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xNovel - Daughter Gets The Goat


Daughter Gets The Goat

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The two pretty blonde girls made quick work of rounding up the trio of goats. As soon as the animals were back in the pen, Susan and Dawn climbed up onto the thick round wooden railing, and sat there, considering what they could do with a goat.

“How do you fuck a goat?” Dawn wondered. “I know how a goat can eat a pussy, but I don’t like the looks of those hooves. Even when Tonto was on my back, it hurt. Imagine what those sharp hooves could do to a girl’s bare back.”

The two girls shuddered as they watched the goats wander aimlessly around the pen, looking for something to chew on. Eventually, one of the goats stopped right in front of Dawn. His head moved forward, and his long thick tongue lashed out. His tongue slapped wet and hard against Dawn’s bare inner thigh, just below the leg of her borrowed shorts.

Dawn gave a little laugh of delight.

“See what I mean, Susan? Just sit here, and these fucking goats will eat our cunts.”

Susan watched as Dawn shifted forward, arched her back for balance, and shoved her pussy at the goat’s face. Even through the shorts, the goat could sniff the girl’s fresh fuck fluids. He butted his nose against the crotch of her tight shorts, grinding his mouth into the soft material. He curled back his lips and butted his teeth into Dawn’s hidden pussy mound. Her body jerked backward with the blow. The goat was randy. He slopped his tongue all over the crotch of the girl’s shorts, wetting it thoroughly with his warm thick saliva.

“Feels funny,” Dawn said. “But nice.”

She sat balanced on the fence rail, her long legs bent at her knees, her heels hooked over a lower rail, and her knees spread wide. Her ass barely rested on the top rail as she pushed her crotch out more, bumping it back against the goat’s probing snout.

“Maybe if we bent over one of these poles,” Susan suggested. “We could put some kind of board over our backs, for the goat’s feet.”

“A board? Yeah, that might work,” Dawn said between giggles. She was really getting off letting the goat lap at the crotch of her shorts.

“You could use a bale of hay and Dad’s sawhorse,” Jimmy said, coming up to the railing from behind the two girls.

“What do you want, kid?” Susan said, not as annoyed with her brother as she should have been.

“Cunt, stupid.” The boy climbed onto the rail beside Dawn. “Hi,” he said happily, ignoring his sister. He got positioned, then watched the goat lick Dawn’s crotch.

Dawn looked at the boy. He certainly was a handsome little demon. And clever with rope, too. Dawn could easily see herself letting the boy fuck her. Fucking the kid might be fun.

“Let’s hear your idea, Jim,” Dawn said.

Jimmy shrugged casually, as though watching a goat eat a girl’s shorts was an everyday affair for him.

“You bend over a bale of hay. Nail a board to the sawhorses, then put the board over you for protection.”

“I don’t get it,” Dawn said, interested. “Show us how it would work, Jimmy.”

Jimmy jumped down off the railing and went into the barn. He hauled out a bale of hay and placed it near the barn door. He vanished back inside for a few minutes, and the two girls heard some loud hammering. Jimmy reappeared at the door.

“Well, come and help me move this thing, will you? It’s heavy.”

Susan and Dawn leaped off the rail, knocking the goat aside. As they rushed across the pen, the goat followed. Inside the barn, they saw Jimmy’s contraption—just two sawhorses with a wide board nailed between them.

“Help me move it,” Jimmy ordered.

The girls obeyed, taking one of the sawhorses together. They manhandled the heavy construction out the door. Jimmy pushed and shoved the bale of hay underneath the board between the sawhorses.

“There,” he said in victory, standing up, brushing off his hands.

“Bend over the hay?” Dawn said, fitting her actions to her words.

She crawled over the bale. Her belly rested on the surface of the hay, and her thighs ran down the side of the bale. It was just the right size. Her knees pressed into the soft ground. Her tits hung over the other side of the bale, and she could easily support her upper body by putting her hands on the ground. She twisted and looked above her. The board was almost resting on her back, but not quite. If a goat leaped up onto her now, his feet would have to come down on the board above her, not on her back.

“God, Jimmy, this is great!” Dawn exclaimed, delighted with the boy’s invention.

“Let’s try it,” Susan said.

“Wait,” Dawn told her. She looked at the glowing young face of the handsome boy. “I think Jimmy deserves some kind of reward for building this for us.”

Jimmy looked into Dawn’s eyes. She smiled at him.

“What kind of reward?” he said, cautious about being tricked.

“While that silly goat’s fucking me, would you like me to suck your cock?” Dawn said.

“Suck my cock?” Jimmy gasped. He felt his prick stiffen in his pants. His balls spasmed.

“Yes, suck your cock, stupid.” Susan reached down to his waist and yanked his belt buckle open, then ran the zipper down the front of his crotch. She skinned his jeans down his strong young legs in a flash, and he stepped out of them. “Get them underpants off, boy. When you put them back on, you’ll be a man.”

Jimmy shoved the underwear down and kicked them off. He stood back up. His cock wasn’t as little as the girls had expected. In fact, his prick was very impressive, even for a full grown man. Dawn swallowed hard. His cock looked delicious, and the head of his prick was aimed right at her mouth.

“Come over here, Jim,” Dawn said, her voice a whisper.

Jimmy walked forward. He stepped up close in front of the beautiful girl’s eager face.

This was what the boy had been longing for. His cock quivered as his prick stuck out toward the girl’s lips. His balls grew hard between his thighs.

“Suck my cock,” he said, trying to make it sound like a manly command.

Dawn parted her lips and licked them slightly with a few strokes of the tip of her tongue. Then she reached up with one hand, cupped the boy’s hard ass, drew him forward, and took the head of his young prick between her lips.

Jimmy moaned when he felt those warm wet lips kissing the tingling head of his cock. He leaned forward, pressing his hands against the top of Dawn’s head, feeling the thick warm silkiness of her lovely blonde hair.

Dawn kissed his prick again, then pulled her head back.

“Is that goat ready, Susan?”

“He’s been ready for years, by the look of this cock he’s carrying.”

“Can you take off my shorts for me?” Dawn asked, at the same time kneading the boy’s firm ass muscle.

“Yeah, I think so.”

Dawn returned to the young man’s hard cock. She kissed and licked his prick all up and down its full length. Behind her, she felt Susan unbutton her shorts, work her fingers under the waist, and start tugging them down her thighs. Dawn helped by wiggling her ass, and finally the shorts slipped down to her bent knees. One at a time, Dawn lifted her knees from the ground, and Susan managed to get them off her feet. And all the while, Dawn kissed and nuzzled and licked Jimmy’s rigid young cock.

Jimmy clawed his fingers into the lush mass of the young girl’s soft hair. He kneaded her hair in fistfuls. He spread his fingers wide over Dawn’s head and held it like a basketball.

Dawn licked her way from the base of the boy’s prick up to the fat hood of his cockhead. She tongued the tiny slit in the meaty head of his prick. Then she slowly parted her lips wider and sank her hot wet mouth down over his hard cock.

Jimmy groaned loudly and clawed the girl’s scalp.

Behind her, Dawn could feel and hear Susan trying to get the goat in place. The animal was trying his best, but it was a little bit afraid of the board and sawhorses. Dawn felt a hard nudge at her bare ass as the goat butted against her in frustration.

Suddenly, though, she heard the goat’s front legs slam onto the board above her.

At the same instant, she felt something hot and hard bang into her bare ass.

She gulped a mouthful of her own saliva, drooling a bit on Jimmy’s pulsing prick.

The goat’s cock pushed hard at her ass cheeks, sliding all over them. Dawn wiggled her ass, lifted up higher on her knees and spread her knees wider, trying to capture the animal’s thick hard cock between her thighs. Then Susan would be able to aim the goat’s prick right into her pussy.

“Got it!” Susan shouted triumphantly.

Susan gripped the goat’s cock in her hand and pointed his prick toward Dawn’s wet pussy. She rubbed the head of the massive cock back and forth across Dawn’s downy pussy lips, spreading them so the prick-head would slip between them. She watched in awe as the huge pole of goat cock sank part-way between Dawn’s parted cunt lips.

“Mmmm,” Dawn moaned a sigh around the base of Jimmy’s long hard prick, feeling the goat’s great hard cock sinking deep inside her cunt slit.

Susan made sure the goat was deep inside Dawn’s belly before she stepped back. She smiled as she watched the scene for a moment. Dawn was leaning across the bale of hay. The big old billygoat was fucking his long thick cock in and out of her cunt hole, his front legs up on the protective board. And Jimmy was leaning over Dawn’s head, gripping her hair tightly in his hands. His cock fucked in and out between the girl’s stretched lips, making her pretty cheeks puff out each time he fucked into her throat.

The scene made Susan hornier than hell. She frowned, wondering how she could get in on some of that great fucking and sucking.

Suddenly, she began stripping off her shorts and halter top. Naked, eager, Susan carefully climbed up onto the wide flat board between the sawhorses.

She sat on the edge of the board, facing her little brother. She grinned at him. Then she reached out with her hand, and stroked the young man’s neck. Slowly, she drew his head toward her, and at the same time, she sank backward on the board.

“Eat my pussy, Jimmy,” she whispered, dragging the boy’s face down against her bare cunt mound.

Jimmy pressed his mouth down hard against his sister’s bare and beautiful pussy lips, slobbering wildly all over them as he nipped and chewed and licked the moist young nest of her cunt.

“Oh, yeah, baby. That’s good, honey,” Susan cooed to the boy. She let go of his head, and stretched out backward. She shifted, pushing at the big billygoat’s front legs, and slipped her upper body back flat on the board, right between the animal’s legs and hooves.

Almost immediately, the goat dipped his mouth down, and began lapping at Susan’s pliant young tits, slurping his wide rough tongue all over the meaty tit-flesh.

Susan quivered as she arched her head back off the board. Her face was pressed up against the goat’s panting belly, but she found she could support herself easily. She bent her knees, and placed them on the bale of hay, on either side of Dawn’s shoulders.

Now they were all in on the action. Dawn had her cunt hole jammed full of goat cock, her pretty lips parted around Jimmy’s stiff young prick, her tits rubbing against the rough pointed nubs of straw and hay that stuck out from the side of the bale. Susan arched backward over the board above Dawn, her knees spread wide as Jimmy sucked and nibbled her crotch, her big tits bouncing under the nuzzling lips and slapping tongue of the huge old billygoat, her lovely face rubbing in the soft hair on the goat’s heaving belly.

They all fucked and sucked each other, in a mad circle of lusty pleasure.

Susan reached up and wrapped her arms around the goat’s body. She arched her back more, and thrust her large young tit against the goat’s nipping teeth. She whimpered as the animal tried gnawing on the swollen nubbin of the girl’s nipple. She gulped, scared for an instant that the beast was going to tug her nipple right off her tit, was going to scissor his sharp teeth right through the sensitive bud of girl-flesh and rip the nipple from her forever.

But the goat let go of her nipple and went back to licking the salty skin of her tit again. His rough wet tongue slurped her tit-flesh, harshly frictioning her nipples until the girl was writhing under his tongue. She whimpered and moaned, clawing her fingernails into the animal’s sides and back, grinding her tits against his hard face.

At her cunt, Susan could feel her brother nibbling her pussy lips. He was still learning, still experimenting with her cunt. He had never been taught how to eat pussy. He was totally new at it, but was learning very quickly. He kissed the soft smooth lightly-haired mound of Susan’s blonde pussy. His lips nuzzled gently, kissing the creases where her legs joined her body, then licking the two firm young cunt lips separately, pursing his lips and sucking the fleshy mounds between his teeth. He nipped the flesh, biting lightly into the firm pussy lips.

“Oh, yeah, honey. Eat me. Suck my pussy lips, honey,” Susan murmured lovingly, so quietly that Jimmy couldn’t hear her. “Suck my little cunt, baby. Oooo, yes. Sooo nice, Jimmy. Yesss.”

The pleasure her little brother was giving her was wonderful, better than she had ever imagined.

Jimmy loved the taste of his sister’s pussy. Her tight young cunt slit was oozing fuck juice, and Jimmy stroked his young hot tongue along the glistening crease of his sister’s cunt to lick up the fragrant fuck juice that flowed from her pussy.

“Stick it into me, honey. Don’t be afraid. Stick your tongue right into my cunt hole. Oooo. Oh, yeah. Jesus,” the girl gasped, as Jimmy twisted his face and drove his tongue between the girl’s cunt lips.

He tasted a sudden mouthful of her creamy fuck fluids, and it drove him nuts with lust. His heart hammered violently in his chest. His lips ground into his sister’s hot wet pussy, and his tongue thrust deep up inside her pussyhole, sucking out her precious fuck cream, gulping it down.

His face and lips and nose and cheeks were quickly coated with his sister’s gooey fuck juices. He nuzzled her crotch hard. His tongue fucked deep into her cunthole, scooping out her fuck fluids. Then he found her clit.

He knew he had hit something important. Susan gave a sudden violent buck beneath him, grinding her cunt hard against his face. Her knees jerked. Her belly tensed. Her clit ached and burned and throbbed. It was swollen hard and itchy. When Jimmy stroked the nubbin of her clit, Susan cried her pleasure in a loud groan.

Jimmy searched again, and found the secret. This little button of flesh, this hardened nub of soft firm pink flesh. He stroked and tasted her clit. He sucked her clit into his mouth and wagged his tongue. He kissed her clitty. He sucked and rolled and licked her clit over and over, feeling his sister’s pussy quiver beneath his loving mouth.

And he felt his balls spasming hard. His cock fucked in and out between Dawn’s sucking lips in a frenzy of need. He felt her lips sucking at his prick-head, her hot tongue wiggling wetly against the very tip of his hard young cock. His belly tightened, and he fucked his young prick deeper into the teenager’s throat. His balls mashed against her chin.

Dawn sucked hard on the boy’s cock, loving the fresh sweet taste of young cock. Jimmy’s balls were nearly hairless. Dawn drove her mouth all the way down his prick, nuzzling her nose into the soft flesh of his belly at the base of his cock.

She slurped and drooled on his prick. Her warm saliva dribbled all along the thick shaft of his young cock. She kissed and licked his prick clean, then drooled all over his cock again.

She pulled her lips off the boy’s prick and pushed her mouth down against his balls. Gently, she sucked first one, then the other. She carefully caught each ball between her teeth and rolled the ball around her tongue. She sucked the entire sac of the boy’s hard balls into her mouth, twisting her neck awkwardly. She sucked his balls hard. His fat cock bounced and bobbed against her cheek.

Jimmy was groaning with pleasure as he sucked at his sister’s firm little clit. His cock fucked deep into Dawn’s throat. The boy fucked her mouth for awhile, pumping his hard butt, shoving his ramrod of a cock deep down the girl’s throat, gagging her.

Dawn was moaning, too. She found she loved sucking cock. She suctioned the boy’s prick in long slow pulls. She gripped his ass cheeks in her fists, squeezing hard, yanking his ass forward, taking his young prick deeper into her throat.

As Dawn gobbled the boy’s cock, she could feel the hot cock of the goat fucking in and out of her cunt hole. The animal’s prick was massive. His cock nearly split her in two. She felt his prick sliding into her cunt hole, pushing deep into her womb.

The goat’s cock fucked into her tight pussy slit, all the way, twisting and driving into her womb to the hilt. Then he pulled out of her tight cunt tube, nearly all the way, until only the oddly shaped cockhead was still inside her pussy. Her pussy lips were spread wide around the base of the goat’s huge prick. Her clit rode hard against the smooth sides of the goat’s hot cock.

She wiggled her ass against the animal’s belly. The goat’s hair was rough, not smooth and soft and furry like a dog’s. Her ass cheeks rubbed into the wiry stuff.

Dawn’s clit stiffened into a hard lump of exquisitely sensitive flesh. It was frictioned by the hard rod of the goat’s cock. She could feel her feelings rising upward, rising toward a hard climax.

She jammed her ass cheeks back into the goat’s strong thighs, grinding her cunt around the base of his cock. Her clit sizzled with pleasure as the goat fucked the girl’s tight cunt.

Dawn grunted and whimpered, sucking Jimmy’s long hard cock. She wiggled wildly on the bale of hay, felt the stabbing sharp edges of the cut hay jabbing painfully into her bare belly and the underslopes of her dangling tits.

Dawn slobbered madly at Jimmy’s cock, swallowing huge mouthfuls of her own warm saliva as it gushed into her mouth around the thick rod of cock.

She grunted and growled at the large prick. She scissored her teeth against the big hood of his cockhead, longing to take a huge bite of the prick-meat and chew it down. She pulled her lips from his cock and kissed the very tip, sucking the sweet drops of the boy’s fuck juices from his cock.

She nuzzled his balls again and rubbed her pretty face against his hard firm flat belly. Her fingernails clawed at his bare ass cheeks, hugging his belly tightly to her face. She worked his ass cheeks apart and dug her fingers down into the deep moist crack between them. One finger sought out his asshole. When she found it, Jimmy yanked his head away from his sister’s pussy, threw his head back, and sucked in a long loud hiss of air.

Dawn poked at his asshole experimentally. Then she stiffened her finger and pushed hard at the protective ring of muscle at the entrance to his ass. Jimmy gulped hard and tried to relax his ass. The moment he succeeded, he felt the girl’s finger slide deep into his bowels. He sank back down over his sister and nuzzled his lips gently over her wet pussy again.

Dawn’s finger pushed deep up into the little boy’s ass guts. His intestines squeezed hard against her invading finger. She began wiggling her finger inside him and felt him respond violently. He fucked his cock all the way into the back of her throat, fucking in to the hilt. His hard balls mashed tightly against the girl’s chin and lips.

Dawn gagged on the boy’s thick rod of cock meat. She couldn’t breathe. She gurgled and moaned loudly around the mouth-stuffing prick. His cock was suffocating her. Her heart hammered violently in her chest. Her beautiful tits jiggled wildly against the sharp edges of the baled hay as she fought to pull her head back off the boy’s cock. But Jimmy had tight grip on her hair. He hauled her face even tighter against his hot hard belly and fucked harder into her mouth, as though he was trying to climb into her mouth with his whole body.

Dawn let go of the boy’s ass with one hand. She pressed her palm flat against his stomach, and pushed hard. He got the message. He moved back a half step, and his cock slipped from between her lips.

Dawn rested for a second, panting hard. Then she opened her mouth again and drew the boy forward, taking his cockhead back into her mouth. She sucked gently, kissing, licking and wetting his prick all over.

Jimmy couldn’t take much more. His whole body was on fire. The blood boiled and gushed wildly through his veins. His brain was totally fogged with the need to blast his come into Dawn’s mouth.

He fucked his hips back and forth as he began taking control of the girl’s mouth. Dawn knew it was time to let him have his way with her throat. She let go of his hips and placed her hands on the ground by his feet. Jimmy really went to town on her, then. His hard cock fucked in and out between her lips. He fucked her mouth violently. His cock pumped and fucked in and out of the young girl’s sweet hot mouth. He fucked her mouth harder and harder, faster and faster, lost in a mindless fog of lust.

And he tongued his sister’s pussy harder and faster, too. His tongue lashed her clit in a frenzy. He could feel her body tightening, arching up against his mouth and face. Her legs danced beside his head. She was close to coming now. He thrust his tongue deep up inside her cunt hole, and he scooped out the hot goo of her lust. He found her clit again, first kissing and nuzzling, then stroking with long slow hard strokes of his tongue. Finally, he sucked her clit between his lips and suctioned the little button hard. He tugged, pulling back with his lips and head. He nipped at her clit with his teeth. He drove his sister crazy with desire.

“Oh, Jesus, Jesus, sweet Jesus,” Susan whimpered.

Her mouth was open, and she panted hard. Her head whipped from side to side, her face rubbing against the goat’s heaving humping belly.

“Oh, yeah, eat my cunt, honey. Eat me so I come. Oh, Jimmy, Jimmy, make me come in your fucking mouth. I need it so fucking bad. Oh, baby, eat me. Eat my clitty, baby.”

Susan’s fingers clawed at the goat’s back. She gurgled and grunted her lust, pleading in hard whimpers for her young brother to make her come.

Susan uttered a long load moan of pure pleasure. Her body arched into a tight bow. She froze for one second, and then her body began bucking and thrashing madly on the wide flat board. Her legs jerked all over the place, banging and slamming into Jimmy, pounding against the bale of hay below. Her belly shook and quivered. Her tits ground against the goat’s face as he lapped the salt from her tits. Her nipples jerked wildly through the air, throwing sweat and goat drool everywhere.

“God, God, God,” Susan grunted in time to her humping loins.

Susan jerked her cunt up into Jimmy’s face, but he kept his lips locked to her clit and sucked even harder when he felt her coming. She butted his face, jammed her cunt tightly against his mouth. She tried to grind her clit against his teeth.

“Good, good, oh good. Yeah. Oooo, baby, suck me harder,” Susan begged. Her head thrashed from side to side. Susan’s head jerked far back as the goat fucked his long prick deep into Dawn’s hot wet pussy slit again, dragging a mass of Susan’s hair. Her hair was riding the cock that fucked Dawn’s pussy. Her head yanked back again as the goat slammed home inside Dawn’s cunt again.

Susan’s body arched hard across the board. Her tits jiggled and wagged in the air, slapping against the goat’s hard snout. Her belly shook hard. Her cunt spasmed wildly, spewing her hot creamy come into Jimmy’s gulping sucking mouth.

Jimmy suddenly gasped. His balls spasmed violently, and he fucked his cock all the way down Dawn’s throat.

The first hot gouts of his come shot into her throat, gagging her. She gasped and sputtered, but sucked the hot goo from the boy’s spouting prick. She swallowed hard and fast. The creamy come filled her throat, flooded back up into her mouth, and started squirting out of her mouth around her stretched lips.

She gobbled Jimmy’s come as fast as she could, but she wasn’t fast enough. The hot goo dribbled down her chin, down her slim neck. She felt the stuff running down to her tits, coating her hard nipples.

She sucked harder, tugging on his cockhead with her whole mouth. She squeezed the boy’s ass cheek in one hand, and grabbed his hard balls in the other. She squeezed and kneaded his blasting balls carefully and felt him fuck his cock deep into her throat again. He jerked hard. His balls spewed a great long gout of his fuck cream into her throat. It slithered down into her stomach like a long thick worm of goo.

She gulped more and more of the creamy delicious stuff. She bobbed her head back and forth on the boy’s stiff young cock. She grunted and growled like an animal as she sucked his young balls dry.

Behind her, the huge goat danced his legs closer to her body. His balls ground tightly against the wet slit of her pussy, and his massive prick rammed deep into her cunt. His balls were plastered against her pussy lips. His cock fucked violently into her cunt.

The goat snorted loudly.

His balls tightened, squeezed hard.

His scalding hot come flooded into Dawn’s cunt slit. She could feel the hot jizz burning her pussy, filling her tight young cunt so full that the load made her belly distend.

Dawn wagged her ass cheeks against the goat’s balls. She felt a sudden spasm in her clit. She felt her belly tighten. She gulped another wad of Jimmy’s delicious come and felt her own come suddenly gush from her twat. Her belly quivered and heaved against the rough bale of hay. She felt her cunt hole spew come. She felt the goat’s gigantic cock slide out of her tight pussy slit, then fuck into her again. He fucked his huge prick in and out of the girl’s gushing cunt hole faster and faster, rapidly draining his heavy balls.

He spewed her pussy hole with come. The thick fuck cream of his lust flooded into her, filled her.

Suddenly, surprisingly, the big old goat fucked his cock deep into her pussy again. He came again. His huge balls squeezed hard. The great old billygoat heaved and snorted, his legs prancing on the ground as he gushed another load of hot spunk into the human girl’s pussy.

Susan’s head jerked back again and again as her long blonde hair was drawn into Dawn’s cunt hole. She let go of the goat’s body and grabbed her own big tits in her fists. She pinched and twisted her swollen nipples hard, digging her sharp fingernails into the painfully sensitive flesh. She pulled the hard buds far away from the fleshy globes of her wet tits, twisting them harder in her fingers. She lashed her head from side to side beneath the goat’s belly. She cried out again and again in her mindless lust.

“Fuck me, eat me, make me come and come and come. Oh, yeah. Oh, Jesus. Oh, God. It’s so fucking good, Jimmy. Eat my come, baby. Eat my clit!” Susan yelled.

Jimmy gulped his sister’s wonderful fuck fluid as it spewed from her lovely cunt. He couldn’t get enough of the gooey stuff. He smeared his face against her pussy, wetting himself in her come.

“Ohhh,” Susan moaned loudly, “Ohh, Jesus!”

She felt her belly spasm again, one last violent twitch. Then she dropped heavily to the board. Her legs went suddenly limp and flopped wide open. Her feet slipped off the bale of hay, and her thighs widened as they pressed into the edge of the board.

She let her hands slip from her big tits. Her arms fell weakly to the sides, out along the board.

Her head was still arched far back, her long blonde hair pulled deep into Dawn’s cock-filled pussy hole.

Jimmy sucked out the last of Susan’s gushing come. He swallowed the stuff down. Then he lifted up and closed his eyes tightly. He fucked his gushing cock down Dawn’s throat.

Dawn sucked the boy’s cockhead until there was nothing left inside his balls. She sucked and cleaned and kissed Jim’s thick cock as he spurted one final gout of come into her mouth. She kissed the head of his prick, then let his cock slip from between her lips. She rolled the gooey piece of boyish fuck cream around on her tongue, tasting it as fully as she could before she swallowed it.

She sighed, kissed the boy’s balls, then let him step back, exhausted.

Her own come gushed from her pussy.

Dawn gripped the bale of hay in her fists, and grunted as she ground her pussy back against the goat’s blasting cock and big balls.

“Fuck me, damn you,” Dawn grunted, growling low in her throat. “Fuck my cunt, you fucking goat. Fill me with your goat come, baby.”

She snorted and shoved backward harder, squeezing the goat’s hosing dork with her pussy muscles.

The goat snorted. He stepped in closer to Dawn’s body. His prick fucked in and out of her slippery slit like a molten rod of steel. His big balls slapped and slammed into her dripping pussy in frenzy of animal lust.

Dawn whipped her head from side to side, arching her neck back. Her lips were coated with Jimmy’s come, and a thick trail of the white fuck cream flowed down her chin and chest to her big tits.

Dawn felt the great goat’s cock fucking in and out of her tight cunt tube. Her cunt walls spasmed around the thick cylinder of prick meat. Her climax twisted her belly into hard knots of pleasure and jerked her tummy up and down on the bale of hay, jabbing her flesh into the sharp edges of the straw.

The goat began shaking all over. His body trembled violently. His balls gave one last hard squeeze and spurted a final wad of goat cream into Dawn’s belly.

With a quivering snort, the goat yanked his cock from Dawn’s belly. As the fat pole of his prick pulled from between the girl’s pussy lips, a great long thick strand of goat and girl come trailed out also.

The goat whirled around, and jumped away.

Susan’s head jerked again, her long hair pulled hard and painfully as the goat’s cock pulled away. Her hair, matted with come from the goat’s balls and from Dawn’s deep cunt channel, hung down against Dawn’s bare wet ass cheeks, swaying slightly.

“Oh, my God,” Dawn gasped in a whisper. “Oh, for Jesus’ sake. That was so good,” she murmured, feeling the last deep warm spasm of pleasure slowly fade from her belly.

She stayed where she was, resting limply over the bale of hay. Her pussy dripped thick wads and gouts and strands of goat come and girl come.

Susan remained still, too, resting. Her long hair, wet with come, stuck to Dawn’s bare ass cheeks.

Jimmy was squatting against the barn door. His cock and balls dangled limply between his naked thighs. Coated with come and saliva, his prick glistened in the warm afternoon sunlight.

“Good God,” the boy muttered to himself as he watched the two girls slowly relax from their fucking and sucking. Jimmy had never imagined it could be so fucking good.

He felt his cock stir.

His balls seemed to fill with hot lead.

He was young and healthy. He was ready for another fuck. But this time, he wanted to stick his prick into a hot cunt. He didn’t care whose cunt it was.

He stood up, and walked over to the two girls. He stepped up behind Dawn’s ass. He sighed, and started to lean forward, started to press the head of his throbbing young cock against her well-reamed pussy.

Casually, he happened to look up.

There, in the big open doorway on the upper floor of the barn, sat the boy’s father.

“Uh, hi, Dad,” Jimmy said meekly.

“Oh, God!” Dawn shrieked, spotting the man in the loft doorway.

“Oh, oh,” Susan whispered to herself.

The man just sat there, smiling, swinging his feet in the air.




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Top 3 D'loads (past month)

  1. rx-626 family sex fest (julia tayle).zip [129.26KB]
  2. fam-120 loving daughters (evan burke).zip [313.34KB]
  3. tfb-146 daddys plaything (bruce flores).zip [290.31KB]

Top 3 D'loads (all time)

  1. pp-7089 two naughty moms (tom allison).zip [119.49KB]
  2. rws-121 camp for little girls (james wheatfield).zip [134.79KB]
  3. dn-386 daughters wide open lips (ray todd).zip [75.81KB]


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