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xNovel - Sister Spreads


Sister Spreads

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Joy was ashamed of herself. All she did was sit down beside her brother at breakfast and her cunt started throbbing. And when Eddy slid his hand up under her dress and rubbed her bare pussy, she just spread her legs for him, right at the table. Then she shivered while he finger-fucked her all through the meal. It made her cunt spasm against the chair seat so hard that she almost choked on her food.

Her mother and father were at the far end of the table. They never saw how Eddy played with her cunt and got it so swelled and slobbery. Joy felt herself blushing when he leaned close and, whispering in her ear, actually offered her some cock right in front of the unsuspecting Mack and Dee.

“Come up to my room when you’re done, Joy, and I’ll give you every inch of a stiff prick. Okay?” he asked, wiggling a finger in her cunt.

“Mmmm, yeah, Eddy,” she whispered back.

After Eddy got up and left the kitchen, Joy listened to him go upstairs and into his room. She gulped down the last of her food, rose, and followed him. With her pussy dripping so much, she had to stop in the second floor bathroom and wipe it. Then she started along the hall toward her brother’s bedroom. Her clit throbbed so hard every time she thought about Eddy’s cock, she could hardly stand it.

Her Aunt Vi came out of the second door down, walked toward her, then passed her, going to the bathroom herself. The same age as Joy, the redhead was wearing nothing but a glassy white robe, looking very beautiful. In fact, Joy thought that Vi was the most ravishing creature she had ever seen.

They traded hellos, and Joy watched Vi enter the bathroom. Idly, Joy wondered if her lovely aunt ever fucked. Then her drippy cunt reminded her of the stiff prick awaiting her up the hall, and, wanting her own fucking, she quickly forgot about Vi. But she did hear her aunt starting the shower.

Joy sneaked into her brother’s room, opening, then closing the door. She saw Eddy sprawls back naked on his bed, jacking lazily on a rocky hardon. The sight made her stiff clit spark so much that she had to grab her pussy through her dress and rub it.

But she stripped in a hurry, then stood waggling her tongue longingly out toward the solid prick. She giggled when Eddy waved her in close by fucking a curved finger in the air.

Very hot, she quickly bent down and kissed his balls. Then she licked up along his drippy prick and popped her lips around his swelled cock head. Then she frenched his cock fast while she slid a finger across her own bloated clit.

“Let’s be real quiet,” she warned, pulling away once, swallowing drops of pre-cum. “Aunt Vi is in the shower right now, but we don’t want her nosing in here about any fuck noises when she goes back to her room.”

When Eddy nodded, Joy slipped her mouth back down around his prick head, then she tongued his piss hole into leaking pre-cum fast. She soon had Eddy’s balls climbing the hard cock, about to explode.

Sure that she had her brother hot, she moved back and balanced her naked ass on the edge of a chair, knowing how Eddy loved to see her show off her pussy crack. She at once hunched her cunt up at him in a split, her legs wide. As usual, the lewd display of ready pussy made Eddy hurry to her.

“Do you want to fuck this?” she said, giggling at the great speed of his approach. “Do you want to fuck it until you come in it?”

“What do you think?” Eddy groaned, pumping on his prick.

Joy stared down across her belly, grinning, watching Eddy pull her wet cunt crack wider with both hands. Made hotter by his touch, she excitedly slid her ass back on the chair seat and pulled his face into her pussy.

Her eager moves caused the top of her chair to thump the wall next to the hallway loudly enough to worry her. But Eddy was kissing her cunt so well that she did not give the noise much attention. He was flapping his tongue so far and wonderfully up her juicy pussy hole that she did not want him to stop. Her ecstasy made her careless, but her brother was enjoying eating her pussy too much to give it up, too.

Joy just clamped her eyelids shut and moaned while Eddy deep-kissed into her cunt. She concentrated on listening to his loud sucks into her spread pussy. It turned her on more and more.

But then she heard a sound that was out of place. Very reluctantly, she opened her eyes and looked hazily around. She couldn’t keep her eyes from popping. There was her aunt, standing right behind Eddy, goggling over his shoulder at his mouth sliding in a young, willingly split, gold-lined cunt. His own sister’s cunt!

Trying not to faint, Joy pushed her brother’s face out of her pussy. Then Eddy turned and stared at their aunt, too. Except for her glassy robe, which she was holding shut at the neck with one hand, Vi was also naked. She had been walking up the hall, heard the chair thumping, and come into the room. Even as stunned as Joy was, she thought that Vi looked more deliciously lovely than ever.

Then Eddy was trying to make excuses for his cunt-lapping.

“Uh — I was just treating joy for a sore pussy, Aunt Vi,” he blurted out. “Have you ever had your pussy treated like that?”

At first the redhead only blushed. But then she grinned, too. She was getting some swelling in her cunt from what she’d just seen. It finally made her decide to go along with Eddy’s dumb line and see what happened.

“No. I never knew there was any such treatment,” she said. “Aah, does it work?”

Joy sensed new sex in the air. It relaxed her some. “Try it, Auntie,” she suggested. “It keeps your pussy healthy.”

“Yeah, Aunt Vi I’ll be glad to give your cunt a treatment,” Eddy said.

At that remark, the redhead suddenly realized her near nakedness in front of Joy and her brother. Vi clamped her filmy robe together tighter with the hand above her tits.

“I don’t have a sore cunt and I’m going to tell on you,” she said.

When Vi turned to leave, Joy went into a panic. “Shit! Grab her, Eddy!”

Joy grabbed her aunt’s free arm while Eddy caught the one holding the redhead’s filmy robe shut. The robe then slipped off Vi’s shoulders entirely, exposing a curvy body that made Eddy’s eyes pop and Joy’s mouth water.

“Now Aunt Vi,” Joy said, “we saw Daddy treating Mom’s pussy just like Eddy was treating mine. That’s what got us started.”

Vi still tried to pull away, but she was being held too firmly. Joy did not want her aunt raising hell in the house, and was glad Vi was staying quiet. The lack of any real commotion encouraged Joy to go another step.

“Let’s tie Auntie Vi down for a while, Eddy,” she said, helping him push the surprised redhead back on the bed.

In a short fight, Joy tied Vi’s wrists to the top corners of the bed, using some scrap cords out of the bedside stand. Vi lost her robe altogether in the struggle. She was now totally naked. Then Joy tied the pretty girl’s feet down and far apart, too.

Once her hands and feet were secured, Vi got still. But her mouth opened, as if she might call for help. This scared Eddy into clamping a hand over Vi’s mouth while he stared questioningly up at Joy. Joy ruffled into the nightstand drawer and found a wide roll of adhesive tape. She tore off a piece and pressed it over Vi’s lips, sealing them.

Joy saw her aunt’s eyes really glaring, then. But she also saw that the redhead’s tits swelled up and her nipples came poking out. Then her cunt rolled open in puffy folds of wet, red meat. All this was easy to see because her legs were held so wide open by the cords on her ankles.

The vision of so much ready, open cunt on such a curvaceous beauty made Joy hot for action again. All the more, now that Vi was safety tied down and looking divinely helpless. The sight certainly had Eddy dancing around with a super-stony prick.

“God, I want some of that!” he exclaimed.

“Then fuck her, Eddy! Go ahead. I want to see you fucking that swelled cunt of hers,” Joy told him.

Vi closed her eyes and Joy wondered what she was thinking. Then the girl’s pussy lips curled open even wider and Joy knew that her auntie’s defenseles, naked exposure was turning her on. So did Eddy.

“Man, that cunt is just crying for prick!” he said.

He scrambled over the redhead, dropped between her legs, and pushed his cock head into her pussy. Vi bucked her hips up when the hard prick bored into her pussy slot, not able to keep from writhing and groaning as it moved deeper and deeper into her cunt hole. She simply stared up at Eddy while he leaned on his arms and fucked her, looking down into her face, watching it soften with every slide of his prick.

“Do you like that, Auntie?” he asked huskily. “Do you like getting fucked?”

“Mmmm! Mm-hmmm!” Vi hummed through her taped lips.

Joy wanted her brother’s cock, too. Shivering with lust, she moved close to Eddy and stared under his flexing ass cheeks at his swinging balls and his veiny prick slapping in and out of Vi’s red-haired cunt hole. Lewdly cupping the bouncing balls in her hand, she rolled them in her fingers and rubbed the root of the moving cock with her, knuckles.

Then she licked frantically on Eddy’s cock as it squished in and out of Vi’s drippy pussy. It wasn’t as good as getting fucked, but she loved it. She loved watching her brother fucking their beautiful aunt, too.

“Fuck her, Eddy!” she panted, her mouth wet with cock and cunt juices as she finger-fucked herself. “Come in that hairy cunt! Fill it with jism!”

Eddy was fucking away and Vi was openly enjoying it, heaving her ass around for it, grunting, her eyes rolling. But, with her mouth taped shut, she had to fight to breathe. Rattling noises started in her throat. This worried Joy and she moved close to Vi’s head.

“If you stay quiet, I’ll take the tape off,” she said. “Okay?”

Vi nodded and Joy removed the tape. Eddy kept fucking Vi’s cunt.

“Aaah,” the redhead sighed, relieved to be rid of the smothering adhesive.

She pushed her pussy up around Eddy’s stiff prick harder at once. Her cunt hole jerked more and more at the hard-on in it. She suddenly started to come. She heaved her ass up at Eddy while her cunt squeezed his cock.

Eddy gasped. Then he shoved his prick deep into her belly and came with her. He couldn’t help it. He spurted jism into her cunt until it was washing back out. His ass cheeks clamped together over and over as he shot cum up her cunt slit.

When the pair went limp, Joy watched Eddy pull out of Vi’s pussy and roll away. Vi just stared at the ceiling. Her cunt was fucked wide open, her red pussy hairs plastered back with cum. Her pussy crack was slowly fluttering shut.

“Let me loose. I’ll be good,” she whimpered.

“Not yet. I want to play with your tits first,” Eddy grinned, reviving.

“What?” Vi asked, her eyes widening.

“You need more treatment,” Eddy said. “Don’t worry. I’ll get your beautiful big tits feeling as good as your cunt.”

Joy watched as her brother bent forward, popped his face between the large globes and licking them until they wobbled. Again, Vi tried to fight the pleasure, but she could not. She began to moan while Eddy sucked on her hard nipples, stretching them in his fingers.

Joy felt her pussy flaming more as she watched Eddy playing with Vi’s tits. Then she noticed that his prick was hard again. Quickly hunkering at his ass, she grabbed the cock and dragged its dripping head into her mouth, sucking it, licking up the juices.

Joy’s sucking on his cock excited Eddy into mauling their aunt’s tits harder, his passionate pawing making Vi hotter, too. Writhing and moaning, she pushed her nipples up and flipped them across his lips.

“Chew on my tits, Eddy! I love it!” she cried.

“Christ, Aunt Vi, I love it, too! But I want to fuck these balloony boobs. I had wet dreams about it and now I’m going to do it,” Eddy said, pulling his cock away from Joy.

“Go ahead!” Vi gasped. “Fuck them!”

Wanting a cum, Joy was disappointed when the prick slipped out of her mouth. But she liked seeing Eddy scoot onto Vi’s chest and clamp those big tits around his hot hard-on with his hands. Then he began to fuck them.

Joy bent in on her knees, sawing a finger in her own cunt again, watching her aunt stare even more lovingly up at Eddy. Pushing her face close to Vi’s tits, Joy wiggled her tongue out to them. Then she licked the oozing end of her brother’s cock every time the red tip poked out of the warm, deep cleft of tit meat.

Vi’s nipples swelled, tempting Joy. She lifted her lips away from the sliding cock and began to suck on those jutting tit knobs. They tasted good and she chewed on them lightly, grinning.

Joy saw Eddy staring at their aunt’s lovely mouth as it sagged open with the pleasure the redhead felt. He stabbed his prick closer and closer to Vi’s lips each time it plowed between her big tits. Finally, he got so excited that he began to fuck Vi in the face.

He pushed Joy back and let Vi’s tits roll to the sides. When he scooted over them, Vi just opened her mouth wider. She was ready to eat cock. While Eddy stared down her throat, she looked up over the throbbing knob of his cock. Then, for a few seconds, he stuck his cock head under her nose and allowed her to sniff it. She did and when Eddy started swabbing his prick tip around in the circle of her wet lips, Vi nearly fainted with delight.

Joy saw Vi stretch her mouth open so far and invited Eddy’s cock right on inside. Vi lapped her tongue all over the swollen prick. When she closed her lips and slipped them backaround it, her eager sucking at once spurred Eddy into fucking her beautiful face.

The sight made Joy hungry for something to eat, too. She wished she could suck on Vi’s nipples again, but it wasn’t possible. Eddy’s hunching ass was in the way.

Then she saw her aunt’s fucked pussy. More than hungry enough to lick cunt, she crawled to it. Moving her mouth close, she pulled Vi’s pussy lips apart with her thumbs, excited by the feel of the jizzy, swelled meat.

Joy gazed into the hot cunt. It was bloating redly and had a very stiff clit sticking out of it. Cum was dripping from its red-furred crack in waves. It smelled so sweet that Joy rammed her face straight into it. She slid her mouth through it, sucked it, licked it, tongue-fucked it. Dizzied by the flavor of it, she clapped her hand tighter to her own cunt and finger-fucked herself faster as she ate into her aunt’s hairy pussy hole.

The faster Joy lapped Vi’s cunt, the faster the redhead gobbled on Eddy’s cock. Eddy groaned as Vi slurped on his prick madly and sucked him toward a cum. Hearing Eddy grunt, Joy looked up in time to see him shove his whole prick through Vi’s pursed lips. Then he just shuddered stiffly and let his cock spurt itself empty in Vi’s mouth. Vi sucked all the harder, trying to keep it spitting jism.

“Jesus, she’s a cum hog! Uhhh!” Eddy exclaimed, his ass jerking.

“Then feed it to her! Let her eat it!” Joy said, popping her lips out of Vi’s cunt long enough to cheer her brother on.

Vi was a natural cock-sucker. She gurgled happily as her nephew’s hot cum slid down her throat. She swallowed every gush. Eddy kept her mouth stuffed with hard meat until his balls gave out. Then he backed away, dragging his wet cock from her lips and down over her chin. Vi followed his drippy prick with her curling tongue, lapping up the last drops of his jism.

Eating jism made Vi start to cum. Joy felt the redhead’s pussy spasming and sucked deeper into it, at once getting gushers of juice from it. She drank them up, whipping her tongue into the cumming cunt, licking the clit throbbing out of it until Vi went limp.

As Joy sat back on her heels, she saw how her brother stared at her dripping mouth. She was still tingling all over from the pleasure she’d had rocking her face in the redhead’s spasming pussy and sucking it. Just licking that candy cunt had almost made her cum.

It also left her feeling hotter than ever. She wanted a fuck. She had her pussy fingered open and wet for it. Maybe her brother’s cock was softened a little, but she could soon suck it up as hard as new.

“I need to get fucked,” she said, twirling the finger in her cunt. “Stick your prick in my mouth and I’ll suck it up real stiff.”

But Eddy just picked up his undershorts and headed away.

“Hey! Where are you going?” Joy gasped.

“Out. I’m drained from fucking you both. I’m going to rest in the extra bedroom. You two cunts can just sixty-nine, if you need more action,” Eddy said as he left.

Definitely needing a cum, Joy turned and grinned down at her bound aunt. “Since you had so much fun when Eddy fucked your cunt and tits and I licked your pussy off, now you can do something nice for me, Auntie Vi,” she said.

“Aah… what?” the redhead asked.

“Suck my cunt, like I sucked yours. Then I’ll untie you,” Joy answered.

Vi didn’t say anything, but she smiled. Then she wagged her tongue out as if she were licking Joy’s cunt already. Joy mounted her aunt’s face and squatted on it with a giggle. Her ass cheeks split open, splashing her pussy on Vi’s mouth, which was puffy from sucking cock. Vi sucked up into Joy’s pussy crack, her head nodding as she slurped into it, chewing on the blonde’s jutting clit. She stabbed her tongue into her niece’s hot-pussy until a chain of orgasms in it sprayed juices all over her face.

Joy slid from the bed and stood there on weakened, wobbly legs. Bending over, she kissed Vi’s mouth, loving it because her own cum was smeared on the pretty redhead’s lips. But she still gave Vi a warning.

“Listen, Auntie, don’t make any trouble. Eddy and I would just say you started the fucking and you’d get your ass kicked out of the house.”

“I won’t say anything, Joy,” Vi answered, her voice very soft. “I never had such great fucking and sucking before. I want more.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear it,” Joy said.

And, untying Vi, she helped her up and into her robe, then gave her a warm hug.

“Ah, yuk. My brother’s cum is all over your little gown,” she giggled, feeling the jism squish under her clasping arms.

“I know. But it feels sexy to me. This was my first fuck in the three months since I came here,” Vi said.

She started away, but turned back and kissed Joy deeply on the mouth. It made Joy’s cunt hot again and her aunt’s next words made it even hotter.

“Listen, honey, I can prove that I don’t want to make trouble for you and Eddy.”

“How?” Joy asked.

“I’ll help you fuck my brother, the way you just helped me fuck yours.”

“You’ll help me fuck Daddy?” Joy squealed. “Jesus, you must be able to read my mind.”

“Just remember one thing, though,” her aunt went on, grinning lewdly.

“What?” Joy asked, afraid of a catch.

“I get to fuck your daddy, too,” Vi said.

“Sure! Damn, I’m horny again! Let’s clinch this deal by sucking each other off,” Joy said.

She had no trouble in wrestling Vi back down onto the sheets and writhing through a hot sixty-nine with her. Shortly she drank down her juices and fed the redhead a flood of cunt cream from her own blonde pussy. Then, relaxing on the bed, Joy watched her aunt’s ass wriggling away from her and out of the bedroom.

“That is the ass and body of a swinger. With Aunt Vi and my brother both ready to help me fuck Daddy, I’ll soon have his big cock in all of my holes,” Joy sighed contentedly.



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