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xNovel - Daughter Horses Around


Daughter Horses Around

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Teenaged Micki Harwell leaned against one wall of the main stable, running the stiff handle of her riding crop between her legs. The young horse-loving girl frequently stroked her little pussy and jerked herself off. But somehow it never seemed as good or fulfilling as when she was in the stable near the horses.

Nearby, in one of the stalls, a horse snorted and stamped his hooves. And Micki pressed the whip a little harder against her tender young pussy, sending warm waves of animalistic pleasure over her entire body.

Suddenly, one of her father’s stablehands entered the stable where Micki was. She reluctantly withdrew the riding crop from between her parted legs.

Shit! she thought, annoyed at the interruption. I’ll have to drive back to the house and finish this in my own bedroom.

With that lewd plan in mind, Micki left the stable and jumped into the family’s station-wagon, carrying the smell of horse with her, a smell which aroused her like nothing else ever could.

As she drove toward the big main ranch house and the fingerfucking she needed so desperately, young Micki thought about the horses she loved so much.

She had been crazy about horses ever since she could remember, and she considered herself very lucky to have parents who owned a big horse ranch. There was nothing about the big animals which did not appeal to the young girl. She loved their large liquid eyes, and their deep snorting noses. She loved to stroke their warm muscular flanks. But most of all she loved the big thick cocks of the stallions.

Micki had never actually made it with a horse before, but she knew that someday she would. She also knew that that exciting day was getting closer and closer. As the young teenager matured, she found herself less and less able to hold her bestial desires for the horses in check. She longed to wrap her lips around one of the long, thick horse-cocks. She was dying to jerk off one of the big snorting stallions. More than anything else in the world, Micki was desperate to feel one of those huge horse-cocks fucking in and out of her tight little cunt.

She pulled the station wagon up the long circular drive to the front door of the ranch house. Then the young horny teenager was out of the car and running up the short flagstone path breathlessly. She flew into the house and locked herself in her room.

She quickly pulled her boots off, stripped off her tight riding britches and threw herself down on her bed. Her little panties were wet.

Now, the teen began to stroke her pussy frantically, in desperate need of an orgasm. She massaged her pouting little pussy all over. As she turned herself on more and more, she gently slipped two fingers into the crack between her swollen pussylips.

Her cunt was dripping wet, and her fingers soon grew wet, too, as she ran them slowly up and down her tender little cunt slit. She could still smell the horse aroma on her nearby britches and on her boots which lay near the foot of her bed.

“Ohhhh, sooo good,” she moaned, slipping her fingers deeper into her aching pussy. She could feel her small pussy flex and clench at her fingers as she fucked herself.

In just minutes, the young girl realized that her fingers were not enough. She grabbed her riding crop, which was at the foot of the bed. Slowly, very slowly, she began to insert the handle of that crop into her cunt.

“Oh, God!” she gasped, feeling the braided leather of the handle and the thick, stiff length of the whip against the walls of her pussy. She slowly pushed it into herself.

The crop was now half-inserted into her cunt. Her little pussy grabbed and squeezed against the leather object, as if trying to tug it deeper inside herself.

“Yes!” she cried.

Her hips rose to meet the steadily quickening thrusts as she fucked the crop in and out of her throbbing pussy. Again and again, she withdrew the handle of the riding crop to within a fraction of an inch of pulling it all the way out, and then thrust the delicious-feeling crop back into her hungry pussy.

The girl’s shapely legs were wide apart and her mouth was twisted half open in a silent moan as her orgasm struck with full force. She fucked the riding crop deeper into her cunt as she came, eagerly impaling herself on the end of the whip.

As she continued to fuck herself with the crop while she came, she moved her free hand down to her golden-haired pussy and began to massage her jerking clit.

“Yeeeee!” she groaned, her pussy spasming and quaking under the talented stroking movements of her fingers and the riding crop which was still fucking in and out of her.

When her orgasm subsided, Micki let the whip rest inside her pussy for a long time, enjoying the lewd sensation. She could feel her throbbing pussy-walls still squeezing against the sides of the crop, and she moaned again.

A full ten minutes after the last bone-jarring spasm of her tiny cunt, the muscles of her pussy continued to squeeze. They tried to get a grip on the long, thick whip handle.

She groaned as she finally pulled the whip out. As she pulled the length of braided leather from her twitching pussy, she could feel its surface rubbing against her cuntlips, as if trying to arouse her all over again.

She brought the handle of the whip up close to her eyes to examine it. It was soaking with her pussy juices. The handle was glistening lewdly with her own girl-cum.

She brought the handle close to her nose and smelled it, turning it slightly at the same time. The crop smelled a little like the stables, she thought excitedly. Then she moved it to her lips and stuck her tongue out. Touching just the very butt of the whip’s handle with her pink tongue, she tasted the musky, salty flavor of her own pussy.

“Mmmmm, good!” she said with a little giggle.

She stuck her tongue out a bit more and gave the handle of the riding crop a solid lick.

“Oooh!” she cried, feeling an erotic pleasure shoot through her loins.

Slowly, using the same types of movements she had used with her pussy, she let the thick butt of the crop slide between her sensuous lips.

She ran her tongue over the smooth surface of the crop, swallowing down her own fuck juices. Her tongue made slow circles around the whip’s handle, circling again its very butt where the leather was wrapped the thickest.

Finally having licked every stray drop of juice off of the crop, the girl sighed and drew it out of her mouth. Then, she put the riding crop next to her on the bed and lay there silently, thinking back to the very first time she had ever gone horseback riding on her daddy’s ranch. It was a ride that had changed her life for all time. For it was that ride that had given her her very first orgasm. It was that ride that had taken her little cherry. And it was that ride that had made her fall in love with horses.

The thrilling experience of her very first horseback ride was forever etched in Micki’s young mind. She had been hoisted up on the imposing-looking tan horse. She had sat uneasily in the slippery saddle. As the horse began to move with her, the saddle felt even more slippery.

At first, her father had led the horse about to give the young girl a chance to get used to the feel of the horse beneath her. As she gained more confidence, her father urged her horse on with a few jerks of the guide rope.

At the very beginning, Micki simply concentrated on just staying on the horse. But in a surprisingly short time, she could feel the horse come under her control. And, little by little, she had felt her pussy start to tingle deliciously.

The horse began to trot, bouncing jauntily up and down under Micki’s body. And she had felt the most pleasurable sensation between her legs.

The horse and her pussy’s steady contact with the saddle turned young Micki on unbelievably. She had never felt anything like it in her life.

Later that same day, because she had learned so fast, her daddy allowed her to take her first jump. It was a low hurdle, only about fourteen inches high. She started from one end of the long arena and let the horse gather as much speed as he wanted.

Micki and the horse cleared the small obstacle easily, rising a good two feet above it. But, at the moment of the jump, she had felt a tearing deep in her pussy and a sharp pain which accompanied that sensation.

And she had come. It was her first orgasm, and its power and intensity had left her breathless and tingling all over. Later, when she discovered that her cherry had been ripped apart by the jumping horse, she felt even more excited. Now, lying on her bed and running both of her hands all over her pussy mound as she recalled every detail of the exciting incident, Micki smiled, thinking how appropriate it was that she had lost her virginity to a horse.

As she continued to rub her pussy, Micki now pictured herself riding naked, bareback across a stretch of white beach. She was riding the horse of her dreams, a horse she had yet to find. He was the ultimate stallion—tall, regal, and black as coal. He ran like liquid fire and had wild, hungry eyes that seemed to devour her every time he looked at her which was often.

“Ohhhhh, yesss,” Micki moaned, running two fingers up her cunthole now as she saw herself galloping across the white sand on the gorgeous stallion. Both of their bodies moved together in perfect sync. They were totally together as they moved, each of them intensely aware of the other.

As she galloped along, she could feel the hard muscles and animal strength between her legs. She could feel the horse’s thick furry body held tightly between her knees as his powerful hooves pounded the sand.

Faster and faster they galloped in her fantasy. The young girl had handfuls of the stallion’s fiery black hair in her grip, and she groaned with pleasure, feeling his powerful body moving beneath her.

Then she felt herself coming, both in her fantasy and in reality. She felt her pussy exploding with pleasure as, in her mind’s eye, she galloped along the beach on the large beast. The harder she came, the faster the animal moved, carrying her with him. And, as he moved with greater speed, she felt his silky hair and strong back rubbing against her tender naked cunt.

“Ohhhhh! Commmiiinnngg!” she cried as the powerful orgasm tore through her aching cunt. More and more fuck juice flowed out of her little pussy, forming a lewd pool between her legs on her bed.

Suddenly, a loud knock at her door interrupted her pleasure just as her orgasm began to fade.

“Micki? Come on downstairs, honey. I have a surprise for you!” her father’s voice boomed and then she heard his footsteps retreating along the hallway.

She sighed and rose from the bed. She changed into a simple skirt and blouse and went downstairs to the den where she heard her father’s voice on the telephone. She idly wondered what new surprise he had for her. The young girl was much loved and her mother and father often gave her lavish gifts.

“Hi, Daddy,” she chirped, settling down into the chair opposite the man’s desk just as he hung up the telephone.

“Hi, baby, what do you think of this horse?” the man asked with a grin as he held a photograph up for her inspection.

“Oh, wow!” Micki gasped, her eyes widening as she gazed at the photo. She could hardly believe what she was seeing. It was the horse of her dreams. It was the horse of her sexual fantasies. It was the image of this gorgeous creature which had made her come so many times, not that she could tell her father that.

He was unlike any horse she had ever seen before. He was jet black in color and his thick coat seemed to shine and glisten, even in the large photograph. His eyes were liquid and glowing, standing out in stark contrast to his black, lush coat. Large muscles stood out under the dark coat. Even the legs of the beast seemed exceptionally muscular and powerful.

“Good God! Who is he?” she asked, still unable to tear her gaze away from the picture.

“He’s my latest addition. He’s a stallion,” Mr. Harwell said.

“Yeah, I figured,” Micki responded, although to her regret, the animal’s cock was not visible in the photo.

“He’s all yours now, baby. I bought him for you.” Mr. Harwell said, watching his daughter for her reaction.

“Mine? He’s mine? All mine?” Micki asked breathlessly, feeling her little pussy beginning to tingle with renewed desire.

“That’s right, baby. He’s all yours,” Mr. Harwell chuckled, obviously delighted at the girl’s excitement.

“Oh, Daddy, thank you! I can hardly believe it!” Micki cried, jumping up from her seat and running around the desk to where her father sat. She threw her arms around him and gave him a big daughterly hug.

“You’re happy about your gift, aren’t you, baby?” Mr. Harwell asked, patting the girl’s back affectionately as she hugged him.

“Happy? Oh, Daddy, I’m ecstatic!” she cried. Tears of joy filled her eyes.

“That’s all that counts, baby, just so you’re happy,” Mr. Harwell grunted as he pushed his daughter gently away from him. The man was always a bit uncomfortable at displays of affection, even though he was crazy about both wife and daughter.

“What’s his name, Daddy?” Micki asked eagerly, her eyes glowing as she studied the photograph of the magnificent-looking stallion again.

“I’ve left that up to you, baby,” Mr. Harwell said.

“Midnight,” Micki said decisively.

“Midnight? You’re sure? I mean, you decided on his name pretty fast and you haven’t even met this horse yet,” Mr. Harwell said.

“Oh, yes, I’m very, very sure, Daddy. Midnight is his name,” Micki said with an indulgent smile at her father. She didn’t tell him that this horse was no stranger to her and that she had long ago named him in her sexual fantasies as she had pictured him bouncing beneath her body, making her come time and time again.

“Where is he? Is he here now?” she asked, dashing over to the large window in the den and peering toward the stables, as if she would be able to see the horse from there.

“No, honey,” Mr. Harwell with an indulgent smile. “Tomorrow. He’ll be delivered tomorrow. Think you can wait until then?”

“Gee, Daddy, I don’t know! I’ll try,” Micki said.

Her father laughed, thinking she was kidding. But Micki was very serious. Just the thought of the marvelous stallion and of the huge cock which he was bound to have was enough to make her mouth water and her pussy drool.



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