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xNovel - Tied-Up And Raped Aunt


Tied-Up And Raped Aunt

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LB-1281 TIED-UP AND RAPED AUNT by Blake Garfield


Tina woke up at the first tearing pain in her cunt, automatically trying to bring her hands down to the source of her pain. When she couldn’t move her hands her eyes snapped open. She felt the tight bonds around her wrists and now she also felt the pressure of a body on top of hers. And the pain in her cunt was being caused by another pressure, but her dazed mind hadn’t yet made the connection of what that must mean.

When she saw, she screamed.

“Aunt Tina, glad you were up.”

It was Rick, Tina’s sister’s oldest son. He was leering down at Tina, and his muscular, nude body was hunching over hers. Now Tina realized exactly what was happening, and she screamed again.

“Now you’ll be wanting to quiet down, Aunt Tina.”

A new voice spoke, and Tina twisted her head around to see her other nephew, Peter. He was nude, too, his body just as thin and hard as his brother’s and without a hair on it except for the thick patch that surrounded the hard cock he was pointing at his aunt.

Tina was ten years younger than Peter and Rick’s mother, and about as much older than the two boys. She couldn’t imagine what could have made them hate her enough to do this.

“You’ve got a tight cunt, Aunt Tina,” Rick said, drilling his hard cock into her dry cunt.

Tina tried to bring her legs up to slow her nephew’s onslaught.

She could barely move her legs at all. Her ankles were bound just as her wrists were, tied to the posts of her own bed. She was helpless.

“Why are you doing this?” Tina glanced nervously between blond Rick and dark-eyed Peter. Her cunt was beginning to lubricate now, more out of self defense to keep from being ripped to pieces than anything else.

“You said to visit you while you were on vacation,” Peter said, and then both boys laughed. Peter stepped up beside his aunt and held his hard cock right above her face. “We just didn’t want you to be lonely.”

“And anyway, Aunt Tina, you’re too fucking beautiful to just be sitting around alone all of the time,” Rick said, fucking into Tina even harder now that her cunt had juiced enough to ease his passage. “And the way you dress, always hiding your fucking sexy body. And spending your whole vacation just sitting around the house by yourself. Shit, we’re only trying to help you out!”

Rick fucked into Tina even harder, and she groaned in pain, testing the strength of her bonds. They were leather loops that tightened when she pulled on them, and Tina yelped with pain as they cut into her tender flesh. She knew she wasn’t going to get away, not while she was tied like this. She craned her head up to look at herself and saw that she was still wearing the long, thick nightgown she’d had on when she’d come to bed. Now, though, it was pulled up and bunched around her waist, and the cotton panties she had worn beneath it were gone.

“Just relax, Aunt Tina,” Peter said, stroking his hard cock just inches above Tina’s face. A drop of his sticky pre-cum slid from his pisshole and fell on Tina’s cheek. She thought she was going to be sick. “You’ve wasted too much of your fucking life. We’re just going to teach you some shit.”

“No!” Tina moaned as Rick ground his hard cock into her unwilling pussy. “I’ve always been so good to you boys. I thought you liked me.”

“We fucking love you, Aunt Tina,” Rick said, wetly licking her flushed cheeks. He wagged his tongue over her tightly clenched lips, then over her nose and fluttering eyelids. “Everybody loves bitches as beautiful as you!”

Tina knew she was beautiful. For as long as she could remember men had been lusting after her. She had blonde hair that swayed halfway down her back and bright blue eyes. Her skin always seemed a dark golden tan, even in the depths of winter, and her lips, full and lush, seemed tinted red even when not a trace of lipstick was on them.

And her body was even better. Her full tits stood high and firm on her chest, her stomach cutting into a flat hollow that made her tits seem even larger. Her ass was full but taut, perfectly rounded, and her legs were long and lean. From the time she was a kid she’d had to contend with men trying to get into her pants.

Tina’s few experiences with sex had been bad, though, and even though she was still in her twenties she had resigned herself to living a spinster’s life. She just didn’t like men, and she hated sex.

Rick groaned, drilling his cock into Tina’s tight cunt. His hands moved up to her tits, and he squeezed them as hard as he could through the cotton material of her nightgown. Tears came to Tina’s eyes and she groaned in pain. They were raping her, it was as simple as that. Her own nephews were raping her.

“Fuck back, Aunt Bitch!” Rick mumbled, biting hard on the flawless flesh of Tina’s throat. His hard stomach slapped repeatedly against hers as he pounded her into the bed. “Move your ass, you dried up old cunt!”

Tears squeezed steadily from Tina’s eyes as she lay helpless beneath the hard bodies and lustful glances of her two nephews. Rick’s hands on her tits were causing her enough pain to pass out, but the darkness wouldn’t come, and she knew that she’d have to do as the boy asked. Hesitantly at first, Tina began to raise her hips up to meet the hard fuck-thrusts of her nephew’s cock.

“Yeah,” Peter said with a laugh, dropping his leaking cock against Tina’s forehead. “Ride that cock, Aunt Tina. Take that big cock all the way in!”

Tina began jerking her hips up against Rick’s frantic fuck-thrusts. The sooner she could bring him off, she reasoned, the sooner his death grips on her tits would stop. And the sooner she could get both the little bastards off, the sooner the two of them would be out of here.

Peter began to rub his hot cock all over Tina’s face, and she groaned with a new wave of shame as the two boys cackled. Rick lowered his head and sucked at her tits through the material of her nightgown, never once stopping his battering fuck of her pussy. Tina almost felt as though she were dreaming, and she wished she were. The reality of the two cocks, though, was too much to deny.

Tina raised her legs as much as the leather thongs around her ankles would allow, trying to relieve some of the pressure in her cock-dogged cunt. She clamped her quivering thighs tightly against Rick’s hips. Tina knew that she was only making the fuck better for him, but it didn’t matter to her as long as she got it over with quickly and suffered as little pain as possible.

“Oh no!” The groan came from Tina as Peter began to rub the head of his cock over her lips, poking playfully at her perfect features, leaving them fouled with his slimy pre-cum. Tina could feel his brother’s stickiness in her cunt, too. They were trying to drive her insane, she thought, and she was afraid they were succeeding.

“Come on, Aunt Tina!” Rick shouted, fucking her with every ounce of strength he had. He was sweating now, and his face was flushed red with his lust. “Ride me, bitch. Clamp that pussy down tight on my prick!”

He bit down onto her right tit with enough force that Tina was certain he was tearing right through the skin, and her hips went into a blur of motion. She clamped her pussy like a fist around his ravaging cock, using muscles she had never even known she had in ways that she would never have thought possible. Her back arched up off the bed and her taut, white ass-cheeks clamped tightly together.

She twisted her head from side to side, desperately trying to avoid the explorations of Peter’s slippery cock, and her blonde hair flew about her face. Her whole body was in frantic, frenzied motion, and she was beginning to feel a little light-headed. It was almost as if she was dreaming, or perhaps hallucinating.

“Fuck,” Rick sighed, his mouth leaving his aunt’s tits to travel over her shoulder. He nipped and licked her flawless skin along the way, leaving her covered with his saliva and with little red marks tracing the path he took. “I’m going to cum. I’m going to shoot off in Aunt Tina’s cunt!”

“Do it!” Peter shouted while he poked his hard cock into the soft hollow of Tina’s cheek. “Cream her hot pussy so I can fuck her!”

Rick bludgeoned his big prick deep into the humid sheath of Tina’s cunt, stretching the tight, wet flesh in ways Tina would have never thought possible. The burning flesh of his cock was rubbing over her clit, and there was the beginning of a feeling in Tina’s pussy that she didn’t like at all. Her hips were hunching a little out of control now, and a shiver coursed through her body.

“Fuck!” Rick screamed. “Fucking cunt, you’re making me cum!”

Tina really felt as though she was floating now, the sensations drained from every part of her body except the pit of her cunt. She was getting excited, and that humiliated her even more than the boys’ attack on her. How could she get excited while she was being raped?

“No!” she whimpered, every muscle in her lithe body drawn tight as a bow. “Please stop. Please don’t shoot inside me!”

“Fuck you!” Rick screamed at the top of his lungs, and then his cock began to spurt.

The thick, burning fuck-cream of the boy’s lust fountained into her twitching pussy. There seemed to be no end of it, and soon she could feel it sliding back out of her cunt and down the tensed, satiny flesh of her ass and inner thighs. Her pussy felt clogged, smothered, drenched by his thick jism.

“Fuck on it, Aunt Tina!” Rick barked, stuffing his still hard cock into her now sloppy pussy. “Give my fucking cum a good home. I bet it’s been a long time since you had anything like this in you!”

Tina cried soundlessly, her cunt still contracting. She’d been raped, her own nephew had tied her down and loaded her cunt up with his dirty jism. And worse yet, she had almost had an orgasm herself while he’d done it. She fell back limply against the bed, her eyes closed, trying to silence the spasming of her cunt.

“Just leave,” she whispered. “Untie me and leave. I won’t even tell your mother, I just want you gone.”

“Leave?” Rick pulled his cock from her cum-drenched pussy and wiped it clean on the pure, white flesh of one lean thigh. “This is your vacation, Aunt Tina. I mean, we’ll have to go to school, but we’re going to keep you company all week. That’s what we meant when we said we were going to teach you some stuff. This was just your first lesson.”

“And I’m going to teach you next, Aunt Tina,” Peter said, holding his cock right below her nose, on her upper lip, so that all she could smell was the aroma of super-excited cock. “I’m going to teach you something about that smooth, white ass.”

Tina felt a knife of horror slash through her. She also felt the tingling in her cunt return. And she wondered how she was going to survive the next week with her two nephews.



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