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xNovel - The Wife Loves Dogs


The Wife Loves Dogs

Cover:cover: the wife loves dogs
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Catherine eyed Rex speculatively, wondering about the logistics of fucking a dog. She figured that they could fuck doggy style easily enough, but she was wondering if they could make it face to face, as well? It would be fun to find out, she figured. And she was going to have plenty of time and lots of occasions to experiment, as well, because now that the horny blonde had made up her mind to do some dog fucking, she knew damned well that once would not be enough. She intended to fuck and suck with the big Alsatian with regularity. If her husband chose to leave her unfucked while he went running around looking for a fucking stag, it would damned well serve him right if his wife cheated on him with a dog! The naughtiness excited her. When Carson got back to the cabin, she would give him a juicy French kiss — with the doggy cum on her tongue! Maybe she would ask him to eat her out — with her cunt full of dog slime!

But first she had to get that cuntful.

Catherine decided that for her first-ever dog fuck, it was only right that they do it doggy style. She gave Rex’s cockhead a last lick, then twisted away and positioned herself on all fours, her trim, heart-shaped ass towards the dog. She looked back over her shoulder, smiling invitingly.

Rex whined, finding his mistress in a position that was very familiar to him, a position dear to his doggy heart. He shuffled toward her ass, his prick swaying under him. Pushing his head out, he ran his tongue up the flowing slot of her groin, moistly lapping from her clit to asshole.

Catherine purred and ground her ass back against his muzzle as Rex lapped merrily away. She placed her open hands on the cheeks of her ass, spreading those firm ass globes apart, and the dog tongued her asshole. Doggy slobber trickled into her shit cute and streamed down into her crotch. His long, nimble tongue stabbed right up inside her shit tunnel, then slurped back down to work juicily on her lovebox. His licking felt so good that Catherine was tempted to let him carry on, to cream on his tongue again. But she wanted his prick even more. Her fuckhole felt hollow, needing to be stuffed to the brim with hard, hot cockmeat.

The woman slapped herself on the ass.

“C’mon, boy,” she urged him. “Jump up here, Rex. It’s time to go fuckies!”

Rex whined, whipping his tongue into her crotch. His hairy haunches sank down and tensed as the powerful brute prepared to spring. His whole big body quivered and trembled. The aromatic scent of her pussy shot from his nose down to his loins and his huge cock began to vibrate and thunder. The slick red knob flared out, glistening with Catherine’s saliva, red hot and rock-hard.

The dog yelped and bounded up, mounting the woman’s ass. His forepaws clamped tightly around the handles of her hipbones and he clung to her, his haunches churning and his bushy tail lashing, mounted on her ass like a gargoyle on a flying buttress. His weight pushed her ass down under him. Rex humped, but missed the target in his impatience. His fat red cockhead rebounded from the back of her thigh. He heaved in again, and his prick slid up the crack of her ass. Catherine grinned, thinking that it might be fun to let the Alsatian bugger her up the shit hole sometime — but not right now. Her pussy was steaming for prick, and her asshole would just have to wait its turn.

She reached back between her thighs and folded her fist around the hilt of the dog’s hard cock. Rex whimpered and held steady, realizing that assistance was at hand. Catherine guided the tip of his cock into her crotch. She tilted her wrist up and down, running his cockhead up through her open cunt slot, using his prick like a meaty ladle to stir her creamy bowl.

His stalk throbbed in her hand and his cockhead flared mightily in her pussy slot, sliding between her open cuntlips. She brushed his prick-knob against her clit and moaned at the sensation. Rex was panting over her back, slobbering onto her ass, his whole body quivering in readiness. Catherine slowly fit his naked cock-knob into her pussy slot, then slid her hand down and cupped his scumbags.

With the tip of his prick embedded, Rex knew exactly what to do. He tensed, then humped, fucking every inch of his long, thick cock up Catherine’s fuckhole.

“Oh!” she squealed, as she felt her cunt fill up with doggy cock for the first time ever — and found that it was even more thrilling than she had expected.

The dog held the full penetration for a moment, thrilling at the pleasure of having his stiff prick buried in hot human cunt and letting Catherine enjoy the sensation of having her fuckhole stuffed to the brim with dog meat. His prick was massive and thundering inside her. She whimpered and gasped. His swollen cockhead felt like a lump of white hot iron, deep inside her belly, while his long stalk was levering at her cunthole like a crowbar. She twisted her ass and hips, winding her pussy hole around on his buried prick. She jerked back, fucking herself on an inch or two of prick. Then Rex howled and began to fuck her furiously.

He pulled out until only his cockhead was lodged in her slot, paused for a second, then fucked in balls-deep again. His scumbags swung in and out, and his hindlegs scrambled on the floorboards. Catherine met his strokes in counterpoint, jamming her ass back as the Alsatian thundered in and twisting from side to side as he withdrew. Her cuntwalls rippled and clamped onto him, molding her fuckhole around the huge contours of his massive prick. Her pussy muscles began to work, sucking on his cock as if the woman had a secret mouth deep inside her loins. She jerked and jolted under the brute as he fucked into her. Cuntjuice sprayed from her pussy slot as his fat, hairy-cock stuffed her to the gunwales. His balls slapped in, splattering pussy cream from her crotch. His huge prick was filling her, dragging her cunt almost inside out as he pulled back, then stuffing her cuntlips up inside her fuck tunnel as he fucked his prick to the root again.

Catherine felt as if she was being speared on his long cock. She had never been fucked so deep before. She half expected to feel his cockhead come sliding into her mouth from within, passing all the way through her body, spiking her like a pig roasting on a spit. Her ass pumped back as she gorged her cunthole on that thundering dog cock, wanting all and taking all.

She gurgled and gasped, abandoned to her lust and desire. Rex fucked in, running the full length of his cock across her fuck button as his cock slid through her pussy slot and plunged into the depths of her creamy fuckhole. Her ass churned under his weight and her hips shot out from side to side as she met the beast with equal energy, fucking herself to jelly on his cock.

He dipped down and fed her a long, rippling, underslung stroke that tilted her ass up into the air, then plunged in at a downward angle that forced her towards the floor. Rex was going wild with joy. He had plenty of bitches in his time, but no bitch had ever had a cunt that sucked and dragged on his meat the way this human fuckhole was doing.

Her cunthole filled with cuntjuice, and his hairy prick slammed in through the juicy folds, throbbing and thundering, heaving and hammering. His backbone twisted and contorted as he shot his prick up her pussy tunnel. He was pouring the prick to her with lightning strokes, his haunches a dark blur, his prick like a black ramrod. As he pulled out, the red meat of his naked cockhead appeared in her creamy cunt for a split second. Then he fucked in to her again, going in to the balls, rattling her bones with his savage thrust.

Her thighs tensed, rippling as she pushed back against his prick. The cheeks of her ass spread open. His doggy slobber fell into her puckered brown bud as he drooled over her ass. His cock fucked in and out of her flooded cunthole like a piston, filling her with his meat, stuffing her pussy to the depths and spreading the clinging tunnel out on his expanding stalk.

Catherine began to melt, her cunthole creaming on his cock. A spasm shook her, then another. Waves of joy shot through her belly and raced up her thighs. She cried out as her cunt melted like a wax candle around his flaming wick. The thrill ebbed for an instant, then the randy blonde began to rise right back towards another coming. The dog fucked resolutely on. Catherine was thankful that she had jerked him off and sucked him off, knowing that it would take him longer to come this third time, wanting it to last as long as possible. Her steaming cunthole yearned for his doggy jism, but she wanted to linger over a prolonged fucking and multiple orgasms before he shot her full of his fuckjuice.

His savage thrusts were driving Catherine forward, bucking into her and shoving her towards the wall. She slammed back, cock and cunt jamming together, cuntjuice squirting out. He shoveled the meat to her from below and her ass heaved up. Her lust-crazed face sank down to the floor. Her whole smooth body trembled as that massive, shaggy brute continued to fuck into her, stuffing her cunt full. She grunted as a violent thrust shook her to the core. She thought that his long cock must be shoving her vital organs out of the way as he fucked so far up into her body, as if her hipbones might jump out of their sockets as that thick stalk spread her out in its passage.

“Fuck-fuck-fuck!” she wailed, saying the word each time the Alsatian fucked into her, totally abandoned to bestial lust. Her cunt was creaming again and again, her clit going off in one climax after the other. She felt as if her blood and bones and brain were all dissolving and flowing out of her cunt, reality fading away, aware only of that massive cunt-stuffing dog cock that was pushing her through wave after wave of creamy joy.

The brute’s loins fucked in, and her ass and hips ground back to meet him, to engulf him, to take every sweet inch of his cock in her melting lovebox. She felt him swell and throb and expand as he drew near the crest.

“Pour it to me, you son of a bitch!” Catherine wailed, as she felt the dog’s prick flare inside her. Her lithe, smooth-fleshed body was jerking spasmodically. She coiled and uncoiled under the fucking doggy like a spring, undulated like a serpent, jacked her body out, then pumped in. Her fat tits swayed under her grinding form, hanging like ripe fruit ready to be plucked. Her ass heaved, her thighs rippled. Streams of cuntjuice poured down the insides of her kneeling legs. “Fill me with hot fuckjuice!”

Rex snarled. He threw his head back, amber eyes glazed, long red tongue curled out. He hauled Catherine toward him by her hipbones and fucked his hard cock into her as he pulled her pussy over that driving prickstalk. He fucked in, his balls jamming into the woman’s crotch and every inch of his shaggy prick vanishing up her soaking pussy tunnel.

His jism shot into Catherine’s scum bucket with such tremendous force that he almost blew her right off the end of his prick. She gasped as she felt that steaming stream hose into her. Her cunt creamed again as she came with the dog and the dog fucked on, squirting his slime into her time and again.

His cum was hot as he flooded her fuckhole, and Catherine’s pussy melted around that stream. Rex fucked his cock in again, shooting out another dose. As his hairy cock stuffed her pussy to the brim, a blend of cum and cuntjuice gushed out, soaking his balls and lathering her crotch.

She shoved her ass back to meet him again and gurgled with bliss as more doggy cock spume gushed into her. The dog was slowing down slightly as his balls drained to the dregs. His angry red cockhead slipped out of her fuckslot, nudging her clit. Catherine grasped his prick and shoved the hot cockmeat back up her cunthole, wanting more cock and more cum, wanting this ecstasy to last for hours.

Rex yelped and hosed her with a final spurt. Her clit detonated and more pussy juice seeped out as she peaked again. Then the big dog stopped moving and stood over her, clinging to her ass, mounted to her ass like a trophy on a wall. He was panting and whining. Catherine shifted under him, push-pulling her slippery cunthole through a few inches of hairy doggy cock, giving herself a few last strokes to make sure that she had emptied every sweet drop out of the Alsatian’s balls and had worked off every last wave of her own joy.

Then she, too, stopped moving. They were rigid, locked together. The dog’s prick felt even bigger than ever now, spreading her cunthole out around the huge contours. For a moment, Catherine wondered if they might have to wait there, coupled helplessly, until someone came to throw a bucket of cold water over them.

Worried, she gave a tentative jerk. For a moment the Alsatian’s fat cock remained stuck up her cunt hole, not yielding an inch. But then her cunt began to slowly slide off his cockmeat. Relieved, Catherine gave herself the pleasure of a few more strokes, pushing her pussy up and down on his cock for a few moments. Then, with a contented sigh, she drew her cum-filled pussy off his prick.

When he felt his drained cock slide free, Rex released his grip and hopped down from her ass. His cock swayed up and down, the naked, slick, slippery prick-knob bobbing like the weight on a pendulum. Cum and cuntjuice dripped from the red tip. Catherine twisted around to look at the doggy. Her cunt, vacated, was flowing as if a dam had burst inside her loins. A frothy mixture of pussy cream and doggy spunk came gushing from her open slot, soaking her hairy crotch, trickling into the crack of her ass and running down her thighs.

She knelt in front of the dog, her gaze fed on his cock. As his prick swayed up and down, her face bobbed up and down before him, like a cobra following the movements of a flute. The head of the Alsatian’s cock was slathered with fuck cream and it occurred to Catherine that it might be a good idea to clean the brute up before Carson or Tommy got home. They might wonder why the doggy’s prick was soaking with such inviting fluids. And, Catherine, smiling, knew the best way to clean that soiled cock too — because, soaking with cum and cuntjuice, the red meat looked absolutely delicious.

She crawled closer and pushed her face under the dog. He whimpered, quivering. His cock was starting to retract now and his balls had collapsed as if they’d had a blowout, but the doggy was still interested in his mistress’ fascinating behavior. Catherine lifted his softening prick in her hand and began to carefully lap all the slime from his rubbery knob. She purred with delight when she found that dog cock was even more savory, after it had been soaking in a creamy cunthole. She slid her lips over the crown and sucked, her tastebuds tingling as they registered the delectable flavors. The musky cockmeat, spread with a tangy sauce of cum and cuntjuice, was a gourmet’s delight. She slid her mouth lower, sucking some of the gravy of their groins from his hairy stalk. She had slurped all the cream off of the dog’s cock by this time, but the greedy woman decided to suck just a few moments longer.

That was why her mouth was stuffed full of dog prick when her teenaged son walked in.



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