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xNovel - The Wife's Doggy Position


The Wife's Doggy Position

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“My husband caught me fucking a dog.”

Molly’s mouth dropped open in amazement when Carla said that and, having said it, Carla blushed. Carla had recently been divorced, and Molly had asked her why her marriage had come unstuck. Molly was truly shocked by the woman’s answer, and Carla was surprised at herself for having said it.

The two young women were having a drink at a table in a cocktail lounge. Just as Carla made her admission, the jukebox stopped playing, and there was a dead silence. It seemed as if everyone in the room must have heard her remarkable statement. For a long moment, the two girls just stared at each other. But no one else had turned to gape at them and, a moment later, another loud tune started to blare from the jukebox.

“I guess I shouldn’t have told you that,” Carla said.

“I… no, I’m not… well, I mean…” Molly stammered, not knowing how to respond.

Carla gave a little shrug. “Well, it’s true.”

“Really? A dog?”

“Yeah. A collie. It wasn’t our dog, actually. We didn’t own a dog. It belonged to the neighbors. But it used to come into our backyard sometimes and… well, I got carried away. I don’t suppose that you’ve ever fucked a dog?”

Molly shook her head.

Carla continued: “Anyhow, I wanted that dog! I called him into the house one day, and played with his prick for awhile. Then, after he was nice and big and hard, I got down on my hands and knees… doggy style, you know?” She grinned impishly. “The brute fucked my ass off. After that, he used to come over all the time, whining and scratching at the door. You know how dogs are. If there’s some pussy going, they can’t get enough of it. So I used to get fucked by this collie two or three times a week. It was nice. But one day, Carl came home unexpectedly and found the dog stuck up me. It was embarrassing, to say the least. And the dog was into the finishing strokes, too, so he couldn’t stop and I couldn’t stop him. So we just kept right on fucking, with my husband standing there with his mouth hanging open and his eyes popping out like a pair of hard boiled eggs. Then the dog shot his load in me. Carl had a big hard-on, himself, by that time. I tried to apologize. I even tried to claim that the dog had raped me. But Carl wouldn’t believe that. He took me to bed and fucked my ass off… then he told me he wanted a divorce. Well, I couldn’t very well contest it, could I? I mean, how would I have felt, in court, when a fucking dog was cited as the co-respondent?” Carla giggled. “Imagine a collie taking the witness stand? The lawyer would say: ‘And did you have carnal knowledge of the accused?’ And the fucking dumb dog would say: ‘Woof!’ So Carl got his divorce. Actually, it didn’t bother me very much. I was getting kind of sick of Carl, anyhow… and the dog was a better fuck, besides.”

Molly was astounded.

Her teeth clicked against the rim of her glass as she took a sip of her gin and tonic. How could a woman fuck an animal? How could a woman admit she’d fucked an animal? She didn’t know Carla very well. They were just casual acquaintances, and it was hardly the sort of thing you told to just anybody. Still, maybe it was easier to tell it to a relative stranger than to a close friend. It wasn’t the sort of thing that you told, say, to your sister. As well as being shocked and surprised, Molly found herself intrigued.

“What… what is it like, doing it with a dog?” she asked.

“Oh, it’s real good. Dogs have more energy than most men. They really pour the prick to you. And they love it! It’s psychological, I guess, but I just love it when a dog whimpers and whines while he’s fucking me, and I know how much he’s enjoying it. I like the way a dog hangs on, you know? They cling to your ass like a gargoyle on a cathedral wall. And all the while, that big prick is going in and out like a piston, and the dog is panting in your ear and… well, it’s just a great fuck is all.”

Molly had a sudden, graphic mental image of that scene, of Carla on her hands and knees with the big collie mounted on her, enthusiastically driving his huge prick into her cunt. That image brought a wave of heat to Molly’s pussy. Molly had never even thought about making it with an animal, herself, and whatever ideas she had held about bestiality had not been favorable. It was disgusting, she’d thought. But now that her friend had admitted to practicing that perversion, Molly saw it in a different light. She found herself intrigued and fascinated. She no longer thought of it as disgusting. It was wicked and perverted, true, but it seemed all the more exciting because of that taint of sin.

She wanted to hear more about it.

Carla was saying: “Then, too, with a dog, you don’t have to worry about emotional entanglements. I mean, a woman can fuck dogs just for the physical pleasure of it. You don’t have to fall in love with the dumb brutes. I don’t know why my husband was so furious when he caught me, really. It wasn’t as if I was cheating on him with another guy, or having a love affair or anything. Getting fucked by a dog is sort of like using a rubber prick on yourself… except lots better.”

She shrugged and took a drink.

Molly said: “You sound as if… well, as if you’ve had more than the one dog, huh?”

“Yeah, I’ve made it with a few.”

“How on earth did you ever start? I mean, I can understand why you like it… in a way… but how about the first time, before you knew that you’d enjoy it. Weren’t you sort of nervous? Inhibited?”

Carla started to reply. The jukebox stopped playing again, and she waited, not wanting to be overheard. The two girls were the only women in the place, and several gentlemen were watching them, obviously wondering if they were there to get picked up, having a few more drinks to gather their courage before making an attempt.

Both women were desirable, in contrasting ways.

Molly was blonde, her hair cut short and curly. She had wide-set blue eyes and a full, sensual mouth. Her tits were firm and thrusting, capped by large, stiff nipples, and her ass was shaped like a teardrop, sweeping out from her narrow waist, then cutting in to the backs of her long, shapely legs. Those legs seemed to have been designed for the purpose of being hooked around a man’s hips while her spectacular ass churned him to jelly. She was twenty-one years old and had been married for just over a year. Despite her sexy looks, and the fact that she was a horny young lady, she was not promiscuous. Molly had only been to bed with four men, including her husband, and she had been faithful to him since they were married.

Carla was a different physical type, but equally attractive. She had raven-black hair which she wore long and straight, with a fringe across her forehead. Her eyes were green and her cheekbones high, giving her a rather exotic look. Her body was thinner than Molly’s, not as curvy, but taut, lean and dynamic. Her tits were not large, but her nipples were like little rockets ready to be launched. She had slim, dancer’s legs, rippling with sinew, and a high, round ass.

Whereas men thought of Molly as being comfortable in bed, they usually thought of Carla as the sort of energetic fuck that would waste a fellow very pleasantly, but demanding stamina. They thought of Carla getting on top and riding them, of throwing her into wild, new positions, of running the gamut of sexual positions, and then inventing new ones. Carla was twenty-three. Her marriage had lasted for two years, before that fateful day when her husband found her with the collie. She had more sexual experience than Molly… a whole lot more.

Now, as the jukebox bellowed out a tune again, she began to tell Molly about some of that experience.

“When I was a teenager, my parents sent me to visit some relatives who lived on a farm,” she said. “I didn’t want to go. I figured it would be boring in the country. I had a few boyfriends and, well, I was still a virgin, but only just. I’d been doing just about everything a girl can do, short of getting fucked, and I hated the thought of being trapped on some damned farm. But they were determined that I went. I think they wanted to have a little vacation away from me. Anyhow, I went, and it wasn’t boring at all.”

Carla paused, frowning slightly, as if trying to recall the sequence of events, or possibly wondering just how much of it she should reveal to her friend.

Molly was hanging onto every word.

Not experienced, herself, she took a delight in hearing about the other girl’s misconduct.

“I had to share a bed with my cousin, Laura,” Carla went on. “Laura was the same age as me, but she had lots bigger tits. A real country type, with straw-colored hair that she wore in a pigtail… a bouncy, bulging sort of girl. She looked a lot like you, actually, but in a more rustic way, you know… like you would look if you had grown up on a farm. I liked her straight off. Well, that first night, after we had gotten into bed together, we started talking about sex and things. Laura told me that she wasn’t a virgin; she’d been fucking some of the local boys. So I told her about my boyfriends, and the heavy petting and stuff. I admitted that I hadn’t wanted to come to the farm, that I thought I’d be bored, and she said that we could have lots of fun. I wasn’t sure what she meant, at first. Then she started playing with my tits.”

Molly was wide-eyed.

“Did you… did you let her?” she asked.

“Well, sure… I mean, it was her bed, after all,” said Carla, with a naughty grin.

“Gee,” Molly said, leaning closer, eager to hear more about this encounter. This, like bestiality, was new to the blonde girl. She had wondered what it would be like to make love with another woman, but it had just been curiosity. She had never expected to find out. Molly believed that only lesbians did things like that. But she knew damned well that Carla was not a lesbian, and now she clung to the dark girl’s words with interest.

“It felt nice,” Carla went on. “As nice as when a boy felt me up. My nipples got all stiff and tingling. After awhile, I began to play with Laura’s tits, too. I’d never done that before, but I enjoyed it right away. We felt each other up for quite awhile, both of us getting turned on by it. We rubbed our tits together. We were both giggling, not because it was funny, but just to convince ourselves that we were only fooling around, being naughty. Then Laura suggested that we pretend that we were fucking. She’d be the boy, she said. She got on top of me and I wrapped my legs around her hips, then Laura humped up and down, rubbing her cunt on mine. We did that for awhile, then I got on top and pretended I was fucking her. Both of us were getting hotter all the time. Pretty soon we started fingerfucking each other. I wanted to come, and I wanted to make Laura come, too. But every time I was starting to reach the peak, she’d stop for a few moments, teasing me. She had me panting like a chased fox. I was ready for anything by that time… and I guess that’s what Laura intended.”

Carla paused to sip her drink.

Molly waited impatiently.

“So then she said: ‘Want to do something really naughty?’ I had an idea what she meant, but I pretended that I didn’t. ‘What?’ I asked her. And she said we could sixty-nine. Well, I thought about it… but not for long, because I was just too damned hot. Then I said okay, and that was that. Laura got on top of me, sat on my face and buried her face in my cunt, then we sucked each other off.”

Molly’s mouth was hanging open in amazement.

She could not believe that her friend had had a lesbian experience, and that Carla was admitting it so freely. But she found the idea tremendously stimulating.

“Did… did you enjoy it?” she whispered.

“Oh, sure. You got to understand, Molly, neither of us were lesbians. We were just doing it for kicks. But it was fun, too. I mean, it’s always lovely to get sucked off, by a man or a woman, and even if I hadn’t enjoyed sucking Laura’s cunt, I would have been willing to do it in return for her doing me. But the thing is, I did enjoy it. Eating her pussy was almost as much fun as having her eat me. We both came a couple times. I got on top for awhile. Then we went to sleep… and in the morning we ate each other out again.”

“Gee,” Molly whispered.

“Well, that’s what happened the first night. I figured that was what Laura meant when she said we could have lots of fun together… and it had been fun, too. But the cuntsucking had just been for starters. The next day, I got fucked by a sheep dog.”

“Oooooh,” Molly breathed.

“Laura had been getting it on with the dog for some time. She told me she’d screwed the dog before she ever got fucked by a guy. So she asked me if I wanted to try it or not. It seemed awful naughty, but that only made it exciting, too. Anyhow, I sort of hemmed and hawed, and Laura could see I was kind of inhibited, so she suggested that I watch the dog fuck her, just to see how much fun it was. And that’s what happened. We went out to the woods with the dog bounding along beside us, happy as could be. He knew damned well what was going to happen. He was a black and white sheep dog, long-haired. Had a nice prick, too. Laura played with his cock until it was stiff, then she knelt down and the dog mounted her and gave her a real good fucking. It made me so damned hot, I wished that it was me that was getting it. But it was okay. He was good for more than one go, and after he’d fucked my cousin, she got him hard again for me. So that was how I started fucking dogs. Laura and I used to take the dog out to the woods almost every day, and he’d fuck both of us. And at night, we’d suck each other off. Believe me, there was nothing boring about staying at that farm!”

“Have you had… lots of dogs since?”

“A few, like I told you. After I got married, I stopped fooling around that way for awhile. But then the neighbor’s collie came over and… well, I told you about that, already.”

Molly was blushing a pretty pink, and she lowered her eyes demurely before she asked the next question.

“How about girls?” she asked. “I mean, have you ever gone to bed with a girl other than your cousin?”

Carla gave Molly a speculative look before she replied.

That look made Molly blush more.

“A couple times,” said Carla.

Molly would have liked to ask more about that, but she felt ashamed of her interest. The blonde didn’t want Carla to think that she was hinting that she might be willing to try it, herself. And yet she couldn’t help but think about it and wonder. The idea of sucking a cunt was awfully stimulating. Did she hope that Carla might suggest that they do it together? She honestly wasn’t sure, nor did she know how she would reply to such a suggestion. If she were actually going to do a thing like that, she thought that it might be better to do it with some girl she didn’t know and was not likely to see again, in case she felt really ashamed for having done it. And if those thoughts were a turn-on, the idea of making it with an animal was even more so. Molly’s pussy was starting to smolder.

Carla was about to speak.

But then a man came over to the table.

He asked Carla if she would like to dance. She hesitated, then said yes, giving Molly a wink. A slow tune was playing. They danced tight together, and Molly saw that Carla was grinding her belly against her partner’s groin as they moved. When the dance ended, the man sat down at their table with them.

Molly could see that Carla was going to get picked up.

There were plenty of other available men in the lounge, some of them eying Molly. The girl figured that this was a dangerous situation. She was not promiscuous but, at the moment, her pussy was on fire, inspired by Carla’s confessions. The thought of letting some handsome stranger pick her up was becoming attractive. Molly struggled against the urge. She thought of being taken to some motel and getting thoroughly fucked by a man she had just met.

No! She mustn’t do a thing like that.

She told Carla that she had to be going.

Carla gave her a knowing smile. Molly finished her drink and left. When she glanced back from the door, Carla and the man were in deep conversation, and he had a hand on her knee. Molly felt envious. She almost wished that she were not such a faithful wife, that she were more like naughty Carla.

She drove home.

Her husband, Jake, would not be home from work for several hours. Molly wandered around the house, feeling dazed by her carnal need. She wished that Jake would come home early. She just had to get fucked soon. The blonde felt so hot that she thought her pussy might suddenly ignite, bursting into flames. When she moved, it squished juicily between her thighs. After awhile, she decided to give herself a handjob.

The thought embarrassed her.

Molly didn’t think that it was the sort of thing a happily married woman should do. But she had no choice, really. She didn’t think she had ever been so horny before, even in her virgin days when some boy felt her up and she’d pant and moan, and her clit would go off like a stick of dynamite.

Molly went up to the bedroom, took all of her clothing off and lay down on the bed. She began kneading her tits, pulling at the taut tips. She slipped a hand down between her legs, shuddering at the first touch. Her fingers traced along her open cuntlips and across her clit. Tilting her wrist, she slowly pushed two fingers up into her creamy pussy.

She tried to pretend that her fingers were her husband’s prick. It didn’t seem quite as bad to be fingerfucking herself when she thought about Jake. But it wasn’t as thrilling, either. Molly’s mind began to jump around in wild fantasy. She pretended that it was Carla’s hand between her legs, then that it was her own hand between Carla’s legs. She whimpered and moaned at the idea.

Molly brought her hand up to her mouth and lapped hot cuntjuice from her fingers, wanting to see what the stuff tasted like. It was delicious! If cuntjuice was that good, even by hand, just imagine how great it would taste if she were sucking it right out of Carla’s soaking snatch! She began alternating hands, fingerfucking herself with one while she lapped her juices from the other. The thrill was building up, waves of sensation racing across her belly and running in electric currents up her trembling thighs.

And as the thrill built towards the peak, Molly could not control her erotic imagination.

She thought about getting fucked by a dog.

Then her cunt melted in an orgasm.

Afterwards, she felt deeply ashamed of herself for having had such perverted fantasies. But still, it was only in the mind, she reasoned. She would never, ever, really fuck an animal.

Would she?



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