, smeared with a mixture of his cum and her cunt juices. After looking dizzily down into her own fucked cunt a minute, she stared up when her father grabbed Vi by the neck and pushed the redhead’s face to within inches of the jizzy, golden pussy crack.

Vi just grinned and licked her lips. The sight of Joy’s cummy cunt had her ready to eat it even before Mack even suggested it.

“Isn’t that a gorgeous cunt, Sis?” he asked Vi, pushing her face deeper between Joy’s spread thighs. “It was damn pretty before I fucked it, but it’s even prettier now, gravied up with my cum. I can tell that you think so. Lick on in there, doll. Eat my cum out of your little blonde niece’s pussy! Show her you love her.”

Joy nearly pissed herself with pleasure when her father suddenly pushed his sister’s head forward. The beautiful girl’s mouth splatted into her cunt and she felt herself being eagerly sucked out. Seeing Vi’s lovely face almost disappear in her pussy thrilled Joy clear down to her curling toes. Then she felt Vi’s tongue come lashing far up into her pussy hole, reaching, slurping the cock and cunt juices out of it.

“Oh, fuck, that’s good!” Joy crowed. “Eat me, Auntie! Eat my pussy up! I love it!” And Vi gladly lapped up all the juices that Joy’s fluttery cunt gave her, stabbing her long tongue in and out of it.

Then Joy wanted to eat pussy, too. Grateful for her own pleasure, she pulled the redhead around and pushed her tongue up into the cunt-lapping girl’s pussy slit. Eagerly she began to pay back the good licking.

Vi certainly wanted to be eaten. She dropped her ass and slithered her cunt against Joy’s mouth, shuddering when Joy’s tongue fucked up into her pussy. Vi wiggled her tongue faster in the cunt hole she was pleasing with it, sucking just as slickly into Joy’s blonde pussy as Joy was sucking into her red-haired one.

Joy giggled suddenly into her aunt’s sizzling pussy crack. Just above her eyes she saw Vi’s twitching asshole and that gave her an exciting idea. She waved a finger at her father, then pointed it at the exposed asshole. Mack hurried right over, his prick like steel again. Joy grabbed the hard-on and at once moved it between Vi’s ass cheeks. Then she watched it slip up Vi’s ass as her father buried it there with several swaying shoves.

Joy’s pussy vibrated from her aunt’s groaning into it in taking all of that thick cock up her ass. But then she felt her aunt’s mouth working in her cunt all the harder. Joy sucked Vi’s fiery pussy faster, too, giggling because, her father’s prick bumped the tip of her nose as she ate into Vi’s cunt.

She held her aunt’s ass cheeks wide apart with her hands, too, helping her father to fuck between them easier, turning him on more. His heavy balls banged on Joy’s forehead as he stroked his prick up Vi’s ass and sometimes Joy reached up and fingered the hairy, bouncing nuts.

“Fuck your pretty sister’s ass, Daddy! Really fuck it!” she urged.

“Do it, Mack! Fuck me! Your thick prick feels so good in my asshole! Fuck it, Big Brother! Mmmm!” Vi echoed.

But there was no way Mack could have made himself stop slamming his long cock up his sister’s ass. And being cheered on in his mad fuck by both of the girls triggered his balls. Joy saw his cock start bucking above her staring eyes. Then it twitched and swelled, pumping jism into her aunt’s spasming asshole, making the redhead’s pussy jerk and gush in Joy’s mouth. Joy sucked and swallowed fast, but Vi still orgasmed all over her face, twisting her ass as cum was fired into it, moaning.

Then Joy came. Her pussy spewing into Vi’s mouth, she climaxed hard, gulping up into her aunt’s convulsing cunt, hotly watching her father’s thick cock pump jism into the redhead’s asshole.

They all slumped together. Joy watched her father’s cock slip out of Vi’s ass then and gave a start when it slapped against her nose. She tried to catch it in her mouth but she could not. Its dripping knob only slid down through her hair.

“Daddy, will you fuck my ass before supper, please?” she said, inspired by her aunt’s example. Joy grinned when her father nodded. But, just as she began to roll over onto her belly, her aunt stopped her.

“Let me lick your asshole and relax it for your daddy’s cock, honey,” Vi said, her voice husky as she turned and slid between Joy’s legs. “It’ll be easier for you.”

Staying on her back, Joy slid over, then sighed blissfully while the redhead licked her asshole, actually tonguing it open for fucking. But Joy soon rolled onto her hands and knees. When her father moved behind her, kneeling, she was quivering, wagging her hips as his fat prick head settled between her ass cheeks.

Then Joy could have bawled because her mother called them from the house.

“Supper’s on, darlings! Don’t let it get cold!” Dee said.

“Shit!” Joy said.

She still wanted to try for the fuck. Her mother could not see them from the kitchen, she was sure of it. But her father jerked his cock away from her asshole and struggled into his trunks. Vi, hardly moving, did not seem to care whether she might be caught there, naked and fucked.

For a time, Joy just remained in her dog pose, letting her bare ass and cunt show, seeing what happened. But her father hurried into the house. And when her aunt put her swimsuit on and started away, too, Joy knew that she would have to go along.

Vi saw how disappointed Joy was. “Come on, bitch. The way you go at fucking and sucking, you’ll have to put something in your belly besides cock, sometimes.”

“Yeah, I know. You have to eat to fuck,” Joy moaned.

Then she squeezed into her tiny bikini and followed her aunt into the house.



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