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xNovel - Making Mom Suck


Making Mom Suck

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LL-201 MAKING MOM SUCK by Kathy Andrews


Judy glanced at her son as she wheeled the heavy car along the stretch of highway. It was after noon and they’d had lunch about fifteen miles back. There were still over a hundred miles to go. She had picked him up where he had been staying with her ex-husband three hours ago. As usual, there had been an argument between her and her ex. This time, thank God, it had been mild.

On each side of the highway, as far as the eye could see, there was nothing but desert — sand, sage brush, yucca and Joshua trees. It was desolate country, hot and dry.

But it suited Judy.

No one bothered her. She lived alone in a fifty-year-old house with her son, Johnny, when he wasn’t staying with his father. He stayed with his father two weeks each year, and usually there was an argument between Judy and her son when it was time for him to go. Johnny didn’t want to visit with his father, he wanted to stay home with her. Judy was not the one forcing him to go, it was the courts and her ex-husband.

Make me do it, please!

Force me! Tell me to do what you would like!

The words tumbled through her mind, almost incoherent in her need. There were other ways to do it, certainly, lots of easier ways. But Judy needed to be told, forced, made to do things like a small child.

Judy had seldom enjoyed sex, fucking, except for when she was made to do it, forced into it. If she was forced into fucking, she went wild with desire, a burning, consuming passion that could create almost the ultimate in erotic pleasure for her and her partner.

But force was the key.

Force was the way to get into her panties.

Judy would not give in willingly to anyone.

If she did, it was no good for her. She would not feel anything, not enjoy it, and never came.

She had to feel she was forced into it, forced to fuck, forced to be a cock-sucker, forced into erotic ecstasy.

When she was forced, it was good. When she was forced, it was wonderful. When she was forced, it was fantastic. Then, and only then, could she come. And when Judy came, she came in spinning, bursting screams of ecstasy. When Judy was forced, she would do anything her partner wanted of her. Perversion? Not when she was forced. When she was forced, where was no such thing as perversion. Deviant? When Judy was forced, she had never heard of the word.

Judy would fuck anything and everything… when she was forced. If someone forced her, she would become a veritable dynamo of sexual perversions, loving every fucking second of it. When forced, Judy would take on a football team, gang-bang them all when they thought they were gang-banging her.

Judy would fuck anytime, anyplace, in any way and position… if she was forced.

She had accepted this quirk of her personality long ago, accepted it and enjoyed it. The fact it caused her marriage to break up really had had nothing to do with her. Her husband had failed to see her particular needs and wanted out, calling her crazy, a nut, a mental basket case.

And Judy was in love with her son.

Not the way a mother should love her son, but the way a woman loved a man. She had known this for some time, and after getting over her initial shock, realizing there wasn’t much she could do about her feelings, she accepted this, too.

Johnny was young, so very young. She was eighteen years older than him. If she were forty, the age difference wouldn’t be so bad. But she wasn’t forty.

There had been times when she thought Johnny knew, that he understood her true feelings for him. Sometimes it seemed their minds worked on the same wavelength. It seemed as if he knew her particular quirk. In any event, he had, in the past year, become more demanding of her, almost dominating. He seldom asked her anything now, but told her. Judy did not care to be dominated in that way, but she had gone along with Johnny, waiting, watching for signs. She didn’t want domination unless it was sexual.

This time, on the long trip home, Johnny had been unusually quiet. She caught him sneaking peeks at her, his eyes almost bold on her body. He had never looked at her like this before, and it made her blood boil, caused her rounded, firm tits to tingle, her sensitive nipples to burn against the cotton blouse. His bold, sensual eyes on her body caused a bubbling wetness between her thighs.

Her cunt was fiery now, twitching as she drove. She was wet between her thighs, her cunt seeping so much, soaking the crotch of her bikini panties.

Force me to do it, Johnny! Her mind screamed at her son. Come on, darling… make me do it! Tell Mother what you want… what would turn you on! Tell Mother what excites you, Johnny. Mother will do it, whatever you want Mother to do. Tell me, baby, tell Mother what would make your beautiful, sweet cock get hard and drippy.

So hard was she concentrating on her mental messages to her son, she failed to hear him at first.

“... them out,” was all she heard.

“I’m sorry, darling,” she glanced at him. “I didn’t hear what you said.”

His eyes were hot and he was looking hungrily at her tits. Judy’s cunt throbbed and she moved her shoulders back a bit, throwing her shapely tits out farther against her thin blouse. His eyes… could she believe it?

Johnny didn’t repeat what he said for a while. But he kept his hot, greedy gaze on her tits. Judy hoped desperately he was understanding her frantic thoughts.

“Take them out,” he said.

“Take what out, baby?” she asked, her voice barely controlled. She writhed her ass on the seat, hope gleaming in her dark, smoldering eyes. “What do you want me to take out, honey?”

“Take your tits out, Mother.”


The car lurched to the side but she corrected it quickly. Her face was flushed with excitement, her cunt almost on the brink of an orgasm. Her knuckles turned white as she gripped the wheel.

“I’d like to…” Johnny paused.

Judy saw he was unsure, his confusion obvious in his eyes. Something had happened at his father’s home, something had been said. But now Johnny seemed confused.

“Tell me that again, Johnny,” Judy said in a soft voice, trying to let him know she understood, trying to help him. “Please, darling, say that again.”

“Mother, dad told me… he said you…”

“I know what he told you, Johnny,” she replied softly, breaking in when he seemed to have trouble finding the words. “And I know why you told me to take my… my tits, out.”

“He said you’d do…”

For a moment Judy was silent, trying to took at her son and still watch where she was driving. Finally she said, “He’s right, Johnny. What your father told you is the truth. I don’t know why he would tell you that, but he didn’t lie.”

A spark of interest came into his eyes, and Judy gave her son a brilliant smile, a tantalizing smile, a smile that told him to tell her what he wanted, to force her into anything he wanted, anything that would excite him, anything that would make his precious cock deliciously hard, throb, drip.

In a soft, but hot voice, she said, “Tell me that again, Johnny.”

“I want you to take your… take your tits out, Mother.”

She saw his face redden.

“Oh, Johnny!” she said quickly. “Don’t be ashamed, don’t be bashful. You want me to take my tits out, I’ll take my tits out.”

“You will! You really will, Mother!” Now her son was very excited, she saw. Her cunt went through a mild orgasm as she pulled her hand from the wheel, toying with the top button of her blouse.

“If you tell me, I will,” she whispered huskily.

“Oh, wow!” Johnny groaned, his eyes burning almost through her blouse now. “Oh, Mother! Hey, yeah! Dad was right, wasn’t he?”

“Yes,” she said in a low, sultry sound. “Your dad was right, darling.”

“Take your tits out, Mother!”

She opened the top button, pausing.

“Take them out! Come on, Mother… take your tits out and let me see them!”

Her fingers shook with excitement as she went down the row of buttons, opening each in turn. It seemed to her that those firm tits were tighter, more swollen, her nipples ready to burst. Her blouse was open now, open all the way to her skirt where it tucked into the waist. She was not wearing a bra.

The car was moving a bare twenty-five miles an hour now. But that didn’t matter. There was not another car in sight on the desert highway.

“Take your tits out,” Johnny said again, his eyes on the expanse of creamy flesh between those shapely mounds.

Judy glanced at him, her eyes lowering to his crotch slowly and hotly, letting her son know she was excited, as excited as he was. She pulled her open blouse to one side and a beautiful, creamy, shapely tit came into view. Her nipple, light-brown, stood tilted in hardness. Judy’s cunt almost exploded with pleasure and she wiggled her ass into the seat of the car again.

She shoved the other side of her blouse away and both succulent tits were revealed to her son’s blazing, hungry eyes. She saw the bulge in his pants, a wanton smile going over her face as she licked her lips.

“Like this?” she whispered throatily.

“Yeah! Oh, yeah, Mother!”

She drove that way for a while, her tits free, her son staring at them. She saw him tremble with desire.

“Would you take… Mother, would you take your blouse off for me?”

That wasn’t what she wanted. Judy did not want to be asked when it came sex, she wanted to be told! But right now, she knew her son needed some help. She would help him until he became used to telling her what he wanted in sex, forcing her to his desires — and her own.

Driving with one hand, she shoved her blouse from her shoulders. The heat of the sun burned onto her flesh despite the air conditioning in the car. The blouse settled at her waist, her tits arching out in beautiful, springy mounds of creamy flesh, the light-brown nipples tilted upward, rubbery in hardness. Naked to the waist, she smiled at her son, a smile of abandonment, of wanton desire, her eyes smoldering with the juicy heat that boiled in her cunt.

“Better?” she whispered huskily.

“Oh, Mother! They’re nice… beautiful!”

She knew, without being told, that the only naked tits Johnny had ever seen were in magazines. His eyes were melting with heat, and the bulge in his pants was very pronounced. She could see the outlines of his cock, even the swollen head. Her hand itched to take it, to feel it, to squeeze that sweet, precious hardness. From where she sat behind the wheel, seeing that thick outline, Johnny’s cock was priceless to her.

Judy’s cunt had gone through a couple of orgasms by this time, just from having her son stare at her shapely tits. She could not resist wiggling her ass against the seat in an obvious manner. She dropped her hand to her thigh, watching the shimmering highway with erotically fogged eyes. Heat waves came from the road, heat that seemed to reach out and flick between her thighs, burn her inflamed clitoris and fan the smoldering sparks of her cunt, making it fiery hot.

Running her palm up and down her thigh, she was conscious of pulling the hem of her skirt up, exposing her knees and a few inches of smooth, sugary thigh flesh. She urged her son with her mind to tell her more, to tell her to pull her skirt higher, to her waist, to show her cunt to him. She wanted her son to pull that sweet hard-on from his pants, to let it stand up in throbbing beauty for her hungry gaze.

Johnny scooted over the seat, his eyes never leaving his mother’s naked tits. She felt his thigh press against hers, and she turned her head with an encouraging smile on her full, moist lips.

Johnny slipped his arm over his mother’s shoulders and she felt him trembling with nervous anticipation. He draped his arm over her shoulder, his fingertips resting an inch above her throbbing nipple. His other hand moved, burning at her naked stomach, sliding up… up… and when his hand cupped her tit, Judy gasped.

A low moan escaped her constricted throat when her son pressed his hand into her spongy tit, her nipples searing his palm. When Johnny dug his fingers into her tit, she moaned again, louder this time.

Johnny was gurgling, breathing hotly, as he began to feel her tit, testing the softness of it, hefting the weight. When he took her nipple between his forefinger and thumb, twisting it lightly and pulling at it, Judy squealed as an orgasm rushed through her distended clitoris and fiery cunt.

“Did I hurt you, Mother?” Johnny asked, starting to take his hand off her tit.

Judy quickly placed her own hand over his, pressing his hand tight onto it, trying to flatten it. “God, no, baby! I came! That’s all… Mother came.”

“You did?”

She nodded, smiling at him.

“You came off, Mother?”

“Very nicely, too,” she said in a low voice.

“Just because I touched you… touched your tit, your nipple?”

She nodded again, wiggling her ass against the seat.

“I want to… Mother, I’d like to see…”

Judy dropped her hand on his thigh, squeezing it. The car drifted, slowing more. “Johnny, what your father told you… that’s the way it has to be, darling. I can’t… I just can’t do it… do anything, unless it’s the way your father told you.”

He didn’t say anything.

“That’s just the way I am, baby,” she went on, digging her fingers into his thigh. “It’s no good for me, unless I’m… it wouldn’t be any good for you, either.”

“Dad said…”

“Tell me what he said,” she urged, her fingers sinking into the flesh of his thigh. “Tell me!”

“He said… Dad said you had to be forced, Mother. He said you were like ice unless you were made to do it. He said, when you’re made to do it, when you’re touched then, you can’t stop… can’t stop yourself or anyone else touching you.”

Judy licked her lips. “He’s right. Oh, God… he’s right, Johnny!”

“You want me to…” Johnny couldn’t say it.

“Yes, baby,” she told him. “I want you to tell me, to make me do what you’d like.” The words tumbled from her, telling him how she was, and before she could stop herself, she was confessing her unusual love for him.

“So you understand, darling,” she concluded. “You have to tell me what to do, how to do it, when to do it… then I’ll be very cooperative with you!”



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