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xNovel - Sister Spreads


Sister Spreads

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LL-313 SISTER SPREADS by Albert Gantry


Joy Eden had a mouthful of her favorite meat hard cock. Kneeling naked in her boyfriend’s living room, fingering her cunt, she was ready to fuck. She was suddenly gulping down cum, instead.

Joy groaned — but not because she was eating cum. The pretty, blonde teenager loved doing that. She groaned because Ron had been scared into coming too soon when she had sucked his prick stiff for herself.

She’d had the hard-on pulsing up good and solid between her lips when footsteps sounded outside. It was Ron’s Mom and Dad, home early. Ron swore, then his cock started spurting jism into Joy’s mouth. Joy did all she could do — swallow the cum, jump up, yank her clothes on, and run out the back door.

Braless tits bouncing, she stomped away from Ron’s house, feeling her golden cunt throbbing between her legs. Her clit stuck out of it more, with every step. She waggled her cute ass homeward under her shamefully short skirt.

Her thighs shivering from the pussy juices running down her legs, Joy got to her house, hurried to the rear door, and on inside. Excited, she rolled her skirt above her ass and flopped onto a chair.

Then she started rubbing her pussy with both hands for a quickie cum. It seemed safe, when everyone, her father and mother, Mack and Dee Eden, her brother, Eddy, and her Aunt Vi, her father’s younger sister, should all have been in bed.

Now familiar sounds made Joy feel hotter. Sounds of her father and mother fucking in their bedroom.

Mack and Dee fucked a lot and their groans of orgasm always made Joy crave cums herself. She loved to jack off and listen to them fuck. She could then enjoy her cunt.

Sprawled nakedly on her chair, she rubbed her pussy and dreamed her dream. With her eyes closed in bliss, she stroked her wet cunt until her thighs shook. Her pussy hole spasmed closer, and closer to coming. But her cunt was not quite gushing yet when hear eyes once rolled foggily open.

Joy got a shock. Her brother Eddy was standing between her spread, naked legs. He wore only his undershorts and he was staring straight into her pussy.

“What are you doing?” she gasped, her hand stalling on her cunt.

“I’m asking you,” Eddy said, pushing at the lump in his shorts.

“I’m jacking off. I missed getting fucked tonight!” she snapped.

“Me too. Just when I was ready to fuck my girl, her mother called her in from the back yard. Man, do my balls ever ache!”

That perked the pretty blonde teenager up. She tilted her ass higher on the chair, slid a finger into her slick cunt hole, and smiled.

“Then you should be jacking off, too.”

“I did, and I went to sleep. Mom and Dad’s loud fucking woke me up, though. They sure don’t have to sneak out for their fucks.”

Joy giggled. “We wouldn’t either, if we used our brains.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well now, think. Isn’t this a hot cunt you’re staring into? And isn’t that a big hard cock lumping your shorts out? Give you any ideas?”

Joy hooked her heels up on her chair seat and spread her thighs more splitting her pussy wider open for Eddy. Sliding the finger in and out of her drizzly cunthole, she watched his prick punch out more in his shorts. The excitement of having her brother watch her finger-fuck herself made her nipples jut up in her blouse. She wanted to see his cock naked, just like he now saw her cunt.

“Show me your prick,” she said, churning the finger faster in her pussy.

“Hell no!” Eddy said, blushing.

“You can see my bare cunt! Let me see your fuckin’ cock!” Joy insisted.

“Aw, just stay here and make yourself come. I’ll go jerk off in my bedroom some more,” Eddy said.

“No! Let’s do something together. Let’s watch Mom and Dad fuck. We can sneak out on the front porch roof, play peepers, and jack off there,” Joy suggested.

“Well, okay. It’s dark enough outside, I guess,” Eddy agreed.

Joy sprang from her chair and ran upstairs, her brother following. She grabbed a blanket from her room while Eddy raised a hall window. Then they climbed out on the roof. Joy spread the blanket near the open window of the master bedroom and squatted on it. Eddy knelt beside her.

“Look, Joy! Dad’s fuckin’ Mom in the mouth! He’s really hung heavy, too! And do you see that black-haired fat pussy on our mother?”

“Yeah! She sure must love getting mouth-fucked. Look how swelled out and red her empty cunt is. Oh, now she’s playing with it!” Joy whispered back.

She wished she was sucking that big cock as happily as her mother was eating on it. She couldn’t, but she could finger-fuck herself like Dee, and she stabbed a finger back into her hot pussy, shivering.

Her cunt really dripped fast when she looked at Eddy. His prick was poling out of his shorts. But he didn’t touch it until real fucking started in the bedroom. Then, excited by seeing his mother’s cunt repeatedly swallowing his father’s big prick, he started pumping at his raging hard-on.

Soon, Joy heard her mother grunting and coming. She saw her writhing to the fast fucking. Mack’s eyes rolled. He thumped his cock into Dee’s pussy and shot his cum into it, his ass cheeks jerking until her hairy pussyhole ran over.

“Oooo, don’t you wish that was you, coming in Mom’s cunt, Eddy?” Joy asked her gawking brother.

“God! I’d fuck any pussy that got close enough, now!” Eddy panted.

Joy jumped on that cue. She stripped fast. Then she giggled, tempting him with her bare pussy. She tilted it up to him with her legs in a split.

Eddy cupped a hand over her cunt and rubbed it. Then he moved his gooey fingers up and slicked her tight tits with her own pussy juices. Joy pulled his shorts down and off. Sighing as her nipples grew harder under his slippery hand, she grabbed his cock and let him fuck her fist. When he slid a finger of his other hand into her wet cunthole, she strained her legs wider for it, nearly fainting from the thrilling rubs.

“Oooo, nice!” she moaned, squeezing his cock.

“Do you really like my prick, Joy?” Eddy asked, excited by her delight with his bucking hard-on. “Even when it’s so drippy?”

“Especially when it’s so drippy,” Joy giggled, jacking it. “Look, Mom and Dad are fucked out. They’re falling asleep. Let’s you and me get in my bed and fuck.”

Joy excitedly dragged her brother and their things back through the window into the upstairs hallway.

Hurrying into her room, she closed the door and turned on the bed-side light. Then she studied the stiff prick on Eddy while he ogled her cunt.

Hot as fire, Joy sat back on her bed. She spread her legs and fingered her clit even bigger, shivering as Eddy watched her do it, his cock stony hard. Finally goaded into action by her horny lewdness, he jumped her. As he pushed her down, Joy grabbed his prick, loving its feel.

“Mmmm! Play with my cunt!” she gasped.

Fucking his cock through her fist more while she held her arm still again, Eddy got another handful of her cunt. His head bent, he nibbled at her swelled nipples until she was jacking him fast, whimpering to his sucks and rubs.

“Oh Eddy! So good!”

“Damn, Sis, I have to get in this pussy! Let’s fuck!” Eddy groaned.

“God yes! But be quiet. Aunt Vi is in the next bedroom,” Joy warned.

When Eddy dropped on her again, Joy split her cunt open and heaved it up for cock. But the hardon got caught between their bellies. She whined hornily until Eddy raised up, then she pulled his cock down into her pussy, grunting with pleasure as his shaft slithered into her hot cunt slot.

“Aaah! Now let’s really fuck!” she sighed.

“Yeah!” Eddy said.

As soon as Joy felt her brother’s prick filling her cunt, throbbings started there and spread all though her body, making her moan. Then she began fucking Eddy as he sucked her tits and stroked his hard cock in her cunt. Gyrating her bare ass, she slammed her slippery cunt on his prick, writhing and grunting.

Suddenly she began to come, groaning to the filling and emptying of her pussy. Her cunt hole was sucking on the stabbing hard-on. Eddy pulled on her churning ass with both hands, forcing her pussy around his ramming cock, still chewing on her nipples.

“Oh, that’s it, Eddy. Grab my ass! Fuck the piss out of my horny cunt! Make me come so hard, my head flies off!” she wailed.

“What a cunt!” Eddy panted, his head tossing. “Uhn! Coming in you, Sis! Can’t help it! Ohhhh!”

“Then come in me! Do it! Give me all of your fuck juice!” Joy pleaded, grinding her cunt on his cock and grunting out her orgasms.

Eddy fuckingly spurted his hot cum into her pussy, banging his balls against her hunched up ass. She shook and kept coming. Her pussy lips gripped his prick and kept milking the jizz out of it. Her asshole snapped open and shut as orgasms ripped through her naked body and her brother’s globby cum flooded her cunt and ran it over. The spilling cum caused her ass cheeks to slip around sensually under Eddy’s balls.

When Eddy collapsed, she went limp under him, panting. With his cock still jammed in her pussy, she kissed him on the mouth and made her cunt suck jism out of his prick until she felt filled and satisfied. Then she squealed, because Eddy started fucking her again as soon as he got his breath.

“Oh,” she giggled. “Mmmm! Give me that cock, honey! Get some more of my hot pussy! You must like sister cunt!”

“I love it so much, I have to fuck it!” Eddy told her huskily.

Joy certainly wanted it. She held her ass up for it, humping harder, squishing her cunt gooily around his cock on the juices of their first fuck.

“Well, fuck it, lover! Take all the pussy you want! Give it prick! It loves it!” she grunted.

“Like this, Sis?” Eddy asked, staring into her eyes.

“Of course! Just fuck!” she panted, throwing her cunt up for more.

Joy licked her warm tongue in his ear, making him fuck her harder. When his hard-on bucked in her cunt, ready to spurt again, she tightened her tingling pussy hole around his cock. Soon his prick was again spewing more jism deep in her pussy.

This time, Eddy pulled his cock out of her cunt and rolled onto his back. Joy leaned up over him, her eyes worshiping his prick. Closing her fist around it, she began to pump it to keep it hard. Then she was remembering them watching their mother and father fuck and how exciting it had been.

“You never answered my question when we were watching Mom and Dad fuck, Eddy,” she said.

“What question?” Eddy asked, humping his prick through her fist.

“Do you want to fuck our mom?”

“How could I even think it?” Eddy exclaimed, reddening.

“Just the way I think about fucking Daddy,” Joy answered. “I’d love having his long thick prick slipping in and out of my hot pussy.”

Then she laughed because she felt Eddy’s prick harden more in her hand.

“You lied, saying you couldn’t think about fucking Mom. Your prick got harder the second I mentioned it,” she said. “You want to fuck Mom as much as I want to fuck Daddy.”

“Damn, you’re a horny bitch, Joy!” Eddy said, grinning sheepishly.

“Sure. That’s why I gave you cunt. Our mom’s a horny bitch, too. And don’t tell me you don’t think about her and jack off,” Joy pressed.

“Okay,” Eddy groaned as Joy pulled on his prick. “I jack off and think about fucking her a lot. I love to pump the cum out of my cock and dream I’m sucking her tits and fucking her hairy pussy. Now, blow me!”

Putting his hands on his prick, he held it up while Joy rubbed her cheeks on his cock head, smearing its drool on her face. Feeling the smooth knob slip against her face made her pussy slobber and her cunt lips roll apart for fucking. Then she held her mouth open and just let Eddy slide his prick all around in there while she licked it.

“Mmmm! Great appetizer!” she gurgled, loving the taste and feel of it. “Now for a cum snack. I’m really gonna blow your balls. But, when the jizz flies, don’t take your cock away. Shoot in my mouth. Promise?”

“Yeah. I promise,” Eddy groaned. “Suck me off!”

Joy closed her lips around his cock tip. It made her mouth feel as nice as her pussy and she rolled her eyes and moaned happily. Then she gave her brother head, diving on his cock, gulping on the end of it, making her throat ripple around it while her lips squeezed it.

Her cunt heated more and more as she gobbled on Eddy’s prick. It made her wish that the cock could fuck clear down through her neck and stomach from above and soothe her sizzling pussy. As the stiff prick dripped faster and faster from its piss hole, the slippery cock juice tasted so sweet to Joy that she got hungry to taste Eddy’s jism.

When Eddy shuddered and his cock jumped in her mouth, Joy knew she would soon be drinking spurts of his thick cum. She bobbed her head, giving him a good blow job, listening excitedly to her own slurp and sucks. At the last, she sucked back until only his cock knob was between her lips. Then she fluttered her tongue-tip in his piss hole.

“Uhn! Coming, Sis! Can’t stop it!” Eddy yipped, fucking her face.

Joy felt her cunt twitching at Eddy’s words. Then an orgasm pulsed through it, pussy juices pouring down along her thighs. Her climax peaked when Eddy’s cock was bucking hardest in her lips, spurting a river of cum into her mouth. She almost choked on the jets of jism.

The warm goop filled her mouth. It swirled around her teeth while her cunt, empty but swollen, gushed between her shivering legs. Glassy-eyed, she tongued the spewing cock, her pussy convulsing as cum swirled in her mouth. Pulling Eddy by his balls, she made his jism shoot even harder down her throat.

She whimpered, shamelessly locking her lips on the cock as it shot cum into her mouth, gulping down the hot gobs. Her whole naked body shook as she bent over blowing her brother. It made her come all more powerfully to be sucking up his jism.

Joy looked Eddy right in the eyes while she was drinking his cum. By the time she slipped her mouth from his cock, she badly needed another fuck. Her pussy steamed as she traded longing stares with her brother.

In her kneeling position, she waved her thighs open and straddled Eddy’s hips. Then she dropped her pussy onto his stuck-up cock and rubbed her wet cunt crack against his drizzling cock head. She twitched her ass about, half fucking herself on him, still looking him in the eyes, soft hisses of pure delight spilling from her curling mouth.

“Want more pussy? Want to come in my hot cunt again?” she teased.

“Oh God, yeah!” Eddy gasped.

“All right. But make me a promise first,” Joy said.

“Anything,” Eddy groaned, trying to hunch his cock into her wobbling cunt.

“Promise you’ll fuck our mom,” Joy said, dropping her ass slightly, slithering a little more prick into her pussy.

“Okay! I’ll fuck her! Now you fuck me!” Eddy agreed, moaning.

Joy screwed her young ass down hotly, gurgling with pleasure as the stiff prick sank into her bubbling cunt. Eddy pulled on her tits and throbbing nipples. When her pussy curls flattened on him, she squirmed and sighed, hugging all of his hard-on with her pussyhole, shivering with delight.

“Oh Eddy, what a cock!” she squealed, rocking forward and sticking a swollen nipple into his mouth. “Can I still fuck you off with my cunt?”

“Just get to fucking!” Eddy said, pinching her other nipple.

Joy fucked. Her thighs rippling, she rocked her cunt high and low, riding her brother’s cock. She grinned at Eddy for groaning, but she groaned too, the waves of pleasure making her pussy nibble on his prick. Then he grabbed her ass and jogged it up and down as he watched her cunt slide, around his hard prickmeat.

“Eddy, I’m going to come! Oooo, God!” Joy screeched.

With Eddy chewing on her nipples while his cock drilled her pussy, she knew it would be a giant orgasm. She began to hammer her cunt so hard on him that the bed rattled.

“Shoot me, Eddy!” she pleaded. “Fill my cunt with your cum!”

“Yeah! I’m coming, too. Uhhh! There! Take it, Sis!” Eddy gasped.

Joy wailed in ecstasy as Eddy squirted cum into her cunt. Her pussy hole gobbled gratefully on his spurting cock until she sagged away from it. Then she felt the warm jism running down her thighs. Giggling, she rose to her knees. Rocking her ass under and up while Eddy watching goggle-eyed, she showed him the cum dripping out of her cunthole.

“Look how jizzy you made my cunt,” she said. “Decent people clean up their own messes, you know.”

Licking his lips, Eddy stared into her pussy.

“That’s still the most beautiful cunt in town,” he said.

“Lick it up, then, lover,” she urged him.

Then she giggled again when he grabbed her ass and pulled her open pussy around his waggling tongue. The eager way he sucked their fuck juices out of her cunt thrilled Joy. Circling her ass as Eddy lapped her out, she moaned when he slurped the cum from her thighs and pussy lips, too.

Then Joy saw that Eddy still had a throbbing hard-on. She knew that if she didn’t suck it down for him, he would never get to sleep. Since it was getting so late, she simply dove on his prick and gave him fast head until he fed her another load of cum. She drank the jism down without a murmur, then turned and kissed her adoring brother on the mouth.

“Remember, Eddy, we’ll get you some of Mom’s hairy pussy — and me a cuntful of Daddy’s thick prick. Agreed?” she asked.

“Anything you say, Joy,” Eddy answered, really limp.

“Good. Now drag your ass back to your own room. We’ll work everything out,” Joy said, pushing him from her bed.

“Okay, Sis,” Eddy said, giving her cunt a last squeeze, grinning.

Joy gave his cock a playful slap, and he left. Snuggling under the sheets and into her pillow, sighing in naked contentment, she began to doze off. Thinking about her father’s big cock, she fell asleep.



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