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xNovel - Pam's Pony


Pam's Pony

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Pam hurried home from school the next day. She turned down a girlfriends offer of a double-date in the local drive-in where, her girlfriend assured her, they could both get fucked.

“No thanks, Diane,” Pam cooed with a secret smile. “I’m going home.”

On her way home, she turned down two more offers, these made by horny young studs who wanted to “give her a lift”. She laughed them off and wiggled on, cock-teasing a little just for the fun of it. She let the boys whistle and howl and get all excited over her. But her mind was on Theo.

Pam burst into the house with mounting excitement. She rushed into her bedroom to quickly comply with maternal orders: “Change your clothes after school!”

She took off her shoes and stocking, then stripped off her school dress, bra and panties. She hurriedly rummaged through the closet and found her sexy mini-dress, all fresh and clean. She pulled it on, and it clung to her every curve as she zipped it up in back.

She slipped her small feet into her sandals and pranced out of the room. Her mother was on the sofa, watching a soap on TV. Pam rushed right by and darted for the refrigerator where she quickly grabbed two carrots. These she clung to as if they were stiff pricks and raced across the field to the shed.

She hugged her pony with one arm while she held the carrots in her other hand, away from Theo’s reach. She giggled excitedly and said hello to her pony as she rubbed her tits against his strong body. When her tits were thoroughly thrilled and heat was already rising within her, she stripped naked and dropped down below her pony’s eager mouth.

With a wiggle and a moan, she fucked her pussy with a thick end of a carrot for a few moments, very aware of Theo’s mounting excitement. Then she laughed sensuously and stopped teasing him. She took her hands away from the carrot and let him munch the hell out of it and her pussy.

Laughing and giggling, sometimes moaning and groaning, she worked her tight pussy muscled just right, the way she had taught herself, and fed Theo an inch of carrot at a time from her cunt. This procedure kept the pony’s lips and teeth hungrily against her churning cunt.

Her orgasms were delightful and she loved every one of them. By humping and twisting her pussy, she not only got the full benefit of Theo’s teeth on her cunt and clit, but got the added pleasure of the opposite end of the carrot twisting around in her pussy. She came like crazy several times, especially as she fed her pony the second carrot. By the time Theo was finished with that one, Pam was climbing the walls!

She wanted to be high on sex. This was what she had dreamed of all day in school. And there was a reason for her horny desire. Her blue eyes, slightly glazed, were glued to her pony’s cock-sheath and tremors ran through her pussy. This was a very special day for her, and she knew it.

As Theo finished by lapping her cunt, Pam heaved a sigh of expectation. Every fiber of her being was sexually tuned now for the big event.

She was hell-bent on fucking her pony!

Anxiously, she spread her sexy legs. Theo’s head was still busy between her tense young thighs. She scrambled on all fours to his hind end.

It was only when she was beautifully naked under her pony that the poor girl began to realize the difficulties she had to face. She was woefully ignorant of animal sex. But she was too hot to trot to think sensibly at the moment. The girl wanted to fuck! She had no time for thought.

Pam started by jerking her pony’s cock. She teased his big thick prick out of its protective sheath and began playing with it. She loved the way she could make Theo grunt and groan and make his beautiful thick come out.

Her slim fingers caressed his gigantic cock shaft and she jacked his cock lovingly as her other hand teased his big hot balls. Theo responded naturally and Pam got what she wanted — his stiff prick.

But what now?

All she had going for her was this insatiable desire and lust to fuck her beloved pony. With his cock huge in her small fist, she stretched herself out on the ground below him.

That, she soon saw, was ridiculous. His cock was way up their above her. Oh, it was sexy to lie there and watch her hands work on his bulging, throbbing prick? But how was she to get her pussy way up there?

Forced to control her emotions and frantic young fuck-lust, she looked around in desperation. Her blue eyes focused on the stack of firewood in the corner.

She scrambled over there and grabbed a heavy log and dragged it across the ground. She set it in place under her pony’s belly. Then, panting with effort, she got her naked little ass up onto the log and maneuvered to get her cunt at Theo’s throbbing prick.

Grunting, she hunched upward. Her hot pussy kissed his prick-tip. Pam moaned just as that, but it wasn’t enough. Even when she got her cunt in contact with the pony’s rigid fuck-pole, that wasn’t enough. She didn’t want to just rub her pussy against the marvelous thing. She wanted his cock up her cunt!

But how?

Frustration began to discourage and disappoint Pam. She began to see how foolish she was. She felt slightly embarrassed by her ignorance. The damned log was cutting into her ass-flesh and the ground was hurting the back of her head! What fun was this?

Giving up momentarily, she let her body sag as she caught her breath and tried to think her way through this terrible dilemma.

“Darn, darn, darn!” she rasped hotly, her cunt all wet and ready for horse-cock.

She felt like an ass, lying there so helplessly when Theo’s gorgeous boner was just a foot away. Her young mind searched for answers. She frowned with concentration.

“Ohh, Theo!” she cried mournfully. “And I really wanted you to fuck me!”

Her pony groaned with lust and she quickly and sympathetically massaged his stiff cock.

“Ohhhh, I know you want to shoot,” she said. “But I don’t want to jack you off right now. Understand? I want you to fuck me. You’d like to fuck me, wouldn’t you? Sure you would. I just know you would! But…”

Her blue eyes flashed. And image came into her hind. Of course! When she was small, her parents had taken her for a tour of a modern farm. Yes! Now she remembered. She had seen a horse and mare mating!

“Oh, Theo!” she squealed. “How dumb I am! You don’t fuck a girl pony this way! You have to mount her!”

Elated once again. Pam quickly rolled the log away and pushed it back among the others. Then, on all fours, she crept under her pony’s body and got her head between his forelegs. She looked over her shoulder to see that her ass and cunt was directly below Theo’s prick. But — so what? Now she was more than a foot below him. And he certainly couldn’t bend his back legs to fuck his prick into her pussy. Her uncle sure would! But how could Theo?

Now she pounded the earth with her fist and cried: “Damn! Damn! Damn!”

She was exasperated.

“Ohhh, Theo!” she wailed, almost in tears. “This is horrible! I want to fuck so bad! If you only knew! I’ve never wanted a cock, you know. I’ve stayed away from those damned fucking boys! I wouldn’t even let Uncle Ben fuck me! But now all I can think about is your wonderful prick up my pussy!”

She dropped her forehead on her arms and cried pitifully. She had run out of ideas. It was useless. All her excitement had been for nothing.

“It just isn’t fair!” she protested.

When she had wanted to excite her tits against Theo’s body, that had worked. When she had wanted him to lick her pussy, that had worked. When she had wanted him to munch her clit. That had worked. And when she had wanted to jerk his big cock, that had worked. Why couldn’t this work, too? Was her God letting her down just when she was drying with passion and lust for him?

With wet eyes, she squirmed around and sat beneath her pony and gazed longingly at his big slimy prick. She reached up and fondled his cock lovingly.

“I’m sorry I thought like that,” she said gently, stroking his cock in her tight fist. “I know you would give me what I want if you could. If I were a girl pony, you’s fuck me to death, wouldn’t you?”

The erotic fantasy replaced reality in her horny young mind. She imagined herself a female pony, her blonde hair her mane, and she pictured Theo mounting her in a field and fucking his big prick into her pony-cunt! The vision excited her and she was turned on again.

“Ohhh, Theo,” she moaned, stroking his cock steadily, “I love your prick. I do! I do! I never want a boy to touch me. I want your cock. Ohhhh, how I want your cock! It’s so beautiful, so big, so thick! And it’s mine, isn’t it? Huh?”

Her impassioned mind whirled and in a daze of erotic arousal she slowly knelt. Breathing hotly, she pressed her mouth against her pony’s rigid fuck-pole.

She took an experimental lick at his slimy cock. It tasted all right. Sort of like her uncle’s wet prick. She took another lick and moaned. She liked horse-cock.

“Maybe I can’t fuck you,” she murmured, kissing his thick cock. “But I can suck your cock.”

With that, she moaned softly and wiggled into a more comfortable position on her knees, squatting below her pet. She ran her hand up and down the full length of his prick and kissed the end of it. She saw his piss-hole, big and almost open, and she licked the tip of her tongue into it. Her pony grunted. Pam moaned and licked his cock-head passionately, her feeling soaring again.

Her free hand dived between her shivery thighs and she rubbed her cunt furiously as she started licking Theo’s cock all over. She moaned again and again as her pleasure increased.

She fucked a finger up into her cunt-hole, then two, then three! With three fingers fucking into her pussy for the first time — to imitate Theo’s thick prick — she enjoyed her fantasy and came like crazy. Her delight reached such a high peak that she temporarily forgot about actual fucking. She just imagined herself a girl pony in heat and made belive Theo’s big prick was screwing up into her humping fuck-hole. It was marvelous!

As she came, her mouth stretched wide open and she took the pony’s cock-head into her mouth.

Her jaw muscles ached like they had when she first sucked her uncle’s big cock. Theo’s cock was much bigger. But Pam didn’t care about that now. She wanted his cock. And she was going to get it one way of another.

The horny young teenager became a hot little bitch! In heat! Sucking such a big cock turned her on something fierce. Her senses reeled and her pussy creamed and her whole being became one mass of hot female flesh. Her own erotic nature overwhelmed her as she sucked the pony’s prick, stretching her pretty lips wider than they had ever been stretched, and she appeared drugged by the sensations that coursed through her.

She moved her pretty head often. Her pink tongue flicked out of her mouth like a snake and curled round and round the pony-cock. She sucked and moaned and came violently on her probing, fucking fingers. Theo’s rear hoofs stomped erratically on the earth as the girl inflamed his cock and balls.

She licked her tongue across his gaping pisshole and moaned with passion.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned as her pretty face slid back and forth and her extended tongue licked the full length of the pony-prick.

Pam took his cock-head back into her hot mouth and gave it sucks that drove the animal wild. Theo was getting a treat beyond his animal comprehension. That sucking young mouth wrapped so tightly around his bulging prick-head gave him obvious delight and pleasure.

Pam moaned again and took more of her pet’s enormous boner into her mouth. Her mouth was now open as far as it could go, shaped into a beautiful O. Her saucy little tongue moved constantly around his cock-head and she continually tongue-teased his piss-hole as he finger-fucked herself furiously. She came several times, always violently, as if Theo were really plunging his big prick into her fuck-hole.

This cock-sucking thrilled Pam. It was absolutely the sexiest thing she had ever dreamed of! Her erotic fantasy worked wonders for her. She whimpered with helpless abandon as sucking the pony-cock made her pussy burn with passion and cream again and again on her fucking fingers. Her cute ass churned and her tight cunt humped wildly as her tongue laved her pet’s boner.

After five mind-boggling orgasms that left her whole body trembling and tingling, Pam grew passionate on the pony-cock, the source of her extreme pleasure. Out of her young mind with fiery, raw fuck-lust, she drew her soaked fingers out of her twisting cunt-hole and suddenly grasping the pony’s balls.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned hotly, loving the feel of his heavy balls. She manipulated his balls as she sucked hotly on his burgeoning prick. She rubbed his balls and caressed them and squeezed them, enjoying handling his cum-laden balls thoroughly as she sucked his cock.

Growing lewd, she slipped her wet mouth off the animal’s enormous cock and tongued her over to his balls. Sex-crazed, she licked and kissed his balls, and snaked her tongue around them. Theo groaned loudly. Moaning breathlessly, she licked her way back over to his bulging cock-head and took it back in her mouth to suck it some more. She was suddenly suck-hungry!

She filled her young mouth with stiff horse-cock and scraped her teeth over his cock-shaft as she moved her head forward and backwards. The pony groaned and grunted deeply. Pam let Theo fuck her mouth the way she wanted him to fuck her cunt.

She reached back with both hands and fondled his big hairy balls and forced her mouth onto his stony prick. The large, throbbing staff of his cock-meat prodded the back of her throat. Pam tried to open her throat for his cock-head. Pam tried to open her throat for his cock-head, but he was simply too large! She had to content herself with sucking and jerking his prick as she played with his cum-filled balls.

Pam felt her pony’s marvelous cock enlarge and throb menacingly on her mouth. Impassioned by his increased lust for her, she eased her teeth from their clench and twisted her mouth hornily in a frenzy of female lust. Suddenly, uncontrollably, helplessly, she wanted his jism to shoot into her sucking young mouth.

Her desire turned into raw hunger for Theo’s cum. So she sucked for it! Faster and faster her face dived, faster and faster the pony-cock fucked her mouth.

Pam sensed that her pony was close to cumming. Her cunt was aroused and tingling. Without even touching her pussy now, she was building up for an orgasm. And Pam knew she was going to cum with her beloved animal-God. How she wanted that!

She tightened her kips around his thick, wonderful cock-flesh and made her mouth as snug as a hot cunt. The animal naturally, instinctively, pushed forward as if to fuck a mare. Pam held on for hear life as his movement almost knocked her back onto her ass. As Theo hunched his prick at her, she kept adjusting her position to keep his marvelous boner in her sucking young mouth.

Suddenly, violently, the pony went into convulsions. To Pam’s amazement, his whole body shook and quivered as his prick exploded cum into her mouth. He made the strangest sound she had ever heard just before her tongue felt his piss-hole open up and gush a huge wad of hot jism down her throat. It was a mouthful of cum!

Pam gasped on his spitting prick and gulped in self-defense. A strange joy rippled through her as the pony-cock erupted again with a giant wad of jism. Pam swallowed quickly and had to take several gulps to take down one enormous discharge of cum.

Theo stomped the ground and groaned loudly and fucked the teenager’s sucking mouth and pumped great globs of jism into her throat. Pam gulped and gulped, faster and faster, but the prick in her fist was exploding more, discharging masses of thick cock-cream. This was no mere boy’s prick! This was an animal’s cock, with animal force, animal power and animal strength.

“Mmmmmphhhh!” she gasped, trying to keep up with the onslaught of jism.

But the pony’s prick gushed and spit cum wildly — too wildly for a mere girl! Her young mouth filled up to overflowing! Cock-cream squirted from the corners of her stretched mouth. Pam gagged and choked as even more cum blasted into her throat with furious violence.

Pam back off as she gulped and gulped what was in her mouth, but still the pony-cock discharged large quantities of cum. Jism splashed against her face, her neck, her naked young tits and it dribbled all the way down to her churning little cunt.

“Oh, ohhhhhh!” she moaned, falling back in astonishment and wonder. Her mouth had gotten him off viciously than her hand had! Sucking his cock seemed to have produced huger amounts of cum in his big balls.

She laughed sensuously as her pony’s cock discharged all its jism onto her quivering, shaking body. She settled down on her back and let her pet bathe her in his jism, which she started smearing all over her aching young tits, belly, thighs and cunt. This excited the hell out of her. She was getting covered with Theo’s copious supply of thick cock-cream.

“Ow, wow!” Pam gasped.

Her blue eyes lit up as she watched his prick finish its juicy work and her small hands moved rapidly up and down her flesh, rubbing his jism all over her body.

Long after her pony stopped shooting his jism, Pam remained where she was, panting hotly and simply smearing his jism on her jutting tits and into her horny pussy.

This bathing in horse-cum was such a turn-on for her, such and extreme, secret pleasure, that she just knew it had to be repeated. Maybe she couldn’t fuck her pony, but she could certainly make him cum a lot with her mouth!

Desiring repeats of this sexy performance, Pam made it a daily habit to add her blow-jobs to their sex-play. Each and every day she delighted in sucking his cock to the point of agony for him. She took the first spurts of his cum down her throat as fast as she could, but the rest she let splash all over her.

Day in and day out she hugged and kissed Theo, then let him lick her pussy, then fed him some carrots from her fuck-channel, then whacked his cock into stiffness and always finished by blowing him until he bathed her in cock-cream.

For more than a week she enjoyed this new, exciting addition to her sex-life. It should have pleased her thoroughly. But after a week, it had the opposite effect. She began to envy that cum-spitting prick and long for it with a hunger she couldn’t control. Though the week had been delightful, she found herself still yearning to be fucked by her pony.

It was no longer enough to just suck his prick and make him shoot loads of juicy cum for her. Even though eating his jism turned her on, it left her longing for his thick prick up her cunt.

But the burning question remained. How could a girl get a pony to fuck her?

Eventually Pam worked herself into a depression. Though she enjoyed Theo a lot and continued with the daily routine, her pussy got hungrier and hungrier, and hornier and hornier, hotter and hotter for cock.

One afternoon, after her jism-bath was over she sat forlornly in the hay with her elbow on her knees and her chin in her hands, simply gazing at Theo’s big, wet cock. Her belly was full of his cum, yet there was a vacuum there, an empty spot that could only be filled by his prick…

Ben Forbes found his niece in that sad condition.

Pam just looked up when he entered, without lifting her chin from her hands. She had hear his approach and was pretty sure it was him. Not that it would have mattered to her at the time. Even if her mother caught her sucking Theo’s rigid fuck-pole — so what? Hadn’t she seen her uncle fucking the hell out of her mother’s pussy?

“What’s the matter, kitten?” her uncle wanted to know.

“Oh, nothing,” Pam sighed, without moving an inch.

Ben looked from his naked niece’s half-exposed ass to the pony, “Is your pony refusing to cooperate? I’ve never seen you so sad with him.”

“No, it isn’t that.”

“What is it? Come on, tell me. You can talk to me. You know that. What seems to be the problem? He still licks your pussy for you, doesn’t he?”

“Yes.” Pam sighed. “He does everything I want him to. Almost. I even lick his cock and suck him till he cums.”

Ben concealed his astonishment and pretended nonchalance, but he hadn’t even thought of her sucking the pony’s prick! Ben’s cock rose up in his pants when she said that and when he imagined her sexy young mouth sucking on the animal’s prick.

Wanting to be near her naked body, Ben moved over to her and sat down with her like a loving, caring relative. He slipped his arm around her slim shoulders and his hand dipped under her arm so his fingertip could tease the pink nipple on her hard tit.

“Tell me what’s making you so sad,” he urged, tweaking her nipple and enjoying his throbbing boner. He peered down at her closed thighs and eyed her blonde pussy hair.

“You can’t do anything about it.” Pam said sadly, letting him massage her tit.

“At least give me a chance to try,” her uncle said.

He slipped his free hand onto her leg and gently urged her thighs apart. Pam signed and let him put his fingers on her pussy. Then she let him pull her down onto her back as he kissed her mouth, then her jutting tits. His finger disappeared into her wet cunt. His nostrils flared at the musky aroma of cock-cream. Then he realized that Pam was covered with the stuff. What a horny little bitch she had become with that fucking pony!

“I’d like to help you,” he said soothingly, fucking his thick finger in and out of her pussy. “You know that.”

“Ohhh, I know, Uncle Ben. You’re always so nice to me. But… Ohhhh, I’m so miserable!”

“But, why?”


“Because why? Tell me.”

Pam heaved a sigh that pushed her tits against his hand and she blurted it out all at once: “I want Theo to fuck me!”



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