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xNovel - Making Mom Suck


Making Mom Suck

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“If I told you, Mother, that I wanted to… you know, wanted to do it… you’d let me if I told you?”

Judy’s hand moved on her son’s thigh, sliding up to where the head of his cock was outlined. She pulled her eyes from the road and nodded to him, her smile radiant, her eyes glowing with her inner heat.

“Anything,” she said in a throaty voice. “Anything you want me to do… if you just tell me, make me, do it.”

“But what if you refuse, Mother, turn me down?”

“Try me,” she murmured, licking her lips.

Johnny still looked as if he didn’t believe this.

“You won’t know until you try me, darling,” she said in a soft voice. Her fingernails were very close to the head of his cock now. She thought she could feel the heat of it. “I promise I will not refuse, no matter what you want me to do… with you, with myself, with both of us, with…” she let the rest trail away.

His body was shaking close to hers, his hand cupping her naked tit tightly, his eyes down on the few inches of creamy thigh flesh.

“Anything, baby,” she moaned. “Even with your… friends, your best of friends… anyone, anything, anytime… if you make me do it.”

“Stop the car!” he said, his voice suddenly firm and in control. “Stop the car now, Mother!”

Judy pulled to the side of the highway, stopping on the shoulder. She waited for him to continue.

“Pull up your skirt, Mother.”

Eagerly Judy lifted her skirt, but kept her hand on his thigh, using her left hand.

“All the way!” Johnny said. “Pull your skirt all the way up… past your hips.”

She lifted her ass and raised her skirt to her waist.

Her son gazed at her long, slender thighs, the flimsy lace of her bikini panties. His breath was coming in short, hot gasps.

“I have to tell you, Mother?”

“Yes, darling. If you don’t tell me, I won’t do it.”

“If I tell you, anything, you’d do it, Mother?”

Her dark eyes blazed as she looked at him. “Just tell me and see, baby! Ohhhh, honey, tell me what you want!”

“Take my cock out, Mother!”

“Oh, yes!”

She eagerly fumbled with the zipper of his fly, slipping it down quickly. She snaked her hand into his pants, found his throbbing hot cock and lifted it out. She saw the thick length of it, her eyes rolling with bubbling desire.

“Take it in your hand, Mother,” Johnny groaned.

He was still feeling his way through this, she knew. Her son was still unsure of this power he had over her sexual nature, but she would help him, help him to understand she wanted his power over her this way.

She wrapped her fingers about her son’s cock, holding it tightly, unmoving.

“Mother, you have to move your hand,” Johnny croaked thickly. “You’ve got to pump up and down on my cock!” Her hot fist moved, stroking up and down the full length of his cock, feeling it throb so sweetly, amazed by the hardness of it. Her cunt was about to convulse with orgasm again.

She shivered when one hand left her naked tit and came down on her thigh. Her eyes followed her son’s hand as he felt up and down, sliding his palm from her knee to almost the crotch of her panties. She squeezed his cock as she jacked up and down, her pulse racing wildly.

“Open your legs, Mother,” he gasped, his hand working between them.

“Oh, yes, darling,” she whimpered, spreading her knees as far as she could in the confines of the car. “Yes, yes! Anything! Just make me do it, Johnny!”

“I’m going to play with your… your cunt, Mother!”

Judy’s hips jerked eagerly. “Do it! Oh, God… do it, baby!”

She felt his hand cup the crotch of her panties, pressing against the swollen lips of her cunt, the inflamed heat of her knotted clitoris. Her eyes rolled with ecstasy and she melted completely to his desires. Her fist jerked up and down on his beautiful, hard cock, her ass scooting forward on the seat until her knees were against the dashboard. She twisted her ass as he began to make tight, hot circles with his palm against her boiling cunt. She was gasping hotly now, as though she couldn’t breathe.

“Ooooooo… ohhhh, baby!”

“Hold your panties away, Mother!” he demanded now. “Hold your panties away so I can feel your cunt!”

Judy quickly grabbed the crotch of her lacy panties when he moved his hand. She pulled so fast and hard, the tearing sound was loud in the car.

“There, darling!” she gasped. “I’ve done what you said! I pulled my panties away for you. Just tell me and I’ll do it!”

Johnny was telling her now. Judy’s inner heat became like steam as he finally knew he could do anything he wanted with her. He became bolder now with that knowledge.

“Tell me where to touch you, Mother! Tell me exactly where you want me to touch you!”

“Touch my… oh, touch Mother’s pussy! Ohhhh, touch Mother’s cunt!”

His hand burned on her pussy, and as a finger slipped into the steamy slit, Judy came. The orgasms whipped through her body like an erupting volcano. She shook, gritting her teeth, almost squeezing his cock off. When her son began to thrust his finger in and out of her burning cunt, Judy was gone, lost in the passion of her desire.

As he lowered his face to her tit, she cried out in passion, her fist pumping frantically now. As her son sucked at her fiery nipple, his finger plunging quickly into her spasming cunt, Judy thought she would faint from the intense pleasure he gave her.

A sudden flood of hot, slippery come juice boiled out of his cock, flying into the air and falling back onto her jacking fist. Judy cried out again, a combination of delight and disappointment.

“Oh, no!” she cried, gripping his cock as tight as she could, her eyes glazed as she stared at the white come juice spurting from the piss hole. “Oh, no! Please, not yet!”

But it was happening and there was nothing either could do about it. The creamy come juice bubbled out of his cock and flowed about her hand and fingers, coating them. The head was almost bright pink from the tightness of her fingers. Johnny, at the moment of his discharge, had stopped sucking at her tit, but his hand was still pressing at her hairy cunt.

Her eyes were still glassy when he finished. She watched a final bubble of come juice bead the slit of his piss hole.

“I… I didn’t want that to happen, Mother,” Johnny gasped, ashamed.

“Don’t worry, baby,” she soothed. “There’ll be other times. Plenty of times… don’t worry, darling.”

She caressed him, flexing her fingers on his cock, squeezing and relaxing. The come juice felt good on her hand, his cock delicious. Her cunt, despite the series of orgasms that had burned through her, was still pulsating in need. She squirmed her ass on the seat, feeling the hot sun on her flesh through the windshield. Her skirt was at her waist, the torn panties nothing but shreds of lacy fabric. The fuzzy patch of her cunt hair glinted with coppery high lights as the sun stroked it.

With a shudder, Johnny sat upright, still close to her. Judy looked into his lap, watching the head of his cock as she squeezed it. Her naked thigh was against his covered one, but the heat generated between them seared her flesh. Spots of come juice were on his pants, but most of it was on her hand. Lifting her eyes, she saw her son was staring at her thighs and the curls of her pussy. She stroked his cock gently, pushing down hard to make it stand up, then pulling upwards, stretching it.

She wanted to stretch out, to spread her long thighs and expose her cunt to his hot eyes. But Judy had never done anything unless she was told. That is, nothing that truly excited her. Exposing herself, fucking, sucking, she enjoyed it all. But the enjoyment was only good when she was forced to do it. Then it was great, fantastic, and it would make her body glow with a hot-pink ecstasy. She could, when told to show her pussy off, come with amazing force and ecstasy, even before she was touched.

“Honey,” she murmured softly, her lips close to his ear, delighted that he was gazing so keenly at her revealed cunt. “You’ll get hard again, soon. Mother knows your cock will be very hard again soon.”

She felt her young son’s body shudder against her, and she pulled her hand from his cock and wrapped her arm about him, holding him tightly, her chin resting on his shoulder.

She lifted her hand behind his head and looked at the glistening come juice coating it. As if mesmerized, Judy brought her hand to her face and began to lick the come juice from it. She made soft, wet lapping sounds, tasting the come juice that had come from her son’s sweet, young balls.

The viscous come juice was like some impossibly sweet nectar to Judy. It tasted so exotic, so amazing, she would never get enough of it. Judy knew she was come-crazy, as they say. She had heard of some women who got off on just the taste of come juice.

Judy also loved the searing heat of a beautiful, throbbing hard cock between her sensitive lips and deep in her hungry, wet mouth.

Yet, Judy had tried sucking a cock off on her own accord. As enjoyable as it had been, she found her ecstasy was increased a thousand-fold when she was forced to suck a cock, being told to suck it, called vile, but oh so delicious names as she struggled to make the cock squirt.

She would do anything when told and forced. Judy would do it no matter what it was, and sob with senseless ecstasy all the time, her cunt exploding and exploding.

She moved her hand down her son’s shaking body and grasped his cock again. She was delightfully surprised to find her son’s cock rigid, as hard as it had been a few minutes earlier!

Closing her fingers about her son’s prick, she knew he still needed assistance from her. Johnny, despite what they had just shared, was still uncertain as to what his mother had to have to enjoy sex. She would give him all the help he needed and make him understand what she wanted, had to have. Then, once he knew for sure, it would be glorious.

She used her other hand to hold his face up, gazing into his eyes. “Honey, I need you,” she whispered. “Mother needs you very much. You’ve got to understand me, darling. If you don’t understand me, what I have to have, none of this will be any good for me. You, though, will have the time of your life, be the envy of every boy your age. I’ll enjoy it, too. Mother can be very good at this, very good. I promise you won’t ever be disappointed with me. But, Johnny, in return you’ve got to help me.”

“I will, Mother,” he promised. “Anything you want.”

“Are you sure?”

He nodded his head.

“I don’t know what all your father told you about me,” she said softly, still holding his hard cock, “but I’m sure he didn’t lie to you. He couldn’t take me that way. I hope you can, and will.”

When he nodded again, Judy told her son everything about herself. She told him she had to have those vile names shouted at her, be forced to do his will, to do the things he wanted of her. She told him that that was the only way it was any good for her, the only way she could really enjoy fucking and sucking.

“If you force me,” she said, “there’s nothing I wouldn’t do, darling. And I’ll love every second of it. It won’t matter what you make me do, where you make me do it. If you are willing to force, I’ll be the fuckingest, suckingest, hottest cunt you or anyone else could ever dream of!”

“I think I understand, Mother,” he said.

They were parked on the side of the desert highway, the sun still burning into the air-conditioned car. Judy sat with her skirt about her waist, her torn panties useless, her blouse open and her perky, shapely tits exposed, the nipples up in erotic offering.

“Then tell me,” she whispered. “Tell me what you want from me, darling.”

Johnny cupped one of his mother’s tits, caressing it gently. His hand did not quite cover it. She squeezed his cock hard, making her son groan with pleasure. She kept looking into his eyes, searching.

Johnny sucked in a deep breath. “Mother, this is so new, so different to me. You’re my mother and I love you so very much.”

“And I love you, baby,” she murmured. “We’ll love each other even stronger if you… if we…”

A glow flared in Johnny’s eyes. “Suck it,” he whispered.

“What, baby?”

His voice became firmer. “I said to suck my cock, Mother. I want you to suck my cock!”

“Where in the world did you…”

“Goddamn it!” Johnny said, taking his mother’s head with both hands and shoving her face downward. “I said for you to suck my Goddamn cock, Mother!”

“Ooooo,” Judy whispered, her cunt burning as her son pressed her face close to his upstanding prick.

Johnny shoved at the back of his mother’s head until her lips brushed the rounded, smooth head of his prick. The contact sent an electrifying jolt through her, starting at her lips and sparking down to her pussy. An orgasm shot through her pussy when her lips pressed at the wet piss hole.

“Suck me!” Johnny urged.

“Mmmmmm,” Judy whined, opening her lips.

As her lips closed about the smooth, sweet head of her son’s cock, Johnny pressed at the back of it, forcing his mother’s mouth down until his cock was in deep. She felt the round head probe her throat and still Johnny pushed. Her lips stretched wide, burning and tingling with ecstasy as her tongue rolled along the thick, throbbing hardness. She did not protest as the head of his cock slipped into her eager throat, and her lips were pressed at the open fly of his pants. Her cunt was in spasms, her ass twisting as Judy’s mind reeled with hungry pleasure.

“Suck me, suck me!” Johnny was demanding. “Suck my cock, Mother! Suck my prick with your wet mouth! Oh, wow… your mouth is so fucking hot on my cock, Mother! Take my hard cock deep in your mouth… real deep!”

Judy’s senses soared with ecstasy with his words, with the pressure of his hands on the back of her head, forcing that sweet, precious, hard cock as deep as he could into her hungry mouth. When Johnny held her head there and began fucking up and down, driving his cock in and out of her greedily sucking mouth. Judy’s cunt went into a series of orgasms that sent shivers about her creamy flesh.

“Cock-sucker!” Johnny shouted at her, banging away into her mouth. “Fucking cock-sucker! Mother, you’re a fucking cock-sucker and you’re sucking my cock and you love it! You’re a fucking cock-sucker… cock-sucker… cock-sucker!”

It seemed with each “cock-sucker”, Judy’s cunt spasmed harder. She was moaning in ecstasy around his driving cock, her tongue licking swiftly, her lips sucking powerfully. He drove his cock in and out of her mouth almost brutally, his pants scraping her stretched lips. Her left hand rested on his thigh, her fingers digging into it. Her right hand was behind his back, down on his humping ass. Johnny was holding her head up so he could pump his cock up and down, fucking her in her hot, wet, so greedy mouth.

Judy could feel her son’s cock throbbing hotly inside her mouth, feel it fucking her lips and tongue and entering her burning throat. The words he used, what he called her, sent the shivering thrills racing about her almost naked body, her cunt exploding as she writhed and twisted her ass, squeezing her thighs tightly together.

“Cock-sucker, cock-sucker, cock-sucker!” Johnny was groaning. “Cock-sucking mother! I’m gonna fuck your cock-sucking mouth with my hard cock… I’m gonna come off in your fucking, hot, wet, cock-sucking mouth, Mother! Eat my fucking prick, you cunt! Yes, you’re a cunt! You’re a cock-sucking cunt… a fucking, cock-sucking, hot-assed, hairy cunt, Mother! And you’re gonna suck my come right out of my fucking balls and swallow it! Suck it, cunt bitch! Bitch cunt… cock-sucking cunt!”

Judy was almost out of her mind with ecstasy listening to her son. She was groaning around his stabbing prick as the orgasms of her cunt became so intense, she wasn’t sure she would be able to take much more of this mind-reeling pleasure.

“I’m gonna come, you cock-sucking cunt!” Johnny yelled loudly, fucking his mother’s hot mouth faster and deeper. “I’m gonna shoot off in your fucking mouth, Mother!”

Judy squealed happily around his swollen cock.

Johnny rammed his prick deep, and she felt the pulsating spurts of his come juice. The hot, thick fluid flowed into her throat and Judy’s eyes rolled back in her head, her pussy almost blowing apart with a final orgasm.

“Suck it up, bitch!” Johnny shouted at her as he came. “Eat my come juice, cock-sucker! Take my come juice in your fucking hot mouth, cunt bitch!”

Judy clung to her son’s cock when he finished coming off, her tongue twisting slowly about it, enjoying the smoothness of the taut flesh. She writhed her lips against it as Johnny slumped his ass back to the seat, gasping and struggling for breath. She held his cock in her mouth a while longer, then sat up, looking at his happy young face.

Her lips felt puffy from the violence of his mouth-fuck, but they tingled so nicely, too. She ran her tongue over her lips, then leaned to her son’s face, kissing his mouth tenderly. She patted his cock, then sucked it into his pants and tried to button the fly.

“Oh, the hell with it,” she giggled when she couldn’t get him buttoned up. “We’ll just leave this pretty cock out, that’s what we’ll do.”

She had not turned the engine off when she pulled onto the shoulder, but had set the parking brake and taken the car out of gear. Now, she put it in gear and pulled back onto the highway, driving even more slowly than before. They still had many miles to go before they arrived home, but she wasn’t in a hurry now.



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